...to youth and those who work with them!

Sunday School

Teens at The Mother Church Sunday School

If you're under 20, Sunday School is for you! It's about being loved and accepted as you discover the relevance and practicality of Bible-based spirituality, as taught in Christian Science.

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On campus 

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Students, professors, and alumni at colleges or universities can connect with the Christian Science Organization (CSO) on campus. It's there to offer support, spiritual inspiration, and healing to anyone interested.

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Church membership 

TMC Youth interns 2011

Young people over 12 years old are invited to become active members of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist. Individual branch churches and societies may have different requirements for membership.

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TMC Youth

TMC Youth connects the talents and energies of youth with the global activities of "TMC"—The Mother Church.

We focus on the activities above and host the website, time4thinkers.com.

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God and Country

God and Country program

Booklets have been prepared for Christian Science Sunday School pupils who are scouts and would like to earn the God and Country badge.

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Inspirational resources

Weekly Bible Lesson 

The Bible Lesson is available in multiple formats including one called myBibleLesson which has Bible notes, word definitions, and other features which kids and adults enjoy.

Sentinel articles

Articles written by kids and teens from around the world who share spiritual insights, examples of healing, and ideas for helping others.

Also get the downloadable Sentinel collections for kids and teens!

Youth blogs

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Weekly blogs on Time4Thinkers.com are written for and by youth and deal with all aspects of life--relationships, health, identity, school, jobs, the future, etc.--from a spiritual perspective.  The online community shares and discusses these ideas and more.

Radical Acts Summer 2012 February 2016

Radical Acts

—Follow one of Jesus' toughest teachings and share your story as it unfolds.Jesus taught it—Can you live it?

Other resources

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Radical Acts 2013

Radical Acts 2013 is all about outreach.  And we have an amazing line-up—weekly for the next 4 months—starting September 2nd. Click to read all about it!


Summits are locally initiated, locally run, and locally funded events with the purpose of engaging youth in the wide channels of Church activity.