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GratitudeChallenge: From the Trivial to the Transformational

Ingrid Peschke

By Ingrid Peschke

My Facebook feed this summer included a steady stream of lists from friends who accepted one of the numerous gratitude challenges circulating social media spheres. I read their posts with curious interest, but I secretly hoped I wouldn't be asked to take on the challenge, too!...

Still, gratitude carries benefits that far outweigh the trivial, or gratitude for the sake of gain, which defeats the purpose. I've written blogs about its benefits and I've read plenty of them, too. I've also experienced the great healing benefit of expressing gratitude.

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This article was published on Huffington Post on November 20, 2014

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First Impressions: A Roadmap or a Roadblock?

Russ Gerber

By Russ Gerber

What thought-model is best to have? Are we paying attention to it?

Advertising and marketing companies are trying to figure out how to deal with me, or should I say with my demographic. I’m one of the 76-million baby boomers populating the U.S. which, for some, translates to the “older” generation. Retailers politely ask if I qualify for their senior discount. Now I’ve had another label fastened on me for the sake of marketing conformity -- I’m part of the “silver economy.”(I guess that beats a gray economy). Anyway, that’s their impression of me.

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This article was published on Psychology Today on November 06, 2014