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Turn! Turn! Turn!

Hank Teller

Hank Teller

The lyrics of Pete Seeger’s song “To Everything There Is a Season” were taken word for word from the Bible (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8). The only words Seeger added were “Turn! Turn! Turn!” and “I swear it’s not too late.”

While I can’t claim to know what Seeger’s intended meaning was, for me, the simple word “turn” has always reminded me of the importance of turning to God. The great figures of the Bible showed that turning to God – when they had important decisions to make, faced desperate situations, or needed healing for themselves or others – got them results.

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This article was published on CS Monitor, @CSMonitor  on February 4, 2016

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Can we help our friends with postpartum depression?

Amanda Kiser

By Amanda Kiser

1/26/16: A gov’t-appointed health panel recommendedscreening for depression “during pregnancy and after giving birth” for the first time, highlighting an under-addressed issue among women. Is there a spiritual support we can each offer the new moms in our lives?

It’s been a five year whirlwind since college graduation. Between new cities and new jobs, I’ve also attended more weddings than I ever imagined I would. And while I’m still catching up with wedding registries, I feel the next stage of life approaching. Here come the babies!

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This article was published on Medium, @Medium on January 26, 2015