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Where is God when wildfires strike?​

Wendy Margolese, Ontario, Canada

Wildfires, earthquakes and other disastrous forces of nature have been coined “acts of God”. Some insurance companies use this wording in contracts to designate disastrous events over which we seem to have no control.


This article was published on Metroland Media on May 13, 2016

Are there laws behind spontaneous remission?

Valerie Minard, New Jersey

In 2008,Claire Haser was diagnosed with cancer and told it would be fatal. Although in the past, she had used traditional medicine, she decided to skip the recommended surgery and chemotherapy. Instead, she decided that what she really needed to do was “change her relationship with fear.” In the process, she did some deep soul searching. Five years later, when she went back to the doctor for some unrelated tests, she discovered that she was cancer-free.

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This article was published on on May 16, 2016

The snake, the bird and the stick

Tim Mitchinson, Illinois

Years ago I read a story about a man who was out on a walk and noticed a bird standing still, transfixed. The bird was staring at a snake that was coming closer and getting ready to strike. Just then, the man threw a stick between the two. The snake recoiled, and the bird flew off. Through the years, that story has continued to hold a lesson for me.

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This article was published on Peoria Journal-Star on May 17, 2016

Eternal life means living spiritually

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of articles on aging gracefully. In Every Man a King, Orison Swett Marden muses, ‘Better than the art of growing old gracefully is the secret of not growing old at all.” Although Marden’s 1906 “secret” focused on how mind and thought can influence one’s longevity, today’s headlines portray the “secret” as a pill which purports to extend the normal human age span an additional forty years. (Can people really die of old age?) Not to be outdone, demographer Aubrey deGrey published in the Annals of New York Academy of Science, that “[those] born toward the end of the twenty-first century may well have a life expectancy exceeding 5,000 years.”


This article was published on Medford Mail Tribune, @mailtribune on March 24, 2016

¿Ficción o realidad? (Fact or Fiction)

"Casablanca”, la famosa película protagonizada por Humphrey Bogart e Ingrid Bergman en 1942, que narra un drama romántico en la ciudad marroquí de Casablanca, no se rodó en esa ciudad.

Muchos preguntaron: "¿Dónde está el Café de Rick?”. "¿Dónde tocaba Sam el piano?”.

Todo el mundo cree que se filmó en Marruecos, tanto es así, que se llenaba de turistas que querían visitar el Bar de Rick, que no existía. La película fue filmada íntegramente en Hollywood.

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This article was published on Tiempo de San Juan, Argentina, @tiempodesanjuan on April 19, 2016

Evidence-based medicine should consider all the evidence

While researching her New York Times bestselling book “The Gratitude Diaries,” author Janice Kaplan came up with what she described during a recent talk in San Francisco as her “big plan” for maintaining an attitude of gratitude as a way to get rid of her next migraine headache.

“Well, there was sort of a problem,” said the former Parade Editor-In-Chief, “which is that I never got another migraine headache while I was writing the book.”

Apparently gratitude works in both preventative and curative ways.

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This article was published on Communities Digital News, @CommDigiNews on April 4, 2016

A Study of Christian Science testimonies of healing
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