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Shifting Health Advice: "Eat This, Not That" Roulette?

Deborah Sherwood

Deborah Sherwood

An article I read recently, entitled "Why butter and eggs won't kill us after all: Flawed science triggers U-turn on cholesterol fears," really got me walking down a memory lane depicting my own changing views about food's impact on health, and my resulting eating habits. It also prompted me to ponder how, in this world of ever-changing food theories and advice, we can make the right choices, and feel and be healthy.

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This article was published on Southeast Missourian on July 17, 2015

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Does Religion Have an Image Problem?

Russ Gerber

By Russ Gerber

Old friends from my post-college, early-career days recently found me through social media. Their name and greeting popped up in messages I received in recent months, and each time one did I was whisked back 25-30 years, when we first worked together, socialized together, and came to know each other well. I then discovered just how much has changed over the years when I saw a recent photo they attached, or heard about their children and grandchildren, and especially when I found out a few of them now have a strong interest in spiritual and religious matters. That recurring comment was a big surprise. Not because any of my friends had openly dismissed religion when I first knew them; it just never came up in all the years we knew each other. Not a hint. Ever.

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This article was published on Psychology Today on July 9, 2015