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Eternal life means living spiritually

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of articles on aging gracefully. In Every Man a King, Orison Swett Marden muses, ‘Better than the art of growing old gracefully is the secret of not growing old at all.” Although Marden’s 1906 “secret” focused on how mind and thought can influence one’s longevity, today’s headlines portray the “secret” as a pill which purports to extend the normal human age span an additional forty years. (Can people really die of old age?) Not to be outdone, demographer Aubrey deGrey published in the Annals of New York Academy of Science, that “[those] born toward the end of the twenty-first century may well have a life expectancy exceeding 5,000 years.”


This article was published on Medford Mail Tribune, @mailtribune on March 24, 2016

¿Ficción o realidad? (Fact or Fiction)

"Casablanca”, la famosa película protagonizada por Humphrey Bogart e Ingrid Bergman en 1942, que narra un drama romántico en la ciudad marroquí de Casablanca, no se rodó en esa ciudad.

Muchos preguntaron: "¿Dónde está el Café de Rick?”. "¿Dónde tocaba Sam el piano?”.

Todo el mundo cree que se filmó en Marruecos, tanto es así, que se llenaba de turistas que querían visitar el Bar de Rick, que no existía. La película fue filmada íntegramente en Hollywood.

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This article was published on Tiempo de San Juan, Argentina, @tiempodesanjuan on April 19, 2016

Evidence-based medicine should consider all the evidence

While researching her New York Times bestselling book “The Gratitude Diaries,” author Janice Kaplan came up with what she described during a recent talk in San Francisco as her “big plan” for maintaining an attitude of gratitude as a way to get rid of her next migraine headache.

“Well, there was sort of a problem,” said the former Parade Editor-In-Chief, “which is that I never got another migraine headache while I was writing the book.”

Apparently gratitude works in both preventative and curative ways.

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This article was published on Communities Digital News, @CommDigiNews on April 4, 2016

True education

True education is more than mere accumulation of knowledge to pass examinations and find well-paid employment. Rather it is about bringing out the spiritual goodness within each of us -- the intelligence, understanding, perception that has been placed within us by our divine Creator.

“All your children will have God for their teacher” (Bible).


This article was published on DNA India on March 2, 2016

The most famous, interesting, and powerful woman in America

In 1907, a New York newspaperman was sent, with other reporters, to dig up sensational stories about a woman in Concord, New Hampshire. That year, a popular magazine had described her as, “The most famous, interesting and powerful woman in America, if not in the world, today.”

It was said that these newsmen were a belligerent bunch of old-timers looking for a scandal. After staying in Concord for some time, they were surprised at the loving treatment they received from the woman’s workers and friends. They wanted to hold the woman up to scorn and ridicule.

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This article was published on Houston Chronicle  on March 1, 2016

Home is a power

It was one of those moments when you recall where you were as the news broke.

Everyone's worst nightmare was being realized as a catastrophic accident in a nuclear reactor launched a plume of highly radioactive fallout. The fire that raged at the Chernobyl power plant for four days released 400 times as much radiation as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. And it paid no heed to national boundaries as it drifted across the Soviet Union and over large parts of Europe.

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This article was published on The Huffington Post, on March 1, 2016

A Study of Christian Science testimonies of healing
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Committee on Publication

The division of the Christian Science church that engages with members of the media, lawmakers, and the public is known as the Committee on Publication. The Committee is not the publishing arm of the Church, but serves as an informational resource to answer questions and clear up misconceptions about the practice of Christian Science.

Manager and Church media contact

The Manager of the Committees on Publication, Rich Evans, guides the Church’s 135 representatives (Committees) throughout the world as they interact with journalists and local lawmakers. Use the directory at the bottom of this page to find a press/legislative contact near you. Or be in touch with the Church media contact for assistance.

Manager’s office
Rich Evans
210 Massachusetts Ave. P09-10 
Boston, MA 02115 USA

Church media contact
Ingrid Peschke

Local Committees on Publication

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