The United States Supreme Court has ruled on the health care reform law


This morning, June 28,  the United States Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of most of the health care reform law (the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), ruling that the individual mandate is constitutional as a tax.  Therefore, beginning in 2014, many Americans (including many Christian Scientists) will be required to buy health insurance, or pay a penalty for noncompliance.  Currently, Christian Scientists are neither accommodated in nor exempted by this law.  However, we are actively working to find appropriate solutions for Christian Scientists as we continue engaging with representatives of federal and state governments.  We are encouraged by the strong bipartisan support we have seen for ensuring that the needs of Christian Scientists are considered in health care legislation and are very grateful for it.
What are some further implications of this ruling for Americans and for Christian Scientists? What are legal scholars saying about the decision?  How will the Committee on Publication respond?
Join us at 7:30 p.m. EDT on Thursday, July 12, for a live online town hall forum to discuss these topics and answer your questions.
Visit our website for more information, to listen to the town hall forum, and to submit your questions. You can also submit questions via Facebook, Twitter (@csfedoffice), e-mail (, or phone (202-296-2190). Please submit your questions by July 10.

  1. Since 12/10, between Medicare, Medical Mutual, and a drug plan policy, my husband has received payments of >$800k of coverage due to on-going conditions. In our situation, we would have been bankrupted long ago without these plans. I am very grateful for his progress under his choices of care ... and very grateful for today's Supreme Court ruling! My prayers are always for the affections and continuing good of all mankind!

  2. I believe the nexus to be the 14th ammendment (people have rights Citizens have only privileges.

  3. Thank you for providing this information. Also, huge hugs to you all for the faithful work you continue to do on our behalf.

  4. How will the Christian Scientists know if we are are able to be exempt?

  5. I do not use Facebook or Twitter, so how will I be able to access the Thurs.

    Thank you for sharing this information.

    E.M. Manning

  6. Hi "name" 7/2/2012, You can access the chat by copying and pasting into a web browser this link: or click on the "our website" link in the article above. If you want to submit questions, you can do so in the comment submission form at the bottom of that page. Thanks!

  7. Hi Robbie 6/28/2012,

    To stay up-to-date and completely informed about the exemption status of Christian Scientists the best option is for you to Subscribe to our newsletter, found on the right hand side of our home page at
    We send it out on a monthly basis, or in some cases when we have more important news concerning our work. As an alternative, we encourage church members to contact our office directly if they have pressing questions or concerns. Thanks!

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