Are you sick of politics? No, I mean literally!


Keith Wommack

By Keith Wommack

Overdosed on campaign rhetoric? Tired of political advertisements? You’re in luck. Official vote counting is about to begin.

As tired of this long political season as you may be, there are some who are actually sick and tired. The stress over political battles has impacted their health.

It’s good to be an involved citizen, but, nasty politics can cause extremes in thought and unpleasant physical symptoms. It seems the more negative a political campaign gets, the more illness is experienced.

While you should support and vote for candidates you truly feel can best govern, getting caught up in the anxiety and anger of opposing sides won’t help. It will only add to what harms. Click here to read this blog.

This blog by Keith Wommack was published on the Houston Chronicle on November 5, 2012.

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  1. Thanks for the thought, Keith! Now I will learn not to get too caught up in the political bickering and be more objective during an election.

    Tamara Chalk

  2. Grateful that stress (political or otherwise) doesn't actually impact health in any way! Thankfully, only God controls our health.

  3. Through consecrated prayer, our thoughts can get above the fray. Wallowing in the political bickering doesn't remedy a thing. But lifting one's thought to a higher realm and acknowledging God's goodness and love for all His children can bring healing to a situation---establishing harmony and good will. In essence, what blesses one, blesses all. "Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you." (James 4:8)

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