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Humour helps counteract pain

A woman lying on an autumn ground smiling

Source: Glow Images.

This blog by Tony Lobl was published on the HuffingtonPost Nov. 23, 2011.

The old saying about laughter being the best medicine is proving to be true, according to recent research. So how does humor play a part in reducing pain?

NHS workers show the value of keeping health care options open

Runners reaching a finish line

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This blog by Tony Lobl was published on the HuffingtonPost Nov. 10, 2011.

What is mainstream in health care is shifting. It's becoming increasingly mainstream to seek out alternative health options than those traditionally offered. 

Treat yourself to a daily dose of peace

People sitting in a room

Source: Glow Images.

This blog by Tony Lobl was published on HuffingtonPost Nov. 5, 2011.

Fitting meditation into your day might not be as hard as you think — perhaps as easy as a few quiet moments during your daily commute. It's now being discovered that "mindfulness meditation makes us healthier."

Can a shift in thought push us past limitations?

Two bicyclists

Source: Glow Images.

This blog by Tony Lobl was published on the HuffingtonPost Nov. 1, 2011.

How much does our own limited thinking get in the way of accomplishing great things? Tony Lobl gives a couple examples of how people are breaking through stereotypical norms about themselves to achieve greatness.

Daily prayer and good health

This blog by Roger Whiteway was published on Oct. 8, 2011.

Are you one of the 49% who pray daily for health? Political and world events in '60s made Roger turn more frequently to prayer. But since then, he's also seen how it impacts health needs.

Ancient wisdom benefits modern health care

A man sitting on the edge of a cliff over the open water

Source: Glow Images.

This blog by Russ Gerber was published on the HuffingtonPost Oct. 25, 2011.

Doing absolutely nothing would not be considered a good option for health care. On the other hand, studies are increasingly showing that heeding some very ancient advice — being still and prayerful — can actually do a lot for improving how you feel.

Health and health care in an Angie's List world

Someone using an iPhone

Source: Glow Images

This blog by Russ Gerber was published on the Oct. 4, 2011.

This is an Angie's List world where the digital age of information is making peer-to-peer health care the new norm. The Internet has become a place for people to share advice and to think of different approaches regarding health.

The road less traveled: Health care alternatives

Someone working with an eyedropper and a film dish

Source: Glow Images.

This blog by Ken Girard was published on Sept. 25, 2011.

In a Boston Globe article headlined "Medical testing gone astray?" reporter Chelsea Conaboy raises some questions about the practice of medical screenings. While offerring more accessible testing options may seem like a good thing, hospitals could exploit the process in order to rake in more money.

Should state health exchanges pay for spiritual care?

From, September 25, 2011

Utah's Legislative Health Care Reform Task Force met with Christian Science church officials last week to have a conversation about a business model that includes spiritual care in the state health care exchange. Spiritual care would include prayer-based treatments like Christian Science care.

Conversing about health in South America

Two woman in a recording studio

Photo courtesy of Melanie Harrington

Two national Christian Science media representatives (also known as Committees on Publication) from Chile and Argentina have met with members of the media talking about how Christian Science is important to matters of health.

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