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A Note About Formatting

One special feature in ebooks is the possibility to change the font and change its size. As a result, the lines on the screen will contain a varying amount of letters, depending on the font size each reader chooses. A page on the screen will, therefore, not match the look of a page in the print book. Page and line numbers from the print book cannot simply be carried over into the electronic text.

Page numbers are indicated in this electronic text as light blue digits (in color ereaders) or as gray digits (in monochrome ereaders) at the end of the first line of their respective pages. Readers may use the search function of their device to find specific page numbers and paragraphs.

The text of this ebook is identical with that of the print book, which has brought healing and regeneration to countless readers for over one hundred years. This is the only ebook edition authorized by The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

The Christian Science Board of Directors