Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896

Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896Miscellaneous Writings

Pray thee, take care, that tak’st my book in hand,
To read it well; that is, to understand.
BEN JONSON: Epigram 1

When I would know thee . . . my thought looks
Upon thy well made choice of friends and books;
Then do I love thee, and behold thy ends
In making thy friends books, and thy books friends.
BEN JONSON: Epigram 86

If worlds were formed by matter,
    And mankind from the dust;
Till time shall end more timely,
    There’s nothing here to trust.

Thenceforth to evolution’s
    Geology, we say, —
Nothing have we gained therefrom,
    And nothing have to pray:

My world has sprung from Spirit,
    In everlasting day;
Whereof, I’ve more to glory,
    Wherefor, have much to pay.