Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896

Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896Miscellaneous Writings



Prospectus  [p.1]

A Timely Issue  [p.4]

Love Your Enemies  [p.8]

Christian Theism  [p.13]

The New Birth  [p.15]

One Cause and Effect  [p.21]

Questions and Answers  [p.31]


Christian Science in Tremont Temple  [p.95]

Science and the Senses  [p.98]

Extract from My First Address in The Mother Church, May 26, 1895  [p.106]

Address before the Alumni of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, 1895  [p.110]

Address before the Christian Scientist Association of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, in 1893. Subject: “Obedience”  [p.116]

Communion Address, January, 1896  [p.120]

Message to the Annual Meeting of The Mother Church, Boston, 1896  [p.125]



To The Mother Church  [p.129]

To ____, on Prayer  [p.132]

To the National Christian Scientist Association  [p.134]

To the College Association  [p.135]

To the National Christian Scientist Association  [p.137]

To The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston  [p.139]

To Donors of Boat, from Toronto, Canada  [p.142]

Address, — Laying the Corner-stone  [p.143]

To The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston  [p.146]

The First Members of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, Massachusetts  [p.147]

Extract from a Letter  [p.148]

To The Mother Church  [p.148]

To First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Oconto, Wisconsin  [p.149]

To First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Scranton  [p.150]

To First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Denver  [p.152]

To First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Lawrence  [p.154]

To Correspondents  [p.155]

To Students  [p.156]

To a Student  [p.157]

To a Student  [p.158]

Extract from a Christmas Letter  [p.159]


A Christmas Sermon  [p.161]

Editor’s Extracts from Sermon  [p.168]

Extract from a Sermon delivered in Boston, January 18, 1885  [p.171]

Sunday Services on July Fourth — Extempore Remarks  [p.176]

Easter Services  [p.177]

Bible Lessons  [p.180]


Pond and Purpose  [p.203]

Precept upon Precept

“Thy Will be Done”  [p.208]

“Put up Thy Sword”  [p.214]

Scientific Theism  [p.216]

Mental Practice  [p.219]

Taking Offense  [p.223]

Hints to the Clergy  [p.225]

Perfidy and Slander  [p.226]

Contagion  [p.228]

Improve Your Time  [p.230]

Thanksgiving Dinner  [p.230]

Christian Science  [p.232]

Injustice  [p.235]

Reformers  [p.237]

Mrs. Eddy Sick  [p.238]

“I’ve Got Cold”  [p.239]

“Prayer and Healing”  [p.242]

Veritas Odium Parit  [p.245]

Falsehood  [p.248]

Love  [p.249]

Address on the Fourth of July at Pleasant View, Concord, New Hampshire, before 2,500 Members of The Mother Church, 1897  [p.251]

Well Doinge is the Fruite of Doinge Well  [p.253]

Little Gods  [p.255]

Advantage of Mind-healing  [p.255]

A Card  [p.256]

Spirit and Law  [p.256]

Truth-healing  [p.259]

Heart to Heart  [p.262]

Things to be Thought Of  [p.263]


Unchristian Rumor  [p.266]

Vainglory  [p.267]

Compounds  [p.270]

Close of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College  [p.271]

Malicious Reports  [p.274]

Loyal Christian Scientists  [p.275]

The March Primary Class  [p.279]

Obtrusive Mental Healing  [p.282]

Wedlock  [p.285]

Judge Not  [p.290]

New Commandment  [p.292]

A Cruce Salus  [p.293]

Comparison to English Barmaids  [p.294]

A Christian Science Statute  [p.297]

Advice to Students  [p.298]

Notice  [p.303]

Angels  [p.306]

Deification of Personality  [p.307]

A Card  [p.310]

Overflowing Thoughts  [p.310]

A Great Man and His Saying  [p.312]

Words of Commendation  [p.313]

Church and School  [p.313]

Class, Pulpit, Students’ Students  [p.316]

My Students and Thy Students  [p.318]

Unseen Sin  [p.318]

A Word to the Wise  [p.319]

Christmas  [p.320]

Card  [p.321]

Message to The Mother Church  [p.322]

The Fruit of Spirit

An Allegory  [p.323]

Voices of Spring  [p.329]

“Where Art Thou?”  [p.332]


Divine Science  [p.336]

Fidelity  [p.339]

True Philosophy and Communion  [p.344]

Origin of Evil  [p.346]

Truth versus Error  [p.346]

Fallibility of Human Concepts  [p.351]

The Way  [p.355]

Science and Philosophy  [p.359]

“Take Heed!”  [p.368]

The Cry of Christmas-tide  [p.369]

Blind Leaders  [p.370]

“Christ and Christmas”  [p.371]

Sunrise at Pleasant View  [p.376]

Inklings Historic  [p.378]


Come Thou  [p.384]

Meeting of My Departed Mother and Husband  [p.385]

Love  [p.387]

Woman’s Rights  [p.388]

The Mother’s Evening Prayer  [p.389]

June  [p.390]

Wish and Item  [p.391]

The Oak on the Mountain’s Summit  [p.392]

Isle of Wight  [p.392]

Hope  [p.394]

Rondelet  [p.394]

To Mr. James T. White  [p.395]

Autumn  [p.395]

Christ My Refuge  [p.396]

“Feed My Sheep”  [p.397]


Communion Hymn  [p.398]

Laus Deo!  [p.399]

A Verse for the Little Children  [p.400]

A Verse for the Big Children  [p.400]

Testimonials  [p.401]

How to Understand Science and Health  [p.463]