Church Membership

34Church Membership
Qualifications for Membership

Article IV Section 1    Believe in Christian Science.  SECTION 1. To become a member of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass., the applicant must be a believer in the doctrines of Christian Science, according to the platform and teaching contained in the Christian Science textbook, SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Rev. Mary Baker Eddy. The BIBLE, together with SCIENCE AND HEALTH and other works by Mrs. Eddy, shall be his only textbooks for self-instruction in Christian Science, and for teaching and practising metaphysical healing.

Article IV Section 2    Free from Other Denominations.  SECT. 2. This Church will receive a member of another Church of Christ, Scientist, but not a church member from a different denomination until that membership is dissolved.

35Article IV Section 3    Children when Twelve Years Old.  SECT. 3. Children who have arrived at the age of twelve years, who are approved, and whose applications are countersigned by one of Mrs. Eddy’s loyal students, by a Director, or by a student of the Board of Education, may be admitted to membership with The Mother Church.

Applications for Membership

Article V Section 1    Students of the College.  SECTION 1. Applications for membership with The Mother Church from students of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College who studied with Rev. Mary Baker Eddy, shall be signed by the Christian Science Board of Directors as evidence of the loyalty of the applicants.

Article V Section 2    Other Students.  SECT. 2. Applicants for membership who have not studied Christian Science with Rev. Mary Baker Eddy, can unite with this Church only by approval from students of Mrs. Eddy, loyal to the teachings of the textbook, SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE36 SCRIPTURES, or from members of The Mother Church, as provided in Article VI, Sect. 2, of these By-Laws.

Article V Section 3    Students’ Pupils.  SECT. 3. Applications for membership with The Mother Church, coming from pupils of loyal students who have taken the Primary or Normal Course at the Massachusetts Metaphysical College or in the Board of Education, or from pupils of those who have passed an examination by the Board of Education, shall have the approval and signature of their teachers, except in such cases as are provided for in Sect. 4 of this Article.

Article V Section 4    Exceptional Cases.  SECT. 4. Loyal Christian Scientists whose teachers are deceased, absent, or disloyal, — or those whose teachers, for insufficient cause, refuse to endorse their applications for membership with The Mother Church, — can apply to the Clerk of this Church, and present to him a recommendation signed by three members thereof in good standing, after which, the unanimous vote of the Board of Directors may admit said applicant to membership.

Article V Section 5    Addressed to Clerk.  SECT. 5. All applications for membership must be addressed to the Clerk of the Church.

37Article V Section 6    Endorsing Applications.  SECT. 6. A member of The Mother Church shall not endorse nor countersign an application for membership therewith until after the blank has been properly filled out by an applicant. A member who violates this By-Law shall be disciplined.

Article V Section 7    Notice of Rejection.  SECT. 7. If an application for membership with The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass., is rejected, the Clerk of the Church shall send to the applicant a notice of such rejection; but neither the Clerk nor the Church shall be obliged to report the cause for rejection.

Recommendation and Election

Article VI Section 1    Pupils of Normal Students.  SECTION 1. One Normal student cannot recommend the pupil of another Normal student, so long as both are loyal to their Leader and to the Christian Science textbook, except as provided for in Article V, Sect. 4.

Article VI Section 2    Members of The Mother Church.  SECT. 2. Only members of The Mother Church are quali38fied to approve for membership individuals who are known to them to be Christians, and faithful, loyal students of the textbook, SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES. If the approver is not a loyal student of Mrs. Eddy, a Director of this Church, or a student of the Board of Education who holds a degree, the application must be countersigned by one of these.

Article VI Section 3    Election.  SECT. 3. Applicants for membership in this Church, whose applications are correctly prepared, may be elected by majority vote of the Christian Science Board of Directors at the semi-annual meetings held for this purpose.

Probationary Membership

Article VII Section 1    Members who once Withdrew.  SECTION 1. Individuals who have heretofore been members of this Church, or were members of the Church of Christ, Scientist, organized in 1879 by Mary Baker Eddy, but who have voluntarily withdrawn, may be received into this Church on one year’s probation, provided they are willing and 39anxious to live according to its requirements and make application for membership according to its By-Laws. If, at the expiration of said one year, they are found worthy, they shall be received into full membership, but if not found worthy their applications shall be void.

Article VII Section 2    Members once Dismissed.  SECT. 2. A full member or a probationary member, who has been excommunicated once, and who afterward, when sufficient time has elapsed thoroughly to test his sincerity, gives due evidence of having genuinely repented and of being radically reformed, shall be eligible to probationary membership upon a unanimous vote of the Christian Science Board of Directors.

Article VII Section 3    Ineligible for Probation.  SECT. 3. If a member has been twice notified of his excommunication, he shall not again be received into this Church.