Health News Briefing

Video series that monitors trends in health from a spiritual perspective.

Integrative medicine is ready for prime time. Is the field of health and healing ready for a paradigm shift?
DSM-5 (also known as the bible of psychiatry) has broadened what qualifies as a disease. How does this impact health?
Certain aspects of hospice care, such as spiritual care, could be useful as a first resort.
Prescribing reading to treat mental health cases may broaden drug-free health options.
Eric Bashor vlogs about the potential role spirituality and prayer could play in breast cancer treatment.
Eric Bashor vlogs about the search for reliable information about health.
Eric Bashor vlogs about trends in health care delivery and the association between information and health.
Eric Bashor vlogs about the movie Escape Fire and the issue of over diagnosis in the health industry.
Eric Bashor vlogs about how a preventative health model that recognizes a mental and spiritual aspect of health may help overcome the root causes of chronic disease.
Eric Bashor vlogs about how the unsustainable level of health care spending in America is leading toward a paradigm shift in health care delivery.
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