Praying about contagion

We’ve pulled together a variety of healing ideas about contagion. Check out the perspectives below. 

Behold, the Lord's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: … When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. (Isaiah 59:1, 19)

From The Christian Science Monitor

Prayer for Ebola

Our love and prayers help those in need. go

Ebola: a prayerful response

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Conquering fear of Ebola and contagion

How a better understanding of God can destroy fear of contagious diseases, including Ebola. go

Health each season

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From the Christian Science Sentinel

Eye on the World: Prayer about fear of contagion

As news reports continue to highlight what is being done to deal with the Ebola virus, we can turn to some relevant, helpful passages to direct our thinking and prayers on this subject: go

Eye on the World: Food and supplies for people in quarantined areas of Africa

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Overcoming contagion

This author shares how she prayed for her daughter when she had a contagious disease. go

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Free from contagion

A short audio message sharing ideas that help us be free from contagion. go

Foundational perspective

Mary Baker Eddy Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures “Let us reassure ourselves with the law of Love. God never punishes man for doing right, for honest labor, or for deeds of kindness, though they expose him to fatigue, cold, heat, contagion. If man seems to incur the penalty through matter, this is but a belief of mortal mind, not an enactment of wisdom, and man has only to enter his protest against this belief in order to annul it” (p. 384).

A hymn

He that hath God his guardian made,
Shall underneath th' Almighty's shade
Fearless and undisturbed abide;
Thus to myself of Him I'll say,
He is my fortress, shield and stay,
My God; in Him I will confide.

His tender love and watchful care
Shall free thee from the fowler's snare,
From every harm and pestilence.
He over thee His wings shall spread
To cover thy unguarded head.
His truth shall be thy strong defense.

(Ninety-First Psalm, adapted from Tate and Brady, Christian Science Hymnal, No. 99)