4/20: You are chosen

4/20: You are chosen

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  1. Thank you. I love to think that even before the starting gun goes off, our place is, as you say, the place of great value.
    Thanks for this start and the all-harmonious production.

  2. THANK YOU GINNY!!! What a wonderful reminder - we can never be "unchosen"! It was that first line of the Lord's Prayer, with Mrs Eddy's spiritual interpretation ("Our Father-Mother God, all-harmonious") that told me that Christian Science was what I'd always been looking for - so it's very special to me too, and I think to many others.

  3. soo perfect for my birthday today - thank you for meeting the need and reminding us of such a beautiful fact - happy day, Gladys

  4. Thanks Ginny

  5. Thank you Ginny.
    Such a timely reminder as to who our Father really is. Your comment: "If we've got a Father who is God, who loves us, we're already in a place of value".
    That spiritual 'place of value' is where we all are, right now and it certainly has nothing to do with inherited traits/intelligence/talents, good/bad genes or physical environment.
    Thanks again!

  6. What a great thought to remember if one is the least bit down...I am chosen...all day long! And I am chosen to express His sterling spiritual qualities as only I can! As each one of us can! Thank you, Ginny.

  7. Thank you Ginny. This is exactly what I needed to hear today as I am facing challenges at my job that leave me feeling unappreciated and left out. I've been praying diligently to know there is one Mind and one Principle working in that office and that each of us are appointed to do the divine will of Our Father. Your ideas help confirm my prayers. Thank you again.

  8. Thanks Ginny, I am reminded when I started praying the Lord's Prayer with its Spiritual interpretation by our beloved leader-Mary Baker Eddy. It makes me feel the harmony of God's kingdom that is ever present and unchanging. From that day on I always pray the Lord's Prayer with its Spiritual interpretation.

  9. Like those before me, exactly what I needed, Ginny. Thank you so much.

  10. "Our Father which art in heaven", a wonderful promise! Our very own Father, the only God, good, has chosen each one of us without distinction of race, to be His own image and likeness: perfectly synchronized to His goodness.
    We are the children of an All powerful Father-Mother God. S&H 16:26. We are loved, protected, guided each moment of our lives and we have given the power to reason!!
    We own heaven, we are heirs of all the good there's available.
    Jesus explained, "the kingdom of God is within you" Luke 17:21. What a wonderful gift
    ESPAŇOL: “Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos” ¡Una promesa maravillosa! Nuestro propio Padre, el único Dios, el bien ha elegido a cada uno de nosotros, sin distinción de raza, para ser Su propia imagen y semejanza: perfectamente sintonizados con Su bondad.
    Somos los hijos de un Padre-Madre Dios Todopoderoso. CyS 16:30. Somos amados, protegidos, guiados en cada momento de nuestras vidas y se nos ha dado el poder de razonar!!!
    Somos dueños del cielo, somos herederos de todo el bien disponible.
    Jesús explicó, “el reino de Dios entre vosotros está” Lucas 17:21. ¡Qué maravilloso regalo!

  11. Wonderful and comforting daily lift today, it's been a huge challenge in my life to see that Father Mother God loves me equally with those I come into contact with, often having had to deal with issues of inadequacy or 'not-quite-good-enough' as told as a child. Gradually in my life the 'could-do-better's have been lovingly replaced by a confident knowing that all is well. A little while ago I had a tough assignment for some research and I kept getting handled by 'It'll never be good enough' . Feeling defeated I worked hard to understand more about God as my loving Father Mother. One day a thought came directly to me." It may not be good enough for him, or her, but it is always and always has been good enough for God" The thought liberated me to understand more about my spiritual path, and it's purpose. The research got a distinction.I got truly healed.Thank you Ginny for this today.

  12. Thank you
    That was inspiring because its my mums birthday however my sister is ill but that helped me to know that she wasnt chosen to be ill and we just have to know that shr is in Gods reflextion and she is all harmonious and is ever present because she is a child of God. Which means she can;t fall out of Gods love and is rapped in a bubble of Gods love .

  13. Thank you Ginny. As usual, you hit it right for all of us with this universal application that we are chosen of God with place, worth, and purpose.
    I love this quote from Mary Baker Eddy which says:
    "If changeableness that repenteth itself; partiality
    that elects some to be saved and others to be lost, or that
    answers the prayer of one and not of another; if incom‐
    petency that cannot heal the sick, or lack of love that will
    not; if unmercifulness, that for the sins of a few tired
    years punishes man eternally, — are our conceptions of
    Deity, we shall bring out these qualities of character in our
    own lives and extend their influence to others."(People's Idea of God, p. 8:3)

  14. Thankyou Ginny for sharing the most wonderful TRUTH that allows us to recognise that we are ALL the loved children of God, oh how I wish I'd known these things sooner in my life , but of course it was true all along and now I can see God's wise parenting throughout my life.Have a lovely birthday Gladys and Love to all.

  15. Oh Ginny, you have come up trumps again! It's wonderful to be reminded that God has chosen us and that we are an important part of God's plan - every single one of us. At a time of feeling isolated and worthless, this Lift is exactly right for me - thank you so very much.

  16. Thank you, Ginny, for this inspiring lift! I have a;ways loved the expression "all harmonious." There is nothing in this day that can claim anything but harmonious action - for me, for everyone all over the world. "And may Thy word enrich the affections of ALL mankind, and govern them."
    says our Daily Prayer given to us by MBE. What a wealth of good is ours for the claiming! Have a great day, everyone.

  17. This is the kind of message that I just want to share with the world--thank God you already have, Ginny! Thank you too...

  18. A very deep and sincere thank you, Ginny. The second time I listened to this I realized how healing and freeing it was for me from something long repressed. Truth is timeless and Love knows no limits. We are all included. Goodie!

  19. Thank you the first line of the Lord's Prayer is so precious, I will keep that thought all day long, the harmony will reign.

  20. Thanks for this DL and your wonderful chat with Cate V. on spiritual care-giving. Gratefully!!!

  21. Thank you for your lift, it was perfect for me for the challanges I face today.
    Thanks again.

  22. The HOUR IS COME - glorify 'each of us' - your children, that we may glorify You!

    Tis the season for resurrected thinking....and celebrating Life. The harvest is ripe.

    Appreciate the helping hands reaching out to lift us all....from the subtle undertones of sadness.

  23. How wonderful...We are all chosen,this truth gives us a sweet sense of brotherly love, all-one in Christ. No one is left out of our Father's love and tender constant care.
    Thank You for sharing your inspiration with us.

  24. Thank you for this wonderful LIFT which lifts us up and out of mortal thoughts.

  25. That first comment says so much: "even before the starting gun goes off"... what is so wonderful for me about these lifts is the constant unfolding of Mind, and the growth of understanding that's so evident. Thanks, Ginny! (And to all who provide the lifts and the comments they generate, too.)

  26. Ginny, what a wonderful reminder that we are already what God has created us to be, chosen and perfect. It is so often easy to feel we aren't perfect, chosen or even expressions of God, but your lift beautifully reminded me that I am always doing what I need to be doing, expressing God wherever I am. Thank you!


  28. Ginny,

    Heart-felt thank you.

    'Each individual must fill his own niche in time and eternity.'MBE Retrospection & Introspection p70.
    That is a wonderful thing to do and it includes the right place.

  29. Thank you Ginny for that inspiring lift. Yes "We are already chosen to be individual expressions of God [divine Mind].". "We are all God’s children, expressions of One Mind,/ living in the radiance of Spirit all divine." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #460).

  30. Muchas gracias, Ginny tus palabras despertaron esta reflexión.
    Procurando expresar mi pensamiento con relación a la palabra elegir o elegido busqué en las concordancias de la Biblia y allí encontré la palabra, Presciencia.
    "Elegidos según presciencia de Dios Padre en santificación del espíritu para obedecer y ser rociados con la sangre de Jesucristo: Gracia y paz os sean multiplicadas" 1 Pedro: 1,2.
    Y me vino al pensamiento la manera de ejemplizar la Presciencia divina con este ejemplo: Pensemos en Dios como un Banco; Para que el Banco sepa de nuestra existencia tenemos que abrir una cuenta o sea dirigirnos a él hacernos notar y ahí se entabla la relación porque si nosotros no damos referencias y avales de nuestra confiabilidad el Banco no nos abre una cuenta ni nos da crédito.
    Pero sin preguntar ni pedir avales y sin objección, sí guarda nuestros ahorros y ellos se van acumulando hasta que comienzan a generar interes y a permitirnos una base sólida de multiplicar riqueza.
    Y pensaba que ejemplo nos puede dar M.B.E.:
    "Fiel Tu voz escucharé,
    para nunca errar
    y con gozo seguiré
    por el duro andar"
    Poema de Mary Baker Eddy
    No les parece maravilloso, no hay escluidos, hay sólo una ecuación lógica.

  31. Wonderful lift Ginny, thank you so much. Great to know we have already been choosen. Very important to know.

  32. This was wonderful. Helps me for myself and my grandchildren, dealing with college and sports acceptance. This thought that we are at one with God helps us to release the fear that we won't have a place.

  33. Much thanks, Ginny, for that inspiring Lift! I, too, have been wondering a bit, what my true purpose is here! Have had feelings of watching everyone else go about their lives and wondering what I'm supposed to be doing....what is my unique, individual expression? Sometimes I just can't even fathom that God would have created me for His/Her purpose of expression. I wonder what it IS that God wants to express in me......???? Maybe I should ask Him/Her.....?? At this Easter time of year, I feel such a longing, as many do, to have the stone rolled away and to see my, our, true being as God's fulfilled expression of Love and Light! So, I will sing of Easter Gladness today and everyday! Happy Resurrection Everyone!

  34. This is just what I needed to hear today. Thanks very much, Ginny!

  35. Your massage is so in sync with a painful issue I have been dealing with for the past two days. You are sharing just what I need to hear and have reinforced, Jenny! In my case I had planned a major business meeting for a month and, through no fault of my own, it was a total disappointment on several levels. Feeling crushed, fearful and in anguish, a CS friend and I prayed to know that I am still and always will be God's beloved child and that good, in fact, continues to unfold both for myself and all of us.

    I find it encouraging when participants share personal stories from their own lives as #11, Jane from UK, did. Testimonies of personal struggles overcome through an understanding of Christian Science are most inspiring in this format as, of course, are the sharing of Christian Science and biblical quotes along with sincere expressions of gratitude and praise.

  36. Whatever is appointed by God, can never be dis-appointed by man.

  37. Ginny, thank you so much. Our family recently experienced evidence of "being chosen." My stepson, who will be graduating from college next week, applied to a post-graduate program at several schools across the country. There was one particular school he wanted to attend as it was near our home. After several "rejection letters" from other schools, he received word from his "chosen" school that he had not made the first cut. He was quite disappointed. I reminded him of what your message said today, that God is his Father/Mother and only wants what's best for him. I suggested he write down things for which he has to be grateful and focus on that. In a couple of weeks, he was informed that he made the second cut and was accepted. As you can imagine, our entire family rejoiced; however, I was not surprised as I knew that our step-son is God's "chosen child."

  38. Thank you, dear Ginny.
    Your beautiful message reminded me of this from Jesus to his disciples: "Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you." (John 15:16)

  39. To #7 Sherry:

    Throughout her writings Mary Baker Eddy has some encouragement for those feeling harmed by others...some of it doesn't sound very encouraging at first, because it basically says that we may not get human approval or popularity or even the friends we think we want. But we can replace those wishes with a complete willingness to be cared for by God and to be fully obedient to Her. I think it starts with identifying oneself as spiritual and only spiritual--free of mortality and personality. Those hard times of feeling humanly rejected or ignored can be the most amazing stepping stones to a more Christly outlook...a kind of spiritual empowerment that loves others (and prays for enemies) not through personal effort but through pure reflection of divine Principle. Sometimes it takes patience and persistence, but always there is an adjustment to the human situation--often one we could not have outlined. I'm sending you love and encouragement.

  40. Thank you!

  41. Thank you so much, Ginny, for the comforting reminder (we seem to need many) that we are so loved!

  42. Thanks, Ginny, for the wonderful expression of equality. We are all equal in God's Love because we are all one Child of God. Thank you for the reminder.

  43. thank-you ginny for the beautiful and "calming" daily lift! i always pray with the Lords Prayer with the spiritual interpretation. just today it brought back memories of the prayer i always said every night before bed that MBE gave us "Father-Mother God loving me" and realized how much these 2 lines say the same thing! wow ! where i have been for 50 yrs.??????

  44. Oh Ginny, thank you so much for this joyous Lift! What pleasure it has brought to so many! How wonderful that we have an Auntie Gladys in our Lift family, and what a surprise for her on her special day now we can all express our appreciation and love. I had a slice of virtual chocolate cake in your honour, Gladys, but the warm feelings and joyous thoughts are heartfelt and heading your way.
    Thank you for a great Lift Ginny, and thank you Nathan for great music. . .

  45. Thank you for that, Ginny.

  46. Thank you,dear Ginny!The Lord's prayer never fails to give us what we need.I recall hearing a testimony years ago,where the testifier was praying deeply with the prayer and noticed in the spiritual interpretation,the five hyphenated words: Father-Mother,all-harmonious,ever-present,to-day,all-power,and how that gave him a prayer within a prayer to help and healing.
    I have ever been grateful for that sharing.For yours,too.
    Much love.

  47. thanks to #39 and for the "stepping stones" how to proceed in prayer for our so called "enemies" and to be spiritually cared for by God, what to speak and how to act - from the basis of the christ like thought. thanks a lot.

  48. Thank you Ginny for a very loving lift.

  49. Thanks, Ginny for the message of parental love from Abba. In moments of wondering, a part of the 23rd Ps. has helped to connect me also to my worthiness as His/Her child regardless of pleasing or not being able to please those around me. "He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name sake." A name sake is very special. If your child is named after your name sake, there is a great expectation of profound worthiness, value and infinite good to be accomplished for mankind. We are His name sake. Named after Him/Her and because of that He leads us, chooses us in the correct path, the paths that are just right for each one. Like Goldilocks, she found the porridge, chair and bed just right for her. I guess the bottom line is because the core of each one is the substance of Love and Good. Daily sticking to the core is something to truly rejoice in even under unappreciated conditions. "Love meeting no response but still remaining love."

  50. Thank you all for your wonderful and comforting experiences, comments and inspiration. We do these lifts sometimes days in advance and today's lift was what I needed to find healing in a family situation. Even though I was the messenger of the ideas in this lift, it healed my thought and along with your beautiful comments I felt really "lifted". You are all so welcome and Thank you! for your powerful listening prayers and your comments.... You are all chosen!
    And for each person standing in the lines at the McDonald's (at some there were thousands of people yesterday) trying to find employment, you are already chosen to be the blessed and employed child of God. There is enough good, enough supply of all right ideas, enough of all we need to be loved and fed. You are chosen! 494:13 Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy: "...to all mankind and in every hour divine Love, supplies all good."
    Have a chosen day...
    Ginny Luedeman

  51. I found this message to be a enlighted experience and the truth.......

    I like the concept of Father/Mother God and other thoughts that were



  52. Thank you! You beautiful lift nudged me in new ways in praying for others. And thanks for all the comments. Loved the ideas in #49.

  53. Thank you, Ginny and all the joyous, loving comments, esp.

    's 7 and 39...Having a challenge in team work and these remarks ar very encouraging..Thanks for these lifts... I have been greatly uplifted (imagine!) sice I have been able to tune in since January....Thanks to God, Love for His provision to all.

  54. So glad you included yourself in the "Chosen" Ginny. No one is left out. I remember choosing up sides for baseball games when I was a kid. As I was a good player, I was always chosen early, but felt deeply for those who were left to the last. When it was my turn to do the choosing, I tried to choose some of those who usually got left out, and delighted in their smiles and gratitude. Now that I have learned to step back, it is easier to see that we are all children of God, on equal footing in his eyes. I learned most of that in church, and am so grateful for the experience church work has given me.

  55. I love reading these a bit later in the morning because there are always so many rich, inspiring comments. thanks Ginny for your lift and for your #50 comment. Thanks #13 for sharing the quote from People's idea of God, pg 8:3. And #33, When I'm thinking about purpose, I like to turn to Eddy's passage in My. 165:19 which says, " I am able to impart truth, health and happiness, and this is my rock of salvation and my reason for existing." And #11, being good enough for God is certainly good enough for one's employer, family, friends, colleagues, etc...because God and man co-exist and therefore, all our friends and employers can know about us is what God tells them. This lift is so helpful and inspiring. thanks. And a big thanks to the DL team as always.

  56. What a coincidence, I was dwelling on that very line before reading the lesson this morning.
    If God fills all space (and I believe He does) then I live and move, and have my being in the kingdom of God----all harmonious!

    33 all you have to do is express God in your life, He will show you the rest.

  57. I never thought of it this way before. This is so inspiring for my work each day. I am a mortgage banker and face keen competition for business. How powerful to know for myself each day--I AM CHOSEN! WOW. Thanks so much.

  58. Dear Ginny
    Thanks for this D.Lift message, and for your comment above.
    I know what you mean by "unchosen"-- when I was a kid I was terrible at baseball, and was always the last to get picked for a team.
    This true message lets us know that we are CHOSEN BY GOD, all harmonious. Nobody can be left out.

  59. Thank you, Ginny, for this wonderful and timely Lift.

    The ideas expressed about being chosen or not chosen reminded me of a time when I wanted something very badly, but I was not chosen for the position. I was devastated, and it took me a long time to get over the rejection. Nevertheless, when I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and started to recognize God's love for me and to be grateful for that Love, the right answer to my prayer became apparent, and I was accepted for that. If I had had my way, I would not have been available for the correct situation. Once I realized that, and recognized that God had a better place for me than I could have imagined, I have always been grateful for God's control of events, and I have never again questioned that situation.

    It is great to know that God takes care of us in every situation, if only we will get out of the way and let Him.

  60. Hey, Ginny! Thanks for the words of reminder.... isn't it just the biggest blessing to know that GOD LOVES EACH ONE OF US! Blessings, to one and all-- Rob of the Rockies

  61. Dear Ginny-

    Thank you for the wonderful ideas and comfort in the Daily Lift today. It is so helpful to me as I pray about a couple of situations dealing with this very topic.
    A special thanks to # 36 for his comments. Very helpful reminder that no one can take our place, and we can't take another's place.

    Thanks to all the commentors, too!

  62. This morning I was listening to a radio broadcast of a interview with women who have been "foster moms" and indicating the great needs of children who have been greatly affected by the effects of mothers who have been addicted to drugs. It is heartbreaking if one accepts the picture presented by such reports. And this broadcast followed a TV program last night about sexually abused children of Inuit families served by Catholic priests. The prayers for all of us children to know that God , our Father-Mother is the father and mother of children everywhere.
    I am so grateful this morning that Ginnie has made clear that God is our Father and Mother. I do not have to accept the false picture no matter what the credentials of the reporter.

  63. I want to reecho the emphatic statement that we are ALL Valued and are ALL God's beloved children.

  64. I am so appreciative of Mrs. Eddy's interpetation of the Lords Prayer. Many times healing has come with the understanding it gives. I always try to insert it mentally when it is said in other churches and that is quite a feat, since they say it so fast. Thank you...

  65. Thanks so much. I really needed to hear this today.

  66. I love thinking of 'Our Father' as a 'place'. What a great, inspired and healing thought. Thank you Ginny.

  67. This Lift made me grow in understanding. Never felt rejected exactly, but I never included myself as God's “chosen” people, (as in the Bible). Dictionary “chosen” is from choose, “selected from a number, picked out; choice”. Choice : “That which is most excellent; the best part”, also, “Care in selecting; discrimination.” Discrimination” means “”a mark of distinction”. Choosing me over someone didn't fit what I've learned of God, but these built a support of what Christian Science teaches. “Best part” doesn't mean “better than others”, for God can't have good, better, and best ideas. That would be moments when He wasn't thinking His best. Each one of us is the best possible individual, and collectively we're the best possible. I see more clearly that we are individual, chosen by our Father-Mother for His purpose, to be a perfect reflection of Him, not just lumped as one of so many other ideas, but each specially selected along with centuries of Mind's ideas (as human history seems) each & all in the now of eternity, for His purpose. With God, things don't “just happen”; we're each purposed for His will, His glory. Our being individually best, doesn't mean “better than” but “best with”. Thank you, Ginny, this puts more light on this concept. I'll be more conscious of being His chosen reflection in every moment and from casual to busy situations, whether alone or with any & all other best choices, a special note in heavenly music.

  68. Dear Ginny, What an inspiration filled with Gods perfect love that casts out all fears and heals. "Love is the liberator." MB Eddy God doesnt have favorites.God loves us all equally. The Bible promises"For we know that all things work together for good to them that love God."good.Thanks to you and all the others that wrote. A joyous Easter of blessings

  69. Thanks Ginny - most encouraging and much appreciated.
    Likewise your video online lectures inspiring.

  70. Ginny, this is beautiful as is your comment #50. Like you, I feel blessed and uplifted. All the comments are uplifting. Thank you Ginny from a spring filled time of year. Happy Easter!

  71. Our Father-Mother is working His purpose out -- all-harmoniously. If feelings of rejection or inadequacey ever rear their ugly head, I immediately forgive whomever I feel is responsible -- and affirm the above. There is such a wonderful feeling of all-encompassing Love by my Father-Mother that it replaces any feeling of discord -- and most often, when my thinking is 'corrected', the situation resolves itself.

    33: I, too, (and I am sure many), often ponder what my true purpose is...but as wisely stated earlier by Charles #56, when facing a dilemma of any kind, we have to start with God as All and express Him. The answers will come -- most often in ways we never anticipated...

    Thanks to everyone for their spiritual 'pearls'. So very much appreciated and so healing! Ginny, you have certainly inspired us all today! I am truly grateful.

  72. Ginny Thank you!
    This is so helpful
    One of my children was not chosen for something yesterday
    and your lift helped me to keep my (and his) thought right on track
    We were all saying ‘That’s OK” “no big deal”
    “You know you are always right where you are supposed to be”
    “You‘ll get it next time”
    Which are ALL loving comforting thoughts
    BUT your lift once again raised my thought (thank you Daily Lift!)

    We are never left out NO “un-chosen” (how wonderful!)
    We are each useful important just as we are
    (and grow more and more each day to see our holy purpose)
    All harmonious, in our right place
    and Love (God) would never withhold good from us
    Love NEVER obstructs ALWAYS protects

    This gives us such hope and
    I know that with prayer there is always an answer
    and it can help us when we are feeling left out or not included
    I have seen time and time again that as I pray
    God has a MUCH bigger more wonderful solution for me
    than I could ever come up with (the who where when ect)
    God's chosen NEVER left out

    Who I am?
    Answer: I am God’s beloved child in who He is well pleased (right now)

    Who is my child?
    He is God’s beloved child in who Father-Mother Love
    is so beyond pleased

    I LOVED Daily Lifter #1 who said…
    Even before the starting gun goes off, our place is,
    as you say, the place of great value

    We read ALL the comments
    Thank you for leaving them, they are so helpful

    Thank you again Ginny you’re GREAT! :)

  73. First of all...I love the joyful laugh you have when you begin these daily lifts..thank you for that Nate! I would miss it if you didn't sound so happy!

    As for this speaker, I appreciate her insight more than I can say, as she has incorporated daily life within her message.
    Thank you!

  74. Thank you, Ginny, for the heaven-sent reminder of our place in the order of things. It is easy to feel "alone, lost, searching, waiting, & wanting" as though it is our task to make friends, be found, know what to do & when to do it, or get what we think is due us. In our Father-Mother's reality, the ONLY reality that exists, all our needs are supplied at the perfect and precise time. Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need! So it is really all about letting go and letting God. Many thanks to the truly wonderful thoughts of Ginny and the Lifters who expand my/our understanding in comments given so freely and sincerely.

  75. Thanks, Ginny. Works for me!

  76. Thank you, Ginny -- so perfect for this time of year!

  77. Dear Ginny,
    Thank you for your lovely reminder.
    That line of the Lord's Prayer has always been like a huge HUG that sweeps around the universe including all in it, there are no exceptions..

  78. Isn't it so wonderful that we have all these wonderful sharing times in the lifts. Since each one of us is so valued by God, we can express our individuality without hesitation because of God's limitless ideas that need expressing. What a lovely Easter blessing we have all the time--something new and exciting everyday. Thanks all you lifters.

  79. Thank you Ginny for wonderful and conforting daily lift today.

  80. When I was very young I wanted to be chosen for something that I had done better than others. When I found Christian Science I realised that competition does not really exists, as we only excel in what we do. In other words, we are all chosen and we can all excel individually. Thanks very much for these inspired thoughts.

    en español

    Cuando era muy joven yo quería ser elegido por algo que hubiera hecho mejor que otros. Cuando encontré la Ciencia Cristiana me di cuenta que el competir no existe realmente, ya que solo nos destacamos en lo que hacemos. En otras palabras, todos somos elegidos y todos podemos destacarnos individualmente. Muchas gracias por estos pensamientos inspirados.

  81. super, thanks very much.

  82. Thank you very much Ginny.

  83. Dear Ginny,

    I listened to this over and over and over ...the whole day. It brought tears, as I have wanted to feel included but it is not to be. But I am included to God and that is all the "Being" I need.

    Thanks to 39, 13, 38, 43, 46, 54

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