8/29: Whitewater

8/29: Whitewater

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  1. Thankyou Norm for your reminder that the comforter is always beside us, governing and guiding us through both the still waters and not so still. What a wonderful lift!

  2. Thank you so much for this insight.... I am so grateful for these daily lifts they always inspire and encourage us.

  3. Norm, I love it!

  4. At times life makes us feel as if we were navigating on whitewater, and alone. Sometimes we navigate calm and scenic spots and others we have to overcome turbulence and hazard.
    This are the moments we should remember we always have a guide helping us navigate treacherous waters, not any guide but, THE GUIDE. We have one Omnipresent God who is always attentive to our needs. The only guide who won’t ever abandon us, who is instructing us constantly, giving us instructions to better ourselves.
    If we feel we are novice in the ways of life, like he who find himself alone for first time and doesn’t know which route to take, we can remember that our guide is Supreme and His care equals any emergency. Misc. 5:12
    “It matters not what be thy guide, so Love doeth guide; For storm or shine, pure peace is thine, what e’er be tide” CS Hymn 160
    ESPAÑOL: Muchas veces la vida nos hace sentir como si estuviéramos navegando sobre aguas bravas —y solos en una balsa. A veces navegamos un trecho calmo y con lindos paisajes y otras tenemos que superar turbulencia y peligros inesperados.
    Esos son los momentos en que debemos recordar que siempre tenemos un guía que nos ayuda a navegar esas aguas traicioneras, no cualquier guía sino EL GUÍA. Tenemos un Dios siempre presente y siempre atento a nuestras necesidades. El único guía que nunca nos abandonará, que nos instruye constantemente, dándonos instrucciones para ayudarnos a superarnos a nosotros mismos.
    Si nos sentimos novicios en los caminos de la vida, como aquel que se encuentra solo por primera vez y no sabe que rumbo tomar, podemos recordar que nuestro guía es Supremo y Su cuidado se iguala a cualquier emergencia. Escritos Misceláneos 5:13
    “Tu suerte no podrá importar si guía Amor, que es tuya en calma o tempestad, la paz de Dios” Himno de la Ciencia Cristiana 160

  5. Shooting the rapids of life with God and His angels- righteous! Thanks, Norm for the lift!!

  6. Thanks, Norm, for reminding us that we always have available to us the divine guide, God. Good to remember that we are never left afloat without a rudder!

  7. Pretty darn good analogy, Norm! Hit the spot for me. Bless you.

  8. Thanks for the great ideas for facing raging water -- whether rafting or storms!

  9. I am very grateful for all these lifts. Thank you for this powerful reminder today.

  10. I have been in Raging Rapids and it is no fun.. Our canoe broke completely in half !! and my loving Guide was with me that day..........,i know.. as he is right here now. I know he is always there especially today guiding me all the way to sucess...

  11. I love "bring on what's next"...facing down any suggestion of fear of the future. Thank you so much.

  12. I have been in Raging Rapids ... our canoe broke completely in half... I know my guide was with me that day all those years ago !

    He is always guiding me to carm waters: especially today when i did need him to guide me to sucess....

  13. Many thanks Norm for that inspiring lift. Yes. "The guide, an ever present, ever caring God [divine Love] who communicates direction to us, His children, every moment." "He knows the angels that you need,/ And sends them to your side,/ To comfort, guard and guide." (Christian Science Hymnal #9).

  14. Brown's Canyon, yikes. Great visual for the value of a wise guide and safety in life's raging waters. thanks!

  15. Wow, Norm, I loved this! Thank you!

  16. Thank you Norm: you have no idea just how the timing of your message was just what I need at this moment to deal with challenges that have suddenly presented themselves. I know that God is at the rudder directing everything on the right course.

  17. Many thanks Norm. This is a great example. We must take every opportunity to seek God's care and it will be given. I always like Psalms 31:3 "For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name's sake lead me, and guide me". There's nothing more secure than a great rock in the middle of such rapids, secure and steady. What a fortress for us all.

  18. Thank you for your good analogy, Norm. As we listen and learn to respond to "the guide", we'll know how to use our own oar as a rudder to select a course through the rapids, storm, or whatever is causing us to choose a path to experience safety and peace.

    What is so great about understanding is that it anchors faith, uplifts hope, and inspires correct action - sort of like a bright flashlight that breaks the uncertainty of darkness in a cave or a space without light, and shows us the way out.

    Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures puts it this way: "Spirit imparts the understanding which uplifts consciousness and leads into all truth. The Psalmist saith: 'The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea.' Spiritual sense is the discernment of spiritual good. Understanding is the line of demarcation between the real and unreal. Spiritual understanding unfolds Mind, — Life, Truth, and Love, — and demonstrates the divine sense, giving the spiritual proof of the universe in Christian Science."

    Even if we fall out of the raft, we're safe. Hymn # 34 assures us of calm: "Christ comes again with holy power, To lift our blinded eyes to see; The sick are healed, the sinner blest, As on that eve in Galilee. ... Faith, hope, and joy are with us all; Great are companions such as these. The weak and thirsty are refreshed, Again each empty cup is filled; The tender Christ is here to bless, And all the storms of earth are stilled"

  19. Thanks Norm. On page 24 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Bake Eddy wrote in part: “...open the way for Christian Science to be understood, and make the Bible the chart of life, where the buoys and healing currents of Truth are pointed out.” You really hit the mark.

    En español

    Gracias Norm. En la página 24 de Ciencia y Salud con Clave de las Escritutras, mary Baker Eddy escribió en parte: “...abren el camino para que la Ciencia Cristiana sea comprendida, y hacen de la Biblia la carta de navegar para esta vida, donde están señaladas la boyas y las corrientes sanadoras de la verdad.” Realmente has dado en el clavo.

  20. "And o'er earth's troubled sea, I see Christ walk, and come to me and tenderly,divinely talk" - Mrs Eddy's poem assures us of the power of the Christly still small voice to overcome all rages and troubles. I particularly like the 'fearless' calm in this lift today, thank you, and to all the lifters so far whose deep understanding add to this wonderful dialogue we share. Thank you so much!

  21. Norm, thank you for this absolutely inspired lift. I had been sstudying Christian Science a few years when the desire to study Christian Sciemnce Nursing presented itself in thought. I rsisted this thought, because first and foremmost I had been a Medical Nurse prior to my introduction to Christian Science and in my own shallow thinking felt I had done my bit as a nurse, but that deeper voice of inspiration that I have come o understand as "The Still Small Voice of Love"never stopped gently agitating--whispering to me "this is the way walk in it". Having never travelled or been allowed a passport in the beautiful country of birth South Africa,it seemed impossible that I could even fly to England,as that was the Training college for Christian Science Nursing I was to attend.Listening and praying for guidance,the way unfolded. Amidst the apprehension of having to leave my family and travel to a foreign country, that inner voice of inner joy, stayed within me[my raft] guiding me through the many years of being abroad and successfully completing the training and being selected by my fellow students to present our commencement speech.This "raft of Spirit=Love continues to silently,lovingly, intuitively guide me through turbulent waters.

  22. This is just the message I needed to receive as I head into a very busy, new chapter of our family life! But here you establish that that life is Life, a steady, promising, progressive force, the only one! Thanks, Norm!

  23. Thank you.

  24. Thank you very much. There was a storm rising in my life but your lift lifted me. God is.

  25. Thank you The thought coinsides with the what I did last week in a way, trading in the car I had and getting a newer used one.I did a lot of praying and every thing fell right in place. I had not even thought of getting another car. I felt I was God directed and protected. Thank you for all the good thoughts

  26. Thank you so much. I really needed to hear this message right now.

  27. Thanks for this wonderful thought to work with as I begin another gloroius day.

  28. rough morning , so v.helpful,thanks so much.

  29. Thanks Norm! I also went through that same stretch of river when visiting the A/U Ranches, but I never made the parallels of what a great life lesson it could be/still is. Thanks for the reminder.

  30. Thanks for this great example, every lift has such a helpful message! And the music today is so good. I love the variety of harmonies you give us each week, an important part of each day's offering!

  31. Thank you. I need the reminder that GOD IS IN CONTROL.

  32. No thanks, if it's a hint to try whitewater rafting on streams! Yet much thanks, Norm, for using whitewatering as an analogy. I relate to that. Again, borrowing Michael's word (#69 on 8-24), these Lifts are the “disturbulance” for any daily turbulent or hazardous situations we have to maneuver. I suspect few who listen to the Lifts on a daily basis, shrug and say, “I don't need that today.” as if only finding themselves in scenic surroundings and calm action. Most of us get so much experience navigating life's whitewaters, we can even help guide others on how to recognize THE Guide. The 2nd verse of Christian Science Hymn # 8, pleading as we struggle in the way, combines with the 3rd verse of Hymn # 7, sung with peace and confidence while The Guide steers us into the calm & scenic. (both have same tune by H.F. Lyte),

    “I need Thy presence every passing hour; What but Thy grace can foil the tempter's power?
    Who like Thyself my guide and stay can be? Thru' cloud and sunshine, O abide with me.” (#8)

    “I know Thy presence every passing hour, I know Thy peace, for Thou alone art power;
    O Love divine, abiding constantly, I need not plead, Thou dost abide with me.” (#7)

    Ready for what's next!

    Michael, # 69 on 8-24, If we all used words coined in Comments, in conversation & articles, we'd get some DL vocabulary into future dictionary editions! I'm going to put them in mine. I'm searching to find a special one, over a year ago, to use. #20 Nomvula, nice sharing.

  33. This brings back happy memories of our rafting trip with Outward Bound down the Colorado River in Grand Canyon. The Bible Lesson that week was "God the Preserver of Man" and it started off each day with a wonderful sense of joy and protection. the hymn that says "O Thou who spreadest the heavens like a tent. He who depends on Thee ne'er is forespent." gave a great sense of encouragement for each day's strenuous task of paddling our rafts through rough rapids.

  34. Thanks Norm...I know that Good is at the rudder directing everything on a steady, progressive, joy filled course. "I will listen for Thy voice, / Lest my footsteps stray; / I will follow and rejoice / All the rugged way." (Christian Science Hymnal # 304).

  35. Beautiful lift Thank you Norm

  36. Thank you, Norm, for this exhilarating ride down through the whitewater of Brown's Canyon! Making a decision in our practice of Christian Science can be gained only by allowing The Guide to take the controls. Sometimes just finding a parking space in our shopping centre includes lots of willingness to trust and driving with precision and accuracy. Mrs Eddy reassures us "We have nothing to fear when Love is at the helm of thought, but everything to enjoy on earth and in heaven." Mis Writ page 113:25. And remembering to express an outpouring of abundant gratitude for paddling through the rapids to calm water at the end of the ride or the perfect drive in the parking lot.
    Thank you Nathan for this special Lift, for the BoL, the lecturers and the Lift team on both sides of the sending and receiving. So glad to hear the hurricane had been downgraded and was not as turbulent as predicted.

  37. Thanks, Norm! So good to have you back! Wonderful analogy for Life - navigating the Waters! And thanks to #17 Peter - some beautiful thoughts and quotes! Just have to remember, even if we fall out of the boat or raft, we are never really outside of God's protection. God is my Rudder, Love is my Guide. "Tho' storm or discord cross my path.......Thy Presence ever goes with me and Thou dost give me peace." (CS Hymn # ? )

  38. Por muy turbulentas que parezcan las aguas o cualquier situación humana podemos recordar con fe o sea con confianza que quien está al timón es Dios y nada puede suceder.
    "Quiero que sepáis, hermanos, que las cosas que me han sucedido, han redundado mas bien para el progreso del evangelio" Filipenses: 1. "No es que pecó éste, ni sus padres; sino para que las obras de Dios se manifiesten en él" Juan: 9.
    "El trueno del Sinaí y el Sermón del Monte van tras los siglos y los sobrepasarán,
    La Verdad ya está revelada. Sólo es menester practicarla"."Así el progreso destuirá finalmente todo error y sacará a luz la inmortalidad"C y S. MBE.
    Y la Vida Verdadera, florecerá en todos los corazones al influjo del Amor divino, donde no existen aguas turbulentas. Muchas gracias Norm, thank

  39. What a wonderful lift to start my morning!! Thank you so much!!!!

  40. Thanks, Norm, for sharing this insight. It is something I am so glad to be reminded of to keep in thought.

  41. BRING ON WHAT'S NEXT! What an ending. But if we get our lessons from the past triumphs, WHY NOT.... ???? A God filled day to everyone.

  42. Thank you, Norm, for getting us off to a good start with our true Guide this Monday morning. This clear direction will lift many of us in NYC and beyond, as we dig out mentally from the stormy thoughts that threatened our peace over this past weekend. For storm, or shine, pure peace is thine!" Thanks again.
    Love to all : )

  43. Thank you so much dear Norm for this inspiring and uplifting message. Muchas gracias!

  44. What an awesome Lift! -- and a great way to start praying for all those on the East Coast of our country! Thanks so much!


  45. Thanks, Norm. That "bring it on!" spirit is so essential, so Christly. Because what's next is coming anyhoo, and far better to know we are prepared and guided supremely "Whate'er betide" or the tides.

  46. Thank you, Norm, for your perfect and timely Lift!
    They reminded me of these words from the Christian Science Hymnal #39:
    "Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Love,
    With light and comfort from above;
    Be Thou our guardian, Thou our guide,
    O'er every thought and step preside."

  47. Gracias por los mensajes y reflexiones en español! Muy utiles. Gracias

  48. Many of those turbulent and hazard moments have being showed me so far, but since I was introduced to Christian Science years ago, I´ve been able to overcome those hard moments just by bringing into my conscience this omnipresent GUIDE -our heavenly Father God!
    No matter what, Christ is always lighting my path and I´m very grateful for being able to discern that strong light!
    Thank you Norm, for your uplifting thought!

  49. To JS #31
    Thanks so much for the references to Hymns 7 and 8 in the Hymnal. Very interesting comparisons there, on light and dark. We are still safe!

  50. Oh, I needed to hear this today, Norm! I love rafting, and sure agree it's a lot like life. :-) So grateful that The Guide is always with us. Thank you, thank you.

  51. thank you ! :- )

  52. Good morning,Norm:

    Now, for the first time in 64years, I am alone----but wait, I;m not alone, God is ever present and in control!! Your message just jogged my thinking once more.

    Thanks, Bev

  53. Many thanks, Norm.
    This lift brought back memories of my own (and only) whitewater rafting trip many years ago. Although I had felt some trepidation as the trip began (not being a swimmer), I felt humbled when it ended, having trusted totally in God's care, along with a sense of accomplishment. And Isn't it wonderful that we have so many proofs of God's care and direction -- that we are heirs to so much good! I'm glad to have the reminder of this experience -- as I work on "next." I love it!

  54. Thank you, Norm, for this wonderful, encouraging, and needed lift. And thank you too #4 Elena for your input as well. God bless you all!

  55. HI Norm.
    This was terrific.
    Reminds me of a rafting (smaller) adventure on the Red Deer River in Alberta with a highschool band trip outing. Our river was not as wild as what you describe, but our day which started out sunny had a sudden black cloud, and a swift, violent hailstorm. We had to pull off to the side, and get the rafts over us like tent shelters until it passed.
    It was an enlarging experience for us -- all new at rafting too.
    Thanks much for this analogy.
    And #31 -- YES, WE ALL DO need these Lifts, every one of them has application in our own lives!

  56. Thank you Norm for that beautiful lift. I needed that. I have just been through some turbulent water with the passing of my wife.. Thanks heavens for our constant God to guide to us throught troubled waters.

  57. Thank you.....I definitely needed this positive supportive truth today.

  58. VERY GOOD!

  59. Thank you Norm - I really enjoyed listening, and to reading all the Lifter's helpful comments.
    It prompted me to look up an e-card I always enjoy. On the spirituality.com site, enter 'e-cards/helm' and this will bring up a relevant (and amusing) visual display.

  60. Thank you so much. A beautiful analogy and easily remembered. For me, yielding to divine Love is not always easy, but definitely the way to go.

  61. Thanks, Norm, for this reminder! Listen, listen, listen, for God's voice!

  62. NICE! God is our guide, are we listening? As Mrs. Eddy says in one of her poems, :"I will listen for thy voice lest my footsteps stray; I will follow and rejoice, all the rugged way". We need not fear "rough/tuff" times or situations when we remember that after everystorm there is a rainbow and clam and beyond every mountain there is a beautiful valley.

  63. Thank you, Norm. Just the way I am starting my day, one of active peace.

  64. I enjoyed the analogical references and would like to play off these in expansion. God, as THE Guide in all which we are about in our daily journey.....Our practitioner, as the rudder, to assist in providing direction, clarity, encouragement.....Ourselves with paddle in hand, the truths at hand, such as the commandments and the Sermon on the Mount, which remind us of our responsibility to live rightly -- we must listen for direction and use our paddles/tools properly in rising to the occasion of each turbulent opportunity.

  65. Many thanks for the lift this morning, just what I needed to jumpstart my day.

  66. Thank you so very much! Have been struggling with seeing little progress with some issues, but your lift reminded me to paddle, not float with the current. We must follow our Guide and remain vigilant as we work out our salvation.

  67. Thanks Norm! Brown's Canyon is a fantastic ride, and one where we can really see the benefit from the competent guidance you described. Your example also made me think that, when we get through them safely, the rapids are a lot of fun. If we're seeing our trials as "proofs of God's care," should they be fun too -- watching God's guidance demonstrated can't be frightening or cause suffering! I'm now ready to launch my raft for the day.

  68. Thank you, Norm for the great example of God's guidance through the oftimes turbulence of mortal thought. Your message so peaceful but strong enough to face the rapids and rocks of our journey from sense to Soul.

  69. My first whitewater dory trip was thru the Grand Canyon by invitation of my son who was an oarsman and guide. In a rest stop canyon I really had to listen to God's encouragement to continue fearlessly with my Father/God holding my hand. The trip was a pivotal experience raising my consciousness to the practicality of Christian Science in every facet of my life.
    Thank you, Frank. Being immersed in an ocean of love has been all encompassing always and all ways. And thanks to our family of commenting Lifters that add such meaningful comments. Thanks for a day of good memories.

  70. Thank you Norm.
    Michael Steven Van Stone

  71. Loved your analogy, Norm. When we listen to our omnipresent guide, every rapid is a teachable moment.

  72. Thanks so much for the inspiration.
    I can't number the times in whitewater situations that
    God has been the mainstay for conquering fear.

  73. I can relate, having rafted the Colorado River and the Green River in Utah. One lesson I learned was that the "attitude" of the raft heading into the rapids was important - a great reminder that my attitude had to always be in the right direction for every activity..

  74. Thanks so much Norm, even though I've never tried whitewater rafting the idea of a confident Guide lends me to consider it! To JS in Ky (31) thanks for what you share- I went back and looked up Michael (69) 8/24 comments and loved what he shared ! Also, need to tell you all how grateful i am for these lifts - All the ideas and ALL the comments- I may not comment every day - but what I hear and read makes my heart sing (melt) every day. THANKS!

  75. You have that right, Norm! Not with a sense of false bravado, but, like St. Paul says, we jot in tribulation because each thing we face gives us ever clearer signs of our heavenly Father's loving care and protection as we go through them! I love this remembrance this morning! I'll keep it with me all day!

  76. Thanks for such a great anaolgy, Norm. I have never gone whitewater rafting or even rafting....although I live less than two miles away from the beautiful American River here in Sacramento; however, what you shared this morn so hit the spot me me after struggling through a difficult weekend. I have been learning of late that God is "always on duty to help" with the little things or some major ones (like a water pipe that broke...gushing many gallons/minute...and I was not able to walk at that point in time to even get outside to look at it). Ideas with wonderful answers leading to right solutions are just "always" here, when we get fear, self, self-pity, anger, etc. out of the way....so we can hear God talking to us! :)

  77. Hey... whatdya know? I just got back from a one-day whitewater rafting trip on Sunday. Your podcast was the perfect P.S.!

  78. So helpful to remember - thank you.

  79. fantastic, love the part about not just a guide but THE GUIDE - what a great analogy - thank you - these daily lifts are superb and so timely

  80. Thank you, Norm! So love doth guide is the key for me. The sun may shine or clouds darken the sky but no matter since God is the Guide keeping His Children safe and satisfied. God, the Great I Am!

  81. Thanks Norm. Your lift today has elicited so many helpful poems, hymns, and verses which add such richness to your message. Thanks everyone . I'm also grateful for the healing testimonies embedded in these messages . So many wonderful proofs of God's commanding presence for each of us in our daily rafts of life. Thanks Nathan and your DL team.

  82. Thank you Norn for today's Daily Lift. I just loved the way your vocal inflection concluded with the phrase: "...Bring on what's next."

  83. Norm, thank you. Those of us who have been whitewater rafting could certainly relate, but your words were so clear and spiritually sensible that ALL could feel the Truth of what you spoke.

    Nate and DL team--wonderful music. Such rich and uplifting variety.

    All commenters--you add so much to each Lift, catching the original notes and then echoing and expanding the first thoughts until I'm in the middle of an orchestra of healing and joy.

    Several mentioned how particularly this Lift helped them, because of current challenges. Special hugs go out to #55 Glen, #51 Beverly, and #27 Rodney Senior: I know that right now, this very moment, you are feeling God's tender embrace, and are being Guided into calm knowing. Each of you are dearly loved.

  84. Hey Norm ! Thanks for these ideas! Talban and I love it! Thank you so much!

  85. "Bring on what's next" is the thing I take away from your comments, friend. How terrific to hear Norm's voice recounting his unfoldment. it certainly stirred me to thinking of God as Guide today...and every day.

    I am always telling students of mine in a postgrad education course to look at stumbling blocks as stepping stones because the view from the stepping stone once it is ascended shows the higher and longer goal ahead. It is like finding your own rudder in listening to God's voice. It propels you forward and never backward or downward..

    Would love to navigate some rapids with you, pal.



  86. Great Lift Norm...Always very special. I will send it to my son Tysun. He will love it...His girlfriend is a river guide and Ty is that staff photographer on the Kern River in California.... I remember reading this quote that fits here..."I know not where He leads me, but well do I know my GUIDE"... Thanks, Jim

  87. Dear Norm thank you for such a wonderful message, I loved it! I also saw you personal Intro message: REPENT! and I do!, Thank you!

  88. The Guide thing sure does work. I heard that line of Mrs. Eddy's Blest Christmas Morn read from TMC desk yesterday morning via the Internet. I took it to heart as we were in the midst of a big storm on the East Coast. Every bit of my property and that of my family and friends, was completely protected. God loves us. Hallelujah!!! Thank you for this inspiring thought. Much love to all.

  89. Thanks Norm, I love this wonderful analogy. And it reminded me of my only day at white water rafting with my family (husband, son and brother) a few years ago in Alaska. As we were gearing up I was filled with excitement and trepidation, but was able to calm that fear and what an exhilarating experience. It opened my thought to new and exciting ideas. It makes me grateful that we can turn to God for help to approach each new experience that faces us each day.

    Thanks again for the reminder!

  90. Thanks Norm. Just what I needed to hear.

  91. I love this lift. Thanks so much!

  92. THE GUIDE must be synonymous with the Shepherd, divine Love, who leads to the still waters.

  93. I loved the reminder. How true and so goo.. Thanks for the sweet reminder.

  94. Hi Norm! This is so helpful to me, and I'm sure to all of us here on the east coast of the US. Our major highway was flooded so much that cars were parked on the overpass and people taking pictures. But today, 24 hours later, the water was gone and cars were travelling. I'm grateful too for the preparedness of the local crews and for their job of clean up. Much to be grateful for!!!

  95. So nice Norm, thank you so much.

  96. Thank you very much. This was just what was needed this day-- a clear reminder of God's ever-present direction. What a great Lift. Thanks again!

  97. I love it, Norm - thanks.

  98. Perfect ! and so true.
    Thank you

  99. Thanks so much Norm. I like to think of God as navigating us through every turn in life perfectly as we turn our "oars" over to Him.

  100. Many thanks for this wonderful lift.

  101. Thank you for the image of a guide not only teaching rafters "how and when" to use their oars, but also using her own oar as a rudder to "make sure we were headed into each new situation the right way".

    In S&H 254:24-32, next to the marginal heading "the cross and crown",
    Mary Baker Eddy (no stranger to navigating "troubled waters" with "The Guide", divine Love, at the helm) writes:

    "If you venture upon the quiet surface of error and are in sympathy with error, what is there to disturb the waters? What is there to strip off error's disguise?

    If you launch your bark upon the ever-agitated but healthful waters of truth, you will encounter storms. Your good will be evil spoken of. This is the cross. Take it up and bear it, for through it you win and wear the crown. Pilgrim on earth, thy home is heaven; stranger, thou art the guest of God. "

    The very times one seems most alone or afraid, the Christ shows a "gentle presence" that leads and lifts us to clearer views, and helps us journey on in the right direction - even if it means pausing, like #54, Joy, to wait out the storm with the raft over your head!

    A sheltering hug to all who seem to be going through rough waters, and to #51 Beverly, and #55 Glen. You might check out what Mrs. Eddy says about passing "the portals of a new belief" S&H 251:7. See also S&H 76: 6-31, about "Real Life in God", which a fine practitioner pointed out addresses the question of "what we shall be". Trusting God's care is a Life-preserver!

  102. Thank you, Norm, I can feel the "lift!" Very helpful!

  103. This lift really hit the spot. We are never without our guide. If only we are careful to listen!

  104. Thanks, Norm, for this great lift!

  105. Merci beaucoup Norm

  106. Thank you, Norm.
    When we listen for God's voice and silence human will God does take the "raft", our lives, safely all the way beyond anything we could ever outline for ourselves.

  107. Thank you, Norm! So true!

  108. Thank you for that great analogy Norm!

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