2/10: What's your family name?

2/10: What's your family name?

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  1. TY TY I can soooo wrap my arms around this Lift!! That's the first thing I always reassure the dear ones I "work for"...they are the cherished child of their Father-Mother, Love. Infinitely Fathered and Mothered...no matter birth here.

    (I am looking forward to the comments...)

  2. Thanks so much for that thought about our real name, roots, and purpose!!

  3. what a wonderful thought! thanks John

  4. Thank you, it is very enlightening!

  5. Thank you....I love my new name! I was brought up to always declare "I am God's
    perfect child" So I will add 'perfect' inbetween God and Child" after my first name.
    ....never a doubt about who I really am! I love this Daily Lift. Wish it would go
    seven days a week!!!

  6. What a concept, John! "God's child" as family name: Hello, I am Elena God'schild, nice to meet you. I AM has created me, and this honor came with a bonus: dominion. You've chosen my favorite Bible verses, I think the whole Bible is based in this two verses. “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion . . . So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them” (Genesis 1:26, 27: 26)
    Now, the Bible teaches us that God is Spirit, so being His image we must be spiritual. MBE tells us, “The ideal man corresponds to creation, to intelligence, and to Truth. The ideal woman corresponds to Life and to Love. In divine Science, we have not as much authority for considering God masculine, as we have for considering Him feminine, for Love imparts the clearest idea of Deity”. (S&H 517:8) Imagine, being God’s image must mean that we reflect God’s completeness, we reflect the dominion that confers God’s seven synonyms, “God is incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love”

    ¡Qué concepto, John! "Hija de Dios" como apellido: Hola, yo soy Elena HijadeDios, encantada de conocerte. ¡YO SOY me creó! Y este honor vino con un bono: dominio . “Y dijo Dios: Hagamos al hombre a nuestra imagen, conforme a nuestra semejanza; y señoree . . . Y creó Dios al hombre a su imagen, a imagen de Dios lo creó; macho y hembra los creó.”. (Genesis 1:26, 27: 26)
    Ahora bien, la Biblia nos enseña que Dios es Espíritu, entonces siendo Su imagen debemos ser espirituales. MBE nos dice, “El hombre ideal corresponde a la creación, a la inteligencia y a la Verdad. La mujer ideal corresponde a la Vida y al Amor. En la Ciencia divina no tenemos tanta autoridad para considerer a Dios masculino como para considerarle femenino, porque el Amor imparte la idea más clara de la Deidad”. (S&H 517:8) Imagínense, siendo la imagen de Dios debe significar que reflejamos la totalidad de Dios, reflejamos el dominio que confieren los siete sinónimos de Dios, “Dios es incorpóreo, divino, supremo, Mente infinita, Espíritu, Alma, Principio, Vida, Verdad. Amor”.

  7. Hi John That's a great idea! I love the thought of being in God's family and inheriting all good from Him. Thanks Ann K.

  8. "What's Your Familty Name?" is a great idea to address the strength of tribalism that dominates Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa, that prevents peace from coming to those areas. Perhaps expand on this in periodicals, lectures, etc.

  9. Good point, especially when the interest in ancestors is so prevalent now.

  10. That is a wonderful thought! Our autobiography is written in Spirit and our lineage is pure Love. Thank you very, very much for this reminder!

  11. Thank you, God;s Child! It's wonderful being a member of your family.

  12. This goes so along with the thought I had been pursuing recently on the 23rd Psalm "He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name sake." I had been thinking about it in terms of the ideal parent as a former speaker had said. I was having so much fun with this when all of a sudden I realized "His name sake." A name sake is like naming your child after a parent and wow are they ever precious. That name sake is going to do wonderful things, conquer adventures, be the shining light of all, have tremendous expectations. And so this reinforces what John just told us. What a relief not to be a sinful mortal always wrong, but to be His name sake, inheriting only good, being God's perfect child, and as Mrs. Eddy enlightens and expands is composed of all RIGHT ideas. Nice! Very nice! Perfectly nice! Thanks for saying what is true.

  13. Super idea, and in thinking about it the idea came that we could also change our names to : Godson! Wow! We are all from the Godson family - all humanity. One forever - living together in harmony, peace, understanding and love.

    Merci John!

  14. Thank you John. We have a wonderful family!

  15. Thank you John. "God's child", "We are joint heirs with Christ," That embraces a universal love for ALL mankind!"

  16. I loved what I heard! thank you all!

  17. As one who has been interested in family lineage and history for many years this is a wonderful thought that we are all of one lineage as God's Child. Thank you, John, for this inspiring message!

  18. P E R F E C T! Thanks for this and all the Daily Lifts.

  19. Thanks so much for the msg.

  20. Thank you John, for this spiritual concept of our true identity as children of God, belonging to a single universal family that brings us together in brotherly love.

  21. Just for the record O'Toole was the grandson of Toole. Toole's son would have been McToole. Good job tho', we get the idea. We're all souls living in a material world. Soon we'll drop these mortal coils and we'll see our true images-perfect as God see's us.


    Child of the depression?
    NO! the child of God's loving expression!

    An object of pity - fatherless and deprived?
    NO! God's expression of love, beloved Father,
    supplied with infinite provision!

    Depressed and unable to learn?
    NO! the perfect child of light, bright with anticipation!

    Neglected, over-protected one?
    NO! each and every awesome ray of light!

    The stupid and frightened girl?
    NO! the enlightened and radiant daughter!

    Always sick, plain of face and figure?
    NO! holy and “beautiful upon the mountains”!

    The one not expected to succeed and progress?
    NO! alight with expectation for success!

    Without bright prospects of life and love?
    NO! perfect, complete, and satisfied!

    Margaret J Perrin - 2010

  23. I am working on a book for the family

    Where it asks the Family Name
    I will write that in!

  24. What a wonderful idea, thank you!

  25. That was very, very keen and useful and helpful. Thank You.

  26. Great uplift today...God's Child..perfect in everyway.Thank you John.

  27. Thank you John Godchild, I love that thought!! It's inspiring!! This note is from Faye Godchild!!

  28. Thank you John for such a basic reminder of are true identity. How reassuring for us and those on whom our thoughts rest.

  29. Thanks John! I was just pondering the idea of Love's, God's family yesterday. Psalms says, "God setteth the solitary in families..." And what came to me was God places all his children, lonely or otherwise in the family of Love. We can never be alone, but all one with God, no matter what the human family situation looks like and your "Lift" just ads more to that for me - not only all in Love's family, but all sharing the same name!

  30. Isn't that what Jesus was asking his disciples when he said, "Who do men say that I am?" and ignoring their first answer, he approved of Peter's answer which was,"Thou art the Christ, the son of the LIVING God."
    When Mrs. Eddy talked of her family praying for her unsuccessfully for years and then, after her "discovery", saying that it was the LIVING PALPITATING presence of Christ which heals. It is the living awareness that God is our living, palpitating Father Mother NOW, right where we are, here, today. Time is not a factor, because it does not exist as humans perceive it. Thank you !

  31. Wonderful lift---and great comments! To add a bit that I use:
    DNA = Divine Nature Acknowledged.

  32. Thank you for sharing another way we can demonstrate the science of Soul by beginning with perfect Principle and perfect idea, the God child.

  33. Absolutely beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing this idea. It let's us all see that we all are family.

    Lisa Godschild

  34. Thanks for this...it leads me to think that we are not just in the same family but we all dwell in the same house; that's where we all live and move and have our being. We all abide under the shadow of the Almighty. We dwelleth in the secret place of the most High; a tabernacle that shall not be taken down. Because we "stand in his holy place," we shall "flourish in the courts of our God."

  35. Oh, yes, how wonderful to know we are all - "God's Kids!" I also think it's important to cherish our Humanhood, as it, too, plays an important part in our spiritual growth while we are enjoying "Earth's Preparatory School"!

    Would love to hear comments from you, John Tyler, and anyone else on how to love, honor and cherish our humanhood right where we are in this oh so lovely, oh so very human experience! As I've heard it said, "Being human isn't a character defect!" Ha!

  36. Since man is not a creator, I like to i.d. myself as what I do.

  37. Thanks so very much for these precious thoughts, John, and the good comments from listeners.

  38. "PS": a viewer just emailed me a lovely spiritual sense of DNA. "Divine Nature Acknowledged." Divine -- that's who we are:of God. That's our structure, nature, the basis of our being. Here we are today, able to acknowledge this for ourselves, and ALL those around us; one infinite family, sharing the qualities of Love, our common Source.

    Un des lecteurs du daily lift vient juste de me communiquer une intéressante interprétation du mot anglais DNA, correspondant en francais a ADN. Même si cela ne peut s'appliquer en francais, j'ai pensé que cela pouvait être inspirant pour vous. DNA: Divine Nature Acknowledged: Notre Nature Divine Reconnue. Divin - c'est ce que nous sommes: de la nature de Dieu. C'est notre structure, la base de notre être. Nous sommes capables aujourd'hui de reconnaître cela pour nous-mêmes , et pour TOUS autour de nous. une famille infinie, partageant les qualités d'Amour, notre Source commune.

  39. Thank you, I liked what our family name is also what Mel #30 said about D N A. We have so much to be grateful for.

  40. GREAT! I love the way you put it.

  41. So nice to hear -- to know -- that we do not have to wait for our inheritance from our perfect Father; it is right here -- right NOW! Thank you John for reminding me of my true heritage.

  42. OK. OK. Now I have to update my Business Cards!!!! But I love my new name!!!

  43. Cool Idea John! Thanks for the lift for today.

  44. As one who grew up hiding my human lineage because my parents were afraid I'd be teased or harrassed, I found in Christian Science that "I have a goodly heritage"- in God, the only Creator. I love today's Daily Lift; it confirms that fact. Thank you, John.

  45. As Mary Baker Eddy teaches us "What a glorious inheritance" we have as children of God! When we acknowledge our true parent as the One Perfect God, then there can be no dangerous inheritances associated with human parentage and no unhappy mortal parenting. We have and always have had and always will have the perfect parent-our Father Mother God.

  46. Thanks to all involved in preparing the Daily Lift and to those that comment. Today I liked comment #30 for turning a material notation into a spiritual idea.

  47. When you really ponder the idea of "God's child" not as your own name but of everyone, think of all the limitations or labels that have just been lifted! One is lifted from hereditary limitations, social prejudices, name or nationality prejudices. With all that being lifted and understanding one as "God's child", think of the possibilities!

  48. Our spiritual true identity is immaculate and our awareness of this statement goes beyond the forest of emotions, feelings and personal belief.Our spiritual identity is intact as a radiant child of God. "The radiant I am"

    "Accept the glorious liberty of the children of God and be free! This is your divine right." Science and Health

    Jacob was a frightened bloke and he changed his name to Israel the fearless and prduced a dinasty of kings.

  49. Thank you - now I'm ready to start my day!

  50. Yesterday when preparing Valentine cards to send to our grandchildren, I wrote "Remember, ....,, as a child of God you are loved, loving, lovable and lovely." Thank you for today's Lift which reinforces my understanding of the importance of knowing who we really are.

  51. THANK YOU for this beautiful healing, thouightful, spiritual uplift!!!

  52. I am God's child! We are all God's children. Thank you for this joyfilled reminder of who we are...full of Love, full of Life...no shadows...only light!

  53. This is a great idea! A good thought to apply whenever we meet someone new (and all our present family and acquaintances.) Thank you John. I also sat up when a previous writer said we all live in the same house--God's house--all one family.

    Another thought someone recently shared is the fact that we have a "very short family tree"--God and man!

    Thanks to all the lecturers and alert responders for all the daily lift ideas--I love these powerful insights into Truth!

  54. Thank you. I’m enjoying how well this Lift echoes my Bible study I’m doing on this week’s Bible Lesson. Similar to #12 Sher’s comments, I found Is.43:1 “I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine.” A Bible commentary says this line is God naming us and acting as our parent, a responsible guardian, claiming us. Also, Is. 43:7 “Even everyone that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory…” is a phrase synonymous with God’s regard for all of us as His children: children He designed to make Himself known. God is actively parenting us and invested in us. Our heritage is only good and we have a wonderful huge family!

  55. To the degree we accept and cherish that we are each brothers and sisters as all God's equally dearly-beloved children whom our single Father-Mother eternally delights in, we will stop allowing Haitians to be punished, discounted, exploited for profit and our youth trained to kill or be indifferent or cynical. We will refuse to consent to fearing or scaring or being scarred. We will rise up in mutual love and reverent support and celebration, courageously fulfilling our calling to work justice, mercy, and peace. We will create and live economic justice, make a living loving, and loving living. We will cast out the sin of separation, the sickness of despairing inaction or feverish overaction and irritated reaction. We will let go of the demons haunting us with past pains, strains, drains, dreams. All one holy family, we.

  56. I Love this Lift! I Love the dominion and freedom and goodness that comes from identifying oneself correctly as God's child. Very good reminder also to acknowledge correctly all whom we come into contact with, fellow workers, bosses, customers, children, even grandchildren as the heirs of God! Thank-you ever so much John!!!

  57. I love my 'new' name, too. Better yet to know it always has been, is now, and always will be mine.

    I noticed that #6 Elena in Spanish is having trouble with the ñ defaulting to a question mark. This is a test of using HTML &#241 to see if it will display correctly.

  58. Hey, Everyone!
    Welcome to the family!!
    Actually we've always been part of God's family, but either didn't know it or forgot.
    Thank you!

  59. That was a great reminder, John. It's so good to give God all the credit...He is our Father-Mother...that is our true origin...no beginning and no end, and to forget trying to track down our way back family tree. Interesting, but why? Before my mother passed on last September, I wanted so desperately to know her family and my dad's family so I will have some record (a last minute thought). Although she tried so hard to remember, there were too many of them and not possible to accurately pin them down. So there, it only validated where my real interest should be. To stay focused where I really came from, and that's God the creator of ALL. That's all I needed to know; and no such thing as inheriting human DNA. I love my new family name, "God's Child". John, thanks for the "lift".

  60. My Arial ñ works. Maybe copying and pasting would help. We don't need a technical glitch interrupting her communication. I love to read the Spanish.

  61. I found putting each of the synonyms of God before the word "child" equally helpful --Principle's child, Life's child, Mind's child, etc. This expands our sense of reflecting God in all our completeness as His image and likeness.

  62. My very first Sunday School teacher "Maudy" would have us repeat "I am God's perfect child" when she would take roll call in class. I used to squirm and mumble it rather self-consciously, but after all these years, that lesson has remained with me. I AM God's perfect child, and I have the family heritage to prove it! Thank you John for the reminder.

  63. This is my new e-mail address because I want to focus more on God. So I changed my e-mail address to godschilddiana. Thanks for the Lift. I needed it.

  64. Thanks John! The saying, "God has no grandchildren" comes to mind. It is true.


    Jim Godschild (just thought I would try it on for size)

  65. I thought, what a simple LIFT, yet todays message was so powerful. I feel as it was a lesson within its self. The comments were so thoughtful, a reminder of who we really are. Thank you all.

  66. Loving this lift and discussion! I have taught my children and Sunday School children in the same vein to identify ourselves and others as Jesus was identified--Christ Jesus. We each reflect the ever-constant Christ, truth, as who we are. Thus, a quick reminder to myself to see my Godgiven spiritual perfection--I am Christ Carol. Now to add my new last name for the whole package--Christ Carol Godschild!
    We have a lot to live up to, don't we! Our divine parent has made us incapable of doing otherwise.

  67. (Responding to comment #34)
    Bev -- I value greatly the human joy, love, sharing which we can all welcome as a natural part of our daily experience.
    This joy is the breaking forth of the divine -- God's love for us as Her children -- into the human, lifting and transforming our earthly experience.
    And the wonderfully good news is that, as we listen humbly, that joy is coming to us every second.

  68. What a wonderful way to think of our lineage. Thanks, John, for this new perspective.

  69. Love this thought!!! John God's child!

  70. A few months ago, I fell and the first words out of my mouth were "I am God's perfect child." I was asked by bystanders if I wanted to go to the hospital for an examination, but I knew right away that I wanted to go home and rely on prayer in Christian Science for healing. That I did and had a wonderful healing of the belief that I could have ever fallen out of my Father-Mother's loving arms. I am so grateful to know that we are hidden with Christ in God and that we are all God's perfect child.
    Thanks to all for this wonderful reminder of our true heritage.

  71. When our son was young, our new dog "got out" and ran away towards the 8 lane highway. She got onto the busy highway and ran out in the middle of all the traffic and he stood behind the fense, as he knew he could not go on the highway. All the cars stopped (without any danger to themselves). She quickly turned around and found her way back to his arms without harm.

    When I asked him what he had been praying he said, "I just knew she was God's perfect child."

    Thank you for the Lift!

  72. J'apprécie sincèrement vos messages et je vous remercie pour l'inspiration qu'ils apportent mais aussi pour l'effort de nous les offrir en français.

  73. I LOVE it! We are never solitary again with the same last name!
    When I was a young mom, I wished so much that my husband would go to church with me. I would see the families with children from the SS running out to the arms of their dads. My two girls would come to me and we would go off to have lunch together before going home. Then one Sunday a citation came out of the lesson and really spoke to me. It said, " God sets the solitary in families"! Wow, i loved that we were all one family, from then on the girls seemed to find other dads they related to. One was a practitioner who helped them often. It is evident we are all one family.
    Now I see we all have the last name. We are the "Godson" family as Joy #15 says! Thanks, family!

  74. As the Bible says, we are His children, and we live in His spiritual universe. Our family names are merely individual expressions of His creation, and are humanly important as identifiers. But in our true identity, we are always His, body and soul.
    Thanks John for this reminder.

  75. Thank you all. What a healing ideas - God's Child Perfect, and DNA as Divine Nature Acknowledged. There are so many diseases that are traced as being inherited. Alcoholism is branded with the duality of being a disease and inherited. The belief in Cancer is a chameleon constantly adding new causes to its colors to continue to appear fearsome, one of which is DNA. All we have to do is Acknowledge our Divine Nature in order to be free, because there is obviously not a microscopic particle of the Divine Nature in any of those errors. An "error" is a mistake, so it is really a case of mistaken identity. Mrs. Eddy says "Matter Disappears under the microscope of Spirit." DNA as "Does Not Apply" is the "denial." I love the affirmation "Divine Nature Acknowledged" to complete the affirmation and denial of that treatment.

  76. When someone lets me into traffic with a wave, I wave back to my sister
    or brother. Yes indeed, we are all God's children, all one family, reflecting God! Thanks John

  77. I once requested information about our family tree from my Aunt Helen. She wrote back: "Bob, None of that would tell me who I really am." Her short note took me off the genealogy side-track and put my sights in the direction I should be following. At Christmas time that year I received an envelope from Aunt Helen with the family information. She hadn't ignored my request, but kept it in proper perspective.

  78. Thanks so much!

  79. Family,Forever Aligned: Mind, Intelligence, Love, Y? Because I am God's perfect child.

  80. Like #53, I have loved pondering down though the years that God has already named me as His own and blessed me. When a subtle suggestion (serpent) comes to try to tell me otherwise it is so commforting and healing to know that God has already called me to be His child and named me. Thanks Momma D for reminding me I can insert the 7 Synonyms for God in my family name AND all the divine attributes; Gentleschild, Patienceschild, Joyschild, etc.
    Thank you John for this reminder the i am Rosie Godschild. Great gratitude for all that make the Daily Lift possible and everyone round the world who partake of this great feast and breaking of bread.

  81. Thank you! A very loving reminder of our true parentage. This will stay with me continually.

  82. Thank you, John! I'm claiming my new name today.

  83. I am brand new to the "Daily Lift" series and what a great idea. I am not new to Christian Science, but a dear friend, Barbara H. introduced this to me in the last few days. I am glad they are short and basically make one key point. The music enhances the beginning and ending; the same person introducing it, adds consistency and the little girl's voice at the end of each of these is so sweet. Outstanding job for those of you who developed the concept. Very nice work! Thank you.

  84. John, wow, what a glorious lift to fill this, and every other, day. Such a clear and powerful prayer for today. Thanks so much! James God's Child.

  85. Wow! Great thought!
    How nice is to be aware that I have a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig family and that we can always count on our Father-Mother God for He´ll never abandon us, ever!
    Thank you very much, my brother John for suggesting us the possibility of getting a new family name: "I´m Elvira God´s child!"
    That sounds perfect for me and my family worldwide!

  86. Can this identification take over the world???? I think so. It's starting today with US!!!! thanks, John God's child!!!!

  87. Right on, Edith, Drop the garbage and live our true heritage. Just do it!!!

  88. Dear John Godchild, Thank you for this lift. May I go farther and use another family name for your middle name, as we in USA often do (I was given one as a baby)? It would be John Amson Godchild (suitable for females, too) from Ex.3:14 & 1st John 1:1&2; or John Allson Godchild (S&H 142:28). Or borrow #5, Julia Allison's, perfect suggestion and be Perfectson or Perfectallson. # 13 Joy is right on, too. #43 Joan, hint's at using Goodson. You're right that we should identify with our true Parent & family. The identity that puzzles me that we use daily, is the one that ties us to the Adam dream, where females (spiritual creation in Gen.1: 26&27) are named by Adam, not by God, and called woman because she was taken from man. Even males who use the terms “woman or women” thus identify themselves with Gen.2, rather than the spiritual man in Gen.1. CS rejects ties to Adam, but freely uses the name Adam gave to females. “Lady”, “Daughter”, “Sister” (along with, for males, Brother, as some denominations use) suggest something higher than “woman”. Eliminating the term “woman” when using “man” identifies both sexes with the spiritual creation and God's label or name in Gen 1. I've never been a one of the feminist movement, so this isn't part of that. Indeed, their objection to terms such as “Chairman” to be replaced by “Chairwoman” was a step backward, I think. Not knowing word sources or derivatives sufficiently to know if the Eng. translations to the above suggestions still tie us to Adam, at least they seem a higher step above, since not mentioned in the allegory with Adam's rib. No human language term would be perfect since it must work with recognizable terms. I marvel that we don't record ages, but use Adam's label, (& thus Gen. 3 condemnation). In the USA south, we use “Ma'am” as a very polite address to females, especially adults. Many in the north don't understand and consider it an insult. In the UK, my older dictionary seems to limit that to royalty and court usage. Jesus & Mrs. Eddy used “woman”, but my guess is Jesus used it as the acceptable way to address a non relative or close friend. Jesus also used terms such as “thine infirmity” which we don't in CS, not because we reject him, but because we've grown beyond thinking ill body is our possession. He spoke to people at their stage of readiness to understand. Today we say “claim of infirmity”. I've skipped “lass”, though pretty, because if combined with All, or some other uses, it sounds like “less” or can sound vulgar, though not meant to be.) Therefore, if no term is available & the above ones mentioned aren't acceptable (doesn't have to be English) then we should coin a word, like John did for this family name. It won't be the 1st time CS was accused of using a “different” vocabulary! #12 Sher, great understanding! Thanks for sharing. Also to #30 Mell & 74 Laurie! #54 Edith, so beautifully said and so true to follow! #60 Mamma D &#79 Rosie have wonderful ideas. What delightful comments from everyone; clearly this is a special lift. I had to add some of them to what I was going to say, after reading the 86 comments.

  89. Mrs. Eddy says, "Man is the family name for all ideas, the sons and daughters of God." I've often thought of changing my name to Man because of that. Thanks, John.

  90. Human inheritance has all those alluring qualities -- "her father's head for numbers, his aunt's artistic gift," but it also comes with some drawbacks: "a family history of (name the disease)," identification with a group traditionally disenfranchised, or exploitive...etc. Think I'll align myself with the godson family connection. All good.

  91. Thank you for the simple but important idea of the lift.
    It's freeing to not to be a product of the past, but to be a child of God. Hymn 10 says in part..."and from its chains unbound us.."
    It frees us to express ourselves in the now.

    66 said "This joy is the breaking forth of the divine..." What wonderful "breaking news." The New International Reader's Version says, "Burst into songs of joy together..."(Isaiah 52:9)

    "Jesus acknowledged no ties of the flesh. He said, 'Call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father which is in heaven.'(Matthew 23:9).... We have no record of him calling any man by the name of father. He recognized Spirit, God, as the only creator, and therefore as the Father of all."(page 31 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by MB Eddy)
    "Jesús no reconocía parentescos carnales. Dijo: 'No llaméis padre vuestro a nadie en la tierra; porque uno es vuestro Padre, el que está en los cielos.'(Mateo 23:9)...No hay constancia de que llamara a hombre alguno por el nombre padre. Reconocía que el Espíritu, Dios, era el único creador, y por tanto el Padre de todos."(página treinta y uno de Ciencia y Salud con Clave de las Escrituras por MB Eddy)

  92. Such a great lift, I love reading the previous days' lift before the new one arrives. That way I don't miss anyone that might have write late on the day.
    Signed: Elena Godschild

  93. Thank you to John Godschild and all the other Godschilds! I love "divine nature acknowledged" and the mortal outlining "does not apply". It occurred to me once that if my human parents had never met, I would still be because God is my true parent.

  94. Thank you, thank you! I am happy to be God's child.


  96. Love it -- Thank you, Mr. Godschild!

  97. I also like DNA as the divine nature always, which eliminates the falsity of a material basis SOMETIMES! As a volunteer for spiritual support in a juvenile detention center, gang affiliation is best addressed and eliminated with this right concept of Godchild. Thank you for bringing us this truth, which will have its effect everywhere, beginning with each of our lives.

  98. I found #34 a good treatment for Haiti. "...we all abide in the same house", as well as many of the other ideas that are universal in application. And we can use these inspirations daily.

  99. AMAZING!!! I loved this John! It is so amazing to know all this, to remember who we really are. Not just people, but we are the offspring of God! We are all family, and that is the most AMAZING thing to know. Thank you very much. This will help so much!

  100. Back again, just saying again that this AMAZING!

  101. Belated thank you! Especially before St. Paddy's, where the world pretends to be Irish.

  102. Interesting: Gottschaulk sounds like godschild.

  103. Helpful thought in identifying ourselves and others ... practicing it makes more of God's kingdom appearant.

  104. Dear John,thank you for reminding me, who I and all of us really are. In Ps.16:6 we can read about our goodly heritage. We talked about our heritage in a prayer group and I found, that your question: What's your family name? is just the right thought to continue.

  105. Thank you Jonh.That was great.

  106. "I Am that I Am."
    How often do we say "I am this ---" , or "I am doing that ---" every day?
    I am Godschild is the perfect name for all of us. Wow.

  107. Wow, this is so powerful! Thank you!

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