12/3: What's my role in spiritual healing?

12/3: What's my role in spiritual healing?

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  1. That's a wow lift ! Thanks so much for reminding us that it's God who does the doing and we witness it - I'm reminded of an occassion years ago when challenges seemed almost too much to bear, when healing came the thought came with it that a challenge is simply the opportunity to see and prove God's Allness .

  2. Beth ~ Many people ask the question "who am I and what is my purpose?" It is great to know our job is to be the perfect reflection of God and let God do the work.
    Thank you!

  3. Just after reading email from my family about a member in critical medical crisis , this daily lift popped into my mailbox . . .. "Be still and listen" comes to mind. Thank you for this Lift this morning.

  4. KISS...keep it short and simple. Well done, Beth, you made it clear and easy to follow your spiritual advice. Best of all, it is pure truth. Thanks.

  5. Just what I needed to hear today Thank you

  6. Oh wow!!! What a brilliant reminder that our job is always just to witness God's perfect government of the universe... not to tell Him how to do it. I love that verse from II Chronicles too - we recently had it in a Scriptural Selection at church, so it was great to be reminded of it again. Go Beth!!

  7. Thank you Beth. It is a God job what I need to do is keep my sticky fingers out of it, steadfastly stand back and watch God work. (a)

  8. Great question, what is my role in spiritual healing? I like the Bible translation called, God's Word, it says, "You won't fight this battle. [Instead,] take your position, stand still, and see the victory of the LORD for you... The LORD is with you." 2 Chronicles. 20:17.
    It's God's job, not ours. So let's take our position and set our thought firmly to completely yield to God's idea and witness healing. It's not our responsibility to improve God's creation.
    My CS teacher used to say, "Move the "I" aside and see God work on your life". Remember: to be firm also means to be constant. My role:I AM AN OBSERVER of God's good in action.

    Buena pregunta, cual es mi papel en la sanación? Me gusta traducción inglesa de la Biblia llamada, La Palabra de Dios, dice, "Tú no pelearás esta batalla. (en vez de eso), toma tu posición, ponte firme, y mira la victoria del Señor para ti ... El Señor está contigo. " 2 Crónicas. 20:17.
    Es el trabajo de Dios, no nuestro. Así que tomemos nuestra posición y establezcamos nuestro pensamiento firmemente para ceder completamente a la idea de Dios, y seamos testigos de la curación. Mejorar la creación de Dios no es nuestra responsabilidad.
    Mi maestro de CS solía decir, “Mueve el 'yo' a un lado y ve como Dios obra en tu vida". Recuerda: ser firme también significa ser constante. Mi papel es: SOY UN EXPECTADOR del bien de Dios en acción..

  9. Very much appreciated,Beth!

  10. I get an "error opening file" message when I click the play button and it won't play. Never had this happen before. Is there something else I can do to hear the Lift?

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  11. Dearest Beth, how lovely to wake up and hear your voice again, after your lecture tour here recently in the UK. I love the idea of just bearing witness to what God knows and sees.

    I often ask myself the questions "Did God make this, does He see it, does He have this?" to a challenge I may seem to be witnessing, and the answer is always "No". God only creates, knows, sees, and is good, and that is where I come in. I bear witness to this good.

    I was taught a very helpful phrase about responsibility, which reminds me of my role in healing: -

    "my responsibility is to respond to God's ability".

    Thank you 70 times 7 for these daily lifts, and for all the work that goes into them - healing in 90 seconds - this is THE healthcare system !!

  12. Beth thank you for your lift, it helps us to feel in touch with our bigger family. Due to our infrastructure you will know we here in Britain have ground to a halt and churches will not be reachable, in fact my branch church had to cancel our Wednesday testimony meeting, our text and Hymn numbers were E=mailed to those who could receive them, for which i i am very gratefull. To be remembered by you all will be much apptreciated.

  13. Thank you Beth for that inspiring lift on 'What God knows'. Yes. "Stand still with God [divine Love] and witness His saving grace." "They witness truly to His Word,/ And God saith, These are Mine." (Christian Science Hymnal #19)

  14. Very helpful Beth

  15. Thanks for this powerful and timely Lift . WE tend to blame ourselves ,when healings take time,and problems seem intractable,but Beth has reminded me to listen and "BE still, and know That I am God".Thank you Beth.

  16. Thank you very much, Beth! standing still and listening to God is indeed so necessary in today's fast world. Feeling God's love and tender grace. A great starter for today.


  18. Thank you so much for this wonderful, reminder
    which just tied for me the relation between God and me a lot stronger.Thank you Beth.

  19. HI, BETH!

  20. Fantastic to have this early re-Minder that we can be still and know that God is God! Thank you!

  21. thank you for this reminder to be still and listen to Him. Dorette

  22. Dear Beth, what else can I say but thank you.

  23. I woke up with the thought from a hymn "as the stars in order going, all harmonious He doth move." (hymn 263) This went right along with this wonderful "daily lift" this morning. To think that God is controlling the whole universe perfectly and we are reflecting this harmonious control and movement is a lovely healing idea. Thank you, Beth, for this.

  24. Hi Beth: So good to hear from you again. I just love your Lift today. I was reading through the Responsive Reading today, and realized God is giving us a list of his every day blessings: unsearchable greatness, mighty acts, glorious honour of His majesty, wondrous works, tender mercies, glory of his kingdom, satisfaction for every living thing, holiness, eternal blessedness and heavenly judgement. And He puts them into action every day without any push and shove from me! Here's both the promise and the fulfilment.
    Thank you Nathan for a great week of music, and to all the lecturers, the BoL, and TMC for this extra gift of daily blessings.

  25. Thank you Beth for an excellent loving and Principled message and John #13 for your thoughtful comment.

    Thank you all for doing the heavy daily lifting, your burdens must be light.

    Ken Lerman, Wichita

  26. Thanks for the Truth-cure.

  27. Terrific !
    Thank you so much for this awesome lift !!

  28. This is just what I needed to listen to after two friends had sent on "prayer requests" for others in the community. God's action is harmonious and He guides, guards, and governs! We turn our thought upward and outward- a constant reflection.
    Thank you Nathan and everyone else in producing these wonderful daily lifts which do inspire me daily!

  29. Best email I've had for a while, Beth. And as someone on the edges of the Christian Science Church I find it adds to my understanding with a mixture of humility, optimism, acceptance and faith. I look forward to attending another of your lectures in the not too distant future.

  30. Thank you so much. I'm helping someone with problems of fear and realizing that God handles all of our problems certainly takes away fear.

  31. Thank you Beth, just what I needed to hear. The thought of stillness is so
    necessary, particularly at this busy time of the year. I love the words from
    hymn 49 in the C.S. Hymnal."Take from us now the strain and stress, And let our ordered lives confess The beauty of Thy peace" In that same hymn I
    also love the words "O still small voice of calm" Just to know that it is God
    that gives me and everyone all the strength needed to complete every task, and that all can feel that sense of peace and calm where otherwise there
    might seem to be chaos and confusion. Thanks again Beth.

  32. sí hacernos a un lado para dejar "Que Dios actúe" de eso se trata, cuando dejamos de "luchar" es allí cuando se produce la curación de los males, llámese: carencia, desavenencias,debilidades, etc.tratar de ser una transparencia para que el Bien se manifieste, no interponer nuestra voluntad opacando ese bién.

  33. That was a very nice lift, thank you! :)

  34. Beth's clarity of our responsibility, "witness God's perfection" removes the weight of personal responsibility to fix things. Thank you Beth.

  35. Appreciate the depth and simplicity of your lift today. Many thanks!

  36. Thank you, Beth! This idea is so healing. The U.S. government seems to be locked in a battle between political parties. The idea that I can stand still and bear witness to what God knows to be true and look for evidence of His work in progress - rather than take a heated, emotional stand with one political faction or another - seems the perfect solution to our seemingly "lame duck" government. Thank you!!!

  37. Dear Beth,
    Thank you so much for reminding us of our so very precious responsibility and what truly brings healing to the whole world!

  38. Thank you Beth for this wonderful lift today. And for all the Daily Lifters comments...wonderful!!

  39. What a wonderful lift! Thank you so much. What a blessing to remember our true part in healing is to be witnesses to God's truth and power.

  40. My son and I were coughing quite a bit so I use my phone and called your Daily Lift for us to listen to. We listened to it twice this morning. At the end of the second time, my son and I had stopped coughing and were still. Thank you, Daily Lift team, and Beth for today's and every day's lift!

  41. Thank you. I need to stand still and Listen and know that God is guiding me and I can do the right thing at the right time. Thank you for that reminder.

  42. Thanks for great lift which I needed too much today. Thanks to Nathan for soothing &beautiful music

  43. Thanks Beth! This was really helpful... I love the "Standing still" part... letting go of all the mental and verbal racket that surrounds one - and to just "listen for Thy voice" and then let God direct my activity.

  44. How wonderful to realize that its the SAME Divine Mind working in

    Australia, as it is in Michigan, USA. So when i go out my front door

    this Friday i will be guided by the same Love as you, Beth!

    What great understanding CS brings to us. Loving regard.

  45. FANTASTIC Beth,

    Thank you so much and to Margaret for your input re Responsive Reading #22



  46. Right on target for me today. Deepest thanks...

  47. Thank you Beth for the beautiful uplift! I will try to carry that with me throughout the day.

  48. This was a great one to deeply ponder! Thank You. :)

  49. Thank you for the healing message. Just yesterday I was pondering a similar idea, but didn't have the clarity of thought that you shared. What a load off one's mind to yield and let God BE God and just reflect Him.

  50. How cool! I awoke this morning with the exact same thought. Thank you for the affirmation of the One Mind. Thank you also for a more solid expression of this idea. I feel more at peace. I will do just that today.

  51. Beth: Not being a Christian Scientist and not having the privilege of growing up with the Christ understanding of my real relationship with God it’s been difficult to allow God to heal all lack and other ills in my life and my family's because I didn't know how to let God laws work. This "LIFT" today was clear and simple and confirms another "Daily Lift - Two Steps, 1) Be Still, 2) Know That I am GOD". They both give us hope that we can do our role. Thank you for helping the learning process on this journey for me as well as for others.

  52. I thought the answer to this question "What's my role in spiritual healing?" was - to be the willing recipient, of course! - ah, alas - we get our marching orders to move forward.

    A few weeks ago another Lifter, John in Boca Raton stated:
    "Understanding that all of us make up the one body (Christ) should make it easy for us to love another and see to it that no part of our body is suffering from any form of error. If one part of the body suffers the whole body or the rest of the body can not perform at its best or highest level. Hence the saying, “What blesses one bless all.” So if you haven’t started yet, start helping to bless others AKA your self. We are all one in Christ…..all the children of God."

    This lifted me up immediately from thinking that "I" am a child of God to becoming conscious that "WE" are the child of God. I have been very grateful for John's remarks and thought they deserved a second airing. The active Christ is the provision of healing for the child of God.

    Beth, your lift is the straight truth about healing. Thank you!

    Have a great weekend all.

  53. Thanks for this helpful message. Standing still sometimes seems difficult.
    It's such a relief and a source of joy to be obedient to this divine command.
    This obedience certainly is a demonstration of God's omnipotence. His creation is complete, harmonious, and needs no harmonizing.

    What a great reminder!!

  54. Thank you, Beth. TGIF, and have a good weekend, everyone

  55. Thank you for this clear and powerful lift.

    An activity which I have found to be very liberating is to read the Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson looking for what God is doing/what God's job is and what I am to be doing/what is my job. It relieves us of a great deal that we mistakenly assume is ours to do.

    Thanks to everyone who is supporting this Daily Lift community of thinkers and healers.

  56. Thank you for the clear and inspiring lift.
    It just dawned on me that letting God do the work is a form of obedience.
    "Be thou, O God, exalted high, and as Thy glory fills the sky, so let it be on earth displayed, till Thou art here and now obeyed." (hymn #1 in the Christian Science hymnal)
    Thanks for all the comments about my "response-ability."

  57. Thank you Beth for your very special lift. I needed it.

  58. Thank you Beth for this very insightful "lift". What a timely reminder amid the world's heralded troubles that we need to get out of the way and just be witnesses to God's healing omnipotence.

  59. Thank you for this thought correction -- to let God govern. I am striving to live
    with it every minute. "Witness" is a term not heard by me
    with respect to CS while growing up and am not clear
    on its meaning. Would appreciate more clarification.

  60. Thank you, Beth, for the great reminder Lift! "Stand still with God" - I love it!

  61. Wonderful lift today, thank you! When I drop the false responsibility and let God do His job, the calm surfaces and my job (reflecting) is effortless. But we have to set ourselves firmly and stand still with God. The battle is not ours. Your complete sure sense and trust is evident in your voice today, Beth. Thank you and everyone.

  62. I love your clarity Beth! Thanks so much for this great reminder that God does it all and we need to witness it all. Thanks also to all the great comments, in particular #11 by Jo G who shared the meaning of responsibility - "My responsibility is to respond to God's ability." Cheers, :)

  63. In this weeks Bible Lesson we are counseled to teach mortal mind "to do the body no harm." (S&H 179:32 -- citation #24). It jumped out to me that this takes the Hippocratic Oath a step beyond matter and must be a part of my role in spiritual healing. Thanks Beth. I had just finished studying the Bible Lesson when your "Lift" added even more importance to this insight.

    To learn more about the Weekly Bible Lesson visit <a href="http://www.spirituality.com/bible-lesson/about.jhtml" rel="nofollow">http://www.spirituality.com/bible-lesson/about.jhtml.</a>

  64. Wonderfull. Your message echoes St. Paul's when he speaks of the simplicity of the Christ (Truth). All we need to do is what the Bible says:
    "Be Still And KNOW that I am GOD.

  65. Dear Beth
    Thank you, thank you. I have just listened three times to this wise counsel. Now I need to truly put it to work!

  66. Beth this is just the right message for me as I ponder taking on more responsibility, to know I wont be working alone but carrying out what God tells me to know., and to stand with that, not wavering.

  67. Thanks, Beth -- this is a great reminder. #59 Lynn: to me witnessing means opening up my thought to and affirming what God knows in the situation, letting the spiritual truth flood my thinking until it becomes the conviction that God's perfection is the governing law to that situation.

  68. Hello, Just before clicking this on, Beth, I had been checking emails and responding...it seemed to me that many of the messages hinted of lonliness and my initial compassion andthought was how to fit them in my schedule, be a visitor, call them for lunch etc. Then it came to me God i everpresent and caring and provides each day tfor all of us, so that another answer to the unsolved problem is indeed to stand still and apply God's Law. Well, I opened the daily lift...and from Down Under came more advise/thought. I am released to attend to other activites and concerns right now assured that indeed my spiritual understanding is all that is required, and that I am not being asked to personally go on a crusade to fill those empty hours others bring to me.
    Thanks.....Now I am released from conflicted decsion making in choosing how to respond...
    Start by seeing the situation as God see it. Thanks again.

  69. Thanks so much. Your lift was exactly what my own prayers were this morning. How good to know that our Father-Mother God is constantly holding us in Love.

  70. Thanks Beth, that's very uplifting!

  71. Love it! Thanks!!!

  72. Beth, thanks for voicing a powerful message about our role in spiritual healing! The Christian Science God is indeed Truth and Love! The fact that "the battle is not ours, but God's" enables us to not react blindly but to reflect God, Mind, knowingly. Yielding to the "salvation of the Lord" goes right to the heart of the original, harmonious order maintained by God! Again, many thanks!

  73. Amen, this is so helpful and such a clear reminder of our role as His children. Thank you so much for this powerful lift!

  74. While I do understand, in part, the absolute truth of God's government and control and strive to yield to this, I sometimes struggle with "What am I to do, then?" This question is, of course, from my human sense, struggling to find its role and place in God's allness. But, "standing still," (mentally), letting God govern, is NOT very easy for me! I get so many ideas!! I have to sort, sort, sort through them to find the spiritual ideas that are health-giving and the best guidance...tossing out the false suggestions of mortal belief. I don't always find the clarity I need. But, whenn I do: Wow! This is indeed a "grand warfare," as Mrs. Eddy tells us! I am very grateful for the Daily Lifts; each one covers our human needs so beautifully. Hmmm.... Must be Divine Love in action!! :&lt;))

  75. Sometimes it seems so difficult to mentally stand still and let God's loving thoughts fill our consciousness, but unless we do, the healing doesn't have a chance to take place. The warm, peaceful, uplifting, joyous feeling we get when our thinking is brought into line with the truth that God is doing it all, is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Something that can't be forgotten but held forever in the heart.

  76. Thank-you Beth for this powerful lift! I'm grateful to better understand my role in spiritual healing. I was praying with a family member in mind when I saw/heard your lift- it shed light on my ability to witness God's Allness. Thank you again!

  77. Thanks so much, Beth. Really needed to hear that today. Truth is always the victor.

  78. I can't thank you enough Beth for those healing words that so met my need today. I'm heading for my Bible to study II Chronicles!

  79. It's the best thing ever, to know God is the one in control_ Goodness is never absent, our thought just needs to be in line with it. Thanks very much for your lift!

  80. Beth, thanks. Our role? "To see the salvation of the Lord with us". .".Decide what I believe to be true, have Power, to STICK TO IT, unwaveringly. My thought yielding to what God's idea is.... " and, we can do this in every situation, challenge, illness we encounter for ourselves and our clients. Such a great simple explanation! I listened to it twice! Thanks.

    ps. I love seeing where everyone's from too. The world-wide reach of the 'Daily Lift is awesome. : )

  81. This lift was so humbling and comforting. Be still. Listen. Let the one Power, God speak. True womanhood embraces that. Thank you.

  82. Spiritual inspiration in 90 seconds? Yes, Beth Packer thank you for your firm witness of the one Truth. I found these words harmonious with yours " Christian Science recognizes that this Mind is the only lawgiver, omnipotent, infinite, All. Hence the divine Mind is the sovereign appeal, and there is nothing in the divine Mind to attenuate. The more of this Mind the better for both physician and patient.demonstration today:" Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by M.B. Eddy: pg. 107 line 35. Oh happy day to everyone, everywhere. Happy Holidays to the world so loved.

  83. Excellent - thanks so much. And thank you for the great music that is selected for these lifts.

  84. At this busy time of year, one can often feel burdered/embattled about what 'needs to be done and start outlining how to overcome our daily 'battles' without first taking the time to 'Stand Still' and seek God's direction. This has been most helpful for me today, in a very practical way! I will reinforce in my own thought that these so-called 'battles' are not mine, that Love will lead the way if I indeed stand still and let Him -- His inpiration -- to go before me. Many thanks Beth for opening our thought to acknowlege God's power and saving grace... As I go about mynecessary tasks, I will accept His direction and protection and witness healing...

  85. Thanks.

    59-You might not have heard the word "witness", but you are probably familiar with the concept.

    One of the commandments is "thou shalt not bear false witness..." (Exodus 20:16) Dictionary.com says that the word witnes in old English meant "knowledge, understanding." As a verb it is "to see, hear or know...by perception." As a noun, it is "testimony or evidence."
    The Message translation of Job 16:19 says, "The must be Someone in heaven who knows the truth about me, in highest heaven, some Attorney who can clear my name--- my Champion, my Friend..."
    The Contemporary English Version says, "Even now, God is both my witness and my protector."
    The King James version is, "...behold, my witness is in heaven, and my record is on high."
    (from biblegateway.com)

  86. Bravo Beth!

  87. This wonderful lift for today is what I and so many others are seeking...Thanks so much...to be still and know God is all and in command of His universe each and every moment. Thanks for all the comments also.

  88. Beth, thank you so much. Your message really is a lift.

  89. Dear #12 from Sussex, your churches are not ground to a halt nor has your infrastructure weakened because your church is triumphant since it is, as we learn in Christian Science, "the structure of Truth and Love...whatever rests upon and proceeds divine .." Malcolm, #13 quotes a hymn which also addresses your situation, "...God says, these are mine...." hymn 19. AND so, you and all of us everywhere, in these changing economic, political and social times, can assure ourselves with these wonderful messages that God is in control. I'm so grateful for your message Beth and for everyone who writes in. Hallelujah, so be it, amen, It is So. The battle is not ours, but God's. We can all witness God's loving response to our situations, whatever they call for. thanks TMC, Nate, Beth and everyone.

  90. Thanks.

  91. Thanks you....Your message is so clear and from the heart. Very grounding and uplifting.

  92. Stand still, and change thought from bad to good. Everythying is thought!

  93. I had been reflecting on the word "witness" last week and then heard it for the first time (that I can remember) in your Lift today. I was thinking about how what we choose to witness mentally affects/creates our whole reality. Do we witness to mortal mind or to God's loving Truth? I know which one I strive to witness today and everyday through "being still and knowing God" (no, it's not always easy!) even as mortal mind clamors to try and convince me of it's "reality." Thank you Beth and the Daily Lift team for these precious gems!!

  94. This is it. Our role is to see what God is doing...

    With gratitude and greetings to everyone

  95. Thank you for this inspiring Daily Lift. I would like to thank #56, Jennifer, for her insight - "letting God do the work is a form of obedience." Eliminates our human effort to try to solve problems with human effort. Sometimes it would appear as false responsibility for others, as pointed out by #68, Jay. Our response is always listen for God's guidance, and know that His plan is in operation. And then, stick with the Truth. Let that nagging feeling of "I have to do something" go and watch calmly for God's perfect plan to unfold.
    It will!

    Great Lift today! Thank you, Beth!

  96. I prayed that this Lift would be heard by those who needed it, so your glorious blessing responses have been immeasurably heartening. It proves the truth that lecturers constantly carry with them - that God is both the utterer and the hearer - that Love is All-in-all.

    12 Kathy in E Sussex has asked us all for help with the seeming effects of bad weather being experienced. Let's ALL worldwide in Christian fellowship respond prayerfully to her call. Having recently lectured in the UK I went with the reassuring truth that each season is revealing another view of God's goodness and that there would be no bad weather effect because there would have to be another cause other than God for that to happen - and there isn't. And we had three weeks of gloriously warm sunny days - in October.

    40 dearest Jodi, I am always in awe of those that hear the Truth and respond unresistingly. What a blessing you and your son are. Jesus asked, 'Wilt thou be made whole?' - wilt thou accept that the Truth can heal you? Yes was your reply.

    I thank you all for your responses, to your angel messages, I have been lifted beyond the earth's thrall into that 'sweet and certain sense that God is Love'.

  97. Amen !

  98. Thank you, Beth for this inspiring lift! I love all the comments, everyone a treatment. And #12 what a wonderful opportunity for you to "Stand still....." and see God work. You are in our prayers. God loves you and everyone. These Daily Lifts are such a blessing for everyone. Thank you!

  99. That's a dandy and easy to remember

  100. Dear,dear Beth,

    Thank you for your clear, strong thoughts.

  101. Wow! I so appreciate this lift! I'm sitting here trying to hold back the tears only because this is exactly what I needed at this moment. As a practitioner I have been asking myself the same question -- you articulated it so well! Thank you so very very much!

  102. Thank you Beth for a timely reminder of our action always at-one-ment, with our THE, only power, presence, action. All things work together for good to them that Love God, good. All are enveloped in the warmth of Gods Love, always in all-ways, for God,good He is in control, much gratitude.

  103. I like it. Thank you so much.

  104. Beth .. that was great .. thanx heaps

  105. Thank you for the inspiring message. What has relieved me from the false sense of responsibility in overcoming world and personal problems is that, if I was making a loaf of bread, it would be my responsibility to add the yeast but it would not be my responsibility to make the yeast work. So with problems - the yeast is the Truth - we can all add that to the situation but God is responsible for making it work and his yeast (Truth) if always active!

  106. Thanks, Beth, for helping us see what is our job vs. what is God's job!

  107. Thank you, Beth. Thank you, Jay, #68. I hadn't seen that addressed before. You are so right that God is providing for everyone and our claiming that law is truly loving our neighbor. It goes along with "...seeing our brother's need and supplying it, finding our own in another's good." (paraphrase from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy)

    Instead of feeling overwhelmed with the impossible task of humanly being everything to everybody, out prayer can acknowledge that this infinite Love that is God is already present with each one. This is the true action needed.. Our willingness to pause to pray to apply that law to "seeing our brother's need," is doing everything. It brings sweet joy and obedience, and erases gloom in feeling unable to be all things to all people, It enlightens and lightens and blesses,finding our own in another's good.

  108. Translation to #32. Argentina rosa maria says:

    Yes, let us move aside to let "God do the work", that is what is all about. When we stop "struggling" then is when the healing of all evil occurs, being called; lack, discord, weaknesses, etc. let’s try being transparent for Good to manifest itself, not imposing our will by overshadowing the good.

  109. Thank you, Beth. Prov.3:5 Is a key to following through with your Lift. It isn't “our” sickness to heal, but an unreality claiming to be “our” condition. Lest anyone unfamiliar with Christian Science thinks we adjust our thinking and then sit &amp; twiddle our thumbs waiting for God to heal, this verse clearly shows we have a path to take and steps to follow. As our thinking adjusts, we're directed to do whatever God would have us do. That's part of His healing for us. We can obey with trustful expectancy the angel thoughts given to us. Sometimes we just have to answer a question presented to us, and as we answer by lining up our thoughts with God &amp; His ways, the healing comes. You've helped remind us to get ourselves out of the way and let God direct. #59 Lynne, my concept of witness is to affirm the truths we've learned in Christian Science, and when our experience adjusts to the truths affirmed, we testify to the healing. Some see with eyes but CS teaches us to see with spiritual sense, thus witness to spiritual truths. Mrs. Eddy taught us to pray with affirmation. #12 Kathy, I'm praying for your weather situation, but the your love of Church &amp; CS reaches out and touches unseen hearts &amp; lives, with or without the building being open. The thoughts God gave you for Church are not in vain.

  110. One day later -didnt listen yesterday - This is a most wonderful msg , the very best - straight to the heart - thank u vsery muc;h indeed

  111. I asked myself the question of my role in healing for years and this lift is filled with directions: Don’t fear. Stand Still, Be set and don’t waver. Decide what you believe in your heart, Stick to it -don’t waver. Witness, Change your thought to be completely in accord with what God is thinking...See God’s Salvation. Be still and witness. This is such a help.

  112. Thanks Beth, all that comes to me is: God is, I am. He directs and protects right now.

  113. Dear Beth, thank you for sharing divinely assuring message from God with us all.

  114. Perfect, Beth. You have given me a clear direction for a potentially catastrophic situation. #8 Elena, thank you for your clarity and wisdom as well. i so feel the peace of the Christ now. Grateful to everyone.

  115. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you so much!

  116. Thanks Beth. That has been a great light of inspiration to me. Perfect God, Perfect man. And there does man belong "n His allness"

  117. right at this moment I am very distressed at my son loosing his job for being irresponsible, lazy, careless,and not focused on even his mistakes, inspite of loving corrections form all who love him ,he is totally unaware of all these shortcomings, and I feel responsible for his upbringing and miserable, thank you and daily lift for all the inspiration, love and comfort you share,

  118. 59 I was just re-reading these comments as Beth's lift was so inspiring and wanted to respond to your question about the term witness....

    for me it means manifesting, expressing......we witness as we express God, good, as we realize we are the fll manifestation of Truth, Life and Love. AND, it can mean we witness or observe, see, notice, attend to the Christ, Truth present in our lives and other's as well. Thanks everyone.

  119. Timely thought to share with a friend of mine....thank you.

  120. Thank you so much Beth,
    I really needed to these inspired words today!

  121. Thank you so much Beth!
    I really needed to have these inspired words today.
    God bless you!

  122. Beth, thank you so much, wonderful reminder of who is really in control! Something I can not hear often enough -- it really gets 'me' out of the picture! Thanks again.

  123. Wonderful lift today Beth, and wonderful helpful comments from others to ponder. I usually can do alright for myself but remain frozen attempting to know the truth about another's false claim. Thank you so much everybody.

  124. Even though it's several days later, I keep coming back to listen to this lift. My friend is going through a court battle concerning her children. So that she would not have to go alone, I went to court with her. The temptation is to take sides and see the mortal picture. But I know now to "yield to God's idea. Stand stil with God and witness His saving grace" for all concerned, including me and mine and all. Again my sincere thanks for these truly remarkable daily inspirations.

  125. Dear Beth thank you for that uplift. It has remined me so clearly that its not our battle, we are just witnessess to God's power. It also makes me see so clearlt that nothing is too big or too small for God, all is under his control and that nothing can be added to ar taken away from his already perfect creation of his universe, you, the owrld and me. I really needed those thoughts today and I will stand in awe of his salvation.

  126. Every one of these Daily Lifts always gives great inspiration to start the day. I am grateful for them. I also love the music, especially that cool sounding slide guitar at the end of the lifts this week!! Keep up the good work!!

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