2/24: We are valuable

2/24: We are valuable

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  1. Ginny,

    I just wanted to take the time to thank you for this wonderful daily lift. What a wonderful thought.............we are all of great value as individuals each with our own qualities as individuals that make us all even more unique and valuable!!!!!!! What love expressed by you I will take this with me into my day and try to remember to see everyone as the valuable individuals they are.

  2. Thank you, Ginny, for a very important Daily Lift!

  3. thank you!!

  4. Yes, that sense of conscious worth which comes with doing something loving for someone is not from an outside source, it is an inner awareness that I have proved brings healing to all kings of challenges. I have proved it1
    Thank you Ginny dfor the lift. Our church is sponsoring a Christian Science lecture this weekend titled "Proving your worth" which is such a positive topic right now.

  5. How wonderful to bring out our "nature of Love". Just was watching a Nova TV show on PBS, depicting very human looking and sounding speaking robots. It's great to know that Love has nothing programmed about it - that's what makes our love unique. Thank you for bringing out our value as Love's original reflection.

  6. I guess we are a masterpiece in our own right, after all we were made by the only true creator of all that exist!
    Contrary to the Mona Lisa, which can only hang on a wall, we are gifted with the gift of reasoning. God made us, we are one of a kind, we are very valuable, our life is important to Him! Without you or me (His image and likeness), God wouldn't be complete, we are amazing and cared for by HIm!
    “even the very hairs of your head are all numbered“ (by the Father) Luke 12:7
    The Bible is loaded with instances when people give up all human trust and rely on God for the lives of them and their loved ones, then God remunerates as no man could have done it. We are so blessed!
    Yo creo que somos una obra maestra por derecho propio, después de todo fuimos hechos por el único y verdadero creador de todo lo que existe!
    Contrariamente a la Mona Lisa (que lo único que puede hacer es colgar en una pared), nosotros estamos dotados con el don de razonar. Dios nos hizo a cada uno de nosotros, somos uno en nuestra propia clase, somos muy valiosos, nuestra vida es importantes para El!
    Sin ti o yo (Su imagen y semejanza), Dios no sería completo, ¡somos increíbles y cuidados por El!
    “aun los cabellos de vuestra cabeza están todos contados“ (por el Padre) Lucas 12:7
    La Biblia está cargada de casos en que cuando la gente renuncia a toda confianza en lo humano y confía en Dios con sus propias vidas y las de sus seres queridos, entonces Dios remunera como ningún hombre podría hacerlo. Estamos tan bendecidos!

  7. I felt I needed a brighter outlook today, just 'OK' isn't the way God made us !
    The daily lift just cut through the "I'll pray about this" and I know I will gain a better viewpoint - I simply had a truer brighter,standpoint and am joyfully going forward - expectancy turned to joyful acceptance of who I truly am as God's child _ NOW. Thanks so much - and much love.

  8. Ginny, this is a great message to each and every one.
    God creates us, values us, guards us, even better than the famous painting was guarded.
    We are precious. The Bible says somewhere "His eye sees every precious thing."
    Then God also sees each one of His children as precious, whether in New Zealand earthquake zone, or in the countries where people are rising in rebellion for justice and fair government.
    I am trying to realize too that right there, where there appears to be a cruel dictator or an unjust government, God is Love, and God IS the creative power, and this is God's Kingdom. "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven." This is truth. This is real, and it is precious. We can trust this spiritual reality! Thank you for this Ginny !

  9. Thanks for this Ginny. How valuble are we as God's children. What could there be in the materal world that is able to calculate our value as God's active expression of him now? Answer - nothing. How blessed we all are.

  10. Wonderful, Ginny! THANK YOU!! (Big hug!)

  11. Thank you Ginny for that inspiring lift. Yes, "We are [all] of great value"." Once more the lonely heart is fed./ Who dwells with Love hath perfect ease [peace]," Christian Science Hymnal #34)

  12. So simply and beautifully put!

  13. Thank you - vielen Dank - was just needed !

  14. "..each time we express one of God's beautiful qualities.."
    Thank you for today's lift!

  15. Thanks for two and two.

  16. Dear Ginny, what a touching and uplifting message. Whenever we are tempted to think we are wortless, we can be reminded that God says in Psalm 149 verse 4, that He delights [takes pleasure] in us. Then we can exchange the accusing feelings of worthlessness, with the healing knowledge that we are deeply cherished. Isn't it wonderful to realise that even our smile is important to God. Oh, thank you.

  17. Dank je wel, Ginny, that was special. We know it and with confidence shed it around and let God lead us.

  18. What a beautiful loving gift this morning's Lift is!! Thank you, Ginny. You have brought inspiration to my morning. Reading The Bible Lesson is next... with a heart full of love and gratitude.

  19. Naturalmente que somos valiosos para Dios, el gobierna lo infinito hasta iinfiniticimal, Él está en nosotros y nosotros somos en Él.
    La individualidad, al gran Yo Soy como dice la Biblia, y nosotros le pertenecemos yo pienso que somos mucho más de lo que conocemos pero mucho menos de lo que pretendemos si esa pretención se aferra a lo terrenal.
    Aún así, si nos esforzamos podemos en base a la oración bendecir a la humanidad que tanto lo necesita.
    "Debiera entenderse a fondo, que todos los hombres tienen una sola Mente, un solo Dios y Padre, una sola Vida,Verdad y Amor" CyS p,467.
    Muchas gracias Ginny una bendición compartir, nos ayuda a progresar.
    Naturally we are valuable to God, he rules until iinfiniticimal infinite, He is in us and we are in Him
    Individuality, the great I AM as the Bible says, and we belong I think we are much more than we know but much less than what we want if that pretense clings to earth.
    Still, if we work hard we can, based on prayer to bless humanity that need it.
    "It should be understood thoroughly, that all men have one Mind, one God and Father, one Life, Truth and Love" CyS p, 467.
    Thank you very much Ginny share a blessing, helping us to progress.
    ´Traducción de Google.

  20. Each one of us has an infinite value to infinite Principle. Each of us, as a separate but necessary and needed, connected idea to that ever-operative Principle (God) is actively related in and with harmony/heaven to each and all other ideas. To analogize, substitute integer (whole number) for idea; principle for Principle or

  21. Thank you Ginny,
    For all you do and your wonderful lectures about your family and children. There are no lost children of God, and no one is left out of His/Her tender care. I thank God, Love, for the opportunity to prove this daily and help others see it also.

  22. What a great reminder. Thank you Ginny, short and to the point, we are valuable!!!!!!!! Thanks to the DLT and all the contributors.

  23. Thank you for this reminder that we are ALL important, valuable, worthwhile, no matter our past or circumstance. We are worthy to be called the sons and daughters of God. Take a worn or damaged dollar bill to the bank and the teller will exchange it for a new one. It is always worth its original value as a one dollar bill. Better yet, the Bible teaches redemption and salvation throught Christ Jesus our redeemer and Saviour. The sinful, sick, dying, and dead, were restored, redeemed, saved, and still are this very moment, because we are always worth our original value as the child of God. We are each a Mona Lisa, a great masterpiece in action, reflecting our Father/Mother,God, the Artist.

  24. Thank you! We are all valuable and we need to see it for ourselves and everyone else a good challenge for today.

  25. Precious and treasured are two other ways God values us.....I loved the idea from a marriage conference I attended once, it asked each participant to nominate their spouse for "spouse of the year". We had to come up with 3 qualities. At the time I was not a happy spouse and had difficulty, but the exercise really made me look deeper and away from the grumpy feelings to be grateful for all the good my spouse did instead of focusing on the lacking qualities. I thought I was clever and used things that irritated me, but turned them around to be positive qualities. Later I realized God's part in reminding me that so many years I had been blessed by all my spouse had provided for my children and I. Thank you Ginny for that picture of a guarded painting and how God guards each one of us just as diligently!

  26. Thank you Ginny and thank all of you for your comments. I feel much better, thanks again.

  27. Each one of us has an infinite value to infinite Principle. Each of us, as a separate but necessary and needed, connected idea to that ever-operative Principle (God) is actively related in and with harmony/heaven to each and all other ideas. To analogize, substitute integer (whole number) for idea; principle for Principle or God; universe for harmony or heaven. The subject now is the science (proven and still provable fact) of mathematics so alike to the forgoing Science of Christ/Truth. As each integer (there is no fraction in Science as all is totally whole and complete, never partly finished or performed) has it's own value (identity) so in the Science of Christ i.e., Christian Science does man as idea have true value. As each number has it's right and rightful place in mathematical activity, so does man (you) in the infinite universe of Spirit. What beauty our value is to Him and all!

    Thank you Ginny for today's Lift.

  28. Thank you Ginny for the great lift today! Yes we're valuable. Thank you for reminding us today.

  29. Thank you for beginning my day with that wonderful thought.We are all unique masterpieces!!!!!

  30. Thank for the clarity of that message!!
    It's a wonderful, gentle reminder of our GOD given
    Responsibilties to reach out & demonstrate, daily / hourly
    How special others are, around us, as well ! In doing so,....
    We will naturally feel God's presense within us;
    "letting our light shine".......& reinforcing your message,
    Gratefully, JJ


  32. Nice!!!

  33. "hey hey welcome back" has special meaning today since I have just returned from several weeks out of the country and for the most part disconnected from the internet.

    One of the great things about traveling is just what you are talking about Ginny. While traveling among thousands of unfamiliar people, we begin to see the larger picture of God's man being represented by unique individuals, each bearing their God-derived identity. Millions of Mona Lisa's.

  34. Thanks for the great messsage Ginny! This is just what I needed this morning.

  35. What a beautiful lift Ginny! Thank you so much! I love the thought that you shared that without each of us, God wouldn't be complete. And yes, we are amazing! Thank you again for your beautiful and uplifting thought this morning!

  36. Thank you Ginny for this wonderful Lift. Great to be reminded early in the day that we are indeed the image and likeness of God and each are precious and valuable to Him.

  37. "Every breath is important" makes a lot of sense for all of us. Thanks, Ginny, for this powerful message, and have a good day, everyone

  38. We are a reflection of a very valuable Love, Divine Love~ Thank you for this lift

  39. Great lift! Thank you!

  40. Thanks so much for this gentle reminder, Ginny!

  41. What a wonderful way to start the day! And what a precious community are the "Lifters" who gather from the Lift and then feed each other and the world.

  42. Thank you, Jenny and all contributing to making this website with these daily lifts available. Thank you, commenters, readers, and listeners for gathering together to actively participate in lifting thought today by recognizing and acknowledging the value of every individual expression. It is a blessed opportunity to partake in this feast of Love and gratitude... my first meal of the day.

  43. We seem to need this affirmation of worth constantly, probably because so much in the world is continually putting down God's man. Or tries to. Thanks for the sweet reminder that each and every one of us is worthy, needed, unique and happy to know it! A gift that keeps on giving, and straight from the Giver.

  44. Your message today reminds me of each person's spiritual uniqueness - which I will celebrate in my walk with God today wherever it takes me. Gratitude!

  45. Oops, I misspelled Ginny, Ginny. Thanks again for preaching the gospel here going out to all the world.

  46. We are all integral parts of God's network of Love! xoxo

  47. A dear one told me a few days ago with such a heavy heart, "I'm so insignificant". I assured him he was of great value to God and his fellow man. I have been thinking about the forever significance of each one of us. God's masterpiece, beautifully designed as reflection. Your lift, Ginny, lovingly reinforces this. I will send it right on to this dear heart. Thank you!

  48. Ginny,
    Love your take on this. And what a loss it would be if, after realizing our incomparable value and unique nature, all we did was just 'hang on a wall.' In this week's lesson Mrs. Eddy reminds us that Jesus directed us to do otherwise. "Hear these imperative commands:...Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature!" "Heal the sick!" (S&H 37:27).

    Okay, no more just hangin' around!

  49. What a beautiful and... valuable message! It is so important to know we are unique and essential to God. Thank you!

  50. We too, are guarded and protected...thankfully NOT behind glass, but under the shadow of His wing...even as we are "out in the open" as we go about our business!

  51. I really needed to hear this this morning. Thank you, Ginny!

  52. Thank you so much, Ginny, for the reminder of our precious individual value as the child of God. So short and sweet, as only you can say it!

  53. Priceless...Thank you Ginny.

  54. A further inspiration to Radiate God in our daily walk.

  55. Hello fellow lifters from snowy Oregon. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and ideas on the lift today. As always your comments and ideas are so valuable.
    My visit to France was with my husband Craig and my parents. We house swapped for a month and had a deep wonderful adventure. We were in Paris, we saw the Mona Lisa as part of our adventures.
    There is so much of God's goodness to discover. The internet provides wonderful opportunities to "see the world", but there is nothing like an in person hug from a new friend. We can find a new way to shine God's love today. Divine Love expressed, heals.
    I love what you said Norm "no more just hangin' around".
    You are amazing... each of you! Have a good day!

  56. Thank you, Ginny. The warm, all-encompassing thought of our completeness with God is such a blessed gift this morning...and every moment of every day! Such value is immeasurable and yet we carry it with us all the time - and share it freely with everyone we come into contact with.

    A great idea to start the day! Much love!!!

  57. Thank you, Jenny, what a great lift.
    Thank you all, both Joy and Jill , you have taken me up the hill ,
    We are all precious, God made us all one,
    as a drop of water is one with the ocean,
    and a ray of light on with the sun.
    We are all needed, no one is left out,
    I'm so overwhelmed, I declare I could shout.

  58. Thanks, Ginny, for sharing a new understanding of why each of us are important to God and therefore to the bigger picture -- His completeness of the universe!

    When you said, "Without you and me God wouldn't be complete," that idea really stood out to me. I've never thought about God's completeness. I found myself thinking "What! God's always complete."

    With this new idea, I started to question if I am really doing my very best to "help" God be complete. Have I really been letting my Christ-light shine to the best of my ability? Am I being the best reflection of Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, Principle and Mind that I can be, if this is what is required for God's completeness to be seen and heard and felt?

    I knew there was something in Mary Baker Eddy's writings to back up this new revelation. Here's what I found:

    "God, without the image and likeness of Himself, would be a nonentity, or Mind unexpressed. He would be without a witness or proof of His own nature." (S&H 303:25-28)

    "The universe reflects and expresses the divine substance or Mind; therefore God is seen only in the spiritual universe and spiritual man, as the sun is seen in the ray of light which goes out from it. God is revealed only in that which reflects Life, Truth, Love, -- yea, which manifests God's attributes and power..." (S&H 300:28-1)

    "Arise, arise and shine,
    On thee hath dawned the day;
    God is thy sun, and Christ thy light,
    Be thou a steadfast ray." (CS Hymn 14)

    Happy reflecting to all! :-)

  59. Ginny,
    So grateful for your lift this morning.

    Blessings abound,

  60. Sometimes you get a lift you really need to hear. Thank You

  61. Thanks Ginny,What a confidence builder this is..thanks everyone...

  62. Ginny, thanks. That hit the spot to get me focused this morning. Knowing that I can do much more than hang on a wall is motivating indeed.

  63. Thank you! A beautiful reminder.

  64. Brought tears. Beautiful! And Thank you!

  65. Thank you Ginny, and thanks to those who left their comments. What a wonderful lift to hang on to today!

  66. Ginny,
    I always enjoy your LIFTS, and today's is especially meaningful. Thank you for your pure heart that pours out such loving and thoughtful insights!

  67. Oh yeh! We are absolutly valuable! We (all of us) comprise the body of Christ. The mighty God is living man. We express him. We refelct him! We are is image and likeness. To think that as a part of the whole we are not valuable is to believe that a part of reality is unneccesary. Could you imagine math with out one of it's symbols or music with out all it's notes? What would be the outcome? In order to have concord, harmony, perfection requires wholeness and each one of us makes up a part of the whole. So, realize your importance and just how valuable you are and do your part...the rest of us need you, God needs you. One for all and all for One. One Love, One Spirit, One Soul, One Mind, One Principle. One Truth, One Life.

  68. What a wonderful thought: God is complete with us. Thank you, Ginny.

  69. Thank-you Ginny! The lift is just beautiful! I'm going to share it!


  71. Great lift. Thanks for all comments, esp. Norm #47. No hangin' around for me today!

  72. Thank you for a very uplifting "Lift"...it's just what I needed to hear!

  73. Thanks 47 for saying "what a loss it would be if, after realizing our incomparable value and unique nature, all we did was just 'hang on a wall.' " I just about jumped down off that wall.
    Mrs. Eddy writes, "Love is not something put upon a shelf, to be taken down on rare occasions with sugar-tongs and laid on a rose-leaf. I make strong demands on love, call for active witnesses to prove it...."
    Truly, love is a verb. Thanks for the lift and comments.

  74. What an amazing treasure we have in each other. I love seeing God in his infinite ideas each one unique in our expression of the Christ. It is an adventure every day to meet and embrace the unfolding of new ideas that come into experience. What a gift!

  75. “Look at the nature of Love” WOW! What an opportunity/responsibility to express God’s qualities.

    Thank you Ginny. This goes hand in hand with your talk, "The invisible reality of Life appearing."


    e.g. Exchanging happiness into smiles is like changing things into thoughts. The invisible becomes tangible.

    Most economists agree the “Trickledown” theory of economy doesn’t work very well. Supposedly money added to the top flows down to the bottom, but usually it tends to stagnate near the top.

    Remembering that we get our Daily Allowance (our best spiritual qualities) from God, it is only right to keep them flowing, not trickling down. After all, when we get our Daily Allowance we must spend it freely. Let’s agree to keep our spiritual allowance actively moving though “Floodtides of Love”.



  76. A Thought for the Day

    God created all of us as worthy “Museum Pieces”. Now let’s go Show Off (Reflect).

  77. Thank you so much Ginny,
    I was feeling a little down about myself this morning. That is just the reminder I needed - and I know of others it will benefit. For the first time, I will download this message so I can share it with at least one other family member who is not on-line that the message will also help.
    Thank you!

  78. Dear Ginny from Ginny.

    Thank you for the wonderful Lift that we are here to express our image as
    God gave us. Also it was a Joy to meet you last summer.

  79. II was just sitting here thinking of all the things I could have done better yesterday, feeling dissatisfied with myself, when I read your lift, and what a lift it was. WAKE UP CALL! Now I am feeling whole, complete,and so in charge of my day.
    Thank You and
    God Bless

  80. Perfect words for the start to a day that includes a job interview later this morning-- many thanks!

  81. A great note for us all to remember...... and hold steadily in mind......

    Thanks, Ginny

  82. I thank you a lot Ginny for your beautiful and useful idea.

  83. Sometimes when physical or other problems seem to pile up one on top of the other with no letup, it's easy to feel unloved and forsaken by God. That's when it would be a good idea to mentally look at the Mona Lisa and see how well protected that painting is. Then ask oneself, "Isn't God protecting me the same way because I am so valuable to his creation. Bet you get an answer of YES! If you didn't exist something good about God's creation wouldn't be expressed. Steadfastly keep claiming your oneness with God and pretty soon you will feel loved more than you know.

  84. Thanks Ginny. I was feeling not so valuable today, but that's been reversed.God would not be complete without each of use--Wow! Special thanks to Joan, #22, for her dollar bill analogy, I'd never thought of restoration quite that way. Wonderful sense of the simplicity of exchanging the worn out concept of self for the fresh, new, correct concept of spiritual selfhood. The thing that struck me when I saw the Mona Lisa was how small it was. Just goes to show that even small ideas can have a monumental impact and value.

  85. Thanks so much, Ginny! Yes, we all as Christian Scientists, as well as all others, need to really go deep now into accepting our uniqueness and value - into really loving ourselves, the way God loves us! This means so much more than just reading, saying or mouthing the words. It means Feeling deep in our Gut and Heart that we are Loved. Often this takes a lot of feeling our emotional pain first, so we can clear the channels for more Love to come in. It's time to heal our emotional bodies along with our mental, physical and spiritual bodies. Feel, Deal and Heal! And Let the Good Times Roll!

  86. Beautiful message, Ginny, Thank you so much!!

  87. Thank you,Ginny.

  88. Yes! If the Mona Lisa is guarded and protected because of its author, then how much more are we protected as children of God? Infinitely more! God protects and guards us against anything that isn't good and He give's us the divine right to guard against intruders/thieves or any unwanted thoughts. I love how you said each time we express one of God's qualities we say, "Look at the nature of love." Wow, that is so powerful. Thank you Ginny for a much needed, powerful lift.

  89. Ginny, thanks for pointing it out. We are so valuable that I think we are really 'invaluable' or indispensable. I would like to think so about every person in New Zealand, Libya, Africa, South America, etc., no matter what the circumstances appear to be. Like the rays of the sun are necessary to the sun, we are all so absolutely necessary to God, divine Love. Just look at what Mrs Eddy says (S & H p. 525): Everything good or worthy , God made. Whatever is valueless or baneful, He did not make, - hence its unreality. In the Science of Genesis we read that He saw everything which He had made, “and, behold, it was very good.”

    en español

    Ginny, gracias por señalarlo. Somos tan valiosos que pienso que somos en realidad 'inestimables' o indispensables. Me gustaría pensar así acerca de cada persona en Nueva Zelanda, Libia, África, South América, etc., no importa cuáles parezcan ser las circunstancias. Como los rayos de sol son necesarios para el sol, nosotros somos tan absolutamente necesarios para Dios, el Amor divino. Basta con mirar a lo que la Sra. Eddy dice (C y S p.525) Todo lo bueno o que vale, lo hizo Dios. Lo que carece de valor, o que es nocivo, Él no lo hizo-de ahí su irrealidad. En la Ciencia del Génesis leemos que Él vio todo lo que había hecho, “y he aquí que era bueno en gran manera”.

  90. thank u so much

  91. Thanks, Ginny. Again I need to think about really being precious value to our Father. I've said and thought I believed it. I can hold to others being God's beloved children, with few exceptions that I do work on, but for myself, before I'm aware of it, I find I don't feel valuable, and I'm sure this slows healings. Today, it came to me to approach it from a different angle. What kind of perfect God, Father, would He be, if He had inferior ideas, and allowed and “collected” sub-standard children, when He can have the best to reach & inspire them to be for His glory. It would be like the most famous & wealthy art collector buying my art, which is okay for what I use it for, but not THAT okay! Not even the cheapest gallery is going to call and say they just have to have something I've drawn. I know God isn't that poor in taste & choice. What our Father would have as children is not like human parents with children that may not live family values. His children are His very most precious ideas that consist of and reflect fully his qualities and there is no outside source entering His ideas. One special one of those is me. Being made only of His perfect thought, I can't be anything but uniquely valuable. I must keep this reasoning cooking on the back burner and need to check on it frequently to keep it just right, not ruined or cooked away. We have to be the Master of masters' piece.! #'30 Amelia, 57 Kathy, 81 Patt, & 87 Carlos, good thoughts, thanks. #47 Norm & 73 Michael, Amen!

  92. Thanks Ginny and everyone. At first I was disappointed that my computer was acting up this morning and I couldn't get into the Daily lift.....but now I'm rejoicing at the wonderful set of responses I am now reading after finally getting in this afternoon. What a blessing. thanks everyone, Ginny, DL team and all responders. And what a lovely reminder to remain steadfast, patient and trusting that we will each have all we need as we need it.

  93. WOW! A simple, profound lift—one of a kind and who made us. I am a chaplain at our county jail. This will be shared, and the men will hang on to this fact! Many heartfelt thanks.

  94. Ginny, your message today is such a wonderful reminder that our relationship with God is an on-going, productive one. Sometimes those in retirement years can be tempted to feel less than valuable because they are no longer working. Many express regrets about the past and at the same time grave doubts and fear about the future. Two family members of mine had outstanding healings in their later years through their own prayers. I remember how surprised I was when one of them was able to lay aside her glasses and have the limitation removed from her driver's license. Far from diminished capacity and the inevitability of deterioration, she was demonstrating growth in grace and spiritual fulfillment. Thank you again for such a great lift.

  95. That was really lovely. No wallflowers here.

  96. Thank's Ginny and all the other contributers. This has been an extra wonderful sharing.

  97. Thank you - just what I needed today.

  98. "Our life is important today." Thanks for this lovely, inspiring message, Ginny.

  99. It is true inspiration to witness the unique, brave and inspiring actions of young people demonstrating for freedom around the world. Each one of them is valuable in ways that are yet to be seen. The value will surely dwarf the Mona Lisa. Carlos, I like your comments in this respect. We can help them all by seeing their individual value and the importance of their motivation in the way Ginny points out. Hymn 203 in the CS Hymnal is providing a helpful view and encouragement to me: "O Father, may we bear each hour the flag of hope and peace unfurled, and mirror forth Love's sacred power to feed and bless a hungry world."

  100. Wow - great to be reminded that we - me, you, everyone - are unique individuals expressing all of God's qualities in special and wonderful ways. And because God loves us so much, we are guarded and protected by Him - just like the Mona Lisa!

  101. Very provocative. Even identical twins can be SO different in preferences, thoughts, opinions, personalites. We ARE unique, and it is often too easy to lose someone's true value and specialness when we're we're caught up in questioning or wondering about their behavior. For me, your best and hardest hitting point was how each of us represent God's completeness with our smiles, our testimonials of gratitude, our friendships, our reaching out and just "being there" for someone. It is easy to underestimate the depth and breadth of our impact on some others. I'm sure many have underestimated - even questioned - the value and impact of the Mona Lisa. I sure did when I saw it almost 50 years ago. Yet, it still hangs, and is still closely protected as a world treasure. It helps to be reminded that EVERYONE we meet on life's journey is just as valuable to God and to some others in their lives. Thanks.

  102. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments. The idea of individuality, as number of you talked about in your comments, is so thought provoking isn't it.

    Today is an opportunity for a deeper discovery of the reality of our amazing identities, of our universe.

    None is ever lost or unknown to God.

    As I pray about the earthquake in Christchurch, NZ, it is a comfort to know that the reality of each individual is forever and is always in the perfection of God's great love, no matter what the limited material senses say.

    Each is housed, fed, and cared for in the eyes of Love. I pray that we can all wake up to that forever reality. We can "know the truth" as Christ Jesus admonishes us, and that spiritual knowing will make us free to be and see what is, now and forever good.

    God is Love,

  103. Thank you Ginny!
    What struck me was not only your point of how valuable we are, but also how protected we are. We are so very precious that God has given us an impervious armour - that God protects, sustains and maintains us! Wonderful ideas here!

  104. Thank you, Ginny, for the upbeat lift!

  105. Thanks just what I needed and was looking for today.

  106. A few days after the release of this, but I LOVE this clear message and reminder. When I realize my value- like you said, just the value of my smile and activity-it helps me to value those all around me too.

  107. Thank you Ginny! this was a beautiful lift. just what i needed. we are all of value to God and God needs us. Beautiful.

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