2/2: Unchanging reality

2/2: Unchanging reality

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  1. We are so safe in His unchanging reality! One of the first things we were taught in our Christian Science Nursing class was to believe what we know not what we see. When one is believing what they know is the absolute truth about God's man it is impossible to believe any lie that is trying to represent itself as the present reality.
    I deeply appreciate this Lift and will type it out and work with it often! Thank you thank you!

  2. Thanks so so very much for the very inspiring and wholesome ideas you shared - I have found each idea so powerful and pure that it just cut through the unreality of any and every lie that would seem to be true!! Much love and deep gratitude for your loving sharing!

  3. Thanks Nathan and Beth.
    I like symbols.

  4. Dear Beth,
    That was beautiful - very clear - and very practical
    Thanks a lot. Much love

  5. I loved this! So clear! Fear - ours or anyone else's - cannot change the truth. The truth is always a 'safe place'. Thank you.

  6. Thank you Beth, don’t they say that God works in mysterious ways? Only mysterious to our limited point of view. Your analogy reminded me of the movie, “The gods must be crazy” (1980), it was a really funny movie because what for us today is just matter of education, for the natives not used to civilization, seemed a miracle. It’s so important for us to recognize our relationship with our Father/Mother God and thus realize that we are cared for and protected in every moment, the same way that our early ancestors were protected (and even though they believed the earth to be dangerously flat it was never so.) Science and health, our textbook, is so full of wise words, we have so much to be grateful for. “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” to me is equal to “Our Father” constantly watching over us. When we understand who we really are, then progress becomes a smooth ride.

    Gracias, Beth, ¿no dicen que Dios obra en maneras misteriosas? Misteriosas solo para nuestro limitado punto de vista. Tu analogía me recordó la película, “Los dioses deben estar locos “ (1980), fué muy divertida por que lo que para nosotros hoy en día es cuestión de educación, para los nativos que no estaban acostumbrados a la civilización, parecía un milagro. Es tan importante que reconozcamos nuestra relación con nuestro Padre/Madre Dios y así nos demos cuenta que estamos cuidados y protegidos en todo momento, de la misma manera que nuestros primeros antepasados estaban protegidos (y aun cuando creían que la tierra era peligrosamente plana nunca fue así.) Ciencia y Salud, nuestro libro de texto, está tan lleno de palabras sabias, tenemos tanto que agradecerle. “El Amor divino siempre ha respondido y siempre responderá a toda necesidad humana” para mí se iguala al, “Padre Nuestro” constantemente vigilandonos. Cuando comprendemos quién somos verdaderamente, entonces nuestro progreso se convierte en un paseo suave.

  7. This is a great Daily Lift Beth, lifting us into the unchanging reality of God and His perfection.
    What a great accent!

  8. THANK YOU BETH for this clear thought to work with, its deeply appreciated.

  9. Thank you Beth for that treatment. "Right where discord seems to be, actually the truth, God's truth, is the only presence there, operating ....harmoniously."

  10. Immediately prior to downloading this morning's Lift, I had been speaking with a practitioner who ended by saying, "... and know that Truth is unchanging." How marvellous, then, to follow up with Beth's message on unchanging reality with the very helpful analogy of the early beliefs and fears clearly seen not ever to have had validity. Thank you so much, Beth. Also thanks to di-vanc for the helpful comment. I shall make a note of both!

  11. thank you Beth for the uchaging reality you share today. The eternal love that we
    all ways experience every day that I travel that God is with me.

  12. Thanks for for your lift It will always help me

  13. Thank you for the much-needed reminder to look beyond whatever appears to be true or real to the perfection of God infinite presence! What a lovely, clear reminder NOT to be fooled into believing in anything unlike good!


  15. Thank you for this beautiful message, it is heartening to see beyond and above the myriad mirages (mirage) of the material senses. Sometimes I even think that Mrs. Eddy left us, among the highest range of achievement for all mankind, the scientific Christian notion of a seventh sense, the "spiritual sense". Through the spiritual sense, we see far beyond the ability of the 3D view, it enables us to see beyond matter and its focus is the unchanging reality created and sustained by the infinite divine Principle!

    Let me share 2 sentences of the book Science and Health, where Mrs. Eddy introduced this new scientific paradigm for humanity:

    "Spiritual sense is the discernment of spiritual good." S&H 505

    "Spiritual sense is a conscious, constant capacity to understand God. It shows the superiority of faith by works over faith in words. Its ideas are expressed only in "new tongues;" and these are interpreted by the translation of the spiritual original into the language which human thought can comprehend." S&H 209:31

    Tip: Keep track of local events of Mary Baker Eddy Library in the series: MBE SERIES 100, visit the link: http://www.marybakereddylibrary.org/events/programs
    Help spread!

  16. Thanks so much Beth.

  17. Thank you, Beth, for sharing this simple fact of God's unchanging love in this way. It reminds me of the story of the little fish, frantically swimming in the ocean, and all the while panicking that the ocean would not be enough for him, and he would somehow come to the end of it! - God's Love - endless, unlimited, and unchanged by human theories - is more than enough, for each and every one of His dear children.

  18. Thank you, Beth. UNCHANGING REALITY. You could not have been more clear or more helpful. Thank you!

  19. So nice. Thanks!! "Round world" thinking frees us from fear of the unknown. Wonderful Lift!!

  20. A beautiful image in all its aspects, Beth, and a memorable way of thinking of the difference between appearance and reality.

  21. Thanks Beth. Great analogy!

  22. The wonderful structure of safety and peace that Christian Science reveals as God's reality is always available. We don't need to apply all of it when we're tempted to feel overwhelmed. It really helps to hang onto a simple fact when confronting any kind of error. Even remembering that 2 plus 2 equals four, and nothing else, is a foothold that steadies me when reaching for God, Truth, in a seeming emergency. Thanks for giving us another reminder- the earth was always round is a great one.

  23. God's unchanging reality is a truth I will contemplate all day. It takes care of all the various claims of error which would come. Thank you.

  24. Thank you Beth for sharing your inspiration from "Down Under." There is no seperation from your voice or from your message: "God's Truth is the only presence operating effectively and harmoniously." Mary Baker Eddy makes this very clear: "The 'still, small voice" of scientific thought reaches over continient and ocean to the globe's remotest bound. The inaudible voice of Truth is, to the human mind, 'as when a lion roareth.' " It is heard in the desert and in dark places of fear."
    As a former navy officer, I have sailed the Ocean Blue. Many times I have reflected on the distant unseen horizon. I am very grateful for the understanding that God is at once "the center and the circumference of the universe." I can never be seperated from the presence of "God's Kingdom and His unchanging reality." From a distant but very close heart - with gratitude.

  25. Thank you Beth, this message was absolutely perfect timing!

  26. Point # 23: Mary Baker Eddy Quote may be found in Science & Health,
    page 559: 8-12.

  27. Thank you Beth, I am grateful for that lovely reminder that we are always safe in God's unchanging reality. Therefore all our thougjhts rest upon are included in that unchanging reality of safety too. No Exceptions!!

  28. Thank you Beth! Especially for your comment on "whether we can see God's true reality, OR NOT" that it is still the true reality. Also, thank you #17 for your story! Isn't that the truth! Here we all are, swimming around in this infinite ocean of God's Love! Often we are panicking that this ocean of His Love is going to come to an end and never be enough. When, we have only to refocus on his all encompassing abundance, around us at all times!

  29. Mrs. Eddy says: "False fears are foes Truth tatters those when understood." We have to understand the falsity of so many suggestions that thwart us daily. Just as Columbus thwarted the belief held by a majority of people living in the world at his time. We must be alert to those suggestions which are so entrenched in the general thought that they seem real to the majority of people. In particular the belief in different diseases.

    thank you.

    <strong><em>Christian Science Hymnal</em>, Hymn 160 (Satisfied), Mary Baker Eddy</strong>

  30. This is such a peaceful thought! Thank you!

  31. Thank you so much Beth, I like that God's love is always around us protecting, supplying, guiding, and guarding even when we are unaware. What a blessing to have a Father who knows and is the absolute truth. Thank you.

  32. Lovely!! Thanks Beth :)

  33. How wonderful to be gaining even tiny glimpses of that unchanging reality through these Daily Lifts and in the study of Christian Science.

  34. Thank -you Beth for your Lift. I love when you said God's unchanging reality is true whether we can see it or not. I have some experiance at "unseeing" matter or discord, but was overjoyed to hear your explanation of how fear or doubt just holds us back and has absolutely nothing at all to do with what God IS doing! God will continue to care for us in every instance whether we see it or not. Thanks so much Beth!

  35. Thank you so much for your articulation of this Truth!!

  36. Dear Beth, the ideas you expressed are a complete and perfect CS treatment for today.
    I have always loved the round earth and was grateful that I lived to benefit from the discovery of it!! What limits the idea of a flat, ending horizon line placed on the people of the days before the discovery! Yet how many now are limited by the belief that matter is real! The greatest discovery ever made by man (was made by a woman) and is that there is no matter!
    Every day i give thanks for dear Mary Baker Eddy who made her discovery known to the world. Now we can say, "I only see what is real, not what the material sense tell me. It's seeming really must yield to this truth." The way that mankind finally were able to sail off from Europe and know land was ahead, we can launch ourselves off the earthbound thoughts and know we are in safe waters and that our destinations are all assured.

  37. Just as in Mathematics 28 is the perfect number, In the absolute number one is the perfect number.

    "I and my Father are one."

    Our Oneness with God is a spiritual reality.

    Thanks Beth.

  38. As I listened to your clear message of God's care and constant Love, I realized that I am still trying to change matter in a case I am working on. I am switching gears to awake and see only the true reality of God's presence, which as you say, is always present and in operation. I LOVE this thought of unchanging reality! It is like a load being lifted from human sense! I am so greatful to all who make these daily lifts available and all those who participate and share their thoughts. What a blessing for mankind.

  39. The thought of a flat or round earth reminds me of the small book FLATLAND by Victorian era theologian Edwin A. Abbott. He describes adventures and discoveries on an individual's journey from Pointland to Lineland to Flatland . . . and finally to the third dimension (our round earth). Each step along the way reveals visions that would have been considered miracles in the previous dimension. We can go a step further: "Christian Science translates Mind, God, to mortals. It is the infinite calculus defining the line, plane, space, and fourth dimension of Spirit." (Mis 22:10)

  40. Thanks Beth for the affirmation that we and all mankind are safe in God's kingdom, in His unchanging reality. What a lift to contemplate all day.
    Thanks again.

  41. Thank you very much for this great message! I'm glad to be reminded of that analogy as I'm sure the people were feeling great fear from their false beliefs which seemed so real at the time. Once we see what is true, the false belief just evaporates "into its native nothingness". And God's great love shines forth.

  42. Interesting. A lie, no matter how it is presented, no matter how often it is repeated, remains a lie. The Light of Truth will always cause such error to dissipate in the same way that the Earth eventually became round. Thank you.

  43. Thank you,

    It's so nice to share God's goodness like this....

  44. Thanks.

  45. Oh, Beth, we celebrate the "real" as the blessing God is expressing as what today is "big" with! Thank you!

  46. Another inspiring Lift! I am exceeding grateful to EVERYONE who make the Daily Lifts possible. #17 The little fish story brought tears to my eyes. How often I feel worried and blind to the vastness of God's goodness in my life. Also, thank yous to #19 for the phrase "Round-world thinking frees us from the fear of the unknown." and the last sentence of #36's comments. I love how this morning's lift and yesterday's work together. The lifts and comments made me think of a marvelous Sentinel article that I took some quotes from in the way of affirmations, however I forgot to name the article or it's author - shame on me.(I've looked, but maybe someone else can find it - it's from within the last 10 years and I believe its title included a flight term) Anyway, the ideas have fortified me many times and I'd like to share some of them with our Daily Lift family.

    &quot;I dismiss the worry, fear and doubt that holds me back and sinks me low. I can do this. I can tackle everything I need to do with uplift, enthusiasm, confidence, and hope because I have an inner light, the jet-fuel of Life, and it will jettison my heavy heart, and keep me aloft. Today. Now! Let me soar!
    There is a Life-Principle right here, right now, as close and as tangible as the law of aerodynamics. It guides me, my career, finances, aspirations and health all the way to a safe landing. It guides me to good and only good. I feel the infinite power that gives my life total, wings completely extended, absolute flight.
    I feel the infinite power within me that stabilizes, corrects, rescues and enables me to endure. It holds me up and helps me touch down safely.&quot;

    The unknown is actually just more of God's goodness in store for us and we are equipted to both trust the roundness of the world and fly fearlessy.

  47. Thank you Beth!

  48. Your message today using the metaphor of the mistaken belief by folks in olden times of a flat earth was helpful in an immediate way for me. It would seem that we can be challenged these days by the virtual bigness, confusion, apathy, and unhelpfulness of financial institutions as we attempt to make our way toward stability, soundness, and relief in an honest and organized way. The belief in that discouraging, even threatening, picture vs. the patient faith in and understanding of God's perfect, harmonious, uninterrupted plan based on Principle, Love, is so well described by your message, and struck a good chord today! Thank you!

  49. Thank you Beth for that lovely inspiring "Lift". I love these daily lifts because they are instant and fresh and very helpful, and for that, I am deeply grateful. I am always comforted to know that God is indeed the truth no matter where we are, or what we are doing, and no matter what that human belief is presenting to us; it's always powerless. God is with us right now, loving us, caring for us and guiding us, and we are indeed safe in His everlasting arms of Love. God is infinite Love, power, glory and eternal. And this is unchangeable!!! Have a blessed day.

  50. Thank you, Beth for your inspiring lift. It was very helpful for me.

  51. Thank you Beth for this wonderful daily lift. Sometimes it's hard not to feel the false responsibility of keeping others from falling off that edge. When all the while there is no edge and God, Divine Love is keeping all mankind safe. This includes the situation in Haiti that we are praying about. God's encircles His/Her Love to all. I also loved the little fish analogy of the little fish swimming in the ocean worried it wasn't big enough. Can we ever run out of God's goodness? no way!

  52. No matter if the atmsophere is flat or not, a silboat is merely an aircarft with one wing under water and the other wing above the water. Ideas in Mind.

  53. Thank you Beth. This is a wonderful...the old belief that the earth is flat...just because it was believed by some never made it true. In Science we always know that man's perfection is intact even when or/if the belief is, that it's flawed.

  54. Don Freckleton Horsham Australia Thank you Beth.What a great analogy for truths power

  55. Unchanging reality: All is infinite Mind and its manifestation. How powerful, how present unchanging reality is. We cannot ask for more.
    Thank you Beth, for your powerful message today.

  56. Reality is a Sound that will never Stop Beating.Listen All ye that have Ears,that there's only One Beat that Empowers All to Life.This Power(DEITY) is OurFather,OurMother&amp;Our GOD.He is Unchangeable&amp;Over All,His Works are Unending(Infinite).Love is the Root of All Reality.Peace

  57. Thank you, Truth is always safe and because of that we are Safe in God's hands so we can never fall away from Truth God.

  58. Thank you for the reminder there is no edge to fall off of, for anyone, ever.

  59. Great reminder not to be scared by the outward sense of things, and to accept reality in its soundness and completeness, as established by our Creator.

  60. Thank you Beth. What a wonderful reminder to see beyond what the physicl senses are trying to have us beleive and to only see what God knows to be true of us all creation. God,s unchanging goodness blessing one and all.

    Much love


  61. The Flat Earth Society appears to still have adherents (see Wiki).

    The belief of life in matter appears to still have adherents too.

    Let's not adhere to either.

  62. Isn't it powerfully comforting to see God expressing the same truth to all, world-wide. What a blessing it must be, not only to ourselves but to the whole world. Thank you for all these wonderful comments, I am feeling very inspired and very heartened.

  63. "The absolute powerlessness of fear and beliefs to affect reality. God is the only presence operating unaffectedly..." For the past two weeks, I have been taking a dear friend to medical appointments, staying with her during the appointments, and then bringing her home. Now I can reaffirm that my dear friend and "all mankind are safe in God's kingdom, His unchanging reality."

  64. I am so grateful for the insights provided in each of the Daily Lifts and for the truths revealed and supported in the comments of others. My profound thanks for being a part of this spiritually, loving community.

  65. Thank you, Beth! Reminds me of studies of the pre-Columbus Renaissance.

  66. Thank you, Beth, your point is well presented. What a collection, of comments there are! This is a treasure to "spend" on working out our problems, and the world's, as was mentioned not many lifts ago, to always include others whenever we declare a truth for ourselves I tried to find that again to give credit to that person). The flat earth and the little fish, together, covers what we need to remember about eternity, with no end and no edges or sides. I've a few times let my thought ponder on creation, from a very different view. The universe just seems so big! Like my kitchen floor must seem endless to the tiniest ant, what if we were tiny like the ant (and it even ever more so) and what if creation in and with God were, instead of vast, actually very tiny, a pinpoint at most, of all the reality there is. God, as All, has no measurable size, and all that we need would seem to be so very close and reachable, even if the space looked just as big as before to our tiny selves. As idea, we have no size, we just "are". As silly as this may sound, it helped me when problems seemed so big, and solutions or help seemed so far away. I mentally reduced all the size and distance to a manageable concept where I felt closely held by Love, divine Mind, with room for all the other ideas, too. Though it still looked big, this way let me grasp better the allness, and know the closeness of God. Like the focus function on a camcorder, enlarging and reducing the scene, this didn't change reality, just my view of it.

  67. Thank you Beth for your very helpful message. I have come back to it each morning - and these ideas are helpful in so many situations! Thanks!!

  68. When ever something happens to me, to any one else, or in the news that expresses a negative thing, I always think, "Thank God it never happened." I think like this every time I hear of some one who got sick, an accident that happened, or a terrible discription of an incident in the news. This kind of thinking and praying knowing that God doesn't know any evil protects me and every one that my thoughts are upon.

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