3/24: True motherhood

3/24: True motherhood

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  1. Ginny, that was WONDERFUL - and just what our world needs so much right now. Thank you!!! (Big hug!)

  2. From the Responsive Reading of this week's Christian Science Bible Lesson Sermon (Isa 44:21) speaks to this true motherhood: "...I have formed thee; ...thou shalt not be forgotten of me"! Thanks, Ginny!

  3. Thanks, Ginny, for a warm and tender reminder of the Motherhood of God. Would that we could reform the worldly habit of labeling unfortunate happenings, "Acts of God."

  4. Thank you, Ginny! These are excellent thoughts for our family as we deal with our own little tsunami of flooding in the basement. We're grateful to be reminded that Mother Love's action is powerfully tender, peaceful and only good, which is indeed grand news after two soggy and (at times) disheartening days and nights dealing with that false sense of motherhood, Mother Nature. God graciously "lifts up a standard" against the flood. You have given a wonderful reminder of what the true standard, the spiritual standard, is. Thank you sooo much!

  5. This is an infinite topic Ginny! I remember a time when people had amazing specifications to comply with "mother". Sometimes quite unattainable, but often so simple and honest and wholehearted. Our family has four adopted children, and at that time we were under a vow of silence. But later those impositions were lifted and three mothers stepped forward. Never a father. . . I was distraught. My children would go off with gorgeous young women who had never sat through the night, or rejoiced with the triumphs. But you know, if my children say "Mum" you might know who they're looking at. There have been letters of apology when their own children were born. . . Now we seem to have come to a time of "role reversal" - but there is only one role: each one is the child of God, the everpresent, all-loving, all-forgiving, all-harmonious Mother-Father, Good.

  6. Thanks 4 de gr8t inspiration @ dis a:m.God bless that mother who cares a child of others and hers in a physical and spiritual ways.Gentle rain of blessings to you all!

  7. The 'Oxford Concise Dictionary' says 'vitiate' means that 'nothing can impair or corrupt the quality, debase or contaminate' - this message has such good news for us! (quoted in) Science and Health p. 393:12 "Rise in the strength of Spirit..."
    I have never before recognised the sense of de-bunking 'mother nature' and holding firmly and only to the Mother 'nature' of God, which is gentle, and filled with Love. This is a wonderful insight on a perfect sun filled morning. Thank you Ginny so much, I shall think of it often when I consider nature's storms, and when approaching my own understanding of the qualities of mother, Mother God. Thank you too for the joyful music all this week, and for the team who give us our Daily Lifts, BoL.and the internet services, which keep my week filled with a community I could never otherwise reach or get to hear!

  8. That God is Father and Mother as the comforter that's, what the world needs right now. Thank you for this reminder.

  9. thanks so much for turning a false vision of the seemingly damaged earth, at least parts of it into the right idea of "mother-earth" which reflects, as I understand, the motherhood of GOD, tenderness, strength, beauty and of course holeness. Yes, we can fully trust in our Father-MOTHER-God. thanks for that idea!

  10. Thank you Ginny for that inspiring lift, Yes, " The love of God is the reality and nature of every moment". "That henceforth we may live to Thee,/ In all our ways reflecting Thee,/ And know reality." (Christian Science Hymnal #206)

  11. Ginny, thanks so much for this wonderful uplifting podcast.
    As Jane uk #7, said, it is a beautiful morning here and your gentle yet powerful words are like the sun on the daffodils, illuminating and warming.
    Jane also gave thanks for all that I would wish to, without the internet I wouldn't have this dear community to link arms with and rejoice! I miss you all at the weekend and look forward to Mondays when we meet again.
    Further on in this weeks lesson it states ". . . . leave the field to God. . . . . . His ideas alone are real and harmonious" S&H 419 how lovely to have so many like minded friends in "the field"
    Margaret #5 Thank you for your testimony!
    Blessings to all,
    Shelagh :-)

  12. Thank you Ginny for this loving and healing Lift.
    I love thinking about God as Mother. It brings a warm sense of tenderness, nurture, unconditional love, strong support, forgiveness, and worth. Hymn 340 which begins 'There's a wideness in God's mercy', uses the pronoun 'Him' for God, but the tender message reminds me more of God as Mother, because it speaks of kindness, love, justice, sunshine and sweetness. We all know that a kiss from Mother makes it all better - heals.

  13. Wonderfully said Ginny. When each of our three went to war it was their mother who was composed, strong and full of dignity. It was she who trusted the Mother 'nature' in God as His children climbed with Jacob in their ever present role as peacemakers. Thank you No. 5 for your heart rendering, God filled message, "the loveliness of love is all around". And the lifting Ginny, very!

  14. Ginny, Thank you.Raised by a loving mother,it felt like "the end of the world" as I thought then, when my mother very suddenly passed on. At her funeral the Priest, among the things he said to comfort the family, were that because my mother was a very good woman she was gone to be with God in heaven. We were not raised in Christian Science nor attended any Sunday School. We attended mother's Church were the Bible was only accessible by the Priest and read in a foreign language[Latin]I started to seek for understanding, because I could not reconcile myself to the idea of God [Love]removing our mother when we needed her most.This started me on a very long journey for the search for God.Eventually I was introduced to the book Science and Health With Key To The Scriptures and reading and studying the book I awoke to God=Love as Father=Mother,and that the tender loving qualities of motherhood expressed by my beloved mother were ever-present because Love=God is omnipresent.With this understanding I rose in the strength of Spirit ,as it reads in "(S&H 393)Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good".

  15. The whole world does indeed need genuine mothering. And while we do not all have the houseful that you have, Ginny, we can embrace the world in our prayers. Today's Lift is a gift of that Love.

  16. Thank you so very much Ginny - you ALWAYS come up with the goods!

  17. When the mother left her 3 children to go her own ways, a big fatherhood of my son was necessary as well as from me as grandpa. We fathers did our best knowing that God is father and mother. Yes, both. So we enjoyed a more or less happy time, but could not fill the gap of a dear mother. After two years now a new mother is coming to complete the family. The teenage boys do not belong to a person. What they need is the expression of motherly love they searched for. Now nearly all the school problems are solved. This showed me that God always provides us with the right idea, sometimes coming not in a way we are waiting for but in the right way. Thank you Ginny for your healing Lift.

  18. Thank you for this lovely Lift. Yes we can feel the motherly love of God and the knowledge that we are provided with all the good that we need at the right time.

  19. Thank you, Ginny, for such a wonderful lift this morning. I too have not ever thought of Mother Nature in that light and it has certainly opened my eyes to the Mother, God creating all. The quote from page #393 of S&H is one that I have carried with me for years and has been a wonderful source of inspiration. "God has made man capable of this... divinely bestowed upon man." - what powerful words to be able to put into practice daily! Gratefully yours.

  20. Ginny, that lift was wonderful. Thank you so much.

  21. Thank you Ginny, for bringing to our awareness the Mother aspect of God, and the beauty and peace of nature, which is such a wonderful gift and blessing from Her, for us all to enjoy and appreciate, and take good care of, in return.

  22. You seem to have touched on a vital chord here today with the theme of motherhood.

    Those false labels can't stick to or change the nature of God and we, as her children, defend Her hallowed name with all our might.

    It's been said, if you ever want to start a fight............say something bad about someone's mother! oooh.

  23. There is no doubt that we understand the divine motherhood a big step in the spiritualization of thought.
    I always had great respect for my earthly parents and this allowed me to fully enjoy this relationship, but only when I understood the motherhood of our Father-Mother God really began to develop spiritually and to understand our origin purely spiritual and has nothing to do with material conception of life. Mrs. Eddy tells us in the Glossary, 592. "Mother. God, the divine principle and eternal Life, Truth and Love"
    Motherhood in all its spiritual expression.
    Thank you very much Ginny, thoughts like these are what inspire us to follow the true path.
    No hay duda que al comprender la maternidad divina damos un gran paso en la espiritualización del pensamiento.
    Siempre tuve gran respeto por mis padres terrenales y ello me permitió disfrutar plenamente de la relación familiar, pero sólo cuando comprendí la maternidad de nuestro Padre-Madre Dios comencé realmente a desarrollarme espiritualmente y a comprender nuestro origen puramente espíritual y que nada tiene que ver con un concepto material de existencia. La Sra. Eddy nos dice en el Glosario, 592. "Madre. Dios,principio divino y eterno; Vida, Verdad y Amor"
    La maternidad en toda su expresión espiritual.
    Muchas gracias Ginny, pensamientos como estos son lo que nos inspiran a continuar por la senda verdadera.

  24. Mary Baker Eddy expressed this"powerfully kind" quality of Motherhood - and I am extremely grateful for her revelation of Divine Science, because through my study of Science and Health (especially the chapter of Recapitulation) I am finding answers to every question in my life experience.

  25. Loved the Lift today...Thank you Ginny.Always look forward to your Lifts, Ginny.

  26. Jesus indicated something about motherhood when he said “For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.” (Mathew 12:50)

    Doesn’t this really open up the job description? Isn’t this what we mean when we say… our Christian Science “family”, or our church “family”, or our Daily Lift “family”. We are adopted and adopting! We are anchored to God as Man, individually, collectively. All the motherhood we need is now.

    Love the family discussions! Thank you all.

  27. Hi Ginny! Thanks for being such a good example of true Motherhood - with your large and varied Family! Love the idea that the Nature of God is Love which is a quality of Motherhood. Doesn't Mrs. Eddy say something like Nature expresses God's Love to Man? Also, thanks for: "The Love of God is the reality in every moment"! Yes, truly, everything is an "Act of God", since God, Mind, Love is the only Actor and Action!!

  28. Ginny, thank you for reminding us of the divine Mother-love which is not only comforting, but freeing and sustaining. Just yesterday a neighbor came to my door needing help and I could share with her this thought of God as the true mother of all as found in the Bible and show her the importance of not getting in the way and trying to do God's work for Him or telling Him how to do His work...Be still and know that I am God (the universal Mother who comforts and cares for and guides all). Thanks for all the comments too.

  29. Thank you dearest World Family for your inspiration, your heartfelt sharing and your love for our world as children of one divine Father/Mother. The responses are beautifully international today. What a joy to be with you all.

    15 said "and while we do not all have the household that you do Ginny..." etc.

    We really do have the same household....I think of us as living in a large household together, but in different mental rooms (beliefs) with one Parent over all. And in this world you can have as many children, parents and siblings as you are willing to.

    We are believing different things about what, where, and who we are but there is really only one truth and we are all in the same family forever.

    A spiritual sense of this family and our one divine Parenthood reveals reality. Even if we don't understand this truth yet it remains true forever.

    We are all chosen, all loved and all precious. To me that oneness gives us divine authority to challenge whatever would harm or harass our brothers and sisters and to "rise in the strength of Spirit" <em>(Science and Health</em> by Mary Baker Eddy, p.393) and cast the false beliefs and their harmful false evidence out, as a lie about God and Her/His loved creation.

    Eventually we will see that the dream of loss, of destruction and even death, isn't the reality of each moment. Mrs. Eddy's statement in S&amp;H page 494:13 will be seen. "...to all mankind and in every hour divine Love, supplies all good."

    You are all loved! Thank you for your kind sharing.

  30. Thank you, Ginny. It's important for us to have &amp; keep a true understanding of “God's nature”, and that phrase necessitates the understanding that there is none else, no God or power beside Him (taken from Isa.45:5 &amp; 6), so there is no unloving, ruthless “mother nature”. Jesus described the motherhood of divine Love, when he said, “...how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!” (Luke 14:34. Notice the emphatic exclamation point after this verse. A very near word for word rendition is in Matt:23:37, also with the exclamation point. The two gospel accounts so nearly alike would show the necessity of recognizing and yielding to God's mothering strength and Love's gentle caring for His children, for Jesus did what he saw his Father do (John 5:19). The whole verse, shows destruction is mortal man's concept, not acts of God, or “Mother Nature” Isa. 66 has several verses that tells of God's intent to bring peace and glory, as well as motherly comforting. Mother hen on land, eagles borne on eagles wings in air, and “He leadeth me beside still waters” (Ps.23); these match Is.45:8 – “Let the skies pour down righteousness”, and “earth open” with salvation to be brought forth. We need to keep God's true motherhood prominently in thought. Your Lift is very appreciated.

  31. Thank you Ginny! I love dwelling on the motherhood of God-the mother that is ever near, comforting, guiding, caring for all our "bumps" and "bruises" so to speak-ever compassionate! I love knowing that the motherhood of God can be expressed by all! Teachers, dads, babysitters, neighbors, co-workers, have the opportunity to express motherhood even when a human mother is absent. I have been most grateful for the mothering my children have gotten in my absence and I always try to express that same care I would give my own children to their friends, my students, the neighborhood children etc. There is one divine parent and we are all God's offspring!

  32. What an up-Lifting way to start my day . . . Yesterday, when I was in great need and reached out to God, He answered by whispering words from a song by Mindy Jostyn--The chorus says something like "God is Love, God is Love, if that's all you ever learn in life, it's all you need to know." Amen.

  33. One of the greatest compliments I ever received was from my stepson at the reception following his wedding when he introduced me as his "Mom" to some friends. They replied that they thought his mother lived in another state. He said yes, but "this is my Mom." I had always thought of God as my Father and Mother and tried to express these qualities as a single parent for most of my daughter's life. I am so grateful to Christian Science for teaching us this remarkable, comforting truth and for your reminder. And for the constant love, protection and guidance of my Father Mother God!

  34. Thank you Ginny, this lift touched my heart and brought back memories. I was getting ready for bed, thinking "I must thank God properly for helping me through this terrible time of divorce." I knelt by my bed, bowed my head and said " Thank you, God" Suddenly I was in Mother's arms, held close and loved and I knew such joy unspeakable, I sobbed and shed tears-to know I was loved !
    My moment in Paradise is as fresh now as it was 46 years ago. I realize I have never left Mother's arms. Gratitude is a thing that pleases our Father, Mother, God, so I give thanks to you, Ginny and to all for the beautiful thoughts. God bless Margaret and all.

  35. Thank you Ginny for this lovely "Lift" reminding us of the tender, nurturing of our Mother God.

  36. Thank you, Ginny, for putting God's motherhood and mother nature in a true perspective. I have also been declaring daily about Japan that the only true "radiation" going on anywhere is God's healing love that penentrates the darkest recesses of things or thoughts with workable, purifying answers that bless and protect everyone. Thanks all lifters for sharing. There is always so much inspiration given it gives me the wonderful "tingles".

  37. Thank you for pointing to such a lovely spiritual fact, to counter any false sense of a wrathful or destructive God. God is Divine Love. Can we ask Her to be more?

  38. Thank you Ginny for the spiritual lift on true motherhood. I have worked with orphaned children in the Americas and can honestly attest to the lovely healings would take place with these little ones as they were able to realize the Mother-Fatherhood of God as our first and only Parent. To the extent that they embraced this fact, compassion for their human parents would replace resentment, rebellion, dejection and all the other impositions that come along with the label of being orphaned. There is no orphaned creation with Father-Mother God, the ultimate, unfailing, tender, caring Parent of us all; the one you always wanted and have forever!!

  39. Ginny,being in a strange comm. no human friends, little support, it's been tough with my husband passing recently and my mother being passed long ago. Plus a severe walking challenge.There have been times I have felt "rudderless"...My support systems GONE. I've had to look for (and found) touches every where of mother love , sent to me of God, and qualities of my true husband. Each day I look for Divine Love's provisions. Your message was one of them today. Merci.

  40. Thank you, Ginny, for sharing your true sense of Motherhood. We are all so loved and cared for by our forever Father-Mother Love.

  41. You are so focused. Thanks for everything you do.

  42. Thanks Ginny great lift.

    Your reference on pg.393 in S&amp;H is one of my daily prayers.

  43. To Ginny and everyone today...I thankyou for helping me feel the Divine Nature of God's MotherLove.
    With Love and a Heart filled with Thanks,

  44. Thank-you Ginny.

  45. Thankyou #30for your comments. I find I (as a grama raising 2 little boys) that I need the mothering from my dear father mother God just as much as the little ones. There is mothering going on at school, in the community, in the the church, it is Divine Love and no one can be left out. Thanks Ginny for your lovely contribution. Thanks to all the friends on the Lift.

  46. I love these lifts and get so much inspiration from each lift and the abundance of comments made by everyone from all around the globe. What a blessing this site is for our whole world as each person is radiating love and gratitude for each other and our eternal Mother-Father God who encompasses each and every one of his ideas in love. I feel filled up full and am glad and rejoice!

  47. Thank you Ginny, friends, and especially Ruby #33. Your comment means a lot to me. Thanks, Daily Lift team!

  48. Thank you Ginny. You do know how to mother our world family.

  49. Thanks, Laurie #46! That was Perfect!

  50. thank you Ginny that was great.

  51. To Ginny
    Thank you so much for this insight into the love of God "Our Mother ever near." as it says in a hymn.
    The Bible says "Have we not all one father, one God who created us?" So, Have we not all one Mother, the Mothering-comfort Love of God!
    Sweet comforts to #5 -- spiritual, dedicated mothering reflects God, and your adopted children can stil feel this. And the wonderful job of #17, the dad and the grandpa who mothered the children. Love reflected in love-- for all of us.

  52. I think I understand the Father/Motherhood of God, but have to admit, as a man, I’ve wrestled with expressing the complete qualities of both. Motherhood is a lot more than housekeeping, meal preparation, bandaging knees and nurturing. Certainly bringing a new (material) life into the world is a bit beyond me, but how does a man best express the softer side of God?

    I’ve commented before on the different roles of Michael and Gabriel, Martha and Mary, but still struggle to adequately put actions into practice without them being misunderstood or misinterpreted, even within my own family.

    Now you’ve changed my perspective by describing the “gentle, tender, supportive, powerfully kind… the Strength and Power of God’s motherhood (Love)”. That sounded pretty masculine to me. Soft doesn’t mean Weak. If women can make it in a man’s world, man needs to prove himself worthy in a woman’s world too.

    So I’ve decided to go back and reassess my concept of Fatherhood and masculinity. Perhaps there are many loving, gentle, kind attributes I’ve overlooked and need to incorporate in my idea of Spiritual Man and Spiritual Woman. Wow, what a partnership that would make.

    Ladies, you are all absolutely fantastic, greatly appreciated, deeply loved and tremendously admired. It’s tough keeping up with you, but with your support we guys will make it.

    As I once told my wife, Have patience. God isn't finished with me yet.

  53. Very grateful! This thought rings true. Let us hold to our Mother-Love; Our divine origin that is never seperated from peace, comfort, harmony and Love. Thank you Ginny,

  54. I love your humility and receptivity #52. Thank you for sharing those insights.
    Todays lift comments are so full of sincerity and openness. Mother love is a comfortable place to find healing and nurturing isn't it.
    You are all such a blessing to these lifts. Love the comments so much!!

  55. Hi Ginny! Thanks so much for this lifting lift! When my mother passed on, a dear friend said I'd never lose my real mother, God, and would find that others would reflect the motherhood of God in my experience, and that's what happened!

  56. So nice to hear from you, Ginny. And thank you heaps for prayers for Japan.

  57. Thank you for the reminder of motherhood. Having a challenge with my mother in love being in another state and in need of a visit at 91. So about to drive a long distance. It acknowledged and affirmed that God is both her mother and mine and I need not really go the distance to affirm but know it is now and not separated. Putting thoughts in their proper channels puts it in the spiritual - lifting up. Thank you. Also LOVED the music today!!!!!!!! Very comforting.

  58. Mother nature? Huh! have heard that before but you put it so beautifully Ginny. Thanks.

  59. Thank you Ginny, You hit on the nail on the head with this one!!

  60. Thank you for your Lift, Ginny. It's so helpful to remember that no matter what our human parents failings were or are, we have a divine Parent, that is constantly loving and supporting us minute by minute. We've never been hurt, unloved, uncared for, but the good in our experience - other family members or friends - who constantly are supportive - reveal the Mother Love always present. I realize that over the years I have been mother loved by others and I've cherished that love because it is just a sample of God's loving presence in my life.

    Thanks to all who commented.

  61. I just got off the phone with the airlines since my son and his two friends are stuck in the Miami airport due to a fire, and decided to listen to this lift which couldn't have been more perfect!
    Thanks to #5 - we are in the middle of this type of situation and it has been hard. It's nice to hear from someone who came through it with good results. As it says in Proverbs, my plan is to trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not to my own understanding of things, but in all my ways to acknowledge Father Mother God and S/He will direct my paths!

  62. Thank you Ginny!

  63. Thanks Ginny...also #61 Linda..and all of the comments......

  64. What a beautiful lift today, Ginny, and all the "lifters". Loved the testlimonies from Margaret and Grandpa and all the rest. Such a shower of divine Love raining on all of us. Blessings to everyone.

  65. I am sometimes amazed how unconditionally I can love my adult children together with their spouses (and of course my grand-children as well). I think this is a strong hint to the fact of "Love reflected in love" , S&amp;H p.17.
    Your wonderful lift reminded me of the strong and tender Love God has for me and mine, a Love which indeed guides, cares for and gives us all we need at the right time. Thank you, Ginny!

  66. Liebe Ginny,
    danke für diesen klaren Vortrag; danke dafür, dass Sie ihn langsam und deutlich gesprochen haben, auf dass ich ihn auch ohne gute Englischkenntnisse verstehen kann. Und danke für diesen schönen Gedanken bzgl. "Mutter Erde" ;-)

  67. Thank you Ginny, again! But you know guys and gals, I have something to say to #5 for example. If we follow the Bible and MBE, that is good enough for me. But to say "Mother-Father", or "She" instead of "He" as our text books do is rather a slap in the face of historical precedent and hints at some dark thoughts in the past history of some of us. It is in no way disrespectful of anyone, or of any sex to continue the tradition of the Bible and Science and Health in referring to God as "He". It is, after all, a generic term, isn't it? And to do otherwise is just not necessary or productive. As a man, I have always seen this attempt to bring sexism into discourse as a bit lame.....

  68. We're all capable, as the image and likeness of our Father-Mother God, to give whatever response is needed in any situation. Mary Baker Eddy tells us: "Give up the belief that mind is, even temporarily, compressed within the skull, and you will quickly become more manly or womanly. You will understand yourself and your Maker better than before." (S&amp;H p.397).
    I've witnessed, on many occasions, essential actions by both sexes that would normally have been associated with the other. For many years military pilots were only men. A gentleman at a dinner, learning that a lady present was a pilot, commented: "the military needs more pilots like you."
    The world definitely needs those who are beginning to understand where all good comes from.

  69. Hey 52, you're a fun addition today! I always enjoy coming back in the evening to see what's been added.

    Arise! Let's start the Men's Lib movement - releasing false tough stuff and til-the-soil expectations and raise the standard of strength, power, loving kindness, patience, joy - none of which is gender specific!

  70. Yes, the gender stereotype and its mortal qualities are all part of the facade Christine Driessen spoke about on 3/23 (God’s masterpiece). “All one body we” (hymn 264) focuses us more on the collective nature of God and Man instead of the individual men and woman and their unique spiritual qualities He has accorded to each of us.

    No one could actually subdivide God, even into spiritual categories or synonyms. Mrs. Eddy used this as a stepping stone to help mortals grasp the concepts of Spirit in a manner we can understand and express today.

    I’m grateful to be part of the whole knowing it is always spiritual.

  71. Very comforting! Thank you!

  72. Oh Ginny, what a needed lift today! The nurturing, strong, protective qualities of God transcend the gender; all-encompassed within God as we need Her/Him. Thank you.

    And Michael, what a wonderful expression of grace and humility you have! Wonderful qualities that we all have and are able to express...but can definitely be work at times for men to bring to the forefront of their thoughts and actions. I really appreciate your insights.

  73. Thank you, Ginny --- Isn't it odd how something wonderful like "motherhood" gets twisted!? Thanks for helping us straighten out.

  74. Thanks Ginny, that is a real and accurate definition of 'Reality' as we learn in this weeks Bible Lesson. God is Father and Mother and the spiritual man and woman (without gender) reflect all the qualities of divine Love.

    en español

    Gracias Ginny, esa es una definición verdadera y precisa de 'La Realidad' como aprendemos en la Lección Bíblica de esta semana. Dios es Padre y Madre y el hombre y la mujer espirituales (sin género) reflejan todas las cualidades del Amor divino.

  75. Thanks for showing the simplicity of motherhood, while, at the same time, its expansiveness and inclusion.

  76. Doesn't the first line of the spiritual interpretation of the Lords Prayer say our Father-MOTHER God, all harmonious? I also remember Mrs. Eddy making a statement that we have more reason to call God Mother than Father (I am paraphrasing and apologize for not quoting exactly). I love to think of God as Mother...so tender and strong, and nurturing. Old theology named God a He! Don't really think its sexism at all to call God She. It's perfectly natural! The motherhood of God is as comforting as the fatherhood of God is! What a Parent! Love to all and deep appreciation for these lifts. Always cause an early morning shift in my thinking! K

  77. Thank you for this wonderful and needed lift! I've been recently looking for the mothering qualities I and others express every day and this lift was right in that theme! Also thank you for the quote from S&amp;H, it is one of my favorites! :) Love to you Ginny and everyone on the Daily Lift team!

  78. Michael! Loved your comments/questions - here are some thoughts:

    how did Jesus express womanhood/motherhood? i encourage you to make a study of that. he was the most meek, and yet the most mighty; the strongest, yet the most loving; the hardest on the Pharisees (tough love?) - yet the most kind friend to those who were humbly ready. I love thinking about how very tenderly he addressed Mary at the tomb; and yet his rebuke to unrepentant sinners was "fearful". His greatness was firmly rooted in his utter humility and tenderness - God's tenderness "hath made me great", it says in Psalms I think. in short - you can't have feminine qualities/mothering without masculine/fathering, and vice versa!

    Christian Science does not teach us to divide up these qualities into men and women - that is a mistake that has caused much suffering over the centuries. Its root is materialism. An attempt to define spirituality within the confines of a material body.

    The Christ, us included, is replete with all the qualities of Love.
    I was attracted to my husband because of his gentleness and unselfishness. He was attracted to me for my strength and vision. go figure!!

  79. Thank you Ginny and all the Lifters for such wonderful thoughts on parenting - both divine and human. Sometimes I feel such a loss when I think of my own parents having passed, or my own children having moved on with their own busy lives leaving me feeling so alone. But to be reminded, as many of you Lifters so beautifully expressed today, "of the strong and tender love that God has for me and mine, a Love that indeed guides and cares for and gives us all we need at the right time" (thank you # 65 Susanne in Muenchin), how can I possibly feel alone - EVER! Our Father-Mother God does truly inspire, illumine, designate, and lead the way through whatever difficulties or feelings of loneliness etc. may seem to be a roadblock in life.
    Thank you again for the warm feeling of Love I have gained once again from the loving thoughts expressed by the family of Lifters around the world. I am most grateful!

  80. As I read through some of these comments, I am awestruck by the realization of the global reach of these lifts! I'm grateful for the global outreach efforts of the Mother Church and the comfort, wisdom, and truth that is blanketing our world with these lifts. It all makes me feel so close to my global brothers and sisters, regardless of how many miles actually separate us. Pretty cool! :)

  81. Great Lift, Ginny. When my two sons were entering the tean years, I suddenly found myself divorced - and my now ex-husband moved to another state. A very dear practitioner helped me to understand that the qualities of mothering and fathering do not have to come from the so-called biological parents, nor an adult male or female living in the same house. My sons wound up being "fathered" from many sources. It was such a joy to see how their needs were met.

    To #67 - I was not raised in Christian Science, but in the traditional theology that God is male, and that therefore females were a step behind. Just about all other Christian denominations started with the 2nd chapter of Genesis, and used various stories throughout the Bible to reinforce male superior; female second. When introduced to CS, it was quite a revelation to me that God equally encompassed feminine qualities. I appreciate anything that refers to God as "she" because it is too easy to slip back into the old concept of God as solely "he" which makes me feel, that as a female, I'm not quite as worthy.

    The English language does not truly have a gender neutral pronoun that includes feminine and masculine properties. The word "it", while gender neutral, does not quite fit the need. It may seem tedious to flip between "he" and "she" but some of us welcome the reminder.

    I really appreciate all comments - they do make me stop and think about things in new ways.

  82. Thank you Ginny, for the useful lift

  83. Thank you very much for this beautiful message. Yes, God is the loving Mother who protects and nurtures each one of Her ideas.

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