1/7: Too much month

1/7: Too much month

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  1. Thanks Norm! Hey, hey! Too much month left over at the end of the money, good way to put it. We limit our goals and our money by the constrains of time. Both are material measurements, time and money. Spiritual abundance doesn't depend on time, eternity doesn't have limits. Let's not limit ourselves thinking we depend on our salary, we are God's image, we need to look for happiness in Soul, not in personal sense. Time is the most limited personal sense. Abundance is spiritual, let's look at the infinite resources Soul has for us, and not to where they come from.
    ¡Gracias Norm! ¡Je, je! Nos queda demasiado mes al final de nuestro dinero, que buena manera de decirlo. Limitamos nuestras metas y nuestro dinero con las ataduras que pone el tiempo. Ambos son medidas materiales, tiempo y dinero. La abundancia espiritual no depende del tiempo, la eternidad no tiene límites. No nos limitemos pensando que dependemos de un sueldo, somos la imagen de Dios, debemos buscar la felicidad en el Alma, no en el sentido personal. El tiempo es el sentido personal más limitado. La abundancia es espiritual, miremos a los recursos infinitos que el Alma tiene para nosotros y no de donde vienen.

  2. Hey-hey, Norm and Nate! What a timely (or rather, timeless) reminder. Thanks!

  3. I find these "Daily Lifts" very nice ... it makes the month uplifting!

  4. What a wonderful way of looking at this idea of time! And we should also be grateful for the good (and the time) that we do have. Thanks, Norm, for a wonderful lift!

  5. I really appreciate the need for freshness in approach but would love to go back to hearing the lecturers only in Your Daily Lift. Comments and interjections break the thread of thought, as well as one's concentration, no matter how pleasant the presenter!

    Thank you for all the wonderful work and ideas!

  6. Amen Norm! I love to start my year this way! As it always seems to be my slow time of the year, work-wise. This "slow time" however, gives me the opportunity to switch that thought around and see that eternity never slows down nor speeds up! Neither does my employment, supply, or purpose. They are constant, just like God. Thanks for the reminder. LuvSum

  7. Those were GREAT ideas Norm. Thank you so much for sharing them. And the quote you used from Mrs. Eddy is one that I have often treasured & pondered. So bless your cotton socks for giving us some fresh ideas to nibble on! I really hope you'll be at our upcoming Church Alive Summit next weekend in my church in Pasadena. We're going to lift the dome right off the place!
    And thank you, Nate, for keeping these Lifts new & inspiring & fresh. I really love the new format. With great gratitude from your support team in Pasadena, Richard Horner

  8. That was great Norm. I totally agree we have to stop thinking in terms of too little money and/or too much month. Both of those options are matter based. I loved the quote you gave from Mary Baker Eddy, that says "Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind." (S&H 60) If we turn to Soul, which is another name for God, for our resources instead of to matter, a paycheck or bank balance, we will be blessed with the abundance that Christ Jesus showed his disciples on the shore of the Galilean Sea. They had toiled all night with their material efforts and came up with nothing. So he told them to cast their net on the right side. When they did that, the net was so full they couldn't draw it. (John 21:6) Mary Baker Eddy writes that the disciples, "changed their methods, turned away from material things, and cast their net on the right side." (S&H 35) The right side is always the side of God, good. And with God, the Bible tells us, all things are possible, so naturally happiness will be attained more readily and will be much more secure when we seek our needs through Soul, God. What a wonderful way to start our day by changing our methods, turning away from matter based thinking and casting our thoughts on the side with God, good. Thanks Norm.

  9. That was absolutely fantastic,,, thanks Norm..

  10. I love the cadence of this daily lift

  11. Thank you so much...this was my first daily lift ever, I just subscribed......i'm up doing my "separation papers" (after 15 years of marriage) and it's the middle of the night ....it's a sad night - feeling like nothing is ever enough....not enough money, not enough time with the kids, not enough holidays to share --and this 'daily lift', lifted me to see that no matter what the court of matter is going to do, the court of Spirit, God, Divine Love will supply all that I will need!

  12. Many thanks Norm for your very inspiring lift on the subject of time and happiness, and all your great quotes from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy. Yes, "Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind,..." (S&H 60:29). "Happy the man whose heart can rest,/ Assured God's goodness ne'er will cease;" (Christian Science Hymnal #93)

  13. HI Norm, thanks for the timeless lift!

  14. This is exactly what I am working on - so thank you so much for this wonderful lift.

  15. Just read(in the morning NYT) the White House is cutting front line soldiers(the supply of) during war time. With three in lead responsibilities, one must wonder what they will see when they look all about them and over their shoulders? We know they will see the best of American youth, every wonderful faith and myriad hue. We pray they will also see Jacob, Moses, Peter, John and a loving Christ(right up front) and yes, guiding their peacemaking. Each looks to a loving God for their ongoing supply and you will often find the Full Text in their flight suit. We are grateful for the chaplain that goes with them and for your prayers, all of you. Thank you Norm for this timely and giving Lift.

  16. Excellent reminder which was well needed....thank you. Loved the dialogue between you and Nate, too...fun :-)

  17. Thanks, Norm, this inspires me to think more deeply about limitless Soul and how I am expressing that instead of expressing worries about time and other limits. Nate, you are hitting a good pace with these spontaneous lifts.

  18. Gracias Norm, Parece poco tiempo un minuto o un poco más que son los mensajes del Daily Lift, y evidentemente no lo son de acuerdo a los resultados ya que despierta en nosotros agradecimiento, respuestas inspiradas, comentarios generosos y sobre todo nobles sentimientos de hermandad de colaborar unos con otros, por eso pienso que más allá de las limitaciones que nos ponemos está la eternidad y un minuto inspirado vale más que años de aprendisaje sin amor.

  19. Thank you so much Norm, for this reassuring Lift. March seems my month with too much demand, but the available supply is, as always, infinite. And #12 Malcolm, your hymn selection is, as always spot on, and exactly what #11 fancy nancy needs at this very moment. Nancy quite a few have come to the Daily Lift with a heavy load on their heart, but the reassurance and prayerful support each one receives is something it just wouldn't be possible to get anywhere else. You'll find yourself comforted, consoled, and strengthened for wherever the journey ahead takes you, hand in hand with our beloved Father-Mother God.

    7 Richard, all the best for your Church Alive at the weekend. Our prayers are with you. Our Australiasian Summit is at the end of February if anyone from the north wants to warm up at a wonderful weekend in Melbourne.

  20. This lift really hits the nail on the head for many in Italy. A friend of mine here remembers Niagra Falls to help her understand the unending abundance of God's outpouring of goodness.

  21. "and I will open waters in high places...." for Caroline in Italy and Violet in Texas. I'm sending this to a friend in Ireland. Wish we paid more attention to that little,loyal band of Christian Scientists "laboring long and lone" on that well-watered island over there.

  22. Wonderful! Lest we think this means we have carte blanche for spending - ya hoo - along with this abundance comes wisdom.

    I love what MBE writes in Mis Writings Pg 111: 4-14. Part of which reads "Had He (God) filled the net, it would not have broken."

    Thank you - the daily lifts are a wonderful resource, too.

  23. This is a really helpful lift ! Thank you so much. And so timely!
    Too much month! really quite funny this expression.
    In Germany we once had a song: "auf meinem Konto steht das Komma zu weit links, - wenn's weiter rechts stünd', ja, dann ging's." Which means:
    "on my account (banking a.) the komma stands too far to the left; if it were further to the right - that would be fine." See? "Too much month." :-)

  24. Thank you for this Lift. There is always Time to do what needs to be done and we are supplied with what ever we need because God is our supplier.

  25. Thank you for a fresh look on "old problems". Really gives us something new to consider - not just in regard to financial concerns, but in the limiting of all good. Too much month (too little time!) plays a factor in so many things including our spiritual studies, so your thoughts are appreciated.

    These Daily Lifts (in all forms) are appreciated and treasured. Thank you for the uplift in form, word, and music.

  26. Thank you, Norm, for this great "Lift". It has been said that we never need more time - only a better sense of God's timing. God's timing is always correct and perfect.
    So much to be grateful for! All the love of Love, Lorrie

  27. I always enjoy the fresh new way of thinking of things like too much month is related to too little good, or money as both are material concepts and not spiritual. There is no limit or restriction in spirit. Thank you for this liberating thought.

  28. I agree with #5 Brenda. The talk with Norm makes much fun but spirituality is very hidden. Nevertheless thank you Norm for your good idea which I found out. Dear Lift-team, please give the 1,5 minutes to the lecturer.

  29. I give thanks to Our Beloved Father-Mother God, for the loved ones He has sent to us all like Jesus,MBE,and practitioners, teachers, and all of daily lifters for the great work you have done. Love you guys.I wish you all a very Happy New Year.
    Thank you.

  30. Thanks Norm for these eternal, resourceful ideas. I need to stop counting years and celebrating time -- "mortal measurments" said Mrs. Eddy. Recently a friend observed that we had our best travels and most memorable experiences during periods when we had the least money ... I believe we were not focused on what we didn't have. We were open to life and its good, apart from material sources. Life blossoms anew in that openness to good, when we let divine Soul lead us forward. Wonderful ideas in this lift will stay with me all day! Gratitude for that!!!

  31. Thank you, Norm, Nate and Daily Lifters for another inspiriing "morning meal." God's infinite spiritual ideas meet every human need, bless and heal, and show the tender, wise care of our Beloved Father-Mother, God, infinite Life, to all of infinite Mind's beloved Creation.

  32. Thanks, Norm, for such an original and inspiring idea that we just have too much month and not a lack of resources. The upcoming reduction in resources due to a tenant vacating our little rental cottage has been on my mind and this gives me a much needed fresh perspective.

  33. Well, I guess I have to agree with my friend Juergen, by the way how are the grand kids? The daily lift has lost a lot of its meaning for me. How would this help someone on the edge of committing suicde, as one of the daily lifts did some time ago? To much personality and not enouch Christian Science for me.

  34. God gives us limitless resources, the most being His love for mankind. Aren't we blessed by this! Thank you Norm and Nate! The fresh format give the sense that we are with you enjoying the dialog and can enter in with our "Oh yeah!" at anytime! Thanks to all who have contributed to the success of this program! Like God, it never leaves us where it found us! Cheers!

  35. Thanks so much, made me laugh Norm. So important that we do know that "Soul has infinite resources to bless". That was much needed. These daily lifts are a just wonderful. Keep them coming. Really enjoy the new format.


  37. Re-iterating 23, Anni's humor.

    This powerful message counteracts today's TV abundance of coming-up-short news. Very very up-to-the-minute.

    Thank you for placing all (incl the check book) in the hands of Spirit, eternal, time-less spirit. And it takes so few words and so little time to visualize this global truth!

    For our friends in Boston: I'm loving the informal and sheer fun of this early morning chat

    So on my way with a smile and an early bird song in my heart to greet God's day. My time here........ 5.30 am. Good day all!

  38. I also feel that the dialogue draws thought away from the topic.
    The newness and the freshness come in the form of the subject and thats all that is needed.

  39. Thank you for the inspiring message and all the time Norm and the lecturer put into this. Since some of comments above are commenting on style, I will add my two cents. The interview format was fine with me and will get more natural over time. But why mention that guitar groove and podcast is copyrighted? Are we not supposed to share this message with friends?

    <strong>Moderator's note:</strong>
    Norm opted to mention the guitar and podcast copyright today. This shouldn't stop anyone from sharing the Daily Lift with their friends.

  40. While I appreciate the effort to try new things, I have to say that I, too, prefer the original over the interactive chat format of this week's lifts. I would like the full time to be devoted to the thought rather than to banter. But I thank everyone associated with the Daily Lifts for their efforts. These lifts are inspiring and helpful, and truly demonstrate Love for mankind and the world..

  41. LOVE IT! So clever but oh, so true. I always like to end the old year with readings on time and eternity and, of course, we also need to begin the new year with those same thoughts! I also loved the "spontaneity" of this Daily Lift with the back and forth between Norm and Nate - great work, you two! Thanks so much.

  42. Thanks Norm.
    This message shows me in a very definite way, just how ridiculous it is to define our supply and abundance by any material means whatsoever. I love that God meets our need according to His riches - His infinite resources. And the source of our infinite supply inhabits eternity, and 'measures time according to the good that is unfolded.' [SH 584].
    What joy and assurance that God is giving us all we need according to His day.

  43. I agree with Comment # 5 - would appreciate less"noisy" intros and chatty banter and just elevate the DAILY LIFT - it makes the uplift more powerful and focuses on the spiritual msg however one receives what they need that day. (sorta like "muting" the constant commercials on tv-) though it is nice you are trying to be upbeat and energizing and cheery but can detracts from the potent value of these wonderful daily ideas that may meet a real need that moment

    . Every single one may not always apply to one's immediate need but it certainly redirects thought so it will evolve to bless where we are. These are like "sparks of light "to counter the darkness of world thought. I love a quote given to me years ago - " The mechanics of daily living crucify the Christ" -so we need to see what is "true" despite what the media and life in our experience claim s to the contrary.

    Thanks to all who work and contribute to this outreach To me the simpler the transition into the actual spiritual message in them the more profound it becomes. These lifts are not about "personalities" but truths.

  44. Thanks for those helpful thoughts, Norm. I just forwarded them to my son!

  45. All of today's comments are supportive of the Daily Lift. But commentators 5, 28 and 33 lovingly make a good point.

  46. Norm has some excellent insights - However I totally reinforce the comments of # 39, 38,33 and 5 - Please pay attention to those remarks.

  47. WOW - I really have to thank you, Norm, for this wake-up call. At work we are facing the challenge of thinking that there is too much month between product ideas and when products are on our shelves and our customers are aware of them. Sort of a company "personal sense" of time. And, I was buying into "solving" the problem as real. How subtle.

    Now I am on to it! .... no fooling around.

    There is no sense of time involved in good. Why should we try to think that there is? Sometimes we must just laugh at ourselves as we wake up!

    Thank you for a great day ahead!

  48. I like the change up for a change. Change is good (sometimes) -- it keeps us on our toes. Loved the lift about change the other day.

    I love the music intros and endings, as they lead thought to and from the message.

    Loved the idea: Think outside the month.


  49. Hey Norm, GREAT lift!

    And, Nate, I'll bet this is exactly how you pictured these live lifts sounding. The interaction between you and Norm was amazing!

    Thank you both.

  50. I keep encountering references where time is error and a trap that hides Truth. And this Lift is yet another confirmation on this subject. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  51. I too prefer the purity and simplicity of the original Daily Lift format, without the added element of personality and so much conversation. We're tuning in to these because, for one thing, we hope to eliminate personal sense. Thank you for always working to improve.

  52. Thanks Norm! Good way of looking at things a little differently.

  53. Thank you Nate and Norm...wonderful Daily Lift..good to wake up to what is going on.."Too much month"..there are times that just seem that way..but with God at the helm the needs are met. Love these Daily Lifts thank you all for your helpful comments too.

  54. I am enjoying the freshness of a new approach to the Lifts, so maybe just mix it up, sometimes interactive, sometimes not. Just like a while back when there were comments about always starting with hey, hey, hey. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. You know that old saying, "You can't please everyone", so just keep on doing what comes to you to do.
    I loved today's lift, even though that specific need is not a personal one. Helps me to think and pray more for the problem of lack of supply for others.

  55. This week's Lifts have been fresh and full of insights--as they have been in the past. Thanks for trying something new with them, Nate. I really appreciate the Boston staff's willingness to experiment and stay abreast of the times as evidenced by the online Wednesday testimony meeting this week. May we all remain open and receptive to Spirit's constant outpouring of good!

  56. I just love the new form, makes the subjects like "to much mouth" alive and fresh to us.. thanks Nate and Norm and all the production team, what a good job. We are uplifted today with "Soul has infinate resources with which to bless mankind" (S&amp;H 60)

  57. Love these daily lifts! I enjoyed the old format, but the new one is kind of nice also... I can appreciate both perspectives that people are taking with the comments today. Perhaps there can be some days with the more formal format and some with the informal dialogue. Just a thought. Thank you for these wonderful inspirations each day!!!

    As was noted earlier in the week, that this “live” format will continue until Friday (today), just like other themed weeks we’ve had (onsite week, kids week, college week, Christmas week, etc.). Sometimes these special weeks reoccur, but these live lifts won’t replace our regular style lifts.

  58. Great interaction today, Guys. It made the concepts fresh, enjoyable and poignant. Thanks!


  59. Great, Norm! Thanks.

  60. I totally loved the message this morning but agree now after 5 trys, that I prefer the original way of sending these daily lifts to us. I'm so grateful for the efforts the Mother Church has made in bringing audio lifts to us and have made it a habit to listen before my day begins. They lift me up right where I need to be thinking spiritually through out my day rather than materially. I am learning so much from not only the lecturers, but the contributers. I feel they are my new lifter friends. I won't stop listening but I hope you will consider the old way, clear and to the point. Love everyone's efforts. I am so grateful for Christian Science. Thank you again.

  61. Very cool indeed! Loved today's Lift, Norm and Nate! It was just what I needed to hear this morning. I was thinking again of how I need to deal with the belief of not enough time to get everything done. Just perfect ... an answer to prayer! And you guys are all doing a great job in all the different forms of the Daily Lift. You're blessing us, and in turn, it must be blessing the world, too.

  62. WOW!! Another great Daily Lift. It really amazes me though, how some of the listeners seem to always find something to complain about. I love the expressions of joy, humor, spontaneity, inspiration, and many more God like qualities that these 'live' Lifts provided. I also love the trditional Lifts.

    Freshness, newness, joy, and love fill each and every Daily Lift and I am so grateful for ALL of them


  63. Thanks Norm and Nate. I have enjoyed the lifts this week! Today's was great as I was rushing around this morning trying to get a lot done before leaving town. Very useful! I have found that I am not limited by time.

  64. I like how you keep the original format for the most part, then you go out on little adventures for a week at a time and try things, like the interactive lifts, the live lifts and such. I am sure there are more ideas yet to come. The original lifts do seem to be the most enjoyable for me but I like the openness of thought that makes you try "something for everyone." Thank you, Nate, and everyone, for ALL of these wonderful lifts.

  65. I subscribed to this site for the 'LIFTS' to thoughts and inspirations of the good and POSITIVE qualities expressed here in my continuing journey to understand and demonstrate what the Christ and MBE is imparting to the world. To see this Truth more evident. This is the first time in reading the comments, their appeared to be some 'SINK'ing, serpent thoughts trying to disguise themselves as having a place here.

    Mary Baker Eddy states on, page 517:15 of Science and Heath "The world believes in many persons; but if God is personal, there is but one person, because there is but one God. His personality can only be reflected, not transmitted. God has countless ideas, and they all have one Principle and parentage. The only proper symbol of God as person is Mind's infinite ideal. What is this ideal? Who shall behold it? This ideal is God's own image, spiritual and infinite. Even eternity can never reveal the whole of God, since there is no limit to infinitude or to its reflections."

    Thank you Daily Lift team for helping us ALL to :".... shape our views of existence into loveliness, freshness, and continuity, rather than into age and blight. " S&amp;HPage 246:

  66. To #15 Parent of three serving, bless you for your prayerful thoughts for those in the front lines. There is that great story in the Bible in 2 Kings, where Elisha's young helper was overwhelmed by the sheer force against them, and "Elisha prayed, and said, Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire." Full is the key word here and fits the Daily Lift for today.
    As Stephen #55 says May we all remain open and receptive to Spirit’s constant outpouring of good!
    I am grateful that the complete concept of these Lifts include the sharing and answering our fellow Lifters! It means daily instantaneous supply.

  67. Hey lifters,

    Thanks for tuning into this "live" week on the DL. If you haven't noticed, there are changes every week on the DL. The music changes and the copyright changes. Also, sometimes we have special weeks, like onsite week, kids week, Christmas week, etc. This "live" week is a special week. These special weeks occasionally reoccur to keep things fresh, but the original-style lift is the norm.

    And speaking of Norm, thanks for the awesome idea today! Thinking outside of time is SO helpful.

    Have a blessed day!

  68. Thanks DL team. I appreciate all the effort that goes into what you do. I like the old saying that "variety is the spice life." It keeps things real. It keeps things fresh. I look forward to discovering the new format for the week.

    And now some food for thought: For those times when I am struggling and I become restless or impatient trying to find the right message for the situation I always come back to one that is short, simple and always applies and always has a very calming effect: "BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.

  69. Terrific. Thanks. I have been thinking on these lines lately. Just great the way you have related time and money.


  71. Thank you, the Mother Church and all the participates for this wonderful Daily Lift outreach. I do like the regular format the best because It seems more directed to the individual listener rather than a conversation that the listener gets to listen in on. Either way the message is always top notch and inspires thoughout the day. Why are the lifts only 5 days? - Not complaining - just wondering. I love the Mother Church services, lectures, chats, articles and all that is provided on line. What a wonderful way to greet and meet the world with Life, Truth, and Love.

    <strong>Moderator's note:</strong>
    Yes, the Daily Lift is only 5 days a week, but includes every holiday that falls on a weekday. We like the Daily Lift Team to have a break on weekends. That gives you Lifters a chance to catch up on any of the podcasts missed during the week or saved for the weekend.

  72. I, too, add my gratitude and God's blessings to "parent of three serving" What an act of Love on the part of all four of you.

    God be with you. Ummm -- God IS with you.

  73. Thanks, Norm. Lots of food for thought today! Your lift reminds me of the idea of keeping my thought focused on balance today. The idea of too much or too little would imply that there can be imbalance and that one's life is out of sync (unbalanced) or unmanageable.

    I like to take the "just right" approach to my day. If I am the reflection or expression of God who is Love, can there be too much or too little of goodness or kindness in my day? Love just is! Or, as the image and likeness of Soul, can there be too much or too little of harmony and joy in my day? Or, as the expression of Mind, can there be too much or too little of time in my day? God, who is Love and Soul and Mind, maintains His universe and Her children in perfect balance. "Who hath measured the waters in the hollow of His hand, and meted out heaven with the span, and comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance?" (Isa 40:12)

    I love what Mary Baker Eddy says about balance for the New Year: "My heart is filled with joy, that each receding year sees the steady gain of Truth's idea in Christian Science; that each recurring year witnesses the balance adjusted more on the side of God, the supremacy of Spirit; as shown by the triumphs of Truth over error, of health over sickness, of Life over death, and of Soul over sense." (Misc. Writings pg 321:7-12)

    Nate, thanks for listening to Mind to find the right balance for the Daily Lifts! :-)


  75. Hey! Hey! Nate,
    Thank you (and the behind the scenes staff) for everything being providing to your listeners. Entering a new year with another format is appropriate. I’m amazed at how fresh and alive you continue to keep the program going.

    We all appreciate constructive criticism, but I’m disappointed to see the negative comments ranging from your signature “Hey, Hey”, to the music, background effects, conversational dialogues (which you announced on Monday was just another format for this week), etc.

    This program is a feast (a smorgasbord) for each and every one of us to enjoy. As an “INVITED GUEST”, we may not like everything presented at the banquet table, but it’s inappropriate to ask the “HOST” to remove something we don’t like, that someone else may enjoy.

    Everyone likes the food or they wouldn’t be back. This equates to someone coming to your home for dinner, enjoying a meal, then complaining about the dish their food was served upon. Who would do that? When visiting someone’s home, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

    Jesus’ said (I Cor 10:27), when someone “… bid you to a feast, and ye be disposed to go; whatsoever is set before you, eat, asking no question for conscience sake.”

    This feast is rich in Love and Inspiration. An honest endeavor intended to bless each one of us, not to cater to individual tastes. We know you’re smart enough to rotate the formats so please keep up the good and inspired work.



  76. Thanks Nate, Norm, TMC and your Daily lift team and thanks #42. Your comment that "God meets our need according to His riches....according to His day...." pulls the underlying theme from each of the Lifts for this week together for me. Amen! Hallelujah. So be it.

  77. Reading all the pro and con comments about this week's format reminds of a lecture I heard several years ago. Honestly, I wasn't that inspired and was critical of some of the points the lecturer had made.

    However, it spoke to many of the people in attendance. One life long member had never had class instruction, and was so moved by the lecturer that he applied to be in the next class. Another frequent visitor to our church applied for membership as a direct result of the message that was delivered. And several testimonies were given expressing gratitude for various points made in the lecture.

    I guess I learned my lesson! Which was realize that the good Word is going out and the receptive hearts will hear it whatever the format and whatever the specific words that are used. Because it is the TRUTH that is being spoken.

  78. "The objects of time and sense disappear in the illumination of spiritual understanding, and Mind measures time according to the good that is unfolded. This unfolding is God's day, and "there shall be no night there."

    This is part of the definition of "Day" from the Glossary in Science and Health, pg. 584

  79. I just love these daily lifts! I am so grateful to the branch church member who clued me in to these, and I continue to appreciate the "jewel" (more often, "jewels") I take from each one into my day. Not only are the Lifts inspiring, but the circle of comments submitted from around the world. I remember a dear Sunday School teacher telling us students (as he was conveying the benefits of daily study) that if you glean even one idea of Truth from the Bible Lesson Sermon, that is progress in our quest to learn more about God and our relationship to Him. The jewel for today (the timelessness of God, Good, Spirit, Love) reminded me of this past year when I was contemplating some of the healings I have had, and it occurred to me that the material belief of time completely disappeared at the moment of each healing! It was such a revelation, and I hadn't quite thought of that before. It set my thoughts into new pathways to ponder. So, too, these Daily Lifts each have precious jewels no matter the format. Thank you to all!

  80. Thanks, Norm, for this inspiring message. I'll be demonstrating it next month, February (the shortest month of the year). Or, maybe right now!

  81. Hi Norm,
    I enjoyed the concepts of Too much month and trying to measure things materially. Especially that “time” is the most limiting personal sense. To paraphrase, “Infinite resources always available to us and the Eternity we have to attain and keep them (our New Year’s [Eternal] Resolutions)”.

    I’ve found that, from a material standpoint, time is a fixed quantity, 24 hours a day is all we get. Our problem arises from trying to squeeze our personal agenda into finite hours. On the other hand, those who feel they have “time on the hands”, or have an unlimited time frame to accomplish something, tend to be procrastinators.

    So the key must be not to waste our time and resources (either materially limited or spiritually infinite) on unimportant things, valueless tasks, unproductive activities or thoughts. Throwing out the old (man) for the new doesn’t involve an effort of removing tons of clutter (even cluttered thinking). It starts by using our mental eraser.

    Happy Eternal Year!

  82. Norm, Nate, thanks for reminding us how much joy and freedom comes with thinking outside the "matter box." This week's lifts have been so refreshing - a hint of what Mary Baker Eddy was getting at when she wrote, "Life is the SPONTANEITY of Love." It'll be fun to see where the winds of Spirit lead the Daily Lifts in this new year! How 'bout inviting some of our listeners around the world to chime in on the discussions now and then? Wouldn't it be fun to hear the voices of this amazing community?

  83. Je je!

    Mesaje perfecto.

  84. Thanks, Norm, loved it!

  85. Thank you Norm and Nate for another wonderful lift. I love the variety of music, formats, ideas shared, comments made etc. Seems like there's something for everyone. I am just abundantly grateful for every loving, spiritually focused idea...all of which come from our Father-Mother God. Reminds me of one of my favorite hymns:

    "A grateful heart a garden is,
    Where there is always room
    For every lovely Godlike grace
    To come to perfect bloom"
    (CS hymn pg.3)

  86. 62: stop complaining about the complainers!

    I, too, agreed with those that like the simplicity of the lecturers thoughts w/o all the small talk BUT would never have said so. Look for the good: ie: they were honest enough to say so.

  87. Thank you Norm and Nate.

    I like the upbeat way these daily messages lift and guide thought to newer ways of dealing with old problems. I don't always get to these lifts the day they are published but they still heal when ever I turn them on and or replay them over.

    Normally I find the comments just as healing but do not care for those that can't seem to search deeper when listening to HEAR the lovely healing messages. What ever the format the message is there to those willing to listen! Thanks to all the Lift team members for an excellent job.

  88. I love the Daily lifts and the freshness and the variety of different themes etc. I do know as a marketing major that everything can get to a saturation point. And that is why I love Christian Science because it breaks the human marketing law of oversatuaration. Too much the same way, too much the same style, too much the same sound....

    God, the great I AM is never saturated. Never out dated. Never taken for granted. There is no selling of God. His inspiration is always here. The Christ is forever fresh. And healing goes on and on. And the reason is, because God isnt a product. God is the infinite Being that created us and loves us. He tells us, He will never change.

  89. Good way to sift thinking by exchanging "month" for Money in the too much category. Thanks for the creative approach in Daily Lift. We need to continue to sift thought so dust doesn't settle on our concepts of ourselves, our resources, or time!

  90. wunderbar!!!! Thank you for the witty spititual idea!

  91. This is the first time that I am sending a comment. Please know that I have always so appreciated the "daily lifts".

    However--I too feel that much spirituality is lost with the idle "banter" that has crept in--distancing the wonderful and inspiring truths that are gloriously communicated through our original format.

  92. Great Lift! Thank you

  93. It's been a challenge to "warm up" to the new Lift format. I've felt as if I have been listening in on a phone conversation between two people. But I've felt excluded! Today was different because of Norm's easy-going style and dialogue. Please don't make us feel as if we are intruding into a private conversation between two individuals!

  94. Great ideas and great schtick.

    Breaking down limitation to its essential conceptual fallacy and correcting it with Scientific reality is most helpful and powerful. The the Nate and Norm duo works because it's fresh and fast. The information doesn't pile up at the door of understanding, it just ushers itself to the right place. Not that this approach needs to be repeated, perpetual variety and creativity is always good.

  95. I needed that.

  96. Thanks Norm and Nate. I've been stressed out about an employer owing me monies, caught up in the 60 to 90+ days etc-I'm an independent contractor- and this lift brought a smile to my face and lift to my heart. God is THE source for all my needs. Cool.

  97. Thank you so much, Norm. I just love the spontaneity of these live lifts and for the equal sincerity they bring. I was especially touched when you quoted a well known and favourite citation from Science and Health (p.60:29-31): “Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind, and happiness would be more readily attained and would be more secure in our keeping, if sought in Soul. “ As you read those last 4 words my whole thought was suspended in the word "Soul", and at that moment all sense of conditions, time or measurement of any kind: quantity, quality, etc. just had no value. In that moment I saw clearly and naturally that resources (our needs) are just there, just exist completely, and perfectly without any qualification -and so are always available to all for the taking. I saw and felt Soul as just representing All-in-all, which Mary Baker Eddy uses to refer to God, Himself. So thank you for something that I needed to see at this time.

  98. Nice one Norm. This concept can be applied to any perceived material shortage... too much me at the end of my belt... too little road at the end of my brakes... and my personal favorite this year - there are too many jobs that still need doing for me to have the time to pay attention to unemployment statistics.

  99. Thanks Norm! I always appreciate your humor and the fresh approach you bring.

    I remember seeing a cartoon once where a little figure was puffing and panting, with "month" in one hand and "money" in the other, trying to get them together. How good to hear today that is not how things have to be!

    Thanks to all the commenters, perhaps especially to Michael #81, for some words of wisdom I needed today.

  100. I'm sorry, but I have to admit that I agree with Brenda, #5, too. It is distracting. I once knew somebody in art school who would paint beautiful oil paintings and we would all sit there and watch him, amazed at what was developing on his canvas right before our eyes. But the one problem he seemed to have was that he did not know when to stop and kept swirling the paint brush around on it until it was a mess. The rest of us could see what was happening and we would all start telling him the painting is beautiful, this is the time to stop, but he would not listen to us. I believe that progress is a good thing, but I also believe that knowing when not to overdo a good thing is also good. Thank you.

  101. wow - thank you so much! Daily lifts are always very helpful and reassuring!

  102. I love the lifts no matter what.
    God never leaves us stuck in a rut.
    He takes us where we need to go,
    No matter how fast or slow,
    So lets not worry or fret,
    All of our "lift needs" will be met, you bet.

    Have too much month, everyone. Be Happy! Thanks Norm for removing the time barriers.

  103. 64 - Grasshopper seems to fit for me. Above all though, we are trying to

    be better listeners not easy listeners. At first, I found it a little jarring but I
    had already found that some days I need to close my eyes to concentrate
    more. If we are to share our learning in C.S. with other seekers, shouldn't
    we be working to stretch our listening skills to hear where they are coming
    from? I have found over the decades that in helping others to see and hear,
    the opportunity for new growth for me is provided. There are closet times
    and there are front porch times. Keeping the "Pearl of great price" sequestered doesn't help us grow in grace. I wonder how Jesus reacted to
    banter and side distractions when trying to share his own results of listening.
    I think we all know that answer. "Feed my sheep" does not imply no loud

  104. As always, thanks so much for these clear and thoughtful ideas!! These are perfect for the start of a new month and year.

    And, Nate--it was interesting to me to see how the new format seemed to grow more confortable each day. Today seemed to get the right balance and ease of interation of dilogue that enhanced the lift and Norm seemed very comfortable and with it as well.

    I love how you are always mixing things up and having us adjust and appreciate new ways of delivering the message. It keeps me very open and receptive of getting ideas in new ways that might just really meet another's way of doing things--as I am going to always stay and enjoy them each day!

  105. I love the box -AND the outside too! Thanks for ALL the wonderful lifts, the hey heys - and all else - no matter what, they get my attention and I appreciate it so much!

  106. Thank you Nate, lectures and staff for the spiritual feast you set before us each weekday.

    I recall David's song of gratitude, Ps 23:5, "Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over." and Paul's words, I Cor 10:27 "If any of them that believe not bid you to a feast, and ye be disposed to go; whatsoever is set before you, eat, asking no question for conscience sake."

    Millions would be grateful just to taste the crumbs that fall from this table. For those us fortunate enough to be guests here, it should be enough to simply “say grace” in gratitude and humility for such a wonderful and filling meal, and for all the blessings affectionately set on the table before us. Obviously the “cooks, chefs and servers” from the Board of Lectureship have labored long and hard to lovingly feed us from Christ’s table.

    Any constructive criticism is always useful and can be sent privately to dailylift@christianscience.com, so I fail to understand how we can publicly grumble about the plate our free spiritual meal is being served upon.

  107. "Spiritual abundance is not time sensitive." I love it! We can never run out of good because it is of God and is therefore infinite. Thank you for this freeing concept.

  108. Love it. Thank you. And love Nate's comment to "think outside the month." :)

  109. I love the Lift,but personal opinion is taking over. Are we going to take a vote? I appreciated Grasshopper # 64 comments and am grateful for your efforts Nate. Happy New Year everyone.

  110. Norm - Thank you for the message of infinite resources of both time and supply, and especially the thought that time is a personal sense.

    I once wrote:

    God's plan is entirely good and entirely sufficient to meet the needs of every day. His plan is designed to bless and prosper His creation, including man.

    Man, as the expression of God, can experience only single-minded, purposeful thinking, wisdom in the use of time and resources, perfect clarity of thought, unlimited ability, efficient action. Nothing can interfere, interrupt, redirect or usurp God's plan for man.

    All types and expressions of good are available simultaneously without limit. There are no trade-offs in the kingdom of God. In this kingdom, where time has no bearing, no good has ever ceased to be present, nor can it diminish, deteriorate or decay. All good is at maximum strength, fulness, vitality, perfection at all times. This is the truth of our health and wealth.

    Cultivating an awareness of the infinitude of God, good, to the point that we rejoice wholeheartedly in God's allness and ever-presence, prepares us to be unimpressed by apparent lack, and absolutely confident of the instant availability of all good. This consciousness is one with the Love that "always has met, and always will meet, every human need." (S&amp;H p 494)

    Re format, may we all express our preferences, with love, but trust that God is revealing and implementing His Daily Lift to fulfill His purpose to bless.

  111. Enjoyed that new prospective on supply. I will use it to think about the Interfaith resource center who tells me that the great need is to bring them food at the end of the month The dear ones in need can be embraced by the Scientific thoughts of unlimited supply.Our month is indeed God's eternal day.
    Thank you!

  112. How blessed I feel with these short and sweet daily lifts to go to for inspiration. I, also, loved the cadence and interchange which went on in this daily lift. Thank you, Nate, for the inspiration you are sharing with us in keeping the presentation real and appealing. Thank you, Norm, for a on target, thought-provoking and powerful message.

  113. Angel thoughts can come in so many ways, If we listen we will hear them no matter what format they come in. If we were stuck down in a deep hole and someone brought us a blue ladder to help us climb up, would we say, I would rather have a red ladder? thanks Nate for your support and all the angel thoughts that come from this daily lift, Christ Jesus tells us "stop complaining" J 5:35 38, 41-44, 47-51. So thank you to you and to Boston for these daily lifts.

  114. "What do you think?" You got it. Agreed! And over 100 responders can't be wrong. There is plenty of God's goodness now and forever for everyone.

  115. First of all, thank you, Norm and Nate, for the Lift. It definitely uplifted my thought on supply. And judging from many of the 106 comments posted so far, the ideas shared most definitely fulfilled their purpose of providing a "daily lift."

    Regarding the extended discussion in the comments about the format of this week's lift, my personal thought is that it is the sign of a healthy family when people can, lovingly, share differing opinions. I think it's healthy when someone can "react," "get mad," and then clean up whatever mess is made by by a possible over-reaction, etc. It's a sign of health when a family can stretch and have "growing pains" and stumble and help each other get back up, dust off, and go on. And the group of Daily LIft commenters are just that to me--part of my family.

    That said, I would add that I support what #75, Anonymous, shared about going to someone's house and being fed. The substance (food, Daily LIft) might not always be exactly what I need/want that day, but I'm not the only one being fed.

    Also, the dishes used to serve the food are quite separate from the substance of the meal. For me to want to always have only the food I like and need, and to have the presentation be always on my favorite plates, and the table set only ever the way I like, pretty much leaves out all the rest of my family.

    I'm about to run out of space here, so I'll put my last thought in a separate comment.

  116. Wow! Gotta love this community. If there was ever a doubt, it's pretty clear now who owns the Lifts -- YOU DO!! Every comment was valuable. Thank you.

  117. Great Lift today, Norm and Nate. It got me thinking in a whole new direction. Thank you!

  118. Here's my follow-up . . .With this particular week of LIfts, and the "live," more conversational approach, I find it merely broadens my sense of how I can interact not only with God, but with fellow-journeyers. Sometimes my time with God, and my sharing with others is quiet and "solemn." Sometimes long. Sometimes short and sweet. Sometimes much laughter is involved. God and I are also on a much more intimate basis than ever before, and my talking to/listening to Him has as much variety as these Daily LIfts have, both in their content and their presentation.

    Both my time with God, and my sharing/living of my faith has a much more natural feel. It has much variety in it. And that is exactly what I personally have found mirrored in these LIfts, both in their content and their presentation--much variety.

    Thank you, Daily LIft team, for feeding me so beautifully, and for continuing to surprise and delight me with the means and methods of presenting the feasts.

    And thank you to the larger LIft family, for the compassion and healing kindness with which we care for each other. Thank you to all those brave enough to share their needs, and to those who feel "upset" by something. This family is strong and will continue to grow, won't it?

    Much love and gratitude to us all.

  119. And next time, Norm, maybe your text can be: "Yeah my money talks...but all it says is 'Goodbye!'"

  120. Hi Norm,
    Just wanted to chime in again to thank you for your contribution to todays Daily Feast...er Lift.

    Sorry so many comments focused on the manner of the presentation rather than your message. I assure you every sincere seeker of Truth, hungering and thirsting after righteousness, received your repast clearly. I often replay them many times to be sure I absorb every morsel of goodness, like gathering the fragments that remain after the feast and would lick the platter if I could.

    I got a chuckle out of #107’s thought on the difference between commenting about the “plate” and the “meal”. How appropriate for this week’s lesson on Sacrament, as we partake of the spiritual significance of bread and wine and not confusing it with matter.

    I doubt anyone believes Divine Science (Life, Truth, and Love) will be handed to us on a silver charger (platter). That didn’t work out very well for John the Baptist. We must individually demonstrate our daily bread (blessings) which we gain gradually as we imbibe the spirit, eating from our everyday tableware, chipped and well worn from its constant labor of love in meeting our daily needs.

    Well, you may not be a silver platter, but you are a silver tongued devil. Ha.


    Thank you for your concept of "Unlimited Time” for Love's work to be resolved in our experience.

  121. Wonderful Daily Lift, Norm. Loved the message on both time and money. I also love the new format for the Daily Lift.

  122. I love these Daily Lifts, whatever the format. They are God's gifts to us and I thank God and all the various channels used each day, including all the listeners. To Parent of Three serving, I know God's protective Love is everywhere, guiding and guarding. Blessings and God's Love to everyone.

  123. Of course there is no time, there is only eternity. Having one God means this and how we stand porter at our door of thought. It is a sense of time or limitation or material lack or gain that we have to lose. We really can't hang on to something that has no stability, no existence. God lovingly nurtures and supports His beloved creation. I do not know who said this first but it is true "I will not fret nor will nor plan, if I relax and just be free God will carry out His plan through me." This really is a statement about getting sense and self out of the way and letting God shine through in all we do! Thanks!

  124. Thanks so much Norm! That message was right to the point and so true! Wonderful help not only for today but always.

    That was a super presentation from the two of you.

    And loved the Hey, hey! Nate, I really miss that from the early lifts!

  125. I love the new format. Keep it up. A wonderful lift today!

  126. You Daily Lifter-Team all together do a wonderful job. And my whole gratitude goes to you. I do not miss one of the precious lifts.
    Yes - I, too, preferred a lot more the form of last year, which made it possible to take in these two minutes of pure inspiration without any distraction.

    Thank you to everybody for each inspiring thought going out into the world.

  127. This reminds me soon after I found Christian Science, a friend opened a hand-made craft shop in October in her home to sell things made by people from her childhood county in the Eastern Ky. Mountains, an economically depressed area. I'd not heard from her again until January. On the phone I asked how the shop was going. It was Thursday, a day the shop was closed. She said it had done OK, and was doing as well as could be expected now, because she'd been told not to expect sales after Christmas until Mother's Day in May. I reminded her that God was God 12 months of the year. Not a Christian Scientist, herself, but liking exposure she'd had to it, she adjusted her thought and agreed. After we talked, as soon as she hung up her phone rang with a request from a gift shop owner in the city she lived. He knew she was closed, but asked to come see her merchandise. He bought more from her to put in his shop than she'd sold the whole time she'd been opened, and offered her a table for her merchandise in his shop where it would be attended every day, and get it out of her home, which was not according to zoning rules. That was thinking outside the month, in effect. Thank you, Norm for this reminder and for extending it in practical ways to much more that can be useful. Blessings don't need stretching in Eternity, they are constant and completely adequate. We can't forget Now is eternity, and God rules, provides, guides, helps every moment. #15, Blessings to you &amp; your 3.

  128. Thanks so much, Norm. I feel so uplifted and blessed with your presentation; that in its truest sense, we really need to remember what we spiritually already have, that there's no lack in God's kingdom, and not to worry so much about too much month/money/time. That's really good, Norm. Actually, I have recently been working on this very subject. Thanks for re-enforcing my thinking and lifting it right back to its natural state, perfect God and perfect man, that our every need is always divinely answered. Have a love-filled day!!

  129. I love this, Norm! And what an inspired play on words--perfect!

  130. Great lift Norm… so grateful for these Lifts in whatever shape or form they come in, they help us all to see more of The Christ and that can only be a blessings!

    He that has made my heaven secure,
    Will here all good provide;
    While Christ is rich, can I be poor? Hymn 224 Christian Science Hymnal.

  131. I learned a good lesson about communication many years ago. I was working behind the scenes as a TMC staff person at Annual Meeting times. Most prepared talks were prescreened by staff for clarity of communication. On one occasion, following a meeting, a listerner wrote a letter of gratitude for "Mr. So-and-so's remarks about Love," which had resulted in a healing for her. I was familiar with that talk and went to review the original script for it, which was in our files, because I remembered that there were not specific words such as the letter writer had said she recalled. I asked my boss about this testimony, and he replied that divine Love does all the communing, and knew exactly what each listener needed to hear. Thus, Love's healing message, specifically designed for the listener, had been heard in her thought at the time the speaker was delivering the prepared talk. She heard what Love knew she needed to hear, and healing occurred. This is the key--that each of us grants one another the privilege of hearing just what Love knows each one needs to hear, regardless of outward style or content appearing to the rest of us. .

  132. How timely and truely refreshing (hopefully for eternity!) - thanks Nate and Norm for this lift! - having practiced yesterday's lift: always becoming a little bit newer, I am ready for the next surprise...

  133. Thank you Norm for the great lift. I agree with #5 Brenda . I prefer to listen to the practitioners only, without interceptions. These lifts are so helpful. Thanks .

  134. Love the fun way you've been introducing the messages, keep it up.
    A long time CS prac. and teacher once told me, if we're not having fun in Christian Science, we're not "doing" it right. Well sometimes, it doesn't seem the place to have fun, some challenges, but most of the time, let's have fun and see the real.

  135. I thoroughly enjoyed today's lift and all the accompanying sharing!
    Yes, Norm, "Cool" and "Way cool!"
    Much love to ALL.

  136. After I wrote you today, I slipped a CS Sentinel Radio adition CD into my car and took off for an errand and realized as I listened, that we already have that kind of voice from the Mother Church and it works. Please understand that I love the lifts but that was why I didn't like the new way. We already have that way with the Sentinel Radio. This new idea, Daily Lift, albeit a few years old, was different from anything Mother Church had done before. Please know I dislike criticizing good things, but love you Nate and all you have done, I think we were fine the way we were. All the best to all good we receive from everything that comes to us and brings Christian Scientist closer together. I'm so grateful for you all!

  137. Great thoughts, Norm! What drives me nuts is, when I've paid all my bills, then one arrives that is due sooner than all the ones I've done. Crazy mm!

  138. So many good ideas!! Loved the buffet comment - will try to choose what dish or dishes I like, and let all others do the same, without criticism or complaiint from me!! Thank you all.

  139. I love the idea of an eternity to obtain all the Good God has bestowed on us, What a great glimpse of the truth. Thanks guys....

  140. I guess I'm the only negative, and I'm sure this won't get posted. I appreciate the great thoughts, but somehow this CS concept of supply doesn't work for me.
    If you pray and pray for spiritual abundance and infinute resources, and still can't pay the rent on time, then spiritual abundance doesn't depend on time, the landlord does.

  141. Translation to #18, Nelly, Uruguay says:
    Thanks Norm, the Daily Lift messages of a minute or so seem like such a short time but obviously they are not —this according to its results as they awaken in us gratitude, inspired answers, generous comments and above all, noble feelings of brotherhood to collaborate with each other.
    I think that eternity is beyond the self-impose limitations, and so a minute is worth more than a year of learning without love.

  142. Translation to # 83. CW of Dana Point says:

    Hey, hey! Perfect message.

  143. Awesome... such a helpful thought! Thank you so much!

  144. Thank you Norm and Nate for a great Daily Lift. I am so grateful for all the varied
    Lifts, each one is precious and unique.
    With love and appreciation.

  145. Since Soul is the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body, and commonly held to be separable in existence from the body; the spiritual part of humans as distinct from the physical part we can say that these are truths or realities of life and thought that are regarded as timeless or eternal. Our thoughts can either harm us or heal us through constant regenerative mind. The Mind that is Christ like is a healing mind that gives to us all we need and is therefore supply. The animating spirit that is God gives to all these qualities for all eternity by changing life, feeling, thought and action. The seemingly endless and infinite time is the quality, state, or condition of being eternal. If love is timeless and infinite than we on Earth have a life filled with love that is compassion for each other.
    How are infinite resources with which to bless mankind obtained? In my experience they are not obtained materially, but spiritually by first thinking along these timeless channels in thought and action to do some good. The good deed is infinite solutions for movement and activity as well as healing for and by the people of planet Earth as well as their spirit, soul, mind, principle, life, truth, and love. The power is to gain access to this new country in reality and help each other. The Kingdom of Heaven is a state of mind that is truly your own. Let us hope for too much a month!

  146. Thank You so much Nate and Norm for (again) this inspiring, clear minded wonderful lift.
    After reading all the comments first - I listened to you Daily Lift - ... that matched exact my need for spiritual insight, easy and undisturbed to comprehend -
    and it came to my mind to mention, that it is spiritual sense that is listening, not an ear, to these ideas and truths - one of the effects are presented in #131 and further more, it is the individual idea of God - not a person - that reflects and expresses Truth broadcasted here via Daily Lift.
    So go ahead, dear team of Daily Lift, whatever inspiration you get from infinite Spirit to bless and heal - the expression of your love for God and mankind.
    Thank You again.

  147. Dear fancy nancy, # 11, welcome to the daily lift family. You are sooo right that God, Divine Love is now and always will be supplying every single one of your needs, as well as those of your kids, their dad, those three precious soldiers whose parents wrote in another coment here, and all, all, all. Your comment made me just praise and thank our Father-Mother for being All-in-all! Ephesians 3:14-21, the responsive reading in our Bible Lesson this week, took me to the heart of Love, again, with thanks, and more thanks, and more thanks. We are sisters and brothers as we pray this responsive reading in the King James version of the Bible, and The Message Bible (Eugene Peterson) makes it even clearer to me. You will love it. God bless you as you work through this part of your life with prayer. Joy is yours, now, dear new friend. Many thanks to our "old" friends Nate, Norm, all working on this team. Fabulous job, everyone.

  148. Oh! je suis trés content et notre écodim que l'année commence en nos familliarisant avec les biens et la sagesse divine merci notre ami

  149. To #140, Mimi who said, "somehow this CS concept of supply doesn’t work for me. If you pray and pray for spiritual abundance and infinute resources, and still can’t pay the rent on time, then spiritual abundance doesn’t depend on time, the landlord does."

    Thanks for your honest, searching remark and grateful it was posted. There's no way a spiritual concept like the abundance of substance and supply can be summed up in less than a minute or even explained in the 1500 word limit we have to comment here!

    In the past, anytime there was a concept in C.S. that I didn't grasp completely and wanted a fuller understanding, I would go to the C.S. Reading Room and look up articles that had been written on that subject. It was a focused study and then the ideas in Mary Baker Eddy's writings or the Bible would take on new meaning for me. I would gain a better understanding of how to put the ideas into practice in meeting daily needs.

    Now, you can do the same thing on-line at the sister website spirituality.com. I just went there and searched for "supply" and came up with a great article called "The supply within" by another lecturer, Ron Ballard. It addresses everything that was posted in your comment.

    Hope this helps. Don't be discouraged if you don't grasp a spiritual idea right away. Just stay connected to God, your true source of infinite supply, and you will find divine Love does meet not only your needs but the needs of all mankind.

  150. Thank you always for the Daily Lifts; however, I, too, would prefer less chit chatty conversation---I need a direct line without interruptions to hear and understand the spirituality offered. I would appreciate a reversal---back to hearing the speaker only. Many thanks.

  151. Terrific - I am forwarding this.

    Thank you, Louise

  152. Thank you for another week of terrific Lifts. This Lift in particular is very helpful to me and I am grateful for its new ideas about unlimited time &amp; money. I have read every comment and must give special thanks to #77 Marie for sharing her lecture experience, #81 Michael for the "mental eraser" idea necessary in handling clutter, #103 delores for "There are closet times and there are front porch times."; #113 kath for valuing the ladders of different colors able to lift us up &amp; out, #115 &amp;118 Maureen form Spearfish for sharing her thoughts on the variety of God's communications, #127 J.S. in Ky for sharing her friend's experience after reminding her "that God was God 12 months of the year", #131 Jean M.'s experience about the seeming discrepancy between what was said &amp; heard at a TMC talk, and extra special thanks to #70 Gene for his final comment "THANK YOU EVERY ONE WHO WORKS HARD TO LOVE US LIFT LISTENERS." which made me chuckle, immediately softening my heart regarding the varied comments , encouraging me to read the 77 more that followed and blessing me tremendously!

  153. Hey, hey! (I am getting used to it). The more pressure I seem to have to find time, energy, money, ideas, courage, determination, peace, healing, etc., the more I find that divine Love, God, supplies all I need, and even more, at all times. I used to be afraid of 'how long my money was going to last', or 'how long illness would persist until it disappeared from my experience'. A fount of inspiration I find in Mary Baker Eddy's Communion Hymn (298) "Thou the Truth in thought and deed; Thou the water,the bread, and the wine." And this gives me the strength to go beyond human perception and I am not afraid and I can take one day at a time and not be concerned with 'too much month'. Thanks to all contributors to the wonderful 'Lift'.

  154. Mimi,
    Thanks for your genuine and heartfelt comment. If what you're saying is, "We as Christian Scientists may see the nothingness of time, but if our landlord doesn't, what good does it do?", I would offer this: that's where prayer in Christian Science can really have an effect. It doesn't take into account material deadlines and requirements. It cuts across all situations and limitations. And it doesn't mean having to convince other mortals of the Truth. The Truth IS.

    When Jesus walked on the Sea of Galilee, stilled the storm, and then brought the ship immediately to its destination (John 6: 19-21), he didn't have to convince everyone in the ship that he could control time and space. He just knew the Truth, and the Truth did the work.

    In the same way with regard to supply, our job is to quietly and persistently realize the truth about Spirit's unlimited abundance, and not worry how it may appear. I think the challenge for us is to resist praying for a particular result -- more money, more time, a new opportunity -- and just pray, "God, show me all the goodness you have in store for me every moment. Let me feel your presence and care right now." It's a prayer I pray every day, and I love listening for God's reassuring answer.

    Thank you again for your thoughts.
    Norm Bleichman

  155. It is almost the end of the 8th day of January, and I love reaping the benefits of all the thoughtful responses to this imaginative shift of time and money. It was also wonderful to read the final response--coming full circle with our lecturer after over 150 responses from around the globe. It brings real joy to feel the embrace of familiar and new names, sharing ideas among our "family." Thank you!

  156. To: Kathy in Louisana #149 and to Norm (post #154) -
    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful answers. They've been most helpful and have given me much to think about. I will look up that lecture and apply all your thoughts and insights... I'm very grateful.

  157. Oh, I just loved loved this "Lift! - especially the interaction between Norm and Nate! I think you do great work in bringing new and fresh ideas to help us "soar and sing" and the world is blessed, blessed, blessed!

  158. Mimi, what I find when the results of my prayers don't seem evidence is that it is an opportunity for me to consider God's side of the story. In the January 2011 Christian Science Journal on page 50 is an article by George Moffatt which makes the point that whatever the problem it is actually a negation of the truth God is expressing as the blessing. God is loving you! God is your Life. Thank you for your courage in sharing so that we in your "family" can pray. God loves you too much not to "Lift" you and bless you.

  159. I don't often reply, but I have to send a huge thank you for all the inspiration so lovingly dispensed by the wonderful presenters.
    Sometimes I don't get to the screen/emails for several days and then it is a feast!
    It has been such a lovely initative to produce this programme and I do sincerely appreciate all those responsible.

  160. I've never said, 'too much God,' despite repeatedly claiming 'too much debt,' or 'too much challenges.' What a mistake. I'm claiming 'much God, much good, much eternity....' And 'much love' for this Daily Lift program.

    Thank you, and Thank God, one and all--

    Much love,
    Rob of the Rockies

  161. Makes nothing but cents (sense) to me. Thanks for no nonsense.

  162. Thank a lot Norm for your very helpfull ideas for new resolutions. Thank a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. I really look forward to the daily spiritual message but prefer the serenity of the one person delivery over the 'chat' format.

  164. Thank you, what a great way to look at things from a new perspective!

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