3/2: The still small voice of God

3/2: The still small voice of God

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  1. Thank you, Ginny, that helps me a lot with my little catastrophe, too. Your voice and words are consoling and truly convincing of the truth.

  2. Thank you for the reminder, that the still small voice is always there and is not impressed from the loud surrounding. This brings peace and calmness to us and helps us to rest in hope. Thanks a lot for this helpful idea. Dorette

  3. Thanks so much Ginny for this wonderful lift. I have always loved listening for 'the still small voice" of God, divine Love, who cares for all mankind, in every circumstance. I have been praying alot recently on this idea of fear in personal issues as well as world issues. This acronym for fear -
    False Evidence Appearing Real - has been helpful. These verses from
    Psalms 46:1 - 3, 10 to : handles the fear regarding seeming disasters.
    "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof. Be still and know that I am God."
    TY, TY, TY, Ginny and all contributors and staff. What a wonderful gift these lifts! !

  4. Today a friend asked me some difficult questions, about man and God and destruction. I was praying how to answer. Then your Daily Lift arrived. I've already emailed the link to her, knowing that God is answering my questions, her questions, and bringing answers of peace, power, and goodness to each & every one of Her beloved children, whether we can humanly see them or not, whether they are next door, on the other side of the earth, or continuing their life where we can't see them right now. I will be guided how to help, how to live, how to understand Truth, & to experience the truth of God's harmonious family. Everyone can help, some with their hands, many with their prayers. Thank you, Elijah, and also to you, Ginny.

  5. Ginny, Thank you As you say it is God's harmonious order which is real, not fear

  6. Thanks Nathan and Ginny for Elijah

  7. Thank you Ginny! By listening and surrendering to the still small voice, we also can realize that there is only one world and one voice:
    " Be still and know That I am ".
    From very small childhood on, I always was in contact with God,listening to his voice, without that anyone ever tought me to. I was saved from severe darkness and harm, by trusting and believing. I also felt surrounded by light and warmth, which did not come from my surrounding, but from God alone.
    I reached all my goals and made my dreams come true, although sometimes it took years of patience and trust, correcting miy thoughts, thanks to the powerful teachings of M.B. Eddy. Without her boek, the still small voice that I heard from my childhood on, was certainly already killed. But thanks to her it has become more clearly and stronger.

  8. Thank you for such helpful thoughts to guide our prayers for those in Chile and Haiti. One aspect of these events that is less often addressed by the media is the grief and sorrow of those who have lost loved ones. My heart goes out to them, and to Shelby (#33 yesterday, whose grandfather just passed on). I've found the still, small voice of God's thoughts in these citations:

    From Mrs. Eddy’s letter to Mrs. McKinley (Miscellany p 290):
    “My soul reaches out to God for your support, consolation, and victory. Trust in Him whose love enfolds thee. “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee.” “Out of the depths have I cried unto Thee.” Divine Love is never so near as when all earthly joys seem most afar.
    “Thy tender husband has passed earth’s shadow into Life’s substance. Through a momentary mist he beheld the dawn. He awaits to welcome you where no arrow wounds the eagle soaring, where no partings are for love, where the high and holy call you again to meet.
    “I knew that thou hearest me always,” are the words of him who suffered and subdued sorrow. Hold this attitude of mind, and it will remove the sackcloth from thy home.”

    S&H p 69: “Spiritually to understand that there is but one creator, God, unfolds all creation, confirms the Scriptures, brings the sweet assurance of no parting, no pain, and of man deathless and perfect and eternal.”

    From “The Pattern of the Mount” (CSJ June 1951, also in the Anthology of Classic Articles), speaking of the transfiguration (Matthew 17): “The three disciples saw and heard Jesus and Moses and Elias talking together. The mortal sense about these men was silenced, and the eternal facts concerning them became vividly apparent. No one was seen to be held in matter, to be subject to age or death, or to be absent. The individual identity of each one was recognized as divine and eternal.”

    From Miscellany p 297 re the passing of Edward Kimball:
    “My beloved Edward A. Kimball...is here now as veritably as when he visited me a year ago. If we would awaken to this recognition, we should see him here and realize that he never died; thus demonstrating the fundamental truth of Christian Science.”

    The belief that we can be separated from those who pass on is an illusion. Separation has never occurred and cannot occur, no matter how loudly the senses scream otherwise. There is just one Life, one infinite, eternal consciousness that expresses and embraces all identities, and because Life and Love are omnipresent, all individuals are here, now. Even though we may not perceive them humanly, that doesn’t stop love from flowing from them to us or us to them; love that reflects Love is more powerful than the belief of different states of being -- it penetrates the mist of the illusion that there is more than one realm of Life. God holds us and our dear ones who have gone on, close to Him, and to each other, forever safe in His love.

  9. Ginny - that is so helpful! I am so grateful for the Daily Lifts! This one, as usual is spot-on. God is good!

  10. Thanks for that lovely message from God !!

  11. Right now much of the eastern half of Australia is experiencing the drenching rain we have waited for through so many years of drought. And while we are rejoicing as our land is being replenished and restored our prayers go out in support of the Christian Scientists of Chile who are assisting those who have been affected by the earthquake. Prayers from Christian Scientists worldwide are flooding into Chile replenishing and restoring faith in God's infinite love to help reverse the scenes of chaos and restore calm and order.

  12. What a wonderful message. I can feels God's love and peace as I listen to this, I got a new perspective of the Bible verse referred to


  13. An earthquake includes pictures of tribulation, distress, famine, nakedness, peril, death, things present and things to come. All this would try to make us think we can ever be separated from the love of Christ, God. Paul lists every one of these in Romans in a selection in this week's Bible Lesson. Saturday morning my mom alerted me to the quake in Chile, telling me with great concern that my cousin was "down there" on vacation. We settled our thought with understanding solid universal truths - using ideas from a Sentinel article about disasters from a Japanese contributor. We soon heard that all was well with our relative, and she continues to update us as she makes transportation plans to come home. We support her and all affected with our prayers.

  14. Thank you Ginny for those gentle words of comfort. "It is the 'still small voice' of Truth uttering itself." (S&H p323: 29)

  15. What a beautiful and inspiring message, thank you Ginny!

  16. Thank you very much

  17. I love hearing about the transforming power of the "still small voice" of God. It brought you from a state of fear of disaster to a peace of mind and the ability to provide a dry shelter warmed by a wood stove to needy neighbours.
    The "still small voice" brought Elisha out of total despair to state of inspiration where he could search and find Elijah and mentor him in the practice of the healing Word.
    It "... reaches over continent and ocean to the globe's remotest bound." (Mary Baker Eddy). It is speaking to every one of us, bringing peace of mind and inspiration to help those in need, whether in Chile, Haiti, or in our own neighbourhood. Thank you Ginny for your voice.

  18. Thanks, Ginny, for the sweet and timely message to be alert to waves of fear that would overwhelm us, and turn instead to the peace of His reassurance that all in under His loving control. Love these Daily Lifts and all responsible.

  19. Ginny thanks for this Lift. So good to be reminded that these earthquakes and floods and disasters are not from God -- not from our Parent, God, Love. And the "still small voice" IS there to guide every one of the children, men and women, -- to provide the way for them to find food, water, shelter, safety -- and lead them out of the deadly circumstances, like it says in Psalm 23.
    And our prayers for Chile and Haiti are not in vain.

  20. Thank you for the reminder that God does guide us to do and think the right things when we need it. That Agravation is not a part of God or his child. Love is all around each and every one.

  21. Thanks, Ginny. This reminds me of our own experience during Katrina. There really was a still, small voice. We, and our adult children, were guided and protected every step of the way. I loved your analogy of the sofa in the driveway. Fear does try to flood consciousness. For us at that time, focusing on God and each other and trying to keep our minds full of what we were learning in Christian Science, was the healing grace.

  22. Thanks so much, Ginny, for the example of how your family faced down fear, found peace, and were then able to help others. I'm also grateful for the reminder of Elijah's experience, which shows so clearly that God is not impressed by the roaring of error, which often seems so overwhelming to us. Thanks to everyone for their inspiring comments - I really needed to hear these messages, especially #8, which makes it clear that I and those I love can never be separated from God or from each other. Many thanks!

  23. Ginny's Christlike message was both comforting and reassuring. No matter what the conditions are, God is in control.

  24. Thanks to everyone who writes in, to the speaker (Ginny) and to all those at TMC putting this daily lift together. "All one body we....." amen.

  25. Wonderful encouragement.

  26. This timely 'lift' is a true reminder that daily, we have to pray unceasingly for God's Love and protection even before such worldly catastrophes arise. We must be vigilent at all times -- to listen to the peaceful "still small voice" which is daily directiing, enriching and protecting us all. How blessed we are by the stories of biblical figures such as Elijah.., Thank you so much, Ginny!

  27. Thanks so much Ginny for this wonderful message reminding us that "God's love heals and restores order and peace." Much love.

  28. Thank you for your wonderful message. When I first heard about the earthquake in Chile, this passage from Science and Health by Mrs.Eddy on page 207 came to thought: " The spiritual reality is the scientific fact in all things. The spiritual fact, repeated in the action of man and the universe,is harmonious and is the ideal of Truth. Spiritual facts are not inverted; the opposite discord, which bears no resemblance to spirituality is not real." I also found the comments that I read very helpful.

  29. Thank you so much for your very helpful message, Ginny, and for your wonderful example.

  30. Here are a few citations that are helpful when thinking about God’s still small voice

    Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy = S&H

    1 Kings 19:11-12 “And he said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord. And, behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake:

    And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

    John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

    S&H 332: 28 “The effects of Christian Science are not so much seen as felt. It is the "still, small voice" of Truth uttering itself. We are either turning away
    from this utterance, or we are listening to it and going
    up higher. Willingness to become as a little child and
    to leave the old for the new, renders thought receptive of
    the advanced idea. Gladness to leave the false landmarks
    and joy to see them disappear, — this disposition helps
    to precipitate the ultimate harmony.”

    S&H 367:24 “The infinite Truth of the Christ-cure has

    come to this age through a "still, small voice," through

    silent utterances and divine

    anointing which quicken and increase
    the beneficial effects of Christianity.

  31. I want to thak you Marilyn B for your wonderful comments on Ginnie's words to us this moning. She inspired and YOU inspired me with all your lovely messages. Your words were very comforting and brouight to light again what I have known for years and will continue to know.

  32. Thank you, Marilyn B. May we all listen to that still small voice. Love to you all. What a wonderful idea, the LIFT.

  33. Beautiful message .. .

  34. ....The still small voice is so loud - if we listen....
    thanks for that reminder!

  35. It is wonderful to know that we can do something even though we are far away from those who presently need help and that prayer is powerful and does have a good affect for God's beloved children... to rejoice that God is right there with them. They cannot be separated from him. That "still, small voice" is so comforting to us as it was for Elijah. Thank you, Ginny!

  36. Thanks Ginny for those uplifting words! When ever I hear the term natural disaster I cringe as it seems so wrong. There is nothing natural, that I know, about any disaster..it is totally unnatural and that still small voice is telling us that and allows us to rise above this belief. You have certainly helped me today to understand that more clearly!...Thanks

  37. Wonderful Ginny! For six years my mom had been trying to make me listen for God’s words. Not from a preacher but from God directly, in my own consciousness. I was too young, too self centered and busy with my own life to even have time to think on God. One morning while living in Japan, I received a call from my mom repeating me that indeed, I DO have time for God. I was thinking on her words when I arrived to my hotel. I just paid the taxi but the man wouldn’t open my door, (it latched from the front). With the help of my new tourist book I said, “I already paid you! I’d no idea what he said but he lowered my window, I heard the noise of shattering glass and saw Geishas running outside yelling for the tourist bus that had just left.
    The hotel was on top of a steep hill, we all walked closer to the slope and saw quite a large crack all the way down in the middle of the street. The bus was already gone. A deep fear sunk in. As I walked inside the hotel, my roommate was coming out of the office followed by a yelling employee. She had been using the phone when the earthquake hit and had been so scared and stucked her finger nails on the arm of the man standing next to her. It was chaos. My mom's words came to me, “everything bad is error, error doesn’t come from God who is All-Good”. Mom repeats MBE’s words very often, “Why should we be aghast at nothingness?” The original reads, “We may well be perplexed at human fear; and still more astounded at hatred, which lifts its hydra head, showing its horns in the many inventions of evil. But why should we stand aghast at nothingness?” (S&H 563:4) I was afraid of the nothingness!! I called my mom again, when I told her that I didn’t know the damage caused by the earthquake, she said it wasn’t important for me to know the amount of error, but to help people by seeing God’s own image in everyone I saw. To put everyone I saw in contact with God in my heart and He will take care of the rest, After all God did make man in His own image, didn't He? That day I learned the value of trusting God in every circumstance.

    ¡Maravilloso Ginny! Por seis aňos mi mamá trató de hacerme escuchar la palabra de Dios. No de un predicador sino de Dios directamente, en mi propia conciencia. Yo era muy joven, muy centrada en mi misma y ocupada con mi propia vida para siquiera tener tiempo para pensar en Dios. Una maňana cuando yo vivía en Japón, recibí una llamada de mi mama repietiéndome que yo Sí tenía tiempo para Dios. Estaba pensando en esas palabras cuando llegué a mi hotel. Recién había pagado el taxi pero el hombre pero no me abrió la puerta, (se trababa desde adelante). Con la ayuda de mi librito de turista recién llegad dije, “¡Ya le pagué!” No se que dijo pero bajó mi ventanilla, oí el ruido de vidrios rotos y vi Geishas salir corriendo gritándole al autobús de turistas que recién había salido.
    El hotel estaba situado en la en la cima de una colina muy pronunciada, todos caminamos hacia la barranca y vimos una rajadura hacia abajo todo el largo de la calle. El autobus de turistas ya había pasado. Me entró un temor profundo. Cuando entro al hotel mi compaňera salía de la oficina seguida, un empleado la seguía gritándoles. Ella había estado usando el teléfono cuando llegó el terremoto y asustada le clavó las uňas en el brazo al hombre que estaba a su lado. Todo era caos. Recorde las palabras de mi mamá, “Todo lo malo es error, el error no viene de Dios quien es Todo-el-Bien”. Mi madre repite seguido las palabras de MBE, “Bien podemos estar perplejos ante el temor humano, y aún más consternados ante el odio, que levanta su cabeza de hidra y muestra sus cuernos en las muchas maquinaciones del mal. ro ¿por qué quedarnos horrorizados ante la nada? (CyS 563:5) ¡Yo había estado temiendo a la nada! Llamé a mi mamá otra vez y ella me dijo que no era importante saber la cantidad del error, sino ayudara a la gente viéndo a cada uno como la imagen misma de Dios. Que ponga a cada uno en contacto con Dios en mi corazón y El se hará cargo del resto. Después de todo Dios hizo al hombre a Su imagen, ¿o no? Ese día aprendí el valor de confiar en Dios en toda circumstancia.

  38. Thank you Ginny...how often we are blessed when we remember to be still. I was inspired recently also when it occurred to me that the word "still" has several meanings. The synonym finder is rich in meanings. In the lesson was the familiar passage... "I am still with thee." This comes after the reassuring reminder in Ps 139 that no matter where we find ourselves...God is still there. I realized that "still" can mean - even then, regardless, nevertheless as in "I am even then with thee:" - but it also means - peaceful, unagitated, undisturbed, untroubled. So God is also saying " I am undisturbed with thee, I am at peace with thee..." Still another way to use the word includes - to this day, up to this time, until now - indicating the ever-presence and continuity of God's being with us.These expanded views of that familiar passage have meant a lot to me and are vital, vibrant promises to all - everywhere, regardless of what Goliath-like challenges appear.

  39. Yesterday it seemed the lead camel brought all his buddies into the tent before I realized the whole herd was in there! The noise seemed insurmountable, the destruction of relationships perhaps beyond repair....

    However, as Ginny brought out in this Lift, the power of God's presence, guiding and providing peace, healing and practical solutions by listening to this still small voice quietly sharing powerful healing ideas enabled all to move gently forward, fulfilling each task required in a very harmonious way.

    It was imperative to realize that each party involved was listening and hearing also and that there could be no resistance to God's will or His infinite plan for each, right there, right then!

    I am so very grateful for these Lifts and the sharing, healing, love they bring to everyone all over the world and how they are uniting thought in one harmonious whole.

  40. Thanks for a great lift. The earthquake countries have been of great concern to me and this is a good direction to take my thoughts.

  41. Thank you Ginny.

  42. TY for the bountiful blessings this Uplift has brought today. It is so inspiring. TY Ginny and TY each and every one that contributed.

  43. Ginny! You're the best. At Sage Femme our motto is: LOVE DELIVERS. You certainly did and do. Besos, Diana

  44. That was a great lift, Ginny!!! Thanks for reminding us to: "Be still and know that I am God; Be still and know that I am; Be still and know that I; Be still and know that; Be still and know; Be still and; Be still; BE!!! To BE forever in our Father-Mother God's divine nature and perfection. We pray to know that He is upholding, loving and caring for each and everyone of His children no matter what the seeming situation is. No matter how big or small, He is here with us, right here and right NOW! And that's the truth for the Chilean's and the Haitians. They are all included in God's ever-present LOVE!!! Have a Love-filled day, everyone!!

  45. That was just lovely, Ginny! Thank you !!
    Can't wait to have you lecture for our Church soon!

  46. That was a great lift, Ginny! Thanks for reminding us: "Be still and know that I am God", Be still and know that I am; Be still and know that I; Be still and know that; Be still and know; Be still and; Be still; Be!!! To BE upheld in our dinve Father-Mother God's ever present love, care and protection moment to moment is comforting. That is our true nature with Him. We love Him because He first loved us. No matter how big or small the seeming situation is, His presence is forever in tact and we are in HIM....the Haitians and the Chileans and all His children in His Kingdom, are all included in His perfect creation. "Perfect Love casteth out fear". Have a Love-filled day, everyone!!!

  47. It's so amazing how the one Mind works... Just now I was out walking and thinking of Elijah and his wilderness experience, and upon return to the office, I tuned in to listen to your daily lift message of God's love that is always around us -- even from (and before) the days of Elijah up to today and for always. thank you and to all the other dedicated folks who share these spiritual thoughts with us all..

  48. The still small voice of Truth does reach Chile as a country and Chileans individually. Thank you Ginny and comment 37, from Nigeria.

  49. I can't get today's Lift to load/play. Is there a problem at some end? thanks for everything.

  50. Hey Ginny - so wonderful to hear your voice this morning, just made my day. Love that still, small voice of God - it's always there for all of us. Perfect answer to the turmoil in Chile and Haiti. Take care, my friend.

  51. Thank you so much for sharing the comfort and practical understanding in this message. It is full of meaning and tender, helpful, loving ideas.

  52. Thanks, Ginny, for the reminder of just how reliable is that "still, small voice" to guide our thought along right and loving ways. I'm so grateful that the tsunami warnings were withdrawn and that all really was and is well. Love to everyone.

  53. As usual, your thoughts are from God and always loving and uplifting. You are easy to love!!!


  54. Thanks very much, Ginny! I remember you from class, and with fondness.
    This is a very pointed reminder, and am so glad you mentioned that God is NOT in the storm or the earth quake, or whatever is harmful. Disasters cannot touch any of us, because we are not material, we are spiritual---in a realm apart from matter.

  55. May the people who have experienced these terrible events feel the peace of Soul.

  56. Thanks Ginny for this reminder of the still small voice and the comments of # 3 and 37. I also appreciated how, as you mentioned, that even in your state of supposed disaster in the flood, you were able to use your resources to the fullest and were actually given an opportunity to be of comfort and help to neighbours. I think these types of circumstances can bring out the absolute best in humanity, and help us realize the unimportance of material possessions and the importance of love, sharing, compassion, and the expectancy of seeing good no matter what seems to be going on. Keep up the good work on these inspiring lifts all!

  57. To Susan (#48 ) and any others having problems with audio:

    We recently updated the audio player for Your Daily Lift. Please make sure you have the most up to date version of 'Flash' on your computer.

  58. Ginny, Thank you for this loving lift, giving us opportunity to pour our loving prayers throughout the world. Job 38:4-11 tells us God laid the foundations of the earth and ordered the proud waves be stayed. He wouldn't leave the foundations unfinished or unsettled, with plates sliding destructively (to man) under each other. S&H 124: 14-31 covers the same topic. We need to address the results of matters “faults” (pun in earthquake cases fits), and heal the people's distresses, but we also need to give prayerful attention to the “underlying” (again a fitting pun) cause of earthquakes and the disasters they bring. In Ex.3:5, God declares to Moses the ground to be holy, where he stood. With God being everywhere, all ground is holy. God not only was not in the earthquake, as you, Ginny, pointed out, but He would not be in disturbed, unsettled, unfinished foundations underneath where man, His beloved, stands. Earth, being a spiritual concept of God for His glory, the material conditions cannot give birth also to destructive weather patterns of too strong and violent, too dry, too wet. Mrs. Eddy says, “ Pilgrim on earth, thy home is heaven; stranger, thou art the guest of God.” (S&H 254: 31-32) That covers those aware of Truth, and those seemingly at present, unaware. “Nothing” has no aftermath. We need to daily treat mortal mind's claims concerning our earth and universe, as well as the treatments we give to situations we personally face. In Chile, as still in Haiti, and anywhere serious conditions claim disaster and stress, we can know their needs are met, uninterrupted. Whatever seems to be wrong, can be usefully restored. Blanketed with Love, including our loving help and prayers for the people, there is a ready answer for their needs.

  59. And thank you all.

  60. Thank you Ginny for reminding me that God's love brings healing , order & peace, not chaos in any form. I will hold to this today.

  61. Thank you to all for uplifting my thoughts and reminding me of the "amplitude" of God's dear Love. He truly does hear our needs before we call so we then can respond to the clear small voice directing our daily path(s) in whatever need or situation arises. I have been giving a lot of thought to the word "amplitude" lately in knowing God's provision in helping through difficult times personally and worldwide. Webster's New World Dictionary defines "amplitude" as abundance, fullness, copiousness". It is so reassuring to feel the amplitude of his love expressed through all the "Lifters" comments each and every day. I am so very grateful for these daily lifts to reaffirm His Love and provision each day no matter what may come our way. Thanks to Ginny and to all!

  62. Thank you, Ginny! Well said.

  63. Thank you for reminding me that its always just the fear that seems to be the problem. The 'still, small voice' is the voice of calm, never suffocated and drowned by the raging torrent, the calamity that rages and screams fro attention. While we need to support chille and other grief stricken places - even our own personal earth shattering moments calm is always present. Peace and harmony are the reality and can never be quashed. Love is always at hand to lift us up and out of any situation. THanks for your podcast, it made a big differnec to me and I am sure to the world.

  64. Merci avec la voix de Dieu qui parle à nous c'est notre guide .
    oh! nous sommes impressionné de votre rappel même quand j'écoute votre voix Dieu nous montre des realité spirituel grâce à cette voix.

  65. What a quantum leap of understanding we are all sharing this morning; from the still, small voice heard by one man alone to this chorus of voices raised in thanks for God's goodness to us all everywhere here and now. Love it!
    Loads of thanks to all who prepare, plan, publish, participate, and echo the Good News. Ginny, the voice of truth never sounded better.

  66. Thanks to all who reminded me of the acceptance of the truth of God's universe including individual man and the unreality of what seems to be. Evil of any kind has no power and is unreal, an illusion of mortal mind. All power belongs to our Maker and His spiritual creation can never be touched by anything but good. "His arm encircles me and mine and all."

  67. Very comforting and peaceful thought! Thank you so much!

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