8/16: The prayer of gratitude

8/16: The prayer of gratitude

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  1. Thanks Josh, what a lovely way to start the week with our hearts full
    of gratitude.

  2. So refreshing! Thank you.

  3. Loved your contribution - so true - our thought can change everything in our experience, and I find gratitude is such a healing attitude to have. Thanks for the lift :) :).

  4. Friends reawakening our gratitude..."THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR"!

  5. great joy and help,thank you Jean

  6. "God knows me and loves me." This astounding realization was one of the first life-changing healings that came to me in my study of divine Science. I am so grateful for God's grace!

  7. Thank you Josh. I will keep that attitude. My list of gratitude is long and I will always keep it that way...to the best of my ability. To know Gods allness and goodness is caring for us always. God Loves us. Have a great day!!

  8. Very true. Gratitudes are such a cool thing.

  9. Thank you Josh. About to leave for a trip to London after a not so good night and was feeling a little daunted ... until I heard the lift..... am feeling refreshed and ready for a great day. Super, timely lift. Can go forward with a spring in my step. Am so gratefui.

  10. Thank you Josh, for your super words, very uplifting.

  11. Yes, Spirit is the true source of all the good we experience.
    Let's include those who have lost their home.

  12. Thank you for that uplifting thought. Gratitude for God's Allness certainly changes one's perspective.

  13. Thank you!
    To me, gratitude is prayer. When I am humbly and joyously filled with gratitude, acknowledging the goodness of God, I know this touches many a heart somewhere, opening their thoughts too to gratitude and joy.

  14. Thanks Josh - great inspiration to the start of the week :-)
    Have a great week!!!

  15. I am grateful for you:)

  16. Thank you, Josh. Wonderful middle-of-the-night uplift!!!

  17. Well said, Josh, MBE accentuated the importance of gratitude when she said, "Are we really grateful for the good already received? Then we shall avail ourselves of the blessings we have, and thus be fitted to receive more. Gratitude is much more than a verbal expression of thanks. Action expresses more gratitude than speech" (S&H 3:22) We have to be careful not to let ourselves be blinded by selfish thoughts occasioned by our troubles. To me this proved true every time.

    Bien dicho, Josh, la Sra Eddy acentuó la importancia de la gratitud cuando dijo, "¿Estamos realmente agradecidos por el bien ya recibido? Entonces aprovecharemos las bendiciones que tenemos, y eso nos capacitará para recibir más. La gratitud es mucho más que una mera expresión verbal de agradecimiento. Las acciones expresan más gratitud que las palabras" (CyS 3:24) Tenemos que tener cuidado de no dejarnos enceguecer por los pensamientos egoístas de nuestros problemas. Para mí esto probó ser cierto todas las veces.

  18. Thank you Josh. for the simple truth that prayer is gratitude, if prayer seams difficult,we can always be grateful,a timely reminder for me.

  19. Simple, yes, the simplicity of the Christ. And so dear. A gratitude lift drops all the earth weights. And we're off! Many thanks, Josh.

  20. Thank you Josh, for what you brought out about gratitude. I feel blind, for all these years I never stopped to think what gratitude proved. As I started listening to your Lift, it suddenly came to me. I always thought of gratitude as being “polite and loving” to let God know I appreciated what He did for man, and for me, individually. Now I see gratitude is also declaring what I know about God. It is awareness, affirmation, treatment, and more. It's stating a portion of what we know about our Father and His love for us. I just now realized I should be grateful that I am grateful, for it means I know and recognize God in my life. I'm getting more out of my gratitude than God is, because God already knows us as satisfied and appreciative ideas. I knew gratitude healed, and now I see why: John 8:32, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Gratitude is knowing Truth, recognizing Truth and His effects in my life, and declaring truths. You may be a lecturer for youth only, but your Lift helped me. I feel I must be the last one to “catch on”. Better late than never. Yrs. ago, I mulled over sharp criticism my parents had for our choices, including joining the CS Church. Every negative they said, FILLED me with gratitude for what we had. Just then, a huge tree being cut fell on our young son as he clung to the side of an old empty chicken shed. I yelled, “God is your life!” It crushed the shed, but he didn't get a scratch.

  21. Thank you. So truly uplifting.

  22. Many thanks Josh for reminding us of an inspiring and very useful passage written by Mary Baker Eddy. "Become conscious for a single moment that Life and intelligence [Mind] are purely spiritual, — neither in nor of matter, — and the body [mortal mind] will then utter no complaints. If suffering from a belief in sickness [or frustration of any kind], you will find yourself suddenly well." (S&H 14:12)

  23. Oh, I really enjoyed this Lift! Whatever circumstances we are in there is always a reason for gratitude, I find.
    Thank you for this lovely reminder

  24. Thank you Josh, that is so true I too have just had a super healing being grateful for God's love and care for us and every area of our lives. It removed all sense of responsibility and burden. A good reminder thank you so much for sharing it.

  25. Thank you for this sweet reminder, What a nice way to start this day and everyday!! When our thoughts are filled with gratitude there isn't room for anything else! Just God and His wonderful goodness!!

  26. Thank you Josh, and welcome to Daily Lift. So many have such gratitude for this wonderful gift Mrs Eddy gave to the world. Being grateful for Christian Science should occupy most of our life. And the healings we demonstrate because our grandparents, parents, friends, angels have been obedient to God's direction and led us to Christian Science in whatever way, will keep us grateful for ever. A lady on a tram when I was just a toddler leaned forward and said to my mother "My dear, what you need is Christian Science!" My mother demurred, but the lady was very firm and said "No no! You must come to our church on Sunday!" And regardless of her objections my mother and her four young children were at church on Sunday, and all the Sundays afterward. I'm still turning out for church on Sunday! And still feeling so very grateful for that little God-appointed lady, whoever she was.

  27. 'God knows [me] and loves [me], and this is something for [me] to be grateful for'. Another thing I am grateful for Josh, is today's Daily Lift. It met an immediate need for me, changing sorrow into gladness, just as Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health 255:6 that the light os Truth and Love changes 'chaos into order and discord into the music of the spheres'.
    With gratitude, from Nigeria.

  28. Thanks Josh and everyone. What a joyous, humbling way to begin my daily prayers today your daily lift and all these gracious, grateful comments. My (man's) cup runneth over............amen.

  29. Welcome Josh... and thank you for a clear sense of finding gratitude as a welcome wagon to healing.

    "Gratitude and love should abide in every heart each day of all the years." - a simple directive from the Manual.

  30. This is a great lift and gave me ideas about the connection between healing and gratitude. I love the thought of "super healing." If there is "super healing," there must be "super gratitude." I think that is when your thought is just so filled with all that God is, that there is nothing else.
    Wow, that is super! Thank you, Josh

  31. Something I read many years ago was brought to my thought as i listened to your uplifting Lift this morning: "Gratitude and joy pave the way for God's will to be done." and God's will for us is to be happy and fruitful
    and enjoy the harmony He/She aways provides. Thank you TY

  32. While listening to this daily lift and thinking about my own daily thoughts of gratitude I am lifted to know an inspired thought of God's goodness. This goodness takes away any fear, jealousy, or hate I may hear about another. It does not badly label or curse another. It replaces any sense of error with a good thought of a stable mind that is filled with flying wings of love and harmony.

    When we share our thoughts with sincerity we are sharing with all truthfulness. My prayer of gratitude today as always is healing any sense of or belief in fear, jealousy, or hate that can badly label or curse another. This disarming prayer knows the perfect man in God's own image and likeness as loving harmony and giving freedom. This is the freedom to know good thoughts to bless another. The exalted thought spreads passion of excellence among the people and gives them hope to know that they are the beloved children of God, good and not anything else, but good.

    How does this good heal? It can only heal by love that is giving to another, not expecting anything in return. Love heals by changing life everywhere. It says to me from above "I Love You All!" and "Everything will be alright." It is thought, deed, and power. This thought is the accomplishment of unconditional love blessing all mankind!!!

  33. Oh, yes! Gratitude was my first thought waking this morning. It's so powerful and blessing all. Thank you!

  34. I, too, want to welcome you Josh to the Daily Lift and thank you for your inspiring "Lift" to my morning. It brings back memories of when I was a counselor at a Salvation Army camp many years ago as a teenager. It was difficult and I was the only female counselor to last the entire summer. In fact towards the end I was the only female counselor. The only way I was able to get through it was to express my gratitude at night before going to sleep for everything good that had happened during the day. The children were there for two weeks, one group would leave every other Saturday and a new group arrive on Sunday, and from what would be considered disadvantaged homes. As I looked for ways to express love I was able listen to their stories and give them encouragment. By trying to make their two weeks an enjoyable experience, I was able to make each two week period another opportunity to express much needed love to a new group of girls. The close associations and true affection received, gave me much to be grateful for. Expressing this gratitude every night blessed and sustained me and also healed me on a couple of occasions. As Hymn No. 3 states, a grateful heart loves and blesses all - me and each girl I met.

  35. Beautiful lift! Gratitude IS riches and complaint is poverty! (Our hymnal). So ANY complaint (be it physical, emotional, financial, whatever) gets swept away in the riches of gratitude! Thank you for the reminder of the power of a simple thank you, God for loving me, thank you, God, for taking care of me, thank you, God, for healing me and mine and all!

  36. Thank you Josh!
    I have found that when I maintain an attitude of Gratitude and Expectancy I receive all I need.

  37. Thaks a lot Josh Niles for this divine insight!

  38. Beautiful Lift! Thank you Josh! My cup overflows this morning with so much gratitude inspired by this comforting lift...thanks again... and a warm welcome to the Daily Lift Josh, so glad you're here!

  39. Yeahhhh Idaho! Thank you, Josh! I was thinking that Gratitude really requires Faith, because if I don't have Faith that there is something greater than me holding me up, sustaining me, causing me to be, loving me into being - then I won't have a reason to be Grateful. But somehow I know that I didn't create myself, that I can't breath myself, and that Something gets me started every morning and keeps me going all day and all night long. That Something I choose to call God - a Higher Power that loves and supports me. And for this, I am Grateful! Thank you God! Love to All!

  40. Thank you Josh! Your sweet lift is a never ending gift.

  41. All good reminders on gratitude. Thank you for sharing these ideas with us which heals and blesses all.

  42. I'm grateful for this Daily Lift. From a sense that I was merely thanking God for blessings to the fact that I am really affirming His presence and power to
    heal. Especially am I grateful for His forgiveness (if He thought there was
    anything to forgive and there were some whopping mistakes!) and constant care.

  43. Thank you, Josh, for reminding us of such a simple and profound truth. Gratitude opens the doors to love and blessings. Jesus expressed gratitude BEFORE he fed the multitudes. I was reminded of this recently when I faced a difficult financial situation, After grappling with the issue for a while, I realized that I was going at it the wrong way -- I was seeking something to be grateful for. I stopped that rumination and prayed with gratitude, "Thank you Father Mother God for giving me this opportunity to see the falsity of this error and to see for myself and for all that good is infinite and ever present." The immediate financial need was met quickly and gracefully. I am indeed grateful.

  44. After listening to your beautiful lift, I looked down on my desk at some notes I had written, " Tears of self pity turns into gratitude when I partake of living water" and " If self pity knocks, gratitude want let it in."
    Thank you Josh and everyone who have responded.

  45. This was wonderful, thank you for sharing!

  46. This truth is expounded in the Bible. Paul writes, .."in everything, give thanks...". I, too, am grateful because we can have divine health through the cross of Jesus, Who took all our sins and all our infirmities upon Himself. He alone was able to cover all our sin and restore us to an understanding of the Father's heart. Let us thank Him above all else. His Name be glorified forever and ever.

  47. Thank you so much, Josh!
    And yes, thank you, Father-Mother God, for already giving us all and only good!!

  48. Wonderful thoughts here everyone, truly so much to be grateful for. J.S. #20, I've also had some pretty neat experiences where I've seen God's protection in action. We really just can't ever be separated from God, good can we. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for all the warm welcomes.

  49. Gratitude is riches ... a concept I love and have come to appreciate more and more for it's truth. Thanks for the "daily" reminder!

  50. Thanks, Nathan and Josh, and thanks to #26 "the toddler on the tram" from Australia. A reminder to be more free with invitations!! At least 5 lives touched with one simple statement "What you need" ! Grateful!!

  51. Thank you Josh. What a wonderful reminder of the healing benefits of expressing gratitude.

  52. Thanks very much Josh....Yes, I did not even know what God is until I began the study of Christian Science years ago....I wanted to give up smoking. God made me realize that divine inspiration was far more satisfying than smoking...so I accepted that and gave up smoking...Yes, God does know us & love us!

  53. What a wonderful approach, Josh. Typing in God's exquisite beauty in creation and man's discipline with spiritual lessons should reach youth and the aged alike. May you be richly blessed as well. This was lovely to see and hear. Praise Him and thank you.

  54. Thank you, #46 Sabina, for sharing your thoughts with everyone! Your Love and Gratitude for Jesus shines through your Comment! Yes, we truly are so Grateful for what Jesus brought to and did for the World! Amen!

  55. Great lift, Josh! Thanks very much.

  56. Amid a morning full of too many harried phone calls and an inundation of never-ending emails, the Daily Lift is a peaceful break today. Many thanks to all involved !

  57. Gratitude sure is the attitude for HEALING/revealing the Truth that God is Infinite, joyous and sunshine rays of Love for each and everyone of us. Thanks for the reminder, Josh. Have a blessed day, EVERYONE. rob of Colorado

  58. Thanks, Josh. ......so simple yet profound. Gratitude takes all the efforting out of the day.

  59. Great lift this AM. As always, they are a great way to take on the day. I have always loved knowing that embracing gratitude can bring about healing. Beautiful lift Josh! All we need is gratitude. Thank you!

  60. Thank you for the wonderful lift this morning. Thank you for brillent form you are delivering it to us all. I have always wanted to share Christian Science but really didn't know how to do it. Now via facebook I am beaming a little bit of Christian Science forward.

    For Mary Baker Eddie, besides all her other works, to establish a board of lecturers way back when it is just mind boggling!

  61. As I set out for my bicycle ride this morning I will be more fully aware and grateful for the beauty and fullness of God's creation and ever more grateful for this. Thanks for setting my thoughts towards being grateful.

  62. Thank you for all your gratitude, and your joyous expression in your daily life, and your time at the camp. At least one camper went home sincerely inspired. As his mother I now have had that same blessing. Thank you for your lift.

  63. Yes, healing is natural and lifts our thoughts out of fear and doubt. Great thoughts! Thank you.

  64. I am grateful every day for Christian Science and the blessings it has brought to me and mine for many decades. I am especially grateful for our lecturers who provide this Daily Lift, and for all who share with us their thoughts as inspired by the Lift. Thanks, Nate, and each and every one of you.

  65. Thanks!
    This IS the day the Lord hath made. Your message brought the reminder that all is GOOD including all of us .

  66. Thanks, Josh! Yes, gratitude is the key. Without it, we languish in self-pity and denial of God's goodness and ever-continuing, infinite supply.

  67. I had the priviledge to go to church where they had a special prayer for the young men going to Iraq. Were able to talk to them and express our gratitude and love and tell them how proud we are of them. Not a dry eye in the house. I could only say to each of them "God Loves YOU". I am so grateful we could do this and we promised to keep them in our hearts and prayers. I am so grateful for the lift today and everyday.

  68. A great reminder to be thanking God, first! (no matter what the circumstances.) Jesus thanked God before he fed the hungry crowd, and before he raised Lazarus from death.
    When I was a child, my parents lived in a very poor, small rented 'house', and had very little income. But they thanked God every day for the good and beautiful home that God (Love) had already provided.
    God did provide -- first a small house, but one that Dad was able to build onto, and it became a very nice house that was our home for many years. The gratitude, and faith, came first!
    Thank you God, You are giving all good.
    And thank you Josh (and all the comments) for reminding us!

  69. Thank you for this loving message. It was just what I needed hear this morning.

  70. Simple and extraordinary! I am grateful to have felt God's presence in my thinking from the time I was a small child. When I remember that my best, my ever Friend is always at hand, it is an occasion for gratitude and joy.

    I am healed. Thank you Josh for the reMINDer.

  71. Dear Daily Lifters,
    I have just finished the first course of a feast of good. Having been away from my computer intermittently over the past several weeks, I have not taken the times to read or called to listen to the Daily Lift. So, I have had the treat of sitting down to an inbox filled with lots of good from you.
    Thank you for continuing to give them even though I was not listening. It was so good to hear all of these precious messages upon my return. I am filled to overflowing with good!

  72. As a Christian Scientist, I know that "gratitude is riches, complaint is poverty" but I am realizing that The first step is to "Become conscious for a single moment that Life and intelligence are purely spiritual." The challenge I realize is to see through all the material pictures and accept my spiritual nature. I need to listen only for the "still small voice" Thanks for those in these responses who speak Truth out loud when they see and hear the need. I am grateful for the Daily Lift each day, and carry its message with me. Thanks for the wonderful, healing messages.

    The first quote is from hymn 249. The second quote is from <em>Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures</em> by Mary Baker Eddy on page 14.

  73. Before reading the lift today I began my day by contemplating Hymn 146 " In God I find a precious giift,
    That knows no fear ,no feud,
    That glows so still,scerene and pure:
    The gift of Gratitude.

    Was it just mere co-incidence that gratitude is Josh's lift for today? I don't think so. It was God's inspiration to Josh for all who share in the daily spiritual feast of the Lifts.
    Thank you Josh for sharing.

  74. Thanks, Josh. Like like week's Bible lesson spoke to...sing praises to the Lord. And welcome to the daily lift. We love hearing from you!

  75. Thanks Josh. I love the illustration of how it is those appearing smaller than ourselves ... younger, less experienced, littler in mental or physical stature ... that are so perfect in teaching us the larger lessons from God.

  76. Thanks,Josh. I love the Daily Lifts. Gratitude keeps joy in our heart, a smile on our face and healing in our day.

  77. TY
    "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine;.." (Proverbs 17:22)
    "A grateful heart a garden is, where there is always room for every lovely Godlike grace to come to perfect bloom.." (hymn 3)
    Give a grateful day.

  78. Thank you for that wonderful LIFT. I am most grateful for all the good around us, for the Daily Lift, and for what Mrs, Eddy has given to us.

  79. Just what I needed this morning, whcih started off in the doldrums. After hearing that God knows me and loves me, I thought to take a quiet moment of pure gratitude and feel this caring. I did! It came as a loving embrace filled with warmth. Thanks for bringing this moment, Josh and all the Lifters!

  80. "God knows me and loves me." I will carry that thought with me for it truly is a healing thought. Thank you Josh, for a pure message and for all the contributions from everyone.

  81. Great advice! Thank you.

  82. I think about the hymn that says, "Our gratitude is riches complaint is poverty,"(pg 249), whenever I am tempted to complain. I certainly don't want to be poor!

    Welcome to the Daily Lift, Josh, and thanks for a great one!

  83. Josh, What a wonderful reminder that whatever the matter thought is trying to disrupt your peace and harmony, it can be eliminated NOW. Your words were enough to make me grateful! Thanks.

  84. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning today and realized that my stomach was trying to tell me that all was not well. I usually read the Daily Lifts late in the afternoon, but I felt compelled to read it this morning. I wasn't too excited about the Lift when it started, but went back over the beginning listening more closely. After playing the Lift more than once and really listening to those healing words of truth, I realized that I had been healed of my stomach issue. I am so grateful for this healing. I had been considering changing my plans for the day when I felt lead to read the Daily Lift earlier than usual. This healing certainly proves that "God knows me and loves me", and He supplied me with the thoughts that I needed. Thanks, Josh, and everyone involved in making the Daily Lift possible.

  85. Thanks so much for this practical starting point for a progressive day.

  86. Thank you, Josh, for your beautiful message. Part of my gratitude today is being able to get back to listening to the Daily LIft after a week away on a trip. I have to say that I was almost "blown away" by last week's 5 unique
    LIfts and all the comments they generated.
    Nate and all the Daily Lift production staff -- you've done such a wonderful job during the inaugural year of this audio series, and then "WOW" starting off a second year with such freshness and originality!

  87. Coming back to this at the end of the day i remember two days of in-school solo concerts. Talking and singing to individual classes, The last performance on the second day I was pretty beat, but as I walked into this last classroom, the children, one by one, began beaming at me so gladly. The weariness just melted into reciprocal joy, and everything picked up from there. It was so memorable that I wrote a song, part of which goes, "I'm gonna try to put your smiles in my pocket, and take them along with me.. When ever I wonder why I'm livin', I'll look for your smiles in my memory...I hope you'll take some songs home with you, and sing them as you go along, 'Cause I'm gonna put your smiles in my pocket..I'll need them when I write my next song..." And I did.

  88. Josh, thank you for the wonderful uplift, Gratitude is so important. Gratitude i renews and strengthens us. And it is great to be reminded of God's love for all of us.

  89. I am just starting soccer tryouts this was my first day. It is so great to hear that just a little gratitude can lift you out of the mindset that says that "I am to tired or to sore to do anything".
    But how can our material body stop us from expressing God's quality's?
    They can't. Instead of being tired we should be grateful that we had a chance to express God so fully.

    Thank you so much for your lift it has helped me a lot.

  90. Some really wonderful gratitude expressed here. What a blessing to all of us. Much appreciation for each of you today :)

  91. Yes, we do have so much to be greatful for! Thankyou for the reminder.

  92. Thanks Josh. I hope to hear you when you are in New York. You are very rich because "gratitude is riches." I liked your location as well.

  93. Thank you for that wonderful inspiration Josh and for the lecture at the best place on earth CAMP BOW-ISLE.

  94. Powerful ... that to be grateful is to acknowledge God's love of me and that the Father/Mother knows me. Wow!

  95. Thank Josh for this lovely lift.

  96. Josh, What mortal mind tries to tell us we CAN dispute and destroy! Your fatigue overcome shows that the lie was just one more thing that would try to get us to believe in a god other than the one God. Error is in thought only. Gratitude is our precious tool. Thanks to every for your comments. #20 was especially helpful to me.

  97. Thank you for this reminder. I am truly grateful to God.

  98. Sincere gratitude for this wonderful reminder.

  99. Josh I am so grateful for your Lift on Gratitude,\that tomorrow Wednesday
    Testimony Service all will give thanks too!!will givrthanks too, and Thanks again.

  100. Even though this is several days behind, gratitude has to be the open door to heaven.

  101. Love it! I'm so full of gratitude and I love thinking about all of the people in the world oozing goodness and love...with God as a limitless supplier. Thanks for the lift :).

  102. thanks Josh.:) so comforting.

  103. Hello Josh,

    I am really thankful and grateful for your daily lift and all the other ones too because each specific one can help us in a certain situation. Thanks again for that inspiration

  104. Wonderful! Thank you!

  105. Thanks for the lift Josh. I really enjoyed spending time with you at camp. I am looking forward to hearing more!

  106. Ooooh thank you,Josh.it s so true the Love of God for us,and so important for us to recognize it and to be grateful for it.

  107. Thanks Josh, I was looking for a way to solve a work problem this morning and your lift just fill the bill. Gratitude--- like I started to remember all the seemingly impossible situations of past years solved through Christian Science. Big change of thought I have had here this morning. You took me right out of "I am a poor soul" mode, and put me back into 'I am a child of God" thinking

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