5/27: The light of the world

5/27: The light of the world

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  1. Just the ideas for our Lecture Committee Meeting today.Thanks.

  2. Danke schoen, Frank, as you spoke, I felt completely illumined. Thank you for that wunderschoen feeling! Alles gute! Vielen dank.

  3. I love the ideas expressed in this 'Daily Lift' and am letting them shine now.

  4. What a lift! Here Love is also is expressed as an explosion of color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, indigo, (yes, I still don't understand why indigo fits here, but according to scientists it does) And think that the human eye can distinguish around 10 million of this blends of color! MBE tells us, "Comeliness and grace are independent of matter. Being possesses its qualities before they are perceived humanly. Beauty is a thing of life, which dwells forever in the eternal Mind and reflects the charms of His goodness in expression, form, outline, and color. It is Love which paints the petal with myriad hues, glances in the warm sunbeam, arches the cloud with the bow of beauty, blazons the night with starry gems, and covers earth with loveliness."(S&H 247:19) Color makes us feel well, doesn't it, was she a wise lady or what?

    ¡Qué elevación! Acá el Amor también se expresa como una explosión de color: rojo, naranja, amarillo, verde, azul, violeta, índigo, (sí, todavía no entiendo por qué el índigo encaja aquí, pero según los científicos lo hace) Y pensar que el ojo humano puede distinguir alrededor de 10 millones de esta mezcla de colores! MBE nos dice, "El donaire y la gracia son independientes de la materia. El ser posee sus cualidades antes que se las perciba humanamente. La belleza es una cosa de la vida, que mora por siempre en la Mente eterna y refleja los encantos de Su bondad en expresión, forma, contorno y color. Es el Amor el que pinta los pétalos con miríadas de matices, brilla en el cálido rayo de sol, traza en la nube el arco de belleza, adorna la noche con joyas estrelladas y cubre la tierra de hermosura."(S & H 247:19) EL color nos hace sentir bien, ¿no es así? era una mujer sabia o qué?

  5. Kathy and David We so enjoyed your lecture (Oxted Surrey England) on saturday It will stay with us for some time, and this lift as well,thank you.

  6. Light: Beartiful description and explanation of the spiritual meaning of light! Vielen danke.

  7. As the sun rises on a new day, this is such an important truth to be reminded of.
    An irrepressible attribute of the image and likeness of God.
    Alles Gute und vielen dank.

  8. Let there be Light -- that more and more shines of the upward way.....
    Thank you, Frank, for this clear direction.......Gisela

  9. Thank you very much.

  10. let's shine on thanks Frank

  11. I shall make a concious effort today to see all my fellow men and women in God's light. God Bless

  12. Dear Frank, thankyou for the enlightened ideas!

  13. Heaps of thanks, Frank, for an extremely enlightening Lift. I loved you asking what light's purpose is, and answered it's not to be looked at, but to be used since it makes spiritual ideas (truths) and their qualities visible. That's why we don't “see” God, but see what He does, by spiritual light coming from Him. We don't look at light bulbs in rooms, but see by them, we don't look at the sun, but use its light countless ways. Next I pondered our role. We aren't so much to be “seen”, but to shine so others may see God's blessings, and their true individual worth as God's ideas. Suddenly !!! I realized you revealed where Jesus told us how to be good Christian Scientists in Matt.5:14,16! As he spoke, he literally gave us the 1st unwritten version of Science & Health! Man didn't “get” it from the gospels when they were written, and later Mrs. Eddy was led to write it out “in long hand”, long enough so we'd get it one way or another, by using S&H. You helped me see WE are the light Mrs. Eddy gives for study and treatment in S&H on pgs. 215:15; 186: 9; 281:4; 474:29 (each to end of paragraph for those unfamiliar with how we read citations). Jesus was telling us to look at things just like Mrs. Eddy later tells us. You tied much of S&H, to this scripture, spoken by Jesus! To be followers of Christ Jesus, and Mrs. Eddy, your Lift raises the standard to “we HAVE to” obey Jesus in Matt. 5:14,16. We “have” to, because we ARE God's light in the world. I'm in awe, I repeat, how Jesus actually told us how to be a Christian Scientist! We don't have to look “to”God, Light, but use that illumination, and being the reflected image of Him, we have enough light to shine away any dark suggestion, where it seems God, Light is not. It gives fresh importance to what we think, how we look at people and situations. We must see with God's 7 sparkling colorful facets of beauty and perfection, included in the white light of purity.

  14. Danke lieber Frank für Deine Gedanken über Gottes Licht. Dass auch ich - wie wir alle - Licht bin und das in die Welt hineintrage. Es ist gut zu wissen, daß wir alle aus der unversiegbaren Quelle des Lichts schöpfen dürfen und uns davon durfluten lassen. Damit hat alles Dunkel keinen Platz mehr! Ich strahle vor Freude. Und wer will, kann sich davon anstecken lassen!

  15. Many thanks Frank for your Lift, bringing our attention to Jesus' 'Sermon on the Mount' from Matthew Chapter 5., that all may "see your [our] good works."
    "The Sermon on the Mount is the essence of this Science," (S&H 271:22)

  16. What a seriously beatiful de-light-full lift.
    Thanks for your illumination.

  17. Thank you for these wonderful illuminating ideas!

  18. Thank you for this wonderful "Lift'. And #13 for the ideas explanation. I expect to listen to the Lift again today.

  19. Thank you Frank, for this Daily Lift. That was a brilliant stroke of enlightenment when Nate was receptive to the idea that embraced everyone into this wonderful Daily Lift! How wonderful it is that we are right here and now the light that God is shining. How comforting to know that we can't avoid being this light that illumines the whole universe and the very place where we are!

  20. Thank you Frank for the enlightenment of this wonderful message,

    Santiago de Chile

  21. Wonderful lift for the day!

  22. Beautiful... we are children of light! Thank you!

  23. NICE! I'll be looking for that light today!

  24. Wow, what a daily lift! I had never thought of light this way before. Thank you too, to #13. I looked up the passages and took notes; it gave me much to ponder. And if I may add two scriptures that came to thought. Proverbs 6:23 For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light. And Matthew 5:45 ...he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and the good.

  25. Dear Frank, thank you very much. May the atemporal Christ's light shine, now and forever, in good thoughts and good deeds, for the glory of God!

    I'd like to share this Mrs. Eddy's text, from her book Retrospection and Instrospection, on p. 85:

    " Of this also rest assured, that books and teaching are but a ladder let down from the haven of Truth and Love, upon which angelic thoughts ascend and descend, bearing on their pinions of ligh the Christ-spirit."

  26. Thank you for that illuminating Daily Lift. And thanks to #13 for sharing some wonderful insight to today's Daily Lift.

  27. Vielen Dank Frank! I love your explanation on the purpose of the light - not to be looked at but to illuminate existing ideas... I rejoice with everyone today in this wonderful message. :)

  28. Thank you, Frank, for this scintillating enlightenment! JS in Kentrucky #13, thank you for putting into words what was in my heart as I listened . Thank you for taking the time to give the citations from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. It was exactly the unfoldment of how we must, can, and do, express this light, which reveals God's loving powerful ever- presence. As we go through our days, (and nights) we are blessing as we are blessed by our Father-Mother God. No longer satisfied with knowing that "we should" see our fellow man in this light, but obediently and joyfully SEEING ourselves and our fellow man in this light. This brings healing continually.

  29. Danke sehr, Frank! Now I'll be singing "We are walking in the light of God" all day!

  30. So, beautiful... thank you for this perfectly illuminated idea!

  31. This helped me to lift my sense of day into the light and to begin doing my chores with light in my heart having a spiritual sense of everything I was doing.

  32. Thank you very much. An excellent and helpful presentation.

  33. Brilliant rainbow of blessings and light. Thanks

  34. And light (Love) reflects light (Love)...I am going to let my 'light' shine today in everything I do! Thank you so much, Frank!

  35. Thank you for these beautiful and healing ideas. I will consciously walk in and see with this light today.

  36. Thank you for your very helpful and inspiring Lift.

  37. Having trouble with my speakers- all I'm getting is feed back. no other sound.
    But I'm sure the ideas presented in this lift, even though I can't hear them, yet,
    are great.

  38. Thank you Frank. I love the idea that seven pure elements/qualities are included in the light/God. We are one with this light, we dwell in it, we see because of it, and we express it (every quality). What a glorious purpose!

  39. What an “enlightening” message!

    The source of light is of primary importance, but most of what we perceive comes via “reflected light”. Staring at the sun isn’t much benefit, but looking at objects bathed in light reveals their true shape, beauty and colors. From a human standpoint the better the reflection, the more we gain from it. Thus we fulfill our primary obligation of reflecting Godlike qualities as His children.

    Mrs. Eddy comments (Mis 117:15) “We see eye to eye and know as we are known, reciprocate kindness and work wisely, in proportion as we love.” I love Hymn 136 “I yet shall know as I am known And see Thee face to face.”

    Seeing God face to face is the spiritual equivalent of looking directly into His light, understanding we are part of it. This purifies the image we bear from that source of light, Truth. The Sun never looks inward (to itself), but always outward. God only sees his reflection (His children) as the spiritual image He projects upon us. He is of too pure eyes than to behold evil. The result is we can only express (reflect) and in reality only bear His perfect and divine countenance.

    It’s proper to be materially environmentally friendly and “Think Green”, but Kermit the Frog reminds us “It’s not easy being green”. As God’s spiritual children, we aren’t dim, frugal, economic reflections, but “glow full-orbed”*.Before observing a reflection we must first examine its light source. It is being bathed in spiritual brightness or a material, artificial, low wattage, imitation?

    *S&H 297:32 A mortal belief fulfils its own conditions. Sickness, sin, and death are the vague realities of human conclusions. Life, Truth, and Love are the realities of divine Science. They dawn in faith and glow full-orbed in spiritual understanding. As a cloud hides the sun it cannot extinguish, so false belief silences for a while the voice of immutable harmony, but false belief cannot destroy Science armed with faith, hope, and fruition.

  40. Your message has lightened my day -- thank you!

  41. Beautiful...Thank you!!! Hymn 12 - In Thine own image we may see
    Man pure and upright, whole and free. And ever through our work shall shine That light whose glory, Lord, is Thine.

  42. Light comes in various forms. Your light shines through your words to us, revealing a brilliant and beautiful understanding. And we can all "see" it!

  43. thank you frank! two thoughts on light: 1) "be a lamp unto my feet" to guide my every step that i may not stumble in the darkness (taken literally and figuratively). 2) keep me "light" on my feet that i not be burdened with negative thoughts that "appear" to pervade the material world (ie. second chapter of genesis). "god is love," and "love is reflected in love." how calming to know these truths. again, i so appreciate all the "enlightening" comments. sincerely yours.

  44. Luke 11:36...having no part dark...

  45. Such a beautiful message, thank you.... And as a dear friend likes to say, "follow the light!"

  46. How I would like to save this Daily Lift. Those comments and the Lift itself are so helpful. I just this afternoon read Laura Remmende's article in the June 7th Sentinel on "Light in the Mountains". Both were a wonderful treatment for today. Thanks for all Daily Liftss.

  47. I loved the concept of "light is not to look at but to illuminate!" Of course it is true--but I have never thought of it in that practical and metaphysical way.

    Thank you!

  48. Thank you, Frank, again. I had to add this, if they allow, to let you know your Lift continues to open up so much, like a flashlight spreads its light wider, covering more territory than where it began. I keep seeing more as hours go by, realizing the difference in what I used to get from Matt. 5:14-16, and what you opened up. Before I thought we're like ideas holding the spiritual light to shine so others could see by it. Today, I realize the one who “holds” or “uses” the light, sees both the darkness around and the area lit up. BEING the light, which Jesus said we are, and which you brought out clearer, makes all the difference in the world! The light see no darkness, just a well lit path & whatever else is before it. That's what Mrs. Eddy discovered and taught us. The light we are, isn't us, of course, but God, our All-in-all. In His total light, we can't see any darkness. I've studied Christian Science since 1970, brought to it by prayer and “a Voice”. Your lift is like rediscovering it again! We have to, and CAN see, think, and live the light of only good. It's made a difference in my whole day. I apologize I can't write this in German for you. Written with heart-felt “Spiritualese”, it's a language you sounded fluent in, as do the other Lifters. Thanks all, especially #24, #41, #43, &#44! What an awesome Lift!

  49. There are those moments when you realize why people associate light with truth or say, "I SEE what you mean," when they could have just as easily said, "I UNDERSTAND what you mean." Thank you so much for this lift and all the remarks following. Sometimes when deeply discouraged or sorrowful, we worry if we are understood or if we have ever made a difference, and some child will say that it was our LIFE that spoke to them, not our words. We remember then that it is the source of all good that is nourishing and strengthening, comforting and caring for all. Our own willingness to live as this light helps others to see the possibilities for their own lives.

    Reminded me of the closing lines from Michelle Pfeiffer from the movie "Dangerous Minds" where after a really bad year in school she is asked why she decided to continue teaching. She replies something to the effect, "Well, they gave me candy and said I was their light." Yup, that'll do it.

  50. Thank-you Frank for the inspiring, light-filled message.

  51. Yes, and where there is light there is no darkness; where there is the spiritual light of God, (and this is all, in all, and everywhere!) there can be no disease, sin, or death....Jesus saw this so clearly through the lens of Love, that he was able to heal every discord instantly. We can do this too, if we leave all for Christ.

  52. Banyak terima kasih Frank/Thank you so much Frank, so inspiring and it truly puts us in the right place, where all is light and there is no darkness at all.-

  53. Well said. Thank you!

  54. Thank you for being a beacon, sharing and shining the light which guides, guards, and governs all of us who are willing and able to see.

  55. Just listened again on Sunday and greatly appreciated it's beauty and inspiration. J.S. in Ky thank you for your unbounded gratitude & enthusiasm and for the references. Other comments were enlightening too -sorry, coudn't resist!

  56. Thanks, wonderful idea that the light illumines the existing ideas -- ideas that are already there when the light shines into our true consciousness.

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