4/14: The jigsaw puzzle

4/14: The jigsaw puzzle

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  1. I have on my table the same jigsaw puzzzle I have been working on for over one year now. Thank you for reminding me that it is "God's harmonious design," I rejoice each time I find a place for a piece. And then I begin the process once again, looking for the next one. I would not succeed at all, in making progress if I gave in to those negative impulses such as impatience, as you remind me. But by knowing that each piece does have a place that is unique, and not giving up, the puzzle will be revealed as a whole, not as it seems to be, with many pieces out of order.
    Thank you for reminding me to work on it.

  2. Like pieces of a puzzle that fall by themselves in their right place, that is how the problems dissolve when I seriously focus my thought on God.
    But it wasn't always like that, I used try to fix whatever the trouble without thinking... I did a lot of... imposing my will to work things out.
    It never worked.
    I don't mean that now is easy, by no means, but now I know where help is ready. The CS daily lesson keeps me focus on God -and my thoughts don't wonder like they used to.
    Problems keep on appearing here and there, but I don't just freeze with fear, I don't act like the end of the world is near, now I know God is always by me. Never fails.
    ESPAŇOL: Como piezas de rompecabezas que caen en su lugar correcto, así los problemas que me acosan se disuelven solos cuando seriamente enfoco mi pensamiento en Dios.
    Pero no siempre fue así, yo solía tratar de arreglar cualquier problema sin pensar... impuse mi voluntad muchísimo... para solucionar las cosas.
    Nunca sirvió.
    No digo que ahora es fácil, de ninguna manera, pero ahora sé que la ayuda está lista. La lección diaria de la CC me mantiene enfocada en Dios -y mis pensamientos ya no divagan como antes.
    Los problemas siguen apareciendo aquí y allá, pero ya no me congelo de miedo como antes y no actúo como si estuviera por venir el fin del mundo, ahora sé que Dios siempre está a mi lado. Nunca falla.

  3. Before I knew about Christian Science, I often used to feel like a jigsaw puzzle piece that never quite fitted anywhere... or maybe like my life was a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing. It's all thanks to God that now I know I'm always complete and always in the right place. Thank you, Marie, for sharing these wonderful ideas (and to Pam for reading them)!

  4. Thank you, Marie, for the message affirming that God's harmonious ongoing plan for each of us includes everything in its right place and at the right time. It's timely for us this week as we attend the groundbreaking event to start construction on a long-planned and long-awaited city park project along the L A River (whose "pieces" are about to come together), and as we collaborate with clients on rather complex and intensive potential projects requiring attention to detail ("puzzle pieces"). More lessons in how to demonstrate spiritual ideas, exchanging the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul, as per Mary Baker Eddy's directive!

  5. Thank you Marie for that inspiring lift. Yes, Love puts everything in its right place." "Then we feel the power that lifts us/ To Thy holy secret place, "
    (christian Science Hymnal #181)

  6. The puzzle of our day is easier to put together when we are receptive to Gods guiding thoughts. Relinquish supposed control, stop outlining and start listening.

  7. Thank you for the reminder, Marie. The suggestions often come that something is "out of order" but God's order and presence can direct us to see, as you stated, we and others are in our "right" places moment by moment.

  8. Really needed to hear this today so thank you - had been trying to fill too many things into a small time fame and feel much freer already! Divine Mind is assuring, and placing each event in it's right moment. I shall take the idea with me all through the solving of divine Love, and dissolving of stress!Thank you.

  9. Can I just say - the music on the lifts this week is seriously beautiful :)

  10. Your thoughts are strengthening and reassurring to my faith.

    We are all in our perfect place and in our Father's plan.

    Thank you for sharing this spiritual wisdom.


  11. Thank you Marie and thank you Pam. When we start with God, everything fits into its rightful place, with no corners over, and no pieces of the sky missing. It's "spiritual and perfect; and because (it) is spiritual and complete it must be so understood in Christian Science." (Science and Health p 475:11) There's simply no point in starting from a material or human point of view - it won't work, because it isn't any part of the spiritual and perfect. Even when the material seems to be true, it soon loses its attraction to lead us away from the spiritual and perfect. Better to start with all that is spiritual and perfect from the beginning, and all that is already spiritual and perfect will be revealed.

  12. Thank you Marie, That just absolutely answered my dilemma!

  13. Thank you, Marie. I really needed to hear this today!

  14. We are under contract to sell our home - praying for and watching all of the puzzle pieces come together harmoniously, with a heart full of gratitude. It is all in God's plan.... His will be done...

  15. This came at the very moment I needed to hear it, thankyou very much.

  16. Thank you, just what I needed to remined me that God is working His purpose out and we just need to listen and follow through. I may be able to now finish the puzzle I have been working on. I have a few other things to finish also. Thanks again.

  17. Dear Marie, You are so right! We are all in our rightful places right here and right now! No one else can occupy the space that is uneqivocally reserved for us. Isn't that great to know? Thanks muchly for this uplifting "Lift."

  18. Merci beaucoup, Marie. C'est une tres bon DL!
    C'est l'idée parfaite de travailler avec aujourd'hui. J'aime l'idée de notre puzzle déjà remonté.

  19. Good analogy one harmonious whole. Hey hey at both beginning and ending, completes the message.


  21. Thank you for the completeness of this idea, which we can relate to every area of our experience: family, home, work, church, community - no missing pieces, nothing left out or left over, no mis-fits, no mistaken identity, no one taking anyone else's place!
    And thank you for the beautiful fresh, and inspiring music so excellently given to us each day. It is truly wonderful.

  22. Well said Marie and your English translation of the original, Pam. No, the inner beauty of correctly completing the puzzle will be equal to that of the picture on the package when each piece is found to be in it's right and rightful place, according to the design in store. We, individually, must do the fitting to appreciate its full beauty! It takes the work of one's self (with His presence), "be it slow or f999ast" (Mrs. Eddy's poetic verse). The beauty of demonstrating mathematics is when the equation is harmoniously balanced and not forced (plugged) by an unexplainable value, even ever so small. Christian Science does explain our value in an infinite way, the very way our heavenly Parent knows and keeps each idea, man, in his comfortable place of fit. Give glory to Him. Be joyful! We are forever rightly placed. The landscape is beautiful, all around.

  23. Thank you Marie for this analogy that reminds me that everything already has its place in the larger picture and all I have to do is put each peace in its correct place.

  24. Thanks so much. That was just what I needed today! The right place is here, right now - no need to force ourselves into a position that isn't really right but "close enough." What a great lesson!

  25. The disheveled pieces already have the final picture on them. If we loose the box top, someone may say.....oh, that is a picture of a barn, pond and bridge... and we can be confident that the image will unfold as we lay down the pieces.

    "Jesus of Nazareth taught and demonstrated man's oneness with the Father, and for this we owe him endless homage. His mission was both individual and collective. He did life's work aright not only in justice to himself, but in mercy to mortals, — to show them how to do theirs, but not to do it for them nor to relieve them of a single responsibility." S&H18:3

    Hey, we can do this! We are doing this!

  26. Thank you, Marie. This is so inspiring. Just by knowing we are in our right place, we can have a beautiful, harmonious day, every day.

  27. Thanks for the lift Marie. Wondering I'm I at the right place? but God has put everyone at the right place at the right time puzzle solved.

  28. thank you for the wonderful comments. They were perfect for me this morning. I really appreciated this timely lift.

  29. Things do tend to come together so much more easily when we release the outcome and turn it over to God, being willing to take the steps we need to take.

  30. Hace unos años trabajaba en la recepción de un gimnasio, ésta era toda vidriada y estaba situada muy cerca de un batallón. Por esos días era muy habitual el levantamiento de las fuerzas armadas y en esa ocasión las cosas se pusieron tan "feas", que se hablaba de un bombardeo, lo que en verdad ocurrió en un paredón muy carcano. Recuerdo la calma que mantuve sabiendo que el Padre estaba rodeándonos y con su infinita sabiduría y bondad enviaba sus ángeles, ideas espirituales llenas de poder y gracia. cuando todo pasó muchas de mis compañeras presas todavía de pánico me dijeron" uds.los que estudian la Biblia siempre tienen a mano algún Salmo" Centrándonos en un único Dios, todo lo de alrededor se va acomodando para el bién de todos. "El que habita al abrigo del altísimo morará bajo la sombra del omnipotente" "La Biblia"

  31. My understanding deepens. I am so grateful for Mind's ideas and angel thoughts around. Merci beaucoup Marie! How blessed we are to know we will be guided to the right place at the right time and that God's perfect idea (each of us) is that beautiful picture on the top of the box. How comforting and enriching!

  32. Thank you so much for this very uplifting uplift. No need to feel tense or stressed. Everything is present and in its peaceful place and perfectly accounted for. I am so grateful for the way you have shared these thoughts with us.

  33. Thank you for this lift Marie..perfect for today, and everyday.

  34. Thanks, Marie and Pam! Yes, everything and everyone is in it's exact right place - now and forever. If am disturbed, I need to focus on what needs to be changed in me and my attitudes. Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in God's world by mistake! When I complain about you or a situation, I am complaining about God's Handiwork. I am saying that I know better than God! I just listened to Ron Ballard's Online Chat yesterday - "Worry for the Future?" It deals with this same issue of accepting God's answers to our prayers, even if it's not what we think we wanted, it may just be what we Need! Trust and Let Go! God is in charge and is working His purpose out purposefully and perfectly! No more "puzzling"!!

  35. Merci beaucoup, Marie. "Be still and know that I am God" is a verse that comes to mind. Much love.

  36. Thank you for this inspiring much needed message. Yes, God is in charge! This constant reminder has helped and is helping me, each moment of my life. Like #14, I too am under contract for the sale of my house. It is wonderful to see God's work in every step taken. Trusting Father-Mother and listening, being guided, loved and protected is so very reassuring especially when from a human standpoint there seems to be unsurmountable decisions including where my next place will be. But, Yes, God has it all worked out, I just must find the right piece to fit the puzzle. To God Nothing is a puzzle....the work is complete!
    Oh! thank you Marie, to the Daily Lift Team and each contributing member of this 'Lift' family. Blessings to All!

  37. This was just what I needed as it seems members of my family are all in the wrong place and my grandson who is in the Army is headed for the wrong place. I've had a rental vacant for six weeks that needs a good tenant - just the right place for someone.

    Your analogy of a jig saw puzzle brought back fond memories of my childhood when my father, who was a woodworker, would make us jig saw puzzles just the right size to fill the top of a card table. We always had one going and everyone who visited us would add a few pieces until it was complete.

    What a beautiful thought to know that my life's puzzle is already complete and i need only to open my eyes, listen to the still small voice, and discover the good plan God has for me right now.

  38. Thank you Marie for this comforting "Lift".

  39. This is tax time in the United States, and yesterday, as I was assembling the necessary forms, I remembered something that happened a year ago:

    I had been trying every day to really listen and follow the angel messages that tell me where to go and when. It was tax time, and my day was fitting together like Marie's jigsaw puzzle. I found myself standing at a table at my local library, where tax forms were laid out for people to take. A woman appeared next to me and she mentioned "Form M" -- one I had never heard of. I asked her about it, and it turned out that it was one I could use; it saved $400 on my taxes. I would not have known about this form otherwise! It was so simple and harmonious.

  40. Thank you for the deep message and for the sweet music... That's a beautiful and powerful combination!

  41. Thank you Marie for your timely ideas. I teach some college writing classes, among other jobs, and I, too, use the analogy of the jigsaw puzzle to get across to my students the point of organization and placement of ideas. The fitting together of right cohesive ideas and patient searching for one piece to fit, can be used for many diverse things in our life, like an orderly home, creative projects, balanced supply, and professional progress. Love, God is the source of our real work and activity, which is to bless others, by seeing the perfect man of His/Her creating. This piece may be missing before our organizations and our governments are function correctly. I like the hymn (#51) in the CS hymnal:
    God could not make imperfect man
    His model infinite;
    Unhallowed thought He could not plan,
    Love's work and Love must fit.

  42. Thank you, Marie, and thank you, Pam, for reading the Lift so beautifully. I just love knowing that we can't ever be out of our right place. :-)

  43. I've been listening to Life for over a year now. Is there some way a Life can begin on a positive note instead of with a negative. Like: "God is all there is to me." S&H: "Mind, God, is the source and condition of all existence." Let's introduce the real and keep the unreality unreal.

  44. I love jigsaw puzzles and really enjoyed this Lift. Thank you Marie & Pam. The metaphor is helpful in multiple ways in my life right now. Trusting that projects are unfolding with each piece fitting in it's rightful place, as well as understanding that each person is filling his/her individual place every moment now and in the future, are both such healing ideas. Mrs. Eddy's phrase from her poem/hymn Love came to mind: "Love's work and Love must fit." As always, thank you Daily Lift team and Lift community of commenters, too!

  45. Beautifully and powerfully said, chere Marie. Thank you.

  46. I just recently lost my job and have been very stressed over trying to figure out where to go next. Thank you for reminding me that like the jigsaw puzzle, where I am to be is already a fit in God's puzzle. I need not fear, Shephard will show me the way.

  47. Absolutely love the puzzle analogy. I just am so grateful for all the original ideas about making Christian Science come alive in our daily lives. Easy to remember analogies, that as we come across them, they bring God's truth right to the forefront and help keep us focused on the "real facts" of existence. These daily lifts are a huge inspiration in my daily endeavors. Thank you everyone for your sharing.

  48. There is no puzzle in God, the omniscient, loving Mind to whom nothing is new, unknown or out of place. God is the Law of the universe, and the natural effect of law is order. Each one of us, as ideas in Mind, are in the place God knows and conceives of us to be, and that is not only a right place, it is a good place. So nothing is, or can be, lost.

    Thank you Marie for this healing message, and thank you Pam for the intelligent translation.

  49. Mercy beaucoup, Marie;
    Your Lift made my day and I appreciate your thougts and expression very much.
    Love and Aloha to you all.

  50. Thank you, Marie, for the wonderful message of how the pieces of our life work together when we are connected to the oneness of Spirit. I also love how all of us, all over the world, are connected through this media as well as through the spiritual medium. It makes me smile!

  51. Thank you Marie and everyone for sharing. These notes are such reassuring evidences of Love's all embracing, universal presence. This line from a hymn came to me, "Living stones, each in his place..." and so all of us, in very corner of the globe, fit perfectly in God's infinite design. And, thanks Pam and DL team for the lovely music.

  52. Thanks Marie and Pam for a beautiful lift! The music is beautiful too!

  53. I've thought often that my present situation was a jigsaw puzzle and I didn't like that so much, but listening to this I'm grateful for the message that God has already worked this seeming "puzzle" and it's all good.

  54. Thank you Marie,

    Being awake in the night, and thinking about (pieces missing in life's puzzle) not only that, but I couldn't get on the internet yeaterday. Thanks to today's lift,
    my computer is working, and I'm knowing that God knows where every piece is and when I need it. God's infinity blesses All, especially those in war torn countries. I was just thinking the other day, (while reading the this weeks Bible lesson) do we really need wars to settle conflicts?
    There is peace for all in the Kingdom of God.

  55. Thanks Marie, lovely, beautiful and helpful message. To know that "God is in the field"always guiding, we do not need to fear. Everything is perfect, exactly where is suppose to be. We are and will be where we need to be...God's plan for us has to be perfect!!

  56. Thank you for a wonderful analogy . . . .and, of course, a wonderful truth. Now I'm ready to start my day.

  57. Thanks for the uplifting lift...sometimes events seem in conflict and we are not sure what to do but God's plan is already established and everything is in harmony..

  58. He hecho muchos puzzles y lo que más me facinaba era cuando caían las piezas en su lugar hasta lograr una bella imagen, pero no es fácil hay que observar con atención las piezas ya que los matices de colores son muy tenues y sutiles si no caen en el lugar adecuado tendremos una imagen distorsionada.

    Así es nuestro puzzle diario los matices entre los buenos y errados pensamiento son muy tenues y sutiles y hay que estar muy atento para no equivocarse y caer en el error y formar una imagen distorsionada por eso es necesario vigilar los pensamientos para que cada pieza sea la adecuada y así obtendremos una imagen perfecta como nuestro Padre-Madre es perfecto.

    "Fiel tu voz escucharé,
    para nunca errar;
    Y con gozo seguiré
    por el dura andar"
    Himno 304
    Y las piezas caeran sin esfuerzo en el lugar adecuado produciendo la más bella imagen.
    Muchas gracias, por los mensajes. "Dios nos da las ideas y ellas nuestra provisión diaria" palabras de nuestra amada guía.

  59. Thanks for such an uplifting visual analogy!

  60. A great help, and thank you for the truth about God and man.

  61. There's a story about a child who was given a jigsaw puzzle by his father to get him out of his hair. It was a difficult puzzle --- a map of the world. The father knew it would keep the child occupied for a long time. In just a few minutes the child came running to his dad saying he had finished the puzzle. The father couldn't believe it, but when he looked the world map was in perfect order. How did you do this? he asked. The little boy said he turned the puzzle over and on the other side there was a picture of a man. He knew how to put those pieces together. He said: "Daddy, when the man came right, the world was right!"

    Isn't it important that we approach the world's puzzles in the same way? See the brotherhood of man as one family of God --- as this week's Bible Lesson so beautifully describes.

  62. Marie, you have reminded me of one of my Mom's sayings: "A place for everything and everything in its place." Usually said to remind my sister and me to be orderly and consistent in returning things where they belonged. Yes, God keeps everything and everyone all together perfectly. Thanks!

  63. Thank you for this lift today.....
    it is exactly what I needed to hear...thanks to all and the music is beautiful.

  64. Thanks for the lift!

  65. Thanks for that great picture!

    47 - great summary! Thanks for that!

  66. I love this analogy! Years ago, when I was waiting on an underground station for my train, after completing an interview for university entrance - and being accepted, I saw how my whole life up to that point seemed like a jigsaw puzzle. Often we see only the individual pieces, but then they all begin to fit together into one beautiful whole picture. We don't know why we engage in certain activities, except that we enjoy them, but as the puzzle pieces fit together we begin to see how God's hand has been guiding us all the time and how those activities fit into the whole picture of our lives.

  67. I forwarded this on to my dear grandaughter. They will be moving across the country with all the puzzle pieces out there to put together. With patience and Gods love things will work out in harmony and satisfaction. The Bible and the text book helps us solve any problem. With love to all

  68. What a lovely thought--there is no m "missing piece".

    Incidentally, I couldn't use the pod popup today--it linked to christianscience lecture and nothing happened. You might want to check this out?

  69. I LOVE puzzles and how they teach me to slow down and patiently wait for the seeming missing piece to appear. Time and time again, when frustration seems to come while working on a puzzle, turning away from it and returning with fresh eyes makes the piece seem to jump right off the table. It was right there all along. Same with life's puzzling events. Turn thought away from magnifying the seeming problem and trust that God already has the answers... or missing pieces. Great lift! Thank you!

  70. I bought a jigsaw puzzle for 50 cents in an "everything" store. The box was a bit rumpled, but it had not been opened. Because I loved the picture, I began to separate out the "end" pieces immediately to make the border. Try as I might, I could not make the border come together. I kept going back into the box to find more straight edged pieces, but to no avail. I felt sure that all of the pieces I had put together already fit perfectly, so I kept looking in the box for more.
    My thought kept going round and round like this: "What did you expect for 50 cents?" "Probably all of the pieces weren't in the box to begin with." "All of that time for nothing." However, I really liked the picture and I didn't want to just give up on the pieces I had already put together, so I kept with it. I finally began moving all of the "sure thing" pieces around and discovered some of the pieces didn't fit after all. I was able to finish the border and finish the puzzle very quickly.
    Our metaphysical work and prayer is sometimes like this. Sometimes we think we are sure of the right answer, that we have done everything correctly, but nothing happens. Or sometimes we give up too soon right before the victory, or talk ourselves into not even starting in the first place. But prayer is always sure, always complete, always the right fit and always, always, always, a blessing for everyone. Keep at it. God is always giving us a right solution.

  71. What a lovely thought to know that God's purpose for each one of His ideas is already in place. Wonderful inspiration! Bob Hodges, loved your story. Thank you everyone for your wonderful thinking!

  72. I love to do jigsaw puzzles. They have helped me see that anything is solvable and is an opportunity to express intelligence. I have also developed the ability to see shape and color at a refined level. No problem is unsolvable with Divine Mind to guide one, - whether it is a jigsaw puzzle or any other kind of life-puzzle. The "refined sight" needed to solve anything is available to anyone, we just have to know the skill is provided by God - and of course, to open the box. What a wonderful up-lift, Marie, Merci Beaucoup!

  73. A puzzle gets completed easier when several people join in the effort. Our working together at work, in social organisations, in church, in government, as nations, could also be seen as puzzles. God's order or completed puzzle is a basis for our working together for good.

  74. Thank you for this perfect solution.

  75. Your Lift brought me almost full circle. When I was little and began working “grownup's” puzzles, I now think I came closest to metaphysics even when I didn't know the word or what it meant. I'd think how finding & fitting pieces was like advanced education I couldn't quite explain, an opportunity that related to way beyond my daily life then, and some thoughts even had religious connections. I'd apply puzzle work to these topics. I never talked about this, for it sounded silly & childish. But your Lift put in memory a particular “vase with flowers” puzzle I worked many times, and I realized, in my childish way, I sort of lived back then a little of what your Lift today is about, though my experience wasn't as well thought out or understood. Merci beaucoup, Marie, for “updating” me on jigsaw puzzle lessons. I know now how to use what you've presented. Instead of my vague, day-dreamy yesteryear thoughts, you gave useful reasons to correct thoughts of worry, doubt, lack, stress, and more. Instead of my previous “some” religious connections, you've put everything rightfully with God, and why we can expect good and completeness. This brings out how even brief negative thoughts we entertain while we do simple activities like working jigsaws, need to be corrected just as much as the big issues we face. Puzzles are harmless, but Oh! so useful opportunities to practice spiritual healing thoughts that we'll be more alert to and familiar with, when we do face bigger problems.

  76. Thanks for this reminder. It helps to find good solutions in the daily life.

  77. Thank you Marie
    For this lovely lift on fitting in!

    It is nice to fit in…..
    at work, with friends, at school, in our family, at church ect.
    The perfect fit! How wonderful

    So…If ever I feel I don’t “fit in”
    or something isn’t working and I find it puzzling?
    I turn to God and know that God knows ALL….
    everything because God is Mind!
    Mind is never confused, never guesses and is never puzzled

    This comforting line of Hymn #51 Love's work and Love must fit.
    Praying with that thought has healed MANY a situation
    I do think of it often

    Seeing Love's work lets me see I am always in my right place
    Seeing that with Mind, Intelligence, God, there is always an answer
    Love puts us right where we need to be
    In our correct “puzzle piece” place and it fits and it is right and very good

    I loved the thought Marie
    that I would not fit in anywhere else but that ONE EXACT SPOT!!!!
    How dear.. Thank you

    Merci beaucoup! :)

    Hymn #51
    Mary Alice Dayton
    God could not make imperfect man
    His model infinite;
    Unhallowed thought He could not plan,
    Love's work and Love must fit.

  78. What a beautiful idea. You surprised me when you compared the jigsaw puzzle to a new day! One time in my my nursing work I asked, "how are we going to do this?" One of my fellow nurses smiled and said, "perfectly well".
    That really clicked with me.
    So often I would ask my Father Mother God this question, and at the end of the day find myself saying, Oh! That's how You worked it out!
    Your lift is reminding me to use this approach to seeing the larger, community, picture, even the economies of the world, as God's design, and I love what Renate said about all helping each other.
    Thank you so much for bringing this playful truth to our thought!

  79. Thank you Marie for you excellent message regarding God's puzzle solving skills!!! I was having people problems with people I volunteer with and my anger was close to the boiling point! After using "God's Law of Adjustment" and your message of God's order completing the puzzle, a problem solver at the "volunteer job" called me and asked me if all was going well and I responded no and that certain situations were annoying me. The supervisor said she would do her best to unwind the situations which I complained of and now I will go to sleep tonight and sleep in Peace.

  80. Marie, Pam and the whole team, thanks for solving the puzzle. Looking for a place to live or needing employment, or not knowing what to do next after any disaster or calamity, seem to be giant puzzles for many people. I am grateful to God for He is my home, my employer and He guides me and also guides everyone that seeks a home or employment, and those who suffer, as if all the pieces of the puzzle were numbered and easy to put together. All we need to do is trust divine Love.

    En español

    Marie, Pam y todo el equipo, gracias por resolver el rompecabezas. Buscando un lugar para vivir o necesitando empleo, o no sabiendo qué hacer después de cualquier desastre o calamidad, parecen ser rompecabezas gigantes para mucha gente. Estoy agradecido a Dios porque Él es mi hogar, mi empleador y Él me guía y también guía a todos los que buscan un hogar o empleo, y a aquellos que sufren, como si las piezas del rompecabezas fueran numeradas y fáciles de poner juntas. Todo lo que necesitamos es confiar en el Amor divino.

  81. Dear Heather, thank you for correcting the source of my quote! xo Tracy

  82. These thoughts provide an answer to many questions I've had. Thank you!

  83. Merci Marie. Thank you very much.
    And thanks for all the comments, including #70.

  84. Thank you,Marie.

  85. Thank you so much for these ideas. I've been working with the belief of a dislocation and a broken bone and your thoughts on things being in their right place, put there by God for a harmonious outcome filled with blessings is a wonderful reminder to help me on this healing!

  86. thank you! thats is great to know that everything is in place!

  87. Thank you, I liked the analogy, I will try to solve my own puzzle,. In God we trust. Much love and gratitude to all the commentators.

  88. Mercy beaucoup, Marie, for this God-inspired message of peace, perfection, wholeness, blessing and joy! God has indeed put us all in our perfect place within Miind's perfect, good design. After all, the Lord's Prayer does say, "Our Father-Mother God -- all harminious!"

  89. Thank you. Delightful.

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