8/9: The great outdoors

8/9: The great outdoors

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  1. Hey, hey,

    Thanks everyone for making this first year of Your Daily Lift such a success! As I say in the lift this morning, we have some incredible on-site inspiration planned for this week, so make sure to tune in. And, keep listening and sharing this podcast year-round. There'll be new, inspired lifts for every season.

    Much love,
    Nathan Frederick
    Media Producer
    CS Board of Lectureship

  2. Norm, I love it! What a great way to start the day :).

  3. An incredibly creative Lift, done just like a live news report--thank you! I love city life too, though at times the "music" may sound less like Mozart and more like Schoenberg, and we may wish we could stop up our ears. Thanks for the reminder that harmony is the rule, not the exception.

  4. Thank you Nathan for giving us this Daily Lift. I can't tell you how many times something I heard here has come back to me later in the day to help me.

    And today's message including Love Is Reflected In Love is a perfect way to start the next year.

  5. What a fun and valuable lift, Norm! Many thanks!

  6. Thank you Norm
    What you say reminded me of something I was reading yesterday in Miscellaneous Writings (p337:16 -19)

    "Harmony is heaven. Science brings out harmony; but this harmony is not understood unless it produces a growing affection for all good ..."

    "The real Christian Scientist is constantly accentuating harmony in
    word and deed, mentally and orally, perpetually repeating the
    diapason of heaven: "Good is my God; and my God is good. Love is my God, and my God is Love." (MW:206)

    As Mrs Eddy says "Love is reflected in Love"

    Thanks for the reflection and lift.

  7. I love city sounds. But, I imagine that your good thoughts could help even in a war zone.

  8. You're right, Nathan.

    I'm blown away by the beauty of the sounds on the streets and sidewalks of Boston, and by Norm Bleichman's cool take on all that orderly activity. Who'd a thought a jackhammer could play music as fascinating as a Bach fugue? Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little :-)

    But seriously, this new year (of the Daily Lift) is starting out so inviting, so real, so fresh, so teaming with Life and Love.

    Yes, those smiles and hellos exchanged with perfect strangers are something else, aren't they, Norm? You're taking a clue from Jesus' vision of radical hospitality: "I was a stranger, and ye took me in:" (Matt. 25:35). That is, "ye" are taking each "stranger" into your inclusive heart, which beats in tandem with divine Love's infinite heart.

    What a great way for you to start your day of practicing Christian healing, Norm, with a heart-to-heart hi(gh). And for us tuned-in listeners to start ours. Thanks for taking us -- lifting us -- straight from the subway to your office door!

  9. Now that was different, what a lesson! Thank you, Norm, and welcome. I guess we all need to learn to appreciate our surroundings. After all, God is right there, wherever we are, no matter in what situation we find ourselves in.

    Bueno, eso sí que fue diferente, ¡qué lección! Gracias Norm, y bienvenido. Supongo que todos necesitamos aprender a apreciar lo que nos rodea. Después de todo, Dios está allí mismo, dondequiera que estemos, no importa en qué situación nos encontremos.

  10. Oops, I think I meant to write "taking a queue" not "taking a clue" in #2. :-)

  11. Thank you for Norm for the wonderful lift; we sure need to remind ourselves that the hustle & bustle of city life is also occasion for our gratitude and prayers.
    And thank you Nathan & the team of Daily lift for bringing this wonderful inspiration to us. The message in each of them provides just the right answers to my daily needs.Keep on going Daily Lift!

  12. Norm, thanks for bringing us along on your commute! What a great concept - to share a heartfelt smile and see Love in action.

    And thank you to everyone who helps make these Daily Lifts possible!

  13. Cool! Thanks, Norm. And thanks Nathan!

  14. What a wonderful assignment! Thank you!

  15. Nathan, I hope your sidekicks gave you a hand to blow out the candle! You were just you at the start weren't you? I think I've been here since Week 2. My goodness how the Lift has expanded and embraced all who come to listen and then find themselves participating. Just like every family, we've grown! All the best for many more to come. . .
    And Norm, how great to walk to work with you. I was in Boston standing on the footpath one day, trying to make sense of a map, and another beautiful young man came over and offered to help me find The Mother Church. He laughed and said "Everyone in Boston knows where the Christian Science church is!" It snowed during the night - the first time I had seen snow fall! The streets were covered with a big white blanket . I left for Mexico in the morning where snow wasn't a feature. What a journey Christian Science has given me to share with everyone. Thanks again, Norm.

  16. normally the DL are inspiring and given in a peaceful atmosphere which
    personnally we find more appropriate for such a message.

  17. I really appreciate your love of your surroundings, Norm, and seeing Love reflected in love. I smile as people pass by and once while traveling I found that as I walked along an esplanade in Spain, I didn't get a single smile in response, the whole length of the esplanade, about a quarter mile. I might have got the impression that the people in the city were unfriendly but I found instead that people there were very responsive to being spoken to and were very easily engaged in conversation even though my Spanish was very basic. In that city I met people who, after only brief acquaintance, graciously invited me, a tourist, a stranger to experience with them their joyful perspectives of their beloved city where bombings by political radicals were taking place almost daily. With their example, I moved about the city's streets, sidewalks and alleys with confidence and without fear. Thanks for the reminder that as we practice loving we are in harmony with our surroundings, wherever we are.

  18. What a great lift! How tempting to think that we feel closer to God in the beauty and quiet of the countryside when He/She is right under our noses on the street. Thanks for the reminder - and I shall remember the 'Hi' to those I pass! And thank you to all those who have given and shared in these wonderful lifts this past year - a fabulous feast to the start of each day.

  19. Wow! Did you say a surprise Norm? That it was, and most original !
    Thanks for that unexpected lift. I have also found that when I smile at
    people I pass, it invariably results in beautiful , warm expressions from
    those at whom I have smiled, and it is good to know one has cheered up their day as well as making oneself feel happy and glad to be alive !
    Good wishes, Norm from Cape Town, look forward to your next visit.

  20. :) Oops, again, it's spelled "teeming," not "teaming" in #2. I guess I need to take some refresher English classes.

  21. I enjoyed your lift. As a "townie" I can understand it perfectly! Thank you!

  22. Hey, hey, guys.
    Norm, inspiring Lift. Thanks.
    Looking into eyes, saying hello is so cool.
    Congrats to the Daily Lift this year.
    With Eddy's teachings, Life,Truth, Love,
    and the continuation of her work,
    gives me stamina, joy, and energy for daily living in this busy world.
    I am grateful for CS.

  23. Boston's cow-paths are wonderful. and thanks for the extra seasoning.

  24. Thank you Nahan.

    I love your sharing the idea to smile and to say Hi to everyone you have eye contact with. It is a welcoming to the day.

    Super Lift, Nathan. Smiles !!!!!!!!!! : )

  25. What a lovely idea to have an 'on the hoof' comment. Really did bring home a sense of what noise we do live in, whether physically or metaphorically speaking. Thank you for that and for reminding me what we are here for. Indeed, to see the spiritual in all and find out our schooling stands us in good stead for our journey toward graduation.

  26. Sooo pleased to hear the great outdoor sounds of the city! God's presence is everywhere--crowded subways, freeways, and streets-- expressing order, harmony, and love amidst seeming chaos--just look and listen! Thanks, Norm, for your enthusiasm and spiritual insight on the joys of an urban walk.

    Nate--Great start for the second year of Daily Lift!

  27. Many thanks Norm for your thought provoking lift. Yes. "See beauty and order [in all things]." "O wake and hear the angel-song /That bids all discord cease, / ...And so our hearts find peace." (CS hymnal #9)

  28. Congratulations ! One year of Daily Lifts.This deseves a special celebration of gratitude , joyfulthanksgiving and praise.
    I look forward to these spiritual uplifts every day,so nourishing,invigorating and full of Life.Keep up the good work.Thank You.

  29. Bonjour

    This noise's street is amazing, the opposite where we live, in Provence where only crikets et cigale sings... no noise of cars, buses etc....Peace and quiet, beauty and harmony, outdoor here is a prayer by itself!

    This message is fun in the way for peace and harmony, and love can be found and expressed anywhere. To smile at every face, every eyes you meet is love expressed and shared...

    Thank you for this great original daily lift


  30. What a most invigorating way to start the new year of lifts right to the heart of spiritual activity. Smiles! They go beyond words to the heart of daily living. A smile speaks to the stranger from us in any language, culture, sex, political affiliation, religion, age or social or financial status. It shouts loudly, "I acknowledge your existence. I value who you are. You're there and I'm happy you're there. I'm glad you have graced my path. You're worth knowing." It's our acknowledging of life's connection to the Perfect One. I will practice smiling today being perfect.

  31. The sounds of the city are every bit as compelling to me as those in a forest! I love your child-like wonder and observation of the energy, beauty and joy of those around you! I'll keep this Thought with me as I make my way from country home to city work! Thanks for your wonderful Lift! Looking forward to a second year of Lifts!

  32. Good for you Norm. Feet on the ground. Rejoicing in and affirming every hint offered WITHIN YOU every moment, of God's all-knowing, all-seeing all-acting all-loving, all-power, eternal presence and authority (kingdom), even in Boston!

    I grew up in New England, spent a lot of time in the Boston area, even got so I could drive in Boston! In 1983 I drove south with my wife and two children and spent most of a year in Texas, where I say with winter-Texan authority, "I learned to dare to smile in public". Since then I have plied my skill, especially in New England. I notice that if my attitude even leans toward focused, compassionate presence, i don't even have to exercise facial muscles, others sometimes beat me to a pleasant smile or hello. Attitude keeps no secrets. Our human presence tends either to obscure divine presence, or coincides with it and "shares (our) joy and spend(s) it freely".

    These lifts are "beyond belief"!

  33. Nathan frederick,
    Looking forward... Morning Lift has been just great to date.

    Norm Bleichman, THANK YOU!! SUPER SPECIAL.


  34. Thanks for these daily lifts. I daily look forward to them, and they certainly bring a lift into my day. Thank you to to the whole team, in my corner of the world that are greatly appreciated, you are greatly appreciated.

  35. Well, that was different! I love to realize that the bustle of our cities is supported by God's underlying order and beauty--you mentioned the rhythm and flow. And in Newburyport you also have the motion of the ocean nearby. It helps to realize God's presence and the things "wrought of God."

    I'm missing the comments from others -- are they available somewhere else to share?

    It's been a fruitful and interesting year to hear our lecturer's offerings each weekday morning from around the globe. Thank you, Nate, and all your team, including the lecturers, for your daily spiritual uplifts.

    Thank you, Norm, for today's inspiration.

  36. Happy Anniversary, Daily Lift! I look forward to hearing each and every day the message that will inspire me that day. Thank you for this wonderful production!

  37. Thanks to everyone involved in Daily Lift. Absolutely wonderful way to start the day. Very grateful!!

  38. i enjoyed this lift. Thank you.

  39. Go Norm! Really enjoyed hearing the sounds of your world. That meet and greet of strangers on the street is a norm (no pun intended) in most southern parts of the USA. Agree that showing love in this way is contagious in a "love reflected in love" kind of way.

    Cudos also to Nathan and everyone behind the scenes at Daily Lift. Love how you keep the intros fresh. Looking forward to new original music this year from you and other Daily Lift musicians.

  40. This was fun! I am rather a "green" outdoors person, but I see your point, especially your spiritual point. Love reflected in love everywhere. The order, not of dog-eat-dog, but of Love's world, arranging, ordering, revealing harmony in every situation. TFTL (thanks for the lift)

  41. A whole year already! And yet, I can hardly remember what it was like NOT to have this "Daily Lift" to bless my day - sometimes even save my day! A huge celebratory thanks to everyone who contributed.
    And what a fun, innovative lift from Norm to start the "new year." Thanks for reminding us that it's not as much what each of our "outdoors" look like that governs our experience, but rather what we bring to our "outdoors." And that benefits "all whom our thoughts [and smiles] rest upon!"

  42. Really terrific!!! Thank you!

  43. Can't believe it has been only a year. The Daily Lift has become such an important part of my day. I love looking at the bios of the speakers too as they are another source of inspiration. Today"s Lift bought out a point we sometimes miss--to look for and find God's goodness everywhere and at all times.

  44. Norm: What a wonderful lift! Love reflected in love! Thanks Nate, and Norm and all - I've had just the lifts I've needed over this last year, and have loved sharing them. They have meant a great deal, and have lifted a number out of what seemed to be intrenched problems. Love to all of you who are lifting us up!

  45. Thanks!!

    Terrific to know that we can see and hear God no matter where we are. Sometimes we may be tempted to think, "If I could just get away from the noise and confusion", but where we most need God's Love, peace and assurance are where "the rubber meets the road"!!

    Great Lift!!

    And Thanks for a wonderful first year of Lifts!! Thanks.

  46. A smile is a wonderful thing to share. That's why I love to walk on a trail. Most everyone smiles as they pass you. And I love the expression of harmony on a trail--birds singing, crickets singing, rabbits and squirrels running from place to place. Different from Boston but all expressing different facets of infinite God.

  47. Uhmmm! That was fun to hear! Thank you for sharing your morning with all of us! with so much appreciation for what these Daily Lifts are doing which is truly LIFTING thought. The universe is really a better place as a result.

  48. norm, i loved your lift. thank you.

  49. Hey Norm,
    Thank you so much for sharing! ---Good job!!!!!!

  50. To see beauty everywhere ... even in the middle of the chaos of a big city ...
    I live in São Paulo, a huge city and must say that before meeting Christian Science I used to feel a little dismotivated due to the air polution, noise, lack of nature ... but now I feel happy, because God opened up my eyes to see the amazing growing possibilities that only a big city can offer and is actually offering me.
    The energy, the speed, the richness ... so many things to do and create, lots of possibilities !!
    Thanks for reminding me that I am in the best place I could ever be, right now.

  51. Thanks for a wonderful year of Daily Lifts. They bring new perspectives, insight and inspiration. Today's Lift is a wonderful reminder that we can lift our thoughts and see God's creation everywhere, even in seemingly distracting and mundane environments. Cities are reflections of God's infinite intelligence, too. Loved the title "Great Outdoors". Thanks again!

  52. Wow! Thanks for yet another wonderful way to live the Love we are so freely given. These daily lifts have been invaluable to me this past year. I am so very grateful for each lecturer, for Nate and all those on the production end, and for the truly inspiring comments from other listeners. What a great way to start the day!

  53. Wow, Nathan and Norm and everyone! What a great lift this morning. The new and different approach this morning keeps us on our toes and in the world where we can do some good daily, just as Norm expressed. I just loved it! Congratulations Nathan and your team. on this special anniversay day. The "nowness" of what you are doing makes me very proud of us all.

  54. Nice job! As a New Yorker, I couldn't agree more. There is immense beauty in the energy of a city and that energy comes directly from the people, God's people. :)

  55. Thank you Nathan and staff and lecturers for these inspirational daily lifts! Congratulations for the award you received, Nathan, the one the Sentinel covered in 'Items of Interest'.

  56. Hey,hey, what a great way to start the day !

  57. Yes, I miss the energy, the vibrancy, of a city, after having 'escaped' to a much smaller city where complacency seems to be the rule. Thanks.

  58. Hey, hey! Congrats on the first anniversary of this podcast. Love the freshness and creativity. Keep up your great work!

  59. This is a great daily lift. I know exactly what you mean seeing God's presence everywhere. I live in an entirely different place but I loved it when I'm in a big city identifying everyone and everything I see as an expression of Mind. I do this as I drive into the small town where I live and see tourist mill about enjoying themselves. The beauty is present everywhere and all the time whether the sun is shinning or the fog horn blowing.
    Thank you for reminding us to see God's perfection, orderliness, and beauty in all of our experience.

  60. Oh, thank you Norm. I will never forget the reluctant smile that came from the woman in the car next to me. Seems like everyone is waiting for someone to smile at them. All are worthy ~ even if a bit reluctant to initiate. Thank you for thinking outside the box! I am so refreshed and encouraged to keep on smiling!!!

  61. Thanks Nathan for nurturing a fabulous, award winning idea. And thanks Norm for an expansive view of the "great outdoors". I love it!

  62. Great idea - a daily lift from the street! Love reflected in love. That is my mission for the day.

  63. A new slant on taking God with you everywhere!

    A reminder that you can be in the center of activity while still maintaining that center of quietness.

    Thank you so much

  64. Great lift. Congratulations on your first year. Very often, as I meet with people,strangers in various walks of life, I say, "Thank you for your smile". Try it, as Norm says, you may be surprised at the results.

  65. Good thoughts Norm! Thank you. Love to you and all up in Boston, ViVa

  66. Thank you, had to listen to this twice. It brought back the times when I lived in a large city and had to walk to where ever I wanted to go. Now I drive and the the only times I meet people is generaly in the stores. I'm going to try saying "hello" to people and smile. I do smile a great deal. Yes, we are all the children of God and we can reflect love.

  67. Gosh, a year already! Thanks for all the lifts that have started my days.

  68. Hey Dear Team!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful work!
    Norm, I just loved! I've been greeting people in the streets for a while! I'll just expand my attention so that I'll make sure to have an eye contact and smile!

  69. Thank you Norm,
    Your message will make me think twice when walk through busy downtown in Barcelona.

  70. What a way to celebrate Love,Soul.. let light in through a smile.. Thanks Nate and Norm for sharing an idea on how to see that today is full of Love for all.

  71. Thanks for this great lift and for all of the great lifts. I look forward to them each morning.

  72. This reminds me of my walks down busy streets when I lived in New York City. I would sing to myself the words from Mrs. Eddy's hymn "...And o'er earth's troubled angry sea, I see Christ walk." Sometimes the city seemed like an angry sea...horns honking, sirens blaring; but I always knew that the Christ was present and accompanying me.

  73. Just love it Norm!

    Making Christian Science practical. That's what it's all about.

    I love the buoyancy of your "lift" and it's easy application.

  74. What a wonderful and criative Daily Lift with different kinds of city's noises!!! Thank you Norm. What a wonderful day is today because God is the only source of all good for all in every place all over the world. Thanks a lot The Mother Church, Nathan, all Daily Lift Staff, and all comments that sharing the light of Christ in cyberspace!

  75. WOW, Norm! You are a magnificent painter using briliant colours to describe a beautiful scenery created by God Himself. Thank you so much! Uruguay, South America

  76. Happy anniversary. Thanks for keeping the Daily Lift new and exciting. I look forward to it each day.

  77. Thank you Nathan, Christian Science Practitioners and all,
    You have let your light so shine on Love's wonderful idea that has indeed aided in fulfilling our Leader's prophesy that CS would indeed be appreciated and applied worldwide.
    In this all too busy world we can now look forward to the bonus of these 2 minute uplifting ideas, each one giving vent to so many testimonies of gratitude telling of the multitudinous ways many have lifted themselves and their neighbor above the storm, by the right propelling idea shared by yourselves.
    There is indeed no limits to what God can do.
    Much gratitude to you all with Love all the Way...
    Hugs Sheila

  78. Wow!!
    I feel like I said "Good Morning" once and instantly got 70 responses. That's so cool! Thanks, everyone, for sharing your thoughts and smiles.

  79. Loved the creativity in this lift, Norm! I'm living in a city now (for the first time) and this helped me get a better attitude about it. Thanks!

  80. Happy First Anniversary, Nathan, and I look forward to many more. Norm, I certainly don't miss the sounds of the city, but I sure like your idea of "love is reflected in love." I had an example of that yesterday. A mother raccoon brought up her two babies to meet me about 3:30 in the afternoon and they hid under our front deck while she ate the food I had put out. I talked gently to them and they finally ventured out to eat. She brought them back at 7 PM and the babies went right to the food bowl and ate while I stood above them talking. I'm sure they could feel the love which eliminated their fear. The mother even left them alone with me and went over to a small pond we have to get a drink of water. Love is reflected in love, and removes fear.

  81. Norm and Nathan and little one, thanks for the Daily Lift today! Happy anniversary to all who make it happen and benefit from this award-winning, inspirational gift which keeps on giving!!



  83. I just have to add my voice to the chorus of cheers for the Daily Lift. Hip hip hooray!

    Many thanks to all involved in bringing a message of promise, hope, and joy to the world each day!
    Much love,

  84. Thank you so much for the freshness, originality of the new view of any surrounding ! So great! That's Soul, isn't it? I will start to look around with such a point of view.
    And thanks for the daily lifts in general - an enlightning idea, so helpful!

  85. Delightful and healing message. Thank you. I too have found God's goodness, peace, joy and order expressed in the middle of crowded subways, teeming sidewalks and honking or siren-filled streets. Humor is a wonderful Godly quality to have on hand in such situations as well as humility that recognizes that wherever we are - whether country or city, Life is expressed in "multifarious forms" of purpose and progress. The insects in a silent hay field, or fish in a placid lake may have as much action in their lives as we do! It's what you make of it that matters. I notice pigeons placidly pecking their way in the gutters of a busy street - not particularly bothered by the buses roaring by or the crowds of pedestrians waiting for the light to change. Amazing isnt it that truly "O Gentle Presence" is here and everywhere. Eddy writes of creation this way "Advancing spiritual steps in the teeming universe of Mind lead on to spiritual spheres and exalted beings." S&H 513. What a stimulating, restful "resort" we all live in!
    Thank you again for reminding us of God's infinite love for all of us wherever we are!

  86. OK, I am humbled. As one who has always tried to run screaming out of any city, I realize that I wasn't taking in the sites and sounds correctly!

    Nathan, you have connected Christian Science to a world waiting in a very special way. You get a huge pat on the back for putting the pieces together....and of course God, Mind gets some credit too!

  87. Thank you all for bringing the inspiring daily lift to us. I look forward to it and the comments that come with it. They are also very helpful. Norm, yours was quite different. I enjoyed it, even though I'm not a fan of the big city.

  88. Yeah. Fresh, contemporary, real. Easy to identify with.

  89. Dear Nathan, thank you so much for preparing these wonderful "Daily Lifts", CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Dear Norm, thank you so much for sharing this inspiring "Daily Lift" in a daily life experience. Love it!!! Muchas gracias.

  90. Thank you for identifying our daily busyness as our campus

  91. Almost 50 years ago when I was working in an office building in a busy major city, I made the same promise to myself - to say hi to and smile at everyone I saw frequently and/or made eye contact with.....it was an amazing experience. It took some previously self-absorbed people by surprise and evoked smiles where there had been none before. It gave us all a connected feeling. Thanks for reminding me of that experience. I now live in the country and love it here too..

  92. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to The Daily Lift - and many more! Thanks, Nate, for your superb job of providing us with your wit, joy, and excellence! Loved your Lift, Norm! I have always had trouble staying grounded and centered in a City - so have always felt I "needed" to live in the country or small town. Your Lift has awakened some new ideas in me - so grateful! Thanks, also, Norm, for your humor and creativity! Please give my love and hugs to Bonnie, Shari and Debbie! Much Love!

  93. Cool!!! Thanks...earths' preparatory school seen through new eyes! I love it!

  94. Congratulations Nate---and team---on a job well done! These Daily Lifts are a gift each morning, and something without which I can't imagine starting my day. Really happy for you and your team that these lifts have become so well received around the world . . . wishing you continued success and much love.
    And Norm, thank you for this fresh and creative approach to recording your lift----loved walking to work with you this morning! Isn't it funny how cities have this reputation of people being aloof and disinterested in one another---and yet, with just a quick smile and eye contact, the response is overwhelmingly positive?! Thanks for this reminder to reach out, no matter where---big city, little town---Love is reflected in love.

  95. So many thanks to the CS Board of Lectureship for this creative and inspiring "lift" on lectures, and for adding the phone access, too. Thanks to all who contribute and keep the fresh word coming daily to us.

    Norm, your inspiration will accompany me through airport crowds today.

  96. Great Lift !

    Happy 1st. Birthday.

  97. Thank you Norm,

    This Lift was both humbling and uplifting, opening the eyes and ears.

    What a great call to alertness and duty. Sometimes the “Still Small Voice” is shouting at us and we “Still” don't get the message. “Still” may mean quiet and calm, but it is also defined as “Constant or Always”. So I like to substitute it to become the “Constant Small Voice” which can roar like a lion (or jack hammer) in the background until we bring it’s useful message forward into our thinking.

    It may be occasionally misconstrued or ignored, but it is Still there. Maybe I’ve been filtering out the wrong sounds all these years.

    Thanks again

  98. Perfect! Great reminder to work on my "on-going assignment" with fresh enthusiasm and joy. The lifts - and the comments about them - have been such a blessing this past year. Thanks to you all!

  99. What a joy to have daily lifts in our lives! They were a great inspiration and continue to bless widely with their unique flavors of lecturers from all over the world. They say, this Christian Science is definitely worth delving into!

  100. I loved this lift! Thanks very much Norm.

  101. Wonderful approach to each day. And as Amy (#53) observes, it works in New York, too. Maybe everywhere when we feel and express His presence. Thanks for the lift.

  102. Norm, what a great lift this morning. Some time back, I was watching the evening news and they were filming New York City from a helicopter. I sat there in awe with all the skyscrapers and lights in all the windows and said "God how do you do it?" The answer came "because I AM infinite." What a wonderful lesson that was to me that God is in control of every activity, every movement, all over the world, and that all is moving in perfect harmony. It has been special to me for a long time to smile at the people I meet on the street, in the grocery store, etc., and often have conversations, knowing that we all are one big family of God's loved children. Thanks so much for this lift today and Nathan, it's been a wonderful year of lifts that I look forward to each day and all the uplilfting ideas that we can hold to which remind us of our spiritual being. Love to all commenters as well. .

  103. What a wonderful surprise to see that you are now a Lecturer, Norm! ( I served as sub soloist at your branch church a few years back.) Looking forward to hearing one of your lectures!!

    Just LOVE this Daily Lift with all the city sounds...I love the city, especially Boston and see so much "beauty and order everywhere". Thanks for the reminder that we are ALL "enrolled" in earth's preparatory school.

    Janice from Norton

  104. :) . . .and when others are wearing dark sunglasses ? One can't make eye contact but I find myself lifting my hand , inwardly humming the words to ALL-PRESENCE (Hymn 461 in the C.S. Hymnal Supplement). The response: a big :) . . . .

  105. A whole year! Congratulations Daily Lift, on your start of year #2.
    A good reminder that God, divine Love, is at work right here on "street level,"even with all the noise of busy traffic. (And a smile connects folks, so nobody needs to be a stranger or lonely.) Reminds me of Marta Greenwood's Daily Lift last week -- where she heard the bird singing high above the trains! So, it's LOVE expressed in love, no matter where we are! We can't help being part of it.
    Thanks Norm.

  106. Congratulations on your first Anniversary!...Very grateful for these raisers of thought in my morning routine at the computer.. THANKS

  107. Norm, that was wonderfully creative and inspiring! Thanks for the colorful dash of Soul today--right here, right now.

  108. Fresh and original. And oh such a good lesson and reminder. Thank you!

  109. What a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you soooooo much!

  110. Congratulations, Nate et al. A great year it was. DL is the best thing Boston
    has come up with since Science and Health. Our world-family all loving and
    helping is bound to uplift the whole of humanity. I love it.

  111. Thank you, Norm, for the original and cool "lift". I love the concept of seeing the hustle and bustle of city life, not as chaos, but as Love in action.
    Congratulations on the first year of the "Lift". It has meant so much to me to open my computer in the morning and know that these fresh and inspiring thoughts are waiting for me. And to look at the comments from around the world is to realize the extent of the blessing.
    One morning this past year, I was feeling unwell and I opened my computer and clicked on not only the current Daily Lift but about six or seven previous ones. What a sense of gratitude and inspiration I felt, and the need was met.
    Thanks so much for providing these practical "angel messages".

  112. This lift reminds me of when I leaned that it doesn't matter where we are or what activity is going on around us. That God is All-in-All and that our sense of harmony is our recognizing this spiritual truth about our always-connected, never disturbed, relationship with God. That we can "go in the (mental) closet" and benefit from that recognition while sitting quietly at home, in a park, or walking down a crowded city sidewalk with the sounds of traffic and construction all around. Thank you.

  113. Wow! A whole wonderful year of Lifts!
    Thank you to all the Lifters, including those who add their comments.
    Loved your very creative Lift this morning, Norm!
    Yes, one can easily find inspiration, joy, and love while walking to work in Boston.

  114. Thank you for these incredible daily inspirations and congratulations for the anniversary. Have a wonderful second season!

  115. Hey Norm,
    Great to hear you on the daily lift today.
    We look forward to more inspiration in the future.

  116. Thanks for this greeting, Norm. Happy Anniversary to the Daily Lift, and have a good week, everyone

  117. Hey Norm, great to hear you on the daily lift today.
    We hope to hear more from you in the future.

  118. What a great lift to start off the second year! Gracias.

  119. Yes, we can express the Christ message to love wherever we are. No matter what the atmosphere or circumstance seems to be,
    God is always present, so His reflection is also. I know I can acknowledge this more in action starting right now! Thank you.

  120. What a big smile the lift for today bought me. Also a ton of gratitude that I have been blessed for a whole year by the daily lifts. Thank you, thanks, and more thanks to all who make this possible. You are all great God reflectors.

  121. This past year my life has been enriched by the Lifters and Liftees. I too will remember that God is in the Great Outdoors in city as well as country, smile more, criticize less, and endeavor to glorify Him in every way. Thanks to all of you, all over the world, for passing along your insights and gratitude.

  122. Thank you so much for the entire concept of the Daily Lift. I know of people who hear it on the phone as well as others who might not otherwise be interested in CS.
    Nearby, a few very large homes were built into a small section completely surrounded by highways. Why would anyone decide to live there? Well, maybe they came from the city where traffic noise is a natural part of their aural environment. So as much as we love a quiet atmosphere, we can love (with eye-contact!) in very noisy places. Thank you for all good expressed!

  123. These Daily Lifts have been a wonderful start for each day the past year! Thank you, Nathan, and all who make these possible.
    And Norm, I think many smiles have been generated already through your inspiring Lift today! Thanks! I have only recently discovered the energy and excitement of a big city. It was good to hear that again!

  124. Thanks Norm for a great Lift and to all for a year of good through the Daily Lifts and comments.

  125. Great fresh ideas to start the day! Thanks Norm and congratulations!!

  126. Finding and sharing inspiration OUT THERE on the street is, as Mr. Bleichman says, a real lift for both giver and getter. In fact, it's the essense of civilization ... or as Paul, the first citizen of the world, said, "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one ...." Understanding that oneness turns each day into a wonderful adventure!!

  127. What a refreshingly different way to package the Daily Lift! Thank you all for your daily gifts.

  128. Thanks Norm - - - you are an artist "in tune" and you confirm: "Thus may our lives flow on in the same sweet rhythm of head and heart, till they meet and mingle in bliss supernal." (Misc 160:8-10) This past Saturday I jumped on the #1 bus at your Tee stop (Hynes) and landed at Harvard Square, Cambridge. Sitting outside on a beautiful afternoon, the crowds were surging this way and that, traffic was heavy, and I observed several pairs of men at war over chess boards. The "same sweet rhythm - - " Your word picture was graphic, beautiful, original, and real. You then gave me a second reminder. I have a recollection about the story of a musician who was unemployed in Santa Fe, New Mexico - - many years ago. His friend, a fellow artist, had found work in Chicago and invited him to come stay with him and get to work. The job he got was on the business end of a jack-hammer tearing up the streets of Chicago to get ready to build the famous "El" for the commute trains. The staccato pace of the jack-hammer captured his imagination, and he composed the music for "The Sana Fe Trail." When I heard the jack-hammer in your "The Great Outdoors" I recalled that story and felt that your prime message was ratified - - "see beauty and order everywhere - - the rhythm of the head and the heart - - smile to everyone - - and Love is reflected in love." Thanks Norm. Very grateful that you are on the job.

  129. Such a great LIFT, and job well done over the past year. No suprise that I'm working on "what you see is NOT always what you get" as I continue to separate the real from the unreal. This helps me see the real "out there" as I go about my daily business, the face of God in all that is good, the divine order and harmony, even when things don't appear so great to mortal sense. Thanks for the walk this morning.

  130. First: Thank you, Board of Lectureship,—and all who contribute— for the uplifting and inspiring "Daily Uplifts". The number of times they have met a special need for me or for those I refer them to are uncountable!

    Secondly, thank you Norm, for putting into words the healing wonder of God's presence in the City.

  131. Thanks Norm, this was a great lift, and I love the creativity for this kickoff of the second year! It's a good reminder that seeming outward chaos cannot derail our sense of peace, and that a change in perspective can turn discordant noise into harmony. I'll be listening for that music today.

  132. I really enjoyed the new idea presented today with people on their way to work and smiling at one another with all the sounds of harmony in the background. The way for the second year to be even more successful is for all of us to remember to lift ourselves daily from the mortal picture and to inspire those around us.
    So completely grateful for this gift we have called Christian Science.

  133. That was very cool--I loved it.
    What a fresh approach to a great
    Thank you

  134. Thank you Norm! And thanks to Nathan and everyone at TMC for the Daily Lifts this last year and looking forward to the next year!

  135. happy anniversary. And a big thank you.

  136. I agree with #16. Ten seconds of city noise would have been enough to make the point. The message got kind of droowned out. But thanks much for trying to be fresh and innovative.

  137. Congratulations on the first year of the Daily Lifts! Please keep them
    coming. #85 mentioned the siren-filled streets. Years ago a loving
    CS practitioner told me a siren is just error claiming to have power, and it's
    our opportunity to know that "All is under the control of the one Mind,
    even God." (Science and Health 54:16)
    I love both the sounds and hustle and bustle of the city and the quiet of
    the country. God is right there!

  138. Norm thank you! Great to hear your original and joy filled ideas.
    I look forward to hearning more! Thank you Nate and all of the Daily Lift crew. What a wonderful year we have had because of your good work!

  139. Thanks to all for a wonderful year of daily lifts! Norm, your lift was refreshing and right on! No matter where we are we can chose to see God's order and harmony! Happy day!

  140. These Daily Lifts are really great - and a wonderful discovery.

    Much appreciated.

    Keep them coming!

  141. Thank you and congratulations to the Your Daily Lift team. What an amazing addition to our Christian Science lecture site and an incredible healing presence for the whole world. I can't express my gratitude enough for the Lifts. Norm, the creativity and wisdom in today's Lift is terrific. I've just come back from a wonderful trip that included driving through lovely corn fields in Iowa, the gorgeous rolling forested hills of New York state and an invigorating day in NY City! Everywhere we went was inspiring in its individual way. I am so grateful for the spiritual insight shared here by Norm, regarding the city, because we need to see the cities that way and embrace them in our thoughts & prayers and appreciate them and include all those individuals that live & work there. This was absolutely a terrific way to start the second year. Bravo.

  142. Let the creativity flow! I love this: the daily lives of practitioners, a true reality show.

  143. Thank you for this creative lift. You have taken us to the next step! We certainly need to take our lessons "outside" and share them with the world...

  144. Thanks, Norm, and all the great contributors -- perhaps especially for me today Michael #97. I have learned to appreciate the beauties and qualities of both the city and the country. This wonderful lift reminded me of Elizabeth Wooley's poem "Inner City", which was in the book "Ideas on Wings", published by The Christian Science Publishing Society a number of years ago. I don't know when it was first published (I think in The Christian Science Journal), but anyone who has the concordance Found Volumes could check that date. I really appreciate the Daily Lifts.

    This poem was first printed in the <em>The Christian Science Journal</em> (1976, J94-375) and is by Elizabeth Woolley.

  145. A beautiful reminder that we can express love and joy anywhere! Very creative and effective lift today. (I go walking each morning and many people seem so busy listening to their headsets and/or checking their time that they don't quickly speak or acknowledge someone they meet. I am now encouraged to continue to at least nod in their direction to let them know I care.) Thanks!

  146. Happy Happy Day !!!!! Thanks to All for this precious gift of inspiration and grace. This outreach of Love has blessed and will continue to bless the multitudes, which is what we each and all should be about !!!!
    Your efforts and work are deeply appreciated

    Thanks again with love.......Sally

  147. Okay it was great once, but I like to hear the quiet lifts as we all have so much noise in our thinking in the morning. Also I have never heard of someone call "Mrs Eddy" just "Eddy"--too cutting edge for me. Love you all anyway.

  148. What a wonderful lift today. Thank you Norm, and thank you Nathan, et al for making this happen every day for us. I think Mrs. Eddy would be thrilled with the incredible outreach CS is actively and effectively making. There is so much good going on - just look at the comments! I honestly don't know what I would have done without the daily lifts this past year. I looked forward to them, cherished them, and shared them with others. Thank you, Susan, #129 - I really liked the idea of separating the real from the unreal - yes, an ongoing exercise. Love to you all.

  149. Freshness,creativity, spontaneity, joyfulness, playfulness....all Soul qualities on stage here in this lift! Especially LOVED the background noises because they are part of earth's scenes in which we are moving about. It shows that right where we are in this preparatory "lab" we can hear the still small voice proclaiming our blessings over the noise and chaos! Thank you, Nathan, and lecturers and Daily Lift team and all!

  150. Now this is a great example of "thinking outside the box". I love that your lift was a lovely example of "walking with God". It was so cool...you having a conversation with us while you were on the way to work. I find it is true that as I am loving, I am loved in return. Thank you Norm for this lift!

  151. Happy Anniversary, Nathan! -- and thanx for the "new" lift format.

    And thanx for sharing your day and your insights with us. This really was a lift! Gonna implement that smile thing today!!!

  152. See past chaos, see beauty, Love in reflected in love, have a great day.
    That's a great thought! Thank you!

  153. Thank you Norm, I loved this. It almost made me want to work in the city again! I used to take walks all over Denver when I worked downtown and I wish I'd had your inspiration at the time so I might have appreciated it more. But I still walk a lot with my dog in a more "serene" environment and I have learned to smile at or say 'Hi" to the people I see along the way and it has brought so much joy to me (and my dog!).

    And Nathan, I just love hearing your upbeat voice everyday and the Daily Uplift is just wonderful; it really starts my day in a most wonderful way.

  154. Very grateful for the Daily Lift and all the inspired sharing that keeps me alert to look for GOOD- GOD. Really liked today's lift - from sense to Soul - seeming clamour to Love reflected in Love.

  155. :-) Hi, it's me again (turns out I wasn't commenter #2, but rather #8, then #10 (correcting a misspelling in #8) then #20 (correcting another misspelling in #8), and here I have no idea what number I am (maybe #148?).

    Don't mean to overdo a good thing, but I HAVE to give a shout-out to #46, #80 and #85 for including people of all species (crickets, birds, rabbits, squirrels, insects, fish, city pigeons and dinner-guests mom-and-baby raccoons) in their Love-is-reflected-in-love embrace.

    These "right ideas," our fellow inhabitants of the "great outdoors" (which as #32 Erik pointed out is really WITHIN us), are integral to infinite man's completeness, for sure. So it's natural for all of us to observe and appreciate their sweet presence and soft sounds.

    Come to think of it, a woodpecker and a jackhammer have a similar drilling style, if not like-sounding dulcet tones, don't they? :-)

  156. A lecturer from England once told me she smiled and greeted people on the street in NYC and a woman stopped her and said "Do I know you?" Apparently thought we only smile at those we know! You are changing that! Great lift - thanks so much. And congratulations Nathan on one year!!! Best forward step of the movement in years!!

  157. Norm, this was really great!

    I love my acre of quiet, sloping down among mature trees to the Fox River, nestled in what was once a small town. In the 25 years we have lived here raising a family, we have seen the population explode from 3,000 to 30,000, mostly in the last 15 years.

    There have been expansions to roads, new schools, new shopping malls, new libraries, in our town and in the adjacant towns stretching west of us to encompass and connect adjacent communities that used to be separated by stetches of open country and farm land.

    Our community and the surrounding areas have changed dramatically.

    When the building began to change our town, creating a lot more traffic, I was discouraged to find going out into my yard for quiet enjoyment, working to manicure the space and swim in our pool, to find that I was bothered by "road noise" off in the distance. This was something I had never experienced before.

    I was used to birds singing, and the comforting sound of a neighbor's mower or tree saw that meant useful activity that kept the neighborhood nicely groomed.

    As the years have passed, I have gradually grown accustomed to the noise in the distance, and have appreciated much of what the new growth has brought to our town ... greater diversity, more convenient shopping, renewal and reshaping of spaces and structures needing to expand, upgrade, and update, and the vibrancy of "people traffic" that has lent an added texture to the landscape.

    Now, I still love my yard and find it a wonderful refuge. But I have also found that when I am out among the trees and lovely surroundings by myself, especially in the evening close to dusk when the birds are quiet, I hear that activity of people traveling as a comforting form of music keeping me company, reminding me that I am one with God and His movement of useful and wonderful ideas, kept safe and harmonious.

    I also love being out among the many shopping areas, finding ways to experience the natural flow of that movement of "people traffic" ... with me included ... as an expression of Life unfolding to us, and for us, all the good that God enjoys too.

    I liked feeling the energy of what you were enjoying of God's activity expressed as man, as you joined in with the good vibrantly present on the busy street as you walked to work.

  158. Thank you for the mental lift today. Has anyone told you that you look like Wolf Blitzer?

  159. Love the creativity--thanks Norm! And thanks to all in Boston who are responsible for putting on the daily lift as well as the lecturers who give it.

  160. Once again, just what I needed to hear today. Your Daily Lift cuts through all the noise with pure inspiration. Thank you, Norm, Nathan, and all involved!

  161. As a transplanted Chicagoan, I loved the sounds of a beautiful city...Thank you. I work in retail, and my goal each day is to bring joy and laughter to every customer I service...especially the unhappy, disgruntled one. It is my "job" to make them smile. (I call it "bringing their smile out of their pocket" and putting it on). Have a joyfilled day and "Let your light so shine"

    Thanks Nate....

  162. Thanks, Nate, for 365 wonderful days full of messages of love, encouragement, and new ideas about how we can enrich our lives and those of others. I am so grateful for all our lecturers who provide us with these words of wisdom and new ways of thinking!

  163. To Nathan and the team:
    Great sign-offs! Really enjoy the kid, and the Choir [ok. it's not a choir, but it is imaginative when you slurp up "in bosTN"]

    To Norm:
    The smile with eye contact thing; I'll give it a try tomorrow; sounds like great idea; usually walk through a whole lot of grumpies!


  164. Dear Norm, Even though my "earth's preparatory school campus" is quite different from yours, your lift spoke directly to my heart and fitted in perfectly with my morning plans to pray for "home and harmony!". My house is situated "back in the fields"- Iowa corn and bean fields - and not without its challenges! Your daily example of dwelling in the "house [the consciousness] of [Love]..." is so very inspiring! (Science and Health, p. 578)
    Hymn 245 from the Christian Science Hymnal was one of the first inspirations of the day:

    "O tender, loving Shepherd,
    We long to follow thee,
    To follow where thou leadest,
    Though rough the path may be; -

    Ending with -
    "We know that Love will guide us,
    And safely lead us home."

    Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration! Words can't express my gratitude for these Daily Lifts! Much love to all!

  165. Endless gratitude for these. Love today's format!!

  166. Happy New Year to all!

    ovely, lovely ,lovely Norm: message drove home with excellent sound effects!

    "Creation is ever appearing from the nature of its inexhaustble source" Mrs. Eddy knew what she was sharing with us.

    Spent yesterday in airports, in small planes with fellow travelers, , above the clouds, the oceans, the mountains, and above it all the glorious sun beautifying everything. Love reflected IN love (my caps). Plus new-found ways of going through immkigration WITHOUT your luggage;...a simplified transformation, God's will of harmony on earth.


  167. Thank you, Norm, My first thoughts were, how many peopleall over the world are hearing for the first time the sounds that flow daily around TMC.
    Thank you #147 it is another one of those shortcuts that we are asked to accept, and to #16 &amp;#136 ok, so you missed the point. We still LOVE you. I have saved all the DL's since I started, they have been of great service to me through a difficult move. No matter the concept in which they were presented I gave gratitude for their loving message. I want to say thank you for the many hours of loving work that goes into this daily presentation. I have been truly blessed in so many ways by CS and give gratitude that I am able to attend church again.

  168. Thanks for another great lift and for keeping them coming and lifting us all a little higher each day!

  169. I'll try to show my gratitude for a year of Daily Lifts by smiling more abundantly at all I meet today. Norm, thanks for the originality of your approach today. Thank you, Mother Church workers, for all you all do.

  170. Love this! So full of life and love! And so practical. Perfect anniversary lift!
    Thanks Norm, Nathan, and all who've given so many a lift all year!!

  171. What a delightful anniversary celebration for us all. May the gifts of these daily lifts keep coming. Fun start to the new year Thanks all!

  172. Thanks so much, Norm. Loved the originality in the Lift! Since the Kingdom of Heaven is within, wherever we go - city, country, back porch - there we see, hear, feel the heavenly harmony of God's universe.

    The Daily Lifts and all the responders are exceptional. Keep them going!

  173. I loved today's lift! What a wonderful example of how love, order and harmony can be found anywhere we find ourselves at any given moment. Thanks for the year of daily inspiration, new ideas and community of spiritual thinkers. What a blessing!

  174. This is sooo applicable -- especially when one's peaceful retirement abode becomes the centre of large. noisy family reunion and everything that it entails! Affirming that harmony prevails, it is wonderful to watch everything unfold amidst the clatter, the roaring crowd, without incident. Calamities are diffused...Everyone is fed, accommodated and engaged in satisfying activity...Love is indeed reflected in Love, knowing that God is in full control!

  175. RIGHT ON, Norm !! Christian Scientist are REAL people, with REAL lives, problems and challenges, and very, very, VERY POWERFUL ANSWERS to everyday human experience, by learning what truly is REAL
    and what ISN'T, through their study of Christian Science!

    Of course, as a lifelong student of this mighty Science, I know this, and work hard at applying it, and I am SO grateful when others are helped in finding it out.

    Congratulations to the Daily Lift Team for a wonderful year of inspiration!

    Love it!

  176. Thank you Norm. This particular Lift shows just how infinite the individuality of God can be expressed, and well done Nathan et al for manifesting the infinitude of God's creativity. Happy New Year one and all, from Nigeria.

  177. Very many thanks to Nathan and the Daily Lift team for our wonderful daily refreshment. I can't believe it's been a year already - I have enjoyed the daily feasts from the great team of lecturers. Norm, welcome to the team and thank you for your walk to work Daily Lift. As I live on a small island I don't get to experience those background noises very often - here it is the sound of the float planes coming into land in the harbour, the occasional siren, and lots of wonderful bird song.

    Have a great day everyone.

  178. What a great lift!! I loved it! I, too, once walked that path from the T to my job at TMC. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories.

    I love our daily lifts!!

  179. Congrats on the one year celebration..I keep calling them my "Daily Flight"..Just trying to get higher than a lift!
    Great production and coming from tv and newspaper career,I appreciate the amount of work etc. required for a 2 minute presentation!!

  180. Thanks Norm for a great meditation; I've heard the noise of the city referred to as the "Symphony of the City", rather than complain about the noise of everyday living in Big Cities, simply call it the "Symphony of the City".

    (formerly from Natick, Mass.)

  181. Has it been a year already? Wow! Love the Daily Lifts. And as a Southerner, I know how nice it is to give and get smiles and "Hello's" when out and about, even from strangers on sidewalks. Nice!

  182. Hey Norm, You're still observing and warmly pointing out the many ways to remain grateful. Thanks for staying hip (we grew up together) and thanks to Susan D. for turning me on to the Daily Lift

  183. Thanks, Norm, I hardly know what to say because I'm still smiling just listening to your Lift. I usually wait till after I hear the Lift before clicking on the video of an unfamiliar lecturer. This time I felt impelled to see that 1st. It was delightfully different and yet warm, sincere, fun. The touch of humorous “nonsense” indicates you are a no-nonsense person when it comes to error. I had to turn the audio down because of 2 special needs rabbits I have to bring in at night, but your Lift got its point over. We should and must be able to find harmony and peace amid screaming chaos/error. I'd never thought of it before, but your great outdoors is a good way to practice finding peace &amp; Love in life's turmoil. I liken this to when Jesus talked about loving those who love us, “What reward have ye?” (Matt. 5:46) Finding peace/beauty in peaceful &amp; beautiful places or things, like so many of us who've remarked on recent and past Lifts, do get rewarded for finding evidence of God in lovely experiences and observations, but cultivating finding peace, beauty, and inspiration in the midst of busy noise, surely will reward us immeasurably. Since God fills all space, He must be right where the most ungodly seeming experiences are. Thank you for helping us grow. A special thanks to Nate and everyone involved this past year in the Daily Lifts. The tomorrows look promising. Happy New Year! #64 Elaine, nice idea to thank others for their smile.

  184. 'A One, and a Two, and a Three'.....Happy Anniversary to you....Happy Anniversary to you......Happy Anniversary, Dear Daily Lift.....Happy Anniversary to you!!!!! And many mooooorrrrreee!

    I am a singin' to you dear Lecture Board of the most beautiful Mother church in the World. Thank you Good-man Nate! What a celebration in all our hearts all over the world today!

    A feast of Soul...sharing this Good....Lovin' the Harmony! And now, Dear Norm has taken it to the Streets!!! Amen!!!

    There ain't nothin', God can't do!!! He is the Best! Forever and ever!

    And now- I raise my cup, that is overflowing to everyone as I propose a toast to Mrs. Eddy, our dear Leader and Founder of this great religion!

    Three Cheers to Mrs. Eddy for she is a WINNER- like her beloved students!!

    Excuse me, as I go dancin' in the streets...singing our Song..that God is Good!!!

  185. Loved it, Norm! I smiled all the way. Keep smiling, and keep up the great work!!

  186. Thanks, Norm, and Nate. This lift was outstanding. Hey, everyone, check out U tube's Free hugs in Sondrio, Italy. It SO FITS in with today's Lift.

  187. You hit the mark with this Lift.

  188. Daily Lift is part of my day also. I love that so many from all the world are reading it.

  189. Thank you for your very refreshing view. The daily lifts have been very helpful in my life, and I would like to express my gratitude to all involved in it's production.
    This particular lift has put a smile on all our faces!!

  190. So thankful for DL and Lifters - helping lift ALL of creation. Awesome first year and looking forward to more of these fresh, innovative ways of communicating Truth.

  191. Ah, Norm, what a wonderful treat to hear your voice, your message and the Boston sounds once again. Am so grateful to ALL that play each and every part in giving the world the Daily Lifts each day. To me, every Lift is a mini but mighty CS treatment. Thank you..........

  192. What an awesome community has developed around these inspired Daily Lifts! Thanks to everyone who makes it possible.

  193. Thank you very much for this great lift! and the all new way of doing it!...thx

  194. Creative lift! How exciting to listen to something so fresh and new. we live on a quiet lake and when I study in the mornings it is very quiet except for birds singing. This was fun to hear. those smiles you are sharing with God's love behind them are really a blessing, They have a healing power when they originate from God. I heard recently to give a stranger a cup of water . not a bucket of water, so that is what a loving smile is, a cup of water and it is free and so easy for all of us to share! thanks for the joy!!!!!

  195. Many thanks to all who have shared their inspiring and helpful Lifts this year. Welcome Norm - love the message and creativity. A special mahalo nui loa to Nate.

  196. Thanks Norm
    Truly- 'walking the walk and talking the talk'

  197. This is my first DL, and how pleasant to hear fellow urbophile Norm "walk[ing] with Love along the way." Btw: Another evolution of eye contact is conversation, esp in store lines, with clerks, toll-takers, et al. You may be the only one who took an interest in someone else's day.

  198. Awesome! What a reality check and something carry wtih me when i go to town. Living in the country we don't hear the heartbeat of the cities, and your love of the city certainly came through. Thanks so much and a good lesson to take with me always.

  199. Oh my. I've just heard the Daily Lift, listened to Norm's lecture bio clip, and read the 196 comments posted so far. And my heart is overflowing with gratitude.

    All the commenters before me have already said it all: Norm, your message was heart-and-soul inspiring; I have long smiled at people, but will now renew my efforts; Nathan, did you have any idea that this concept of yours called "Daily LIft" would so quickly find a home in the hearts of seekers the world over? ; I agree with a couple other commenters who said the Daily LIft was one of the best things to come out of Boston in a long time. That's not to say that the "other stuff" coming out of Boston isn't wonderful--it is!!! But this particular concept, 2 minutes of inspiration 5 days a week, has just touched my daily life in more ways than I can ever begin to innumerate. Most of all, it has helped in the healing of my sense of family, as I get used to living alone. 5 days out of the week I have these wonderfully warm audio nuggets of inspiration. They come wrapped in everfresh intro music and words. And then the global family of listeners chime in with responses.

    Because of all this, my "family" has grown by leaps and bounds, and as a result, my heart is well on its way to being healed. Thank you, one and all. You can't see me, but I'm sending out a great big SMILE to everybody.

  200. Congratulations on your first year of production! Thank you to all the staff, those who comment, and especially to lecturers, past and present, who share uplifting thoughts from the "dual pastor" of Christian Science (The Bible, and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures) around the world,

    I needed to lift thought about a loud concrete truck navigating the alley in my usually-quiet neighborhood early this morning, and realized I could be grateful for thoughtful growth and renewal going on in a heritage area.

    When staffing our quiet downtown reading room one noon-hour, I propped open the door and played "The Best Of Larry Groce" on CD, so passers-by could hear a little gentle joy over the din of traffic and construction near the entrance, located a block from two of the city’s main thoroughfares. People on their way to lunch turned to look at the display window when the songs alerted them to the reading room being open, and some smiled, but the most appreciative response came from nestling neighbors peeping along, hidden in a tiny space between the church roof and the display window.

    With smiles, or hugs, (or music), not everyone is at ease making public contact with unfamiliar people or ideas, but if a greeting is not welcomed, one can still be alert to appreciate and love as "neighbor" those we meet on a bus or contact in public, including at church or on this site, affirming and responding to any beauty or caring they may express, however discretely!

  201. Wow, I loved today´s lift! Original and inteligent!
    Norm, me too, have already experienced this "eye-contact" with people hunging around on the sidewalks and sometimes I get the same response you had.
    It´s very nice this experience because we really feel we are all One in One and rejoice with the fact that "Love is reflected in Love"!
    Your inspired thought shows us once again, there´s no place where God isn´t already there!!!
    Thank you so much!

    To Nate,
    Congratulations for the first year Daily lift´s Anniversary!
    I´m so grateful for the generosity expressed through your wonderful job!
    Now, let´s get going on!!!

  202. This sweet Lift is so genuine, fun, and accessible. Thanks Daily Lift for making the world a better place by sharing such helpful ideas!

  203. Thank you, Nate and everyone involved with the Daily Lift, including all the folks who comment for a year of wonderful Daily Lifts. It has become an important part of my day. I've been keeping a journal of great ideas that have come from the Daily Lifts. For me, this has been one of the most important things to come out of TMC. Thank you! and congratulations on an inspirational year!

  204. Wow, wow, wow. What a wonderful feast of gratitude today! Thank YOU.

    To Maureen (#199), I did think this idea - Your Daily Lift - could be big from the get-go. I was jumping around when the idea came. Every since I started working with the BoL, I felt like I was sitting on a pot of gold. These Christian Science lectures I work with are SO inspiring. I mean, I want to hear these brilliant speakers share their heartfelt insights (and quickly because I'm a busy dude). Who wouldn't?

    I hope I can continue to wrap these messages in an interesting way, e.g. music, voice overs, new formats. And, all of you out there: please keep sharing the lift, and send YOUR brilliant ideas to dailylift@christianscience.com Much of this series has been shaped by great user feedback.

    Again, a BIG thanks to everyone for sharing in this fun and spiritually-powerful series.
    Have an awesome day.

  205. Thank you Norm, for this creative lift today, I loved what you shared, about the city walk on your way to work, I think it is a great way to let your light shine on everyone as you pass by one another. I really enjoy doing that also. I live in Florida. The Christly love is so wonderful and needed everywhere. My husband and I were brought up in the Boston area. And our oldest daughter was born outside of Boston. Thank you for sharing your experience of God's Great Love! Congratulations on your second season with the daily-lift. You have all done a super job! I have really enjoyed the lifts this past year They have inspired, comforted, enlightened, and made me feel loved, and joyful. Thank you Nathan, and all the Lecturers! With a grateful heart. Carol

  206. Terrific, Norm! This lift is a soar, for sure. Thanks so much for the sound effects, too. I can picture it all. And love the practice of smiling, speaking, loving those we pass on the street. Not only prevents the bad-Pharisee-and-Levite syndrome of passing by one's neighbor "on the other side," or being merely a bystander in our world, to passing on the "such as I have give I thee" that Peter and John gave the man at the beautiful temple gate. Helps us make such sharing a habit rather than the exception, too. And paves the way for healing. Bravo 3309! Thank you so much.

  207. This made me laugh. In a good way ;-)

  208. Wow! 197 responders---how we've grown in one year! Thanks, Norm for your very refreshing intro to the DL. I look forward to more. The DL has become an important part of my week in the past year. There is a feeling of connection with the lecturers, the production staff, and responders all over the world that I don't find anywhere else---sure beats Facebook by miles. Thanks to all: Nate and staff, lecturers, and TMC for this inspired, creative idea.

  209. Great message to reflect upon today.

  210. Thanks for a year of wonderful, inspiring lifts. What an incredible blessing!

  211. WOW!! And I thought I was the ONLY one who thought of city life as 'the great outdoors!" I adore Boston and many cities, cause I think of the hymn that speaks, Where thine own children are, I long to be (Father.) thank you for this tremendous uplifting of thought with all the hustle and bustle of Boston in the b ackground, the foreground, the everywhere ground! Great! ...Oh, and happy anniversary!! You are part of my everyday, CSPS, and love to one and all who produce this genuine gift to mankind, the daily LIFT!! -- Rob of colordao

  212. I thought it was creative and FUN! I loved it. Kudos to you Norm for doing something unique, interesting and different and really driving home the point. Not every daily lift has to be identical.

  213. yep, d rhythm o love even in d city is quite d symphony, "d music o head n heart"....nice to hear ur voice again my friend, harmonizin d holy ghost.... n d sound o d city too

    love ya bro - ggz (gregg)

  214. What a wonderful way to start off the next season of Daily Lifts. I loved this one as it brought out the beauty and business of everyday living and how we can go about ours days expressing and loving God's gifts to us.
    I also loved the explanation given before the "Lift"

  215. What a great twist! I was expecting mountains, streams, meadows, etc. - And as a city dweller, a very useful one! There is music and rhythm to everything - thanks so much Norm for bringing that out - reminding us that we're all enrolled in Earth's Prep School ... and to Look into the eyes of all with love!
    Your CSAPEBL pal,
    Kathryn (California)

  216. Oh, yes, yes! God is everywhere and not always in a " still, small voice" What a great lift today.
    And sincere thanks and congratulations Nathan on your first year of Lifts. As a newcomer to CS I did not realise that they were so recently begun. I am very grateful to receive them for both the learning opportunities they supply as well as the way they can influence my day and my life.

  217. excellent! Agree! Thanks from Los Angeles :), another city w/ lots of sounds, sites, colors and vibrancy!

  218. Hi Norm,
    I loved your "lift!" I live now in the mountains and think of my hikes here as the great outdoors. The perspective you shared though - I really appreciated. I loved the idea of us all being on a campus with the opportunity to see beauty and order everywhere and hold to it.

  219. Thanks Norm, for a wonderful lift.

  220. Cool! Awesome lift and looking forward to year 2! Thanks!

  221. Fantastic lift today, thank you Norm! And congratulations to everyone who works to bring us these lifts on a regular basis... bravo!


  223. Thanks Norm for the great Lift and delightful start to the second year.

  224. Thanks, Norm ;what a treat to hear from you with your sharing of "Good Morning"! from your commute - Love it!!


  225. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! Thanks to all who give and work on these lifts. What a blessing to the whole world.

  226. Thank you, Norm and Nathan for these wonderful lifts. Each one meets a need, stirs inspiration and healing. Looking forward to another great year of lifts.

  227. dear Nate, in number 204 you asked for suggestions, I couldn't get my computer to send this through so am typing it in here instead, wouldn't the sound of the ocean be a beautiful background sound sometime? Kathy

  228. In case you have read thru the 226 comments ahead of me, please accept my heartfelt thanks Nathan for the Daily LIft idea and execution of same! I not only love them for lifting my own days, but enjoy sharing them with friends who may not be so familiar with CS. And Norm...living in the Puget Sound, I have to say I needed your reminder that there can be beauty, music and love even within the symphony of jackhammers!

  229. ..thanks Norm ,I think someone is going to get one of your lifs in my town from now on.

  230. Thank you for a whole year of these wonderful daily lifts! Norm, this one is particularly inspiring to me, because we are leaving a quiet town and moving into the neighboring city to our first apartment. There will be new opportunities to smile at strangers, who will become acquaintances, and who knows, even new friends! The rhythms of the city will become our new music.

    And I will have these daily moments of inspiration from you all to start my days!

  231. A wonderful and inspiring lift Norm - thank you. The lift has certainly stirred my thoufgt and I shall think of the cities with fresh ideas.

    I live in a rural area which I love but have had experience of working in the city of London. Your lift has made me realise I must appreciate more of God's universe. i am looking forward to new discoveries.

    A big thank you to Nathan and everyone.

  232. I apologize for the spelling, it should be 'thought' !

  233. Congratulations to all who arrange the Daily Lifts! What a blessing to everyone. It is a joy to see the outreach from CSPS to every part of the globe. I am grateful for every Lift and love to read the uplifting comments from so many! Thank you all!

  234. Nathan this Lift is your very own "Thanksgiving" with all the 'family' who could make it coming home to share their good news, and bringing lots of love from far and near.
    I noticed you're trying to encourage the Your Daily Lift, but Daily Lift is good, and certainly caught on very quickly.
    Next year and all the other years after that will be just as bright and colourful, warm and joyous. Perhaps next year more of the lecturers could send their greetings to mingle and mix with their worldwide crowd of appreciative listeners.
    Well done, Nate. You must have been putting some real effort - dedication, and listening for direction - to put such a great idea into action.

  235. I am gonna keep on penting!

    Thanks Norm. One of my most favorite ways to study, is to look up words that we so often take for granted in our understanding of spirituality.

  236. Well, it's Tuesday. Sorry I'm late for the party! But, I just had to add my best wishes for the Daily Lift's 1st anniversary. Yes, Mrs. Eddy would have been so pleased to see her church keep abreast of the times with these daily podcasts. Who would have thought? Well, I guess you did Nate! Thank you for listening to that still small voice. What a blessing to the world thought the DailyLift and thoughtful comments are...just like a pebble thrown in water...it ripples out to touch, uplift and sweeten human thought. Thank you #128 for the reference to that lovely passage in Misc.160:8-10. And thank you Nate for your response #204. I figured you were a "busy dude!" Thanks for taking the time to do the important stuff! And thanks to all who make this possible and to all who respond.

  237. I ride the bus in Birmingham Al. and there is a lot of love on the bus

    so ride the bus today in what ever city your are in.

    a bus rider on 31 route.

    Love to all me

  238. I too, am late to the party! Been "outside" scraping, painting, and chasing away the red squirrels from the bird feeder. Your message, Norm, opened up a new thought for me. Whether we are "out" at the beach listening to the surf, or "out" on a sidewalk heading to work, we are really getting "out" of our selves, becoming aware of God's creation coming at us in ever changing and unfolding ways. Our job is to recognize and appreciate all the myriad ways His creation is being expressed and rejoice in it. Thanks for being a catalyst for unfolding ideas!

  239. Hey Norm!
    Good point! It's easy to feel close to God in unspoiled open land where I live. But what about in the cities? You led the way.

    Some days when I go to a big shopping center I see if I can get hugs from 3-5 people I never met before, just by offering with body language and conversation. It usually works. People want someone to care. And I'm talking men and women equally.

    Yesterday I saw a stranger but thought it was someone I knew. So I gave them the kind of "hello" you give a friend, with my face lit-up with recognition, which is different than a hello to a stranger. The results were amazing! I'm going to try it intentionally again.

  240. Wow! One year of being blessed by the Daily Lift!
    How can we thank the lecturers and the Daily Lift staff enough?

  241. Heard this yesterday and didn't have a chance to respond. For years I have smiled at and spoken to strangers. Only a couple of times have I gotten a negative response. Smiles are "contagious" because of the love shared from behind them. Yes, love is reflected in love!
    Appreciating the gifts of God's creation daily is important. My daily work involves caring for four footed furry friends which means a good portion of my day is filled with barking, howling, and talking dogs. Some might not enjoy that, but I do! I feel they are smiling and talking to me or around here they are playing with one another. They are another reflection of God's love. Sharing in His creations daily can't do anything except make you SMILE!
    Have a tail waggin' day!!

  242. Hi Normie, You are so perceptive. When I smile at people I sometimes have thought that I am being too invasive in their lives. Maybe I should just walk along like others do and not share. But I love sharing my light and seeing the light and love in the face of everyone. You have a big heart and it is so heart warming to know that you are sharing it with others in the Christ manner. You are a great role model and example of Christian Science. As a reading coach I know that I will get to the heart of the message when I am speaking with you. Thank you so much! I am Smiling. The lesson last week really made me smile, the message was so uplifting.

  243. Dear Norm, many thanks for this wonderful lift - as a Brummie (Birmingham UK) I love the city for the very reasons you point out - and I love the idea that we are all enrolled in 'earth's preparatory school' - any chance of lecturing in the UK?

  244. Thank you for your great daily lift Norm. It reminds me a few years ago going to the Supermarket and talking or helping people who are shopping on there own, and just say hello,or helping them find something on the shelves and telling them to have a good day, all helps people fell better about themselves and there day .When I am out with my husband,he says to me when I am out with him and I smile and talk to people, he ask do you know them, I say no,do you have to, they are Gods children and we must love all mankind. When we where in Boston 4 years ago I had some lovely responses to smiles and talks with people I didnt know them it was wonderful uplifting and happy time. Good is always going on each day.

  245. Nice one Norm. Love your creativity, as always.

  246. Amazing what consciousness dictates when it is infused with Divine Love as Norm mentions. That consciousness seeks and finds wherever the individual finds himself or herself. And what is the discovery? That God, good, is present right where they are in the moment. I too say hello to everyone I pass if we make eye contact and some times when we don't. I have never regretted that because I have even been asked for help on the spot. What a privilege to see God work outside, inside, indoors, outdoors. Thanks, Norm. We love you, friend.

  247. Norm, wonderful to have your "Great Outdoors". Uplifting to see and hear God's goodness every moment everywhere. (Forwarded this to Alan Y just now, per his request.) All is well in Sherman Oaks. Bernie and Shirley, and Jimmy and Goldie are popping their gratiude buttons over you. Blessings, Maralee

  248. I'm a bit late, but I hope it's OK to join in. Thank you, and thank you again and again for the Daily Lifts. What a great idea to share just a couple of minutes recording with us all, bringing a daily feed back from all over the world. The responses from today's Lift show just how beneficial the subscibers are finding the two minutes - though I understand, of course, that a lot longer is taken in praying and thinking about the content. I feel sure that year 2 will be just as much appreciated, in fact, probably more so as additional people learn of the Lift and tune in. I LOVE IT!!!

  249. Delightful Norm.

    I'm way down on the list... more than 240 comments before me... but my thanks to you are intended as heartfelt as those before me....

    Jackhammers? Outdoors? Jesus come to my mind... That great natural outdoorsman... breaking up the hardness of mortality and always about where the folks who needed him were:

    "What has this hillside priest, this seaside teacher, done for the human race? Ask, rather, what has he not done. His holy humility, unworldliness, and self-abandonment wrought infinite results. The method of his religion was not too simple to be sublime, nor was his power so exalted as to be unavailable for the needs of suffering mortals, whose wounds he healed by Truth and Love." Mary Baker Eddy, Retrospection and Introspection, pg 91

  250. Just heard this lift today. It SO spoke to me, where my heart is, my favorite approach to life. Thank you, fellow traveler of this awesome world!

  251. Happy First Anniversary and many, many more, Nate and the Daily Lift team!! A blessed idea which keeps on giving!!

  252. Aloha,

    This has been a joyous endeavour! It has brightened many mornings, and blessed so many, and continues to expand, and delight. "Creation is ever appearing and must ever continue to appear from the nature of its inexhaustible source."( Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy). Dear Mrs Eddy, and her happy and grateful followers. Mahalo!

  253. Norm, what a thoughtful and insightful lift! It's a pleasure to see you bring such inspiration to readers of the Daily Lift, including me. That was great Lift to listen to.

    The ability to see God's infinite self expression all around us no matter where we seem to be is an indespensible part of the spiritualization of our thought. Thanks for your creative reminder.

  254. I was away for a week and was not sure if I had the time to catch up on the Daily Lifts in my email. Glad I decided to listen to them. When I was a teenager, my mother could make friends on a sidewalk passing people going the other direction, because of her love for everyone. It used to embarrass me then! Now I am doing my best to emulate her love and joy of all God's ideas. I hugged a man in front of the grocery store the other day because he was soliciting funds for an organization to help people. He got a big kick out of it.

    Congratulations on your first year anniversary! I hope it continues always. The variety of intros and settings is good for stirring thought and making us receptive to the message.

  255. I'm abit "late" with this comment, but I just keep thinking and thinking about it...have you seen the movie "August Rush" where the genius boy finds music everywhere...especially in the city. How easy it is to think that we can only find harmony and solace AWAY from the hustle/bustle, but you, Norm, helped me re-think that whole idea. Most of us live in the busy world of jobs, cars, children, jungling finances, etc...so it makes sense that it is here that we need to find harmony and God everyday. It is here that need to practice love....thanks for a refreshing lift...

  256. Hi Norm... Thanks for your Daily Lift. You are the best!!! I walk every day on our boardwalk and, as you do, I smile and say hi to everyone I meet. Amazing what it does to them and to me. Spreading love and joy is cheap and comes back right away. I walk rather fast and I have a little joke I play as I approach slower walkers. I say, "You know there's a minimum speed limit on this boardwalk and they are giving out tickets...better watch out." It always gets a laugh and an funny comment. I know you love to inject humor into your Daily Lifts, to lighten things up, and as I play my little joke each day I think of you... Keep it up. Love, Jim

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