5/18: The dandelion

5/18: The dandelion

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  1. Marie,
    Thank you so, for the wink, the kiss, the nod, in support of my efforts towards gratitude and spiritualizing thought.

  2. Merci, Marie! That was so sweet and simple and beautiful. Thanks to Pam for her reading, too.

  3. thank you for showing me the a l l ness of GOD, good wrapping the whole universe in His beauty and Love - that thought will be comforting for the whole day.

  4. What a helpful reminder. With dandelions all over the place in the spring your example of Love's grace will stick with me. Those glowing yellow heads in the bright green grace in people's yards and beside the roads can be such a constant sign of the glowing of Love's light that touches our hearts and gives us hope and healing.

  5. Sometimes a simple gift of a little weed as a dandelion, from a child, can mean a torrent of peace to the soul, to the point that makes us forget even the bad news the media bombard us with constantly. Just like a wink from God showing us that He is here, showing us His Love. "The modest arbutus sends her sweet breath to heaven. The great rock gives shadow and shelter. The sunlight glints from the church-dome, glances into the prison-cell, glides into the sick-chamber, brightens the flower, beautifies the landscape, blesses the earth" S&H 516:15
    ESPAÑOL: A veces un simple regalo de un niño, como una pequeña hierba como es el diente de león, puede significar un torrente de paz en el alma, hasta el punto que nos hace olvidar incluso las malas noticias con que los medios de comunicación nos bombardean constantemente. Tal como un guiño de Dios mostrándonos que Él está aquí, mostrándonos Su Amor. "El modesto madroño exhala su dulce fragancia al cielo. La gran roca da sombra y abrigo. La luz del sol destella desde la cúpula de la iglesia, penetra en la celda de la prisión, se desliza en el aposento del
    enfermo, ilumina la flor, embellece el paisaje, bendice la tierra. El hombre, hecho a Su semejanza, posee y refleja el señorío de Dios sobre toda la tierra. CyS 516:15

  6. Thank you, so much, Marie.

    Just what I will keep with me for the day. Our beautiful Spring has been proof of all you have shared.

  7. The title of a song from years back comes to me:- "Little things mean a lot".
    Once we recognise the spiritual reality behind the little expressions of good that we encounter, this opens up more and more of the goodness that God is bestowing on us all. God shows us his love in simple little blessings, as well as the bigger and more obvious ones, and always in a way that we can understand and relate to.

    We don't need to love the dandelion more - although we can appreciate it in a different light than just a weed - but we need to appreciate the simple love behind the giving.

    Once I looked at a plant in a garden and commented to my husband that it was a boring plant. His response was that there are no boring plants, only bored people! That gave me lots of fodder for thought.

    Thank you, Marie, for a lovely uplifting lift.

  8. Thank you so much Marie. I try to keep in thought " the loveliness of love is all around" hymn 64 from the Christian Science Hymnal and then I won't be shaken by the Jarring material senses as we read in Science and Health.

  9. Thank you Marie for those wonderful passages. Yes "Divine Love is wrapping the whole universe in infinite goodness.' "God fashions all things after His own likeness" (S&H 516:9). " "Safe within this Love we find all/ being one." (Christian Science Hymnal #157)

  10. There is a right place for each of God's spiritual ideas for all have purpose by virtue of divine Mind, Love, Spirit, the very Principle of the universe. There is no differentiation in quality or value between His " flowers," no hybrids, no weeds; no royalty, no commoners; no favored, no cast-off. No more or less significant than another. Like integers/numbers, each is individual having equal importance to the operative principle of the science of mathematics, by always being in its right place at the right time, demonstrating beauty and harmony, being the perfect image of Truth. Shine on, Dandy.

    A grand lesson for us Marie, without a doubt. Thank you.

  11. Thank you, yes Divine Love is all around us coming to us in various ways.

  12. I really love this Lift, Marie. In Section II of the lesson this week, we are reminded that because Soul, Spirit and God are one, we have an unlimited mind and an unlimited body - as you said "infinite goodness."
    Thank you.

  13. I wish to express my gratitude, my own "dandelion", for a physical healing that I instantly experienced while listening to the message just now. The power and might behind the Truth was----is----here, and I AM expressing it, and "voila!", I am well. Thank you, too, Marie, and the entire staff on the Daily Lift crew for their on-going work that truly is reaching out and blessing all.

  14. What a lovely lift. As someone else said, I have lots and lots of dandelion reminders in my yard this year. I have listened to the life three times. Thinking of spring in this part of the world reminded me of Mary Baker Eddy's beautiful and thought-provoking essay "Voices of spring" that is in her book Miscellaneous Writings, page 330. This is just part of it.

    When gentle violet lifts its blue eye to heaven, and
    crown imperial unveils its regal splendor to the sun;
    when the modest grass, inhabiting the whole earth, stoops
    meekly before the blast; when the patient corn waits
    on the elements to put forth its slender blade, construct
    the stalk, instruct the ear, and crown the full corn in the
    ear, — then, are mortals looking up, waiting on God,
    and committing their way unto Him who tosses earth's
    mass of wonders into their hands?


  16. The beautiful full moon that greeted me this morning when I went out to feed the raccoons that are waiting for me when I arise in the morning gave me a feeling of God's presence and I prayed for the peace I felt to evelope the whole world. Then this inspiring Lift was a further expression of Love shared around the world. So much to be grateful for - thanks to you all!

  17. Some friends drove to meet me at a market place in a small town about half way from my home to theirs. On Monday without the weekend crowds it returns to being the lovely little country town it always has been. But thanks to the markets there are tables and seats where we can sit and share our mutual love for God, for Mrs Eddy's book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and healings we have experienced. Opening our thoughts to the Christ with unselfconscious love is a precious gift of light and enlightenment we never tire of offering and receiving. Thank you, Marie, via Pam, for blending your thoughts with ours for whatever short time we can spend together in your Spring which is probably still colder than our deepening autumn. Thank you Pam, for your blessings too. And Nate and the team from the Board of Lectureship - many thanks to all our Lift family who give and receive tonight.

  18. Merci beaucoup Marie!!! Your story reminds me of one of many handed down stories of Buddha when he was asked by his disciples if or is there a god? He simply picked one flower in bloom and pointed at it!! No words but evidences of love, beauty, strength, and joy are the proof of divine Love, God!!! much love to all!!

  19. Thank you Marie for this lovely, modest reminder of how not to miss opportunities to be grateful and to # 10 Sunshine, for the amplification of your theme.

  20. What a lovely message! How wonderful that you were alert enough to see and acknowledge the sweet "wink" from God and let it transform your thought about the world! So inspiring! I am going to look for God's evidence of love throughout my day as well!

  21. Que dulzura queda en el alma cuando una pequeña manifestación de Dios tan expontánea como la de un niño nos conmueve!, recuerdo una vez que mi nietita me dijo "Cuidado nonni el ojo te mira", ella tenía en la mano una piedrita de colores que en su imaginación veía como un ojo! Que lindo es levantar la vista y recordar cuánto el Padre nos ama y que cerca de nosotros se encuentra cuando lo invocamos. "Alzad vuestras cabezas ya habrá gozo en la mañana", Himno de la Ciencia Cristiana, gracias amados compañeros por tanta inspiración y bondad expresada, gracias por compartir las experiencias y animarnos un poco cada día.

  22. Thank you, Marie, for reminding us of all of God's beauty and wonder. For years, some of us were taught that dandelions are weeds, because they hadn't been 'planted' by somebody and are to be dug up as soon as possible. Some years ago I was admiring a lovely wreath and exclaimed that it was "made of weeds!" The maker of the wreath then informed me that "the wreath was made of WILD FLOWERS!" Of course! - these are God's creation too, and I've been grateful for the correction ever since.

  23. Thanks Marie, and to Pam for reading the Lift beautifully. I knew I'd love it when I read the title! Dandelions have long been unappreciated. People poison them, then go to buy lettuce for salads. Young dandelion leaves are tasty and tender as lettuce. Dandelions give yellow or gold dye. With vinegar, soaked or simmered flowers can be used as natural food color. For yarn, add copper sulfate (bluestone) to the yellow dye bath for green shades and Iron (ferrous sulfate) gives tan and brown (don't use these for food color!). I've read Scotland's dandelions give magenta dye, due to the soil (rainfall and soil determine many plant dyes). My angora rabbits love the leaves, saving buying greens for treats. In Kentucky, most years I see a dandelion blossom every month, even winter, giving delightful uplifts Marie speaks of with her blossom. Children today miss getting to spontaneously pick one, as Marie's granddaughter did, but aren't supposed to bother fancy flowers in prepared flower beds. They also miss the fun of blowing fluffy white seed heads, because the plant is almost religiously exterminated from lawns. People are often considered like weeds. Like dandelions, they too, have unrecognized beauty, talents, and usefulness. Dandelions show me childlike fun, beauty, and usefulness of God's kingdom. I get humor, too, when asking someone if I may pick their dandelions for dye, in a not yet mowed lawn. They are surprised and pleased! #13, Visitor, thanks for sharing.

  24. Lovely, Marie! Simple expressions of Love and Hope are everywhere! We just need to open our "spiritual eyes" and SEE! Error is being uncovered only for Healing - coming to the surface to be washed away in the Goodness and Love of our God, Divine Love!

  25. What a nice, simple and lovely lift, thank you. A child shall lead them, something to remember and stay tuned to when things seem gloomy. Keeping our childheart responsive to good in the smallest ways can give hope, even dispel the clouds. We do yearn for good news and balanced reporting in this day and age. We can be grateful, Mary Baker Eddy, realized this and established the Christian Science Monitor for that purpose.

  26. Perfect. A dandelion of all things! I will never look at our hay field, dotted with yellow flowers, the same way again. The potential for good is all around us!

    Marie said "Awakened to the presence of good, my perception of things around me changed."

    There is a wonderful editorial by Allison W. Phinney, Jr called "The kind of consciousness we need now" (Dec 86, Sentinel, I think). He says "When we face difficult human circumstances, it helps to remember that what we most need is a different consciousness, not a different set of circumstances."

    This consciousness is not us thinking about things, but rather healing Christ truth being welcomed - like a child offering us a dandelion!

    Dandelions - too funny! divine humor. They're everywhere!!! They come in with the storms.

  27. Thank you, Marie & Pam, for sharing this beautiful, gentle, sweet; but healing message.

  28. Grandmothers are great. Mine used to climb up to my tree-house with me when she was visiting from British Columbia. Thanks so much. Salut.

  29. Beautiful, thank you!

  30. Merci mille fois!

  31. Who would have thought that the sweet simple gift from a loved grandchild could bring so many wonderful God-like ideas together. Truly God sends us the simple gifts to remind us that the universe rests with one healing touch of God's love.

  32. Dear Marie, I love that idea - - - - a wink from God! Thank you!

    He is always watching, guiding, tenderly teaching, cherishing each one of us.


  34. What a beautiful healing message, I will always remember especially
    when I see a dandelion. Thanks

  35. Thank you, Marie & Pam! There is a sweet touch of tenderness and humility (with the symbolism of the lowly dandelion become a gift of love and the uplifting "wink" from a loving Father-Mother God) in this message that does have a healing affect.

  36. Merci bien, Marie. Je me souviens le mien de mon pere, qui exprime la joie comme un enfant au sujet de la nature. Il aime les arbres, les oiseaux, l'herbe, et il partage sa joie.

  37. Thank you for this simple reminder, Marie. It is mesmeric the hold mortal thinking tries to have on our thoughts. What a wonderful reminder of God's Allness.

  38. I love how when we ponder as Marie did, something so gentle and small appears to awaken us just like the dandelion carried in by the childlike thought. In fact, God's love is so simple, sweet, and unassuming, we just might miss the message. But Marie didn't and it forged her beyond the limits into the unlimited love of our Father-Mother. I don't want to miss either for a second the smallest touch of the Master's hand as it gently, simply sweeps over my day!

  39. Infinite goodness surrounding the universe. A very cherishing thought. Thank you Marie, and Pam.

  40. This morning I woke up troubled. Your message "lifted" me right out of that place and allowed me to see the ever present allness of God.

    Thank you for bringing me back "home."

  41. vERY PERCEPTIVE.......mARIE.......



  42. What a wonderful lift. Thank you also to # 17 for her inspired thought aka "blending your thought with ours"

  43. Thank you for that sweet reminder. I love how some of our listeners repeat what the speaker has said. It is important not only to listen to the ideas but see them written out so we can go back to them, take them in and silently and sometimes vocally, as the need arises, share it with family, neighbors and friends. I shared Your Daily Lift with my sister, who belongs to another denomination, and now we are working on a healing. Thank you for this gift of Your Daily Lift. It is blessing all.
    Much love to each and every person who presents Your Daily Lift and to each person who shares the inspiration.

  44. "A grateful heart a garden is, where there is always room for every, lovely,
    Godlike grace to come to perfect bloom." (a line from a hymn) And Marie and Pam, your lift today, along with all these wonderful responses is like Love's garden. And, WOW #23, thanks for all this precious support for the dandelion. My garden/yard is a hillside blooming with dandelions and other sweet "whatevers that just happen to grow here." Today's lift fills me with a garden filled with joy and fellowship with everyone who has shared and for the DL team who puts these together.

  45. Thank you Marie....remember when we first learned to "wink"? ...some people can only do one eye...others wink with both eyes ( separately and/or together) and it always means, "Yes, I see you, I need you, I love you"

    You are an angel of Good- to share the "winking" of God's Love. Focusing on God, I catch the winks of Joy. Which reminds me of a song...to the tune of Zippy-Do-Dah!

    Wink-a-Dee-Do-dah...Wink-a-Dee-Day....My oh My ...God and I play!!!
    Every moment and every day...Wink-a Dee-Do-Dah Wonderful Day!

    In Science and Health:

    Mrs Eddy defines Day: The irradiance of Life; light, the spiritual idea of Truth and Love

    And she defines God The great I AM; the all-knowing, all-seeing,
    all-acting, all-wise, all-loving, and eternal; Principle;
    Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love; all substance;

    What a great song....all because God WINKS!!!!

  46. This message and the comments from dear Lifters brought me a sweet sense of peace. Seem to be dealing with cold/allergies and this helps to re-Mind me that what God creates is a blessing and canot be made into its opposite, any more than light can become darkness.

  47. Merci Marie.
    Wonderful inspiration from the lowly dandelion and a child who shared it!
    Loved all the comments too!

  48. The bible says "His eye sees every precious thing," Thankyou, Marie, for reminding us that the dandelion is indeed a very precious thing!!! What a lovely daily lift.

  49. Maravilloso y tierno Daily Lift!! Gracias Marie por tu sabio y simple mensaje para hoy 'The dandelion'. Cada DL trae inspiración y eleva nuestro pensamiento hacia la Divinidad que lo abarca Todo.
    La naturaleza expresa las maravillas del Creador, nuestro Padre- Madre , el Amor divino . Las flores, los pájaros, las estrellas, las montañas, en todo vemos Su mano reflejada. Como dice mrs. Eddy: ' El Amor , fragante de generosidad, baña todo en belleza y luz. ' (cys p 516).
    Agrega tb que : '.... las festivas flores y gloriosos cielos- indican a la Mente, la inteligencia espiritual que reflejan. Los apóstoles florales son jeroglíficos de la Deidad . Las estrellas embellecen la noche y la hojuela gira naturalmente hacia la luz.
    En el orden de la Ciencia, en el cual el Principio está sobre lo que refleja, todo es una sublime armonía .' (cys p 240).
    Agradezco tb los bellos comentarios anteriores. Merci beaucoup Marie .
    Abrazos a todos , Ma. Cristy

  50. Yes! Reminds me of a similar experience I had, one day feeling very low, looked out the window and saw the little boy next door playing with his wagon and plastic tools, so earnestly, so full of his little boy thoughts and purpose. "The silent rebuke of a good example".

  51. Thank you for this.........I needed it!

  52. It all brings us back to childlikeness as a key to healing, and this wonderful statement from Mrs. Eddy:
    "Beloved children, the world has need of you, — and
    more as children than as men and women: it needs your
    innocence, unselfishness, faithful affection, uncontami‐
    nated lives. You need also to watch, and pray that you
    preserve these virtues unstained, and lose them not through
    contact with the world. What grander ambition is there
    than to maintain in yourselves what Jesus loved, and to
    know that your example, more than words, makes morals
    for mankind!" (Mis. Writings, p. 110)

  53. How lovely to hear that I actually have a yard full of God winking at me!

    I am on alert now, not to miss any more of God's winks . . . I have a feeling they happen all the time, but I haven't been looking for them . . but I am, now.

    Many thanks to the several who mentioned healing in relation to this LIft, especially #13 Visitor--yahoo!!

    And MANY thanks to #45, Anonymous--did anyone else sing along with her/his comment? I LOVE "wink-a-dee-doo-dah"!!

    Love and gratitude to you all.

  54. How good to listen to these brief but powerful messages! Every day, every moment of the day we can have access to them and they always bless us. I know some people who do not use a computer. It would be nice to pass the messages to them. I will pray!

    En español
    ¡Qué bueno es escuchar estos breves pero poderosos mensajes! Cada día, en cada momento del día podemos acceder a ellos y siempre nos bendicen. Conozco a algunas personas que no usan una computadora. Sería lindo pasarles los mensajes a ellos. ¡Voy a orar!

  55. How reassuring, Marie. As a child, I loved dandelions. After all, God made lots of them!

  56. Thank you for this wonderful lift. It was a precious reminder how my own children could bring me back to myself when I might have been mentally preoccupied with some cloudy or thorny projections from the world scene infringing on my sense of well being for myself or my family by just being themselves imaging God's warm and loving presence. Thank You.

  57. This is just darling
    What love in a childlike deed
    “what a gift it is to see the world through a child’s eye”
    Merci Marie

    Last week we had a BIG discussion at our house on weeds in
    our vegetable garden, why or why not to pull the weeds
    We had one giant weed and Robert thought it was so pretty I had to agree it was tall green and had lovely leaves little yellow flowers
    “why do we have to pull the weed?” he asked I explained to him that
    he (the weed) was not where he (the weed) needed to be
    and it would crowd out the other plants with fruit.
    “why is it called a weed?” he asked, a great question to ponder
    I agree with #10 all good and #23 useful
    We looked it up on the internet and found a few articles
    In 5800bc Mesopotamia farmers saw there were plants which would outgrow the fruit bearing plants and if left in the garden to grow they wouldn’t have food
    We talked about that for a bit and then I remembered a Sentinel article about weeding our mental gardens (weeding out thoughts we do not want in our mental garden…suggestions of sickness, lack, anger, envy, fear, hatred)

    We decided that we will always know which "weeds" will
    need to be removed from our garden of thought, It will be obvious

    Later that day I found the giant weed placed in a clay pot on my deck put there by my sweet Robert. What dear love!

    S&H 496:12 Your fruits will prove what the understanding of God brings to man.

    A lovely "dandelion" thought
    for each of my Daily Lift family

  58. Thankyou for this lovely reminder of Gods precious gift to us, love to all xx

  59. An article written by William A. Buell and published in the Christian Science Sentinel May 8, 1971 titled "A Token for Good" is about learning to see the tokens of God's goodness, like the dandelion gift. A couple of quotes from the article:

    "In human experience, the tokens of ever-present Life come in the saving graces of healing. They are evidenced in better morals, greater enlightenment and inspiration, and a more practical idealism."

    "Will not your prayer for tokens bring them about? Yes, it will. Watch them come into your experience through various channels. They are the representatives of the coming of the higher truth you are seeking. Then, with these tokens for good, you will become reassured and receptive to that which the tokens represent: spiritual perfection."

  60. Thank you #45 for the Wink-a-Dee-Do-dah song. We will sing it in Sunday School!

  61. Wonderful...... a dandylion....... a gift from God..... thank you, Marie..... regards and love to your homeland..... and you

  62. I like this one!

  63. Translation of # 49

    Daily Lift wonderful and sweet! Thanks Marie for your wise and simple message for today 'The dandelion'. Each DL brings inspiration and lifts our thoughts to the Divinity that is all encompassing.
    The nature express the wonders of the Creator, our Father-Mother, Love divine. The flowers, birds, stars, mountains, all we see His hand mirror. In the words of mrs. Eddy: "Love, redolent of generosity, bathes all in beauty and light. '(Cys p 516).
    Tb adds that: '.... the festive flowers and glorious sky-show at the Mind, the spiritual intelligence they reflect. The floral apostles are hieroglyphs of Deity. The stars adorn the night and the foil turns naturally towards the light.
    In the order of Science, in which the Principle is about reflecting, everything is a sublime harmony. '(cys p 240).
    Tb thank the wonderful comments earlier. Merci beaucoup Marie.
    Hugs to all, Ma Cristy

  64. Thank you, Marie and Lifters for the wonderful reminder.
    "Come walk with Love along the way. . . . Let childlike trust be yours today" (sorry, I'm traveling and don't have the Hym #) is such a reminder to look at our daily being likewise through the eyes of a child's innocent trust. The joyous gift of what to some may be a "weed" is in reality a flower, a creation from God - a wink - to remind us of God's goodness everywhere and everyday around us.

  65. Thank you

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