3/10: The box

3/10: The box

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  1. Thank you so much. You stated it so clearly....in just a nutshell!!

  2. Wow, Norm! I've heard the "think outside the box" metaphor used in Christian Science before, but this just makes it even clearer. I want to remember this next time mortal thought thinks it can box me in!

  3. Great stuff Norm.. Thanks for an outside the box lift. Always a joy to hear your thoughts. Love, Jim Mc.

  4. Thank you, Norm, for these helpful ideas.

  5. So pungent and so well put, Norm. Thank you ever so much. "Think outside the box; think outside the body" was a great way to size it up. Beautiful.

  6. As always, Norm, a wonderful Lift! A good idea to get out of the box, and
    see man as he truly is. Not limited by any false beliefs of age, sickness,
    decrepitude, or any other miserable lie ! We can remember that these are illusions of material sense tempting us to believe in their reality,but Mrs Eddy gives us the answer, when she tells us to " cling steadfastly to God and His idea"495 S & H. then we will not allow ourselves to become boxed-in !
    Thanks Norm for a good analogy.

  7. Wow How inspired is this! Am unravelling the content as I write...and as it so clearly applies to my day....Thank you.

  8. A very fresh idea of 'being outside the box'.. Well done. Metaphors are convenient hooks for grabbing a powerful, spiritual idea like this.

  9. Reminds me of a real "out-of-the-box" experience I had years ago. I was hit by a car while riding my moped to work. The woman who hit me helped me carry the moped off the street and I arranged for a ride to work. At work, I saw some blood coming through my jeans and thought I'd better put a band-aid on whatever that is. I felt fine, no pain whatsoever, so I was shocked to see a horrendous looking injury on my leg. In that moment I saw that everything I'd learned in Christian Science was true. I really wasn't my body! I wasn't even affected by my body! I called a Christian Science practitioner and she suggested that I call a Christian Science nurse, which I did. A nurse came to my place of work and took me home, where we were met by the visiting Christian Science nurse for the area. The 2 nurses were as shocked as I was when they saw the injury. They cleaned and bandaged the wound, which healed quickly, without a moment's pain. I KNOW I don't lie in the box! Incidentally, I'm now a CS nurse.

  10. The five senses do everything to keep us inside a container, to keep us focus on the body -thus ignoring our individuality. The prayer of CS demands just the opposite: Turn your thought away from the body and focus on the spiritual, think outside its limitations.
    You are one of a kind, you are God’s image, there’s no limit to you. God wouldn’t put his children in any situation where He is not. Your life doesn’t depend on what a machine tells a doctor or on somebody’s temper, your life is God, no matter what the 5 senses seem to testify.
    Los cinco sentidos hacen todo lo posible para mantenernos dentro de un envase, para mantenernos enfocados en el cuerpo, -ignorando así nuestra individualidad. La oración en la Ciencia Cristiana exige todo lo contrario: Vuelve tu pensamiento del cuerpo y concéntrate en lo espiritual, piensa más allá de sus limitaciones.
    Eres uno en tu clase, eres la imagen de Dios, no tienes límites. Dios no pondría a sus hijos en una situación donde Él no esté. Tu vida no depende de lo que le diga una máquina al médico o del temperamento de alguien, tu vida es Dios, no importa lo que parezcan declarar los 5 sentidos.

  11. What an inspiring approach to the familiar expression...to think outside the box, Norm. It is SO applicable to a Christian Scientist's approach to solving challenges of any sort. This idea empowers me to value the unique position of a Christian Scientist. Because it frees us up from accepting the material approach to solving problems, It makes "thinking outside the box" a relief and a blessing. Mahalo.

  12. Thanks, Norm, That was a lovely clear message this morning. I had been reading the definition of Man in the Textbook and replacing "man" with "I", (I am not made up of brains, blood, bones") Your message perfectly delineates this. Thank You, have a lovely, lovely day. x

  13. Very nice, thank you!

  14. Hey Norm...Good one! Thinking outside the box is a great metaphor to work with. This metaphor itself is a timely reminder that we do not have to conform to thinking from the "normal" basis in materialism. Thanks for the refreshing idea.

  15. Thank you for this clear and helpful message; outstanding!

  16. Great Lift, thanks Norm

  17. la boîte dont nous sommes couvert est rempli de la presence de Dieu notre Pére -Mére.

  18. Thanks for good-will.

  19. Thanks Norm. I will remember this great lift and use it on challenges that may appear thoughout my day. Thanks and have a great day!

  20. Thank you Norm for thinking "outside the box" Yes! To think "outside the body"."Thou gentle beam of living Love,/ And deathless Life!" (Christian Science Hymnal #23) where all life is unbroken, seamless, continuous and immortal.

  21. The box [material sense] is made by us.
    You may think it's not perfect,
    but we forget it's a small box only.

  22. Wonderful analogy, Norm; thanks a million! In the first chapter of Genesis it says that one of the things we have dominion over is "all the earth." In other words we have God-given dominion over anything that the material senses say is our identity - the material body, etc. We do not have to conform to what the world seems to believe; we indeed can "think outside the box." How grateful we can be!Thank you, Norm, for reminding us. Love, Lorrie

  23. Body as box--Love it! And no reason to be trapped therein. No reality there! I will keep this very much in mind and am so grateful for it. Thanks, Norm!

  24. La mente mortal pretende hacernos creer que estamos encerrados en un cuerpo y que este es mortal y que sólo la muerte nos libra de él.
    La C. C. nos enseña como escapar de ese sueño mortal. " la errante mente humana es inarmónica en sí misma". "Se puede demostrar que el verdadero Logos es la Ciencia Cristiana, la ley natural de la armonía que vence a la discordia" C. y S.
    Cuanto más nos alejamos de los sentidos humanos más nos acercamos a Dios,
    y ahí sí escondidos, encerrados con Cristo en la Verdad inmortal, somos vencedores por Amor de quien nos llamó y amparó para salvación.
    Muchas gracias, siempre.

    Mortal mind would have us believe that we are locked into a body that is mortal and that death only frees us from it.
    C. C. teaches us how to escape from this mortal dream. "The human mind is wandering inharmonious in itself. " "It can be shown that the true Logos is Christian Science, the natural law of harmony which overcomes discord " C. and S.
    The more we move away from the human senses closer we get to God,
    and there they hid, locked with Christ in the immortal Truth, we are conquerors who called Love and shelter for salvation.
    Thank you very much, always.

  25. Magnificent Lift! Thanks a lots, Norm! M.

  26. Love your DLs! Many thanks.Grateful for all DLs and those who bring them to me/to us!

  27. Thanks that was so refreshing! It reminds me that in the Glossary Mrs. Eddy states with Deity the word "IN" is incompatible. God and man His image and likeness, IS One. As idea, man or body, is the expression of God. No limitation in that! Thanks for helping me discard the box!


  29. Thank you. What a wonderful way of thinking. God certaintly did NOT put us in a box we often do that ourselves and then have work to get out of it. Thanks.

  30. That's a clear and easy to grasp analogy, Norm. Thanks so much!

  31. Thank You for such a clear explanation of our present state as a child of God. We are boxless! How wonderful..........

  32. Norm, thanks for these great "angel thoughts"! (Can you imagine an angel in a box?!) After hearing your Lift, I read this from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy: "The Science of being, in which all is divine Mind, or God and His idea, would be clearer in this age, but for the belief that matter is the medium of man, or that man can enter his own embodied thought, bind himself with his own beliefs, and then call his bonds material and name them divine law." (p. 372:8-13) ... a pretty good definition of "the box."

  33. Inspiring and applicable perspective. I'll use this today. Thanks so much!

  34. Inspirational thinking! "Thinking outside the box", the material body, is what I will strive to do on a daily basis. Thank you, Norm, for such a simple but powerful lift!

  35. What a healing thought! Thank you.

  36. What a helpful way to pray today! Thank you so much for this way to think of our bodies, "outside the box". Thanks too, to the nurse for sharing her experience.

  37. Thank you for the wonderful Lift today.Its very inspiring and clear.

  38. Thanks so much for tht clear thought. It often seems that we are boxed in with no way out of the box. Thinking outside the box is such a good reminder that we are free. I love to think of myself as stated in the the Bible Lesson introduction promise: Undivorced from Truth, unfettered and uncontaminated by human hypotheses, and divininely authorized.

  39. Thanks for the DL......... I've been moved ....so out with the boxes!

  40. Another great inspirational lift. This whole week has been great. Thanks so much. I'll be sharing this with my Sunday School class -- to help them think "outside the box."

  41. I add my appreciation to this lift. New idea to work with and hold to today. Thanks

  42. Thanks so much for such a fresh approach to thinking outside of the box. I'll put it to work right now.

  43. Thinking outside the box may have originated with a game of connecting 9 dots without lifting the pencil. This array of dots appears as a box and most people struggle for a solution within it's confines. But no rule says "stay within the confines of the box". Once you realize there is no barrier, the solution can be achieved. Sound familiar?!! Here.. give it a try.


    "Keep distinctly in thought that man is the offspring of God, not of man; that man is spiritual, not material; that Soul is Spirit, outside of matter, never in it, never giving the body life and sensation" - S&H 396:22

    Norm, you speak today quite boldly..almost as boldly as Mrs. Eddy! Many many thanks for helping us out of the box.

  44. OK, even know that there is no box limitation, there is a bit of work to do!
    Sound familiar also? Clue: you don't have to go through the middle of the dots.

  45. Wonderful lift, and Amy who is now a CS nurse, you made me laugh right out loud. It is so joyous, and lovely to have lifters writing in, today one from Hong Kong. Thanks, Norm, I will definitely think "outside the box".

  46. Thanks, Norm! I love thinking outside the box and this new metaphysical view is great! What a wonderful approach...thanks so much!

  47. This one really touched me, and that speaks to the enormous spiritual power behind those simple truths. MANY thanks!!

  48. Thanks, Norm. Great stuff here. Have a good day, everyone

  49. Very inspiring Lift Norm..and thank you so much. I seemed to have a coughing jag..and immediately took myself out of the box...and it totally disappeared...Thank you again Norm..It really works fast!!

  50. Wow, Norm; what a great analogy! I'll never hear that phrase again without being metaphysically activated. And now ALL my thinking will be outside the box. Thanks for a great lift.

  51. WOW!!!! You've given me a new view of "outside the box". With much gratitude I thank you for sharing your inspiration.

  52. Wonderful lift, Norm. You've given a whole new meaning to "thinking outside the box". I'm taking this thought with me today.

  53. Norm-
    Thanks for taking a concept that many people already consider "forward thinking" and challenging lifters to stretch their thinking further to grasp its spiritual ramifcations.

  54. LOVE IT and just forwarded this to someone who is taking care of a dear one suffering from pain!! I too was in an accident and felt no pain - even ran to the nearest clinic - this is waaaay before I knew Christian Science. I remember feeling the love of people around me and not being afraid of my injury at that time. I also witness many other times pain disappearing when the fear was pulverized to nothing. It works because it is true that we are not in the box but "Jack"(a liar) is in the box!!! All need is met and all is well!! Thank you Norm

  55. Thank you. You said it perfectly to help.

  56. Thank you, Norm. This Lift could not be more timely for me.

  57. Norm...Excellent...your explanation of thniking outside the box...comes right to the point.. certainly gives me a new slan
    on my thought process...thank you ...

  58. Thanks, Norm! When I talk to my non-CS friends about Christian Science, the main stumbling block (or box) is that they always insist that God gave them a material body! When I try to explain that matter is merely a human concept, a concept created by mortal mind, they don't get it. It always makes me realize even more how unique and special C.S. is - the only religion/church/way of thinking that starts with Spirit and not Matter and then proves it with Healing! Hooray! Happy "Boxless" day to All!

  59. thank you so much for your clear, helpful thought on "out of the box" thiniking

  60. Spot on! Thanks so much for such clarity.

  61. Great lift, Norm. It makes realize a little better that we find ourselves and all of man in the first chapter of Genesis where God made man in his image and likeness. God is not in a box and neither is his beloved child. The second and third chapter of Genesis tries to put man into the box but we don't fit there !

  62. What a great way to get "outside" limitations facing us with the beginning of the day. Thank you so much for such a powerful idea Norm.

  63. Perfect!
    Thank you, Norm!

  64. I loved this. I have a problem "inside the box" and this is a big help. I will be looking outside the box for help. Thanks for the Lift.

  65. Clear. Direct. Fresh. Divinely true. What more could I want from a Daily Lift message? Thank you.

  66. LOVE this box analogy! What a great thing to teach Sunday School kids. We don't live in a box, we live as a 100% spiritual idea, unlimited and unfettered, grand, and always at the point of perfection! This is very powerful, Norm, thank you for sharing with the world.

  67. The perfect analogy for the essence of who and what we are! :)

  68. Dear Norm,
    You are a sent gift -- totally unwrapped and "out of the box" -- for all mankind!
    Thank you for a great lift. -- It's healing millions......

  69. Fantastic lift today!

  70. Thanks for this message that frees us from thinking about ourselves from a limited viewpoint. It also made me remember that we owe it to our fellow man (and woman, of course) to not think of them in cliches or commonly accepted negative opinions. And, it is particularly important to view and to approach our legislators and elected officials as rational, caring, well-motivated, even loving; and ultimately yearning for divine Truth.

  71. Great one, Norm. Thanks for the reminder that infinite Mind is boundless.

  72. Agreed. Christian Science is the ultimate unconfined thought and thinking. Thanks for this practical healing view of who we are and where we aren't.

  73. FABULOUS !!!!

  74. Thanks Norm,

    That is absolutely SUPER!!!***

    The thought occurred to me of receiving a Christmas present. I can see it now, sitting under the tree, all boxed up and wrapped in beautiful paper and ribbons, reflecting the festive lights all around it, filled with a special gift from someone who loves and cares for us. We lift the box, shake it, try to guess its contents, yet we wait with anticipation and excitement for some future appointed hour to open it up when we can receive the blessings and joy intended for us.

    DUH! If we are the box, let’s not wait another second to open ourselves up to others, to share the beautiful contents of ourselves with others. Tear off the worthless paper wrappings and artificial barriers that prevent the fulfillment of our full being…. and never to forget to share our presents (divine presence) with others.

    It’s always Merry Christmas to Christians.

    Open your presence now.

    Hey, What did you get???


  75. Thanks Norm, great message!

  76. Thanks Norm, Its alot more peaeful and free outside the box,as I have just found out.......keep it up everyone.....

  77. Truly amazing! Outside the box = outside the body. Wow. Thank you, Norm : )

  78. Just wonderful...thank you!

  79. "Box outside the box, not in it." Put on your Truth boxing gloves and have a ball with the freedom of Spirit to pulverize any wrong thoughts with the healing aspects of God's love. Thanks lifters for sharing.

  80. Wonderfu! My mom & I listened twice.... Reminds me of
    the old cowboy song 'don't fence me in' . Great
    visual...thank you for sharing this idea so clearly.

  81. One of the best Lifts yet. Great thoughts Norm.

  82. Thanks everyone and #32, you gave me a chuckle with your "no angels in boxes..." So clear. What a joy of read comments from so many places and feel the embrace of CS - Divine Love- from around the world. Thanks Norm. Thanks DL team.

  83. Well said! Thanks Norm.
    This is really usable!

  84. ps. t hanks to Amy #9 for sharing your healing -- you never allowed yourself to be put into any box or "injured category" and had a painless and quick healing...
    and thanks to all who share your insights.

  85. Great idea ... get out, and stay out of the box (body)!
    We can always count on an outside-of-the-box Lift from you, Norm!
    Thanks so much!

  86. Fantastic!!! I love this "Lift". Thank you Norm for sharing this wonderful inspiration..."Look away from the body into Truth and Love, the Principle of all happiness, harmony, and immortality." S&H 260:33

  87. Thanks so very much for this boxless idea.

  88. Thank you so much! This really met a need for me today.

  89. Thanks so much Norm! I like ..."God didn't make boxes!" point. Goes along with Maryl's short prayer "God is - This isn't - And that's that".
    Thanks Amy #9 for sharing your wonderful experience that led you to become a CS nurse and Fujiko #54 for making me laugh with "Jack (the liar) is in the box!". :)

  90. Thank you Norm and all of the coments regarding today 's lift.I'm grateful for all the uplifting out of the box Truths!

  91. "The description of man as purely physical, or as both material and spiritual,--but in either case dependent upon his physical organization, is the PANDORA BOX, from which all ills have gone forth, especially despair." (Science & Health, 170:28)
    The symbol of mortality, a coffin, is another box-belief to be faced down with divine authority.
    Many thanks!

  92. Norm, Thanks, I think of the mime caught in the imaginary box, unable to get out. We laugh at that situation. But we realize the falsity of the box. We must understand that we, too, are not caught in any bo.

  93. Thank you!

  94. Thank you Norm for giving a useful spiritual meaning to a modern idiom.
    A good example of removing thought from the body is given in Science and Health on page 261 which describes a crippled actor who temporarily overcame his pain while acting on stage.
    Taking it a step farther, stepping "outside the box" and seeing ourselves as an idea or reflection of Spirit brings permanent relief.

  95. I think I shall have an out of the body experience. Thanks Norm!

  96. Thank-you

  97. Dear Norm,
    your message reminded me of an article published in the CS Journal of August 1955 THIS WORLD OF INFINITE LOVE referring to Mrs Eddy invitation in Miscellaneous Writings p. 321
    "I have a world of wisdom and Love to contemplate, that concerns me, and you... I earnestly invite you to its contemplation with me, and to preparation to behold it."
    A wonderful "outside the box" invitation.
    Thank you for the simple, direct and clear LIFT !

  98. The box for me on Monday was my car! On the way to an important appointment in the San Francisco area, I suddenly found myself in a traffic jam. I listened to the traffic report on the radio and found that I was a approaching an accident which had blocked 4 or 5 freeway lanes. My hopes to be on time began to fade as the traffic dragged along at a snail's pace for 10, 15, 20 minutes. After 25 minutes I called in desperation to a Christian Science practitioner. She reminded me that I had never been in a box called limitation of any kind. We laughed at the notion that God could give us anything in our day that would slow us down from reflecting him. The only present he gives us is out of the box -- as in out of the tomb of mortality! With joy instead of worry, I drove on and the traffic resumed normal pace within 5 minutes. I was 10 minutes early for the appointment. Thanks for reminding us all of the abundance that i ours though God-based thought.

  99. What a "nu" thought to think outside the box for healing. Every healing accomplished has had to be part of this thinking. Thank you.

  100. Thanks so much.

  101. This is so good! I'll replace "think outside the box" to "think outside the body". Thank you so much.

  102. Love this Norm - thank you!

  103. Think outside the body and personality box. Question taken-for-granted beliefs. Get outside the box, and stay outside the box. None of us are boxed in a script of injustice (disease, social unease, bad economy, environmental destruction.) None of us are inside the box/prison with the six sides of 1. “abuser/tyrant/fascist unaccountable corporation/corrupt “ruler”/anyone “above the law”; 2. victim/frustrated from fulfilling one's talent or potential/ unappreciated worker/malpracticed patient/oppressed taxpayer/down-winder to polluters/cheated investor/war “casualty”; 3. blame-the-victim false witness/apathetic or self-justifying unhelpful bystander/mesmerized spectator/distracted student/targeted journalist-whistleblower/warprofiteering cheerleader/gullible propaganda swallower-spreader/compassion-fatigued ineffective protester or donor; 4. enabler/exploiter/profiteer/manipulator; 5. a foundation resting on a long history of mistakes; 6. kept down by anything that keeps out the light. We are not “Jack-in-the-boxes” who sometimes get out with a wonderful liberating inspiration then forced back down by others startled and unsettled by our explosive freedom/healing or testimony that challenges the box. The box just isn't real.

  104. Thank you all (so far.) As usual, the DAILY LIFT plants a seed, and YOUR COMMENTS cause it to grow and blossom into something colorful and fragrant and beautiful. What a wonderful collaboration. It's great working with you.

  105. Oh Norm, this analogy so simple and straight to the point. Thank you so so much!

  106. Thanks, Norm, for an expanded view of this liberating concept...especially relevant for me with my company, Out-A-Box Parenting, Inc.!

  107. I LOVE this analogy!! It is so 'right on.' And I love everyone's comments and elaborations! Thank you all.

  108. I just love this Lift; and Norm, your voice is just so gentle and dear. This message is in and of itself Christian Science treatment, so, naturally, it heals.
    Thank you.

  109. From S&H,p.468: "All (God) is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation..." There are no boundaries, no walls, no sides and ends to restrict, retard or check scientific movement of one creation, including man, that is His spiritual idea. We do have freer breath. Just as petals to beautiful flower buds unfold to full bloom, so does spiritualized thought unfold to human consciousness the fulness of His landscape.

    Thank you Norm for sharing today's ever-expanding lift.

  110. Norm, so fabulous! Thank you, dear friend.

  111. Fabulous! Thank you :)

  112. Thanks, Norm , for an excellent analogy. Thinking of body as box makes the unreality so clear. No wonder all of humanity yearns for freedom -- whether we know it or not, we are all striving to get out of the box of mortality-based thinking. As Edie #103 points out, there are many descriptions of the box but they are all equally untrue. Nothing can box in God's idea!

    Nancy from Yellow Springs (#43 etc.), thanks for the puzzle. Great ativity/homework assignment for Sunday School students, too.

    Michael #74, I love your sharing of the Christmas presence!

    Kate #80, thanks for the reminder of that wonderful old song. I remember my grandma singing it to me when I was small. How well it applies here!

    rgdonaldson #18, the simplicity and directness of your daily thanksgiving touches my heart . It's a good thing coming in a small package -- a gentle daily reminder to me to find something new for which to be grateful, every day.

    Thanks to Nate for the wonderful gift of Your Daily Lift. Love this week's gently inviting guitar music. And thanks to all who contribute -- my worldwide family.


  114. This is very helpful-- thank you!

  115. Thank you for a wonderful Daily Lift. Years ago, during a time of teenage angst, I wrote a poem I called “The Box.” I had forgotten about it until today. I no longer had a written copy of it but after thinking about your Daily Lift the words came back to me. I was able to see this simple poem as a Spiritual idea, similar to your message this morning.

    I and so many people are so appreciative of your and other lecturers' hard work and inspiration.

    Inside a small, gray box,
    With the walls all closing in,
    Feeling that I can not breathe,
    The box becomes my skin.

    A skin that is so foreign,
    A skin that is not my own,
    The box is a prison
    That I do not want as home.

    My home is on the shore,
    Among the waves and rocks, (Christ’s Truths)
    And never shall I belong
    Inside that small, gray box.

  116. Excellent, so clear. NO limitations whatsoever!!

  117. i'm so grateful for these daily lifts. Thank lift team and all lift contributers. They are all such inspirational gems.

  118. Good hearing from you again, Norm. That box is nothing but a wrong concept of ourselves, and we don't think or dwell there!

  119. Outstanding !!! Thank you so much for this . I am facing a physical healing and as I was listening to it...........I thought this is meant for me! I am full of gratitude for this out of the box DL.
    Thank you again and again...........................

  120. Thank you for this timely reminder. I had a vision of the material and mortal boxes or containers that seem to limit us: body, house, city, county, state, country, hemisphere, planet, galaxy, universe as unreal. This was very freeing from a limited sense of self and has helped demonstrate greater freedom in relationships and health.

    Thanks for every comment and to #116 in particular for sharing her poetic insight. All of great uplift today.

  121. Thanks Norm for some great "out of the box" thinking!! Also to all the wonderful responders, Thank you too. Deep gratitude for this "world wide" healing network!!
    I like to think of the box as being something which tries to limit Divine Mind, God's pure spiritual ideas, from being heard and seen by us, His children. Did you every think about this? God does NOT have grandchildren, all of us, no matter our human age, are God's children. The whole "box idea" limits everything. Shuts out the light of Truth and tries to keep thought from receiving the wisdom from God which says, all is well, change is good, how about trying this, here is the tool you need....ect. Being outside the box leaves one free to examine his/her thought, and except them, if from God, or discard them if they are NOT....
    If it isn't good, it isn't from God and I don't even have to think about it. God is always telling us what is true, and His Truth fills all space, even in a box (closed thought), and if we should find ourselves "in the box" for a moment, this Truth, will lift the lid and we can crawl out. Happy day to everyone!!

  122. Great Lift, today, Norm. The ideas really make you wake up to what you are thinking!

    Thanks for all the other comments. Thanks to #32, for his reminder of Mrs. Eddy's remarks, "... matter is [not] the medium of man..." S&H. p. 372:8-13. World beliefs, especially the claims made by the medical field, make this claim daily and persistantly. Fortunately, Science and Healh tells us our being is spiritual substance. Nothing can keep us from being in allignment with this great Truth.

    Wonderful comments today. Thanks to all.

  123. Thanks, Norm, for sharing a new insight on how to look at this Bible verse from Paul: “We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.” (II Cor. 5:8)

    “God is with me, and His presence
    Shall my perfect guidance be,
    Till my heart that peace inherit
    God alone can give to me.
    His all-power
    Helps and heals, and sets me free.” (CS Hymn 81)

    Thanks, #9 Amy, C.S. nurse, for sharing your healing with us. Thank you to all spiritually dedicated C.S. nurses around the world who are quietly at work morning, noon and night providing the practical [outside-the-box] care needed so the patients thought can be “absent from the body” and “present with the Lord." (II Cor. 5:8)


    Thanks for the powerful and thought-freeing deliverance of your message, Norm!

  124. I get something out of all the DLs but this one had a special resonance. I'll definitely refer back to it. Thanks!

  125. I have come back to listen twice today--having seemed to be boxed in for a while. This has resonated with me--really inspiring me--and I have definitely been lifted out of the box now! Thank you!!

  126. Thanks for the clear, simple message... one I can hold onto easily and remember to practice!!!

  127. Thank you for this wonderful Lift, in reading the comments I can see from my Lifted friends that the inspiring thought meets us right where we are. I'm so grateful to all:-)

  128. Thank you Norman

  129. The most helpful thing for me in this message was your "paraphrasing" of the beginning of Mrs. Eddy's definition of man from Science & Health. I've been carrying around a copy of that page from the lesson a few weeks ago, and I just pulled it out and inserted "I am . . ." for each "man is . . ." Excellent! It had never occurred to me to do this. Thanks so much for the useful idea.

  130. I love your new/old idea. It's like "being absent from the body, and present with the Lord."

  131. Thank you Norm for allowing your angels to appear outside "the box". This is a message tailored for me. It will help relieve me from other Christian Science friends who mean well when asking "inside the box" questions. Roger

  132. thank you for your clear pure thoughts that remind us to stay "out" of the box. yes boxes are cold and dark....... we need to stay out in the light... from where we see clearly.. i'm grateful for the light you give us norm. helene

  133. Well this is wonderful! Just loved it! So practical...thank you so much!
    Just yesterday I was talking to my sister and mom about this liberating way of thinking that Christian Science teaches us all and how we bless everybody including ourselves when we pursue the spiritual idea that we all are whom God conceived and maintains.

  134. Thus is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!! Best explanation I've heard about not listening to what matter is trying to say

  135. Dear Norman, thank you so much. Wonderful!!!
    Evelin e Talban

  136. All the comments have been wonderful I feel the need to ask everyone if they know how to solve the puzzle of the box? You first make a box on paper with dots labled one, two three in the firsT line. 4, 5, & 6, in the second line and 7, 8 and 9 in the third line. Now you have a box
    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9
    Your task is to connect all the dots with four lines but not lifting your pencil from the paper until you are finished. Starting with 1 make your first line down through 4 and 7 but go out of the box to an imaginary 10. That's your first straight line. Going back up go through 8 and 6 and continue on out of the box to an imaginary
    dot equadistant from 3. That's your second straight line. Go back left through 3 and 2 ending up at 1 where you started out. That's your third line. Then go horizontally through 5 and 9, that's your 4th straight line. Voila! You've solved the puzzle but you had to go out of the box two different times. Maybe you all knew how to "get out of the box" but I didn't and had to ask someone who knew, how to solve the puzzle. Hope this is helpful to everyone or at least those who did not know the solution. However, our task of really getting out of the box of materiality involves more than 4 straight lines; it takes constant knowing that we are not material but are spiritual as Mrs. Eddy so beautifully tells us and Norman has so beautifully reminded us today.

  137. I had spaces between the numbers so that the box of numbers was really a square box not an oblong one.

  138. This is the second time I've listened to your Lift, Norm, and I really want to thank you for it. "Thinking Outside the Box" presents such a clear idea to rouse,refresh, support and encourage spiritual thinking about oneself.

  139. That last box mortal mind tries to put us in......is such a lie and all the so called boxes of limitation along the way. Loved the Lift and all the exceptional comments. Thank you

  140. Great thoughts, Norm, thank you! Thank you, Nimmie, for sharing your poem. Thanks, Nate, and thanks, everyone, for being my extended family!

  141. Wow. I had a very early meeting this morning, and just now was able to listen to my "Daily Lift." I've never had to scroll down through 138 responses to add a thank you before! The list seemed unending! It just proves what a powerful message this has been to all of us. It is deeply appreciated.

  142. Brilliant Norm! Thank you so much. So refreshing to know that we are not boxed in to a body, and nor is anyone else. Thank you too Fujiko for your analogy of jack-in-the-box being the "liar". Jack only pops out of the box if we lift the lid, so let's keep that lid firmly closed today and every day.

  143. That was wonderful, thank you

  144. Thank you, Norm, for this wonderful DL and all the comments are so healing. The lesson this week on Substance says that "we are not given the spirit of the world" (inside the box), but the "Spirit which is of God" (outside the box). Let's use it! Love the DL .

  145. Oh, boy, Norm -- this is so what I needed today. So short, so powerful.
    A perfect visual to keep my thought on a spiritual track. I'm most
    Carol Tuttle
    Longwood, Florida

  146. what a great lift ..thanks Norm, listening to this reminded me of a book title I read once "If you want to walk on the water you've got to get out of the boat" similar to thinking out of the box, realizing what man's true substance is, not boxed in brain, blood and bones but true spiritual substance "thinking" really lifts man right out of the matter box/boat and as Mary Baker Eddy says on page 278, Science and Health "Spirit is the only substance and consiousness recognized by divine Science."

  147. Thankyou for such a spot on analogy, in todays lingo.
    Such a clear distinction, a good one to share liberally.

  148. I LOVE IT !!!! NO LIMITATIONS. Thanks, Norm.

  149. Your excellent "Lift" says it all so well breaking all sense of limitation, freeing us from whatever would confine us mentally and physically. So grateful for your clear presentation!

  150. Thanks Norm, for the treatment!! Thinking outside the box was never a problem, but I confess I've wanted my days & nights to be more boxlike, to the point I wished I didn't think so differently from childhood up. Your Lift makes me feel perhaps it's been my protection, & even led me to CS. You gave a fresh way to think of body, and even though it's what we've learned in Christian Science, you presented an aspect I hadn't noticed, such as others inquiring about boxed in physicality. Now I'll be doubly, no, triply, alert when I hear questions like that. This is another Lift I know will bring testimonies. Once more I mention Christian Science Hymn # 86, by Frederick W. Faber. Especially it's first three verses are all about not having boxlike concepts of our lives, Earth, & God. I'd never heard this hymn until one annual visit to our distant Branch Church years after joining. The tune (Oliver Holden) was one I knew as a girl, so I quickly memorized the words. Next day I sang it, walking to our mailbox down the road. My then little son, Sedge, Sunday School lesson from the day before fresh on his mind, stopped in awe at “God is on the field, although He seems invisible;”. He asked wide-eyed, “Is God on the field?” (we were by a field across from our place). He wanted it sung again. It helped him be aware of the presence of our Father, outside the box at that. It's been one of my favorites since, definitely stressing to see and be outside the box. To ALL: Special thanks!!

  151. Wow! That is stating it like it is. Not boxlike-Godlike. thanks. I'm so grateful.

  152. Very well stated and much appreciated.
    Thank you
    Tom in Mi.

  153. This was a good one!

  154. This is great! Thank you for bringing this to my attention.- A good thing to remember.

  155. Thanks Norm. Outside the box--outside the body--that's where God's own children are and where I love to be!

  156. Dear Norm,

    Very belated for you, but not for me.
    Oh, how I rejoice that you have shared this message. As I am seeing through the lie of "recovery" the message is loud and clear. Just what I need to hear and hear again and again.
    Can't wait for you to be lecturing here in England!
    Happy, past, present and future!

  157. Thanks, Norm, for this wonderful reminder. The box could be a metaphor for other situations, too!

  158. Thank you Norm.

    Your lift was an enlightenment that made things clear.

    In gratitude with a lighter heart and joy.

  159. what a simple and lovely guide for us thank you.

  160. Thank you Norm ! What a great clear expression of spiritual man and how the world tries to deny our God given rights.

  161. How wonderful that we are not in a BOX (body), and how easy it should be for us to think outside of something that really isn't there!!! Lovely!!!

  162. Thanks for that, Norm. Some dictionaries define 'box' as 'coffin'. It is obvious that nobody wants to be in a box like that and we don't need to, for the simple reason that in fact we are not material, but spiritual ideas of divine Mind, where there are no boxes to contain us. You said that God would not put us in a box, but supposing that He did, what would happen? We would come out of it with no difficulty at all because ideas cannot be boxed.

    en español

    Gracias por eso, Norm. Algunos diccionarios definen caja como ataud. Es obvio que nadie quiere estar en una caja como esa y no necesitamos hacerlo, por la simple razón que en realidad no somos materiales, sino ideas espirituales de la Mente divina, donde no hay cajas para contenernos. Tú has dicho que Dios no nos pone en una caja, pero supongamos que lo hiciera, ¿qué ocurriría? Saldríamos de ella sin ninguna dificultad porque las ideas no se pueden embalar.

  163. Good reminder about getting outside "the box"! It sneaks up on us.

  164. Thank you...
    This lift brought back fond memories. When my boys were very young and I was a new student to Christian Science, I would put them in the laundry basket one at a time and gently close the lid...then I would shout "Be all you can be!"...ofcourse they would giggle and I'd remind them that God would never limit them so don't limit themselves...It has proven effective over the years...
    I look forward to our future lifts :)

  165. Thank you Norm and the Lift team and all the commenters.
    This is so wonderful, in light of the situation in Japan these ideas are so uplifting and right-thought inspiring. Especially in the face of the mesmeric media circus.
    Permit me to add, when thinking of Japan, that Science and Health 249:6 speaks totally to the emerging situation this morning. Break of day, newlight, thoughts, even Angel thoughts are surely with all those scientists at the physical reactor. While we Scientists are acknowledging that Spirit doesn't have to react, it is, now, the only "powers that be". Japan may be going in to the night phase revolution of the earth, but there are Christian Scientists all over the globe keeping their wicks trimmed in dedicated prayer and their daily round.

  166. That's where it all is...... solution...... outside the body...


  167. Wow Norm. Ireally liked that lift. Very revealing.... THX !!

  168. Full of healing and succinct thought - really a treatment for any and ALL
    days. Belatedly, but gratefully1

  169. Thank you so much the nice message

  170. thank you for the awwwwesome lift
    great way to think about it

  171. Thanks so much. This was just the thing I needed to hear right now. 'God did not make boxes.' Inspiring.

  172. Norm's message reminds me of an old Anglo-Saxon word for body:
    bone locker! Who'd want to be confined in such a contraption?
    Thanks, Norm.

  173. Outside the box, outside the body... God is! And so are we! Thanks, Norm. blessed day, one and all

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