9/21: Spiritual renewal

9/21: Spiritual renewal

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  1. Thank you, John, for your message of continuous spiritual renewal and regeneration, and that we should trust and expect this to be in our daily experience.

    Before your Daily Lift hit my in-box, I was listening to a recording of "Joy Cometh In The Morning." After hearing your message, I re-listened to that hymn, and it appears even more relevant than I had thought.

    The song has the refrain "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." So renewal is celebrated not only with the changing of seasons, but with every expression of joy, whether in the morning, or at night.

    Thanks for your spiritual focus. This helps to lighten the load - or the impression of world thought on individual thinking, when lifted by spiritual sense into the continual light of Truth.

  2. Thank you, John, for this encouraging spritual lift I need this morning. The wonderful video gives me an idea to walk once again to Central Park next year.

  3. Lovely video! Thank you for your thoughts and the beautiful photography. Happy day of renewal!

  4. Dear John, many thanks for the lovely ideas - a true reminder that spiritual renewal is taking place all the time.
    love Barb and Brian - Birmingham UK

  5. That is indeed a lovely truth to ponder, and the video gave the message so much colour and immediacy. Thank you, John.

  6. Thanks John, for the wonderful idea that Life and growth is taking place within those dead looking branches of the trees in winter. And its taking place in us right now.

  7. We look but don’t see. When we just look at the appearance of things life seems to dwindle. As I am looking at a picture of my mom at 25 and comparing her face with the mom I see in front of me, I saw the same person, but a lot wiser. I noticed the caring joy on her expression as she explained a dish to me, the same expression on the old picture.
    “Life that maketh all things new”, CS Hymn 218. Life that is God Himself, never beginning or ending. We need to see each other as His image, not aging but picking up wisdom along the way. Life renewing cycles never stop, is easy to see it on the falling of leaves and new buds.
    A constant spiritual regeneration is taking place based on the infinitude of God, and we can look forward to a full and lasting understanding of a full spiritual renewal.
    ESPAÑOL: Miramos pero no vemos. Cuando solo vemos la apariencia de las cosas la vida parece menguar. Cuando miro una foto de mi mamá a los 25 años y comparo su rostro con la madre que veo delante mío, veo la misma persona, pero mucho más sabia. Me di cuenta en el cuidado y la alegría de su expresión cuando me explicaba un platillo, era la misma expresión de la vieja foto.
    "Vida que todo renovó", CC Himno 218. La Vida que es Dios mismo, sin principio ni fin. Debemos vernos a nosotros mismos como Su imagen, no envejeciendo, sino recogiendo sabiduría a lo largo del camino. La renovación de los ciclos de la vida nunca para, es fácil verlo en el caer de las hojas y los brotes nuevos.
    Una renovación espiritual constante se está llevando a cabo sobre la base de la infinitud de Dios, y podemos mirar hacia adelante a un entendimiento pleno y duradero de una renovación espiritual plena.

  8. Thank you John,

    I am anticipating spiritual renewal today! Wonderful life, Joan

  9. Wonderful , Thank you !

  10. Great message, and fantastic video.

    I love the dedication you put in producing this video in different seasons but same place.
    Superb ! Thanks for this inspiring lift right from NYC.

  11. Lovely. Thank you.

  12. I travelled to NYC for the first time this year (we stayed in Times Square for 3 nights) and felt something of what makes it such a unique place in our world.I enjoyed this lovely reminder of our visit, today. Thank you for expressing the idea of spiritual renewal so beautifully. With love.

  13. Thanks John, such a uplifting thought. Enjoyed the view of NY.

  14. Appreciate the effort & time it took in creating this illustrative video. Thank u for this inspiring message.

  15. Thank you, John. Your Daily Lift reminded me of something.

    I used to dread the time of year when the leaves would fall. Life in the winter months seemed so bleak and bare--as if life had been interrupted. Then one day as I was out under the naked flowering plum trees, mowing the lawn, I really took a close look at the branches. What I saw surprised me.

    Where each leaf had been, a tiny new bud nodule was in its place. It was as if the new buds emerging beneath had pushed the old leaves off the tree to make room for new growth. I saw that development is never interrupted.

    From that moment on, I began to see life as one unending, uninterrupted flow of good--just as Life, God, is. This realization removed from my thought any sense of dread or drear and left only the joyful expectation of one continuous round of good. Again, thank you for this precious reminder.

  16. Many thanks John for reminding us that, "Based on the infinitude of God [divine Love]...there can be no loss." "O, in that light, all earthly loss is gain;/ Joy must endure, Love's giving is forever;/ Life is of God, whose radiance cannot wane." (Christian Science Hymnal #174).

  17. Thanks, John. I thought the video supported your message very well. It took time and effort to do this! I know it has blessed me and will bless many others.

  18. Thank you! for that beautiful thought!

  19. Wow!
    Thank you John, Nate and BoL team!
    I feel immense gratitude for the dedication, patience and inspiration it has taken to produce this wonderful video lasting barely 2 minutes.
    This message is so beautiful on all levels and I am looking forward to sending it forth like a beam of sunlight which will glance where it is needed and bring forth Mind's healing angel thoughts to the minds of those in need.

  20. Thank you. i returned from a weekend in Baltimore visiting a CS association meeting.. I referred to my weekend as my spiritual rejuvination to my friend sand family. It is good to have the opportunity to experience this weekend each year. The good thing is to use the thoughts that were given to all for the oncoming year. Everyone has the opportuinty to have a spiritual rejuvination every day. This gets us
    closer to God

  21. Thank you for that very inspiring Lift. There is so much to think of and rejoice that spiritual renewal is always going on.

  22. Thank you, John, for this beautiful reminder that no matter what we are seeing we can be assured that ...all, all is well.

  23. Thank you so very much John and everyone who made this video.
    I have sent it to each of my children because it is do appealingly true and thoughtful.
    And thanks to Judy, (above comments), for her observation.
    Isn't this all like Moses, who took the time to simply look at a burning bush (which others may have passed by), to see what was going on?
    God is so great we can never run out of comforting lessons!

  24. I really appreciate your beautiful message in both words and visually. Thank you.

  25. John,

    Thanks for the time, expertise and graphic reminder that spiritual renewal can happen in any season, as it remains uninterrupted (kind of like a hoola-hoop!) :-) With Gratitude for all you do. -L.T. Wilson, Detroit, MI

  26. Diitto to 18.
    Such a wonderful simile help us think about God 's care of us when thoughts hit us concerning the deadness of new thinking to progress as individuals contributing and as nations with good healthy economies! The buds are always there on the trees waiting for the right time to grow!

  27. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  28. How beautifully portrayed, John! I join the other viewers with gratitude for all the effort that went into producing that illustrative video. As a New Yorker, I can't get enough of the seasonal changes in Central Park and now they will keep my focus on our eternal, spiritual renewal.

  29. Si como dice #6:
    Es una apariencia como las ramas de los árboles en invierno que parecen muertas pero en realidad están vivas solo esperando que la cálida primavera la despoje de la apariencia de muerte. Cuan parecido a lo que nos sucede a nosotros con las creencias de limitación y hasta de final como en el caso de la "muerte" pero cuando alborea el sol de la Verdad nos damos cuenta que no hay muerte ni dolor porque el espíritu llena todo, dsiluyendo la apariencia del sentido material.

    Mustias ramas cubiertas de nieve
    sobre el monte asoma una luz
    rayos solares que a la nieve derriten.

    Dormidas consciencias...
    delante del sueño, asoma una luz
    El resplandor del esíritu que día tras día;
    la Vida despierta en completo Ser.

    Muchas gracias Jhon, thank you

  30. Excellent! Loved the video and the message!

  31. Thank you so much, John Q., for those lovely regenerating thoughts and that beautiful video of Central Park being constantly renewed! Today is my Birthday, and I was just thinking recently how grateful I am for the spiritual growth that is going on, deep in my consciousness! I am more and more aware that spiritual growth is the only REAL growth and that every day is a Day of Birth! I find it so appropriate that your video took place in NYC, as that beautiful City has certainly demonstrated spiritual renewal! As a beloved C.S. Hymn says: "Come now all transforming Spirit......."

  32. Beautiful, and so clear! Thank you, John!

  33. Just as the trees renew as the seasons change...NOW is the time of OUR renewal in the SPIRIT of GOD and HIS plan for ALL HIS children...ty 4 the reminder, John...! Every day is HIS seasons and therefor..OURS' as well..!!

  34. John what an inspiring view of renewal and the video brings back memories of when I lived in Connecticut and visited Central Park, especially when we went into NYC at Christmas time - the snow laden park is beautiful. As Joy #28 mentions, all of the seasonal changes are something to enjoy. And thanks #1, Peter Jensen, for the reference to "Joy Cometh In The Morning" a beautiful hymn and a favorite of mine. When life seems to be barren it's important to remember that renewal is continuous even when unseen to the human eye. God is always active!

  35. Thanks so much for your helpful message, John. As several dear ones have moved on recently, including my precious sister, your Lift held a special note of comfort. The thought of spiritual renewal going on all the time for all of us
    here or here/after what we call death, is a good one to keep in mind.

  36. Good Morning John, we enjoyed your lecture in Hyannis, Mass this Summer ! Thank you for your wonderful video Lift ! It was a reminder of the beauty of Soul going on in all seasons ! It brought to mind
    Mrs. Eddy's phrase about "sweet seasons of renewal like the returning Spring" ( Science & Health pg 57)and Lamentations 3:22 "...His compassions fail not. They are new every morning."
    Thnk you Daily Lift, BOL, and worldwide Lifters for all the daily inspiration!
    Loving wishes, Annie

  37. Thank you, John, for the uplifting message of spiritual renewal. And thank you to the DL team for the creative presentation! I love these new 'in-person' videos and their beautiful simplicity.

  38. I love the daily Lift inspirations. Thank you, John.

    I am reminded of a spring announcement that was proudly posted on a sign for all the neighbors to see - “It’s a boy – 100 pounds!” – Well, it was a new born horse, of course!

    Spiritual awakening bridges us to the grander facts, doesn’t it? It seems that we are awakening to something new, but really we are just being led to recognize unbarred reality. This information may come to us by listening, reading, or leaning on another, but more and more we give thanks to God, divine Mind, as the source of our awake-consciousness. The 100 pound baby boy is a wonder to behold and seems like something “new”, but the unbarred reality is - this individual has always existed as animation of divine Love in strength, courage, gentleness and we can acknowledge this, even as we welcome it into our experience.

  39. Hey John, Thank you for your beautiful ray of sunshine at my favorite place, Central Park, NYC. Your Spiritual PC lifts all who are experiencing NJ's gray gloomy day'. Look forward to your visit to our town this October. LOVE, Joan.

  40. Thank you so much John, and you know, even in warm lands that renewal goes on and on. I will never forget the look on my daughter's face when she bent to pick up a pot of bouganvillea she had watched 'die' - as the leaves turned brown and fell off, and its appearance was not good. But with her hands on the pot, to pick it up and throw it in the wheelie bin, she saw it was covered with little buds of what would become new green and burgundy coloured leaves. In a couple of weeks the little bush was covered with lush green leaves, and soon the next flowering was in full swing. I, also, have been going through a time of renewal and owe so much to each Daily Lift, and the compassionate comments and encopuiragement from the lecturers and Lifters - always generous and inspiring, reaping the benefits of your experiences, bursting from the rich garden of dedicated study and unceasing prayer. If you counted from the time the first Lift is opened and then the next, and so on right through 24 hours all around the world, we have a panoply of prayer and love that would extend to pretty well every part of our world.
    Thank you Nathan, and the BoL, the lecturers, and the world wide Lifters.

  41. Beautiful and refreshing. Many thanks!

  42. I have to repeat how uplifting this message is. This idea of survival and renewed growth is a spiritual law that we can trust. That video of the green trees in Central Park remind me of my "miracle tree". In July 2009 I transplanted a small tree. It became dormant because it lost so many of its roots, and never dropped its leaves in the fall of 2009. The same leaves stayed on and green also through the fall of 2010. In the spring of 2011 it appeared unchanged, but there were tiny signs there might be new growth.
    In July, 2011 it suddenly dropped its old leaves and grew new ones. I call it my "miracle tree".

  43. Wonderful! These video lifts are so accessible to all... thank you!

  44. Very good lift. Thanks so much.

  45. Thank you so much for this spiritual renewal for today!

  46. Thank you, John & Daily Lift team who provide these Lifts that spark a fresh, renewed, healing perspective for me daily. #40. Margaret described it beautifully. I also particularly appreciated #15. Judy's sharing, #16 Malcom's hymn, and #38. Nancy's fun entry. I know I'll enjoy the later comments, too!!!

  47. You just opened a HUGE door for me, John and responding lifters. Thank you all so much. I will walk through it today and see the renewal. I needed that.

  48. And thank you Judy...

  49. Thank you.

  50. ....and with this renewal, purity.

  51. Thank you so very much, John and the Lift team, for the obvious long-term planning that had to go into this LIft, so that we had the wonderful visual reminders of how so swiftly what appears as a barren time, melts into luscious verdant growth time.

    The comments have all fallen on my heart with sweet and comforting uplift. Renewal is, indeed, a spiritual unstoppable activity. I needed to be reminded of that this morning. Right here, right now, weeping abates and joy blossoms, full force.

  52. Thanks, John. A good reminder for me when the leaves are starting to turn color and fall. Thanks to Judy (#15) too. We know that those tiny buds are already fully formed, just waiting to unfold. Just like Love is unfolding us.

  53. What a wonderful little "mustard seed" to have planted right into my day. . This uplifting idea presented today once again confirms that the cycles of spiritual growth are full of everlasting, perennial, colorful ideas which sustain us, even during a "winter of discontent." Firmly planted, deep roots continue to push on unseen. Until spring!

    Thank you for sharing the lovely view.

  54. Thank you John,your thoughts on "renewal"turned my mourning into joy and gratitude...where my thought should always be.Thank you for your dedication.The video gave an added meaning....a picture is worth a thousand words.

  55. John: Thanks so much for this timely message! Your ex-Mamaroneck-Larchmont guy who now lives in Raymore, Missouri!...Bob

  56. Thank you John "renewal"......most inspiring....THX to all

  57. What a beautiful lift!! Right here and right now spiritual renewal is happening, I love this message. Can't wait to be there at Central Park soon.

  58. "Spiritual renewal"! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a continuous array of hope and expectation, encouraging strength and determination. . Thank you a heap!

  59. Thanks!

  60. I'm right there with you, John, feeling the peace and joy and power of that space -- in Central Park -- and in consciousness.

    Your tender words speak of the compassion Jesus showed those in need. And as you say, we can change our thought from need/lack to fulfillment/satisfaction/abundance, right here, right now. Because God/Love fills all time and space. And I can FEEL this Love.

    Hope too, you've gone up to the Metropolitan Museum's roof garden, which they opened last summer, and gives one a commanding view of the greenery which permeates the park. Talk about a daily lift!

    But most of all, thank you for your tender persuasions. They're a reminder for my work today, nursing someone who needs -- scratch that -- someone who already has God's warm, loving, tangible support today.

  61. Thanks John and everyone for sharing. I too had been singing the lines from that hymn, "Joy cometh in the morning....weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." What beautiful messages of renewal your message is today, John, and everyone. Another thank you for the DL team's efforts in putting these daily lifts on for the whole world to read and ponder and enjoy.

  62. This was very meaningful today. A lesson to remember.

  63. Last night, I was talking with my son, and sharing the Biblical idea that has meant a lot to me.It is " Renew the right spirit within me." Early in my spiritual journey, I took that verse and used it during the day to change every thought that was material to a spiritual one and it transformed my day. This Daily Lift reminded me of the strength of knowing in the power of true renewal going on constantly.

  64. A great [& beautiful] video - enhancing the good & solid message. Thanks to all concerned in making it - obviously over a period of time to get the two seasons cited. It makes me want to get back to NYC and walk in the park again.

  65. It is ironic that as I listened to this inspiring lift and watched the related video, four perfectly harmonious trees in my backyard were being destroyed. In this home that I have lived in for 25 years and witnessed these naturally yearly occurrences, the beauty of it all; poof now it will be gone in a day. Even though I was somewhat down, this inspiration has lifted me up.
    Thank you John, this lift was so timely and has helped me to see that this change too is a symbol of a much greater event. Even though it feels like a loss, I know that spiritual regeneration is taking place right here and now. Hopefully in spite of these (what seemed to me unnecessary changes), I too can look forward to a full and lasting understanding of spiritual renewal

  66. Dear John, Thank you for this lift and reminder that spiritual renewal is going on hourly really. One winter a few years ago, we were having a lot of rain and grey, gloomy days. It was Feb and one would think that everything was bleak and dormant, but my eyes went to a tree outside my kitchen window and I could see buds forming on the branches. It was continuing with life and getting ready to spring forth. It didn't seem to matter what was going on on the outside or its dreary and cold the surroundings. It lifted my thoughts up and cleared away the gloom and I rejoiced in this lesson of "Creation is ever appearing and must continue to appear from its inexhuastable source" (S & H 507) and that life is always present.

  67. How beautiful, and such marvelous inspiration and foresight — to shoot part of the video in winter and the renewal part in spring/summer. It helps get the message across very effectively to see actual visual (mental) examples along with words. As always, thanks, John, for sharing the inspiration and wisdom you gather from Mind. And thanks to Nathan and the Daily Lift team for their dedication and work in bringing these lifts to mankind.

  68. Thank you for this beautiful message and the beautifully produced video that accompanies. Usually I just listen today, but there were so many positive comments, I reviewed it with the video. Lots of love, courage and dedication we all share with each other. Love truly is reflected in love.


  69. Thank you so much John, for the wonderful lift and also for the video.It's very nice. Thank you again.

  70. Thank you for putting this encouragement into video.

  71. Loved the video...made the message come to life. The quote at the end was perfect too. Thanks John and the Daily Lift team!

  72. Thanks for the great video....it was terrific how you put together the winter scene (with no leaves) to the summer scene with green leaves and full trees! Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and comments and thanks SO much to the Daily Lift "team" for making these wonderful lifts available to us all throughout the world!

  73. Beautiful! Thank you.

  74. Thank you, John Q. for spiritually renewing our thinking. “A lasting understanding of spiritual renewal” would be truly “lasting”, for it isn't a final, one time thing, but is constant reality. Decrepitude, loss, or failure isn't part of Creation, of perfect eternal Mind. “Behold I make all things new.” (Rev. 21:5). If we could be cut off from our Source, we would need renewal in the usual sense, but instead, we are ever-fresh ideas. What seems like need for renewal, is our mistaken understanding of man and reality.

    Your talk of evidence of renewal in season changes is proven, often unnoticed even in so-called dead of winter. Outside we can find signs of spring. Almost monthly I see a tiny dandelion bloom after days of deep snow hours before. Buds on many trees show promise, evidence of spring (I see mentioned already). In my neck of the woods, there's no such thing as 100% winter, even on sub-zero days. If we fail to find some sign in nature, we know elsewhere on Earth, spring & summer are in full force. In a “worst example” of man, there can be found tiny, sometimes stronger signs of their true spiritual self. At least they have (or had) life, which is eternal. The Scandinavian proverb Christa gave yesterday, covers this. The king in every man can be brought out when addressed. Plant stems placed in water force buds & bloom; man held in right thought, can“force” spiritual evidence. It's happening somewhere on Earth now. Thanks for special video! Thanks to many today!

  75. Thanks John. The beauty of your message and the happy video remind me of a period when my life seemed to be obscure and full of defects, no friends, no job, no love. Even then and right there the constant renewal of spiritual understanding was working because God never stops loving us, so prayer guided me to open my eyes to see the reality of Love, Life and Truth. Today I know I can trust divine Love to make me enjoy a constant spiritual renewal no matter where I go or what I do.
    I am also grateful for all the work the inspired team puts together for us and thanks to all the contributors.

    En español

    Gracias John. La belleza de tu mensaje y el feliz video me recuerdan un período cuando mi vida parecía ser oscura y llena de defectos, sin amigos, ni trabajo, ni amor. Aún entonces y allí mismo la renovación constante del entendimiento espiritual estaba trabajando porque Dios nunca deja de amarnos, así la oración me guió a abrir los ojos para ver la realidad del Amor, la Vida y la Verdad. Hoy sé que puedo confiar en el Amor divino para hacerme disfrutar de una constante renovación espiritual no importa adonde voy o lo que hago. También estoy agradecido for todo el trabajo que el inspirado equipo reune para nosotros y gracias a todos los contribuidores.

  76. I am so grateful to Daily Lift team , especially to John , for his lift today, loved seeing NY in the different seasons of the year, and in NZ of course we coming into spring right now. But there is beauty in every season because God created it. I love the Hymn 2 ( A glorious day is dawning, And o'er the waking earth The heralds of the morning Are springing into birth. In dark and hidden places There shines the blessed light; The beam of Truth displaces The darkness of the night.

  77. So beautiful! Filled with gratitude to you John and to all who arrange for and contribute to these Daily Lifts. Each and all of them bring such affirmation and inspiration, thanks

  78. Thank you John for this important message.

  79. I loved the message and the video. I also appreciated the Truth spoken. It is powerful.

  80. Thank you John. Thank you Judy. Thank you #63 that is my prayer," renew the right Spirit in me", when I get frustrated. And thank you all Daily Lifters for sharing and caring and givin' and livin'.

  81. Thanks John for this DL of beauty, happiness, and Truth!

  82. Thank you John.

  83. Thank you, Thank you---John Adams! What a delight to not only hear your beautiful and inspiring comments but to also see you with your lovely surroundings. I cannot tell you and all the ones responsible for these wonderful Daily Lifts what it is to be able to open and hear and now see these wonderful comments especially for those of us who do not have the close church facilities and live further out into the countryside---it sure brings feelings of closeness and togetherness. Again---THANK YOU

  84. This was my first visit to Central Park, John. Thanks for sharing the summer and winter views of renewal.. .

  85. When I watched the video the second time, I was aware of the new building when the bleak winter scene showed the renewal. I thought of the World Trade Center, and your words about a "loss of a loved one, ... a loss of a job, ...loss of health", and "the dawning or spiritual awakening of an understanding of God [or]spiritual rebirth taking place in humanity", took on a whole new dimension when I watched the video a third time.

  86. Nicely done!

  87. How lovely!!! You verbally and graphically and beautifully showed us the natural progress of renewal.

    Thank you!

  88. Jhon thank you for all you have for the world. GOOD JOB.

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