3/10: Silence

3/10: Silence

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  1. And when we are silent, we can listen to his guidance.
    Thank you so much for this, Frank.

  2. Beautiful, calming thoughts! And how easy to see that we can have that sense of peace and calm, serenity and stillness, with just a change of thought. Thank you, Frank!

  3. Frank, to be silent, to quiet the material sense is probably the hardest thing to learn but probably the best of all advices. To “Be still and know that I am God” (Ps.46:10) is in itself the most powerful lift. If we want to be able to communicate with God it’s very important that the human thinking be quiet. Mrs. Eddy explains, “Spirit, God, is heard when the senses are silent. “We are all capable of more than we do. The influence or action of Soul confers a freedom, which explains the phenomena of improvisation and the fervor of untutored lips.” (S&H 89:19) Here is a great example that this useful silence is beneficial, “If Enoch's perception had been confined to the evidence before his material senses, he could never have "walked with God," nor been guided into the demonstration of
    life eternal“ (S&H 214:5).

    Espaňol: Frank, es estar en silencio, el callar el sentido materiale es probablemente lo más difícil de aprender pero es probablemente el mejor consejo de todos. “Estad quietos, y conoced que yo soy Dios” (Salmo 46:10) es por sí misma la elevación más poderosa. Si queremos poder comunicarnos con Dios es muy importante que el pensamiento humano esté callado. La Sra. Eddy explica, “La Mente no necesita depender de procedimientos educativos. Posee de por sí toda belleza y poesía y el poder de expresarlas. El Espíritu, Dios, se oye cuando los sentidos guardan silencio. Todos somos capaces de hacer más de lo que hacemos. La influencia o acción del Alma confiere libertad, lo cual explica los fenómenos de la improvisación y del fervor de labios incultos “ (CyS 89:19) Acá hay un gran ejemplo de lo beneficioso que es este útil silencio, “ Si la percepción de Enoc se hubiera limitado al testimonio de sus sentidos materiales, jamás hubiera podido "caminar con Dios" ni ser guiado a la demostración de la vida eterna” (CyS 214:6) .

  4. Dear Frank:
    What a dear, helpful, prayerful 'Lift'. Thank you. Sometimes we feel like we have to keep communicating, rather than be communicated to.
    That's what I'll take away from this today - I will be listening, in God's holy temple. Surely His voice is never silent...always gently giving us the angels we need.
    Much love to all in Boston, and 'round the globe...

  5. thank you very much ,Frank Prinz-Wondollek ,for this wonderful reflection on silence in it´s spiritual meaning: acknowledging the omnipresence of God. It´s a great lift and reminder! Gisela

  6. Thank you Frank for this important reminder. We must silence the material senses in order to hear "the still small voice of Truth uttering itself." (S&H p323:29)

  7. Thank you for this loving reminder to 'be still, and hear the silence.

  8. For me, keep silence before God means also to discard compete and mental turmoil. Thanks Franks !

  9. thank you for the silent night prayer

  10. "I will listen for thy voice..." Mrs. Eddy's hymn #304 is very precious in times of turmoil. Thank you, Frank!

  11. Dieu notre PERE-MERE AIME CEQUI COMBATTENT AVEC SILENCE, dans la méditation de la bible, science et santé. merci de faire l'experience sur la priére silencieuse.
    EXODE 14-14

  12. Thank you so much for that

  13. As we keep silence before God, as we listen, Christ silences the chatter of false human belief, and Love makes for us 'radiant room'. Warm thanks Frank, from Nigeria

  14. many thanks....

  15. Thank you so much Frank for this powerfull and divine silence that expresses itself here and everywhere!

  16. Thanks for the silence. Easier to hear the still small voice of Truth. And to Elena, number 3 and 4 today, you give an extra lift every day. Thanks for this wonderful daily lift, Board of Lecturewship.

  17. Thank You Frank very timely and very important. I read a lecture of Dr. Tutt's recently where he speaks of not fretting..and not worrying. It is fantastic..do you know how silent it is without either? Every room becomes a silent room where we can truly listen.

  18. Thanks much. I like trying to figure out the deeper level of silence, necessary to get to the deeper level of listening -- the master skill, I think.

  19. Thanks a lot!

  20. Thank you, and thanks also to #12 for the reminder that the temple in consciousness where God is, is a "radiant room".

  21. Thank you Frank. I am learning this is one of the most important requirements in the study of Christian Science....to listen! It is noticed that when everything is quiet [silent] all around, within and without, the ideas and truths really come forth with gusto! I appreciate the daily lifts and all the comments that are shared. Thank you again!

  22. Thank you so much Frank for your beautiful uplifting thought. Love it!!!
    Vielen DANK mein lieber Frank :-)

  23. Such a tender voice does not break that silence, but calls us to quietly listen together. "Hear, and your soul shall live." Isa 55:3

  24. My morning is already wonderfully sunny - and now I will add the significance of silence - perfect day! So many thanks for all the contributing parts and people for these Daily Lifts!

  25. Thinking about the stillness and its inherent calm, I go back to
    our Leader's Message for 1902, page 19:19 and feel the power of it:
    "the heaving surf of life's troubled sea foams itself away, and
    underneath is a deep-settled calm." So many times this line
    has stilled troubled thought when working through an instance
    which seems to excite or disturb. Just knowing, yielding, following
    the "deep-settled calm" which is within me at the depth of my being,
    brings the light of Christ to my thought and
    experience. Thank you for starting this day with a quiet praising of God!

  26. How beautiful. Thanks so much

  27. Thank you Frank this is the most impotant secret of God to be quite, to listen Him, not to be afraid, how is wanderful the Love of God. Thaks so much !

  28. Thanks alot.
    Christ Jesus instructed us to go in the closet, shut the door, pray and receive the reward of that prayer. (Matthew 6:6) Mrs. Eddy explains that this closet "typifies the sanctuary of Spirit..."(S&H, p.15) She states the importance of shutting the door to the closet several times on that page. "In order to pray aright, we must enter into the closet and shut the door. Lips must be mute and materialism silent, that man may have audience with Spirit, the divine Principle, Love, which destroys all error." Recently, I was trying to understand how to shut the door to whatever isn't good. I thought that if I open the door to a noisy party, then all I'm going to hear is the sounds of that loud party. I have to shut the door on that noisy party and instead turn my thought to God and what He is saying. I can't be mesmerized by the glamour of the party or impressed by the activity of the party if I do this. Last weekend, I hurt my shoulder while doing some exercising. Then, in the middle of the night I was in alot of pain. I refuted it as best I could and kept saying NO, this isn't from God. I reached out to God for help. Although the material senses were screaming that I was in great pain, I knew that God had a higher and better view of me and that was the view I wanted to see and know. I prayed to know myself as He saw me. As I did this, good ideas started flowing to me such as God loves me and created me as His expression. I am not afraid because God is right here. God isn't causing me to suffer. God is the cause of good only. Then, the pain suddenly stopped and I was able to sleep comfortably. There was a trace of discomfort the next day and then it was fine. I just raised that arm to check(LOL) and I can use it freely.
    It gives me strength to realize that God empowers me to shut the door to whatever He doesn't send and that He enables me to listen to and hear the angel messages He does send.
    "The very circumstance, which your suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive, Love can make an angel entertained unawares."(S&H, p. 574)
    THANK YOU again.

  29. Thank you. Walking through the woods, listening to infinite Love, "Be still, and know that l am God:" Psalms 46:10

  30. Thank you so much, Frank. We listen in the quiet stillness within. We "listen for Thy voice. . . " CSHymnal 304 - 309.
    This is your second directive in preparation for Easter, Frank: first we had to fast - to refrain from material thoughts, and now we are to listen. Listen to God telling us what He wants us to know and do.
    And how everyone has welcomed this Daily Lift!



  33. Thank you for this quiet gentle reminder. I'm also reminded as I look out on the beautiful snow that fell silenty through the night.

  34. A heart-felt thanks.

  35. Vielen Dank, Frank for this beautiful uplifting thought today. I love that as you say in the light of God's presence worldly problems lose their reality and that inner stillness is so important in order to hear God's voice. Outward, physical peace is such a beautiful and natural extension of that inner stillness... what a wonderful way to start the day!

  36. Much gratitude for this... It's what I have been trying to understand better. And though I only speak a little German, I enjoyed hearing that, too, with the many "stille" coming through so clearly.

  37. Thank you for this encouragement to be still,
    to be listening.
    God was not (is not) in the loud, frightening things -- earthquake, wind, fire, conflict, stress, trouble, but in the still, small voice.
    Jesus surely knew this, and commanded the storms "Peace, be still!!!"

  38. Thanks Frank!

  39. Thank You very much !

  40. Thank you very much for the daily lift.

  41. Dear Franz,

    This is a beautiful Lift which has quieted the senses and has enabled me to hear more clearly what God is saying today. Thank you for these healing thoughts.

  42. Thank you, Frank. I am learning to silence material thinking to keep thought at one with God, Spirit. It takes concentrated effort but well worth it. I think to myself each morning that I'm following the shepherd and listening to God's direction throughout my day brings blessings. Even when meeting challenges the shepherd is there protecting and guiding me.

  43. Thank you so much Frank for that very inspiring, uplifting message. "Be still"...to listen for His ever-present love and rejoice, for God is Love; He fills all space. How nice it is to know the availability of these "quiet rooms" throughout. What a great reminder they are, if anything, to just pause and put God first!!!

  44. Danke, Frank. Das ist eine wunderbare und wertvolle Erinnerung, still zu sein. Weil man ja sonst nicht lauschen kann.

  45. How cool that I had already been working this morning with "We must silence this lie of material with the truth of spiritual sense." SH 318
    Love the new view of silence.....a helpful antidote to stress and pressure.

  46. "We must silence this lie of material sense with the truth of spiritual sense". SH 318

  47. Vielen Dank Franz. I love the thought of finding God in stillness within, then you can burst into singing, or praises, expressions of His love without.
    Liebe, :)

  48. My comment didn't post so I'll try again...
    I work right in the middle of a very noisy school and I love it! Over the years, I've learned to "be still" within dispite the outward noise. Co-workers wonder how I get work done, but it actually seems odd when the kids are gone and it is "too quiet." Finding quietness and peace within has been a huge blessing in my life.
    Thanks for your message...

  49. Thank you for your most helpful message today. The part where you mentioned " silence means more than just the absense of noise." really stood out to me." It brought to thought the passage from Science and Health where Mrs. Eddy states on page 15, lines 9 to 13, " To enter into the heart of prayer, the door of the erring senses must be closed. Lips must be mute and materialisn silent, that man may have audience with Spirit, the divine Princiople, Love, which destroys all error. Also the first verse of hymn #125 which reads: "How lovely are Thy dwellings Lord,
    From noise and trouble free;
    How beautiful the sweet accord
    Of those who pray to Thee.

  50. Thank you for inspiring us to shut out the material thoughts and listen for God to speak and tell us what we need to know. Sometimes Slience is hard to come by when I wake up during the night. I am greatful for the silence when it does comes.

  51. Today as I strive to keep my thought on Perfection I think of that silence as not even having mortal opinions or judgements. I will keep silence before Perfection. There is nothing else

  52. Thanks Frank, this is the most important part of Prayer! it is what breaks the mesmerism of the material senses. I just love all the lifts, they are what we need to know every day!!

  53. Bless you, Frank, and every one who has sent in a response! I have found nature to be such a blessed teacher and place of stillness as others have written today... the gentle falling snow, being in the woods, the sunshine, the calm under the sea, etc. I weekly find a place of solitude in nature and listen... a very holy experience.

  54. Thank you Frank!

  55. This is such a lovely thought! It is very helpful and timely. Thank you so much!

  56. Midst all the political clatter and demands for action, it is comforting to know that it is not in the earthquake nor wind that God's speaks, but in the still small voice.

  57. Frank,

    Thank you. That's great.

    "In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength ..." (Is 30:15). What can beat our silent communing with God?

  58. Blessed are those who can experience this kind of silence - the spiritual silence - when we can listen to God´s communication even in the middle of so called mortal mind´s noise!
    To remain silent this way is what Mary Baker Eddy wants to say when she writes "To enter into the heart of prayer..." (S&H p.15:9)
    Thank you, Frank, for this uplifting thought!

  59. When I was 23 solo bicycle-camping across the USA, I was awakened one night by my body's extreme symptoms of fear, that in themselves seemed to threaten my life, and I learned the importance of what silences what, what we listen to and how to hear God. At first I listened for the wrong information from the wrong sources, thinking very quickly something like: “What's going on, why the extreme sense of danger?” What is that dog outside my tent growling about ? Why did that pick-up roar up to my tent, how many [yelling and cussing, crudely-laughing men talking of rape, etc.] are there? How many guns are they loudly handling and how much time might I have between bullets...?” Ask the wrong question, listen for the wrong data, and hear the wrong answer. So immediately, as they were throwing rocks and beer bottles at my tent, getting out of their truck, making very threatening noises, I chose to listen for God's directions. To do that I needed to silence thoughts about them and my body, my scared reasoning and sense of entrapment. I had no thought that I could change things, only my thinking/feelings.

    The quickest way for me to get to a state of prayer is to start being grateful. No matter how incoherent I might seem, how inadequate, how confused, how bad the situation, there is always something to be grateful for, always something for rejoicing to silence the sin of separation. For me the door of the closet of prayer we shut on the material senses and personal sense involves gratitude and commitment/consecration. An attitude of gratitude is the door that silences and shuts out evil and opens us to the King's treasure room. It silences fear, self-justification, confusion, personal sense. So we can hear what is worth hearing and repeating. That was so quick and easy. “Thank you, God, that for all the times I've been alone, that this is the first time I have a watch dog outside my tent and thank you for letting me see fireflies before I die!” While reaching out to God and being grateful is better than being overcome with terror, it wasn't good enough. That had to be silenced for a better message. Immediately I mentally heard the voice of divine authority: “No. Your protection is not dependent upon the absence or presence of a dog, a tent mate, the neighbors, or the police. Your protection, the dog's protection, and their protection (meaning the drunk, threatening, violent men outside my tent) is solely dependent upon the ever-presence of Me, God!” That divine voice in thought silenced any awareness of anything else.

    Over the noise of the dog and men, instantly it was followed by the mental command that was revolutionary for me, to prayerfully love and pray for them, protecting them from the suffering that comes from thinking they could be tempted to want evil or do evil or to think bad is good and good is bad. It left me mentally speechless. It silenced personal reasoning and trying to be a good Christian Scientist. I was amazed and immediately did all within my power to love and pray for them, thanking God. This radical idea was so overpowering, that it made me totally unaware of, or with any thought/sensation of, the loud noises of my heightened hearing making the pulse in my ear pounding the noise against my hairs and the nylon sleeping bag, the noise of the growling dog, the emotional “noise” of a too-fast beating heart and painful chest and throat, the noise of their truck and shouts and guns and the rocks hitting my tent, the emotional noise of the smell of cigarettes, beer, diesel, the dog's fear, my sweat. All sounds and material and personal sense, all fear, were silenced or had no reality for me. I was just caught up in this wonderous sense of Love that silenced and whited out everything else.

    I do not know how long I was in this state of love/prayer hearing only inspiration. Some time later when it was still dark, I became aware again of the dog snoring outside my tent, the Appalachian summer night sounds of contented bugs and birds and other critters who had been silenced during the men's noisy presence. I thanked God and then slept peacefully and awoke refreshed after a long day of biking steep hills to find the tent damaged but functional, the ground torn up and littered during the night with shotgun shells, cigarettes, beer bottles, etc., and smelling of their activity, but I felt so embraced and in awe and privileged. Any emotional reaction to the undeniable physical evidence of an intended crime scene and temptation to worry about what could have happened was silenced. Love stilled it. I could only feel unspeakable awe and joy for God's care for all. It still inspires, disciplines, quiets, and speaks to me.

  60. SSSHHHssshhh...'He's talking.

  61. Thank you for the clarity of this message. It is a substantial explanation, which I will continue to ponder.

  62. I am sooooo grateful for this beautiful daily- lift on Silence! I need to be silent more and hear God's voice not mine! Thank you, Frank for this very spiritual message today! Many thanks to all of you in Boston, and The Board of Lectureship!! Have a wonderful day!

  63. Thank you Frank, for this reminder of the silence that is there, even in the midst of noisy thoughts entertained, and noisy outer activities demanding attention and belief in them. I very much need to cultivate listening for and “hearing” the silence. I experienced it as, and after, I listened to your lift. “My” thoughts just stop until angel messages finally whisper or sing, sometimes surprisingly strongly. CS Hymn # 49 (and # 50), by John Greenleaf Whittier, began soundlessly singing to me, especially the 4th verse, “Drop Thy still dews of quietness, Till all our strivings cease; Take from us now the strain and stress, And let our ordered lives confess The beauty of Thy peace.” To reach a more ordered life, which I need, I must take more time for this silence. # 59, Edie, That was awesome and precious of you to share your experience with enough necessary silence to heal the threat to you and restore enough purity that the men were saved from further sinning.

  64. THANK YOU! WE MUST REMEMBER THAT QUIETNESS CAN BE GOOD, even tho caps in email are rather noisy. Thank you, again --quietly!

  65. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love the thoughts that you gave about silence and listening.

  66. Thanks for sending such a comforting message and telling us how important it is to go to the closet and shut out all material noises that would interfere with listening for and receiving messages that God is sending us.
    I really am enjoying these messages from the Daily Lift.

  67. Thank you so much for this wonderful thought of our deep holiness, at hand.

  68. Thank you so much. The importance of time for reflection came up in conversation at work earlier today and here it is again in full metaphysical detail.

  69. Thank you Anne "64" -- Did not realize email CAPS ARE LOUD -- not just legible. E-mail language culture. Thank you for your kind straightforward tip.

  70. I remember my mother's favorite motto..." Silence is the best weapon". When I was young I do not appreciate this sentence. Now, I understand for it means that silence is listening to the small voice of God. Silence is an active word too. Silence results in healing. Thank you for reminding me the power of silence.

  71. Dear friends,
    thank you so much for all your wonderful thoughts! it is really a pleasure to read your comments and to feel your prayer!

  72. Thank you thank you for this inspiring Lift. Humble gratitude to each and every commentator for their sharing and for the joy and gratitude they express, it is sooo felt. Think of how many hearts and lives these Lifts touch and bless!

  73. What's the phrase? "He knows whereof he speaks" sure feels like so.
    Each word, therefore, is lovely and part of the whole.

  74. I'm a Christian Silence practitioner and it is grand.

  75. I am grateful to hear that space is being provided for those seeking silence in the busy corridors of our global culture. Raised on a farm in rural Illinoin, I cherished the silence in spaces the quiet open landscape provided. Finding Christian Science as a young wife, mother, and registered nurse was like revisiting those days of my early childhood, growing up with the open spaces filled with a presence of only good, where I felt loved and protected from the world. Thank you, Frank, for this uplift assuring listeners of the inner space provided by God where He is heard voicing exactly what we yearn to hear within our individual spiritual awareneness and assuring us that "all is well."

  76. Most profound and powerful. Can relate to the noisy party metaphor JD mentioned #28. Grateful for this healing Lift and comments.

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