12/15: Secret gifts of kindness

12/15: Secret gifts of kindness

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  1. I love this idea, this rippling effect of kindness! It is great to know that we never run out of kindness or get too bogged down to think of it, because it comes from God, Love...so it is ceaseless, tireless. When we realize that we are in this natural flow of kindness, we are more open to the many opportunities that come our way to let it flow and flow and flow. Thanks so much for this reminder.

  2. And, thanks for blessing me with this message.

  3. Thanks you Ginny, I see this kindness being given everywhere to myself as well. And feel so loved. And in turn I do the same and yes it does have a ripple effect. What a beautiful expression of God's Love. This continues all year long and especially the thought of this wonderful season to give these gifts and brighten someones life. The gift that keeps on giving.
    Merry Christmas

  4. Thank you for this wonderful message. In our society where often the "big" things seem to count probably because they are more visible, i.e. huge fund-raising shows on TV with prominent givers who are giving of their abundance (which is laudable) - it's good and necessary to remember the uncounted little and unselfish acts of kindness and extra love parents, teachers, social workers, church members, volunteers etc. are doing daily, thereby expressing Love, God.

  5. Thank you so much. I loved this thought and I will love putting it into practice today.

  6. Thank you very much for your full-of-love uplift.

  7. Thank you Ginny for this spiritual pearl and its great value and applicability!

  8. A gift in secret pacifies anger...thanks for that timely reminder, I'll take it to work with me!

  9. Ginny, that was just the tonic I needed today! Thank you, sharing Love is so enriching and to be able to do that for a stranger who then does it for another is wonderful!

    Funnily enough, I recently heard from a friend whose kid is going through all sorts, the temptation is there, to say, "I told you so"

    I copied the first two verses of "Love" by Mary Baker Eddy. We wouldn't ever love hurt a wounded dove, to keep our thoughts on track we can do as the next verse suggests and "pray that his spirit we partake who loved and healed mankind"

    I am looking forward to "Christmas Presence" on Sunday too :-)

    love, light and peace to you.

  10. Thank you so much Ginny for this wonderful message.

  11. My favorite memory of this kind of sharing is one evening when my husband and I were traveling, we stopped at a small town restaurant and noticed a high school couple arrive in a truck, dressed for a prom and full of excitement. My husband told the waiter he would like to pay for their bill and did so. The happiness on their faces was so dear - maybe it helped the young man out on his "expensive" evening.

  12. Ginny mentions, "a gift in secret." I was reminded that this idea is conveyed also in Matthew 6:1-4 (giving in secret) in the Sermon on the Mount. Spiritual intuitive giving, acts of kindness on our part do not go unrewarded by God, the Father. Unselfish giving without worldly recognition, just a simple kind gesture can have long reaching and lasting good effects. Thank you for expanding on that thought!

  13. Thank you, Ginny. God is full of great ideas.

  14. Thank you Ginny for giving us today's challenge from Proverbs, and also for sending us a gift, "a ripple of love that heals and touches so many lives."

  15. Thank you, Love makes the world go round, With out Love there is nothing. We have been truly blessed.

  16. Thank you Ginny:: My mother taught me the quality of kindness and brought our family into Christian Science. I have been blessed by this attribute the example which Christ Jesus gave and inspired Mary Baker Eddy. Merry Christmas Ginny. and all the people who too are sharing today's subject.

  17. Wonderful idea: the SECRET gift of kindness. I love the idea and the example; it shows that a secret gift is so strong, because those blessed are (in absence of any person the gift can be contributed to) left with only one possibility: to glimpse to a certain degree the "law of good" right now present, and possibly get a sense of the "maximum of good", "God and His idea, the All-in-all" (Science and Health, 103:15) That of course is truly invaluable. 1000 thanks for this great metaphysical gem!

  18. We see many gifts of kindness everywhere. I am glad to see the media reporting those, especially those done without recognition. Thank you Ginny, I always love to hear your sweet, loving voice.

  19. Thank you for lifting us up today, out of ourselves, and thinking of others -- even in secret!

  20. A wonderful thought to start the day...a day of kindness! Thank you.

  21. Thanks, Ginny. Learning more about Love each day we always have a need to express or share what we are learning. Love simply loves, as Mrs. Eddy says, and it's always conscious giving. The whole world needs the happiness that is ours to share. Father, how can I help? always results in something beautiful. The "wonders of His Love" are ours today, to rejoice in and to share! Much joy today, everyone.

  22. Ginny: Thanks very much....I had to remind myself beginning years ago that I always have something to give...I found that as I give love, I feel more love as well and I have never felt lonely since with this attitude!

  23. Your words recall to mind a bumper sticker: "Commit random acts of kindness." Thank you for reminding me, Ginny!

  24. It's true, a small simple kindness can save a life! Someone I barely knew stopped and talked to me about little things for five minutes, on a day that seemed to be the worst one of my life. I felt "normal", worthwhile, and included again. I was able to resume my day, care for my children and complete my work, and I am still grateful to that woman 20 years later. In other words, I was healed.

  25. A secret Santa........giving the gift of Love to all the sons and daughters of God!

  26. Thank you Ginny, for your wonderful message.

  27. Not only is that a "cool" thought, but also a very WARM thought.
    Thank you.

  28. Thank you Ginny!
    My thoughts are turning to the need to express more simple kindness to those most close to me!

  29. A gift in secret can also be the letting go of a poor habit or tendancy that no one knows about, but in the secret letting go, the purifying of ones's private thought is a gift to universal consciousness.

  30. Thanks for the wonderful thought about acts of Kindness! Another side benefit of a kindly act is how good it makes you feel when you unsolicitedly do something nice for someone else - ie letting someone into traffic. This thought (Lift) is so appropriate in our society, today!

  31. Thank you, Ginny!
    And because it comes from Love, then there's always the "time" and the opportunity, too. :-)

  32. Thanks so much Ginny!! I love your message that kindness is the evidence of God's love. Reminded me of a sweet and powerful movie Pay It Forward where a little boy taught kindness to everyone he met and asked them to pay it forward to keep it going.
    Much love, Chrissie

  33. Yes Ginny, it is a very deep message you share with us. thnaks a lot.

  34. Ginny, your comment on the ripple effects of kindness brought back a very special example of this in my life which occurred many years when my husband and I, as newlyweds, had just returned from our honeymoon. He experienced an accident to an eye and, not a student of Christian Science, he received medical help which resulted in what was considered major surgery. We had no reserve money at the time, and no insurance, and the bill was large. My prayers were answered when a friend presented me with a check for a large amount, although I had no idea anyone knew of the need. This friend told me that he believed in tithing, and this was his way of doing so. I was not to pay him back except by passing this on at some time when I knew someone in need. That time came some years later when a young man we knew needed money for college. We were able to help him monetarily with exactly the amount we had received. I am so grateful to have been reminded of that incident after all these years and to acknowledge God's great gifts of Love. Thank you for this "lift" today.

  35. Thank you Ginny for those wonderful words which do ripple on. As I drive on the Freeway I always declare before and during that Love is everpresent and every idea of God is in their right place. As I was driving I heard a terrible noise and immediately declared God is all. As I pulled over to the side of the road a youngman followed me and when I stopped he said You have a blowout. He was an ACT OF KINDNESS and immediately changed my tire so i could go on my way and follow his example of such loving kindness. We are always in Gods care, AT One with God.

  36. Thank you so much dearest Ginny for giving us this beautiful loving secret kindness message of today! Much love

  37. Random acts of kindness can, indeed, be infectious -- in the positive sense of the word. Thanks for the good thought, and the daily lift.

  38. As St. Paul said, "Love vaunteth not, itself, -- is not puffed up -- seeketh not its own --"

    Therefore, expressing our love and doing charitable works quietly -- so as not to call attention to Self -- is wholly suitable.

    It helps always to remember that Love, Truth, Principle, Intelligence and Spirit are all one and the same -- inseparable from each other.

    Thank you so much for these daily messages.

  39. An association mate of mine who hung around for more than a century used to pay the check of some family when she'd see them dining in the food court at a mall where she'd go occasionally, and it gave her a huge amount of pleasure. Think what it did for them! Nice to be reminded of this.

  40. Thank you Ginny, for this warm message. I was on a bus to New York yesterday. The bus was full, and there was a woman with her little boy of perhaps one year old. He was crying and screaming and I could just sense the woman's embarassment and distress, and all her efforts to calm her were not working. I suddenly thought of the Christ child. His calm, his poise, because he knew he was God's child; he was the great gift. And I knew exactly the same thing for this little fellow. I felt such a sense of love for him and he stopped immediately. There was just peace. The rest of the trip was silent. I was simply grateful for being able to help. Quiet acts of kindness - they are a gift to the giver.

  41. Thank you Ginny,
    What an inspiring thought. I will use this today.

  42. Now I'm ready to start my day - thank you! :-)

  43. Thank you, Ginny, for this reminder of the kind of intuitive giving that reflects God's gift of the Christ, "ever-present". Hymn 178 (Christian Science Hymnal) includes the lines: ..."Jesus knew the law of kindness, Healing mind and heart of blindness; and in heavenly wisdom taught Holy works of love he wrought."
    The stories your "daily lift" brought forth reflect the healing power of that selfless kindness.

    On P. 17 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy continues her spiritual interpretation of the Lord's Prayer that Jesus gave us in his Sermon on the Mount, which she says "meets every human need" -- here are the fifth and sixth lines, opened out:

    ... "Give us this day our daily bread;
    Give us grace for to-day; feed the famished affections;

    And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
    And Love is reflected in love; "...

    Love is something especially important to claim as a gift we can give of, and are freely given from God, any time of year.

  44. Thanks Ginny, you are a good example of spreading love.

  45. Thank you Ginny for sharing that wonderful message for all of us especially at this time of the year! I am right now bubbling over with joy that my daughter and I are preparing to fill up bags and bags of basic necessities for our adopted family. I can't begin to express how my heart goes all out for not only the unfortunates, but the seniors, the children, the struggling at heart, etc. This is truly God's unconditional love being expressed throughout the universe. God is reflected in love!!! This is His gift to us.
    Have a joy-filled day!!!

  46. Hey thanks, Ginny. I needed to hear this today. Kindness can mean going into a choral rehearsal and doing your best singing for your section and the chorus as a whole knowing God's love is reflected in the Art. Single-minded "kindness" focus like that will crowd out any erroneous human downward thinking. Thanks again!


  48. Thank you dear friend. It's so nice to hear your voice. Your ideas are so wonderful and so true - just loved hearing them. I'll share them with Pete who is just heading off to work.

  49. Not quite three years ago while driving home from Florida on I-95 our car struck debris on the road destroying both a front tire and its wheel. Upon pulling off the highway a well-dressed young man driving an expensive sport car also stopped and insisted upon changing the tire, and offered to provide any further help. He refused our remuneration saying he was well provided. Not giving his name, he said all he wanted in life would be a loyal wife. Wishing him well, I added that I pray that such a one be as loving as my wife of 50+ years. Every time, since then, that we pass Walterboro, S.C., my wife and I give thanks to God for that young man, who, unknown to us, gave unselfishly to us in a time of need. Indeed, there are many repeating sounds of joy. Thank you Ginny for your true and beautiful "Lift."

  50. Thank you for the love message. At Camp Fire Girls Camp (Camp Yallani in Seven Oaks, CA) each session, we had TILLICUM DAY. Campers and counselors drew names to be their Tillicum recipient for the day. It was such joy to find secret ways to do something loving and helpful. Many guessed and many did not realize who had left a sweet note, a pincone bough, made a rock message, so many creative ideas. Tillicum secret acts of kindness are God's great gift to each. Thanks for the reminder and the joy to take that up again.

  51. God's gift...to Love.

  52. Your kind, sweet, loving voice is a gift today. Thanks so much for this message.

  53. HI, GINNY!

  54. Thank you, Ginny, for this wonderful daily lift! I am reminded of a time years ago when we were on vacation in Northern California. We were returning to our cabin late at night on a very lonely mountain highway. As we came around a bend, there was an elderly couple who had a flat tire. My husband pulled over so he could change the tire for them. When the wife came to the door on the passenger side, as it opened, the glove box popped open and out came some Christian Science literature. The wife was astounded - she said, "I prayed for angels to help us, but I never dreamed He would send Christian Scientists." Turns out she was the CS Chaplain for the nearby prison. When my husband returned to the car, he didn't notice that our young son's hand was in the door jamb, and he closed the door on his hand, injuring several of his fingers. As our son screamed in pain, this dear lady asked if she could hold him in the back seat. We wrapped his hand so as not to look at the evidence, and when we arrived at our cabin and removed the wrap from his hand, we saw that his hand was completely healed. This healing was a milestone in my understanding of what real love is! Later that week, we visited them - "Grandpa and Grandma Fox," at their beautiful ranch.

  55. A lovely message from a lovely voice. Thank you, Ginny

  56. Thank you for the reminder of secret giving. Everyone is blessed by such activity!

  57. thank you for such a graceful thought of living love. It is ours to do and nothing can ever prevent the natural unfoldment of this wonderful truth of living love..
    Have a grateful day,
    your friend in WV

  58. I appreciated not hearing the 'hey hey' this morning. It was an impersonal, smooth and loving introduction to the uplifting message for the day.

  59. Thanks so much Ginny for this msg.
    Kindness is a great way of expressing love.

  60. Thanks!

  61. Your message is an angel message for me today. It is exactly what I needed to hear. I am so very grateful. The Daily Lifts are such are wonderful blessing to all mankind!

  62. Simple, but true. Nice.

  63. Thank you for your wonderful message. I read these words on a billboard recently: " Joy is always in the forecast." Spiritual gifts such a kindness, joy, gratitude, love and affection are always in season. Your message reminded me of this passage from Miscellaneous Writings by Mary Baker Eddy in Prose Works (250:21): "As a human quality, the glorious significance of affection is more than words: it is the tender unselfish deed done in secret; the silent, ceaseless prayer; the self-forgetful heart that overflows; the veiled form stealing on an errand of mercy, out of a side door; the little feet tripping along the sidewalk; the gentle hand opening the door that turns toward want and woe, sickness and sorrow, and thus lighting the dark places of earth." I am grateful also for comments shared which I find very helpful.

  64. What a beautiful, healing thought!

  65. I'm planning to give out a few "gifts of kindness" as I shop for my wrapped gifts tonight!

  66. This is lovely, thank you!

  67. Thank you, Ginny. Yesterday MSN.com had a story of such a restaurant gift passed likewise all through the day, and not only the recipients were blessed, but also the employees were touched, feeling and seeing the love expressed. Your quote from pg. 6, of S&H, by MBE, '"God is Love." More than this we cannot ask, higher we cannot look, farther we cannot go.' is what I put on a marquee for my PC screen saver, but lest I forget its significance, after the last quoted word, I added, ....less we cannot have. That statement of hers sums up, for me, all of CS teachings. The rest is how, what, when, where, why, along with understanding ways to demonstrate this truth to meet every situation.This is a reminder of what she taught us, explaining what God, as All-in-all, means to us. Thanks also to Klauss-Hendrik Herr, #17, for pointing out why secret gifts cause those who receive them to realize the higher source of what has taken place. I'd never thought of that, even though experience had shown it actually is what happens. It promises wonderful ways (yet within our, what can seem limited, means) to serve the Lord, giving glory to God. Thanks also to Barbara-Tempe AZ, #29, for giving motivation to work out a personally needed "sacrifice" that will bless not only us, but benefit all. All the comments have been like a unexpected (secret) Christmas gift.

  68. Thank you Ginny, your words reminded me of when I was newly divorced and my daughter was small. My mom came to live with us to help while I worked part-time and was still going to college. For quite a few months my court ordered alimony check and child support stopped. Mom never doubted God’s Love, she repeated MBE’s words, “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need”, and with faith she would said, “don’t doubt, let the Christ enter in”. Although my mom also worked part-time, Christmas Eve caught us with an empty pantry and no money, let alone Christmas presents!
    As the last log was burned out, while it was still cozy, my daughter and I slept in sleeping bags in the living room. It looked like it was going to be a bleak Christmas. The phone rang at midnight, a deep man’s voice said, “Ho, Ho, Ho, take a look at your front door”. We opened the door carefully, and there were 6 boxes loaded of groceries, even a little doll and a toy car! Somebody had chosen us for a random act of kindness without knowing our need. There was rice, flour, cereal, sugar, noodles, candy, even traditional Mexican food (common in my area). It seemed that the donor didn’t know our background but blessed us nonetheless.
    That day we truly understood that our supply was, undoubtedly, guided by God. My daughter even had a little car to give as a gift!
    In a few days I found a good job. Although other times in our lives we went through hard times, now that we know where the real supply comes from, we never suffered hanger again.

    Gracias Ginny, me recordáste cuando me divorcié y mi ni?a era peque?a. Mi mamá vino a vivir con nosotras para ayudarme mientras yo trabajaba medio tiempo e iba a la universidad. Por varios meses los cheques de la pensión de mi divorcio y la manuntención de la ni?a dejaron de llegar. Mamá nunca dudó del Amor de Dios, repetía las palabras de MBE, “El Amor divino siempre ha respondido y siempre responderá a toda necesidad humana”, y con fe me decía, “no dudes, deja entrar al Cristo”. Pese a que mi mamá también trabajaba medio tiempo, la víspera de Navidad nos encontró con la alacena vacía, sin dinero ¡y de regalos ni pensar!
    Cuando se apagó el último le?o y todavía estaba calentito, mi hija y yo nos dormimos en bolsas de dormir. Parecía que iba a ser una Navidad desolada. El teléfono sonó a medianoche, una voz profunda de hombre dijo, “Jo, jo, jo, ve a mirar tu puerta de entrada”. Abrimos con cuidado ¡Había 6 cajas llenas de comestibles! Hasta había una mu?equita y un autito. Alguien nos había elegido para un acto de bondad, sin mirar a quién ni saber nuestra necesidad. Había arróz, harina, cereales, azúcar, fideos, dulces, hasta comdida tradicional mexicana (muy común en mi zona). Parecía que el donante no conocía nuestro antecedente pero igual nos bendijo.
    Ese día verdaderamente comprendimos que nuestra provisión, sin duda, fue guiada por Dios. ¡Mi hija hasta tuvo un autito para regalar!
    A los pocos días encontré un buen trabajo. Otras veces en nuestra vida hemos pasado situaciones duras, pero como ahora sabemos de donde viene la verdadera provisión, jamás volvimos a sufrir hambre.

  69. I know that sometimes churches or neighborhood groups chose a family to bless, this time God guided them straight to our home.

    Se que a veces iglesias o grupos de barrios eligen una familia para bendecir, esta vez Dios los guió derecho a nuestro hogar.

  70. On my desk lamp above my laptop is pasted a plastic cut-out that arrived in a greeting card from one of the college students that I work with -- a bouquet of flowers with the words "KINDNESS IS CONTAGIOUS" -- I read it often. Thanks for the lovely reminder of how far-reaching one small kindness can be!


  71. Oh thank you all for your wonderful sharing. What a rich family of God's loved children we all are.
    Elena you brought tears of gratitude to my eyes. What a lovely story. I'm so blessed to be in this world with all of you.
    God bless you at this holy time of year and in every moment of your new year. You are so loved...
    Ginny Luedeman

  72. Thank Ginny for this daily lift. Several years ago a good friend and I were shopping. She parked in a space with no time on the meter. When I motioned her to pull up one space since another meter had lots of time left, she declined saying that finding that parking meter would make someone very happy. It only cost a quarter to provide a smile to a stranger. That example of selfless giving still provides inspiration each time I see a parking meter with time or even when I wonder why someone I've been "generous" to hasn't expressed gratitude. What is my motive? Do I want to be recognized for my generosity or to unselfishly meet another's need? What a beautiful less to learn for a quarter. And these daily lifts are free. God is good!

  73. Years ago we were eating in a local restaurant. When we finished and went to pay the bill, someone had already paid for our dinner. We have never fogotten and frequently we pass on the love that came our way that day. My guess is that this kindness/love was started long before it came to us and we know that the rewards from giving are as great as those from receiving. Try this, if only for an ice cream cone!!!

    Thanks Ginny for reminding us about what we all can---and should do!

  74. Hearing Ginny, and seeing the comments from all of you makes me smile too! Thanks very much for this LIFT!
    Today I was in an office I seldom go to, and had a few wrapped candies in my pocket, which spontaneously I shared with the staff (I do not know them personally.) The best part was to leave one by the computer of a woman who was not there --- anonymously. It was so much fun! I got more enjoyment from it than they did, and everyone seemed pleased. Such a small thing to do. So much blessing!
    Like the statement in Song of Solomon "His banner over me (us) is Love."
    A happy Christmas to you all!

  75. And, great verbal visuals! Thanks, Ginny.

  76. When a workman did a great job of cleaning the yard for the winter, I insisted he take an extra $30 in payment. Today he said, "The Lord provides; my computer broke, and I needed new software that cost exactly what you gave me." I was happy that he saw it is the Lord who provides.

  77. last night (the evening of your Daily Lift) the parking lot attendant, a total stranger, gave me a free 'exit'-ticket, saving me over 4 hours worth of parking costs in the heart of Berlin's city centre - how's that for a gift of kindness; thank you!

  78. Loved this idea. Thanks so much, Ginny.

  79. I like the idea that an act of kindness is 'a statement that God is Love'; i.e. more that just words - great!

  80. Thank you very much Ginny, for this wonderful and loving message!
    Yesterday I couldn´t check my mailbox, but today I´m deeply touched by your lift.
    I love the idea of being kind no matter we don´t know who is he/she. Kindness is really an ingredient of love and it does come back to you with the same intensity you are expressing it to one.
    Great idea !!!

  81. Dear Ginny,
    Thank you very much. Yes, a sweet smile is a great gift and i can give that gift at any time. I like to tell you too that you are one of my favorites...I love your articles in the periodicals. You are a very brave, honest and humble writer.

  82. Ginny, I loved this wonderful reminder . I also appreciated #72-Sugar's comments about having gifts to others not properly acknowledged. I am taking to heart her suggestion that our motive in giving and sharing does not require a response in order to bless both of us. Thank you, Ginny and Sugar. I love all the shared comments from around the world. What a blessing this Daily Lift (Daily Gift) is.

  83. All of our children grew up and decided to live in places that are far removed from our home. I try every day to help someone as I pray others are helping my loved ones. I love Mrs. Eddy's hymn, Mother's Evening Prayer which says: "Thou Love that guards the nestling's faulting flight, keep thou my child on upward wing tonight."

  84. I love #68 and #69's comments: her own gift of kindness, without even knowing it, but from her heart, is received by me as a blessing from God. I spent 3 semesters taking Spanish at the Senior center, but in the present tense only. Her text, in English and Spanish, allows me to learn more of the Spanish language, here at home, where I need to learn it. Blessings to her for all of her posts in Spanish translated from the English.

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