1/6: Receptivity and newness

1/6: Receptivity and newness

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  1. thank you Ginny!! Happy New year, Happy New thoughts

  2. Thanks Ginny!!!

  3. Hi Ginny,
    I appreciate this message, though I admit it made me a little uncomfortable for a moment, thinking how much I get settled into ways of thinking, and it is not always easy for me to branch out and think differently.
    Eg very cautious about trying Facebook! that's just one.
    And also making efforts to break out of old (hard crust ideas about how things from the past seem set in stone.)
    Well, they aren't.
    I like the hymn that says ." New thoughts from God reveal our heaven!" we are not stuck in the past, but can welcome ideas coming fresh from God!
    Thanks for this encouragement to be like a little child (unafraid, and open to fresh, new, good inspiration.)

  4. I grew up listening to people say "this is the way I am, I can't change" when excusing some wrong doing... I even said it.
    Jesus loved children, kids are the most flexible of beings. "Willingness to become as a little child and to leave the old for the new, renders thought receptive of the advanced idea", S&H 323:32
    Here MBE offers a new way of looking at life, freer, unencumbered. Throughout the years I found that I’ve been leaving behind the hardness of false traits that weren't really mine. Some of my hard edges have been worn off.
    And for stability? I learned in Christian Science that God never changes toward His image: "And safe is such confiding, for nothing changes here" CS Hymn 148
    Yo crecí oyendo a la gente decir “yo soy así y no puedo cambiar” —tratando de escusarse por algo malo que habían hecho... hasta yo lo he dicho.
    Jesús amaba a los niños pequeños, los chicos son los seres más flexibles. “El estar dispuesto a llegar a ser como un niño y dejar lo viejo por lo nuevo, dispone al pensamiento para recibir la idea avanzada.” CyS 323:34
    Aquí MBE ofrece una manera nueva de ver la vida, libre, sin estorbos. A lo largo de los años me di cuenta de que he ido dejando atrás la dureza de los rasgos falsos que no eran míos. Me he suavizado.
    Y para la estabilidad? Aprendí en la Ciencia Cristiana que Dios nunca cambia hacia su imagen: "segura es tal confianza, no hay cambios para Dios" Himno de CC 148

  5. Thanks for encouraging change and flexibility! I love thinking about little children's willingness to learn -- new words, new ways of doing things, new experiences. What a great way to start this new year, with fresh spiritual insights and creative solutions! Being willing is a great place to start.

  6. Thankyou for connecting the flexibility of thought with receptivity to the new.
    Instead of narrowing in on what we think is what's needed, we can broaden thought to acknowledge infinite ideas and solution's, including fresh new ones - to us, and as you said 'dance with them' - beautiful.

  7. Love it. Thanks!
    And thanks, too, for posting this podcast early these days! It's ready to start the day for those in other time zones :) .

  8. Wonderful lift - so uplifting and joyful! Our mental homes' furniture needs rearranging as much as our human homes. Today is fresh! Thank you very much!

  9. Thanks Ginny, One of my most cherished Christian Science Sentinel articles December 22,1986 is "To be a child" by Allison W. Phinney. The article begins " To be a child is to feel as though you're always at the beginning and good things will come. To be a child is to look at things and SEE them. You don't stop looking at the clouds or the snow falling just because you've seen it all before.
    To be a child is to love without a lot of qustions. You don't share your love on the basis of the worth or success of the adults around you. You just LOVE - mother and father, uncles and aunts, grandmas and grandpas and everyone"

  10. Thank you Ginny. Yes, "to leave the old for the new" is good when we are following God's (Love's) direction, and not our own human will. And it should be selfless, which is the most difficult part, and often goes against our own human will. "All the way that we must go/ We will take at Thy [Love's] direction," (Christian Science Hymnal #85)

  11. Phew !! I am just going to welcome ' new' today.Thank you Ginny.

  12. Actually some oldsters I know can be very flexible too!

  13. Thank you Ginny and a BIG thanks to all there who work for this perfect purpose! This lift today turns my thought towards expectancy of change...Good change. Change that will be right, have a purpose, and make me feel that God is directing the change. It will make me look "up" today for God/Good all around me and those I love!

  14. Today, is a national holiday here in Italy. Officially it is a Christian feast day but it is also a kind of second Christmas for Italian children and is known as “La Befana.” In popular folklore La Befana is an old woman who delivers gifts to children on Epiphany Eve in a similar way to Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus. She visits all the children of Italy to fill their socks with candy and presents if they are good or a lump of coal or dark candy if they are bad. Legend has it when the 3 magi come to her door in search of baby Jesus they tell her about the star. La Befana turns them away because she is too busy cleaning. She is traditionally a good housekeeper and takes some baked goods and gifts for baby Jesus in her bag and also her broom to help the new mother clean. She searches and searches for the Christ child but never finds him. Although, till now she has been unsuccessful in her search, she still leaves gifts for good children because she believes the Christ Child can be found in all children. She also cleans house before she goes.

  15. Thanks, Ginny, for the splendid lift today. Yes, to be as a little child and open to change -- that is a challenge. Wonderful reminder. Thank you!

  16. Dear Ginny,

    Thank you for this lovely newness to start my day with.

    First day back at work and wishing colleagues a Happy New Year, one from the islands where Gaelic is still largely spoken, wished me a Good New Year . . . . interesting . . . Good+God, I'll take that one :-)

    In Japan they say Akemashitte Omdetou Gozaimasu . . . . literally Congratualtions on the opening of a New Year, I like that too, more promise of newness opening before us all.

    Looking up the Gaelic, in its literal sense, its means "New light"

    "Blianadh bha ur" to all lifters!

  17. Thank you Ginny. What a great new start we've had for this first week of the New Year. Being ready for a new start means letting go of restraint, holding back, and not making a move until all the squares are filled in. Whereas just casting off and heading in the right direction is always a joyous, breathtaking sort of experience. Love the Skip Phinney poem of little children's response to everything and everyone. Their eyes are always wide open, and their arms ready to embrace, and their mouth, too, coming down a slippery slide. Perhaps there should be more slippery slides for adults to reintroduce them to the feeling of rapturous joy. Unrestrained rapturous joy.

  18. This lift is just what was needed today!!! Thank you so much, Ginny, for this inspiration! A desired recent move has not been easy and I realize that I"m trying to fit the "old" into the "new" and not seeing the infinite possibilities of this new experience and adventure. This lift is truly a wake up call and I will answer it rightly. Letting go of self is so very important and knowing that God supplies every need for every one in this home of ours is what I need to see. This lift has given me this inspiration. Thank you for sharing this truth today!!!!

  19. Thanks Ginny and Nate (love your voice in this podcast!)...I woke up and was already feeling a bit overwhelmed and beaten down. I have a fresh attitude thanks to this lift. THANK YOU!

  20. Thank you, yes changes are good. There were times when I just hated to change certain things. I had just learned how to do something and then had to learn to do it differently. Now changes seldom bother me, I rather like the change. That was interesting what # 14 wrote. Thank you one and all.

  21. I listened to your inspired talk and wondered what it really means to be like a little child. So I went through all the responses to your article so far and this is what I extracted: unafraid; open to fresh, new, good inspiration; willingness to learn new words, new ways, new experiences; always expectant of good things; love without question, selfless; receptive to the Christ idea; receptive to new light, ready to embrace; having unrestrained rapturous joy. Now I have a list of actions to work on that would improve my thought process and make it receptive of the advanced idea. God bless you Ginny, always.

  22. How lovely and fresh! Thanks!


  24. Ginny Thank You for the lift today. Just what I need to hear..I can see where I've been and time to make changes to the new. A real wake-up call. Thank You!

  25. Oh,what a wonderful lift for me this morning! It makes feel that everything will be just right,and fine,for God is taking care of everything always.
    Happy New Year,Ginny,and thank you so very much.
    Love you and the other lifters.

  26. Enjoying the live format, Nate and Ginny. Many thanks, and have a good day, everyone

  27. Thank you, Ginny. Now I'll take on a "new" way of looking at the comment, "Every year is different", referring to things changing with family gatherings, or experiencing hard times. Now I can think, "Every year is NEW" and be happy for "new" beginnings!

  28. Very nice! Thank you so much!

  29. Thank you Ginny for your message and I agree completely with #21 Ogom and I am ready to work on it right away. Much love to all.

  30. Love the spontaneity and joy of these new Lifts and your sparkling love for Love, Ginny!

    As I think about the quote you share, I realize it's the "leaving the old" that's the hardest part, shedding the limitations, labels and fears that "the human" tries to clothe us in, being willing to stand bare again as a newborn child in Spirit's naturalness, just as God makes us - whole, free, beautiful, completely cared for - yet with all the wisdom and experience that tells us "this is where it's at", in trusting God completely as our life.

  31. Thanks, Ginny, all daily Lifters, and for the interesting comments of #14 and #20. The definition I've used for “progress” is "good change" or we progress as we let thought move when yielding to the Christ-touch in consciousness and accept the "change for the good, " letting in new views of Truth and Love which as Ginny said are here already but need to be received, reflected., rejoiced over and expressed to a greater extent in the dance of our lives. Thank you, Ginny, for reminding us we need to dance or move to the music of Spirit, Soul today!

  32. Thank you Ginny, and because of what my wesnesday testimony remarks
    was all about last night...that I dont need to wait till Jan.1 to proceed, like I express gratitude many times before and after Thanksgiving Day...
    that change is about being alive and ready to serve with freshness, courage, determination and humility ... that change is growth in God
    s vineyard.
    «Growth is governed by intelligence; by the active, all-wise, law-creating, law-disciplining, law-abiding Principle, God. The real Christian Scientist is constantly accentuating
    harmony in word and deed, mentally and orally, perpetually repeating this diapason of heaven Good is my God, and my God is good.Loveis my God, and my God is Love. (( Misc. p.206:17) HAPPY NEW SPIRITUAL YEAR!

  33. I appreciated the lively interaction and the message

  34. And I enjoy being LIFTED. Thanks!

  35. Let us be flexible. Life is precious and dear in the advanced idea because it demonstrates that there is no life, no truth, no intelligence in matter which is inflexible that takes away rigid thinking and replaces this substance is thought in action and in deed to advance us to the potential of what we can become as individuals.

    This makes things flexible through a medium of divine power also called progress. Progress is both universal and individual. By universal I think of it as good possibilities coming to light (as words and images in thought as in a single act or product of thinking; idea or notion: to collect one's thoughts) down to the being that is unique. That uniqueness is individual in nature as a truth, life, and love of its own and is child like. This helps heal. It has to be so individual because it can only exist at any space and time at a given moment. Progress is measured different ways, but for the individual it is growth or development, continuous improvement, or the achievement of something good and note worthy.

    Let us remain receptive to the advanced idea for us all which is the newness of things and leads us to think about our future actions and good deeds to one another. That is Love! :)

  36. I love the new style of the lift. Dialogue of cheer and lightness just brightens up the flow through our laptops. I love the spontaneity of children. I appreciate how
    Ginny left us with the thought of looking for the newness. That's a doable adventure for each day. How can I express more newly this routine? Brings joy!!! Thanks for the new change. Keep up the changes.

  37. J'aime plus maintenant les commandementsde la science divine que d'aller ma faire soigner à un medecin specialiste qui me deonnera guerrison spontanement . nos devons elargir nos pensée vers ce qui sauve la vie.

  38. Thanks Ginny! Now we know why the child like thought has easy access into the kingdom of heaven, flexibility, dancing with new ideas!
    “Come we daily then, dear Father, Open hearts and willing hands/ Eager ears, expectant, joyful/ Ready for Thy right commands”
    Hymn 58 from Christian Science Hymnal

  39. Thank you not only for the words/ideas, but the active bounce and loving life exuding from Ginny's voice. All very uplifting!

  40. What an appropriate topic this morning as I just finished listening to the Wednesday testimony meeting at The Mother Church - something new and such a thoughtful addition to all of the outreach programs of TMC.

    I love the first two lines of a poem, "Be still!", by Georgiana Lieder Lahr that appeared in the Sentinel, January 30, 1989:
    "I pray the sweet words "Peace, be still"
    To calm the storms of human will:"

    After being still and listening to the angel messages, we need to be receptive and follow through with the right action. And as Hymn 148 so beautifully puts it, "In heavenly Love abiding, No change my heart shall fear;" We can all accept the changes this New Year may hold without fear as we dwell in "heavenly Love." Thanks so much for your inspiring message of receptivity and newness, Ginny, and to all of the comments.

  41. HI and thanks for the lift.
    This one echos the "morning meal" with Christ Jesus. What a change that was for those disciples! They'd gone a bit backward -- back to fishing.
    Christ is always moving us forward as it did the disciples.

    I love the sound of the ringing phone. Makes the "Lift" so homey.

    Good to have the back and forth conversation.

    All so good.

  42. Sounds like my readings last night...renew, restore, reclaim!
    Thanks for your wonderful work!

  43. Today I read all the comments first before listening to the message.
    I have already made a habit of doing something different every day.
    And what a reward and encouragement all you lifters have been.
    And what a pleasant surprise to find the delightful humour between
    Nate and Ginny! I'm going to look for humour all day today - while dancing with joy!

  44. Where would jaz be without changes?

  45. Thanks so much, Ginny, for your inspired, inspiring, fresh, and new way of looking at change! :-) Looking forward to seeing you in Pasadena next week!

  46. Thanks, Ginny & DL Team ~ love the freshness of this new idea! We can strive to be child-like, not child-ish! Joyous, expectant, flexible ~ ready to see the good that surrounds us. No stubborn holding on to what holds us back! Love starting each day with a Lift!!

  47. Ironically my initial response to the Lift today was one of resistance! Then I clicked play and it was such fun to laugh right out loud at the opening exchange! Of course that opened my heart and I enjoyed the Lift. I regard myself as one open to change & excited by new ideas, but this Lift and the comments so far has made me aware of resistance that usually surfaces for me in the moments of my experience as anxiety or anxiousness. I am grateful for a recent Spirituality.com live chat about this subject and I appreciate how this Lift added the idea of being naturally receptive to whatever my days bring me and expectant of "unrestrained rapturous joy." Wow. Thank so much,everyone.

  48. Dear Every One of you commenters and of course, you, Ginny, Nate! :<))

    It is indeed wonderful what our Mind, God, IS doing, HAS done, and WILL do
    through man, His spiritual idea !!

    The so-called human mind, trying to get, grasp, understand, resist, put off, regret, struggle, hope, etc., may be what we relate to, but it is wonderfully helpful to know that the truth is: we ARE Mind's ideas NOW. No need to
    struggle...just BE what we are! It seems so simple. Is simple, really. (Though of course I sure realize the human-mind says and feels otherwise.)

    Spontaneously, effortlessly, we right now ARE just simply Mind's ideas. Period.

    Thank you, Mind, for expressing Yourself through us, AS us.

    How could there be more than the infinity of Mind and its ideas?


    I love these Daily Lifts (obviously), and the comments from Canada, UK, Germany, SA, NY, Georgia, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Australia, Maine, Cape Cod, Kansas, Argentina, Texas, and.... California!! Thank you ALL!

  49. There are numerous places in the Bible that refer real Love, Truth, Life, and Wisdom to "Fine Gold", and in Revelations 3:18 it says: " I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich." We know that gold tried by fire is fine gold.....well I decided to look up the qualities of gold and found in Webster's that gold is "highly mallenable and ducile and not subject to oxidation or corrosion." Well knowing what oxidation and corrosion ment but not too sure about mallenable and ducile, I looked them up and found that mallenable means: "capable of being extended or shaped; adaptable; tractable." And ducile means: "capable of undergoing change or form with out braking."
    Now this morning I hear this Lift. WOW! So, we know that we need to remain strong, not letting anything corrode or weaken our faith and understanding while being able to adapt, and be shaped as we progress with out breaking.
    Things like this really bring home the message that we need to study and not just read The Word. The whole Bible is written in codes and parables and really does contain the "keys" to Truth/Eternal Life.
    I highly recommend the book, "Studies In The Apocalypse of John Of Patmos" by Edyth Armsrong Hoyt. It is a real eye opener!

  50. Thank you very much and happy new year.

  51. This lift was made for me. I am in the process of moving on to new views in my human experience.
    The "divine goodness and Love" is being apparent at every step of the way. Thanks for your daily lifts
    which always have something for everyone.

  52. Hello fellow lifters!
    Your comments today are so alive and interesting!
    Thank you for being such a vital part of this adventure. We represent so many different countries and parts of the world here on this site. It really feels like a gathering place around a warm and lively camp fire, which the whole process of the lift represents to me, a warm place where good things happen. My best times are camping with a campfire uniting us as we roasted marsh mellows and shared stories. Please share freely and enjoy the wonderful sweets and the warm glow of lots and lots of love! You are each such a delight and for the lecturers and the lift staff you are like family come together when you comment. We just love hearing from you!

  53. . What someone said rings in my head, "Progress brings change but not all change is progress."

  54. "New occasions teach new duties, Time makes ancient creed uncouth; They must upward still and onward, Who would keep abreast of Truth," says hymn 258. I love the thought of being willing to be taught new duties as the need arises, instead of fearfully clinging to the familiar. Thanks for this wonderful encouragement to embrace progress and change for the better, knowing that all that is ever going on is God's good for His creation. I am uplifted!

  55. Thanks...about changing furniture and going with the flow..This tyle of communicang with one another is sooo important. Ideas, unmonitored by preconceived notions or human outlining are lively and living summaries of Squeeze the toothpaste and smear iton the mirror today....In the allness of good that is not error, it is sort of playing , and discovery that life is infinitely at hand.. I thank our Father Mother that it is okay to jazz things up sometimes or improvise...there is rel imortal Truth in trusting enough tbe spontanious. Of course to turn the random notes or the toothpaste smear iinto Jzzz or Literature or poetry or philosophy or sculpture that carries a message to others???? And yes I lgo with the flow ofen, and am at peace in the knwlege and presence of our God. Lifd is Good. Good is Life, and the fountain is ever flowing.,,,water and paths from eternity....

  56. Thank you Ginny. It is wonderful how you can find just the right inspiration so quickly.

  57. Willingness... Wonderful.... willingness to accept change for the good of all mankind and the possibility of more.... and to be FLEXIBLE NOT STUBBORN- to be open!!!!! Thank you Thank you Ginny!!!!!!

  58. I love the word "new" and "newness" Ginny and absolutely loved how you brought out the idea of a choice of change for good/progress. When you said, "I change the furniture around in the living room because I can...." I immediately related that to spiritual healing. I thought, "I can change my perspective on so and so.....I can change my view of aging......" I've told my four kids that I'm like the character, "Gumby" this year.....because at this point in my life, I feel more flexible, willing to bend and twist in order to follow the direction of Divine Love. I feel more physically fit than ever before in my life because of my devotion to spending more of my day praising God.....and praying! Once I click the "spiritual refresh" button in my heart, then the willingness to be receptive to what God wants me to do becomes the focal point of my day. I'll soon be a "Grammie"......and I can't wait to hold one of God's "new Little Ones" in my arms.

  59. Please go back to the old lift. The new style is too chatty and that distracts the message. Thanks.

  60. I love Ginny's remark about rearranging her furniture. When I was studying
    interior design I wasn't really interested in it. When I started going to flea
    markets, auctions, etc. the history behind the objects opened new avenues
    of thought. It made me realize that using what God provides today and not
    storing it for a special time is basic. In my home I am always finding new
    solutions to placement and replacement. Having a friend with an even
    better eye brings joy like opening a window on a warm spring day. He comes
    in and swoosh, I need to sit in different places and notice different corners,
    walk in a different path or redefine usage. All angel thoughts in my book.

  61. lovely ideas and so necessary. All that changes is the dream, nothing real. And we can trust that. Sometimes discomfort is exactly where we find healing. In Science and Health, it says, "Trials are proofs of God's care." Any fearful rigidity that isn't sure God really governs makes us grip certain human patterns of living or thinking more than the Truth we seek. But all the while God remains completely omnipresent and omnipotent. Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is within you."! Mrs. Eddy's life was chock-a-block full of startling and profound change-ups in almost every aspect of her experience - and yet she humbly wrote of all of it, "God had been graciously preparing me during many years for the reception of this final revelation of the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing." Science and Health 107. She realized that those seismic shocks simply loosened her faith from matter to Love, Spirit. Thanks again for so clearly reminding us of this fact

  62. Once again, the comments are on par with the inspiration of the Lift itself! A special thanks to #31 and her definition of progress as "good change." This week, I learned a client we've worked with for 6 years is moving his business to another firm. Although he praised the quality of our work, it's been very tempting to feel depressed about the loss. This idea that progress is "good change" is just the perspective I need to lift up my thought "out of the ashes," and to expect to see only good moving forward. Thank you to all who participate in these Daily Lifts!! I've shared them with friends who aren't students of Christian Science, and they've each appreciated the uplift that is free from "jargon."

  63. My CS teacher told us of the question: "Do Christian Scientists change their minds?" The answer: "Oh yes, all the time."

    As we study and grow our human, mortal thoughts turn from what our human mind is thinking and go forward/change to the ideas from divine Mind.

    "O Life that maketh all things new,
    The blooming earth, the thoughts of men;" CS Hymnal 218

  64. The enthusiasm of children to things that have become "old hat" to grown ups is a joy to behold.

    I asked children in my 3-5 year old Sunday School class what they pray about during silent prayer. One little girl replied: "I pray about getting married." I had to contain myself from laughing. After church I mentioned this to her mother, who said: "Well, you know Bob, she's been a flower girl in three weddings."

    Today you all bring this home to me. I'm going to take it all in as a little child.

  65. Thanks, Ginny. Grateful for the "childlike trust" which helps us all to let God do the arrangement of our days, so that we don't try to tell Him how to do His job.

  66. Be open to good changes, and know that good changes are ideas, from God. Thanks, Ginny!

  67. "Gather 'round the flickering fire-light..." is the opening line from a long-loved camp song...and these Lifter exchanges feel just like that, as Ginny shared in #50. Each of you...world around...has so much to offer the rest of us...just as an exchange around the campfire would bring - or a shared cup of ... on the front porch. Special thanks to the Lifter team in Boston for the vision to provide this marvelous outreaching outlet. So many are being blessed by these ideas that touch every aspect of our daily living. I'm still plumbing the depths of the ideas shared in "closet-cleaning" lift earlier this week. Thanks to all those who have a part in bringing us these great ideas for moving forward.

  68. Thanks, Ginny! Today's reference from Mrs. Eddy re willingness to become as a l little child, to leave the old for the new, and thereby render thought receptive to God, good, has played a major role in so many chapters of my life. For example, when feeling a loss of "control" or familiarity due to challenges, this reference calms, heartens, and enlightens. It restores confidence and diminishes human willfulness. It freshens attitude (and "altitude") and removes barriers of fear. Thank you for your bright cheer in this new year!

  69. So very important! Working on it.

  70. Thanks Ginny for that precious lift. Willingness plus flexibility = change. It's so refreshing to keep learning about the newness in our daily lives and not so much as to be stuck in the old ways. I've tried to welcome all ideas, for after all, they all come from our Father-Mother God, the Great I Am! Have a blessed day everyone.

  71. 60. Cici again. And Ginny, we're all looking forward to meeting you at the "Church Alive" in Pasadena, CA on 1/14 & 1/15. We wouldn't want to miss this wonderful event!!

  72. Hey Ginny and Nate I loved listening in on your conversation this morning. As it happens the subject of the readings in church last night was "progress", and i loved the connection between the story of Peter and Cornelius (Acts 10, in which Peter learns to open his mind and accept a new idea about his fellow man), and progress in our lives and churches. It takes humility and receptivity, as a little child, to let our thinking be guided by the inspiration we get from God's angel messages. I think it is God's intent that we draw closer to HIm until we see as He sees. How wonderful to be able to see freshness and constant movement God-ward and not be afraid or disoriented by the change.

  73. Ginny,
    My wife of 43 years died eight years ago today. That morning I wrote in my journal: "Who will I become after I'm no longer the person I am now?"

    Several months later I set out to answer my own question but God had different plans. In 2009 I finished the Bachelors Degree I should have received in 1959, and a year ago I met again a girl I knew from high school (though we never dated). In addition, I've resumed my studies that expand my understanding of my true relationship with God.

    CHANGE? Where would I be today had I not allowed CHANGE into my life?

    Thanks so much for your lifting message today. I reminds me to continue changing.

  74. Dear Ginny and Nate-- Love to hear the conversations on DL-- its such a terrific way to start the day! Or conclude it. I often re-listen during the day (a 'lifting' break,) to remind myself that Good is happening ALL THE TIME! And no better time to re-start the thinking than at New Year, New Thought! Thank you and Blessings, one and all to all the 'Lifters,' across the globe, and beyond!!

    --Rob of the Rockies

  75. Dear Ginny,


    I can relate to eternity. I feel like even earthly life is eternal; so many changes and lifetimes rolling into/as Life!

    Sometimes thinking about things that occurred in childhood, early adulthood, even middle adulthood, seem like many forevers ago! So many generations of what and who I am and know myself to be!

    Moments...moment, moment, moment; each one new, full of love

  76. As Tim in SD (#59) said: Please go back to the old lift. The chatty interactions distract from the message of the lecturer. Also - the opening sound effects [of a ringing phone] seem rather gimmicky. Just one person's comments - for what it is worth. BTW - in general the attempt to keep new ideas coming re format, et cetera, is appreciated - as is all the work being done to produce these lifts.

  77. Thanks Ginny & Nate!
    I wanted to thank two commenters for their ideas; #46 Linda W.: (We can strive to be child-like, not child-ish!) and # 59. anon from NYC: (fearful rigidity). Both were helpful to me.

    The term “Preconceived” came to mind. Children aren’t born with preconceived notions. That explains why they are trusting and so willing to experience something new. After the experience they often “learn a lesson” or “make a memory” which develops into a like or dislike decision they carry with them, perhaps all their lives. This colors the way they see new things or people, prejudging them on similarity of appearance or an assumed relationship with something they have already judged and accepted or rejected. A very child-ish approach.

    There is an old joke that defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The value in receptivity and newness only comes from relinquishing the preconceived notions we have materially developed and carried with us. Some people are very opinionated and convinced they are always right. This is a form of ego or arrogance that forms rigidity. Memories = Baggage.

    Reformation involves looking back at how our previous preconceptions were formed and reevaluating them to determine if we have reached and held the wrong conclusion. If we are not getting the results we expect, it’s time to go back to our child-like beginnings in meekness and humility and ask God to be led to the right (NEW) answer.

  78. "Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape."

    This quote is from a magnet on my refrigerator. It has a few artistic, colorful brush strokes on it depicting a lively figure of a person expressing freedom of movement.

    In the biography "Christan Healer," (Amplified Version, pg 93) Mary Baker Eddy is recounting the healing of a young girl that was dying. "...I tried to reach her thought, but no, could not get at it [there were spiritualists in the room]. So I said, 'Get out of that bed.'... I speak sharply sometimes, but the thought must move."

    It is thought which must move or be "flexible" for change or healing to take place. So, my magnet is a reminder that whether I agree or disagree with someone's actions or decisions or changes, there must be movement of thought onto God, divine Love and away from the person, place or thing.

    I proved this two years ago when I was experiencing difficulty with my knees and inflexibility was creeping in and it was difficult to get out of bed or stand up. I had to look away from the pain and discomfort I was having physically and move thought to God, Truth to reveal what I needed to know. In examining my thinking, I discovered I was having thoughts of resentment towards someone and the more I focused on the resentment, the more my knees hurt. So, in true sincerity, I began to love and appreciate the good that this person expressed and with the change of thought, also came freedom of movement. Flexibility = Blessings !

  79. What a great way to start off the day and the New Year----flexibility is a wonderful attribute.. Thanks

  80. Thank you for this inspiring lift. It affirmed for me what it is that I really appreciate about one of my co-workers. It's his ability to express those childlike qualities. Yesterday he set up a Facebook page for our small business. In this activity I saw a sense of eagerness to leave the old for the new; an expectation of good; a wonder and appreciation for the
    advancements of technology and the inspiration and intelligence that inspired this advancement; and a unselfish love of our community. This lift affirms for me how the teachings of CS help us to value the child like qualities in ourselves as well as others.

  81. I liked the old way better because there was time for more spiritual input. The new way is fun too to hear the cheerful, perky voices. Compromise is usually a nice way to please most everyone, so why not alternate (1 day, old way--2d day, new way)? Anyway, love the lifts and the respondents. Thank you everyone.

  82. last night at our wednesday meeting, i talk ed with some visitors from a town of about 1000 . which meant that they cannt easily attend a CS church. i told them about thedaily lifts!! and they will be able to share the wonderful COMMENTS that we all feast on .kudos to all.

  83. Yesterday I had been working on a problem from this exact standpoint. Your lift was the first thing I looked at this morning. I felt like it confirmed the direction I was going. Thank you.

  84. Thanks for this wonderful lift! I normally listen to these in the morning but today I didn't get to listen until the afternoon and it was a nice energizing moment at a time of day where I am tempted to feel tired. xoxo

  85. @ GLS, El Paso Patt and others: Just a reminder, we're doing a special week of "live" lifts this week. But, we're going back to the regular lifts Monday. Have wonderful, blessed day!

    @ GLS: That ringing is not a sound effect. It's the ring before Ginny picked up the phone! No sound effects in these "live" lifts.

    A big hug to everyone!

  86. Flexibility and freshness. That is the way to live and that is the way to pray. Fresh every day. Fresh and dynamic every moment. Thank you, Ginny!

  87. What a wonderful way to start the day! I loved the pure joy that both Ginny and Nate were demonstrating. And a very special thank you for #9's reference to Skip Phinney's article "To Be a Child". I am in the Reading Room and had the opportunity to read the full editorial and it is exactly what I needed to hear today! Feeling burdened and uncertain how to proceed with a situation, I know I can give up that false sense of responsibility and be as a child - FREE and loving!!

  88. A new day. A new year. Thank you for your happy thoughts on being willing and looking forward to new changes as they come along. Your "Lift" was so inspiring Ginny!

  89. This lift reminds me of a dear woman who is a Christian Scientist, whom I knew when she was in her early ninety's... would sit up in bed each morning and express such joy and excitement about a brand new day...like a little child on Christmas morning. She now lives in another state and is one hundred and five..

    If we could all awake each day with that anticipation of God's great goodness, how much better our day would be.

  90. Thank you Ginny for your commentary on receptvity and newness. We really have the space of infinite Mind to draw from, infinite good. That is as limitless as it gets! The thought came to me as I was listening to the daily lifts this week, that each demonstration lifts, or takes us higher. Someone once said that to me, and I think of it often as we pray for each other. That means infinite possibilities for freshness. As we demonatrate Christian Science fresh every day we can think and pray and know that this is lifting others higher. And as we hear about others demonstrations new everyday this lifts us higher. Thank you so much for your daily lift today!

  91. I want to thank you so so much for these daily lifts, and I love this weeks conversation-like format. It's like having a short visit with lovely friends. I like the every other day idea instead of cutting them out altogether.

  92. Thank you so much... this really helped me break the mold on a very stubborn sense of self will regarding a personal relationship issue with a dear friend. It came right when I needed it most!!

  93. Thanks, Ginny! Being a child, I really liked that! :) :))

  94. 73, your comments were so inspiring! Thanks for the lift.

  95. To be flexible and receptive to good is the way to be. But to be inflexable in my stand against evil is also the way to be. When I have chosen a path to take, I want to be receptive to God's direction in order to know that it is the right path. I want to be receptive to leaving the old for the new. I want to know that others can do the same and we can all live better lives, we can all be the image and likeness of God as He created us to be.

  96. With a day's delay I want to say thanks every so much. Fanatastic new day and ideas.

  97. Beautiful ideas for today. I, like many, am going through changes and am trying to be open-minded and excited about them.

    And speaking of other changes...I have to agree with Tim , #59....I like the old format of the daily lift. Just listening to the message uninterrupted often offered a complete transformation of thought. It allowed one to really contemplate the message. Not a fan of the conversation. But....change......:)

    thanks all!

  98. ooops...didn't know you were going back to the old style...wouldn't have commented....but am glad you are!

    thanks all!

  99. Childlikeness or receptivity is the basis of spiritual inspiration, and we are all the cherished children of God, so we are naturally childlike and inspired; and what this message brings out for me, is to be willing. And why not? We all can.
    Thank you Ginny.

  100. I have loved the live conversations this week! Hope to hear more of them in the future. Thank you all for the Daily Lifts!

  101. How important to "dance" as Ginny says--maybe even bound toward change. And never be afraid of change--"...no change my heart shall fear..." (Hymn 148) Let's really stretch with this "Lift"!

  102. Thanks Ginny and Nate! Change, yes, yes, yes! It is the only way to go to be open in our thought! This has been a fun week with the 'live DL"! I appreciate your willingness to bring new ideas to the DL format!

    Thanks, I see a message of inspiration for all of us no matter what the change may be! Without change, how do we grow, if we grow spiritually we are changing.

    As the comment said above ..."No change my heart shall fear", Christian Science Hymnal, page 148.

  103. Nice wake-up message, Ginny! Thanks!

  104. Thanks for the simple idea of being like a child. That makes me receptive to God's messages naturally. The changes only happen in our consciousness as humans. The moment I perceive the presence of divine Love, God, right here, right now, I don't need to fear any changes. I also quote that beautiful and inspired Hymn 148 in the Christian Science Hymnal where I always find inspiration in:" ...My hope I cannot measure, my path in life is free;"

  105. When everybody started changing over from typewriters to computer - that was a change!!!
    I wrote about that change brought about by the IBM Advanced Research Lab in Yorktown, NY some 43 years ago.. Recently I met an IBM er who went from installation to installation giving lessons on the computer in a 5 day program. He said the first day, everybody panicked..by the 5th day they were finished with a typewriter ever again. And that Teaching Computer program became several years later - the Desktop Computer.--
    here we are with changes coming in technology every day> Cant grow old with that around us..Mrs. Eddy said of change- "human invention must have its day" S.Health=p.95 "and! we want that day to be succeeded by
    Christian Science,,by divine reality."
    How foresighted she was!!!!!!

  106. Isn't it interesting how we humans get stuck with an idea and if something better comes up, we humans stubbingly just stick to the old way of doing things and closed minded to any thing new that comes along.
    Well an example of that is healing of diseases through medical means only. A pill, A liquid drug prescribed by a medical doctor is really the only way for a physical healing. And here comes Christian Science with it's many proofs of healing thru spiritual means alone. Humans stubbingly resist that even though of the many proofs, and not only that, but when a healing comes, that particular disease never ever comes back. With medical means, most times it does come back.