1/26: Putting on the new man

1/26: Putting on the new man

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  1. What a great thought! The first thought of the morning: to put on the new man! To accept our spiritual nature. Let us put on the new man. Mrs. Eddy borrows from James 1:12, "The robes of Spirit are "white and glistering," like the raiment of Christ." S&H 267:25
    This daily cleansing thought will erase the insecure one that said we are mortals and God doesn't have time for us. It will erase the feeling of vulnerability, the fear of having to face the hardship of the day ahead all by ourselves. It will give us the certainty that we have on the whole armour of God. Ephesians 6:10-17
    And there will be nothing we couldn't tackle.
    ¡Qué gran idea! El primer pensamiento de la mañana: ponernos el nuevo hombre! Que aceptemos nuestra naturaleza espiritual. Pongámosno el hombre nuevo. La Sra. Eddy toma de Santiago 1:12 "El vestido del Espíritu es "blanco y resplandeciente" como el vestido de Cristo" CyS 267:29
    Este pensamiento limpiador diario, borrará al otro inseguro que dice que somos mortales y que Dios no tiene tiempo para nosotros. Eliminará la sensación de vulnerabilidad, el temor de tener que enfrentar solos las dificultades que trae el día por delante. Nos dará la certeza de que tenemos puesta toda la armadura de Dios. Efesios 6:10-17 Y no habrá nada que no podamos hacer frente.

  2. Merci beaucoup, Marie! This idea is exactly what I have been yearning for today. Not only we ourselves, but our loved ones and, indeed all mankind is clothed in white. How wonderful that each day, all day, every day we have the opportunity to put on the new man!

  3. Thanks, that's just a lovely message this morning, fits me to a tee! - and will help to perfect my day. x

  4. Thanks so much Marie for this awakening thought. It reminds me of Hymn 287 in C.S. hymnal, Prayer with our waking thought ascends/Great God of light to Thee/Darkness is banished in the glow/Of Thy reality. The reminder that we are God's children gives us the courage to go forward everyday. Once again thank you and the DL. presenters.
    Have a day of good all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Merci beaucoup.
    C'etait formidable!
    J'aime beaucoup votre image du homme nouveau comme un personne avec la robe de Christ. C'est graphique et riche, et c'est assi bonne que vous avez fait cette robe comme fortresse and soutien de Dieu, -- et en comprendant ca, vous avez recu la force! Tres bien.
    Merci encore,
    au revoir,

  6. Many thanks Marie for that inspiring lift, and for our translator . Yes; "We all wear this raiment of Christ ..." "Behold, they stand in robes of white/ Who out of tribulation came," (Christian Science Hymnal #19)

  7. That's a lovely lift! Thank you. I shall go forward and let the garment of light clothe my thoughts today.

  8. Thank you for this particular lift. I needed to forgive an individual for telling an untruth about me. Seeing her clothed in a "robe of white", "forgiving our debts as we forgive our debtors" and just loving her, I feel the peace and calm that forgiveness brings. With deep gratitude!


  10. Thank you Marie, like Yetty in 4 I often repeat that lovely hymn 287 when
    I awaken in the morning. Lovely idea to make sure we put on the NEW man and not the old one who we might have thought we were when we climbed into bed the night before !
    Another hymn I love is from the hymnal Supplement no. 445 by Susan Mack
    which reminds us that God's tender mercy is holding us each new day, meeting all our needs and assuring us of His presence and power. Thanks again Marie and the translator for reminding us to put on the new man.

  11. Wow! Thanks very much for such an uplifting thought
    to start any day.

  12. Since you're from France, I'll call this the highest Parisian Spiritual Fashion News. Instead of being in the latest fashions, we're joyfully going back over 2000 years to select our clothing from the Master. If not the latest market fashion, it is certainly up to date, since “now is the accepted time” (2Cor. 6:2). I knew we'd all be at the Dressing Room today, as the Lift Family doesn't just listen without taking action. I liked the idea that there's no waiting in line to change into this robe, and it's always a perfect fit, with no alterations needed, once it's put on. Thank you, Marie, for suggesting this 1st thought for each day. Visualizing the world, and all populations, I knew if we met, we'd more likely recognize each other, along with some who've never heard this Lift, of course, for we'd be in glistering robes. Oh, everyone has them, but the light from them refects awareness of spiritual being, at least at this point in Earth. This Lift is more than about dressing in robes. It's about living the role of the model Christ Jesus lived for us. I've observed people “dressed up” for special occasions, usually conduct themselves with more dignity & decorum, even before and after the event. I think by consciously putting on the new man, as suggested early each day, we'll find thought and proper activity, along with blessings, come naturally with it, too, even more so. Thank you also, Shannon Hodgins for reading this to us.

  13. !Que maravilla! Los pensamientos de Verdad y Amor se adelantan, elevan cada pensamiento renovado, hoy en la mañana me desperté con ese pensamiento, nacer de nuevo, ese estado que nos parece imposible de lograr cuantas veces nos hemos preguntado, ¿Cómo, de que manera? Y está aquí ahora y es posible lograrlo, y los Daily Lift nos ayudan con sus mensajes inspirativos a comprender que sí es posible nacer de nuevo."No te maravilles de que te dije: Os es necesario nacer de nuevo" Juan, 3. "El bautismo del espíritu, o la inmersión final de la consciencia humana en el océano infinito del Amor es la última escena en el sentido corporal" Esc. Micelaneos p.205.
    Muchas gracias a todos los que hacen posible la comunicación entre todos.

  14. Thanks for this Marie very appropriate for myself at this time. I shall put on the " New Man " and strive to do God's work at every moment. Merci Beacoup.

  15. Beautiful lift thank you Marie ,Shannon D.L. team I hope my robes are shining today

  16. Yes, #6, I recall singing "Behold they stand in robes of white" at The Mother Church. Always a favorite hymn. Then I looked around and saw that everyone was standing straight and tall, like soldiers, and looking straight ahead. They knew those words so well!

  17. Merci beaucoup! What a wonderful thought for everyone to start the day with - it's something I'm learning too, and I'll remember this from now on. Thanks to Shannon for her reading, too. I love the wonderful diverse global flavours of all our Daily Lifts!

  18. Thank you Marie, what a beautiful message. I love the idea of waking up to a new day, with the fresh thought of putting on the new man, clothed in the brand new, glistering robe of Christ, shining with heavenly, healing light. I am reminded of the words of the hymn in the new Christian Science hymnal supplement by Susan Mack: 'I awake each morn to a brand-new day'.

  19. Thank you so much...This is the perfect thought for this very day.
    Is there, can there be any doubt that there is just One Mind ?
    Mrs Eddy writes "Divine love always has met and always will meet every
    human need." Page 494 in Her book "Science and Health with key to the
    Scriptures". The daily Lift proves her point.
    Merci !

  20. Merci beaucoup Marie, Shannon and DL team:-)

    This is just the Lift I need for every today,(we don't need to ask for tomorrow right?) how wonderful!

    I love #12, JS of KY's (?Kentucky) comment, what a brilliant fashion trend to set.

    "Z" you always look fabulous, the Christ light illumines the whole room when you are there!


  21. Me siento muy feliz porque aprendimos por la Ciencia Cristiana a revestirnos y a hacerlo tambien con toda la humanidad.....gracias!

  22. Thank you , what a wonderful way to start our day.

  23. Seeking God's presence "I beseech you to put on the new man" means to me to put on the spirit that is also soul, mind, principle, life, truth, and love of God's man. This man is not in the human body, but is the man from the infinite idea of God that is also good. This appearing brings newness in life by the awaking and discussion both in or of spirit everywhere and enables us to see the light of truth appearing and brings joy to our day.

    Clothed in Christ's robe of righteousness we see Him as the forever coming of new and great ideas that refresh our memories and present solutions to everyday problems may they be a small healing of physical nature to helping with solving a complex problem in math, science, history, government, etc. Some ideas I get totally separate from physical reality and give to man a new picture of the way things ought to be in the future. Things like what to look for and where to look. "Seek and ye shall find." God is constantly working out His presence and is putting on the new man.

  24. Walking fully robed in the garden, a new man, joyful and never alone. One voice telling you, you are His own. You all know well the line in the hymn, "...and the voice I hear as I tarry there, no other has ever known". Thx Marie for remining us to begin each day in the consciousness of God and dressed up just right.

    Gratitude also to #6 and #15, loving blessings to the charity in each of you.

  25. thanks for the large place.

  26. Wonderful Daily Lift Marie and Thank You. Thank you all Lifters the comments are so welcome.

  27. Just what I needed this morning, to put on the new me the one made in the image and likeness of my Father/Mother God. I am grateful to be reminded of Hymn 445 in the Supplement, "I awake each morn to a brand new day, Singing Hallelujah!" How much better to sing "Hallelujah" than to fret over what needs to be done.

  28. Beautiful, Marie! I, too, have had that happen when I wake up sometimes.....I started a habit of saying first thing when I awake, "Good Morning, God! Thank you for another day of being in Your Presence, of experiencing your Love and Care. Thank you that I am Your Precious Child and that You have given me Life!" Bonjour and Merci!

  29. "Behold, I have caused thine iniquity to pass from thee, and I will clothe thee with change of raiment' Clothed in the divine manifestations of Truth that come to human experience to destroy sin, disease and death is the robe of dominion, a humbled man anew wears every time thought is renewed. Seeking Life's pure and perfect expression, mindfull of the command “I beseech you to put on the new man”. . These "degrees of development" Mary Baker Eddy speaks of;
    "If man was first a material being, he must have passed through all the forms of matter in order to become man. If the material body is man, he is a portion of matter, or dust. On the contrary, man is the image and likeness of Spirit; and the belief that there is Soul in sense or Life in matter obtains in mortals, alias mortal mind, to which the apostle refers when he says that we must "put off the old man" Putting on the new man each moment offers; "The main purpose; To-day the healing power of Truth is widely demonstrated as an immanent, eternal Science, instead of a phenomenal exhibition. Its appearing is the coming anew of the gospel of "on earth peace, good-will toward men."

  30. Thank you so much Marie, and Shannon for the translation. A few years ago I would have been covered in confusion at such a suggestion, but today it looks as though it will be the very garment for everywhere. And what a bright and glorious change. Look how resplendant the Lifters have become: Jonnie always immaculate and precise; Elena - a bit paint spattered but "glistering" nevertheless: and Douglas - or is it Gabriel? Parent of Three your children certainly have their robes under their fatigues, which are intended to disguise them, but they will be easily recognized clad in that light. Such a heavenly chorus of joy and exhaltation.
    Thank you, Nate, for your Daily Lift and its all-inclusive banner of brightness.

  31. I did wake up this morning with a similar message, then it seemed to fall off because I forgot to see my fellow man with the robe on too. Thanks to all in the Daily lift. I am so grateful to have this message to remember through out the day, and to work and pray to see all mankind with this beautiful robe on.

  32. Thank you, Marie, and all Lifters, for the great reminder to wake up to the new man each new day!

  33. Wow!! Speaking of a need being met! I woke to a gray, cloudy, cold, winter day here in the upper mid west and was feeling exactly the same way! Thank you so much for this daily lift! I HAVE been lifted!! Bring it on! My armor is fitted and I am ready for the day!!

  34. What a wonderful idea to remember each morning. I will do just that. Thank you so much, Marie, for your loving reminder for all of us.

  35. I've been thinking about my armor; my helmet of salvation as my Mind of Christ. My breastplate of rightousness as my love of Christ, and my sword of the Spirit as my Truth of Christ. Now I'll think of it also as my robes of Spirit, my raiment of Christ, the pure self hood of each of us. To see others in robes of white through the eyes of Love is truly to see God's image.
    Thank you Marie and all Lifters.

  36. Thank you for your perfect thought. I will use it to get dressed with today.

  37. Great thought to start the day! Thanks et Merci!

  38. Thank you for your lift today, Marie. Funny, today I had trouble choosing what to wear and was allowing doubt and anxiety to distract me from listening to God. I worked through it, came downstairs, and here was your lift meeting the need and allowing me to put on the new man and finish the job of dressing. I now have put on the white robe of Christ and I will meet others with love today.

  39. A great "lift" for me today. Thank You!

  40. What a perfect way to start our day!
    I'm reminded of the passage in Science and Health which emphatically states that "The prophylactic and therapeutic (that is, the preventive and curative) arts belong emphatically to Christian Science .. " (p.369). Putting on the new man every morning is an important step to demonstrating the truth in this important statement.

  41. What joy comes to see all my family and friends dressed in their new
    robes! I have a picture above my bed that says "EACH DAY IS GOD'S
    BEAUTY. That's what life is all about. Thanks very much for this great
    DL and to all the commentors.

  42. Each cold gray wintry morning I wrap myself in my warm fleece robe, but what a great idea to wrap all of me in the robe of Spirit. . . and then add those "mental snowshoes" (ref. Daily Lift comments 1/24/11). What a picture!

  43. Thank you Marie! This really helps this morning as I was feeling sorrow and dread for the last days and not really knowing why. The metaphor of putting on the spiritual robe of the new man is very helpful. Why go through the day naked and ashamed? :-)

  44. Thank you Marie. Every morning, every moment, divine Mind is imparting those pure and perfect ideas which constitute my being. God's entire creation is new and complete right in this instant. Yesterday is an illusion. "Now are we the dons of God." I John 3:2

  45. A perfect start for today! I am grateful to be a member of this wonderful community of "Lifters". Thank you all for your comments.

  46. Thank you for "lighting up" my day. And I can go forth to see this Christ light clothing everyone of God's creation!

  47. Mmmm really enjoyed this Lift and the comments. Loved the juxtaposition of Adam & Eve's nakedness and the glistening robe of Christliness. The experience Marie shared expresses the ease of this mental turn around - putting on the new man doesn’t have to be a struggle, because it‘s us remembering who we really are. Similar to choosing to wear a bright color when you feel a bit gloomy and it instantly helps you feel cheerier - because it was the choice to wear the fun, bright color in spite of the gloomy mood that truly started the turn around. What also came to my mind was this favorite passage from Science & Health 242: 21, 25-26: "The vesture of Life is Truth. ...The divine Science of man is woven into one web of consistency without seam or rent."

  48. This lift promted me to look up in S. and H. and the KJV Bible the word garments. S. H. 463-15 The new idea, conceived and born of Truth and Love, is clad in white garments. Let our garments be always white ( Eccl. 9: 8. I realized our garments are our thoughts and we wake each day clad in the pure white garments of praise, and love for God and our fellow man. Thanks for the Lift and all the comments.

  49. Thank you very much. I will use this good thought!

  50. Thank you for your lovely message.

  51. Yes, clothed in Christ's robe we are conquerors. And also, as this week's Bible Lesson points out: "more than conquerors." (Romans 8:37). During any sports play-off season I think of what it means to be "more than conqueror." A team that won every game on its schedule would only be a conqueror. But we can be "more than conquerors." There are no contests when we understand who we really are.

  52. What an inspiring and uplifting thought. Thank You!!!

  53. Thank you so much.

  54. Thank you for the beautiful analogy between Adam and Eve's bareness accompanied by many negative feelings and putting on Christ's glistening robe of Spirit with its energetic productive outcome. Something old yet new to put into mental action.

  55. Thank you for this wonderful Lift. The comment from Jan #8 was so helpful in expanding my thought to really see all our fellow-man as "clothed in white/light" as I have been struggling with a sense of dismay because of being lied to, and wondering how to lift my thought to release these people from this lie about them! Also the quote from the Lord's Prayer "...forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors" because these same people owe me money. These precious thoughts from the Lift, and all the comments are so helpful and timely. Many thanks to all.

  56. Merci Marie! and thanks to Shannon for reading this message!
    This is such a reminder to see not only myself but all the others in this same shining robe!

  57. This is a very nice way to get some inspiration in the middle of the day...in the middle of the week. Many thanks, and have a good day, everyone

  58. Thyank you for the uplift

  59. Thank you, Marie--so very simple and so very powerful!


  60. Thank you for this inspiring lift, and all the comments. I particularly love No. 40 (Wil)'s quote : 'EACH DAY IS GOD'S GIFT TO YOU. MAKE IT BLOSSOM AND GROW INTO A THING OF BEAUTY'. What an invitation! This beautiful blossoming will uplift all around us and bring healing.

  61. Thank you Marie as well as #30 and #54
    One can not help to love and forgive clad in the robe......

  62. I forgot to include #8 in my gratitude.......

  63. Thanks! This is very sharable with my friends. I was just talking with one of them about being 'wrapped in Love's embrace'.... Alexis

  64. Chere Mme Taillefer,
    Votre Daily Lift concernant "putting on the new man" etait particulierement utile pour ma pratique de la Science Chretienne aujourd'hui.  Je suis une Practicienne de la Science Chretienne a Michigan aux Etats-Unis.  Votre message m'a aider a voir et faire preuve au fait que l'on ne doit pas ameliorer "the old man" mais de le rejeter completement et de reprendre la nouvelle homme qui est fait a l'image de Dieu. Ce message nous aide a voir que ce n'est pas la peine d'ameliorer une erreur, une illusion:  on le laisse tomber completement et tient a la verite.  Merci mille fois pour votre contribution ce matin!
    Donna Fay, CS

  65. Oh my . . . what a sense of the everpresence of divine Mind. I didn't get to this LIft until midafternoon. Early this morning, after a restless night, I was preparing to rise from bed and "resume" the chorus of praying I'd been doing the last few days/weeks/months. A challenge with pain and mobility for several months. A hard fall on ice a couple weeks ago. Symptoms of a cold the last few days. Much healing progress in all areas, for which I was very grateful. But the thought this morning was, "oh, well, it's time to start praying about all that again."

    Then I heard a gentle whisper, "Or perhaps not. Why don't you just come to Me?" And I did. I just saw myself sitting at the "feet" of God, soaking in the lovely truth of all He/She is. . . and then seeing myself through Her eyes. Viewing myself from the point of view of my Creator.

    Then, just before listening to this LIft, I was reviewing those morning prayers. It was like I'd had a choice: I could go to the closet of mortal mind and put on old tatters, familiar but very restrictive. Or, I could go to the closet of divine Mind and dress myself in Christly robes, in garments suitable for a daughter of a heavenly King and all-loving Parent.

    And then I listened to this lift, and the 62 comments posted so far. It was as if God was saying so sweetly, "See, didn't I tell you?" What a freeing sense to dress myself, and all others, each day in clothes that identify us as children of God.

    Thank you to everyone today.


  67. Putting on the "New Man" means the end of false thinking and all that comes it. How comforting! Great Lift!

  68. Good thoughts for starting the day! Thank you, Marie, and Merci Beaucoup!

  69. Thank you Marie. I will remember to put on the new man, clothed in the panoply of Love, which human frailties cannot penetrate.

  70. A blessing! On the back cover of the (January 17 2011) Christian Science Journal we can see the world in two distinct ways. It is easy to understand the difference between accepting the material or the spiritual world. It does not show two worlds, just one! It shows it like 'removing a layer of a false world and uncovering the real spiritual one. We always talk about getting rid of something and replacing it with something else. That is very good reasoning as you point out, since we are really talking about concepts, ideas, not material things. In fact, when I heard the quote from the Bible it made me very humble to recognise that divine Love has created man, woman and the universe in an entirely spiritual way. So, we can 'put on the new man' or 'uncover the real man', in other words, accepting only the spiritual man, which is the actual perfect identity of every one of us, and that way we can demonstrate that we feel like a new man every day. thanks so much for the 'lift'.

    En español

    ¡una bendición! En la contraportada del Christian Science Journal (17 de enero de 2011) podemos ver el mundo en dos formas diferentes. Es fácil comprender la diferencia entre aceptar el mundo material o el espiritual. No muestra dos mundos, ¡sólo uno! Lo muestra como removiendo una capa de un mundo falso y dejando al descubierto el verdadadero y espiritual. Siempre hablamos de despojarnos de algo y reemplazarlo con otra cosa. Ese es un razonamiento muy bueno como tú lo indicas, ya que realmente estamos hablando de conceptos, de ideas, no de cosas materiales. En realidad, cuando oí la cita de la Biblia me hizo muy humilde reconocer que el Amor divino ha creado al hombre, a la mujer y el universo en forma totalmente espiritual. Así que, podemos 'ponernos el hombre nuevo' o 'descubrir al hombre verdadero'. En otras palabras, aceptando sólamente al hombre espiritual, que es la perfecta identidad real de cada uno de nosotros, y de esa forma podemos demostrar que nos sentimos como un nuevo hombre cada día. Muchas gracias por el 'lift'.

  71. I do not listen to the Daily Lift early in the morning, nor even every day, but the strange thing is, that whenever I do hear it, it meets my present need, and as with yours, Marie, it fits perfectly.
    Muchas gracias, et Merci beaucoup!

    And thanks to each for the eye-opening remarks!

  72. This Lift and the additional comments since first listening, has continued to inspire me. Thanks everyone and particulaly for #65 Maureen's honest sharing.

  73. When I have trouble getting up, I do go to God. Once I get dressed and ready, I do feel like a new awake person. Thank you for this message. :)

  74. Thank you Marie what a lovely useful, Godlike, thought for the dayfor putting on the New Man.
    Thanks also to Douglas #23 for reference to putting on the Spirit. Clothing ourselves in the 7 synonyms of our Christ-like nature in the expression of God will help us to reflect Him all day.

  75. I used tell my young Sunday School students that rise, and put on your beautiful garments, meant rise and put on your beautiful thinking.

    When I moved here I left off my watch and clocks, except for Sundays. When I see a chicken or pheasant outside, I know I will have to get up soon. The rescued dog comes bursting in, tail flailing, the cat moves to the kitchen, and I leap up with purpose, they must be fed. The peacock struts by, looking for me. I'm needed. They set the rhythmic round with really orderly timing. I'm learning new things in a new environment. Ideas pour in telling what I must do today. Check the Daily Lift, and all the lifters. Every time a fresh new thought, and off to joyous start.

  76. Although I don't respond to every "Daily Lift", this particular thought is especially meaningful to me in my situation right now. Thank you for this very special reminder.

  77. I love this idea of putting on the new man each morning when I wake up - to begin each day identifying myself with some specific, new quality God gives me. It's looking at ourselves in the mirror, the reflection, of divine Mind.

  78. A great way to start the day! Put on the new man....

    new thoughts... new ideas.... isn't that what the whole of prosperity is??

    Thank you,

    Rob of the rockies

  79. Thank you very much.

  80. Merci beaucoup: That is why the words of Mrs Eddy are for the eternity when she says;in the preface of s&h "TO THOSE LEANING ON THE SUSTAINING INFINITE,TO-DAY IS BIG WITH BLESSINGS"

  81. Beautiful, wonderful, Daily Lift. I didn't read it on Jan 25th. It was just what I need,today, Jan 31st,,,,,gratitude, it reminded me to be grateful for God's Love and all the joy that brings to my life. I have quite a lot facing me today but I am reminded that it is God that girdeth me with strength and maketh my way perfect. It is God that doeth the work....(not exactly quoted from the Bible) I am so very thankful for Mary Baker Eddy and all her work. I feel very grateful. Thank you so much, Marie,

    Moderator's note:
    Ps 18:32 -- "It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect."

    Eccl 3:14 -- "I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him."

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