1/12: Praying about the Australian floods

1/12: Praying about the Australian floods

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  1. God, good is present, and in control of every detail.

  2. Thank you so much for your confidant knowing, Beth.

  3. Thank you.

  4. Oh, Beth, that was just perfect! Thank you! (Big hug to you.) And thank you, everyone around the world, who's praying to support us here in Australia.

  5. Thank you Beth for sharing your inspired thoughts as we pray for our country right now. I have been thinking that nothing but the "flood tides of Love" can reach God's man and perpetuate harmony, peace and an infinite sense of God with us.

  6. Thank you, Beth. This is just what we needed to hear - strong, absolute, comforting. I love the thought: What cannot God do? Here in Australia we are not only inundated by the water, but also by the media coverage giving us such graphic images of devastation and despair. It is really important for us to look away from the material picture - the lie about life. Where do we look? Isaish tells us: Look unto me and be ye saved all the ends of the earth. (I think Australia qualifies as the end of the Earth!) We need to keep constantly in thought the truth that God is all; there is no other power but good and He gives 'us strength according to our day' (SHp5). Queensland needs the world's prayers just now - thank you DL community.

  7. For years, when some calamity happens people either blames God for it, or think it was a punishment or some test -again coming from God, or even think that God doesn’t care.
    Our Creator never, under no circumstance, will send evil to hurt His image and likeness as stated on Genesis 1:26,27
    God created man with the capacity to reason, man always doubted God.
    Paul understood this and admonish the Romans in his speech in Romans 8:37-39 “...we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. “ Romans 8:37 -39 “For in him we live and move and have our being“ Acts 17:28

    ESPAÑOL Por años, cuando pasa alguna calamidad la gente culpa a Dios, o piensa que fue merecido como castigo or era una prueba -también mandada por Dios, o hasta piensan que a Dios no le importa.
    Nuestro Creador, jamás, por ninguna circumstancia, mandará el mal a Su image y semejanza como dice Génesis 1:26, 27
    Dios creó al hombre con la capacidad de razonar, el hombre siempre dudó de Dios.
    Pablo comprendió esto y amonestó en su charla a los Romanos 8:37-39 “...somos más que vencedores por aquel que nos amó. Por lo cual estoy cierto que ni la muerte, ni la vida, ni ángeles, ni principados, ni potestades,

  8. continued: ni lo presente, ni lo por venir, ni lo alto, ni lo bajo, ni ninguna criatura nos podrá apartar de la caridad de Dios, que es en el Ungido, Jesús, Señor nuestro.“ Romanos 8:37-39 “porque en él vivimos, y nos movemos, y somos“ Acts-17:28

  9. Thanks so much for such a beautiful and thorough jump start for our prayers for the Australians affected by flooding. Our prayers are effective and results immediate. NOW is the day of salvation!

  10. Thank you so much Beth.
    At our testimony meeting tonight we are having special prayers for those affected by the Queensland floods and the topic will be 'There is no power but of God'. I will share your uplifting message at our meeting.

  11. Thank you Beth

  12. Thank you Beth for the inspiring 'lift'.
    Let us pray, "God, Good, is ALL and Nothing can separate man from Infinite Good, because God is man's life".

  13. I have been studying Hymn 172 from the Christian Science Hymnal, "Stedfast while loud the storms of life assail, Immortal ray of that great Light divine, 'gainst whose all power no tempest shall prevail" How wonderful this pod is; sending out a primary message of peace and reassurance, encouraging us too for we can all contribute with our daily prayer. Many thanks for the beautiful statements today which can only serve to 'uplift' us all.The waters can subside, as we learn from Genesis, and our ways be calm and safe.God is the omnipotent power.

  14. Christian Science hymn 85 assures us that we can find God's perfect, calm reflection where the floods of trouble flow. God is able to heal Australia and Australians, every one of us, from the thoughts and evidence of destructive elements - water, fire, wind.
    Thanks Beth for your healing message. Prayer is effective, and God heals. We too are praying in Nigeria.

  15. Thank you so much this message is "MAGNIFIQUE" a treatment in itself!

    I remember my CS Teacher telling us a story about the efficency of praying for the world :
    " There was a little kingdom where every morning it's king would cross it and every one was shouting "God save the king"
    In that crowd there was this little boy who said to himself "Oh, I have such a small voice, nobody can hear it anyway so I want say God save the king tomorrow. " And the next morning , when the king arrived, there was a Big Silent....Every one like the little boy had decided that same morning that their voice was too small, and so nothing happened... This applies to us when we pray for the world, our pray is effective even so we think it's so small...

    Love to you and thank you

  16. Thank you Beth for your effective prayer on the floods in Australia. The whole world joins in with your prayers. "But God [divine Love] is round about me [all of us}, / And can I [we] be dismayed?" (Christian Science Hymnal #148)

  17. "Make channels for the streams of LOVE (hymn182) - the true streams flowing under the control of PRINCIPLE and the lifegiving river of revelation 22 are on my mind today - thanks so much for the kick-offs!

  18. thank you as previously said aTREATMENT big loving hugs to us all kathy

  19. Thanks Beth, that was wonderful!

  20. Thank you, Beth, and Deborah #6, for your uplifting thoughts. Yes, where do we look? Beside these floods of evil (reportet from Queensland) the country in NSW awoke by the rain from a nearly 40 years long sleep: carpets of wild flowers and blossoms covered the landscape and the birds rejoiced. This was the Christmas message from my niece and CS nurse from Queanbeyan. I am praying that I may see all the good what is present all over the world and comes to everybody. I stayed many times in Queensland and love this country.

  21. Beth, I am very grateful for your thoughts. Today the danger has passed the area where I live but is now in Brisbane and other areas. Today and Tomorrow they expect the 'worst' to come (according to the news), but I do not accept in my consciousness that it is so. I firmly affirm the only news that divine Love is not abandoning anybody, anywhere. All individuals belong with Love, God. I stand firm in my acceptance of good because God, who is Life, is good. Today I am working with the following passage from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, where on page 570 says: "What if the old dragon should send forth a new flood to drown the Christ-idea? He can neither drown your voice with its roar, nor again sink the world into the deep waters of chaos and old night....Those ready for the blessing you impart will give thanks. The waters will be pacified, and Christ will command the wave."

  22. Dear Beth
    I'm so grateful for your quick prayerful response to the floods in Australia. Last night listening to the news with replays of disaster being repeated over and over - it was tempting to be sucked in and feel a sense of despair. But you're absolutely right, God is mightier than the waves, the earthquake, fire. He's a still small voice or presence that speaks to each of us, no matter how dire a situation may seem to be, giving us the courage, resilience, peace and hope that we need to move us forward with our lives.
    Thank you

  23. Thank you Beth for the confident expressed in this lift.As stated in C.S hymn 287
    Prayer in our waking thought ascends, Great God of light, to Thee;Darkness is banished in the glow /Of Thy reality. The only reality is good, and only good is going on.

  24. Thanks Beth for the inspiration you found in Ps93. It is certainly a powerful prayer for Australians at this time. I listened to some of the BBC readings on Sunday from The King James Bible which is celebrating its 400th Anniversary this year. After hearing the readings from Genesis I and 2 they moved on to the story of Noah's Ark that rose above the flood. Mary Baker Eddy in her book "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures p581:8, 11-13 writes of the Ark as a symbol of"Safety" and she adds :"God and man coexistent and eternal: Science showing that the spiritual realities of all things are created by Him and exist forever."
    That is my prayer for you all today. Ann.

  25. You hit the mark exactly, Beth. Thank you so much, and all the Lifters who have included Queensland in your prayers. We know that prayer to God is immediately effective, and the predicted levels of rising water are being lowered. I watched a small street in Brisbane being evacuated this morning, with the water gradually coming higher, and people were carrying the entire contents of a shop and home above to higher ground. This sturdy band of young people couldn't go to work in town, so they came to help whoever needed help. People are loving their neighbours as themselves, and are quiet and calm in the recovery centres. The furrey families are being cared for too! Our testimony meeting was cancelled today - only the second time ever - since most of us have a long way to travel, so the testimony meeting at TMC - at 4 am! - sounds pretty good. Looking forward to being at the Summit in Melbourne, Beth. There are those among these Lifters who are making sure it will be a great one . In Ezekiel 34: 26 God assures us ". . . I will make them and the places round about my hill a blessing; and I will cause the shower to come down in his season; there shall be showers of blessing." KJV

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  27. Thanks Beth for the inspiring message. Like Anonymous no.14 I have been thinking about the words of hymn 85 and praying that the people in Queensland will have the patience, courage and meekness they need to trust in God's unerring direction, where the floods of trouble appear to be raging out of control, that they may find that Rock of salvation to protect and guide them to a safe haven where The Christ, Truth is forever in control,, contrary
    to what the material sense testimony would have them believe.The Psalm you mentioned, Ps.93 certainly makes it clear that God is more powerful than any raging torrent. Thanks again Beth and to all those around the world who are praying for the Australians. Rose

  28. Thank you Beth, for those wonderful thoughts and Bible verses for our prayers of support and safety for our friends in flood ravaged areas in Queensland NSW Vic and SA. We pray that they find the comfort that they seek and know that God is with them and they can feel his shelter and care, in their time of need.

  29. En español

    Beth, estoy muy agradecido por tus pensamientos. Hoy el peligro ha pasado la zona donde vivo pero ahora está en Brisbane y otras zonas. Hoy y mañana esperan que venga lo 'peor' (según las noticias), pero yo no acepto en mi conciencia que eso sea así. Firmemente afirmo las únicas noticias que el Amor divino no abandona a nadie, en ninguna parte. Todos los individuos pertenecen con el Amor, Dios. Me mantengo firme en mi aceptar el bien porque Dios, que es la Vida, es el bien. Hoy estoy trabajando con el siguiente pasaje de Ciencia y Salud con Clave de las Escrituras por Mary Baker Eddy, donde en la página 570 dice:
    "¿Qué importa si el viejo dragón arrojara un nuevo río para ahogar la idea-Cristo? No podrá ni ahogar vuestra voz con sus rugidos ni volver a hundir al mundo en las profundas aguas del caos y la antigua noche...Quienes estén preparados para la bendición que impartís, darán gracias. Las aguas serán pacificadas, y el Cristo mandará a las olas."

  30. Gracias Beth, Según cuentan sus alumnos la Sra. Eddy se preocupaba por el tiempo atmosférico y oraba por el tiempo, y cuanto sabiduría había en ello porque dependen muchas cosas en el desarrollo y supervivencia del ser humano y bienestar si mucho frio, si mucho calor y en su momento al leer eso pense que no era necesario hacerlo, y sin embargo hoy comprendo que quizás como ella nosotros deberiamos dedicarle tiempo al tiempo atmosférico, porque también en el desarrollo de fenómenos atmoféricos entra no sólo la creencia sino también los malos pensamientos, si alguién necesita lluvia pedira por ella y si su cosecha se pudre o tiene que salir y no quiere mojarse pedirá por seca y así sucesivamente podriamos dar una cantidad enome de ejemplos. de cuanto el magnetismo ignorante y el malicioso puede influir en el desarollo de una tormenta o un desastre atmoférico. Pero naturalmente nosotros sabemos que:
    " Estad quietos, y conoced que yo soy Dios;" "Por tanto no temeremos, aunque la tierra sea removida" Salmos: 10,2. Con tal promesa sólo podemos estar confiados que Dios hará, naturalmente oremos también nosotros por el tiempo atmosférico para que sea hermoso y justo.

  31. Thank you Beth. Yes - nothing can separate us from the love of God.

  32. Such beautiful deep messages of love from you all. They are so needed and so appreciated. The messages that I've received from the affected areas say that they are feeling very loved and supported, they are certainly feeling those 'showers of blessings'. So thank you to you all world wide. This is true Christianity in action.

  33. Your message re-Mind-s me of the story of Noah. Looking up, we might just see a
    rainbow! Thank you so much!

  34. Thank you for such a wonderfully inspiring Lift Beth!

    2 years ago I briefly stopped in Brisbane (40mins) on a flight to Auckland, I live in Glasgow where I thought we knew a thing or two about rain, but the downpour I saw out the airport window was quite something else!

    Listening to the Freedom (from Fear of Dementia) podcaaston Spirituality.com, Rebecca Odegaard shared so many wonderful ideas about freedom from mortal fears. One which really struck me was that we are ALL already identified by God, Rosalie Dunbar picked this up and commented further that we therefore do not need to be trying to ensure our identity, we only need to acknowledge it.

    Isn't Science wonderful, that we can all come together and share a common "speak" even in different languages and have our thought lifted, our grief embosomed and to be elevated out of our trials by Love and the loving?

    My gratitude to all!



  35. A powerful treatment ,not only for Australia and the world ,but also for each of us individually .Thank you Beth ,You have given me Spiritual truths for contemplation today .

  36. I will pray for the good people of Australia, so see that GOOD is, can be and will be, the only true situation for all of God's children living there. God Bless you all.

  37. From Science and Health: pg 581....The ark indicates temptation overcome and followed by exaltation. and pg 218: 24 - Treat a belief in sickness as you would sin, with sudden dismissal. Resist the temptation to believe in matter as intelligent, as having sensation or power.

    Mis 356: 5 - The pent-up elements of mortal mind need no terrible detonation to free them. ........they should be stifled from lack of air and freedom.

    As Beth noted we must STAY in the absolute(liness) of God's Allness and the human and divine coincidence will be seen in God's law and order. We must resist the temptation to be impressed with error. This isn't being "uncaring or cold" - it is courageous! And has back of it all of God's healing power.

  38. Thankyou for reminding us where our confidence lies (in God, Spirit, LIfe) - and why we can pray with expectancy of immediate and peaceful resolution for those in Australia and everyone facing storms.

  39. Such warm and encouraging words; thanks Beth. Actually the spiritual sentiments expressed here are inclusive of all even our fellow human beings who experienced similar upheaval in Pakistan recently and coming through ....reconstruction, rebuilding, renewal. God's infinity cannot be engulfed.

  40. Thank you. I was praying about the floods in Australia and the ideas you presented are very helpful to help see and declare the omnipotence of God, now, in lovingly protecting the people affected and to see the spiritual evidence that God did not create a flood and therefore it has no power. God is with you all blessing all.

  41. Thank you, yes we know that all are in the hands of God.

  42. Thank you for your warm and loving words Beth! The east coast of the US seems to be hit by flood tides of water in the frozen variety, but as you said, God is more powerful than anything that seems to face us, no mater how much error waves it's angry hands. Thank you for your love and I will continue to keep Australia in my prayers.

  43. “Divine Science, rising above physical theories, excludes matter, resolves things into thoughts, and replaces the objects of material sense with spiritual ideas.” (S&H, p. 123)

    This applies to weather also. If we translate it from the materiel into the spiritual it is as much a divine idea of God as a grain of sand or a drop of water. Not one single idea can be contaminated by mortal mind, by fear, greed, hate, conscious or unconscious willpower. The mission of every idea is to bless by reflecting God’s eternal activity, harmony and immortality.

    Christian Science teaches the PURITY and immortality of EACH IDEA because of its UNITY with God. Our privilege is to know this and acknowledge it with God-given authority. M.B.Eddy says: “The material so-called gases and forces are counterfeits of the spiritual forces of divine Mind, whose potency is Truth, whose attraction is Love, whose adhesion and cohesion are Life, perpetuating the eternal facts of being.” (S&H, p. 293)

    God is LOVE, the only CAUSE and POWER. To acknowledge: “THY WILL BE DONE in earth, as it is in heaven.” (S&H, p. 16) brings remarkable changes to weather conditions regardless of the weather forecasts. We are taught to love and “see God’s face behind the clouds!” (“Mary Baker Eddy - Christian Healer” by Fettweis and Warneck, p 285).

    What a wonderful refuge we have in the definition of ARK. (S&H, p. 581)

  44. The messages posted here yesterday from Australia were helpful to us all. So good to have this prayer today fulfilling the affirmation of God's goodness present. We are with you in Spirit, in Truth, in Love. Facing the foe and facing it down. Another trial proving God's care and our oneness in Him. A great forum we have here of the Church universal.

  45. A thanks to Beth for those good Bible verses that hit the mark. To Margaret #25, what a great cooperative spirit you described.
    In Science and Health by MBE, p. 293
    "There is no vapid fury of mortal mind — expressed in
    earthquake, wind, wave, lightning, fire, bestial ferocity
    The counterfeit forces — and this so-called mind is self-destroyed.
    The manifestations of evil, which counterfeit
    divine justice, are called in the Scriptures, "The anger
    of the Lord." In reality, they show the self-destruction
    of error or matter and point to matter's opposite, the
    strength and permanency of Spirit. Christian Science
    brings to light Truth and its supremacy, universal har‐
    mony, the entireness of God, good, and the nothingness
    of evil"

  46. Beth, I join in these prayers better focused by your words and the comments that followed. Thank you and the daily lift interactions for that kind of daily sustenence...Turning my eyes toward God, with understandingm and praying aright are personal lessons.
    For those amidst the flooding waters, and churning blowing winds, weather, God is everpresent, divine Love and divine Mind omnipoient, supreme protects and governs destroying fear and panic, God's infinity cannot be engulfed,. Not in Australlia, not in Pakistan, nor Calfornia nor anywhere...God is all, universal and cause, creator, governor . Jay.

  47. Toronto is in the midst of a snow storm today, but I managed to make it in to my office anyway, but could only get up the driveway at home after I turned to God in prayer. We will work for Australia and all of our friends around the world.

  48. Your message helps us all to direct our prayers to our fellow man in need of an embrace of heart-felt love. 'Everlasting arms of Love' truly are 'beneath, around above;" hymn 53

  49. I am indeed a grateful listener and reader this morning gaining so many wonderful ideas on how to pray for the people of Australia. I have a quote from an article "The day I cut my client load in half" by Helen Eckel (Journal, May 2001) that I have found helpful. "Divine mind is constantly supplying us with all the ideas necessary to accomplish whatever has to be done. We don't have to scramble for these ideas - they're unlimited and always available. So we can stop rushing and start listening to God for what we need to know to get the job done. Never baffled or buffeted about, divine Mind always has maintained and always will maintain its creation in perfect order. That orderly universe is our base of operation, or home, eternally." I just love the idea of an "orderly universe" being our and everyone's home. God is blessing us all!

  50. Australia already had my prayers, but your Lift is very inspiring, Beth. I know you have everyone of the Lift family from every corner of the world praying with you on this. Verse 4 from 93rd Psalm, which you included in your quotes, is one proven to be true. Years ago I'd discovered a travel trailer below us burn on Christmas Eve. Our tinder-box rented home heated by an old coal stove with holes where hot coals spit out on the wooden floor, left me in deep fear. Months of watching, along with prayer & study all night long till someone else was awake, hadn't healed my thought. In spring, forest fires moved up and down hollows in the Appalachian Mtns., burning for days and leaping roads & creeks. One night it was advancing toward us. We'd have time to escape with our children, but no way to take many rabbits, goats, & fowl. Many fires in the County, they prayed for rain, and I expected my prayerful study would result in rain but I didn't feel healed yet. Then I found Ps.93 about floods lifting up and God's power mightier than even sea waves. I suddenly realized God (nor we) didn't need rain. I went to bed, healed. It strangely burned “in place” the rest of the night, never advancing any more from a line across the forest floor until daylight. (By physical law, how could leaves and weeds burn for hours in the same line across the hill?) I knew all was well. Hours later rain put all county fires out. I KNOW God is mightier than raging floods in Australia.

  51. The only Floodtides can be those of Love! I went thru the C.S. Journal this a.m. and found all the C.S. practitioners and teachers in Australia (i.e. Beverly Goldsmith, CSB in Brisbane, Queensland, etc.) and prayed with each one of them about the stilling of the waters. It was so reassuring to know that so many practitioners and teachers in Australia are praying as well as so many Australians and others all over the world! Our Hearts, Prayers and Thoughts are with you! We love you Aussies!

  52. Thank you for this inspiring Lift today. The out reach to the world thought is growing stronger everyday. Many wonderful healings have taken place. The same will happen in Australia....the floods will stop and the sunshine. Thank you Beth lovely prayer for your country.

  53. The morning light has arrived in Ohio, USA. We are conscious.

    Our prayer includes so much, it can hardly be spoken. We are knowing that each individual is included in God's love and protection and provision and this is demonstrated right now in ways that are needed. We are knowing that enduring strength to work without harm comes from good (God). We know that God's child can be alert about, but not attracted to sensational images of mortal mind. There is absolutely nothing which can separate us from God's love right here and now.

    "Christian Scientists must live under the constant pressure of the apostolic command to come out from the material world and be separate." S&H.

    Thank you Beth and our friends in Australia for the wake up call today!

  54. I was in Queensland many years ago yet still have vibrant memories of the friendliness of the people and the wondrous birds and animals. It is such a privilege to be joining with others in knowing all are safe eternally in God's Kingdom... So grateful for the inspired Lift and for all the thoughts shared...

  55. I'm so grateful for this Daily Lift! TMC Youth got a request from one of Australia's citizens for a Prayer Watch (http://tmcyouth.com/blogs/praying-for-queensland/) and that's what you've got going on here. Thank you everyone!

  56. TMCYouth.com has a prayer watch going on right now focused on the Australian floods: http://tmcyouth.com/blogs/praying-for-queensland/

    Thanks for the clear articulation of God's Law, it was very powerful

  57. I love how one of the lifters told of the good they saw happening during the flooding, neighbors helping neighbors. There is nothing more that can counteract the picture of devastation than the unselfish good reaching out to help others. This is the action of the response to the presence of Good. "The cycle of good obliterates the epicycle of evil." My270. I am pondering this in regards to large pictures of destructiveness in various places in the world. The economics of Good is on a cycle of good seen repeated over and over in Genesis one. What a loud, emphatic repetition of resounding good! Each on the earth is that voice of good resounding it in brotherly response and help.

  58. Thank you for the wonderful thoughts. It seems it wasn't that long ago that Australia was suffering from an extended drought. How important to know that everything in God's kingdom is in perfect balance - never too much nor too little of anything. And certainly nothing destructive. I'll be praying to see everyone in the ark, lifted above all the raging of mortal mind.

  59. The above said it all. All I can say now is DITTO! ... MBE would be proud of you..

  60. As we keep our mind stayed on God, we can only behold and experience good. God only has good for his children. Error or evil cannot be paraded before the senses. Error can only destroy itself. It has no power. Love is ever loving His children in every corner of the globe, equally. Thank you for all of your beautiful and wonderful prayers! Jesus stilled the wave, and we can too! Lets keep thinking and praying and absolutely knowing that God is good. I have had my own experience where God raised me from the dead with no power but God, Love. If God can do this, what cannot God do? Keep praying!

  61. Dear Beth and all our Aussie family,

    yes, today is Wednesday and tonight there will be universal prayers for your safety all around the globe in churches. for God's control, handling, to benefit all in your magnificent country, home to a lovely people country. .

    God does work in mysterious ways, and nothing is impossible to him.


  62. God bless you and all your countrymen. I love this: Do not I fill heaven and earth, saith the Lord. God, not evil, not flooding, not disruption. Love to you all.

  63. I am thinking of Australia and all those who are feeling frightened and those who have suffered loss. "Is God able to save His People? Absolutely", you said. This line of thinking is critical. Starting with God as All in all. Basing ourselves on Principle, Love and thinking and acting from that stand point. Australians and their homes, loved ones, pets and Australian wildlife are all God's creation, are all spiritual ideas/spiritual creation. As in this week's lesson: "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind." II Timothy 1:7. This is where we can always "start" and restart. Australia and those I know in your amazing country are in my prayers.

  64. "He has the whold world in His hands..."

  65. Excessive amounts of water -- in Australia -- in Boston and New York in the form of snow -- and every threat and/or attempt of evil to thwart Truth, God good "holds no water". (See the mention of this in one of the Peel biographies about Mrs. Eddy, when her secretary was delayed by snow)

    TRUTH, GOD cannot be thwarted, hated, minimized, discarded, overlooked, stifled, blocked, ignored, wiped out, hidden.

    TRUTH, GOD is the creator of all life forms and "they are obedient to the Mind that makes them." (S&H 295:6)

    TRUTH, GOD is known by every part of God's creation, is natural to it, is innate in it. Therefore lifeforms do not and cannot oppose what is natural for them to reflect and express -- TRUTH, GOD.

    Weather has no mind of its own in the form of storms, winds, floods, hurricanes, and yes, even earthquakes. Mrs. Eddy is clear about this and proved it -- all in accord with Christ Jesus' example and teachings.

    There is no flood of bad news, bad tidings, bad outcomes -- or blizzard of bad predictions, bad economy, bad expectations, bad feelings.

    "Thus far and no farther" is the law of God to any form of destruction and death. (S&H 124:21)

    There is only one Mind, and this Mind is harmonious, life-supporting, and controlled (not out of control) in the righteous, principled, eternal, loving emanation of divine TRUTH.

    "The great fact remains that evil is not mind. Evil has no power, no intelligence, for God is good, and therefore good is infinite, is All. (S&H 398:32

  66. Thank you, Beth, for this healing message. It applies to all the various dreams of evil vying for attention world-wide - ."there is no power apart from God"

  67. Thanks for the wonderful lift.
    "...and o'er earth's troubled, angry sea I see Christ walk, and come to me and tenderly, Divinely talk..." (254) This same Christ is communicating where to go and what to do to each of His beloved children. In the Student's Reference Dictionary, the word "intercommunication" means "reciprocal communication".
    "The intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man." (p. 284 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures also by MBE)
    " `Hitherto come thou, and add not, And a command is placed On the pride of thy billows.' " (Job 38:11, Young's Literal Translation)
    "...:when the waves thereof arise, thou stillest them." (part of Psalms 89:9)
    "Human knowledge calls them forces of matter, but divine Science declares that they belong wholly to divine Mind, are inherent in this Mind, and so restores them to their rightful home and classification." (p. 124, S&H)

  68. Thank you Beth and all the comments are so helpful in praying for Australia.
    Hymn # 179 tells us "Love is liberation, Love is answered prayer, Love, Love alone is power". We can trust Love to govern, guard and guide each of us in praying for our loved ones and friends in Australia.

  69. While I'm presently not in any danger of a natural disorder I can empathize with the concerns & fears of our Australian brothers & sisters. Your inspiring message Beth affirms the truth of God's omnipotence and love for man and that this seeming occurrence of evil can not touch His children.

  70. Thank you, Beth, for your healing Lift today. Your words reminded me that God isn't just a Higher Power. He is the ONE AND ONLY Power. And as Mrs. Eddy reminds us in "Science and Health", page 135, "What cannot God do?"

  71. That was comforting for ALL of us...Complete
    Thank you so much.

  72. Thank you for keeping this Lift community an active, healing force for our world. It is so easy to be overly caught up in our individual lives and not consistently pray for world events. The Lift always helps me look beyond myself, but I appreciate this specific emphasis to pray together about this.

  73. Dearest Beth, thank you for your absolute conviction of God's mighty allness and power voiced in your lift today! "Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good." (S&H 393:12)

    I'm reminded of the story about a little boy sitting in a boat and he's talking about the depth of the water surrounding him. He asks the question, "Is it over my head?" "Yes, answered the mother." Then he asks, "Is it over Daddy's head?" Again, the mother answered yes. And then he says, "But it's not over God's head!" How childlike, yet true, that wherever we are, or whatever situation we find ourselves in, God's all-encompassing Christ-love is already there meeting the need.

    "Divine Love hears and answers the human call for help;..." (Misc. Writings 81:26).

    "Oh God, our help in ages past, Our hope for time to come, Our shelter from the stormy blast, And our eternal home." CS Hymn 213

  74. Grateful for such a strong, uplifting treatment. The phrase from scripture, that HOLINESS is beyond the reach of evil is so powerful. HOLY, to me means, ABSOLUTELY GOOD. God is Good and God is All. Love to you all.

  75. So beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!

  76. In October 2001 we visited my daughter who was studying in Australia at the time. When people heard we were from the New York City area, we were met with such incredible warmth and caring. Waitresses, hotel workers, total strangers would put their arms around us and tell us how we were in their prayers after 9/11 and just surrounded us with love. We felt the support of the whole country wherever we traveled.

    So I send the same love back to all you amazing Australians who showed us so much love in our moment of need. "No power can withstand divine Love." (S&H p 224).

  77. I am grateful for this daily lift today, Beth, since when I heard about the floods, I had a feeling of sadness but quite did not bring myself to pray effectively for God's already there 'ready-to-go "ark to be revealed to us all. What a great use of the daily lift: prayer for the world!. Thanks again everyone for doing this great work.

  78. ABSOLUTELY wonderful, powerful, beautiful treatment for rising above the flood waters in Australia . . . and the floods of error/mortal mind/evil that can sometimes seem to drown our good thoughts.

    And to all the Daily Lifters around the world -- thank you, ditto. God's Love is indeed universal.

  79. Thanks Beth and everyone for these deeply inspiring prayers not only for Australia but for our entire world; all of these messages admit God's complete control of His creation. Gen 1:31:" And God saw everything that he had made and behold, it was very good......" .and it is, very good. A line I recall from an old Sentinel article, Dec 1962, What are we Admitting, goes like this, "The more we know of God, the less we can admit of evil." The author goes on to add that the claim of evil that comes to our consciousness is a falsity. It can lodge or not depending on what we admit. AND So.....thank you everyone for clearly offering these healing Truths which surely unlodge these false claims of destruction and fear. Therefore, today and everyday, admitting only God and His creation for all. And thank you #65 and 67....wow!

  80. Thanks Beth and everyone for these inspiring and healing prayers for Australia which really are for all the world as well. I'm reminded of something from a Dec 1962, CS Sentinel entitled, "What are we admitting?" It goes like this, "the more we know of God, the less we can admit of evil because the less of evil there is to admit. This author went on to write that the claim of evil that comes to our consciousness is a falsity and it can lodge or not depending on what we admit. AND so all these Truths shared here today inspire us to admit only God, good as in Gen 1:31, "And God saw everything that He had made and behold it was very good." #65 and 67 were so helpful for me in my prayers for this. How wonderful to be on this ark together. Amen.

  81. How beautiful and practical from the lecturer through all the lifters. I love being a part of this uplifting family!

  82. Super, Beth. Thanks so very much. This prayerful thought could apply to any situation as universal Truth and it will meet my need today as well.

  83. It's so great to hear the calm reaffirming of the Truth. "Evil is not supreme; good is not helpless; nor are the so-called laws of matter primary, and the law of Spirit secondary." (S&H p.207) God is in control not because we say so but because Principle is omnipresent...All really is well.

  84. Hi Beth, thanks so much from Switzerland! We too are praying. This morning I found this beautiful phrase in Miscellaneous Writings "overwhelming tides of revelation". (p.292:1). How beautiful to think that we can only ever be overwhelmed by God's ever present, ever caring Love for us! xxx

  85. Thanks Beth and everyone. I was a little stuck in my praying. Thanks to everyone to help me lift my thought to God and pray actively for the whole world.

  86. This morning the international nature of the responses made me feel very connected to the world by the circle of prayerful thoughts expressed and made me feel that I too have something to offer. We can always pray and those prayers are effective. God is on the field.

  87. "Love is reflected in love" (S&H p.16).
    Today I am recalling the love expressed by the people of Brisbane to our sailors when we went ashore. People we met on the streets would invite us to their homes for dinner. It was not possible to eat all the dinners offered. It is good to be returning that love in prayer. And all these prayers will have healing effect in the loving lives of Australia's people.

  88. thank you for that encouraging thought and the announcement about online Wendsday service, too!

  89. Thank you. I love the absolute authority of your prayers for the flooding in Australia. that is the rock that stands above the flood, to which we can all cling as we await the salvation of our God. WE stand on this rock, united.

  90. Thank you for this powerful Lift today, Beth. I would also like to thank #50 for the inspiring testimony about fire. Here in Southern California, we seem to have fires each fall, usually brought on by strong, hot winds. My family and I have been asked to evacuate as fires have come less than a mile from our home on several occasions. The claim appears that we need more rain, but as #50 has pointed out, God doesn't need rain - nor do we need a material response to be healed. The healing came when there was a mental change of thought.

    What I'm seeing here is that to material sense, it would appear as though we need a material correction (right now, too much rain). However, since we are under the control and laws of God, only good is going on - in the right proportion, at the right time. Not too much nor too little.

    Thank you to everyone who sent in such helpful comments.
    From Hymn #350: "While His truth we are applying, And upon His love relying, God is every need supplying, All, all is well."

  91. I just love you Aussies, You are so inspiring. The Bible gives us the answer for everything, and with Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures bring that inspiration and healing to me. Thank you!

  92. Dear fellows from Australia, God loves you so much that there´s no possibility He leaves you alone facing such an unimaginable calamity!
    We read in Exodus 14: 13:

    "...Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will shew to you to day..."

    Let´s rest in this TRUTH!

  93. Beth,
    Thank you for your calm, strong, and loving affirmation that not one of God's children is outside His care.

  94. What a wonderful thing is happening here today, all this love being expressed!

    I am right now reading an article on my computer entitled "All the Way" by Milton Simon and would like to share a few lines: "God’s law alone, the law of good, is operating, and it forever blesses man. God’s will is, has been, and always will be done. In reality the answer to every prayer and the fulfillment of every right desire are in Mind. Let us say so with no mental reservation and obtain the benison always redounding to those who completely acknowledge God."

    Completely acknowledge God! - with no reservation!

    Let's all keep praying for Australia and for everybody - this is a world full of scared people who feel like they are being inundated by all kinds of unreal floods that seem so real to them. Let's all EXPECT GOOD RIGHT NOW!

  95. Thank you so much Beth for those very strong statements of absolute Truth, to help us counteract the media presentations of the floods in Australia and other freak weather conditions around the world. In addition to the verses from Psalms you shared with us I've been praying with this one from Job "He bindeth the floods from overflowing; " and from Isa "When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee;...". Last night as our CS Group didn't have a testimony meeting, three of us watched a lecture video by Marta Greenwood. She spoke of the balance and order of Principle and I've found that helpful in praying for our neighbours in Australia - Principle holds everything in perfect balance, neither too much nor too little. God's law is in operation right now, here and everywhere. Much love to all of you in Australia.

  96. Thank you, Beth, and all the responders, for reminding us about our role of seeing good expressed everywhere in the world. Today, as I read some of the comments, I found myself thinking of the "bands of Love" as all of us praying for Australia, each in our own way.

    It is interesting to note from the responsed how many of the Christian Science hymns are providing us with inspiration and hope: 172, 85, 148, 182, 254, 213. I thought: God, Spirit, is not in the waves, and nor is man, His image. And that made me think of another hymn - #12 "ABOVE all doctrine, form, or creed, is found the Truth, that meets your need."

    I'm grateful for all the bands of Love-thoughts from around the world that are reaching out with assurance, power, and presence. You are loved, Australia.

  97. Hi Beth and all the Daily Lift Team! I am so grateful for these lifts, which not only are inspirational, but make us aware of situations in other parts of the world which need our prayers. What a wonderful church community we have. Thank God for Christian Science!

  98. Dear Beth,
    yes, you are right - we will join hands and prayers and convictions about the onlyness anf supremacy of divine power. There just is no other power !
    "And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place (at special places = German Bible), and let the dry land appear; and it was so." - "Spirit, God gathers unformed thoughts into their proper channels, and unfolds these thoughts, ..." p.506
    Let us be very confident and convinced that creation is still the same, namely perfect. nothing less! For perfection is the natural state of divine creation. Because God is alllll Love!
    thank you for your strength !

  99. The message is so clear in all these responses. Love is present - individually expressed - by openning our heart and soul to God's mission each day. The seeming calamity in Australia is just one example of grounding our prayer around universal brotherhood. What an incredible outpouring of prayer and heartfelt care and concern. Certainly, something is working in a healing direction.

  100. I am weeping into my keyboard with humility and inspiration for this world wide outpouring of Love and Truth. The whole world will be blessed by these 'deep and consciencious protests of Truth'. Thank you all. And your expectations of 'God will is done' has been justified. When this Daily Lift was posted the expectation was for the highest flood levels in living memory, but then suddenly they started to get downgraded. When we woke this morning the peak had passed considerably down on what was expected and less than previous records. Many thousands of homes were spared.
    Still for many there has been great seeming loss and the recovery process almost overwhelming both personally and for the governing bodies. If I can ask for your continued prayers for a little while longer, I know my fellow Australians would greatly appreciate it.
    What further evidence do we need of the place and purpose of Christian Science in the world than this experience has shown. It is flourishing in the hearts of you all and the whole world fourishes because of your efforts. 'Well done good and faithful servants'.
    My love, gratitude and tears to you all

  101. Thank you Beth and all the lifters for their prayers as well. What came to me is a verse from Isaiah (Isa. 59:19) When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.

    Anything that seems overwhelming like these terrible floods or other "natural" catastrophes or mortal obtuseness really can have no power. God has already lifted up a law and said "Thus far and no further". I'm glad to learn more that Spirit aloneis substance and consciousness.

  102. What an absolutely great lift – thanks to dear Beth for these powerful thoughts to work with and all the great comments following. God IS man and all creatures life!
    “Christian Science is absolute; it is neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing towards
    it; it is at this point and must be practised therefrom.” Miscellany 242. 5- 7.

  103. What came to me when working for Australia were words from the Christian Science Hymnal - hymn number 71 " See, the streams of living waters, Springing from eternal Love, Well supply thy sons and daughters, And all fear of want remove, Who can faint while such a river Ever shall their thirst assuage, Grace which like the Lord, the giver, Never fails from age to age?" To me the living waters are God's promises actively loving and protecting each of His ideas - that grace, or gentle Christly thought is lifting his children above drowning thoughts of loss or damage which mortal sense would present. It simply has no power.

    God is Love, and Love is everywhere!

  104. Dear Beth, Thank you for sharing these inspiring and concise thoughts as to how to address the challenges facing Australia and indeed the world. The story of Noah springs to mind and how each person's consciousness needs to be like the ark! Your friends in Straford-on-Avon, UK are supporting your work for your community and country. Many people referred to this daily lift at our testimony meeting tonight. With Love and grateful thanks, Jules

  105. Dear Beth and your fellow Ozzies,
    Each of you is in the Ark. Your ark is "pitched within and without". So nothing--flood, wildfire, pandemic--can get in--because your ark is pitched "without". And nothing--floods of despair, torrents of hopelessness and helplessness--can get into your thought, because your ark is pitched "within". And everyone is in the ark--Mr. Noah, Mrs. Noah, and all the family of Noahs (including pets)!
    God's dear love give you the strength to stay above this thing.

  106. This is the sort of inspiration you will convey at Sumit. Thank you Beth.

  107. This is such a beautiful and powerful message, Beth, to help us better focus our prayers for your country and world-climate in general. The everpresent environment of divine Love is being glimpsed through the prayerful acknowledgement of God's allness by so many individuals.
    "Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer. From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I."
    Warm love to all.

  108. Thank you for that powerful and gentle message. I got the message this morning that God sends down blessings but that there is never any sorrow with those blessings. I have also been thinking about floods and drought as one and the same thing. We would not accept one type of disease over another because no one disease is more real than another. WE know that all disease is unreal and therefore unacceptable and to accept even a headache or some form of dis-eased matter would be to let it into our thinking and thus make it real. If we accept drought (lack) we must accept Flood (chaos). We must watch our thinking. No one type of weather is worse or better than another. Weather is material and has no power and does not control God's creation. Thank you for reminding me that God is All, that God is Life and that weather is not real and therfore nothing to fear. This extends to all weather conditions. God is not in the earthquake, wind, fire, flood, drought or even in the sunshine. He is All good and that is what sustains us and maintains us. We live in the atmosphere of Love -That principle is governing us and that Love is lifting us all and maintaing us all wherever we are. No material condition has dominion over us, WE have divine dominion over EVERY material condition.

  109. From the Northwest in the USA I send my love and prayers. When my children were young the neighbor had two girls from Australia staying with them , we took them for a movie with our children and had popcorn. they were the loveliest young girls, they are grown now, but I think of them from time to time and I know all will be well there in your country. God's love is greater and stronger than this . Christ Jesus stilled the storm at sea and all was calm.

  110. Thanks Beth for the wonderful uplifting thoughts and thanks to all lifters for their prayerful insights.
    Beverly Godsmith's artical on the spirituality.com website is brilliant too.
    The initial thoughts that came to me were that God sends us all His "showers of blessings", and only the "reign of Life Truth and Love" are the "flood-tides" that are in operation here and now.
    Regardless of the outward [sense] picture of events, just like when we pray in regard to healing, how the whole bodily picture changes as the thought is aligned with the divinely spiritual understanding of what is really true.
    We can expect no scars or adverse consequences.

  111. Thankyou Beth for uplifting thought. I am reminded of 1 Kings 11-12.
    "....but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake: 12 And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice."
    If the Lord is not in these so called natural phenomena then neither is man inundated


  113. I’ve been wondering how to do better metaphysical work on the floods. I was struggling for inspiration while juggling phrases like “flood tides of love” and “the waters are cleansed by stirring”, but still felt uneasy. When I went to the Wednesday evening testimony meeting, two things jumped out at me from the readings.

    First was the term “Living Waters” and I immediately corrected my thoughts about flood, damage, control, abnormal rain, swollen rivers, flow, etc. to realize Living Water expressed Life, God. Its activities can only provide blessing and harmony, not dangerous overflow, destruction or torrents. Water is a Spiritual blessing and is directed by God, “Thus far and no farther”.

    As I was wondering about how to direct or control this, the readings continued with the woman who had an issue of blood for 12 years. She touched the hem of Christ’s garment and the flow of blood was immediately stanched. The two ideas clicked together. Blood – Flood, Living waters, and controlled immediately. We don’t have to wait for a material condition to abate naturally, for evaporation, for drainage, for the rain to cease, for the level to recede or diminish slowly.

    We must expect, even demand immediate results for the destructive picture of water to stop and immediately comply with the harmonious, life giving mission God has assigned each of His ideas.

  114. Lord, Let your will be done in Australia. For You are Sovereign and we are not. We are trusting you. Let your Spirit pour out in this times like never before. In Jesus Name Amen!

  115. Declarations of Truth with Great Confidence! Thank you, Beth.

  116. Our church sends bushels of prayers and love to all in Queensland, including #25 Margaret, who sometimes calls in to our Wed. services in the USA.

    For me, the "life-giving mission God has assigned each of His ideas," to quote #113 Michael, is best expressed in an iconic photo of a Queensland dad who responded to his young son's tears by defying police orders and wading into the torrent to save a baby kangaroo from drowning. The scene of Ray Cole emerging from the water carrying the joey tenderly in his arms reminds me of the photo of firefighter David Tree gently holding the burned paw of a koala while giving her water from his bottle during the wildfires that raged in Victoria two years ago. (The news later reported that the koala, a female named Sam, recovered beautifully at a rescue center, with help from her new koala friend, Bob.)

    These little furry ones, their helpers and all people around the world heartened by such scenes are proof that God's ark ("the idea, or reflection, of Truth, proved to be as immortal as its divine Principle") is as present today as when the Lord assured Noah: "And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh. And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth" (Genesis 9:15-17).

  117. Thank you Beth for your confident affirmations of the Truth. It is very moving to read of the outpouring of love and prayers from all around the world for the people affected by the floods. I thought of Mary Baker Eddy's words in Science and Health "Adhesion, cohesion and attraction are properties of Mind. They belong to divine Principle, and support the equipoise of that thought-force, which launched the earth in its orbit and said to the proud wave 'thus far and no farther' ". (p. 124) We need to stop thinking of our country as "a land of droughts and flooding rains" (from Dorothea Mackellar's "My Country") and know it is governed by divine Mind's unfailing equipoise or equilibium - a perfectly balanced earth. The TV news has frequently reported the wonderful courage, calm and resilience being expressed by the people of Queensland, and they can also be responsive to Mind's ideas for rebuilding and restoring.

  118. Thank you 116 for sharing the rescue of the baby kangaroo. I have so been praying for the safety not only of people but for all the creatures, great and small, to know that they reflect divine intelligence to move to safer places, each one is watched over cared for by God, have been constantly putting them in a mental Ark of “safety” . “God is the Life, or intelligence, which forms and preserves the individuality and identity of animals as well as of men. “ Science and Health 550. 7 – 9.

  119. Thanks to #65, dear friend - for your excellent summary !!!

  120. All our prayers are effective. The news reported the flood waters did not get as high as expected. But we're still needed to keep clear that Mind/Truth is in complete control. I love you all -- and thanks, Beth, for engaging the world in this prayerful watch.

  121. Beth, thank you for sharing your healing, prayerful thought. I've always been grateful for the comforting truth that that says there can be no backward step in God's kingdom. Good reigns and blesses all. May the showers of God's blessings comfort and heal.

  122. Very profound! Thank you for this insightful message as we pray for Australia! God is Life and nothing is more powerful than Him and his Love for His children!

  123. My prayers are with you and all.
    friends in West Virginia USA

  124. Thank you for sharing this beautiful way that we can all pray about the floods.

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