4/19: Persistence wins

4/19: Persistence wins

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  1. TY

  2. "Persistence and confidence are crucial", I call this, a change of attitude. When I change my attitude from the point of view of a victim or incapable of doing something, then I remember who's image I am and that empowers me: I AM GOD'S IMAGE. Then Mrs. Eddy's words become a reality. "There is nothing difficult nor toilsome in this task, when the way is pointed out; but self-denial, sincerity, Christianity, and persistence alone win the prize, as they usually do in every department of life." (462:15)

    "La persistencia y la confidencia son cruciales", yo a esto lo llamo, un cambio de actitud. Cuando yo cambio mi actitud de un punto de vista de víctima o de incapáz de hacer algo, entonces recuerdo de quién soy imagen y eso me fortifica: YO SOY LA IMAGEN DE DIOS. Entonces las palabras de la Sra. Eddy se hacen realidad, "Nada hay de difícil ni penoso en esa tarea, cuando se ha señalado el camino; pero sólo la abnegación, la sinceridad, el cristianismo y la persistencia ganan el premio, como generalmente lo hacen en todas las actividades de la vida." (S&H 462:17)

  3. What a helpful analogy - thanks!!!

  4. Yay persistence! This music works so well with the theme!

  5. Thank you Christine. Persistence does win.

  6. Thanks so much, Christine. This was a very timely message for me today :).

  7. Lovely Lift Christine, Patience and persistence certainly are qualities we
    all need. When it seems that a problem is taking forever to work out, I
    like to think of a tiny drop of water splashing on a stone, eventually
    makes the stone smooth, so as we persist in knowing what is true the
    solution must come. So it is with all world problems, we might feel that
    our prayers can't make much difference in a world which seems at times
    to be spinning out of control, but with every right thought that goes out
    there, it is making a difference and gradually will break down all false
    beliefs until they will disappear. Mrs Eddy tells us this over and over again, one such reminder is on page 248 of Science and Health lines 25-32.

  8. Thank you !

    As I was working on a very difficult proposal for a case study that was due tomorrow night I realized that all of my persistence and not giving up or giving into limitations is what helped me complete the paper. At times I felt like giving up. I literally couldn't see the end of the finish line. When I calmed my anxious thoughts about all the distractions and put God first, the ideas came consistently to finish the paper in a timely manner. I will remember to be expectant of good and never give up!

    Lawrenceville, Georgia

  9. this is an excellent one - thank you - expectation speeds are progress &.
    Keeping thought on God and not the challenge.

  10. thanks for the middle

  11. Thank you, for this Lift. It did just that!

  12. Great observation, Christine. Just what I needed. And looking forward to your jointly sponsored lecture in May in Utah!

  13. Loved it thank you so much

  14. This is a great Lift, Christine! I ran every day from 50 through to past 60. There were 15 Half Marathons and a full length marathon, as well as triathlon and countless 10km runs in there. It was the greatest fun and of course all the other women in the group I ran against were much younger. Not necessarily faster! There were times when young people started to lose heart and slow down or stop, and I would offer them my hand, which they always accepted, and started to run again, and finished! What a time for helping each other, for extending love, and great joy all along the route. My medals are in a case on the wall. And yes, the thought of that steady training as well as consistent study of the Daily Lesson, persistence and perseverance has helped immeasurably when I'm tempted to slow down with my praying. . .

  15. Christine, Thank you. The strength of our persistence is measured by the depth of our spiritual understanding.

  16. Thanks Christine ,,, how right you are!!

  17. Christine thank you for your thoughts.

  18. Thanks, Christine, for your uplifting thought and great approach to our every day challenges. Greetings from Tokyo.

  19. I love the thought that even if we cannot see the finishing line, we know its there. Mrs Eddy writes that "perfection underlies reality", - this is both the finishing line and the starting position! Expectancy and demonstration! All-in-all! As we persist in the Truth of being we feel the all encompassing Love that says "Not round the corner, but here and now!" Thank you Christine for that lovely reminder and promise of good.

  20. Thank you for this daily lift. I am thankful for Mary Baker Eddy's persistence to learn the Truth and share the Truth. She is a winner! I, too have received the cross and crown...and will keep going the distance in seeing the Truth and sharing the Truth to all in my path of Life. I have experienced the doubt, you were referring too. But I have to "keep on Trucking" because every Christian Scientist is a Winner...that I know for sure!

  21. Uplifting thought. First one I have received and I look forward to many more.
    Staying focused on God. Great thank you so much.

  22. Thank you so much; I'm rejoicing in persistence and expecting victory.

  23. Thank you Christine for a powerful thought for the day. So encouraging and thuth filled.

  24. Thanks very much Christine. I needed to hear this today. Thanks for meeting my need.

  25. So True..Thanks Chistine. Runners find that just as they think they are running out of energy they are energized anew as if passing through a cloud into clear light and they find their pace and comfort zone. So it is when working for a healing and you find the sudden clarity of consciousness and know all is well.

  26. Thank you, Christine,, again a great lift. If I may add to what helps to succeed, from what I observed when our children ran track, c/c, and road races, don't look back to see where others are. That slows you down and adds to your stress. One has to persist with what they do, not because of what others are doing. Another thing I've learned from spiritual healing, is persistence in trying is better than giving up, but persistence in knowing and insisting on what you know is the truth, and why that should bring healing is best of all. In a race, the runner that knows they can run the distance is more likely to succeed, than one who tries to keep going, not sure if they can. A word of encouragement to the slower runners also fits the purpose of this spiritual race lift. It can seem the one who finishes 1st has done the most, but I've thought of the finishers far behind my children (not always 1st either). They demonstrate endurance. To keep up a tough pace (for them) for so many more minutes, some races for more than an hour, even hours longer than the medal winners, may be the most impressive runs of all. These slower runners endure extended physical stress, heat, cold, or maybe rain. If our healings don't seem as instantaneous as others in Christian Science, they deserve admirable credit for endurance and persistence. They're just as much a role model as the faster ones. Realizing this can ward off discouragement, and other negative thoughts, sealing success. Don't let those ahead bring thoughts of doubt, discouragement, and defeat. A testimony is just as precious whether instant healing or one involving persistence, and enduring what that puts you through with lessons learned, and spiritual growth advanced. . I have wonderful testimonies of both kinds, and healing was equally meaningful, both proving Mind, Love, God is All-in-all and meets our needs.

  27. Thank you. :)

  28. Thanks Christine: Persistence is always the key to a goal,whatever it is. What w learn along the way is why we persist.

  29. I can never have enough of this topic! Thanks for your clear message, Christine, and for fortifying my own inspirational thoughts.

  30. With persistence comes confidence, with confidence comes assurance of victory. Let us all awake, awake, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

  31. Thank you Christine, for your message of "stay the course and you will win". With each win or demonstration we have the courage and confidence to tackle the next task. We will persist and win today.

  32. Thanks for starting our week with such a great topic, Christine. :) And it brought to my thought an old saying, "persistence wins the prize." The goal for those of us who love being student's of the Christ, Science, is learning the truth of who we really are as "beloved children of an all-loving God, who made each one of His children in His image and likeness, perfect, healthy, whole, free." And that true identity which belongs to each and everyone of us can be restored to us today....when we persist...and "never give up!" :)

  33. Wonderful reminder. For years, since my first Personal Computer, I have used "persist" in some combination with numbers as my "password". In my days in business, with all of the challenges and ups and downs, using "persist" as a password and entering into the computer time after time has been a constant reminder that I need to Keep on Keepin' on" regardless of the situation. I love the very strong motivation and promise that PERSISTING brings to thought.

    And I solemnly promise to watch, and PERSIST!!!!

  34. Christine, I so appreciated your lift for this day. There was so much inspiration to keep on, keeping on. You were the cheering section for those that need encouragement. Thank you!

  35. Just a big THANK YOU.

  36. Thank you, Christine, for this inspiring Lift!

  37. Thank you Christine for doing what you do. As usual, this is very timely for me and gives me a boost to trust in God and continue with seeing my true current identity.

  38. Thanks so much, Christine, and everyone. Such helpful comments for me today.

  39. TY Christine..wonderful Lift !!!!!

  40. When I was an advertising representative for The Christian Science Monitor I saw this on a church bulletin one day: "Failure is the line of least persistence." This spurred me on and I finished selling advertising space on a two page spread in color. I realized that I could not fail as long as I persisted in doing what I needed to do.
    Thank you, Christine, for reminding me of this great lesson.

  41. thank u:)

  42. Thank you, yes we can do what ever is necessary to do with God's help.

  43. very helpful for me today..many on going physical challenges have tried to scare me, and keep my thought focused on those things, rather than on gratitude...Although it seems at times to feel grateful in the middle of a challenge, doing so lifts your thought above the problem into the grander view. Thank you so much "Let us run with patience the race that is set before us."

  44. Thanks Christine--very nice, inspiring, true and helpful.

    I ran way before it was fashionable to run--ran everywhere all of the time. I recall that just as "you can't go any further" tried to infiltrate my thinking, I would know it was just a ploy to stop my exuberance and expression of Life. When I persisted in spite of the mental resistance (sometimes reviewing the Lord's Prayer or other blessed verses as I ran), a wonderful sense of physical freedom and joy would follow--lightness in my step and a feeling of unstoppable-ness. Some referred to it as "second wind," but I came to expect it as an expression of God with me.

  45. Thanks so much for the reminder that persistence needs to be accompanied with expectation. Another word for persistence is tenacity, a trait I have been credited with. But, I sometimes fall short of expectation which seems to be lacking when a problem goes on and on and on and no progress is evident. I remain hopeful, but you have pointed out that this isn't enough. I have to expect success and you have inspired me - thanks!

  46. Thank you Christine for addressing a very relevant subject in today's world. "Keep your thought on the higher goal [of Spirit] of glorifying God...". Mrs Eddy writes, "This goal is never reached while we hate our neighbor...." (S&H page 560:15)

  47. Thank you so much, Christine.
    My take on racing, contests of any kind............every one experience is character building.........a form of excellence for everyone taking part. I feel God'd hand in my experiences (on the concert platform in my individual case). It's all about performing FOR God and His glory. Achievement? of course, that's God's lifting up..

    Must comment on how fresh each response is to the Daily Lift, making ti a must of mine to read them! Thank you everyone, with my love.

  48. This was a very helpful Lift to receive today. I founded and formed a company last year. Seems a tough time to try to do such a thing and to garner money. We are operating as difficult as it sometimes seems. Just this morning before hearing this Lift, the thought came that if we cannot garner money we should consider closing. But then I heard this Lift and I realized that I must continue to persist and have confidence in the matter. It is and was afterall, God's idea to form the company and so He will surely see it through.

    Heartfelt thanks!

  49. Thanks so much, Christine. We are enlightened and out of the shadows when we keep the goal always before us - eternal life, healing fear and not worrrying.

  50. Thanks, Christine, for this reminder. Along with listening, expectation is such an important element of prayer.

  51. Somehow the clapping doesn't fit.

  52. This lift is awesome beyond words. Many thanks to Christine and all the folks who make this great inspirational tool possible.

  53. Thanks for the great inspiring morning Lift! Running isn't my thing, but I can sure relate it to walking up hills, and knowing that I'll get home. Indeed, persistance is needed in every area of life.

  54. Thank you Christine. What a great thought for any situation.

  55. Thank you!

  56. Thanks, Christine. It's great to always know that in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" Mary Baker Eddy says,"God rests in action". (page 519:25) Also, "No exhaustion follows the action of this Mind,"
    When I feel like fatigue will win out in a prolonged task, it's not so if my commitment to God is total. i have a pact with my Father/Mother, if i commit then i complete. There is no prize better than pleasing God.

  57. Thank you so much, Christine.....just what I needed to hear. And thanks also to JS, #26 for more encouragement!
    I do have a problem with these Lifts.....I can't delete them! They're wonderful & I want to save them all so I can listen to them again. Thank you, DL staff!

  58. Be expectant and consistent and Mary Baker Eddy tells us we will be the victor!

  59. Thanks so much--just what I needed.

  60. Perfect-O! Muchas gracias, Christine. I read an inspiring religious article in the Christian Science Monitor 2008 on the day of the Boston Marathon, "The Marathon's Larger Lessons". It inspired me to take up running. I have loved all the spiritual qualities it demands and developes, as you pointed out. Great think time, new lessons daily, and definitely all to the glory of God, body and spirit. But there was a hard fall one day that temporarily stopped that forward motion. When the running was resumed, as I knew it would be, the joy and vitality are even greater and the determined conviction that my goal in life is achievable daily. God is my ultimate Life and Love and always wins. Thanks so much for this timely reminder for us all.

  61. The proverbial light bulb went off in my thought when you linked persistence with confidence. Yes, I have been persistent, but often it's a head down, dogged persistence. But this lovely reminder to be confident as well, has just lifted my head, squared my shoulders, given me a refreshing inhale, and spread a smile across my face. And I remember one of the Psalmist's prayers, asking God to restore the JOY of salvation.

    Amen, and thank you!!

  62. Christine has given me two wonderful ideas to guide my day: "Spend your time glorifying God; and being grateful!" They are a beacon, every moment leading away from anxious or self-filled thoughts.

  63. Moving , healing, or running with God, good is expressed in this by Mary Baker Eddy on page 447 of Science and Health "The recuperative action of the system, when mentally sustained by Truth, goes on naturally."

  64. Dean George Griffin, cross-country coach at Georgia Tech, had good advice for us when we became exhausted during a race: "Just keep falling forward and catching yourself." Persistence is so essential. Mary Baker Eddy quotes in Pulpit and Press:

    "What if the little rain should say,
    'So small a drop as I
    Can ne'er refresh a drooping earth,
    I'll tarry in the sky."

    Yes, when we refuse to be discouraged and keep falling forward we can do whatever is required.

  65. Persistance with confidence, TY Christine for lending me your hand to lift up and move forward. And to J.S. I so needed to hear that the slower runners/healers are just as impressive as the fast runners/healers. I run run on with joy til the race is finished and God's glory seen and demonstrated.

  66. I heard recently that persistence is a synonym for success.

  67. What a delight to finish my e-mail and find your daily lift with its promise of victory, Christine. I love all the comments. Thank you Graham for the thought that perfection underlying reality is both the finishing line and starting position. Our SPIRITUAL race isn't linear and the finish line isn't a far off place - although the end isn't in sight it is often seen instantly around the "corner of thought." The instantaneous healings I've experienced were a huge spiritual moment of awe, but so much growth in understanding has come from the ones that required a period of "deep think." I am grateful for all. And the ultimate aim of our composite demonstration is achievement of higher understanding and the clearer perception it brings. It need not be arduous or painful. When that goal is before us, it can be "sweet, calm, and bouyant with hope" as Mrs. Eddy said hers was. I stand on tiptoe today in expectation of the next spiritual insight. Smiles from California.

  68. 48 -I hear you. At one time I "lost' a husband, a family business, had 2 children to support, 2 mortgages and a car payment and no job in that order. I took a job I found through a member of our church at below minimum wage, but there was always enough to get through each month. I found that the "amount of money" (like the loaves and fishes) was not as important as being active and being persistent. I found another job making more money and finally a job which compensated me in proportion to my education (MS degree.)

    Fifteen years ago, I started a business and took a part-time job until the business could get going. Again the principle of doing something-being active without being concerned about the "amount" of money worked quite well and after 10 years my business was so successful, I had to retire early because I could not keep up with the number of clients.

    Your business is a success now and you are seeing that persistence is the only real cause.

    My best to you.

  69. Thank you for your very helpful message. Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health page 426 lines 5--8: The discoverer of Christian Science finds the path less difficult when she has the high goal always before her thoughts, than when she counts her footsteps in endeavoring to reach it. I am grateful for comments shared as well.

  70. What a great "Lift" - now I'm soaring! Thank you for a much-needed boost.

  71. Thanks, Christine! A practical analogy for many of us - and helpful!

  72. Thank you Christine - Before I became a Christian Scientist, I needed a physical healing. God led me to a CS Practitioner. My Practitioner told me between prayer and my "persistence" not to believe what appeared to be so true, I could be healed! I was, completely and permantely over 5 years ago! I thank God today I am a Christian Scientist.

  73. I'm late listening to your lift today Christine but so glad I finally got to it. Wow, so helpful-really needed the boost. I am so deeply grateful for all the beautiful lift comments and ideas! Expect to reach the finish line!! Thanks!

  74. That is one of my favorite learnings I´ve got with my Christian Science study - to persist no matter what it takes!
    Sometimes we feel sort of overwhelmed with so many tasks that we wonder if we will succed, but I´ve learned that we must act right away, one at time, instead of thinking about the difficulties a given task may bring and if we really can manage it.
    In Philippians 4:13 we read:
    "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."
    I used to have this citation stuck on my cabinet mirror for a long, long time and it did help me through the years and on.
    Thank you very much, Christine for the reminder!

  75. Zoweee! Great Christine! Persistence and loving expectation pave the way for victory! "Persistence wins the prize", our Leader says.

  76. Thinking of "Truth's volume" to-day and how it is ever-present and heard e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. And can't be diminished.

    So I started in Exodus 5
    where God first tells Moses that he and Aaron need to tell Pharoah to release the children (of Israel) from being servants. God even tells Moses that Pharoah won't hearken/listen to him initially. It isn't until
    Exodus 12
    that Pharoah releases them. Only after Moses has PERSISTENTly (and in obedience to God) told Pharoah to release the children, does Pharoah eventually release them. Moses even told Pharoah upfront what each consequence would be (to his land of Egypt) if Pharoah was not obedient.

    Not Pharoah's persistence, but rather Moses' persistence triumphs!

    Because the power of God's Love is blessing Moses' efforts."Charity never faileth..." I Cor 13:8. Love always wins!

    Love your lift, to-day, Christine, supported with Scriptural authority in this and other Bible stories.

  77. We can do all things through Christ, which strengthens us!

  78. Very grateful for the reminder to be persistent and stay focused on the goal. Good always wins - remembering this we will always know why we never ever should give up or give in to discouragement.
    Thank you very, very much!

  79. Persistence - claiming the receptivity to the Christ in order to see the finish line right at the start line.

  80. Christine, that was beautiful and it helped a lot!
    I used to jog long distances and I too noticed it you keep focused on the goal and gratitude for goodness, and do not focus on tiredness etc. you can do things you thought you couldn't!!!

  81. What a wonderful message to start the week off with. Mondays seem to be my big day of work---changing beds, cleaning bathroom and laundry, but these Daily Lifts keep me going, knowing that God is with me and directing my path and loving me all the way.

  82. For putting persistence and confidence together, and for all the inspiring comments...I thank you!
    The confidence that inspired me to continue for nine years in a children's non-violence presentation was a one line prayer/question from a Christian Science lecturer: "Lord, what is Your higher vision of Your divine intent for me to-day?"
    That prayer, asked before each class, brought the perfect Mind to every session.
    God answered that prayer, because I truly gave each child back to him. To see the children respond with a willingness to try a better way gave me the confidence to back the next day....and the next...day after day.

  83. This morning during my exercise routine my plea to Almighty God was to"enable me to practice Christian Science." There are many things which are incomprehensible to me.However, "persistence wins" is the most applicable sentence of encouragement for my spiritual pilgrimage.Gracias,merci,thanks.

    God bless......Patrick

  84. I am awe-struck. I actually listened to this Lift on Tuesday morning in our part of the world - just ahead of the working day. The message could not have been more timely for me. I am so grateful, Christine, for your words. I am also so grateful for the on-going blessings of these Daily Lifts. It is a great thing that The Mother Church has brought to us. Thank you so much - we have so much to be thankful for in our progressive learning about God as a result of teachings of Mary Baker Eddy.

  85. Thank you for cheering us on. And especially for # 82, for persistent love for the children of this world- a high goal indeed. Bless you, and all who see their brothers's need and meet it.

  86. Thank you so very much. This is just the message I needed to hear.

  87. Great start for the week! Thank you.

  88. Thank you ALL for your inspiring thoughts--all angels from our heavenly Father...what a gift we have in our Christian Science movement, all pilgrims loving and supporting eachother along the way. Thank you Walda for the one line prayer/question. Along with the original lift, that was the answer to my need. I'm so grateful that I persisted to the end in reading all of the comments today!!

  89. 51, couldn't the clapping encourage one to persist? And when one does, as Mrs. Eddy says: "Persistance alone wins the prize?" Thus the end results is happiness for success as it certainly was for the runners and for those of us persisting to reach our goal, whatever it may be. Just a thought. This came to me, while reading these lovely thoughts from God's ideas, and listening again to Christine's "Uplift" for today.

  90. I was able to read this daily lift this morning. I thought about keeping the high goal of glorifying God as the best motive to have. A little while later, someone asked me for directions in a place that I'd been lost in before.
    I liked the idea of persistence with confidence also. Confidence that God supplies what we need as Jesus proved with the loaves and fishes (Matthew 15:33-38). I can humbly, expectantly and confidently turn to God as a present day disciple. "....whatever blesses one, blesses all, as Jesus showed with the loaves and fishes, --- Spirit, not matter, being the source of supply."(S&H, p. 206) What a perfect business model. Since the source is infinite good, the outcome is infinite goodness. There isn't any lack since ideas can't run out.
    The idea behind the newspaper that Mrs. Eddy founded(The Christian Science Monitor) is "to spread undivided the Science that operates unspent."
    Thanks also for the music which perked me up.

  91. What lovely motivation! Thank you. I'm on the National Leadership Council for teens and this will help me when I'm working on my goals!

  92. Wow, I've always had to work on NOT building up expectations, but this is a much better focus...to expect good. Thanks for the reminder! Expectations are GREAT, they just need to be directed towards the "higher goal of glorifying God." Thanks again for steering me back to that place today!

  93. Wow! Such a great lift! Thank you!

  94. Great gratitude to you Tina for the reminder that persistence wins the victory, every time.
    Lori, #76, I appreciate the reference to Moses obedience and his persistence. He listened and the people were free. It is important to continue to listen to God.

  95. Thank you very much. I am an athlete and owe all my success to persistence in applying the study of Christian Science to my everyday efforts to achieve my goals.

  96. sometimes we are not even aware that we are about to reach our and thats the time we give up. during my college days i join the 5 km run but when i was left among the pack of runners i quit. after i quit others followed too. when the race ended only 2 were left. it was then that i realized i should have gotten 2nd or 3rd place if i did not quit the race. the race was crucial because it would decide the championship in the intrams.

    Thanks for the daily lift cause it reminds us again the importance of persistence in every aspect of our lives.

  97. Thanks so much for this daily lift. It had so much meaning for both my husband and I who listened to it in the Athletes Village awaiting to run the Boston Marathon. What a glorious day it was going out and reflecting God and feeling his love for all the runners, spectators and volunteers. We were also able to share this lift with other runners sitting around us. It truly was an uplifting day.

  98. Thank you for this uplifting thought!

  99. What a great thought for today, I used to think I was a failure when my wife walked out of my life, it took years to over come this but when I did i went on with my life and then I met Susan, God had given me a 2nd chance and this is even beeter more loving than before so as we are told today persistance is the answer, there are no failure with God

  100. Persistently keep your thought on God's Good Will and persistently let go of Your Will and you will find all in harmony. Thank you for this inspiring lift!

  101. :)
    Thank you, Christine. This is amazing!

  102. very helpful to hear what we need to do to be closer to Truth.

  103. Thank you Christine!

  104. Admirable writing.

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