2/8: Parrot talk

2/8: Parrot talk

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  1. Perfect! I loved this one. Merci beaucoup, Marie (and thank you, Shannon, for your reading)!

  2. Thank you for those extremely uplifting thoughts.

  3. Love today’s music, Nate!
    What a great way to explain it, error is just a lying parrot! It repeats itself in many negative ways just to confuse us. I have many "parrots", my mirror is one of them, but now I know it lies! My pocketbook is another one that tells me that I am not cared for by God. And the numbers at the gas station repeat, "I'm unreachable you can't go here or there"
    I often need to repeat to myself that God could have chosen me to be a puppy, or a flower, even a parrot, but instead, divine wisdom have chosen me to be His image and likeness, therefore I am loved and care for.
    I reflect God, good itself and never, under no circumstance should feel separated from God -and this includes everyone of His children.
    Me encanta tu música de hoy, Nate!
    ¡Qué gran manera de explicarlo, el error es sólo un loro mentiroso!
    Se repite a sí mismo en muchas maneras negativas sólo para confundirnos. Yo tengo muchos "loros", mi espejo es uno de ellos, pero ahora sé que es mentiroso! Mi cartera es otra que me dice que no estoy cuidada por Dios. Y los números en la gasolinera repiten, "Yo soy inalcanzable no puedes ir aquí o allá"
    Tengo que repetirme seguido a mí misma que Dios podría haber elegido que yo sea un cachorro, una flor, hasta un loro, pero en cambio, la sabiduría divina decidió que yo sea Su imagen y semejanza, por lo tanto soy amada y cuidada.
    Yo reflejo a Dios, el bien mismo, y nunca, bajo ninguna circunstancia, debo sentirme separada de Dios-y esto incluye a cada uno de sus hijos.

  4. Thank you, Marie. Your story certainly puts lying suggestions where they belong. It reminds me of the admonition, "But bear in mind a serpent said that." ( Mis. 196:11) Knowing the source removes any fear or the temptation to believe the lie. Who would believe a talking snake or a funny parrot!

  5. How Great! So fun to hear at 2:58 in the morning to carry with me all day long. No Parrot Talk for me. Thank you!

  6. Your lift, Marie, is a good reminder that whenever we listen to thoughts (initiated by ourselves or another) that report an unlovely, unnatural condition attached to us (a disease, a character flaw, inability to pray, limited income, a broken friendship), we can chalk up those thoughts to parrot-like ERROR, which prattles on and on with one long-nosed Pinocchio lie after another.

    Of course, the real parrot, a bird-child of divine Truth, never intentionally lies. And as a bird-spring of divine Love, the real parrot can never knowingly be cruel.

    I regularly visit a parrot who resides in a hardware store close to my house. He hasn't called me names, but neither has he joined with me in singing "Brood o'er us with Thy shelt'ring wing" or reciting the Lord's Prayer! I'm thinking that when he's alone at night he practices both.

    Maybe someday he'll surprise a store clerk with "God is with me, gently o'er me are His wings of mercy spread" or startle a customer with "There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind, and its infinite manifestation for God is All-in-all."

    Hacksaw may not be free to fly about physically, as parrots are designed to do, but I have to trust he's gaining in spiritual altitude as the result of our little prayer powwows. If he understands nothing else, he knows that "God made all His creatures free; Life itself is liberty; God ordained no other bands than united hearts and hands" [and claws]. :-)

    <strong>Moderator's note:</strong>
    "Brood o'er us..." from Christian Science Hymnal, Hymn 30
    "God is with me,..." from Hymn 81
    "There is no life, truth,..." from <em>Science and Health</em> by Mary Baker Eddy, page 468:9
    "God made all..." from Hymn 83

  7. Thank you Marie, and your translator, for that inspiring lift, Yes, that "we all shall shine in the world", "God is thy sun, and Christ thy light, \Be thou a steadfast ray.". (Christian Science Hymnal #14)

  8. This helped me not be so impressed by something I discovered earlier that seemed pretty scarey. Thank you. I feel reassured that the material senses can't fool me with their suggestions. A parrot doesn't seem scarey even if it says something insulting. It even seems innocent..this is really helping me a lot. Thank you.

  9. Another good analogy to share with Sunday School students. Thank you Marie.

  10. Thank you. Just brilliant. x

  11. What a good message. God shines through us and we are cherished. There is nothing better than that! Thank you Marie and Shannon.

  12. Thank you for this happy story! Lovely to share with young ones who so easily and readily understand analogies and parables over complicated explanations! I loved the little child at the end reading the 'voiceover' - more children reading I wonder? ....I'm off to clean the parrot cage...

  13. Thank you for this Lift Marie, and thank you, too, Shannon for the translation. Lifters will remember when I told them of an encounter with a dog next door to my daughter's home. This dog had listened to too many false messages about dogs and anger and aggression. But God told the dog it was a perfect spiritual idea, and its whole life was changed in that instant. She became Beth, and comes down to visit when I'm at my daughter's home. Yesterday when I was going home she came to me at my car and stood across my legs allowing me to pat and stroke and hug her. My daughter's partner said to his father "This dog used to give Margaret a hard time, but something happened and look at her now." God spoke to the dog and the dog knew the words were real.
    Thank you BoL for these wonderful Daily Lifts, and many thanks to all the Lifters for their contributions which become part of our life.

  14. Marie, Merci beaccup,Thank you,Ngiya bonga[Zulu].Having all my life thought of myself in[parrot talk] as a struggling lacking mortal, to have awaken through the study of Christian Science to my true identity as the child of God "spiritual millionaire"is awesome, no more listening to"big nose" parrot talk.With love and gratitude,from Cape Town South Africa.Nomvula kaMswasimbane.

  15. Thanks Marie!
    What a great way to think about that idea of standing porter at the door. :)
    so grateful for these lifts. :)

  16. thanks for comment #3 and #13. This is a break through of mortal mind and wonderfully illustrated. I am so grateful for this service of daily lifts and for it's healing message around the globe.

  17. The title and the Llift made me smile :) Have a great day! Thank you.

  18. So beautiful and clear! Thank you, from a big kid =)

  19. Merci Marie (and translator):
    The image you chose (the parrot) is something that I will use when I hear my own parrot talk. I am grateful for this Lift today!: very, very useful.

  20. God's voice is not in the destructive earthquake, the howling wind, the ferocious fire, OR the chattering, even squawking “parrots.” We can clearly hear His “still, small voice,” simply, naturally, consistently, which is the true nature, health, and purpose of man. Thank you for today’s fun, yet powerful lift.

  21. Thank you so much for such a brilliant spiritual lesson!!!!
    And thank you, Nate, for your joyful words every morning!!!

  22. Thank you for today's lift, just what I needed to hear. A joyful way to look at myself and others and see what is really true. Thanks Marie!

  23. Perfecto...............muchas gracias a los que mantienen el daily lift en actividad, es un grand bien para toda la humanidad


  25. Thank you so very much,Marie,we all from time to time feel like we have a pirrot talking to us.Today,your lift is just what I need to remember that I m never alone
    in any kind of situation.
    Thank you again.

  26. Thank you so much for this lift.....it's just what I needed this morning! These daily lifts are such a blessing!

  27. Thank you for reminding us of how much we are loved by God and what is true about ourselves.

  28. Thanks!! So good!! We ain't believin' no lyin' parrots!!

    I love that story and it makes me think of what I refer to frequently in the Bible as a reminder to question the "speaker". In Genesis 3 God was talking to Adam in the Garden of Eden.... "And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked?"

    I ask myself, who is telling me about this problem, situation, occurrence. I find that the speaker is mortal mind acting as ventriloquist using my voice and thought. It helps me realize that it isn't God speaking. Also helps me to avoid being a "parrot" and blindly repeating things to others without considering the truth of the statements.

  29. How great it was to hear that cheerful voice at the end of this very inspiring Lift. That parrot, or animal magnetism, or error however it may present itself is always a lie that we can refuse to believe it and just listen for the still small voice from God which is always telling us what is true.

  30. Thank you Marie and all the Daily Lifters who contribute..so very uplifting ..this is a good and easy one to recall. Thank you!

  31. Thanks, Marie! Just Delightful! Tres Bien! Merci! Love the child-like innocence of the whole Lift! So grateful that all of you out there are Christian Scientists and are praying and thinking rightly for everyone and the world! Thank you from a Grateful Heart!

  32. Wonderful way to start the day 2day; many thanks, Marie; have a terrific Tuesday, all

  33. Thank you! Sometimes I kind of get carried away by the negative drive, but this is so inspiring and backtracks me directly to the right path! :)

  34. Thank you for this Lift. Yes we do need to remember that we are all God's perfect ideas. Nothing more--nothing less.

  35. I loved this lift. I'll use it in Sunday School too. Great idea!

  36. Thank you very much for this perfect lift. It's just what I needed to hear for today. We can laugh at error's suggestions just as we can laugh at the parrot! Great thought to keep in mind as we go through the day.

  37. Thank you Marie for this inspiring lift. And thank you Shannon for your uplifting translation &amp; delivery. Thank you all!!

  38. A lovely,Love-filled lift. I thank you. Everything is spiritual. And perfect. Thank you God for making it that way.

  39. Thank you. This surely helps.

  40. This Lift was so clear to me :) Thank you!!!!

  41. Thank you, Marie, and Shannon, too!
    How wonderful that we can recognize the lie, and know the truth about ourselves, always!

  42. Thanks so much. Wonderful message, always a great reminder of who we are and that goes for everyone else too. Thanks to the staff for continuous, inspiring, healing lifts.

  43. Like the idea of parrot-talk, for although these suggestions often appear in our own thought, they never come from within us but are oft-repeated world beliefs in something beside good, asking for our acceptance. Just mortal mind's constant parade of illusive suggestions, which have no power or reality of their own. So we don't have to react and take the bait!

  44. Thank you Marie and Shannon!

  45. Thanks for the translation. Salut.

  46. Merci Marie This is a good one for me today,The sooner we recognize the eroneous lie ie parrot and replace it with the powerful realization that God loves us,guides us and protects us,we are free....Have a good one lifters

  47. I will share this one with my Sunday School students. Merci!

  48. Wonderful ! Thank you!

  49. Exactly what I needed. Thanks, All. Don't take the parroted false claims personally and don't accept it as a diagnosis of others.

    It also relates to how mortal mind might try to tempt us to merely parrot the words from our Master and Leader, or previous healing truths that we experienced as healings, instead of having the Truth and Love sing its own fresh inspiration and authority meeting the current need. Too often empty parroted words of truth are allowed to take the place of Truth speaking freshly and powerfully. CS treatment is not parroting a mantra of magical words to change matter/mortals. Our saying it does not make it true, the Truth makes us say it and LIVE/LOVE it. Or silences us so words don't interfere.

    This lift also fits with an online chat about PTSD causing repetitive, ineffective thinking, or parrot talking/walking, we can reverse and replace with repeatedly staying trustingly loyal and grateful for a simple truth with power over, and waking us from, the nightmare or fantasy.

  50. Thanks for the reminder to challenge the mortal voices that would put us down. It reminds me of a poem a dear elder once shared with me when I was feeling put down:
    "When mortal mind speaks,
    And lifts its hydra head,
    We don't have to listen
    Because nothing's been said."

    Anybody know the author of that poem?

  51. My heart felt light listening to your lift today Thank you Marie

  52. The marvelous examples of how to apply God's wonderful ideas by our lifters just proves there is a limitless supply of God's healing truths for us to use, prove, with healing results. Never give up accepting the truth about ourselves as God's dearly beloved children held in healing embraces.

  53. Merci bien Marie; ce'st la verite!! I love it!!!

  54. When it seems like the evil parrot (Mortal Mind) never shuts up, try sticking a big love cracker in its mouth. Thanks for a another reminder to accept only the Truth.

  55. Marie AND Shannon:
    Delivery of this succinct, healing message was outstanding! I feel more than filled full for a very busy day. Thanks a bunch to you both. (You too, Nate!) Also, #49 Gary from Nanaimo for your poem. Don't want to leave out that wee, sweet voice at the end.

  56. "Big nose. Big nose. Big nose." No matter how often it is said, or by whom, or when, or why, it is never true about me. Or anyone.

    Oh, I LIKE that.

    Thank you, one and all, for today's inspiration.

  57. Thanks for this thought. Simple, but true.

  58. A friend once told me to question any disturbing statement or thought by asking,"Said God?" NO??? Then listen for a decisive counter fact and you arrive at truth, which cannot be covered over even by erroneous repetitions. This is such a dear and clear lift. Thank you Marie and all.

  59. I love this! Thank you :D I had a funny experience once that showed the meaningless parrot talk nature of mortal mind: I was working as a waitress and had been studying Christian Science for a couple of years watching the lies just slip away one after another... when I got good at facing things in thought suddenly I started noticing things appear or seem to be voiced 'out there'.... but mortal mind is no more real whether it appears to be your own thought or someone else's! So anyway, I had this customer that made a very crude suggestive comment to me and I had nothing to say back I was so stunned and embarrassed... I was perturbed and thought I should've had a great comeback to shut his mouth. He ended up leaving and I never said anything back to him and then another group was seated at the same table and a man sitting in the same spot as the first one said the exact same thing, verbatim!! I just about fell over laughing....I saw the parrot nature of mortal mind instantly.. that it was just a lie and was totally unoriginal! This was such a great illustration and got me over "taking offense" and opened me up to further inspiration :)

  60. Lovely, thanks.

  61. And thank you all.

  62. Thank you Marie, we are so grateful for " your lift" this morning... How timely.. Our son came into our room at 2:30 am not feeling well... When just shortly before my phone bell rang letting me know our daily lift had arrived.. we found your lift to be just perfect!! Of course... divine Love always meets our need!! My son loved your message and has replayed it many times thru the night and found freedom from the false picture suggested!!
    Merci !!

  63. Many thanks - merci -- to Marie, and to Shannon for sharing in English!
    That is great.
    I tried to send a message but it got lost.
    So, again, thanks for the good advice not to listen to parrot talk, or vicious dog talk, or cruel mortal-man talk. Good to hear your powerful ideas, so thanks to the Lift family for sharing. Specially liked #59 and #13 today.
    Thanks all!
    No listening to Parrot talk "big nose, big nose, big nose!" NO.

  64. I had to laugh out loud when I heard the lying parrot say, "Big nose, Big nose". Yesterday I had someone tell me that she had married her husband who had a big nose even though someone said to her, "You will have to sit across the table from that man and see his big nose for the rest of your life!". She said, "What big nose?" She married him and had loved every bit of him for the rest of their time together. Lying suggestions can never stop us if we refuse to hear them or think of them as reality. Reality is the highest of human good we can attain and keep in thought. Reality is God's heaven within us, as us and it silences lying parrots.

  65. Such a good eye opener about the parrot who is just as hilariously funny as a talking serpent. In pondering more my untouched, pure identity one day I saw a bird run across the deck. I thought, "Wonder if I yelled to it, 'You are an elephant!' Would that change him being a bird? Suppose everything around him yelled at him and said, 'You are an elephant. You are not a bird.' Would he believe it? Even if he believed it, the bird could never be an elephant. He would always have the characteristics of a bird. Nothing could ever change his fixed identity. No matter how many yelled he was an elephant." This helped me alot, as your parrot analogy, our identity is truly fixed spiritually like you said in God's unending qualities which we are transparencies of. Thanks for the laugh.

  66. Thank you for the reminder to stand porter at the door of thought, &amp; admit only such as you wish realized in bodily results.

  67. This has been a especially helpful Lift today. The comments too are inspiring, and I appreciate it when they remind me of a statement from some of the writings or hymns I have not thought of for awhile such as #4 and #7.
    With much gratitude to all.

  68. Thank you, Marie, for this topic, and thank you, Shannon, for reading it. This has me think in two directions. Not listening to parrot talk is one thing, especially if someone says something insulting by parroting remarks they've learned, who may not comfortable with, or is short on social skills to say something complimentary &amp; useful. This leads to the other direction. Do I thoughtlessly parrot what I've heard or read? Did my thought come from God, Love? Clearing up my parrot act may eliminate unkindness said to me. This will help me watch what I take in or speak forth. This being Kids' Lift week, reminds me to especially think about what I say to children, of all ages. I don't get TV, but what gets picked up through it, or what we read are sources of parroted remarks, especially if laugh tracks or scripts have funny responses. One sometimes doesn't know what to say to kids, so parrots questions or remarks they once got, forgetting how irritating they were. The moral is, reach out to divine Mind, Love, before we speak, or take in past the ears what we've heard. A conversation guide is, “Seek ye the Lord, while He may be found.” (Isa.55:6) To use and paraphrase another is, Ps. 19:14, “Let the words of my mouth, (and sounds in my ears) and the meditations of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord...”. Better to get what we say &amp; hear from Love, than ask for a legion of cleanup angels to undo what bothered anyone. #6, #13 &amp; #50 &amp;#65 Special Thanks!

  69. I thank you Marie for an inspired idea: No parrot talk will convince me of not listening to the "Daily 'Lift" as circumstances seemed to make me believe for the last couple of days. Now I am inspired!

    en español

    Te doy gracias Marie por una idea inspiradora: Ninguna charla de loro me va a convencer de no escuchar el "Daily lift" como las circunstancias parecían hacérmelo creer en los últimos dos días. ¡Ahora estoy inspirado!

  70. This is a good analogy, easy to understand. The rub comes in applying it not only to myself, but also to other human beings. I am trying.

  71. It's so simple isn't it Marie?!! I remember a lecturer from Germany once told us: "at the end of every such suggestion that comes to us, put: 'thus saith the Lord'--" It then becomes pretty obvious who or what is talking to us. If it isn't God, dismiss it!

  72. Thank you for this wonderful analogy :-)

  73. A delightful lift message today! It encourages us to see through that unthinking, untrue parrot-pratter of mortal mind and behold Soul's uniquely beautiful spiritual image as the only real identity of each of us.
    Thanks Marie, Shannon, Nate and all the wonderful members of the LIft family for your contributions.
    Much love to all.

  74. Thanks for the great lift and all the wonderful, thoughtful comments from everyone. So helpful.

  75. Wow! Marie, that was just a treatise stunning in the power God, and using the example of the parrot was so easy to relate to! All evil or error does seem to be just one thought, i.e., a lie----just in many disguises. Your effulgence in noting so many attributes God has given us was inspiring and thought-provoking. Just turning away and refusing to listen to discouragements by thinking of our natural gifts----this was beautifully put. Thank you for this day's very notable inspiration, and for your inspired thoughts, Marie.

  76. Thanks, #50, for the beautiful summary of Marie's Lift for today.
    I copied it into my journal, to keep always. Blessings.

  77. Very nice! Thank you for this helpful thought!

  78. I enjoyed the humor in this talk, Marie! I found myself laughing at error. I do love parrots, but they can say far-out things we know not to believe. Thank you.

  79. Thank you :) So cute! "Big Nose, Big Nose" This is exactly what error wants us to believe, but really you DON'T have a big nose! But you don't! "That's a lying parrot" GOD creates us fully!

  80. Marie, thank you for making Truth so simple to be heard by knowng there is only one voice -- the voice of God, Love, the voice of Truth!

  81. Thanks for a great Lift, which was great fun too, in both languages. But seriously, let us not forget that parrots also know and can learn to express truth,too. You in the US surely will know of Alex,a parrot who could not only count, but also differentiate between colours, materials, shapes.... and size. Perhaps he would have known that that was NOT a large nose, whatever the words implied! And surely there are so many, many more birds of differing species that express intelligence or percipience that WE scarcely comprehend. I speak there from my small personal experience. Do let us value and be uplifted by the intelligence demonstrated by birds, too. Please excuse the serious note.

  82. A relative tried to train a parrot to talk. After unsuccessful training sessions she called the parrot "stupid". Finally, the first word the parrot learned to say was "stupid". Beware of using un-Godlike labels on any of God's creatures.

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