2/7: Pack wisely

2/7: Pack wisely

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  1. Enjoy another Kid's week! It's for kids of ALL ages ;)

    Also, Josh refers to Ron Ballard's recent "Favorable expectations" lift. Here's the link, if you want to hear it: http://bit.ly/ieiKE4

  2. Thanks Nate! I can relate. This podcast was SO helpful! Unload those harmful thoughts!

  3. Thanks for the good thoughts to start the week!

  4. This is soo helpful. Thank you. Actually these are exactly the thoughts I used as I cheered for my team, the Green Bay Packers, to win the Super Bowl :)

  5. Now that's my kinda packing! No excess or unnecessary baggage to obstruct, hold down, hold back, thwart our God given (divinely directed) progress. Thank you!!

  6. Great Lift!!!

    You always have to pack those good thoughts. :)

    Thanks, Josh

  7. As I listen over and over to this wonderful lift, I am reminded not to feel overwhelmed, overloaded with stuff that doesn't belong to me to begin with, -like fear, doubt, resentment, greed etc. All these things weigh us down as a backpack full of rocks on a trail, they slow any kind of progress.
    Paul tells us, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind" (2 Tim.1:7) I know that God didn't give me anything bad because, “no fountain both yield salt water and fresh“ (James 3:12) and God’s image can only reflect good. So I’ll work hard to carry with me only; grace, wisdom, courage, excitement, joy, and of course, expectation of good.
    Mientras escucho una y otra vez a esta elevación maravillosa, me recuerda no sentirme abrumada, sobrecargada de cosas que no me pertenecen, -como el miedo, la duda, el resentimiento, la codicia, etc. Todas estas cosas nos agobian como una mochila llena de piedras en el camino, que retraza cualquier tipo de progreso.
    Pablo nos dice: “Porque no nos ha dado Dios un espíritu de cobardía, sino de poder, de amor y de dominio propio“ (2 Timoteo 1:7)
    Yo se que Dios no me dio nada malo porque “ninguna fuente puede hechar agua salada y dulce“ (Santiago 3:12) y la imagen de Dios solo puede reflejar el bien. Así que trabajo duro para llevar conmigo solo; gracia, sabiduría, corage, excitación, alegría, y por supuesto, la expectativa del bien.

  8. Thank you for your natural and shared conviction - it reached me deeply, touched me and (of course) elevated me to the beautiful view of my day like the view you can have on a clear day when you reach the top of the mountain (as I like skiing too it was easy to follow on your image ...): Overwhelming of beauty and giving a sense of the infinity of God's blessings without any burden !

  9. Hey there,
    Thought I'd share a little clip I took from the top of the hike so you can see the awesome view before I skied down: http://on.fb.me/gnFe2R

  10. Josh thank you,thank you very much, This awoke in me the need "no excess baggage",travel light,with the beautiful ideas of Spirit, in consciousness,as I soar on my spiritual journey!

  11. Thanks Josh for a thoughtful Lift, one which will help me in Sunday School
    this week !

  12. That is a daily lift for every day, every moment! Thank you for sharing such an essential idea! I learned when I was just nine from a wonderful Sunday School teacher that we always need to be sure that we're not carrying baggage (material sense of any kind) because we can never make it up a mountain with that weight; that is, never rise to see the glorious truth that we're spiritual, at one with God and, therefore, free of anything unlike God, Good. This is being "clothed in spirit". Thanks to that teacher I learned how to always expect wonderful things. No material baggage = great expectations = more good than we thought possible!

  13. That is great i love it ,, im going to practice it today...

  14. Must get son to listen to this, excellent!

  15. Thank you Josh for that inspiring lift. Yes, "expectation of good","All things work together for good to them that love God," is the dictum of Scripture. " (S&H 444:4) "We expect a bright tomorrow,/ All will be well;" (Christian Science Hymnal #350).

  16. Thanks very much Josh. How true, it's the unnecessary baggage which impedes progress and would withhold the fulfillment of all that is available to each one of us; i.e. to climb and view from the highest peak. Why deny ourselves such beauty and joy?

  17. Muchas gracias, es muy bueno este mensaje, porque Justamente cargar con cosas negativas, como frustracción, temor, odio, rencor cercenan nuestra capacidad de entendimiento y aun más no nos permite sanar porque la sanación es más que sanar un cuerpo es sanar esa mochila ese cúmulo de desemejanzas divina que ciegan la visión al gobierno de Dios, y restringe oscureciendo nuestro claro concepto de lo que es Ciencia Cristiana y el sendero que Cristo abrió para nosotros.
    "Porque Él ha llamado a los Suyos, los ha armado, equipado, y los ha provisto con defensas inexpugnables", Esc. Micelaneos p. 10.
    !Albricias! No tenemos mochilas que cargar porque estamos equipados con la Verdad, la Vida y el AMOR divino y ellos hacen ligera la "carga".

  18. I could hear that crunchy sound of snow under your skiis, Josh! A most un-Australian sound! But yes, the packing of the trip essentials was pretty familiar, and going through the check list it sounded as though you knew the vital ingredients should be packed close to the top of the pack: grace, power, wisdom, joy and expectation. What a wonderfull day ahead of you: exhilarating, revitalizing, feeling truly close to God.
    And a wonderful chance for the kids to join in, Nathan. Good for you!

  19. Thanks, Josh, for this enlightening lift. Mrs Eddy says:(Misc. Wr. 307:4) "And if you wait, never doubting, you will have all you need every moment." No excess baggage!
    What a wonderful way to start the week! All the love of Love, Lorrie

  20. Your great lift brought to mind ideas other's have shared over the years worth sharing (with kids of all ages.)

    That God has packed your being with just what you need each day.

    And, if we give our children a sense that God is divine Principle, therefore,
    always predictable (reliable), what a wonderful gift we will have given them even if we can't be with them everyone moment.

    You sound like quite an athlete! Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  21. Thank you, Josh. Every morning I thank God and request to help me have only excellency in thinking and when I go for early morning walk I admire the dawn of a new Day and see His morning glory all round me and the birds chirping their praises to God and this opening of heart to Love sets me up for the day of helping folks and loving His creation.

  22. Thank you, Josh!! There must be only one Mind - I've been thinking and praying in a very similar way to this over the past couple of months! While my immediate needs are being cared for very well, I keep getting the intuitive nudge to prepare for some kind of change or move ahead (what, I don't know), and so it's been coming to me, too, to pack my "spiritual backpack" with all that I'll need to sustain me through whatever adventures come next. My food and drink for the journey, map and compass for guidance, protection from danger, healthcare needs - they're all completely spiritual, and I always have them to hand, straight from God. It's so comforting and encouraging to know that. And whenever I need reminding - or find myself carrying any of that unneeded "baggage" - I've always got the Bible and our textbook to turn to... and these wonderful Daily Lifts! Thanks so much again.

  23. Thank you, Josh, for this excellent lift, which I can use every day!

  24. Yes! If we do not choose or allow it to get into the backpack, consciousness, it cannot sneak up, tag along, or go with us at all. We go forward lighter and happier without excess baggage. No matter who we are or where we're going, or how many trips we've already made around the sun. Goodie!

  25. Thank you Josh. I can dive deep in what you are saying and feeling, because I love skiing with friends or my grandkids. It is always a wonderful uplifting experience, coming up to the top of the mountains having the extreme clear and wide view and sometimes seeing the dense fog underneath. Always in my minds pack is the guidence of Gods presence and love. These impressions reflect into daily grateful thoughts of Gods blessings to everybody living in the universe.

  26. Great Lift, Josh. It applies to kids of all ages. Unload your mental backpack not just at the beginning of a trek but every step of your day, and replace those loving essential thoughts of grace. Amazing how a burden can be removed so easily. Wonderful - thank you!

  27. We are packing today to go quite a distance to babysit our grandchildren, and this is the perfect thought we need. . . . To remember to pack the most essential things, our knowledge of all our qualities of God. We always have them, just have to remember to express them. Thanks for the reminder.

  28. A really nice lift! It inspires me to do my best! Thank you very mucho Josh!!!

  29. Thanks Josh, how sweet it is to hear your joy and inspired thought related to winter conditions right now. So much of the worldly atmosphere surrounding winter this year has been so negative and full of discord. Your message rings loud and clear, and invites us all to reconsider our viewpoint and drop those unwanted burdens. Thanks for returning us to the Light!

  30. Thank you Josh for this beautiful message. Wisdom and Love is a light load.

  31. Perfect thoughts to begin a perfect day. I am so thankful for this inspiring uplifting message. Thanks, Josh! Happy trails to you!

  32. Thanks for the inspired thoughts - they certainly are applicable for all ages. Hope you have a good day on the hill!

  33. Josh,
    Good stuff!! Great analogy.

  34. Thanks, Josh! Hope your day of skiing was full of Joy and Love! Thinking this morning about letting good thoughts be translated into Heart-felt Feelings - really letting my Heart be open and not closed or afraid of Love! Sometimes I keep my Head so full of mental thoughts, that I forget how to let those thoughts really nestle down into my Heart - the Love-feeling place within me. So, today, I'm packing my Heart with warm, cosy, nestling feelings of Love! Happy Heart Trails to all!

  35. Oh, I love this idea of packing the good and useful things in my "mindbag" -and first unpacking everything that isn't useful in a spiritual way and that makes my mindbag far to heavy to carry! I'm a teacher and from now on I'll always think about today's lift while preparing my school bag for the next day... Thank you so much, Josh!

  36. This is such a simple, compact idea--packed full of potential to all the good waiting in store for us as this day unfolds! Thank you. I'm looking forward to it.

  37. This is a helpful lift, Josh. I am heading off to school and I'm going to pack grace and wisdom. Also, I am packing patience, love and forgiveness, and it doesn't make my backpack any harder to carry!
    Thanks, Josh.

  38. Thank you Josh...wonderful way to start any day, week...to be prepared for any event that happens.

  39. Thank you Josh. Happy trails to you!

  40. Great lift Josh.....for all ages!

  41. Thanks for that wonderful Lift. This is the day that God hath made. Thank goodness.

  42. Happy Trails! Thanks, Josh- FIRST, unpake the junk; then pack the good! Good one. Great day, one and all!

  43. When we found Christian Science, the Sentinels had a story for children almost every week. We read & discussed these to our five, and to the six more as they came. Much as I loved the rest of the Sentinel, I got more from these simple, but true, stories. Like modern day parables, we applied them to so many different situations in each of our own everyday lives. Some miss them for their own children. Nate said your Lift is for children, but the ageless child in me got so much from it. I've a lot of unpacking to do now, and probably won't finish today. I'll be “hiking” & “climbing”, too, when I've unpacked, and after I pack essentials for my journey. I plan to “walk with Love along the way” because “it is a holy day” (CS Hymn # 139, by Minny M.H. Ayers). Thank you, Josh, for telling how to make my “trail” more successful, to be able to see blessings as I go. With prayers for a growing list of countries, I've added to the recovery from Yasi in Australia, the fires I saw on the web. We loved Disney's “Five Mile Creek” series there (taped, didn't get TV). One had a raging fire. Eucalyptus trees, are said to be very flammable, but God, made every tree (Gen.1). They can only bless, not cause trouble. That episode ended with 1stKings19:11-12. I added floods & hurricane, to the list of disasters paraded before Elijah, and pray instead of, or in the midst of, the roar of wind, water, and fire, Australians hear Love's still small voice of peace and safety.

  44. Great message, thanks. And how cool you delivered it while working your way up the mountain! Talk about CS in action! Hurray for such ongoing, innovative approaches to delivering our Daily Lifts. Congrats, DL Team.

  45. THank you so much for these inspirational words. Having a spiritual backpack and Father Mother God has my guide, guarantees a wonderful day!

  46. Thanks for the new packing Lift, Josh! It also reminds me to pack lightly, letting the Light of the Christ lead the way!

  47. Thank Josh and fellow lifters, unload fear and pack expectations of good,this will be foremost in my thoughts today..

  48. Awesome packer! Great thoughts for this snowy day..Thanks much.

  49. Thanks Josh! Nice analogy - I could really picture you getting up the snow covered hill and now can think better about mental baggage.

  50. I like #7 comment that said: "I am reminded not to feel overwhelmed, overloaded with stuff that doesn’t belong to me to begin with, like fear, doubt, resentment, greed etc. All these things weigh us down as a backpack full of rocks on a trail, they slow any kind of progress. Paul tells us, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2 Tim.1:7). There is wrong doing too that is held as a sense of guilt or something that wants to remain hidden from view from a perpetrator that is not humane. What we must do every time is stand up to and try to love our enemies by rebuking their sin and then tenderly try to teach them right from wrong or fight with them to death using the law of nullification of error. Jesus taught to us to do whenever any evil spirited mind confronts us. The law of nullification is the law that acts on something making it legally invalid or cancels something out.
    When we love we are loved back because love is reflected in love, but when something doesn't feel like love, for example any sense of suffering we have to deal with it somehow. Treat it through a process of self forgetfulness and loving others. This is sort of like going to the movies, but different. You need a sound mind and love for some, but not all the action. The options are many, but there can only be one right decision. In this case let righteousness not lead you to a burden.

  51. Hi Josh, and thank you. Try our mountains in E. Idaho. My grandsons will enjoy this lift. Happy trails!

  52. Great Lift Josh! Wonderful idea to unpack the bad and negative before we pack the true and real.

  53. That is so nice!!!! I love the daily lifts. Thank you

  54. An inspiring packing guide! To leave the useless attitudes behind from the start, while getting ready for an event.

  55. I am packed and ready to go. Thanks for the lift, Josh, and thanks lifters for the supportive comments.

  56. Such a wonderful lift! Thank you so much!

  57. Beautiful! Right to the practical point!!

  58. thanks everyone, I'm filling my backpack, lunch box and brief case with all these heartfelt expressions of gratitude...

  59. Kids!? Pish tosh! Thank goodness we are all the "children of God". Never too late to throw off or not pack the excess burden of mortal thoughts and fears.
    Many years ago my Class Association speaker addressed much the same subject of casting off burdens as we "climb with joy the heights of Mind" Hymn 136 words by Violet Hay.

    Great lift, Josh!

  60. What a happy lift!! So comforting to know we have a choice of what to put into our back packs for the adventure of the day. We wouldn't think of having someone else pack up our own backpack. We are in charge of it. It's our responsibility. No one elses. We definitely aren't responsible for another's backpack. God gives us what to put into it. We could think of it as full and running over. Thanks!!

  61. I heard this while planning a visit to some one in a nursing home. How helpful it was! I will be sure to pack what is truly needed and be prepared to share it generously in conversation or in silent recognition (or prayer) of what is really going on for this dear person.

  62. What a joyous, lilting, energetic uplift, Josh. I am ready for my daily expectation of good after packing my mental backpack as you suggested. Thanks all you lifters for sharing too.

  63. It's the basic truths and metaphors like this that I find easiest to keep mentally accessible during the course of my workday. Thanks Josh! I'll keep your lift in the outer pockets, most easily reached, of my work bag today.

  64. Thank you Josh. I have started packing wisdom, courage, love, and all those good stuff in my thought while relinquishing fear, hatred,and all that is unlike good in my thought as I go out today to do my duty. Happy and joyful packing all.

  65. what a great thought to carry with us, that we don't have to carry all those suggested heavy thoughts, just good and solid thoughts of God.
    Thank you for this morning's wake up call.

  66. I loved what you said Josh, that if God didn't give it, we don't have to take it. Indeed, if God didn't give it, we don't have it. The Daily Lift is such a great idea, full of inspiration and healing; and this one for kids is extra special. Thank you all.

  67. Thanks, Josh. Great reminder to take only what God has given us along with us on the days journey.

  68. Thanks Josh. I'll be sharing this with a dear one who is preparing to deploy overseas next month and remind him to bring the panoply of love which is not heavy, but oh so effective. All good to you!

  69. Thank you Josh this lift worked in well with what i was doing today

  70. The ideas came with me today in my bag of thoughts, and coming home I looked up the mountain you climbed Josh - it made me think how brilliant the view when we only take the vital spiritual qualities we need with us when making a journey,whether it's a journey through our daily experiences or in our thinking!Your peak experience is wonderful to share with the Daily LIft. Thank you - and perfect for school kids who seem to be so influenced by what is and what isn't ok to have or be surrounded by. A mountain climbed is a beautiful image for developing the glory in making good choices. Children (whatever age) but especially those challenged in growing up need incentives, and magnificent ideals to cherish and follow.
    Thank you so much - and as for the recording of the snow - unbelievable, can we have some music to that too?!!

  71. I love this lift! It goes hand in hand with an inspiration I had this past week. As I was praying in the pre-dawn hours, the question "what are you expecting today?" pushed on my thought; and at first I realized I was expecting a day of tough mental work ahead of me, because of a physical challenge that had re-presented itself to me. Then the Angel of God's grace came into my thought and invited me to think differently. I heard the thought, "why don't you just expect to see My goodness today, My harmony, My idea of health, My freedom, how about you bear witness to My Light, truth?." And it was then and there that I realized I had slipped into a thoughtless pattern of expecting God-less activity to join me in my days. Now that that was uncovered, "EXPECT NOTHING BUT GOD'S GOODNESS" became my constant thought companion. I saw more clearly that the allness of God, Good, precludes the presence of discord. It has been wonderful witness the harmony, peace, and progress as a result of this active prayer. Thanks for loving the children this way. This is important work, to lift the burdens of inharmonious thought influences off all children, so they can be the innocent, joyous, energetic, responsive to good, - ideas God created them to be. And I wanted to see a video clip of the ski down. Loved the view from the top. Thanks, Josh

  72. With your great lift I feel I have reached the top of a mountain too! And thank you for also including the beautiful view from the top before skiing down. Wow!
    I love and appreciate living in the Pacific Northwest.

    "All nature teaches God's love to man, but man cannot love God supremely and set his whole affections on spiritual things, while loving the material or trusting in it more than in the spiritual." Science and Health, page 326:8-11

    It was a joy to hear Ron Ballard's lift again that you mentioned. Thank you!

  73. Timing was perfect for your "Lift." Foggy day here and grey mood lifted and elevated to the top of the beautiful mountain in your video. I know what to pack!
    Many thanks!!

  74. Thanks, Josh for this thoughtful lift and your magnificent pictures of your "happy trail". Love all the lifter comments. Such good thinking going on everywhere!

  75. Great thoughts - thanks!

  76. 7, Elena ! Good response!!

  77. I'm always so thrilled to read the comments here. The depth, new inspiration and experience shared always speak to all of the good being lived in each of your lives. So grateful to be walking together with each of you.

  78. I am leaving today for a week long trip to take care of my three young grandchildren. Although I had already packed my suitcases (physically), I had not packed the essentials: patience, meekness, love, grace, strength, wisdom, joy-----and especially expectation of good. Now that I have packed my essentials, I am so looking forward to this trip. Thank you, Josh, and to all my fellow lifters, and the Mother Church for this wonderful podcast which enriches us each day. Can't forget you, Nate, and your team. Many thanks!

  79. Thanks so much, Josh!! I love this thought of packing what we really need to take!!! And I love the joy and happiness that is evident in your voice!!! Happy trails to you, too!!!

  80. This is such a wonderful "Lift". A good reminder of what we should pack every day! Thanks Josh.

  81. After Super Sunday, this lift kept the high feelings alive. Many thanks, Josh. Have a super week, everyone

  82. Well done. As a long time hiker, I can vouch for the importance of our spiritual packing. Thanks.

  83. Oh Josh, what a wonderful sound, boots crunching on the snow - something I haven't heard for a long time! Not since my years of living in Canada. The first thing I have to unpack is envy, that I am not walking there too! Thank you for your lift, and as ever, messages for the children are so applicable to us all no matter of what age.

  84. Ooh Josh I hadn't seen your video of the mountains when I last submitted. Thank you for sharing that. It is soooo beautiful!

  85. Thanks Josh,

    You remind me of a young heather when I was off on monutain expeditions and excelling in God's wonders. I am reminded that the exuberance and joy of that time has never left me, for I am, and always will be a "child of God"

  86. Lovely, thanks. Just what I needed to hear!

  87. Great lift, what a super way to pack! And after I saw that magnificent view from the top --wow--I see why you left fear, doubt etc., out of the backpack. What an inspiration those stately mountains are, the majesty of God.

    Thanks for sharing!

  88. Well, it's the end of a long, busy day . . . and I should have STARTED it by listening to this inspiring Lift! But actually, it was just what I needed to hear TONIGHT when I got home. I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed by all there is yet to do before leaving on a trip in a couple of days. I was especially concerned about packing, and keeping my luggage light. Those concerns were soothed tonight as I listened to your lift, Josh, and realized I was weighing down myself with worry, concern, doubt, etc. And THAT is what needs to be cleared out of my mental baggage. And to replace it with joy and confidence and complete knowing that God is guiding this journey at every turn. Reverse, replace, REJOICE! That is what I'm needing to do right now. Thank you for nudging me to lift the thought of 'packing' from a physical to a spiritual standpoint. "I climb, with joy, the heights of Mind, to soar o'er time and space . . . " --Hymn 136.

  89. Thanks Josh! I love the practical ideas of unpacking fear and doubt because God didn't give it to us at the first place and packing wisdom, courage, excitement, joy and expectation of good. All we have to carry is that which is good!! Wonderfully light. :)

  90. Hey, Josh,

    That packing list works for folks that call themselves "adults" too! Thanks!

  91. Very good !
    I should be packing those spiritual qualities in my handbag every single day.
    and remember to throw out the rubbish .
    Definitely an adult "must do" as well.

  92. Josh, No words are sufficient to say how grateful I am for this vitally essential reminder to pack for every day, every trip, every household chore, every meeting, and on and on. I was reminded of the Bible verse which tells each of us that "God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work." Even if we forget to pack one of the qualities we end up needing, we can "grab another quality" during our trip. I would also like to thank #12, #71, #78, and, of course, #90, for their additional comments. I am this very minute packing my mental suitcase for the rest of this evening. Thank you very much!

  93. Love the lift and activity and thought! Love the dear sweet voice at the end with the copywrite info too. :) (My son!). Thank you so much. Now I want to go hiking, take a picnic with my children, and have a quiet moment to talk with them about things we should "pack" every day.

  94. Josh, I appreciated this lift & I loved you sharing the view with us! Thank you!

  95. Dear Josh, Thanks for a well-thought-out, there-and-back pack!

    [And a nice little copyright message on the end]'

  96. Thank you Josh. I am so grateful for these thoughts to guide me as I pack for a long trip. My sister even mentioned to me that it was something I had to pay attention to, as I get ready to leave. The thoughts expressed in this lift stayed with me all day, and will for my upcoming trip and any I take, now that I know what to pack. My gratitude is boundless!

  97. thank you for this good lift - it's a lift for everyone every day...

  98. Josh, I really love what you shared today. It is so helpful to be reminded each morning to fill our mental "packs" with only good and powerful thoughts from God. Thank you so much.

  99. Well done! It's nice to hear something that young men can relate to. Too often spirituality is taught to boys by protective mothers. There is not enough for them to take into their worlds of manhood. You are a good role model.

    I am very happy with the great metaphors and life examples that lecturers on the Daily Lift come up with.

    I chose to raise my own kids in a mainsteam Christian church because I wanted them to have more feelings about Jesus than I did in CS. CS seems to put it's emphasis on developing mental qualities. That intellectual stuff is a good thing, as part of a "balanced meal".

    But that which we worship shapes the lives we live. And so putting some focus on a human person Jesus strengthens us as relational people who can connect with other people on an intimate level. Jesus was very close with his Father God, and with his disciples. I can tell that you are very good with people too.

  100. Josh, I was so busy with circumstances (unwanted experiences) that I almost forgot to listen to the “Daily lift” but Soul, divine Love reminded me that it is never too late and, transformed those circumstances into blessings! Thanks for the great message.

    En español

    Josh, estaba tan ocupado con las circunstancias (experiencias no deseadas) que casi me olvidé de escuchar el “Daily Lift” pero el Alma, el Amor divino me recordó que nunca es demasiado tarde y, ¡transformó esas circunstancias en bendiciones! Gracias for el gran mensaje.

  101. So refreshing!!! Thanks so much.

  102. Very good lift Josh, so inspiring. Thank you so much!

  103. Thank a lot Josh for your helpful message!

  104. To #99 Dave, Not raised in Christian Science, I can't know if your experience about Jesus was, or is typical. I'd like to show anyone reading this a different slant. I was raised, baptized by immersion, & very active in a Christian Church. My Daddy an elder, Mother a SS teacher, both served times on the board. I sang in choir, and maybe because of my active role and that I took Speech class, was chosen to give a sermon on national “Youth Sunday”. I didn't think wonderful Jesus could mean more to me then. After marriage, & moving, I didn't have opportunity for an active role. Our first five children didn't seem to get much of any spiritual enrichment from SS. Not for this reason, I was led, after years of prayer for answers to long standing worries, to CS by a “Voice”. The very 1st SS visit, my children KNEW some Bible and what it meant. Quite a contrast! Before, asked what they learned each Sunday, they'd mention some silly song like about a devil sitting on a tack, etc. After the 1st CS class they quoted Bible. I found in CS Jesus (in every lesson) much MORE than I'd ever gotten. He taught & expected me to study his words & works, so I could heal. It isn't the Churches, I've found but the understanding and love of the SS teachers in individual Churches that makes a difference. I hope others won't check kids out of CS Sunday school based on your remarks. If not satisfied, talk with the teacher, Board, and/or a Christian Science Practitioner. Volunteer to teach.

  105. I think your Daily Lift was wonderful! I pack my spiritual backpack every day for second grade, but I never thout of unpacking it! Thanks for the great idea!

  106. J.S. in KY: don't know what we'd do if you miss a day of commenting on the DL: go into a major nosedive (ha)!

    I was about to give 2 thumbs up on your #43 comment but before I could write anything, I saw your #104 kind reply to Dave #99, so now you get a total of 4 thumbs up (hmmmm).

    Dave, when I read your candid, heartfelt sharing, the first thing I thought of was how I'd re-read the first few pages of the S&H chapter Christian Science Practice this morning and had seen how Mrs. Eddy so completely understood and identified with Jesus' divine qualities--to the point where she was able to live them herself and heal in the same way he did. (And insist that we live them too if we want to be true healers.) If that isn't an intimate relationship with the Christ, the message of our spiritual identity that Jesus REALLY wanted us to connect to, then I don't know what is! :-)

    Josh, the invigorating sound of skies crunching on snow brought back vividly my cross-countrying days in the East. The point you made about removing dead-weight thoughts brought to mind a short article from a 1915 Sentinel that a friend shared with me this morning. A dog chases a fledgling bird who finally, just before being caught, soars into the sky. He "unpacks" his fear and doubt, and "packs" his courage and strength -- and finds himself free as a -- well, a bird. I know that both he and you enjoyed the high-altitude view. Wow, that's some scenery you saw there!

  107. I listened to this before and then again. It's a simple, targeted and helpful reminder for every day's walk!

  108. Thanks Josh! Awesome ideas!!

  109. We liked this lift so much, we came back to listen again because we needed to remember what to pack in our mind and what to push out. Like this we corrected our thoughts.
    Thanks very much.

  110. This is especially helpful for my kids who are off on a four-day hiking trip starting tomorrow. Thanks for the great lift.

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