3/11: Our God today

3/11: Our God today

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  1. Thanks Beth - for your message which has supported the thoughts that came to me during our most recent Wednesday evening meeting.

  2. What a perfect thought for this day and all days. Thank you, Sally Lasseter

  3. beautiful thoughts... and true..... thanks, Beth

  4. Thank you Beth

  5. A real sense of enlightenment

  6. Thank you Beth, what a nice feeling brings the thought that the same God who saved Mosses and the Children of Israel from the Egyptian army, Daniel form the lion's den, and Christ Jesus from the angry mob, is taking care of us right now! When I was 5, a story I heard at a friend’s home I heard nested in my head for days. It was about a mafia fellow called "The Black Hand" who had killed many people in the US and "was coming to Argentina". The clock rang midnight. I was trying not to close my eyes when half asleep I saw a black hand, in the room dimly lit by the street lamp. . . on my pillow. I froze up. After a few moments not moving I withdraw my hand slowly into the covers, and I realized that it was my own hand that looked black in the dim lit room. I was scared by my own shadow! Later on the day my mom explained that not everything is what appears to be, and I shouldn't forget that God was always with me. She said that God's hand will prevent any bad thing happening to me.
    That was my first encounter with what now in CS I recognize as, aggressive mental suggestion. This suggestion doesn’t make any difference between a child and an adult. MBE has the solution for this problem, “Stand porter at the door of thought. Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in
    bodily results, you will control yourself harmoniously” (S&H 392:24). Also as adults we tend to see these suggestions as real, and we get scare of our own shadows forgetting that God is always present, always active caring, guiding each one of us every moment of our lives.

    Espaňol. Gracias Beth, ¡Qué linda sensación trae el pensamiento de que el mismo Dios que salvó a Moisés y a los Hijos de Israel de la armada de los Egipcios, a Daniel del pozo de los leones, y a Cristo Jesús de la muchedumbre furiosa, ¡está cuidando de nosotros en este mismo momento! Cuando yo tenía 5 aňos, una historia que oí en la casa de una amiga hizo nido en mi cabeza por días. Se trataba de un mafioso llamado “La Mano Negra” quien había matado varias personas en USA y “venía a la Argentina”. El reloj tocó medianoche. Yo trataba de no cerrar los ojos cuando media dormida vi una mano negra, en el dormitorio debilmente iluminado por la lámpara de la calle . . . sobre mi almohada. Me paralizé. Luego de unos momentos de no moverme retiré mi mano despacito entre las cobijas, y me di cuenta que era mi propia mano la que parecía negra en el cuarto poco iluminado. ¡Me había asustado de mi propia sombra! Luego en el día mi mamá me explicó que no todo es lo que parece ser, y yo no debía olvidarme que Dios estaba siempre conmigo. Me dijo que la mano de Dios iba a prevenir que algo malo me pasara. Ese fue mi primer encuentro con lo que ahora en la CC reconocemos como, sugestión mental agresiva. Esta sugestión no diferencia entre el niňo y el adulto. MBE tiene la solución para este problema, “Estad de portero a la puerta del pensamiento. Admitiendo sólo las conclusiones que queráis que se realicen en resultados corporales, os gobernaréis armoniosamente” (CyS 392:27)
    También como adultos tendemos a ver estas sugestiones como reales, y nos asustamos de nuestras propias sombras olvidándonos que Dios está siempre presente, siempre activo cuidándonos, guiándonos a cada uno de nosotros cada momento de nuestras vidas.

  7. Thank you

  8. Thank you so much Beth. That took me straight back to a wonderful experience I had walking back from the movies late one night where I was an usherette (saving for my trip to England) over 50 years ago, when I knew I was being followed and before fear had a chance, I confirmed 'out loud' that we were BOTH perfect ideas of God and turned to face him, when I saw he had a knife and I just told him that he was loved and to put it away and return home. He simply dropped the knife and cried and I continued walking to my home in deep gratitude. Indeed our God is with us today and EVERY day providing the 'light' you mention.

  9. Thank you for your uplifting thoughts swinging over the continents. This reminds me to several visits to Australia, visiting my niece Christine near Canberra, and to meet so many wonderful members and church services in your country.

  10. Nice one! Thank you.

  11. Thanks Beth, truly reassuring to know that darkness can give way to
    the light of Christ, Truth. As Paul says in Ephesians, we need to awake
    in order to receive that Christly light. Eph.5:14

  12. I never thought of the fact that it is the SAME God of Moses or Jesus that is here today. Of course it is. However, the comfort this realization brings is tremendous. Thank you so much! A lovely awakening.

  13. Thank you Beth! I love the idea of the continuity of good through the ages; it's like links in a chain: all one. How could God not be right there for us, just as He always has been, and always will be.

    This strengthens the idea in this week's Bible Lesson that God is FOR EVER i.e. at all times.

  14. A comforting message. Thank you.

  15. Thank you Beth I needed that lift today

  16. Beth , Thanks a million for that lovely reassurance to carry with me , and all of us today

  17. There is something so comforting about hearing the spoken Word. Thank you.

  18. Thank you for this message of real conviction.

  19. Thank you Beth, your message is perfect for today!

  20. Thank You Beth...

  21. This is exactly what I need this morning and I will carry it throughout my busy day. Thank you so much!!

  22. Thank you, thank you! Your thoughts spoke to a "dark place" I was dreading today. Thanks for providing the reminder of God's loving presence in all situations; I will hold that thought today.

  23. Thank you Beth for the illuminating message of God's presence in our lives every moment. Never for even a split second could we ever be outside of God's protecting and loving care. I love #6's message.
    Have a grateful day,
    Your friends in West Virginia

  24. This lift has made me cry tears of relief this morning. Thank you for writing this. I have felt I am struggling with a physical problem, but hearing this this morning has put some light into my consciousness. It made me reason that if God loves me, and He does, He loves all of us, then He won't allow anything bad to happen to me. I can see this so clearly for others and have been able to heal friends and people around me, but always seem to have trouble seeing it for myself. This brought me some Christly Light this morning. Thank you so much, Beth.
    lots of love.....

  25. Good message to help with praying for the world, too. Thanks!

  26. Same God, same man, same unbroken, timeless relationship.
    Thanks to all who make this important blessing available to the entire world.

  27. This is so great for now, Beth. Just as God provided for the Shunamite woman so He ensures I am abundantly provided for today, and so are all the people in "the globe's remotest bound." Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy p 559:10.
    Looking forward to hearing your lecture on Saturday afternoon at Redcliffe Library.

  28. Excellent...thank you

  29. Thank you! The warm comfort of this message is what I needed to hear today. Thank You!

  30. Fear cannot have any control or power over us if we know that God is with us in every detail of our lives. We must destroy it with the true light that comes from the Christ!! There are only"good tidings of good" for us in the spiritual reality.
    Thanks for such beautiful, comforting thoughts!!

  31. Loved this! Thanks Beth! God is always with us and we are soooo safe and protected and Loved!!

  32. Beth, what I learn today, by your voice-over, is marvelous: The same God who saves Elisée, Jonas, rise up paralytics, cleans lepers is the same who's teaching us and leading us to the victory today, at this instant.
    What have we to do ?
    We have just to persist patiently in recognizing and knowing that He/She is the same " yesterday, today, forever : the unchanged reality.
    Great thanks.

  33. Oh thank you! I loved the reminder that our One God is the same One that has always been... with Jesus, Moses, etc., and is now. What a great way to start the day.

  34. I love these daily lifts. They are like being part of a giant Wednesday Evening Meeting. Many thanks.

  35. The message goes right to pause after the intro . I cannot get it to play.Help- I need my lift!!!!!

  36. Please contact us at dailylift@christianscience.com if you have any technical difficulties. We're happy to work with you.

  37. Thank you Beth. I love these daily reminders.
    And I love the universal and global response.
    What a blessing. Love is all around.

  38. Thank you so much for this blessed reassurance.

  39. That thought, Beth, is extremely healing. The same God who guided, guarded, comforted, transformed lifted, delivered, healed, raised, blessed, joyed in His children -- that we've learned about throughout the Bible -- is the very God that is doing those things for me and everyone throughout the world,

    How truly blessed are we all!!

  40. Thank - you so much Beth!

  41. Thank you Beth. A good reassurance for today!

  42. darkness will give way to light .... love that image! Thanks!

  43. Yes indeed, God's Love and divine protection does keep us safe in all situations and circumstances. Thank you so much for this beautiful reminder!

  44. Thank you for your quiet words of "Certainly I will be with thee". I remember looking up that word certainly.....it means without a doubt.
    Thank you again.


  45. Thank you for your quiet statement. It made me think of the Bible verse "Certainly I will be with thee", God's promise. I remember looking up the definition of CERTAINLY and it means WITHOUT A DOUBT.

  46. Thanks.
    After I graduated from high school in the Unites States in the 70's, I traveled with a group of college students to England on an abroad program. While in the British museum, I got separated from the rest of the students and missed the meeting time to return to our hotel. I sought God's direction and prayed with Mrs. Eddy's hymn, "Shepherd, show me how to go..." I could feel my thought going higher as I prayed for guidance in that big city. I got on a bus and asked the lady next to me how to take the bus to the hotel and she told me. She said she had been studying the Bible archives in the museum. I asked her what religion she belonged to and she said Christian Science.
    This made quite am impression on me as I realized that the God on my side of the ocean was the same God on the other side of the ocean. In Miscellaneous Writings, (p.150), MBE writes, "God is universal; confined to no spot.... ...this infinite Principle, with its universal manifestation, is all that really is or can be; hence God is our Shepherd."

  47. Just beautiful! Thank you!

  48. This forever Shepherd of ours, throughout the ages guarding, guiding, governing us with tender love! Thank you, Beth, how comforting. Check out Hymn #245 in the Christian Science Hymnal--PERFECT!

  49. Freedom, this idea makes me feel free! Thank you!

  50. Much gratitude, Beth, for these healing truths, expressive of divine Truth. It takes willingness, courage, and discipline to recognize and face down "any dark place, physical or mental." Not to accept or resign oneself to dark circumstances, but to be alert and awake to the darkness of fear, depression, loneliness, self-pity, lack..... and through God and His Christ, the very Light that dispels every sort of darkness in consciousness, victory IS assured. I love your examples of God's ever-present help throughout the Bible..... and I love the feeling of family as thoughtful people around the globe listen, connect and share.... thanks to all.

  51. How wonderful to know that God assures victory over potential harm, -- no matter what we may fear: be it vulnerability in an 'unsafe' area, disease, a sense of lonliness or lack. God will never abandon us when we turn our thoughts over to Him. Many, many thanks for this illuminating 'lift', Beth.

  52. Thanks. This is great. Love that feeling of God's power and presence in our lives.

  53. Beth, I can never get enough of these daily lifts that certainly inspires all of us with all the simple truths that the Christ is here and now. That God's ever-present divine love is within each and every one of us, caring and guiding and protecting us, whether we are in the light or in the dark, He is there. Thank you Beth for the wonderful way of presenting "Our God Today". And, thank you Father-Mother God for everything!

  54. You presented reassurance of God's presence and power always and it meets everyone's need today. Grateful to hear your lift.

  55. There's such unity and healing here. Thank you Beth and everyone. I love the truth that is shared and the oneness with people from all parts of the world. What a gift the lift is for God's precious children. Many thanks.

  56. I love that truth. It comes with such power. Thank you, Beth.

  57. Thank you for this wonderful "uplift" this morning...here in Sacramento, CA. It was fun to re-touch base with Moses and Daniel, and ponder the great love God had for His children during Old Testament days; then when Jesus appeared in human form, his teachings added the Love of the Christ to the Law of the Old Testament which constituted the balance and completeness of what became the Bible years later (the spiritual interpreation of it, that is.) I was brought up in a Jewish family in Los Angeles, CA...but found C.S. during my sophomore year in college many decades ago...I had been searching for truth...and was lead to the best! Happy Thursday to you. :)

  58. Your precious Lift this morning reminds me of a healing of protection I once had. Driving home late at night as I was about a block from home a very powerful angel thought was spoken so loud to me that it was as if a friend has told me loudly, "that car is following you!". I very quickly turned up the street just before my driveway. The car passed by and I thought "silly me, where did that come from?" I turned around and went back to my street in time to see the car turning around in my driveway. We had this little "dance" at a few intersections. The whole time I felt so safe, loved and protected. God led me to a safe place to wait until this car finally left. I drove home so grateful for the divine protection. I thought of Enoch who walked and talked with God and realized I had too. The next day I told my mom who quietly responded, "it came to me to pray for life for you yesterday and I put in many hours of prayer." Now I see that it is the same God who talked with Enoch talking to me and my mother.
    Thank you for this new and important understanding.

  59. Thank you for the reminder that God is always with us. There are times when our little dog (8 months old) is afraid of something and I pick her up and tell her that God is with us and there is nothing to be afraid of. many times that is enough but I keep talking to her and show her that there was nothing there. She will then quiet down.

  60. This daily lift was just perfect for me today. My daughter e-mailed me today to tell me how helpful it had been for her. Many thanks.

  61. Such a good reminder!

  62. Hi, thank you for the daily lift, # 58 reminded me of a similiar experience I had as a teenager. I was coming home in a car with several of my friends and we were driving on the freeway, another group of kids who probably had been drinking started to swerve several times and run us off the freeway, I can't remember now what I prayed but I know I turned to God. They finally gave up after several times of us having to swerve out of their way. When I got home my mom was sitting on the couch studying the bible and science and health and saying she felt like she had needed to pray for me. she listened and was doing so. I was so grateful for God's care and protection.

  63. Thank you Beth, our Wednesday evening meeting 's subject was Security - Now and this fits right in with the comments that were made last night. Talk about the oneness of Mind!

  64. Though it doesn't have to do with fear, this reminds me of one time many years ago when I was looking at 15-16th century paintings at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC and marveled to the museum guard who sauntered nearby that I was amazed seeing these paintings in person at the bright colors in them. I was expecting them to be dark and somber. I don't remember his exact response, but it was a light-hearted question about the thinking then and now. Whatever this nice African-American man said, I responded, "I have no doubt, since we are all ideas of the one Mind." I was thinking how those artists centuries ago reflected the same Mind that we all reflect today. He looked at me, a Caucasion woman, in surprise, then quickly grinned, pumped his fist in the air and said "Yes!" We both smiled at each other and went our ways.

  65. Thank you Beth, I always look forward to the wonderful and comforting words that come to us each day . It is so comforting to know that God is with us each day guiding and protecting us from anything that might want us to believe there is an obstacle to overcome----whether it be physical or just needing to give us a little mental boost.

  66. How blessed and inspired I feel having read your wonderful responses. Such world-wide evidences of God's all-protecting care, truly shows us that our Father-Mother is Love, guarding, guiding and encompassing us all. How deeply comforting it is to see that to every individual, everywhere, our God does answer before we call.

  67. I have a friend whose older computer won't allow her to hear the Daily Lift.
    But she told me she loves reading the comments below, and gets an idea about what the speaker has said.
    So thanks to all who make a comment. Maybe others are in the same position

  68. Thanks, Beth, for the call to remain alert to God as unchanging from great stories and people in the Bible. Mal. 3:6 says, “I am the Lord, I change not;” and James 1:17, says there's no variableness with God. MBE called Christ the divine manifestation of God (S&H 583) This perfect spiritual idea which Jesus presented, was likewise described as unchanging, “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and for ever.” (Heb. 13:8). Mrs. Eddy says, “ God is substance, and man is the divine image and likeness...” going on to say that having any other substance or mind breaks the 1st Commandment. (301:17-18). She also says, “Life, Truth, and Love are substance...” continuing, “Spirit, the synonym of Mind, Soul, or God, is the only real substance.” (468: 17-22). To me, then “Substance” is another usable synonym of God, today, as at Creation, and ever between and will be in all tomorrows. Something this lift prompted me to see as I studied it, so closely related to this weeks lesson-sermon, was the part of man as the divine likeness, and Moses and Daniel, as well as others in the Bible, weren't different from us, or better, more favored, or even closer to God. Not just God is unchanged, but man, His image (that's us, too) is unchanged from spiritual origin. We share the goodness, closeness to God, and understanding of those people. Now I'm seeing us all in a different light. It's our readiness and receptivity that I've realized is not tarnished or changed. I saw # 26, John, shared this “same man” thought, too. This challenges us to live up to their examples and prove this. God and His image is the same as in Bible days. Thank you, very much.

  69. Thank you! I've been working to understand the meaning of 'All-in-all'. I finally got a satisfactory sense of what that really means as Mrs. Eddy uses it. It appears 45 times in her writings, and once with a small 'a'. Check it out in Concord!

  70. Thank you so much, Beth! I loved your inspired lift!

  71. Thank you for the peaceful, comforting message today.

  72. Thank you, Beth, for a powerful reminder of safety from God and with God, which we have to claim by reflection, like honesty and health. I loved traveling the east coast of Australia safely and happily with friends.
    And #9, Juergen, I remember safe travels in Germany, visiting such friendly CS churches, and even meeting you and family in your church and former home in Munich. The joy of claiming safety because God is always right along with us, is so special and needed for all people everywhere in the world.

  73. Absolutely loved working with this. I love the timelessness factor. We are at one with God and all the great Biblical examples & events. Their triumphs are our triumphs and ours theirs. A sense of true infinity. A glimpse of "Till time and space and fear are naught" from hymn 136 by Violet Hay. It's wonderous and comforting and exhilarating. Many thanks.

  74. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Thank you so much for this wonderful powerful thought - yes, the s a m e
    might and love which carried and guided the people in the bible is still working and speaking in the same way to us now. That's great.

    Thank you!

  76. Thank you very much

  77. Thanks, such a lovely supporting idea, much appreciated.

  78. Thanks! That protection thought is SO helpful! --Thank you, Beth

  79. Thank you ,Beth. This is a proof that God is our pesent help and trouble.

  80. Thank you Beth, I am so grateful that Christian Science Practitioners take a moment to share on the internet. I am going through a dark corner at the moment and to be reminding that the great I Am of the past is the same Great I AM today revealing His care and keeping us in the light of Truth. JOyce

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