9/9: Open your eyes!

9/9: Open your eyes!

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  1. Thank you John, for this powerful and clear message.

  2. Perfect Lift for today, and every day! Thank you.

  3. Thank you for this wonderfully clear instruction. We can all do this today and be blessed.

  4. I too was made homeless many years ago. My Practitioner told me to "open my eyes and look for the blessing" - and I have been abundantly blessed! I so soooooo grateful for Christian Science. Thank you for this reminder John.

  5. Wonderful!! thank you, thank you John, for this inspiring lift!

  6. Thank you so much for this beautiful, much-needed message.

  7. Thank you, truly uplifting.

  8. ".....for each and every part of His creation".....I would add, hard as it may seem, including the terrorists.

  9. Thank you, John. I found the Bible story you used especially meaningful, in that Hagar's son Ishmael, fathered by Abraham, is considered to be the ancestor of the Muslims, just as Abraham's other son Isaac was the ancestor of the Jews. It's a reminder to me that in the Bible, God blesses and protects both sons, and promises only good, not evil, for their descendants.

    I know this powerful symbol of our shared spiritual ancestry has helped to bring healing and reconciliation between Muslims and Christians and Jews since 9/11, with the affirmation that hatred and violence and intolerance have no true place in any of our theologies. We all have one and the same God, who gives us only goodness and holiness and the love we need to live together in mutual respect and peace.

    Even in spite of all the ways evil has appeared to rear its ugly and terrifying heads, there has been so, so much progress on this score in the past ten years, and it can only continue, because it is truly impelled by divine Love. We have so much to be grateful for!

    If anyone here would like to join in an ongoing conversation about how we can pray during this tenth anniversary, there's a discussion called "Praying about 9/11" in the Christian Science community forums: https://community.christianscience.com/thread/4163?tstart=0

  10. Many thanks John for reminding us that in Truth , evil has no anniversary, because in the Kingdom of Heaven, our dwelling place, evil has no reality. Yes,."Lift your spiritual sense, and you will see the wonderful good that God [divine Love] has prepared for [all of us]." I am flying to Colorado this weekend, 'fetterless and free'. "Thou, Soul, inspiring — give us vision clear, /Break earth-bound fetters, sweep away the veil," (Christian Science Hymnal #66)

  11. Thanks John, what a beautiful spiritual discernment. Bless everyone : )

  12. thank you for your lift John 'we just need reminding to carry it through thank you again

  13. What a beautiful metaphor Mrs Eddy uses and thankyou John for reminding us of it this morning!

  14. Thank you so much John, I am wiping away the sleep as I type!

    Thank you Nate and your merry team, thank you BoL and all the lecturers who so willingly and beautifully contribute to the Lifts bringing my fellow Lifters and I fresh inspiration and shiny new tools for our Spiritual tool boxes :-)

    My truly hearfelt thanks


  15. Thank you John,
    On 911 Sunday I will be swimming in the senior Olympics and glorify God to the fullest. lifting my eyes toward victory with all the others.with limitless opportunities for all.
    Looking forward to hearing your up coming Lectures also. vhc

  16. Needed your inspiring Lift not only for the 9/11 but also very very much for myself. Thank you very much, dear John!

  17. Thank you, John for this clear vision of spiritual reality. Your DL made me think of Psalms 119: “Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.” This prayer of intent was extremely helpful to me ten years ago on 9/11. My family had moved to St. Louis so our teenagers could finish at the high school related to our college alma mater. At an assembly that morning, I learned that a theme for the year was “Don’t just survive, but thrive!” and was given a large pin printed with this theme after the assembly.

    On the way home, I heard reports about the World Trade Center in NYC. I saw the graphic replays on TV, and then realized that my sister was an office manager in one of the twin towers. Emotion was racing, and fear was projecting itself on the screen of my thinking. How could I change this mesmeric mental picture? Then the thought from Psalms 119 got through, and helped me to open my eyes spiritually.

    I looked at the theme pin I’d been given and realized this was another angel message - that my sister’s relationship with God could not be severed, and that He would help her to continue to thrive as His expression, regardless of the physical picture. I couldn’t get her on the phone, and chose to stay with the Truth – that she lived, and moved, and had her being in Spirit. That sustained me all day. It was after 9:00 PM when I was able to get through and she told me she was OK.

    An offer of new office space came. The business survived and soon thrived.

  18. okay. It's only 9/9 and I'm already weary of the attempts to relive the horror and sadness of 9/11. Definitely ready to turn away from that hypnotic vision to see the unending, continually fresh blessings on ALL of Love's creation.

  19. Thank you John for your inspired lift! Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments!

  20. Ps 119:18 has been an unfailing guide for me over the years. It reads... "Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law."

    Thank you John for your inspired lift! I'm so grateful to be a participant
    in this healing work.

  21. I like to think that the well was left for others in their journey to drink from as well.

  22. We have seen it so many times in this year alone, John, in so many countries, that in the middle of apparent devastation people rally with love and compassion to help each other reclaim, rebuild, and redeem neighbourhoods and vast areas of land and property lost to floods and disruption. I really believe much of this help has been inspired and generously supported by contributers to Your Daily Lift, which has united workers in the field, responding with unbounded generosity to urgent cries for help. "My prayer, some daily good to do To Thine, for Thee; An offering pure of Love, whereto God leadeth me." Christ My Refuge by Mary Baker Eddy - CSHymnal 253 - 257.
    Thank you Nathan and your team; the BoL and lecturers; and the whole gathering of angelic Lifters.

  23. Thank you, John, for transforming this historic date into a spiritual awareness of God's never-ending blessing for us all.

    During the last ten years there has been made progress in this world in regard to religion, democracy and freedom and we are part of it with our scientific prayers.

    Your lift touched me, thank you!

  24. Thank you

  25. I see that story of Hagar, Abram, and Sarai as a call for the whole family to go up higher.....and Hagar was blessed by Sarai's responding to that call.

    Hagar was the only one whose name wasn't changed in the ascension to a higher understanding of Life demanded of them all but then again we aren't demanded to demonstrate at another's level of understanding. God demands of us ONLY what WE can certainly do! "Every day makes its demands upon us for higher proofs....of Christian power" and progress is God's law. (all from Science and Health pg 233)

    We are all striving to lift our understanding of God as the substance of all so that we may help our brothers and sisters. Jesus promised "If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me." That promise is what keeps us going forward.

  26. 'Love looseth me, and lifteth me, ayont hates thrall:' Hymn 160
    Thank you for this truly uplifting lift, just knowing it is helping all for whom this time of remembrance is a challenge. With love to all.

  27. Forgiveness is the great healer for all humanity. The hijackers, as well as the passengers in the airplanes and the people on the ground whose earthly existence ended on 9/11 are all continuing in their spiritual lives in the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Mary Baker Eddy explains in the Glossary of Science and Health on page 590, "Kingdom of Heaven. The reign of harmony in divine Science; the realm of unerring, eternal, and omnipotent Mind; the atmosphere of Spirit, where Soul is supreme." (Mind, Spirit and Soul all being synonyms for God.)

    We should open our eyes today and see the Kingdom of Heaven, the reign of harmony here on earth, everywhere. God is supreme!

  28. Thank you, John, for that uplifting message of love and truth — and the directive to change our vision to see the only view that really IS — God's view of His/Her creation — perfect and eternally good.

  29. Wonderful !!! Thank you . :-)

  30. I am reminded of Mrs. Eddy's definition of eyes from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. (p. 586)

    Eyes: Spiritual discernment, -- not material but mental.

    And the quote you gave us is one I recently read in Prose Works (Miscellaneous Writings:355):

    To strike out right and left against the mist, never clears the vision; but to lift your head above it, is a sovereign panacea.

    Thank you so much for this thought to look with new eyes today and every day.

  31. Yes, Hans, that is exactly what we must do! Thank you for going right through the general mood of distress, sorrow and the desire to "punish" the terrorist. I agree wholeheartedly to the demand that God open our eyes to the spiritual dimension of life. And to the constant and uninterrupted Love of our Father Mother-God to us.
    Alle the best ! :-)

  32. Correction: the quote,"To strike out right and left against the mist... " is. from Misc:355

  33. No se si entendí bien el mensaje, pero aún así voy a comentarlo, generalmente es poco lo que comprendo de él, solo mi convicción de la importancia de estos intercambios inspirativos basados en los mensajes de cada día me dan la certeza de que debemos esforzarnos para hacerlo porque he comprendido que también es una sana forma de oración, primero escuchando luego recorriendo diferentes manifestaciones tanto en inglés como naturalmente en español y luego en base a lo que entendí orando a Dios para que me haga comprender más , escribo y me gozo cada día en ello agradeciendo poder estar aquí respondiendo con mucho afecto lo que cada uno de los mensajeros y pensadores diarios nos brinda en esta consecuente oración.

    "Escrito esta: Mi casa es casa de oración;" Lucas 19:46.

    "Para los que se apoyan en el infinito sostenedor, el día de hoy está lleno de bendiciones" CyS, MBE. [pg vii: 1]

    El elevar diariamente nuestro pensamiento a Dios agradeciendo poder compartir las espresiones brindadas por cada uno de los actores, ya es una oración.
    Muchas gracias John por el Daily Lift de éste día, Thank you

  34. Beautiful message. Thanks.

  35. An inspiring reminder that refocusing our recollections of that "non-event" to God's ever-presence and loving care for each of His ideas will contribute toward shredding the images of thought it presents.

  36. So wonderful, John! And thank you for helping to "open my eyes" today by Lifting my thought just a little higher regarding 9/11 and it's 10th Anniversary. Instead of going into terror and sorrow over the events of 9/11, we can "kiss the cross and wake to know a world more bright." (From a C.S. Hymn.) I had just such an experience ten years ago - a few days after the events of 9/11. I was having lunch with a friend and we were talking about all the blessings that the events of 9/11 were bringing to the world - almost like a catalyst to "go higher" - to rise above and really see God's Love and Purpose for us all. We both felt very inspired with our sharing! When I left the restaurant and stepped out onto the street of an ordinary downtown, all of a sudden everything was filled with Light! I felt and saw only Love and Light and Beauty everywhere - like everything had been transformed by Spirit. I remember seeing a "bum" on the street corner and all I felt for him was Love and I know he felt it, too! I felt like God had indeed opened my eyes to really SEE what was here all along. I prayed that this would last forever, but alas, the next day, I was back to "normal". But what a Gift and what a Lift! This is what it means to "kiss the cross and wake to know a world more bright"!!! Let's all keep our eyes open to see what's really always here all the time! A Joyful, Loving, Peaceful Weekend to All!

  37. 17 recalls for me the morning of 9/11 when I was serving in our Reading Room. Early, a woman burst through the door. Her brother worked at the World Trade Center and she had been unable to reach him. We shared some truths and she went into the study room to pray as I, too, turned to God. Not long afterward, I heard her cell phone and then her voice. Soon she came in with tears of joy saying her brother was safe. We rejoiced together and continued our prayers.

  38. Thank you Sir. Your "Lift" was uplifting. Focus focus focus only on the good.

  39. Thank you John for this wonderful message - and its promise. Just what I needed to hear today! I am so grateful for all these special healing lifts.

  40. Thank you, from the heart of Manhattan!

  41. I am so very grateful for this message today. I've been needing the right thoughts to add my prayers to others in regard to this anniversary coming up. The idea of lifting our thoughts above the concerns to provide a sovereign panacea where Love can reign, and to embrace all others in this Love, is an excellent way for our prayers to begin. Thank you so much!

  42. Each of us have our own 9/11 to unsee, and see properly. I shall only see God today. In appreciation. J

  43. John;
    Your Lift has brought forth many interesting comments. I agree with #18 that we need to counter the heavy thought that is so prevalent at this time, and you message is doing that.

  44. Thank you, John!
    Just perfect!

  45. I am experiencing my own 9/11 at the moment with two individuals in my charitable organization resigning in a huff because they are not in agreement with my vision and the vision of others in the group.

    Although it is very challenging to imagine continuing on without these two key consultants on board, deep within me I am feeling a stirring and even a voice reminding me that this is not the time for regret and remorse but rather for joy and re-dedication, that what has transpired is really a blessing in disguise, even though I have no tangible evidence to say it is so. Staying true and trusting the angel thought is what Christian Science is all about, I am learning.

    As John so ably indicated, by elevating our vision we can also elevate our reality, through the blessings of God good.

    And as Mary Baker Eddy put it, "Man's extremity is God's opportunity."

  46. Thank you, John, for the call to lift our eyes higher, above the fog of evil. I had not heard that Mary Baker Eddy quote, but love its analogy. Thinking about the 10 years that have passed since 9/11 and how our view of the world may have changed in that time, it is comforting to remember that our worldview is not determined by evil forces or political upheaval, but is informed by the Mind that made the world peaceful, whole, and beautiful. Thanks!

  47. As we recall the images of the World Trade center site on 9/11, Mary Baker Eddy's corrective solution to lift our heads above the clouds of death & destruction, so vividly evident that day, and feel God's love for each & every person IS the sovereign panacea the world seems to be searching for.Thank you John for this inspiring lift.

  48. May I add my gratitude for all the BoL speakers and commenters for sharing their inspiration and love. And to the DL team for their devotion and love; have loved the musical segments this week!

  49. Everything is God. How grateful I am to know that God's creation is all there is. No separate mortals, no us and them, just perfection shining forth.

  50. Thanks much John .
    It is what we need every single day -- "God, open my eyes ..."
    Thanks to all for sharing experiences of hope and inspiration.
    And #9 for sharing the prayer-link at christianscience.com

  51. Thank you, John, for this much needed Daily Lift. I appreciate the reminder
    that we are not closing our minds to evil so much as opening our thought
    to the vast goodness that is Divine Love. That Ark of Safety, which we read about in a recent Bible Lesson, continues to comfort, guide and illumine so that we can look up as Hagar did and see God's presence and
    power all around. And we can sing, "He comes to give thee joy for
    desolation and beauty for ashes of the vanished years..." (hymn 202) and live it.

  52. Thanks for the great perspective!

  53. Thank you John, Bev (from 35) and all others who commented for those wonderful and inspiring thoughts that help us all to See! love to all.....

  54. Thanks to John today, the BL and the DL team M - F, and everyone who contributes to these always effective Lifts. That includes all the "Lifters", too. Visiting here in Seattle, watching ships pass through the lockes, we saw three very different boats all line up and be lifted up together. Just as "the rising tide lifts all boats" so does uplifted thought bring inspiration, understanding, and fresh insight to any apparent problem, forwarding us on our way. All who worship the one God, no matter what we call His/Her name, what we call ourselves, what posture we assume in prayer, or what we call our houses of worship, just love God and love each other.

  55. ANNOUNCEMENT: Marta Greenwood is giving a lecture on 9/11 titled "10 years later: Love is the victor." You can listen to the the LIVE AUDIO at 7PM ET at the link below:


  56. thank -you john --wonderful! & thanks to all including all the lifters everywhere

  57. Powerful message - great gift to each of us and to our nation. Thank you.

  58. [...] Science Board of Lectureship – Daily Lift - September 9 Daily Lift (in English) with John Tyler from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, [...]

  59. thank you very much, dear Nate for you announcement today. Marta Greenwood will give a lecture in Hamburg today at 6 pm with the title "Proving your Worth" in english with German translation - am looking forward very much to this. Am grateful for all the Lifts - with Love.

  60. “Change your basis for seeing – lift your spiritual vision up. Getting above the mist” So many good ideas came to me. The 9/11 tragedy seems so huge and difficult to overcome, to "over-look". Yet one error has no more power than another. We call this site (sight) “Ground Zero”, but adding zeros to nothing adds nothing. We call Zeros “place holders”, but what place are they holding us too?

    Mrs. Eddy’s instruction, “To strike out right and left against the mist, never clears the vision; but to lift your head above it, is a sovereign panacea.” (Mis 355:16-18), reminded me of Gen 2:6, “But there went up a mist from the earth,”. Nowhere does it tell us this “mist” was ever lifted again. So the only logical approach is to rise above it, to get out of it.

    Punishing and destroying the perpetrators of error, never heals the wound inflicted. The lasting wound is hatred and “Hate-Rid” is accomplished when the mist condenses, falls and joins in flood tides of love.

    Heartbreaking situations are never healed by fighting fire with fire or hate with hate. Our hearts need the opposite, Love. All we can do, effectively, to heal ourselves and others, is to Love as Jesus did. We must do our work and let God do His. If not, whose work are we doing? Whose servants are we to obey to become further instruments of more error?

    Alertness to duty, daily prayer and standing porter at the door of thought prevents error's spread as we Raise our Sight, not raze our site.


  61. Thank you John. Very inspiring and helpful.
    I agree with #10 - Malcolm Drummond -very inspiring and #18 -Janell.
    Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

  62. Thank you John Tyler for this encouragement to open our eyes to the power of good in our lives at every moment, and especially at times of crisis, as Hagar did when she was asked "What ails thee?"
    "What is it about the events of 9/11 that disturbs us?" might seem like a foolish question, but it does bring us face to face with the question "What is the source of evil?" It's a hard question to look at honestly, but here Christian Science is a great help as many of those responding here indicate.
    Some answers and comfort can be found in Mary Baker Eddy's article "Ways That Are Vain" (pg. 210 in Miscellany), where she names animal magnetism as silent suggestions to induce self-destruction and to paralyze good, and warns that "Unless one's eyes are opened to the modes of mental malpractice...."
    Many of my best friends today are Muslims in a small but growing community of Muslims in the city where I live. They have enriched my life and enlarged my opportunities for expressing brotherly love and spiritual growth.
    This would not have taken place if the events of 9/11 had not forced us to open our eyes to see the presence of good in the world around us. I pray that this desire to express brotherly love will grow so that every evil influence will be exposed and destroyed.

  63. Thank you so much for this wonderful lift reminding us to "see" what is really all around us all the time...only good!

  64. Thanks to everyone for wonderful comments already today. #53 Karen NM, wonderful illustration of all boats lifting. The water doesn't feel any strain of the "extra" two boats!

    Also, in the Hagar story, God says "I have heard the lad where he is." I love that! Hagar learned that God cares directly for her child. What relief she must have felt.

    Thank you, John Tyler!

  65. Deep thanks to John and all the Lift family for these tender, healing thoughts. We certainly do not close our eyes to error, but yes, oh yes, we lift our eyes and have them wide-open to all that is real and true and enduring.

    Many of you shared thoughts that further touched my heart and thoughts, but a special thanks to #57 Michael--I love how you unpack and rework words, to give fresh insight :)

  66. John, Thank you so much. Beautfiul message!

  67. Another "eye opener" is the e-card on Spirituallity.com

    "Living on".

    It's a beautiful poem, visuals, music done immediately following 9/11.

  68. In Christian Science we celebrate the resurrection rather than the crucifixion. 9/11 is a reminder that now is the time to celebrate the resurrection of church,of ourselves, of the community and the world. It is time to become one family and lift our thought to the blessing of all. We kiss the cross and wake to know a world more bright. Thank you all for sharing your blessings.

  69. Wonderful thought...thank you! We may seem to be alone in the wilderness at times, but in reality we are always at one with God - co-eternal and co-existent with His goodness, His abundance. We are never, ever alone never without all that we need.

  70. When in the midst of despair, what shall I do? What did Hagar do? I must allow God to open my eyes. I go to God in humble prayer, ready to obey, and fit myself to see and partake of the saving refreshment, the salvation, that surrounds me. I must refrain from struggling at the depths and rise above the mist to see the saving reality -- allow spiritual sense to clear my vision.

  71. In response to your encouragement for us to lift our heads above the mist this verse from a hymn comes to mind:

    "Oh come and find, the Spirit saith,
    The Truth that maketh all men free.
    The world is sad with dreams of death,
    Lo, I am Life, come unto Me."

    Christian Science Hymnal, # 188

  72. John
    Thank you all for the fabulous responses.,

    A perfect metaphore for the devastation & fires. SEEING

    above the mist is so comforting and the TRUTH!


  73. Your clear message is a refreshment amidst so much agonizing over the appearance of destruction. How we see is everything! Thank you, John for this reminder to "open your eyes!" It makes all the difference!

  74. Thank you John for sharing the Bible story and the message that will bring hope to many. The question of the week on Spirituality. com is "How have you been praying about the ten year anniversary of 9/11?" Now I can add to my prayer your powerful message, "We can lift our vision above death and destruction and see and feel the presence of God's love for each and every part of His and Her creation."

  75. Thank you for my new EYES ...
    Pound for pound there are no better terrorists than a 2 year-old who is throwing a tantrum. What do we do? We kill 'em with kindness and pour in love through flood-tides of Truth and Love. We replace the labels
    and see the real man, as God sees them.
    A beautiful lesson Christian Science has taught me is to separate the actions from the person.

    At the risk of wearing out a great poem by Edwin Markham:

    He drew a circle that shut me out

    Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout

    But Love and I had the wit to win,

    We drew a circle and took him in.

    with much love,


  76. Thank you, John, and all the commenters!! I was moved to tears over and over again. When I heard that the lift was going to be about 9/11, I admit that I was fearful that this would turn into a political or "us against them" dialogue. But far from it!! So much love, so much desire for healing! Such a WILLINGNESS to recognize that EVERYONE is a beloved child of our Mother/Father God and that we are ALL united in brotherhood and sisterhood. Thank you ALL for your beautiful, warm hearts and your healing willingness to SEE THE TRUTH OF OUR UNITY!! Have a blessed weekend, sisters and brothers. We'll all be together in LOVE and as the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts, we will be a POWERFUL force for GOOD and TRUTH at a time when many will be confused by fear and error. I'll see you all above the mists!!!

  77. I just realized that by adding a "t" to "error", you have "terror". Error and terror=nothing.

  78. How wonderful it is to be in the company of so many precious thinkers. How could anybody not be uplifted out of the deepest of depressive thoughts by this and all of the "Daily Lifts" accompanied by the inspired commentors.

    Thank You to ALL for reflecting so well God's omnipresent ALLNESS.

  79. Thank you John for reminding us who is on our side. God the ever present Love is on our side!

  80. I must add my love and appreciation for this fine reminder, John. And to all the "lifters" your comments and blessings reach the heart. Thank you and love to all.

  81. Thanks John for this inspiring and truely practical and yet spiritually absolute look at world events. I'm so grateful for this willingness to go up higher and take a look with opened, pure, eyes at what God has provided, is providing, and will forever provide for all of us for all eternity.
    "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings." SH. Thanks DL team.

  82. Bello y magnífico Daily Lift! Mi gratitud John por tu mensaje sanador.
    De continuo oro con este versículo bíblico : ‘ Abre mis ojos ’, y miraré las maravillas de Tu ley (salm119:18) .

    Esta oración es esencial para nuestro desarrollo espiritual , pedimos al Padre de las luces ‘abra nuestros ojos espirituales’ – para Ver la Realidad y contemplar las maravillas de Su creación.
    La Visión espiritual necesitamos, no la física .

    En Glosario está def. de Ojos . ‘Discernimiento espiritual - no material , sino mental. Pensando en la visión externa, Jesús dijo: “¿Teniendo ojos no veis? ” (cys p586)

    Orando con estas ideas y lo relacionado con visión correcta, tuve una sanación en mi vista – considerada hereditaria e incurable desde el punto de vista médico.
    Esto ocurrió hace años cuando iniciaba mis estudios de Christian Science, lo cual me dió mucho gozo y gratitud a Dios.

    Mrs. Eddy nos dice :‘Jesús veía en la Ciencia al hombre perfecto, que aparecía a él donde el hombre mortal y pecador aparece a los mortales.
    En ese hombre perfecto el Salvador veía la semejanza misma de Dios ,y esa manera correcta de ver al hombre sanaba a los enfermos ’ (cys p477)

    Pienso que esa es nuestra misión como estudiantes del método de Jesús- sanar al estilo del Cristo- viendo al hombre perfecto,siempre.

    Dios es el Sanador Unico, la Mente -el Amor del cual somos todos sin excepción, Su imagen perfecta y completa.

    Agradezco los comentarios previos.
    Luz y bendiciones a todos, MaCristy

  83. Translation to english

    Beautiful and magnificent Daily Lift! My gratitude John for your healing message.
    Continually I pray with this Bible verse: "Open my eyes, and I will look at the wonders of your Law' (salm 119:18).

    This prayer is essential to our spiritual development, we ask the Father of lights 'open our spiritual eyes' - to look the Reality and to contemplate the wonders of His creation.
    The spiritual Vision is needed, not physics.

    Found in Glossary definition of Eyes.'Spiritual discernment, - not material but mental. Thinking about the outward vision,Jesus said, "Having eyes, see ye not? "(p 586 cys)
    Praying with these ideas and everything to do with the right vision, I had a healing in my view - considered hereditary, incurable from a medical standpoint. This happened years ago when I began my study of Christian Science, which gave me great joy and gratitude to God.

    Mrs. Eddy tells us: "Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where and sinning mortal man appears to mortals.
    In this perfect man the Saviour saw God's own likeness, and the correct view to see of man healed the sick '(cys p477)

    I think that is our mission as students of Jesus' method- heal and heal others- to the Christ style -seeing the perfect man, always. God is the only Healer, Mind - the divine Love of which we are all without exception, His image or perfect reflection and complete.

    Thanks to inspired comments.
    Much Light and blessings to all, Ma. Cristy

  84. Thank you so much. A dear friend was telling me just this today - change your basis of seeing - Thank you for this wonderful uplift and for the all the comments.

  85. Thank you John for opening my eyes to see only unity, brotherhood, good, and perfect peace.

  86. Your Daily Lift made me think of the hymn "Open my Eyes, That I May See". Open my eyes, that I may see glimpses of truth thou hast for me.

  87. Thank you John. And thank you #57 for some more helpful ideas. I like the "Hate-Rid" (not hatred) and the "Raise our Sight" (not raze our site). I'm working to wake up from the dream of life in matter, including 9/11.

    The Christian Science Sentinel 9/5/11 has three articles specifically addressing the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The "From The Editors" on page 28 is also very helpful. The Christian Science Monitor 9/12/11 also focuses on "9/11 Ten Years After." Lots of food for healing thought and helping us to remember the good. You can find these publications in your local Christian Science Reading Room. (=

  88. Thanks a lot for this daily lift!

  89. What a gem you have given us. Thank you so much for this uplifting message for today - and every day.

  90. Thank you John. And thank you #58 for some more helpful ideas. I like the "Hate-Rid" (not hatred) and the "Raise our Sight" (not raze our site). I'm working to wake up from the dream of life in matter, including 9/11.

    The Christian Science Sentinel 9/5/11 has three articles specifically addressing the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The "From The Editors" on page 28 is also very helpful. The Christian Science Monitor 9/12/11 also focuses on "9/11 Ten Years After." Lots of food for healing thought and helping us to remember the good. You can find these publications in your local Christian Science Reading Room

  91. Dearest All,

    Daily Lift and daily lifters.

    Christianity is certainly a doing thing, always.
    Rise up and walk the Master Jesus the Christ said and Mrs Eddy brings us the ladder of Science to lift us higher in this sacred way to stretch out our hands and hearts to those in need.
    Loving thoughts always in all-ways,.................Pauline.

  92. Light and Love above all, and through all. How beautiful! Thanks.

  93. Thank you so much! Such good thoughts to counteract the mesmerism of this 'anniversary'.

  94. Mary Baker Eddy refers to Habakkuk 1: 13 in two different chapters of the Christian Science textbook, in Footsteps of truth she says:

    “God is "of purer eyes than to behold evil," and matter has neither intelligence nor sensation”. (S & H p.243)

    and in Some Objections Answered:

    “God is "of purer eyes than to behold evil." We sustain Truth, not by accepting, but by rejecting a lie.” (S & H p.357)

    In both instances we learn to open our eyes denying the existence of matter and not accepting its lies of death and destruction but rejecting them.
    Thanks John for telling the Truth.

    En español

    Mary Baker Eddy se refiere a Habacuc 1: 13 en dos capítulos diferentes del libro de texto de la Ciencia Cristiana, en Los pasos de la Verdad ella dice:

    “Dios es muy limpio... de ojos para ver el mal, y la materia no tiene inteligencia ni sensación.” (C y S p.243)

    y en Respuesta a algunas objeciones:

    “Dios es muy limpio... de ojos para ver el mal. Sostenemos la Verdad no aceptando una mentira, sino rechazándola.” (C y S p.357)

    En ambos casos aprendemos a abrir los ojos negando la existencia de la materia y no aceptando sus mentiras de muerte y destrucción sino rechazándolas.
    Gracias John por decir la Verdad.

  95. Liberal Translation of # 32. Nelly , from Uruguay says:

    I don't know if I understood well the message, but even so I am going to comment about it, in general it is very little that I understand of it, only my conviction of the importance of these inspired interchanges based on the messages of each day give me the certainty that we must make an effort to do it because I understood that it is also a healthy kind of prayer, first listening then going through different expressions in English as well as in Spanish naturally and after based on what I understood praying to God to make me understand more, I write and enjoy each day in it, giving thanks for being able to answer with much affection to what each one of the daily messengers and thinkers offer us with this consistent prayer.

    “It is written, My house is the house of prayer” (Luke 19:46)
    “To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings” S & H, MBE p. vii:1

    Lifting our thoughts every day to God, giving thanks for being able to share the expressions offered by each one of the contributors, is already a prayer.
    Many thanks John for the Daily Lift for today. Thank you

    Message for Nelly to help her understand: please contact me on:

    Mensaje para Nelly para ayudarla a comprender: por favor contáctame en:


  96. The sweet reminder to look is a truly good one! Thank you.

  97. Perfect lift, thank you!

  98. Thank you John for you words.It doesn`t matter what the error makes us think,Monterrey is the city of God,and he governs us with Love,and he will
    never leave us alone. We, his children are the reflection of his image and likeness.

    Gracias John por tus palabras. No importa lo que el error nos haga pensar,Monterrey es la ciudad de Dios y èl nos govierna con Amor y nunca nos abandonarà. Los hijos de Dios somos su reflejo en imagen y semejanza.

  99. Repeatedly the Bible gives us this life saving message: Open your eyes. If we change our basis of seeing, our spiritual eyes and vision will be able to grasp the good God has prepared for us today. The good that rightfully belongs to us as His children.
    Just like Hagar was able to see a well of fresh life giving water and save herself and her son in the middle of the arid dessert, we’ll be able to lift our vision above death and destruction and see and feel the presence of God’s Love for each and every part of His creation. MBE gives us her insightful solution to this problem: “To strike out right and left against the mist, never clears the vision; but to lift your head above it, is a sovereign panacea” Misc. 355:16
    ESPAÑOL: Varias veces la Biblia nos da éste mensaje salvador: Abre los ojos. Si cambiamos nuestra manera de ver, nuestros ojos y visión espirituales podrán comprender el bien que Dios nos ha preparado hoy a nosotros. El bien que por derecho nos pertenece como Sus hijos.
    Al igual que Agar fue capaz de ver un pozo de vivificadora agua fresca y así salvarse ella y su hijo en el medio del árido desierto, también nosotros seremos capaces de levantar nuestra visión por encima de muerte y destrucción y ver y sentir la presencia del amor de Dios por cada uno en su creación. MBE nos da su solución intuitiva a este problema: “Golpear a diestra y siniestra contra la niebla jamás aclara la visión; mas levantar la cabeza por encima de ella, es suprema panacea”

  100. thank you John for your wonderful thoughts,
    and thank you all for your comments - I especially loved #58 Michael's Hate-Rid and #75 t-error,how true
    lets pray our world"leaders" and politicians open their eyes and see this way too

  101. Thank you, John, for helping us see an important daily prayer, to have vision adjust to God's wonders. Eyes opened to spiritual realities makes all the difference in the world. Even physical sight benefits by “opened eyes”. Many tiny tree frogs, just emerged from tadpoles are on low plants near ponds. Green at this stage, they sit alone but openly like a tiny jewel on a leaf, but most people pass by not seeing them. Once you know what to look for, they stand out easily. My special-needs rabbit's bed is a box of dried grass clippings, raked after mowing, for lack of quality hay. Last fall I found a sharp pointed seed almost 2 inches long, stuck in his face just by his eye. Days after, more were stuck in tummy, or just in his wool. I had them identified, hoping to be sure I cut whatever plant grew these, before seeding. Not a small plant, they're from an ash tree. I never saw them as I dried grass, some inside during rain, nor on steps or pathway. This year I know them, and they're everywhere.

    God's blessings can seem nonexistent until our spiritual eyes open to the wonders of His love for us. Christian Science opened my eyes far wider than ever before. My joyful task is to see more revealed, to experience every hour, not just big things, but the tiny “seeds” of love and truths revealed in the smallest developments. #17, Peter, #35 Bev, & #36 Britton, Thanks for sharing. #58 Michael, “Hate-Rid”, a 1 word treatment, even for 9-11! Thanks.

  102. Thank you John for your most inspirational message which applies to all hurtful conflict eminating from animal magnetism. Coincidentally I treasured your article "New Day" in the Sentinal and I thank you for your powerful contribution. Blessings to you.

  103. Thank you,John and all responders.How full and running over the blessings.I've always treasured in the Hagar story that she comes to see a "well' of water...not a bit,a glass,a wee pool,but a" well"-abundant and lasting.Always precious.

  104. A deep and heart-felt thank you for the statement of Truth. This "lift" has changed my morning prayer today. And it needed to be changed! Thank you, John.

  105. Thank you John.

  106. Your message has helped me to realize that I can do more than put out my little USA flags and listen to radio and tv programs of remembrance. Prayers and thoughts of gratitude are helpful.

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