6/30: Oneness

6/30: Oneness

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  1. Thank you for helping me see "oneness" in a whole different way.

  2. How exciting to be he first! Fairytales about dark forests will never be scary now. ...Good!

  3. Thank you. Beautiful. Just what I needed to end my day.

  4. Wonderful. sometimes we struggled so much to be one with God, to feel His presence, when we are really always at-one with Him, thus ever in His presence. Thank you!

  5. What a simple firm Truth "I'm not afraid because God is here" in a busy day I can sometimes seem to misplace this Truth, isn't it good to know that God never misplaces us, always ever present oneness. I love these daily lifts Thank you to all involved in producing themx

  6. Frank, wonderful analogy! We can never be separated from God, we are His spiritual image. One with God. I exist because God exists. How do I know this? Well, Mary Baker Eddy says in her textbook, "The universe reflects and expresses the divine substance or Mind; therefore God is seen only in the spiritual universe and spiritual man, as the sun is seen in the ray of light which goes out from it. God is revealed only in that which reflects Life, Truth, Love, —yea, which manifests God's attributes and power, even as the human likeness thrown upon the mirror, repeats the color, form, and action of the person in front of the mirror." S&H 300:28)
    Let's fill our home (our consciousness) with mirrors, let's see God's image all over lives.
    Frank, ¡maravillosa analogía! Nunca nos podemos separar de Dios, somos Su imagen y semejanza espiritual. Uno con Dios. Yo existo porque Dios existe. ¿Cómo puedo saber esto? Bueno, Mary Baker Eddy dice en su libro de texto, "Dios es visto sólo en el universo espiritual y en el hombre espiritual, así como el sol es visto en el rayo de luz que emana de él. Dios es revelado sólo en lo que refleja a la Vida, a la Verdad y al Amor —sí, en aquello que manifiesta los atributos y el poder de Dios, así como la semejanza humana proyectada en el espejo repite el color, la forma y la acción de la persona que está frente al espejo." (CyS 300:30-4) Llenemos nuestro hogar (nuestra conciencia) con espejos, veamos la imagen de Dios en toda nuestra vida.

  7. This simple but profound message will indeed be shared with my world including several small children who are afraid of the dark. The truth that "God is here because I am here" is so simple yet powerful and provides a light that illumines the darkest night for the little ones - and for us big kids too. Thanks Frank!

    P.S. I love the music that introduces this Lift. Did I hear this piece on Nepoleon Dynamite or is it an original piece?

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    All the music you hear on the Daily Lift is original and performed by Nathan and the Daily Lift musicians.

  8. Lovely.Thank you!

  9. Very good - thanks for sharing. The girl's experience in the forest is instructive.

  10. When we are standing in a metaphorical dark forest, it is often tempting to be beguiled by the bleakness of the mortal picture. But I am understanding a little more each day how important it is for all of us to demonstrate (daily, hourly, in fact every moment) our oneness with the Allness. The realisation of course is: How can there be anything else?
    I couldnt help noticing that it was the youthful innocence and uncluttered thought of the young (girl) child that saw the truthful fact so clearly. That is what I want to emulate.

  11. thanks great treatment for depression.

  12. Great daily lift today!

  13. So we just have to acknowledge.His presence ...............and follow
    Thank you, Frank, for this reminder! Gisela

  14. Thank you Frank for this clear explanation of God and man it means a lot to me and must be a great help to many others , thank you for your lecture given in Oxted Surry England we are still thinking of its message, and the examples mentioned, re finding work , settling in a particular locality, and other things, once again a BIG thank you.Kathy

  15. Thank you, Frank
    Oneness is so important to understand and we all really do understand it.
    There is a storm brewing in the Gulf Coast of Texas this morning near where I live. As in the dark forest, God is here in the midst of the storm and there is no need to fear. He protects and preserves every one of His dear children.

  16. Thank you Franz for this beauty, what a simple way to explain God's oneness.

    Esp.: Gracias Franz por esta belleza, que manera tan sencilla de explicar la unidad de Dios.

  17. Thank you Frank for your inspiring lift on oneness. And, as a result, "So God's children all shall dwell / in joy and peace." (Christian Science hymnal # 157)

  18. Hallo, Frank -
    danke für die klare Aussage. Die Geschichte ist auch sehr schön und hilfreich. Ich kenne sie als Gespräch zwischen zwei kleinen Jungs. Der eine - nennen wir ihn Karl hatte gesagt, dass Gott immer bei ihm sei. der andere - Robert fragte ob Er auch da sein würde, wenn Karl nach Spanien reiste. Ja, sagte dieser, auch da. Und wenn sich Karl in Feuerland befände, würde Gott dann auch dort sein? Ja, auch dort ! Und wenn er auf dem Mond sei, dort würde doch Gott sicher nicht sein. Doch! antwortete Karl, auch dort. Aber wie weisst Du denn das? fragte Robert. die Antwort: Na, weil ich dort wäre !! :-) Viele Wege, dieselbe Wahrheit zu erklären!

  19. Thank you Frank for your perfect message - one all-inclusive family of God and His man, Love's love reflected, one embodiment of Life's unfoldment of itself - as each one, all members of the same one whole, - the law of God fulfilled completely and absolutely.

  20. Thank you for that powerful Truth for all mankind to hold onto throughout our day. There is no fear in God with us.

  21. Thank you, Frank, for the really uplifting thought and description of "unity". The clear, simple way to say that showed for me the 'simplicity of Christ' expressed in our chilklike conscienceness being reseptive to Thruth and Love. Have a wonderfull day!

  22. Your lift is WONDERFUL - because God is THE CAUSE, we are THE EFFECT. We can never be separated. I love your story. Thank you.

  23. An "ah-ah" moment!!!! Truly, we are that close to/at one with God! A very inspirational message today! Thank you!

  24. This wonderful truth summed up in a few words .A powerful thought for the start of the day. "Short and sweet like a donkey's gallop."
    Thank you Frank.

  25. And isn't it wonderful to understand that whenever it seems we're in any kind of dark forest experience, the Christ light is always right there enabling us to see the present good, perfection, safety and oneness! Danke, Franz

  26. Most excellent!

  27. Loved the idea of "oneness" with God no matter where we may find ourselves.. It really addresses the totally faulty idea of being separated from God. Thank you.

  28. Thank you for the example sited, explaining our oneness with God. This is going to stay in my thought for ever. This week's lesson on "God" in Ps. 139: 7-10, also states our inseparability from God. How awesome!

  29. What a great lift! I look forward to Daily LIfts each morning to get my day going. What a blessing. Thanks to all the wonderful lecturers, the people who leave comments, the producers and to Nathan and the Daily Lift musicians. Now I can start my day with joy. After all, God is right here, right now!

  30. Thank you for the angel thoughts within this Daily Lift, they fill my heart with joy, and hope. I've been working on keeping in the front of thought: "Be joyful and positive!" "God is here because I am here!" the little girl knows. She knows this Truth is demonstrable in Life every moment! (Eloquently put by #10!) Listen, and know thy voice, be it a Daily Lift or the song of the chickadee outside my door. Joyful and Positive!

  31. Thanks for the thoughts about our oneness, they are a very powerful truth. All of the Daily Lifts have been very helpful.

  32. Thank you for this one-derful Lift, Frank! :-) Here is a senryu I wrote recently which expresses your theme poetically.

    I AM

    everywhere everywhen everyone

    saith the Lord

  33. Thank you Frank. I am full of joy today, you reminded me that God is with me where ever I am, so I am loved, & protected. HE is with all His creation whatever the darkness may suggest, be it hurricane or flood, etc.
    The reality, the light is - GOD is here/there/everywhere. What a beautiful lift for an inspiring weekly Bible lesson, GOD.

  34. As a "friend" of Christian Science, I think I understand that only mortal mind is fearful. When we learn that this mortal mind is a myth, and that there is really only one Mind, and that our beingness is included in this Mind, then fear vanishes from our consciousness, because it was never there in the first place.

  35. Thank you for this wonderful Lift. It does give me a lift. Some times we for get that God is always with us, we just have to be quite and listen then follow His direction.

  36. Thank you for sharing that with us today. Just what I needed for my day ahead!!

  37. Wherever we are....God is! How comforting to know that specific truth! Thank you!

  38. Wow! Frank, was just the right message to lift my heart this morning. Thank you so much.

  39. beautiful thought process
    thank you

  40. Never thought of "oneness" in quite this way. Very helpful. Feel like a light just went on!

  41. Thank you Frank for this lovely message. A great lift for me today. God's word, "I am, that I am really claims this wonderful fact! "all being one"
    (C.S. Hymnal, no. 157)

  42. Thank you, Frank, for this inspiring daily lift. Some one once said: "God is your Life and He/She is doing the living of it." Just another way of speaking of oneness.

  43. thank you for a great send off for a day in the city...and including all in ONENESS
    with our God of Love. All-in-all-ness.

  44. How simple, how wise. I am, because God is. Thank you Frank.

  45. What a simple and profound concept - Oneness! Simple, but not easy! I'm beginning to see how it's always my own distorted ego-sense of self that gets in the way of seeing the Light of Oneness. It's the selfishness, self-pity, resentment, hatred, living in the past, being afraid and not trusting, etc. that blocks my knowing that "Wherever I go, there I AM"! God and I are One - Cause and Effect - Cause needs Effect just as much as Effect needs Cause - to have a Being Expressed as One!

    One thing I struggle with a lot, tho', is how to dissolve scars and wounds of the past, where they seem to have left their mark and seem to now be dictating how I live my life. Any comments people have on this would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, Frank! Love to All!

  46. powerful reminder that we don't have to struggle but instead rest in the fact of our oneness with Him. Thank you thank you.

  47. Thank you so much, Frank, for the clear example of our oneness with God - so helpful. This inspiration is heard and felt 'round the world, isn't it?! Daily, hourly. What power each of our prayers have - the knowing of our relationship to God.

  48. Thank you so much! This is a beautiful way to start a new day.

  49. What a helpful message! I was taught that the concept of oneness is the most important concept to understand in Christian Science. Thanks for sharing your wonderful example!

  50. Thank you for this wonderful lift! I love the answer of the little girl. That simple child like faith is so inspiring. And Nathan, what a catchy name for your group!

  51. The daily lift is a jewel. The introduction and the closing with the copyright is like the setting, which should set off the jewel. The funky closings, with multiple voices, or the excessive emphasis on "Iiiiiin Boston!" are distracting from the message we just heard, and insert the personality of the producer's with more finality than the lecturer's contribution. It's obscuring the message.

  52. Thank you. What a wonderful takeaway. I know God is here because i am here. We can all take great comfort in that thought...our oneness with God. We can never be separated from God.

  53. Thank you so much, Frank!

  54. I'm ready for the day - knowing I'm never alone!

  55. I love the "not just living, but Life itself".

    God is Cause - therefore His children are - effective.

    Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us.

  56. Oneness

    See your reflection
    And you will
    See Truth
    See Truth
    And you will
    See your reflection

    Laura Lee Roberts (I wrote this a few years ago, inspired by a dream). I used to think I was alone, but now I know that there is no such thing as 'alone'. Hugs!

  57. This helps me in letting my young Granddaughter go away on a trip , to know that no matter where she is God is there with her..sounds simple , but brings much comfort.

  58. Thank you for the example of the girl alone in the forest. How comforting to know we cant ever be alone or afraid when we feel that oneness with God.

  59. This lift brings to thought God loves and I'm that loving, God moves and I'm that moving, God knows and I'm that knowing, God joys and I'm that joying. God is and I'm that ising. This has helped me to see my outcome in His creation in the NOW. Qualities in the NOW show the oneness of the current of ever flowing Love. In this way it is impossible to have a negative to stop the "ing" from occurring since it is the effect. In divine language there really is no such view of a negative such as, "He is not loving." It would always have to be, "He is loving." He is the outcome of Love - loving regardless of where we are standing for the view. Jesus' view, "I and my Father are one" had no negative to it. Thanks for all the songs sung by all the parts of our interconnected world where not one song is any better than another but all contribute to the completeness of the whole.

  60. Thank you, Frank, for this really great Lift. We are indeed the very reflection of God, perfect and complete. When I was driving home from my daughter's home this evening, it came to me so clearly that not only we are at-one with God, but so is everyone. Including absolutely everyone.

  61. I really like that example of 'oneness.' In Science and Health, the answer to the question Is there more than one God or Principle, includes a grammatical oddity which make it very clear that ONE really really means ONE. The answer includes the phrase "Principal and its idea is one..." Ordinarily we would never say 'this and that IS one,' we'd say 'this and that ARE one,' which is the correct way to congugate the verb for a plural subject. It's made quite clear that this subject is not plural!

  62. As often occurs in our lives and in our churches, we have differing viewpoints on what we hear. I'd like to add my view to #51. I agree the daily lift is a jewel. I also love the variety and perkiness of the intro and "funky" closings. I would vote to keep up the happy sounds of multiple voices, and lighthearted music and words - I don't think these should be solumn, and I love the improv feel to the open and close. I think it would be boring and not listened to if it was the same everyday or not done with such joyful expression!
    Thanks for the message, the intro and the closing - I love them all!

  63. I loved your message on oneness with God very much! I had listened to the same story but it was a little boy whose friend would ask him over and over again if God was there at the end of town, in the train, wherever. He always answered YES. But his friend was not convinced so he asked "but if you were all alone in a desert island, would God be there?" the little boy answered "YES". Friend said "But how do you know?" little boy replied "Because I'd be there wouldn't I !" Precious. Liebe :)

  64. God is one with every being, so none are alone in the oceans of thought. Oil constitutes no threat to divine Life. Each of His ideas, manifesting His grace and spiritual purpose, is safe, vibrant, and unaffected.

  65. Simply wonderful (and wonderfully simple)! Thanks, Frank!

  66. To Bev, regarding the 'scars of the past' there are two very lovely passages in Retrospection and Introspection, Mary Baker Eddy's autobiography that I have found most helpful with regard to our tendency to see ourselves separate from God and damaged by that separateness.

    The first is on page 21. It follows a recounting of the very sad experiences with love, marriages and the birth of and subsequent separation from her child that could definitely be defined as scarring and wounding experiences. It's from page 21 line 13 through page 22 line 2. It is well worth studying the entire passage - which I found speaks well to the difference between understanding our Oneness with God and our separateness from the influence of anything that is not God, vs digging through the past trying to heal it with cognitive therapy, routed in acceptance that all that bad is not only real but a part of us all. She begins, "It is well to know, dear reader, that our material, mortal history is but the record of dreams, not of man's real existence, and the dream has no place in the Science of being." The concluding sentence is "The human history need to be revised and the material record expunged." And everything in between those sentences builds to this conclusion.

    The second passage that I find helpful with regard to the way we persist in seeing ourselves separate from God and then beating ourselves up for the results, is on page 86 of the same book, lines 7 through 16. "Art thou still unacquainted with thyself? Then be introduced to this self. ... Note well the falsity of this mortal self! Behold its vileness, and remember this poverty-stricken "stranger that is within they gates." Cleanse every stain from this wanderer's soiled garments, wipe the dust from his feet and the tears from his eyes, that you may behold the real man, the fellow-saint of a holy household." How tenderly we are to be loved, by our very oneness with God!

  67. I agree with Linda Bargmann. Please don't be too solemn, as #51 suggests. We need and love that joy and wit!

  68. Nathan,

    Do I hear a little Napolean Dynamite in the theme music? :)

    Moderator’s note:
    All the music you hear on the Daily Lift is original and performed by Nathan and the Daily Lift musicians.

  69. Thanks Frank for this lovely Lift. I love the wonderful illustration of the young girl in the forest, reminding me of a gem I took away from an address many years ago that I continue to cherish and apply to my daily life ... "what God does for man, he does as man."

    The truth of our spiritual oneness with God is so practical, removing mental barriers that would keep us from being about the Father's business where we are always fully employed and richly rewarded.

  70. How lovely to see again the child-like thought is safe, safe, safe...........now for eternity.

    In Mary Baker Eddy's words: "Willingness to become as a little child and to leave the old for the new renders thought receptive of the ADVANCED (Anni's caps) idea.".......the natural oneness of God and man, breaking new ground every moment.

    Thank you, Frank

  71. Here's a thought for Bev (#45) from an article reprinted in the "Anthology of Classic Articles II" available in Christian Science Reading Rooms. The article by Ira Packard is entitled "Justification" (60-61). In the article, Mr. Packard refers to the case of a man wounded during the Civil War who sought the help of a Christian Science practitioner. The wound was not immediately healed, so the practitioner sought the advice of Mary Baker Eddy about this delay. "She replied in effect, that the practitioner as well as the patient believed there had once been a war, and regarded it as a link in the man's history." Later in the article, Mr. Packard brings up the idea of establishing our spiritual alibi: "So let us, through spiritual understanding, establish our alibi: let us know that we were not there when the alleged offense was committed; we were in God, and ever have been, for 'in him we live, and move and have our being. (Acts 17:28)"
    There's a letter from Mrs Eddy to Mr. Packard included in the amplified Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Healer (398), which is also worth noting.
    Sent with love!

  72. Thank you. A much needed reminder.

  73. 51- I understand what you are saying, but the intro and the finish to the daily lift also express fun and lightheartedness and joy. If one didn't want to hear that, they could click on the stop button as the lecturer finishes his/her ideas so that the message can be savored....:)

  74. Thank you Frank!
    This turns our thinking around to the right direction. We are not separated from God, cannot be.
    I always read the "world-family-community" comments. It is great to know that we are not in categories - and like Annie #34 - who is a 'friend' of Christian Science -- we have a wide variety of faith-beliefs who love the Daily Lift. That reminds us we are all One in God's family.
    Also love the little poem by Gwenn #32. So simple.
    Thanks to all.
    Have a happy day.

  75. Frank, your Lift reminds me of this quote from Science & Health:
    "As a drop of water is one with the ocean, a ray of light one with the sun, even so God and man, Father and son, are one in being. The Scrip‐
    ture reads: "For in Him we live, and move, and have our being." Mary Baker Eddy
    These Daily Lifts are like a little spark in my day, a wee bit of fireworks to get my day going.

  76. I am walking with that oneness all day today and love the sweet feeling of wholeness I feel. Thank you for "Because I am here."

  77. Precious story about the fearless girl, so certain she is one with her creator. I wrote it down in my "to remember forever file". Thank you!

  78. This morning, I first read the lesson on God and then listened to your Lift, and it was all one. It is wonderful to be reminded that we are all one whether we live in the US, or Germany, or Uruguay. God's Truth and Love infuse us all so we can walk in the forest like a child and not entertain any fear. Thanks for Lifting us up.

  79. Thank you for the Daily Lifts and the comments from all of you. I pause here and gratefully acknowledge God's presence with all of us. I always find comfort in the shared comments. #34 and #45 comments were especially helpful to me today. Much love. We are all guided and governed today by God.

  80. Sooo glad to have the Daily Lifts again! It is a blessing for the world's family. We who listen and write are one in God. My dad was near the end on his human experience and he said, "God gives me His Life". I had to think about that for awhile. God didn't give us our life He gave us His Life. That means we can never loose it or have it taken from us. We can never have that life scarred or changed by a belief that something awful happened to us. Bev #45, you can be sure if God has given you His Life yours is always pure, unadulterated and free to be what God lives as you!

    Thanks Frank, hope one day to hear you lecture! love, Sally

  81. HUGE thanks to #45 Bev for your request and to those replying to it. Very comforting and I look forward to spending time with the suggested readings. Frank, this Lift made me think much more deeply about oneness and how it includes the infinity of God as all. It inspired me to use the 7 synonyms in the child's "God is here because I am here" answer- Principle is here because I am here...Love is here because I am here... this brings home our part in God's word "I am that I am" and it helps me declare that my reflection truly includes all God is. It makes me squirm with doubt, so I know it's a powerful idea that I need! Also, especially appreciated #59 Sher's contribution today. Am sure enjoying the increase of commenter’s - welcome & thanks everyone!

  82. Oh! Thank You, dear Paula, #66, and dear Gigi, #71!! Such helpful ideas for my question. Sometimes it's hard to let go of our so-called "stuff" because it has become the very fabric of our being, especially if things happened in our so-called early childhood. But I do know it is possible to have all that healed - thru deep prayer and study in Christian Science. (I have used Therapy and 12-Step Groups, too.) I also know that a lot of it has to do with forgiveness of the people involved and forgiving myself for ever having been caught in the "dream". I know some Practitioners and Teachers who have had to deal with having been raised with an alcoholic Dad and have succeeded in overcoming the "effects" of such an experience. "All things are possible with God"!! Thank You! With Love!

  83. Thank you for the daily uplift!
    No matter what seems to be going on in our lives, if we just remember that if
    we are here God is here, so also good is here, and nothing else.

  84. I loved this lift. What a great concept of feeling close to God.
    This was great, thank you Frank

  85. I was thinking of the beautiful hymn, 'He has promised we shall find him - one with him forever near' and this Daily lift illumined my awareness of oneness - thankyou :thats why I am - because God is !! and he is with us where ever we are, so He is with us even in the storm, which He calms with His presence. We are all affirming this( No15) and our prayers are the acknowledgement of that oneness.

  86. I love the music that you bring to these Lifts. It brings so much joy. After hearing the uniqueness of the music, I felt buoyant and full of Soul. It reminded me of Alex Cook's music: I am the Lord's song, He sings me. We are the Lord's song, played with might. With joy and glee fly like a leaping kite . I am the Lord's song and I'm here to stay.

    We all express Soul in our own unique ways. Let us be tolerant of the uniqueness of every spiritual identity on this planet. Let us all continue in singing the Lord's song. Thank you so much for the beautiful variety and creativity of the music. Keep up the good work.

  87. Thank you so much for the Daily Lifts. They really are! And many thanks to Nathan and the Daily Lift musicians. I look forward just as much to their contributions also.

  88. That is tremendously powerful. God and man are more than two separate entities meeting. Thanks!

    We, and everything in creation are the expressions of God's being.

  89. Thanks so much, Frank. One with God every moment; no lapse, no moment of separation! For Bev, scars suggest separation from God. As we heard today, we are at-one with God throughout eternity. Psalm 37:37 says, "Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace." That's the only "mark" - perfection. To #51, I, too, like to hear just the message. The nice part is that we each have control over what we listen to. Just click on the stop button, as was mentioned. That's what I do if I don't want to hear anymore.

    Great message, Frank!

  90. Thank you very much. A lovely way to begin our day.

  91. Thank you, Frank.
    This is something I have been working on for a while now. Thank you to #59 Sher, #61 Linda, #63 Chrissie, #66 Paula, #71 Gigi. I found many ideas for myself and ones to share with a friend. The past human history needing to be expunged is so important. I love that word "expunged". 1. To strike out, obliterate, or mark for deletion 2. to efface completely: DESTROY (Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, a Merriam Webster volume)
    Love to you all

  92. One cannot be where God is not! I never understood this until now.
    Thank you Frank for this unfoldment.

  93. Thank you, Frank, for the very welcome reminder.
    So beautifully stated.

  94. Dearest Bev #45. I'm not sure if you can obtain the Sentinel Radio broadcast of December 2009, Vol. 18, No. 12 from sentinelradio.com, but a Christian Science Reading Room will probably have one in their lending library. There is a very helpful talk with Christian Science teacher, Arno Preller. He had been severely whipped when he was incarcerated for refusing to be a part of the Nazi Party activities during the war. Because the scars were on his back he hadn't paid much attention to them. But when he had been given a psychological examination the doctor said he had amazingly few mental scars from the war. He asked himself why he should have any scars and honesty and systematically prayed to be free of his mental scars. He saw that he had to go farther than just letting bygones be bygones - that is just sweeping it under the rug. He had to forgive them. He mentally got down on his knees and prayed for God to help him see them as God sees them. He found that forgiving the camp commendant was easier than he thought it would be. He realized he would be bearing false witness if he saw them in any other way. But, he asked himself if he could love them, and he replied yes, because they were just acting out roles that were not their true selfhood. The side effect was that those 20 year old scars on his back were completely healed, as well.

    I pray that Frank's beautiful uplift will pave the way for you to see that those you need to forgive are also one with God, and your forgiveness will help you both find independence from the mental scars of what you are holding in consciousness as a hurtful human history. A scar is only a memory. As you relinquish the belief of having a mind separate from God, and claim your one-ness with Divine Mind, there will not be a trace of it to be found. God knows nothing of it, does he? You cannot help but be the full and perfect expression of Divine Love manifest in tender forgiveness.

    Lovingly, Laurie

  95. God is here because, I am here!
    God is THERE because they are there!
    I love how this finds us within God Good!

  96. thank you, thank you frank! i awakened this am feeling so out-of-sorts: disconnected from the world, myself, god. felt such inertia. forced myself to turn on the computer and listen to daily lift. dear bev, i appreciated your words so much...kept reading comments, knowing that someone would enlighten me, remind me of my oneness with god. #75 kay stopped me in my tracks: "as a drop of water is one with the ocean..." so too am i one with god. wow. i am deeply grateful for everyone participating in daily lift. i feel embraced by love. you are my extended family. blessings to all. sincerely yours.

  97. Loved today's Lift. Mary Baker Eddy writes in Science and Health p.16 that God is the "Adorable One." How wondrous is God's adorable clarity, coherence, freshness as well as "enduring wit, vivacity, and charm" Mary Baker Eddy refers to (Misc . p. 117). These are Lift qualities, ours in our eternal oneness as God's reflection. A delight and huge comfort and help! Thank you everyone!

  98. Again, thank you for the Daily Lifts. They really do give a lift to my day...always new, inspiring ideas...God is always present...

  99. Thanks.

    45-The phrase "barbs it" came to my thought in response to your question.

    I just looked it up and it's from a short article called Taking Offense in Miscellaneous Writings by MB Eddy, p. 224, "The mental arrow shot from another's bow is practically harmless, unless our own thought barbs it." The word "barb" in the Students Reference Dictionary means, "the points that stand backward in an arrow, a fishhook, or other instrument for piercing, intended to prevent its being extracted."
    It seems all too easy to get tied up knots about the actions of others. But, we can reverse that and pray to see what God is seeing and doing every moment. I'm not tied with with what I/he/she said or didn't say, did or didn't do. I am only seeing myself/her/him/them as image, idea of perfect Mind.
    Thanks #71 for the helpful quote,...Mr. Packard brings up the idea of establishing our spiritual alibi: “So let us, through spiritual understanding, establish our alibi: let us know that we were not there when the alleged offense was committed; we were in God, and ever have been, for ‘in him we live, and move and have our being. (Acts 17:28)”

  100. Thank you for this wonderful lift. To Bev #45, read Psalms 103 in which it says the Lord "forgiveth all thine iniquities;...redeemeth thy life from destruction;...crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies" and in Isaiah 43:18 it says, "Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old." Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health p.353, l. 22-24 "When we learn error is not real, we shall be ready for progress, forgetting those things which are behind." and on page 547, l. 25-30, "The true theory of the universe, including man, is not in material history but in spiritual development. Inspired thought relinquishes a material, sensual, and mortal theory of the universe, and adopts the spiritual and immortal." And in an article written by her in 1903 for the CS Sentinel, she says, "We own no past, no future, we possess only now." ("now" emphasized) So considering and understanding our relationship, our oneness, with God right now, and not our mortal relationship to the past, helps to put the past to rest.

  101. Hi Frank
    Played my best soccer using these ideas. Thanks for reminding me.
    Can you speak to the England soccer team?!
    Kind thoughts

  102. Thank you all for these messages of ONENESS. And thank you Frank for your theme.

  103. Here are some thoughts for #45, Bev. In dealing with a similar situation where the beliefs of the past were trying to rule the present and I could not understand any of it, I called a practitioner. She stated clearly, "It NEVER happened!!! 'Depart from me. I never knew you.' Error said you failed, this terrible thing happened, etc., Who/what says it happened? The liar. It never has been. Insist that God has never done it. There is nothing to meet but the Presence of God. It's all you've ever known. God knows His Omnipresence. There is only God's nature---always---Everpresent. Oh, thank you, God. You're always here."

  104. This is so wonderfully clear and helpful. Many thanks....
    I'm reminded of a poem I came across recently in a 9/30/44 CSSentinel

    I know
    That where I am
    Is God. Since this is so
    No place could safer be than where
    I go.

    Edith Coonley Howes

  105. Altough we sometimes walk through that valley in the shadow of what appears to be death and darkness, we will fear not (no one that embrace) evil (that dream), for Thine is the way, truth, and life and we are awake and at one with the light.
    Danke Frank

  106. What an inspiring, comforting, helpful thought:
    "God is here, because I am here."
    Thank you!

  107. Wonderful lift indeed!
    This concept of "Oneness" is fundamental to the understanding and practice of Christian Science.
    Although sometimes it seems difficult to grasp the real meaning, this is what we most need to. Yet, it´s simple and straight like the girl´s answer in your lift.
    But mortal mind always tries to confuse us with an excuse that man and God are two separated beings, that we are a lot lesser than Him and, although we know that somewhere in time we will meet God, our path to His kingdom will be hard and full of great chalenges. Nonsense!!! We are as near to God as our breathing, but we don´t even notice it!
    Thank you Frank, for your timely remainder!

  108. Perfect timing! Thank you, Frank. I'd just read a post on the CS discussion forum trying to turn someone new from Christian Science. What puzzled me, wasn't his firm belief Jesus was God, but he used verses in John 1, substituting Christ for God to back his point. I wondered how one could accept that, but ignore Jesus' words in John 14: 12 and John 17:20-22. These verses say those who believe in him, can do his works, and whether we've walked on water yet (example used on the post) unless one believes this with all their heart, they otherwise believe Jesus lied. Quite a paradox!. These verses clearly show Jesus didn't limit his remarks to his disciples, or other followers back then, but also for all who believe through their word. Jesus shows oneness isn't that he was God, and also we, as believers share the true oneness. The last verse above, shows the glory Christ Jesus had was not originated in him as God, but was given to him by God, and is given by Christ to us. Suddenly I remembered I'd clicked on the Lift, got the title, but forgot to listen!. Your “Oneness” really made me feel at one with the Father, for it went right with the thoughts and verses I'd looked up. Though it seems the Lift was just for me, I know because of this Oneness, it will be exactly what each listener needs, and will seem to be given just for them. This Lift also supports a reply I made on the forum last week, when a writer said unless one was aware of God, they didn't benefit, so “ever Presence” is a cliché. I pointed out that atheists get good ideas useful for man, babies get life even if parents never heard of God by any name, and families have love for each other. Everyone benefits from God's ever presence, whether aware of Him or not. It's this Oneness. Someone recently wished more commenters on the Lift would also post on the discussion forum. You are needed there, too. Thanks #41 David for reminding us of that hymn. #56 Laura and #59 Sher, & #69 Jackie, Thanks.

  109. That was lovely - reminding us that we are never alone, that God is with us everywhere we go and will protect us and care for us no matter what.

  110. WOW! What a wonderful support these Commenters to the Daily Lift are!!!
    In addition to #66 and #71, thanks also to #79 Susan, #80 Sally, #81 Tracy C-K. #89 Sandy and #94 Laurie!

    You guys are all Awesome and I really felt your Love and Concern and Precious Caring in your words of Healing to me! Praise God!

  111. Thank you, Frank, for this reminder of the simplicity of our oneness with God.

  112. Thank you Frank; It is just so beautiful

  113. Thank you! Exactly what I needed today.

  114. For #45 Bev. Return to Tom McElroy's Daily Lift, “Now” of 5/31. To save time, I got the link to it for you: http://christianscience.com/lectures/2010/05/31/now/#comments
    You not only have no unpleasant past, but have no scars to remove, and I'm praying you will feel this ONENESS-NOW. These lifts and the comments are treatment for whatever would insist you have “yesterdays” to suffer or pay for. I need these reminders to remove the dust of “Then” that tries to settle on my thoughts and experiences. Thanks for helping me, too, today #'s 66 Paula, 71 Gigi, 100 LB, & 103 Katherine, I suspect many will be helped. Arno Preller's testimony of healing of scars may also be found online at spirituality.com, with this link: http://www.spirituality.com/article.jhtml?ElementId=/repositories/shcomarticle/Sep2009/1253038660.xml&ElementName=Why%20forgive%3F%20 .
    (That's all one line. I don't know how to get it hyperlinked on this lift page). It is a reprint of a 9-21-'09 Sentinel article, titled, “Why Forgive?” If you can't find the audio mentioned, this will help, I hope.

  115. thank you all for your wonderful comments. I feel the oneness with all of you. Frank from Hamburg

  116. Thank you Frank, I love the fact that where ever I am God is also.

  117. Thank you so so much....Isn't it wonderful that we can never be alone---God is always with us wherever we may be. Yes, does does love each and every one of us.

  118. Excellent. Clearly stated and so easy to see and accept.

    Thank you!

  119. In response to Bev: In a poem I read: It never was true, dear God I said, for I am thy child and I am at peace. You need to get to the place where you know that whatever seemed to scar you never was true. My teacher in C.S. told us that scars are rememberances. But there is only one Mind and in that Mind all is harmony. And here is something that a practitioner gave me when I was very young: Man walks this earth in the atmosphere of Life, Truth and Love, and this holds him in spiritual gravatation, and the force of Love that man reflects, repels all the illusions of the carnal mind. I hope this helps you gain your freedom.

  120. Thank you so much!
    It is so simple and at the same time so complete and true!

  121. Scars?-- Identity can't be smudged.

    (if it can't, it wasn't)

  122. How wonderful to be back with this blessed Lift. My children moved me closer to them and to church. What a beautiful thought for the finish of my day. Thank you so much to all of you for being there.

  123. Thank you Frank for your inspirational lift for today. It was so beautiful & simple, yet profound... " I know that God is here because I am here...."& from a child's trusting reply........ I called 2 relatives that do not get internet & played it for them to hear. I wish that they too could read the wonderful comments from all over the world. I too enjoy the joyful musical introduction.

  124. Bonjour Franck

    Thank you so much for sharing this little story! It's perfect and makes it so clear and simple.

    Merci beaucoup

  125. Thank you soooo much #114 JS for sending the link to Arno Preller's lecture "Why Forgive?" It did serve as a hyperlink when I clicked on it, and took me right to the lecture. I am so grateful to be able to print it out for someone I could not send a CD to. This is priceless. I know it will bless a lot of people. I'd like to be able to study it more in depth myself, which is difficult sometimes with an oral presentation. I read with a pencil in hand to underline and circle. That slows me down enough to ponder vital points. Thanks to everyone for their loving support of #45 Bev.

  126. Loved it! Thank you.

  127. Muito obrigado pelo trabalho, que Cristo Jesus opere em todos nossos trabalhos, e que tudo está bem para quem confia no Infinito Sustentador.

  128. Great Lift! And want to reach out to Bev in Sandpoint (#45)...with love. So many angel messages have comforted and helped me along the way, toward complete freedom from that old false version of "my" life,thinking, and feeling; and I credit Mrs. Eddy's encouragement that we really can get to that "haven" (just as she did!) through allowing and savoring (really letting in w/childlike receptivity) any and all Christ messages about our actual Life (and thus our real life!). Big helps were the Daily Prayer and then earnestly asking God to help me 1) feel a "sweet release" (C.S. Hymnal 9:4) from the "old me". and 2) be able to be His/Her living proof that Love's ever-presence is ever with "me, and mine, and all". Christian Science really does answer our deepest needs; it sets us on a path of discovering that life is and can be proven to be truly good and even heavenly/"sweet".(hope you have as much healing fun as I did finding, relishing, and living the inspiration re: "sweet" in the Bible and Mrs. Eddy's writings - esp. see S&H 303: 30-2 - & many beautiful, heart-felt hymns!).

  129. . . . and God is the "great I AM" (S&H 587: 5).

  130. Thank you so much Frank for this inspiring Lift. I loved being reminded of the story that ends "How would you know that God would be there? because I would be, wouldn't I." I first heard a version of this years ago on a tape from the CSPS and have remembered it ever since. It is very a powerful reminder that where we are, God IS.

  131. Yes, we must understand what the oneness of man and God means. It doesn't exist in the moment of prayer or meditation. It is the real fact of our being, now and for ever. God and man are not two entities separeted. There is but one life, one love, one truth, and this oneness is God and we reflect this fact. Thank you for reminding us this lesson.

  132. Thank you so much. Indeed God, Life, Truth and Love is the ever Present the only Omnipresence God - we can not be anywhere without God. Thanks again.

  133. Thank you, Frank, for starting the ball rolling with the simple truth that "God is here because I am here." I love the way Hymn 11 says it in the last line of the second stanza: "God and man fore'er at one."

  134. How simple this is to just be. There's no effort involved, we just are one with all good. Thank you for reminding us of this powerful reality.

  135. Schönen Dank! Echt wahr. Leave it to a child...

  136. Beautiful and powerful demonstration of our oneness to the Father. Thank you!

  137. Thank you Frank! You brought a memory of one of our daughters who, when five years old was walking down dark stairs to a friends basement and was asked by this friend, " Are you not afraid to go down those dark stairs along?" In answering our daughter turned, saying, " No, because I am not alone, God is with me."
    Our friend had not expected this to come from such a young person and asked how she knew this. This opened the door for two friends to talk of the Love of God and the statement "There is no spot where God is not".

  138. For Bev #45: I found Christian Science as a teenager when dealing with the problem of alcoholism of a family member. Not only was I healed instantly (while reading the first chapter of Science and Health) of severe insomnia, fear, addiction to prescription sleeping pills and tranquilizers and their side effects, but I was able to help the family member give up alcohol. Christian Science gave me dominion over the situation, instead of being a victim, I became stronger because of it. The whole experience changed my life for the better as it has given me compassion for others and a desire to love and help everyone. Love is ours by reflection so it is infinite and impartial and does not depend on others returning it. “We have no enemies. Whatever envy, hatred, revenge—the most remorseless motives that govern mortal mind—whatever these try to do, shall ‘work together for good to them that love God.’” Misc. Writings page 9:4 by Mary Baker Eddy “If one lives rightly, every effort to hurt one will only help that one; for God will give the ability to overcome whatever tends to impede progress.” Science and Health p.115:25 by Mrs. Eddy. Thanks for all the love expressed in these comments and the original Lift. I have been greatly helped as I am sure many others have.

  139. Vielen herzlichen Dank for the uplifting message!

    Actually I quite enjoy the happy opening and closing
    offered each time for the Daily Lift.
    So much joy expressed - - -

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