9/2: Olive Street

9/2: Olive Street

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  1. Thanks, Norm,

    Will sure love to share this graphic illustration of Biblical guidance with lots of friends. A real good way to introduce them to the Daily Lifts.

  2. Thanks Norm. Here in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, we don't have many narrow streets; but when I go to Brisbane, just over 100 Km south, to visit my daughter and her young family, I encounter that situation with very narrow streets. I know exactly what it is to feel in harmony. I normally slow down and stop and even signal with my hand that the vehicle coming in the opposite direction can go first. In all the years I have been doing this, I have always encountered cordial people, saying thanks and/or them letting me go first, then it was my turn to say thanks with a smile and almost in every occasion people smiled back. There is no competition, just sharing the road and our love for the person traveling the other way. The video helps to recognize the harmony. Thanks again!

    En español

    Gracias Norm. Aquí en la Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, no tenemos muchas calles estrechas; pero cuando voy a Brisbane, poco más de 100 km al sur, para visitar a mi hija y su joven familia, me encuentro con esa situación de calles muy estrechas. Sé exactamente lo que es sentirse en armonía. Normalmente disminuyo la velocidad y me detengo e incluso señalo con la mano para que el vehículo que viene en dirección opuesta pueda ir primero. En todos los años que he estado haciendo esto, siempre he encontrado gente cordial, dando gracias y/o ellos dejándome ir primero, entonces era mi turno dar las gracias con una sonrisa y casi en toda ocasión la gente me devolvía la sonrisa. No hay competencia, solo compartiendo la ruta y nuestro amor por la persona que viaja en sentido contrario. El vídeo ayuda a reconocer la armonía. ¡Gracias otra vez!

  3. Well done--love the quality video and the message. Thank you!

  4. Many thanks Norm for reminding us to have patience, and Christly love for our fellow man." "Be there light; And there was light./ Gone are chaos, fear and night;" (Christian Science Hymnal #310).

  5. Pretty unique and creative to learn and turn from a narrow street situation, to live up to Christly standards by giving way to mindfulness and deference - I liked that. Thank you, Norm Bleichman. It reminded me of the 'simplicity that is in Christ'.

  6. In the Highlands of Scotland there are a lot of single track roads with passing places, and while you do get the odd person who HAS to reach their destination most people are gracious, even to the extent of pulling into a passing place to allow someone to overtake. Anyway, as we express grace we are sure to see it multiplied in our own lives, as "Love is reflected in love" S&H 17:7

  7. Why war? It’s not about us but about God. “…we should go forth into life with the smallest expectations, but with the largest patience; with a keen relish for and appreciation of everything beautiful, great, and good, but with a temper so genial that the friction of the world shall not wear upon our sensibilities...” Misc. 224:17
    Moses gave his people laws to get along and to protect them. Malachi said, “Have we not all one father? hath not one God created us?” http://kingjbible.com/malachi/2.htm
    This to me is how Jesus taught us to live, today we call it: Live and let live.
    We can’t impose our way of living to others and still expect them to leave us alone (and like us).
    All peoples and nations (like it or not) were created by the same God, no matter how we call Him.
    Do we accept that our God is perfect or did He committed a mistake by creating different razes which we need to exterminate to “fix” His creation? Are we more perfect than God?
    Peace, Salam, Shalom, Paix, Vrede, Pace, Paz. . .
    ESPAÑOL: ¿Por qué guerra? No se trata de nosotros sino de Dios. “…debiéramos entrar en la vida con la mínima esperanza, pero con la mayor paciencia; con un vivo deseo de regocijarnos con todo lo hermoso, grandioso y bueno, y apreciarlo; mas con un estado de ánimo tan genial que la fricción del mundo no afecte nuestra sensibilidad” Escritos Misceláneos 224:19 Moisés le dio a su gente leyes para que se lleven bien y para protegerlos. Malaquías dijo, "¿No tenemos todos un mismo padre? ¿No nos ha creado un mismo Dios? http://nblh.bibliaparalela.com/malachi/2.htm
    Esto para mí es como Jesús nos enseñó a vivir, hoy lo llamamos: Vivir y dejar vivir.
    No podemos imponer a otros nuestra manera de vivir y aun pretender que nos dejen en paz (y que nos acepten).
    Todos los pueblos y naciones (les guste o no) fueron creados por un mismo Dios, sea como sea cual sea el nombre que le demos.
    ¿Aceptamos que nuestro Dios es perfecto, o cometió un error al crear diferentes razas que nosotros debemos exterminar para “arreglar” su creación? ¿Somos nosotros más perfectos que nuestro Dios?
    Peace, Salam, Shalom, Paix, Vrede, Pace, Paz. . .

  8. A great illustration - thank you so much.

  9. thank you

  10. A race to be gracious! I love that. Thanks, Norm.

  11. What a fantastic lift Norm. And nice to see you again (we were in the same class at Principia High School).

  12. Thanks, Norm. Your video clearly displays what could be chaotic or hazardous without the cooperation of community spirit on that narrow street. As I was listening, the idea "growth in grace" occurred to me. Sometimes it is possible that we are pretty impressed with how gracious we are, and that it's just so inconvenient for others not to realize this and get out of our way when we're in a hurry trying to do something good. This could lead to road rage, or hurt feelings at home, in the workplace, or even at church.

    In the chapter on Prayer (pg. 3) of Science and Health, we get this instruction: "What we most need is the prayer of fervent desire for growth in grace, expressed in patience, meekness, love, and good deeds". We should be patient and expectant with both ourselves and others while God is unfolding fresh views to us - especially if it appears that someone may be going in a different direction from us. Part of the unfolding of grace - "The divine influence upon the heart, and it's reflection in the life" is that God is continually speaking to the heart of man, and we need to allow for "the reflection in life" to take place. Grace can act as a lubricant in life, just as grease works to reduce friction between moving parts.

    If we allow "growth in grace" to work in our lives, we'll experience less friction in life, and more harmony.

    Hymn 26 says:
    "Then may our deeds our pure desire
    For growth in grace express,
    That we may know how Love divine
    Forever waits to bless."

  13. Thank you Norm,
    You highlighted the need to give other people space and time to express themselves so vividly. True person centred action allows each of us to feel cherished. I am so blessed where I work, this is our "current" which runs through the work we do and it becomes the way we work with each other as colleagues too. "What blesses one blesses all"

    Jan #6 is so right about the passing places and single track roads, I love it on the islands, often there is "Merge in Turn" too, it really takes the pace of life down peg, then there is the white sand, turquoise water, thatched crofts . . . . . . LOL! :-)



  14. Norm, if you haven't been to Australia, Olive Street could be right here on the Sunshine Coast. And we do the same thing here, we just pull over and smile and wave as they go past. Right here in our village we have a limit of 10 kms, but there are pedestrians and dogs out walking, so we do have to mind how and where we drive. It's best to just affirm that God is the driver, and He is also the passenger, plus those passing by, so there is only love between neighbours to be enjoyed and experienced.
    Thank you Nate for a really interesting week with not one, but TWO videos, and to your team, the BoL, the lecturers and Lifters.

  15. Today's lift, Norm, was beyond helpful in what I personally needed....thanks so much...to go in grace and harmony :-)

  16. Thank you so much, exactly what I need now...... since Brussels is imposed with the belief of having the "worst arrogant" drivers ever...

  17. I am so amazed of the behavior in Austr+ US (- in Brussels we would have that same street with parked cars on both sides of the road + 2 lanes of cars trying to find their way through + 10 constructions vans wild parked + 5 bycicles zigzagging throug the cars + 1 double bus honking because it cannot go through+ 1 tramway bumping up the back of the car.. and I don't mention the rest...

    Yes, Gods Love is our refuge.. maybe I move country?

  18. How subtle error creeps....in this fast paced world I often 'complain' about how no one lets anyone else go first these days. The traffic can be piling up waiting for the lead car to take a left turn and the cars coming from the other direction just keeps on going by, even speeding up if it seems like there is enough space for the left turn driver to get across......god forbid!

    I can't say I haven't done it myself on the rare occasion I'm really in a hurry. But, apologetically, I'm saying, "I'm soooo sorry, I'm in a hurry today." Honestly, the majority of the time, knowing how I feel about this, I love to be gracious and stop to let others "go".

    Then you have to learn - patience - with the guy behind you laying on his horn who's obviously in a big hurry!

    Life is "the practice" for sure!!!!! Live, laugh and love, love, love.

    Thanks, Norm.

  19. That's great Norm, thank you. I like that. Great lesson!

  20. Thank you Norm. I hear humility speaking and truly trusting Mind to make it gentle and harmonious.Thank you so much for the great reminder that all power is of God and of nothing else as we walk through our days in light. This is Christian Science - God's spiritual laws that govern ALL of his creation.

  21. Thank you Norm.

    A great reminder to "do unto others as we would have them do unto us".

  22. The beauty of simplicity: being among the harmonious others, i.e., extending the proverbial olive branch to others. Your Olive Street is beckoning, Norm. Thank you for the "lift," we shall come again.

  23. LOVE this!! What a great visual for our day! Thanks Daily Lift team and Norm for an excellent, clear, and fun video lift!! Encore!!!

  24. Thank you so much , wonderful way to remember during the day "no honking".


  26. jAMEN... AMEN AMEN...

  27. Thanks, Norm. BEAUTIFUL!

  28. I love that...no honking, just harmony! Thanks, Norm!

  29. Thank you so much, Norm, what a wonderful idea, "race to be gracious," and example, "go forth into life with the smallest expectations and the greatest patience"... thank you!

  30. A wonderful reminder to "do unto others..." Thank's so much Norm.

  31. Dios no creó las calles de doble vía, lo hizo el hombre mortal y errado que es intolerante en su sentido material... Hay una sóla vía porque hay un sólo Dios si nos guiáramos por el gobierno divino con una sóla vía nos bastaría porque sería la vía de la tolerancia y el Amor, tampoco creo diferentes razas ni paises, ni culturas, ni hay diferentes dioses que peleen entre sí por el liderazgo del mundo no importa el nombre que las distintas culturas le den hay un sólo Dios que no hace acepción de personas, ni de calles, ni de razas, ni de pueblos, es la pretendida individualidad del hombre el intolerante ego humano que hace necesario transitar por una doble vía, reflejándose en toda actividad humana que se apoya en esa individualidad errónea, ese ego abortivo de intolerancia, esto me hace recordar con mucho afecto las sabias palabras de la Sra. Eddy:
    "Con un sólo Dios, todos seríamos hermanos", CyS.
    Deséemos y sintamos... "El deseo es oración; y nada se puede perder por confiar nuestros deseos a Dios" MBE, un mundo de una sóla vía donde sólo Reina el Amor divino donde todos cedamos el paso al hermano que viene, en todas las vía del quehacer en todo momento y toda ocación y tendremos el cielo aquí y ahora, la armonía completa, por una sola vía, la del Amor.
    Muchas gracias, Thank you.

  32. Qué alegría :D Justo lo que estaba necesitandoo...!
    Estoy muy agradecida!

  33. i loved the video. And the core message! Thanks, Norm.

  34. Beautiful message, Norm, The video provided a clear object lesson and the citation is one I often needed to remember.

  35. How perfect a message for those of us driving around Los Angeles freeways.
    Thank you very much!

  36. A race to be gracious, and no honking along the way! Superb reminder to let the Christ consciousness lead, humanly and mentally. The narrow street reminds me of what Christ Jesus says in Matthew: "...narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." By our graciousness we can be "lights" for one another and help each other find this way. Thank you for a delightful lift!

  37. Me too! "No honking, just harmony!" Thanks!!!!

  38. So beautiful, nice video lift, and I felt the blessing.
    Thank you Norm, that touched me deeply ... with harmony.

  39. What a beautiful way to end the week - an inspiring message and video. Thanks to all.

  40. That was really great! What a majorly important lesson for today. Pull over materially and advance spiritually thereby -- by being gracious and loving to others. Much thanks!

  41. Reminds me of a bumper sticker, "Less barking. More wagging."
    Could be, "No honking. Just Harmony."
    Thanks Norm.

  42. My dear friend thank you for this and for all the tireless work and prayers for mankind. The biblical story of "who shall be greatest" is certainly an issue for today...an issue to honk at and to halt in letting the spiritual flow of divine Love pass, unobstructed, as it can do nothing else. What a blessing in learning to be our true selves!

  43. Beautiful, no menothertion of "other" people, Just plain truth

  44. That last line's a killer thought--dissolves anger, impatience and human will. Thanks!

  45. Wonderful, I deeply appreciate this film and its graphic clarity. I love too, 'merge in turn' - (12) it sounds a brilliant motive for life, thank you for this and happy weekend! x

  46. Thanks to Norm, Nate and all the Daily Lift Team for this latest example of the creativity, innovation and loving talent that are so evident in this daily series of spiritual eyeopeners. The message in this "lift"is so universal - so applicable to everyone's daily experience. No honking indeed!

  47. Thank you, Norm! Your little Olive Street sounds like it "goes with the flow" and that people who drive on it all pick up the cue to drive and live in harmony with no honking! I am so fortunate and grateful to live in the gracious town of Sandpoint, Idaho. Here, too, the whole tone of the town is one of letting others go first. In fact, there are signs at both entrances of the town that say: "Sandpoint is a walking town!" If you even step a toe off the curb, cars come to a stop to let you cross the street. In fact, you get a Fine if you don't stop and wait for the pedestrian to completely cross the street. Of course, Love for others and the Golden Rule are the basis for all of this. Have a Safe, Peaceful and Loving Labor Day Weekend, all you people in The United States of America, and to All the World, Have a Safe, Peaceful and Loving Weekend!

  48. Very nice lift Norm, and thank you so much

  49. You made it sound like something joyful to do!

  50. Thank you for pointing out God's constant Divine order and Harmony in our daily lives. We have so much to be grateful for every second of the day! Such Abundant Love!

  51. ...and feel the joy and dominion that comes from letting Love motivate our every action. Right on, Norm. Thanks.

  52. Norm's thoughts and video hit a spiritual nail on the head, exploring and demonstrating the nature of harmony in daily experience..

    Unfortunately the video aspect of the presentation doesn't work on my computer the first time it is viewed. It stalls every four seconds making the message almost impossible to comprehend. However, watching it a second time, the message flows through perfectly.

    Experiencing this same defect with most video presentations on the Daily Lift as well, I am wondering if other Lifters also suffer though this inconvenience every time a video comes our way?.

    <strong>Moderator's Note:
    The stopping and starting you are experiencing is likely because of the speed of your Internet connection. </strong>

  53. I really love this. Great illustration - thanks Norm!

  54. Thanks, Norm!
    What a great message and a perfect way to convey it!

  55. Received two Lifts today. This one by Norm and another by Nathan Talbot; however, unable to retrieve Nathan's lift. Did any one else experience this
    challenge. Will the Daily Lift staff or anyone be able to help?

    <strong>MODERATOR'S NOTE:
    It looks like you received an email alert for Monday’s Daily Lift with Nate Talbot a little early! You’ll have to wait until Monday, Sept. 5 to listen to that one. For now, make sure to check out today’s Daily Lift “Olive Street” with Norm Bleichman. Thanks for your love and support of this podcast.
    Daily Lift Team</strong>

  56. Thanks, Norm, for this Lift that offers a glimpse of perfect harmony --- a state or condition that already exists, but that we need to seek and find ways to realize in our experience. And, in doing so cannot help but bless ourselves and others, too. Wishing you a Labor Day weekend with no honking!

  57. Thanks, Norm. Great message and delivery format! Race to be gracious works wonders in airports, too, among the many ways to put this lesson into practice! And the blessings that result are astoundingly vivid!

  58. Norm,

    Another great lift! I became more relaxed as you spoke about this wonderful, loving response of people, and the Christ just flowed in me. You can bet that I'll look for ways to pay it forward from now on.

  59. No honking! Love it. Thanks

  60. Thank you very much!
    Great, useful and lovely message!

  61. This is terrific! Another outstanding video with a simple, but powerful message. Have only read half the 52 comments and they added wonderful insight and inspiration as well! Elena &amp; Peter especially.I am looking forward to enjoying this week's Lifts again over the weekend and forwarding them to some friends &amp; family. I am in awe of the continued blossoming of the Lift idea.WELL DONE everyone involved!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!

  62. Thanks Norm for your second inspiring lift in one week! Great video and by the way love the shirt.

  63. Hey, Norm, I think I've just been told to stop being a goose (honk, honk!) and get out of the way! LOL, Now that's advice I'd like to heed, stop pressing my way forward like geese, but yield to the harmony of God. Great lift for the day. Thank you, and here's to fewer geese and more barbershop harmony.

  64. I also had trouble with the video stopping and starting. It's not the internet connection, it's got something to do with connection to You Tube and I'm still trying to find out how to correct it.

    Thanks for your Lift, Norm. The private road I live on is also a one way street as are some of the others in town when people are parked on both sides -- and it is wonderful to see love expressed as we each take our turn.

  65. Thank you Norm,
    No honking, only gracious yielding; and I'm assuming no mental or verbal hashing over, self-righteous gloating or griping later. Sounds like peace to me!
    Gracious is the Lord, and righteous; yea, our God is merciful.(Psalms116:5)

  66. Oh Norm, this was delightful! What sense of grace, peace, gentleness, kindness expressed. AND the sound of birds at the end. Thank you. Loved the video. :)

  67. Thanks for the wonderful thought, Norm. D.L. team, just love these video lifts - keep 'em coming!

  68. This is a beautiful reminder of the power and need for brotherly love, in it's true sense, to govern our thought and experience! Reminds me of Mary Baker Eddy's poem entitled "Love". A verse reads " like brother birds that soar and sing and on the same branch bend." I often ponder that particular verse and pray to have it be more actively displayed in my daily dealings with those I meet up and interact with each day. I love the gentle spirit of love in you wonderful lift! Thank you so much for lifting my thought to love today!

  69. Thanks Norm. I have learned to realize that I do not know the other driver.in the car coming, turning or passing and have no right to make a judgement, therefore I have learned, leaving a little earlier gives me time to practice patience, which is time well spent. If you are always in a hurry when do you get time to practice patience or the Golden Rule? No honking. Splendid idea even in our daily encounters. A safe and joyous weekend to all.

  70. LOVED IT!!!

    Even the birds were singing harmoniously in the background on Olive Street!

    And YES.... 'no impatient honking" of our horns!

  71. Thanks Norm for the video. Graciousness....there should be an abundance as God is infinite Grace.

  72. Grace and Harmony, ah the qualities of Father Mother God! Thanks Norm!
    The Lift is right on target as I was working with this exact quote yesterday when a seeming harmless situation at work turned into a flurry of "knee -jerk" e mails. At first I was sad that if you acknowledge the "fluff" of flatery you may also have to acknowledge the "mud pit" of complaint. It was exactly then that this quote came to my consciousness ..."we should remember there are a thousand million different human opinions....go forth with the smallest expectation and the largest patience." All I have to acknowledge is God, the infinite, Divine healing force of All.

  73. I have trouble with the stopping and starting, also,but don't have You Tube, so don't know what it is. However, I just keep on replaying, first with sound and then without, till I get the whole idea. They are always wonderful and a great Lift.

  74. Thank you so much Norm. I have work and school projects I'm working on where there is a lot of group interaction. This is a helpful reminder to respond with patience and grace rather than frustration or imposition.

    To #51 and #62. I had the same problem and a solution was shared on a previous DL, on the bottom of the video screen change your settings from 720 to 360. It worked for me.

  75. A memorable illustration. Thanks.

  76. Very nice! Thank you!

  77. Norm , Carlos de Australia, Elena de California, Nelly de Uruguay gracias a todos los aportes, y en especial a los hermanos que comentan en español. Que bueno que se unan a diario tambien otras referencias de otros idiomas para que seran multiplicados los que nos unimos en elevación diaria.
    Si abrazo de paz!

  78. Thanks, Norm, for such a direct and clear message. And having the video gives the message more impact. What a sweet and simple thought to give us today. There are so many ways we can move over and reach out to share our concept of brotherly love to our fellow man. and A good lesson on dissolving our anger over situations.

  79. Thank you Norm, and all you lifters, It just fills my heart with Love.

  80. No honking,just harmony! Great,thanks so much.

  81. 51 and 62--maybe you have already figured this out, regarding having the video stop every few seconds. Mine was set to 720 HD (check the bottom of the Youtube.com black box) and I just clicked and adjusted to 480 and it ran fine.

    What a truly wonderful lift. The video was a bonus--the images added a lot, and Norm's sweet and gentle delivery was a grace note.

    I don't have a lot of auto traffic here in Spearfish, but on the mental and emotional roads I travel, I am often impatient with others. But now, in place of my unspoken but often imparted "don't you GET it???", I now hear the calm and firm encouragement, "Less honking, Maureen, and more harmony." Ah . . . yes.

  82. No "honking, just harmony" could also apply to Canadian Geese that make a honking sound to let you know there are there to be fed when we were sitting down at an outdoor restaurant at the Kansas City Zoo. Not an incentive to want to feed these other "honkers".
    Divine Love makes us quiet and still, so that we can be the expression of divine guidance, so that we can act in ways that are appropriate and validating of others around us. A very nice video; thank you....Bob W.

  83. Love, LOve, LOVE this - perfect today as I prepare for working with others. Tanks!

  84. Simply wonderful! I'm going to create and little sign on an 8x11 sheet of paper that says, "NO HONKING!" and hang it on our refrigerator as a daily reminder of this wonderful Lift!

    Thanks, Norm and Boston DL team, and responders, too.

  85. What I do to avoid the starting/stopping is to hit the play button, and then immediately "pause" the video for about two minutes. This allows the video to download to a temporary cache file. When I hit "play" a second time after the download period, I can then watch the video without distracting pauses.

  86. Thanks Norm........This is good one.....Have a great Long weekend everyone in US and canada ....and all the rest of the Lifters...

  87. That was great! And you have a wonderful delivery--so good for the video! And such a needed example today--when we look around at all the opinions and how one becomes intransigent with their point of view. We all need to soften our views and make room for the other person. A compromising behavior is so needed in our world today. As Mary Baker Eddy says in Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures (page 517): "God has countless ideas, and they all have one Principle and parentage." And it even works when we are driving! Thanks again.

    And thanks to the DL team for all the new ways you are sending the DL to us! There are so many ways to express the Truth!

  88. OK Norm... No honking....just HARMONY. Thanks. jim

  89. Thank you so much for this Lift...it is just wonderful!! What an inspiring message and I loved the video! I have been praying about several situations in which "many minds" seems an issue so this Lift was so helpful.

  90. Yet another needed Lift! I so appreciate this message. I'm praying and working to live this idea of "bending and blending," as my mom used to say, at every turn. Help me dear One!

    Note to #51. When I play the visuals on 360 instead of 720, it works perfectly.

  91. Thank you Norm. I liked the in-person video, too. I think this Lift is for driving in traffic, &amp; also when opinions differ anytime. I'm 100% for the driving part, but only mostly for the rest.. I've reservations about prayerfully gained opinions yielding when it means expensive or permanent change affecting family, community, or Church. On Olive St., if you had to travel along with one you waved on, you'd be kept from right destinations &amp; goals. They're often going a different way, sometimes with less than pure motives. After taking a stand through prayer &amp; angel messages, I continue to pray to know God will work out in harmony, but I can't yield up what angels told me to do. I can do this without being mean (I think &amp; hope I do). I respect other opinions, even trust when they pray about the same situation. But if it involves healing Church instead of closing one, or other important family &amp; public decisions that don't get a 2nd try, staying true to convictions seems right to me. I trust if I'm wrong, God will let me know. A school Board once hired a county superintendent with well known serious honesty problems. They'd agreed to be united in choice, so serious objectors yielded to a yes vote. They were faithful to Board rather than students &amp; parents. I can't force agreement with me, any more than you could or would force the car that waved you through Olive to drive with you the rest of the way, but I would have to stand firm and loving in my opinion and vote.

  92. I love this. Thank you, Norm. I'm going to apply this today.

  93. This brought to mind that when I get in the car I get bossy. What a wake up call to have more patience and not to tell the other guy how to drive. Anyone else have that problem? I am not even in a congested area so no excuse. I will put my sign on the dash. Thanks lots!

  94. I’m sure there is no coincidence this happened on “Olive” Street. On a short two block street, the travelers probably know each other and have been on “both sides of the street” at one time or another. That promotes empathy and sympathy or Symphony (work of art, masterpiece, concerto, harmonious interaction) as Susie demonstrated yesterday.

    At times we may feel a need, or false responsibility, to take over the actions or lives of others. That’s human ego. Impelled by mortal frustration we might be tempted to honk (even mentally) at someone to get them going in the right direction (our outlined direction). We might even feel the need to travel along with them to “show them how to go” (but that’s the Sheppard’s job, not ours) or “tell them were to go” (certainly the devil trying to speak out through us, ha).

    But once we understand everyone is included in the harmonious movement of Divine Love, which directs all interaction though Divine Mind, we become receptive and willing listen to the voice of our conductor, God and follow the individual path in the musical score of our Divine GPS (God’s Perfect Symphony) instead of our own motivations, for ourselves or others.

    Like Noah waiting patiently for the Dove to return with an Olive branch, God will let us know when it is our turn to move and He’ll tell the other guy too, without our help.


  95. thanks- great reminder and nicely done.

  96. Thanks for that good thought. Why are we always in such a hurry? I love this hymn where MBE says: "WAIT, and love more for every hate, and fear no ill,-since God is good, and loss is gain."

  97. Thank you Norm for your message.It really helps.I was a little bit nervous this morning because I had lots of chores waiting for me to begin. But when I read you words I relaxed, and started to see clearly the path that Father Mother God wants for me.

    Gracias Norm por tu mensaje. Realmente me ayuda. Yo estaba un poco nerviosa esta mañana porque tenia muchos quehaceres esperando a que yo empezara. Pero cuando leí tus palabras me relajé y empecé a ver claramente el camino que Padre Mdre Dios quiere para mi.

  98. thanks Norm, I live with similar narrow streets and have loved the generous way people wait for one another. thanks for this metaphor. #16 Violette, I laughed out loud reading your note about traffic in your city, similar to what I've found in various places around the world. Yet, the blessed message in Norm's ilft, and from all these responders, is that Love paves the way and starts with each of us expecting our own Olive street. Thanks Nate and Tamara for these two days of visuals with the messages. It comes in clearly on my computer I do appreciate everyone's helpful hints to others having trouble with their connections. WOW... This has been another inspired, refreshing, uplifiting, precious week of sharing. thanks.

  99. Thanks, Norm. Here is my small town are plenty of narrow streets and I am always happy to let others go by....in fact, it is enjoyable! We signal to each other and wave in friendship...we all pull aside to let the other go by and experience friendship all harmonious! Thanks for this Daily Lift.

  100. Thanks Norm, this was a clear and simple example, yet gave us a powerful and compassionate message.....we are all divine reflections of God's Love.
    Let's keep on shining!

  101. Thanks Norm.
    Appreciated. Creative. Effective.

  102. I had trouble with the stopping and starting, too, and I changed the setting to 360 and it worked perfectly!
    Loved the quote you shared today, too, it's one of my very favorites! Patience...patience...patience! NO HONKING!!
    Thanks to everyone for their comments and for Nate and the gang for presenting these wonderful lifts Monday thru Friday!
    I know everyone will have a hong-free weekend, with lots of patience, too!

  103. Wonderful lesson and so practical. Thanks for showing how a simple lesson can influence us to change our actions. Love it.

  104. In Hawaii there is Aloha, ( love, greetings, graciousness.etc). If you need to make a left turn, wait a bit, and someone with aloha will stop, and let you through.And you can learn, and practice aloha, too.
    I have also seen a bumper sticker that said "Slow down, this ain't the Mainland".
    My husband tried his hand on an off road ATV. At the foot of the hill there wasn't room to turn it around. Shortly a pickup truck stopped across the highway. The driver called out "Wait a minute Uncle, I'll help you." And he ran across, and got him started back up the hill.
    Here the children are taught that all adults are Auntie or Uncle.

    Aloha, with the "O" drawn out is divine love.

  105. Thanks so much for this lovely lift! We do need to learn to stop, take a deep breath, and know that the Christ will show us what we need to know!!

  106. I too have difficulties receiving the video Lifts. However, my "techie" son informed me that the fault in my old computer, it is too slow.

  107. Thanks, Norm, for a wonderful, graphic message. I'm going to live on Olive Street too. A place full of grace and harmony.

  108. THANK YOU

  109. Thanks, Norm. Let's all adopt this attitude!

  110. Translation of 76. Olga from Argentina says:

    Norm, Carlos from Australia, Elena from California, Nelly from Uruguay, thanks to all the contributors, and in particular the brothers who comment in Spanish. How good that they unite daily other references from other languages to be multiplied and united in a daily lift.
    An embrace of peace!

  111. Translation of # 31.Leila – Córdoba (Argentina) says:
    What a joy! Just what I needed...!
    I am very grateful!

  112. THANK YOU -- It is a great joy to be kind and loving to everyone, especially our motoring neighbors. this is a great wake up for us all.

  113. Thank you.

  114. Nice picture! Thank you, Norm.

  115. I loved this message and the visual, it really brought the message to life, really good thoughts to put into practice. Thank you.

  116. Thanks, Norm, for this reminder to express patience--no honking--however narrow the way!

    And Yes--change the setting on the video--click on 360--this adjustment works perfectly on my vintage computer.

  117. We have issues in the south of England with a gypsy encampment. I have tried to help a friend to be tolerant, but she feels her home and well being are threatened. It's a tough one..but this message has come in perfect time, and is so helpful..thank you. Mind has such a way of providing.

  118. What a joy to receive these daily lifts, Thank you team. We are all one human family who can live in grace with oneanother. Not ' us' and 'they'. but one under the canopy of Divine Love, As a child I was told by a senior relative that"one smile makes two", as apparently my serious face looked so sad. It is so much easier to smile than to look angry or selfrighteous, and so healing for both the smiler and recipient. 'There but for the grace of God go I '.is a good thing to remember.Our joy is by God's grace. and how easy it is to spread it a little.without feeling that we are being compromised. Thank you Norm, your lift has opened so many avenues whereby we can choose to be courteous instead of being intolerant.

  119. HONK if you like this lift!
    Loved it, but I'll do a silent honk!

  120. What a great bumper sticker that would make! "No honking - just harmony!" Of course the driver sporting the sticker would have to follow that rule consistently. We all need this so much right now. Thank you Norm, for this beautiful message.

  121. Loved it, Norm! Truly inspired! Deborah/CO

  122. Happy Saturday here in USA! I just realized that "OLIVE" can be broken down into "O Live"! Yes, Oh, Let's Live - for "Love alone is Life"!!!

  123. "No honking, just harmony" is what will stick with me from this wonderful Lift. I love it. Thanks Norm.

  124. I loved the Video. You presented it so well.

  125. Thank you - I loved the message. It reminded me of the island where my parents grew up, and where our family spent many happy times - and on the island the cows have the right of way - and like you stated, when you pass another on the street, you get a wave, and return the same.
    Oh, and should you have mentioned that Misc. Writings was written by Mary Baker Eddy?

    <strong>Norm Bleichman responds:

    Thank you, Mary, for bringing up the attribution of the quote I read from Miscellaneous Writings. That was purposeful phrasing on my part, not an omission. The Mary Baker Eddy Library has more details on the question of who wrote "Taking Offense."

    <a href="http://www.marybakereddylibrary.org/collections/research/ask-a-researcher/taking-offense" rel="nofollow">http://www.marybakereddylibrary.org/collections/research/ask-a-researcher/taking-offense</a></strong>

  126. Just got this lift and wanted to say thanks and you know it applies to many aspects of daily life, not just driving. Thanks for the encouragement to be gracious, I think I'll be remembering this both in the car and out!

  127. really enjoyed this and now can carry it in my head in a much more visual way, that much closer to the behavior that needs to be manifested instead of just an intellectual point, no matter how well stated verbally. Thanks for this, Norm and keep 'em coming!

  128. Lovely, and well illustrated. Thank you

  129. No honking!..... just harmony....

    Wonderful words to drive/live by.

    I gonna to use them....

    Thanks, Norm

  130. Another "bumper sticker" I saw some time ago was: "God loves you and I'm trying". Primarily for those who insist on driving "slow" in the faster moving lane.
    All those ideas here are just supurb!
    I don't recall reading about another thought for Olive, although I guess it has been, remembering Olive can relate to the name of the branch Noah saw in the Dove's beak, meaning "Peace", which we can apply regarding as we drive, no matter the situation; also to use where needed, not just driving. Thanks a bunch, DL team and Norm.

  131. Thank you Norm...
    Excellent way to compare our daily interactions - so true.

  132. This is a fantastic illustration, thanks!

  133. Soooo heartwarming! I absolutely love this.

  134. Even thought I read this Daily Lift later than usual, it met my need today. There is no "getting in each other's way"- "no judging others" - only allowing each other to grow spiritually in his/her own Christly way. Thank you.

  135. I love it, so simple and genuine. I need more of that. Thanks.

  136. <strong>Sandy,
    Try changing the speed of the video. In the space at the bottom of the video screen where you can start and stop the video, click the arrow to begin playing the video. Once the video starts to play, a number should appear in the right half of this space. Your's might read 480, 360, or 240. If you click on the number you can change it. Select 360. We've found that this resolves the problem you describe. If that doesn't work try the 240.

    We don't have your email address so this is the only way we have to reply. This message is only visible to you and we will remove it in 24 hours. Please email us at lecture@christianscience.com if you have any questions.
    Thank you, Your Daily Lift Team</strong>