7/27: No victims or victimizers

7/27: No victims or victimizers

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  1. Thank you Beth,
    It seems we cannot turn on the news without someone being victimized locally, nationally, or in the world. I turned off a television documentary tonight about a farmer who was victimized by an unjust law. His victimizer appeared so evil. However, it was harder to turn off the picture in my thoughts.

    Your Lift was a powerful antidote to this evil picture. I see that I cannot accept the Adam dream, "pick that apple", and accept the evidence of evil behavior. Putting it right back to man created spiritually by Mind, God, was good thinking.

  2. I was hoping that this would be a helpful tidbit to send to a friend going through a very difficult divorce. Although well-intentioned, it does not seem to reflect a first hand familiarity with the difficulties in relationships gone terribly wrong. It was neither supportivenor uplifting. It was just a denial that I cannot imagine being helpful to someone who is feeling victimized...

  3. THANKS, BETH!!! Your words here reminded me of something I once read about Mary Baker Eddy when, in her later years, she was challenged by a huge and completely unjust lawsuit (the "Next Friends Suit") that turned members of her family against her and threatened to take away her freedom, her Church's reputation, and all that she had worked so hard for over so many years. At least one historical source records that, when asking her students and supporters to pray about this challenge, she instructed them to "handle the belief of 'lawsuit' with absolute metaphysics". That is, to know that in God's universe there simply could not BE a lawsuit - a victimiser and a victim.

    That always awes me when I think about it, because Mrs Eddy was indubitably in the right. She could so easily have told her followers, "Pray to know I'll win!" But she didn't. She went straight to the absolute Truth and stayed there. And, of course, she won.

  4. Thank you, Beth. Your pod cast was very timely and certainly gave me something to think about.

  5. Wonderful, just what I needed Beth, thank you !

  6. Thank you, Beth! Beautiful, strong,clear metaphysics. This thinking and prayer is just what we need to keep us on track given the recent world events. God's man, the only man, is never a victim or a victimizer! No matter what the mortal picture presents we have divine authority for disputing and denying any senario that is not completely good.

  7. A Christian Science teacher once told me that there was not an instant when God winked and didn't see His creation’s suffering. This makes sense to me. We make our own hell by seeing ourselves as weak and unprotected.
    This reminds me of the words of another Christian Science teacher who said that to be afraid is ingratitude in advance. Sure, instead of being grateful for God's care and expecting the love and protection a child expects, we fear a dreadful outcome -that is not even here yet! Isn’t that ingratitude for all the love our Father gives us?
    The prayer that affirms that there’s no power that opposes God is healing and unifying. “One infinite God, good, unifies men and nations; constitutes the brotherhood of man; ends wars; fulfils the Scripture, "Love thy neighbor as thyself" S&H 340:23
    ESPAÑOL: Un maestro de la Ciencia Cristiana, me dijo una vez que no hubo ni un instante en el que Dios guiñó un ojo y no vio el sufrimiento de Su creación. Esto tiene sentido para mí. Al vernos a nosotros mismos como débiles y desprotegidos nos hacemos nuestro propio infierno.
    Esto me recuerda las palabras de otra maestra de la Ciencia Cristiana, quien dijo que el temor es ingratitud de antemano. Claro, en lugar de estar agradecidos por el cuidado de Dios y esperar el amor y la protección que se espera de un niño, tenemos miedo de un terrible desenlace ¬—¡que ni siquiera está aquí todavía! ¿No es eso ingratitud por todo el amor que nos da nuestro Padre?
    La oración que afirma que no hay poder que se oponga a Dios es oración unificadora. “Un solo Dios infinito, el bien, unifica a los hombres y a las naciones; constituye la hermandad del hombre; pone fin a las guerras; cumple el mandato de las Escrituras: "Amarás a tu prójimo como a ti mismo." CyS 340:23

  8. Many thanks Beth for that inspiring reminder that we are all "made in the likeness of Love." "So may deeper consecration/ Show Thee forth in healing's sign,/ Till through joyful self-surrender/ We in Love's pure likeness shine." (Christian Science Hymnal #109).

  9. So appreciate this lift Beth! No bad apples . Thank-you !

  10. Thank you dear Beth,
    absolutely solid metaphysics, that says it all so beautufully and simply.

  11. That was very good, Beth. I liked, “Don't pick that apple”. It made me think of the word fruit, and our God-given mission in Gen. 1, “Be fruitful and multiply.” Picking Adam & Eve's apple, divides. It divides us from knowing and understanding God, from confidence, innocence, peace & safety, supply, daily blessings, and from recognizing our spirituality. Next, I decided to go through a divorce, too, that is, divorce from Adam and his mortal, material offspring (gives a whole new meaning to “finding a dream man or woman for husband or wife”). In divorce, error gets messy sometimes, so please, anyone, take my side, that I'm not a victim! Being divorced from error's “history of man” claim, I'm free to be undivorced from truth, uncontaminated and unfettered by human hypotheses, and divinely authorized. (Mrs. Eddy's Explanatory Note read before Sunday Lesson-Sermons; see Christian Science Quarterly).The Lift's best part may be to disbelieve instead of heal conflicts. This Lift gives me 5 things to work with daily. 1. Be firm knowing & declaring there's no victim or victimizer. 2. Be alert to even inwardly taking sides with problems, disagreements, etc., because that accepts a victim or victimizer. 3. Settle the divorce, and don't ask for support from that source. 4. Disbelieving error can cancel need to heal. 5. Often size up what fruit is tempting and don't pick that (bad) apple! I'm glad you picked this Lift for us about that apple, Beth!

  12. Thank you Beth,

    I'm a first year university student living in a student communal hall and this podcast has come at a good time for me. An hour ago I put down my newly printed posters from a student organisation I'm involved with, to drop off some food to my friend's room. As I got back my posters were gone. I search and asked around, but no one had seen them. As I went outside however, I saw one of my posters lying on the wet ground and the boys who were making them into paper planes. I cried and made them feel bad for the damage they caused until they said they would replace them. However the anger did not disapear and I've been giving my testimony to my friends in the hall of how upset I am and how awful those boys are.
    I had a mediator come visit me not long ago but when she talked to me, I got angry because we don't think the boys can print out my posters before they are due.

    However after this truthful podcast, I'm re-evaluating my thoughts and the anger is melting away. I'm no longer victimizing myself and labeling those boys. I need to love them and see them for what they are - perfect children of God. I need to hold on to this image, pray and realign my thoughts. I know we will all feel better once I lean on the Truth and to Him. I already do.

    Thank you.

  13. Thank you. I was thinking about how to handle a situation in my life where critters seem to take over my home and being told I can't be a victim made me realize that I can see there are no victims. I definitely will stop picking that apple. Am so grateful for your insights.

  14. Beth, thank you so much. My prayer has been answered. I have been feeling very bad lately being drawn in by all the negative news not realizing how I have let it influence my thinking. It was time to find some inspiration on the internet about no victim no victimizer and right there was your Daily Lift.The idea of not picking the apple is wonderful.
    Thank you all for your inspiring messages.

  15. I love the spiritual sense of the apple and the self-instruction not to pick it! This is so much more useful and positive than the notion that there are those who do pick the apple! Thanks, Beth!

  16. How very clear, Beth! No apples for me today................ Thanks .

  17. Dear Carol #2 What a caring, kind and faithful friend you are.
    As a practitioner there have been mulitple times when I've had to stand prayerfully beside someone involved in a hard relationship breakup. Each time it has been so important to know that ONLY God, divine Love, governs them; that there is NO evil power or person - that they are alone with God who is wholly good. And good is NOT subject to evil, nor Truth subject to error just as the light is not subject to the darkness. In fact goodness and Truth have all power over evil and error. Evil is then powerless to touch God's child, the very idea of good itself. I vehemently declare that the Christ idea is never a victim! It allows me to see that the dear one that I am standing with is utterly safe - is 'a target out of range' of evil and is armoured in the panoly of Love. And this has proven to be the truth in very case.
    Much love

  18. Beth, thank you! Your excellent Lift re: no villains or victims reminds me of something Mary Baker Eddy says in Christian Healing from Prose Works on page 10:8-14. "Let us remember that God-good-is omnipotent, therefore evil is impotent. There is but one side to good,--it has no evil side, there is but one side to reality, and that is the good side. God is All, and in all: that finishes the question of a good side and a bad side to existence."

  19. I have gone through a messy divorce and in response to comment #2 what is recorded here is not only helpful, it is the only answer. To succumb to feelings of victimization is to see a sinning mortal man as reality. There are many human solutions (counseling, mediation, medication, anger management, etc..) in a divorce, but NONE of them cure the hurt, anger, sadness, etc., it only manages it. To find a lasting and transforming answer is to understand the spiritual nature of man. Man's true nature understood sees no victim or villain. It brings light where humanly one sees only darkness and evil. Spiritual light heals, uplifts, and sets one free.

    Thank you, Beth! No bad apples allowed!

  20. Thank you, Beth for your important and timely Lift !
    The news reports on so many "bad apples" all the time, it is good to be reminded that we can find comfort in staying radically with the divine idea of man and go from seeing man as a victim, to seeing victory expressed.

    V erify (God's)
    I ntelligent
    C ontrol
    T oday
    O perating
    R ight (where)
    Y ou (are)
    Thank you Elena (#7), J.S (#11)Beth (#12) and DL. BOL and all the great comments from the Lifters! Happy day!

  21. Thank you, there is so much to work with. We know that God governs and protects.

  22. How perfectly this fits with inspiration I gained earlier this week when I opened the Bible to a story in the book of Judges where a "quiet and secure" people living in a peaceful remote valley had "no deliverer" and were slain by the evil children of Dan. I though how unjust and sad this was, but turned to Science and Health and opened to the paragraph on page 282 where Mrs. Eddy discusses the opposite symbols of a straight line and a curve. "At no point can these opposites unite or mingle." - matter and Spirit, error and Truth, non-intelligence and Mind. Or quiet and peaceful thinking and its opposite, threatening fear. I felt I was praying for the protection of these long-ago people, but had the opportunity yesterday to pray for a couple walking in the street, where the man was verbally abusing his partner. The seeming evidence of hate cannot tempt me to believe it - not picking that apple. Thanks for the LIFT!

  23. Buen mensaje para la reflexión Beth, tambien podriamos decir no hay victima ni vitimario y es una gran verdad tambien somos victimas si así nos consideramos en CyS aprendemos que no las hay a menos que se lo permitamos estoy pasando por un error muy doloroso y en algún momento recordando las palabras del Samo 91 que dice: "Porque has puesto tu amor en mi" Él nos librará de todo, si nos libra de todo pero es necesario que comprendamos que no hay victimas ni victimarios que hay un sólo ser y ese es divino por lo tanto no hay creencia erronea, ni magnetismo animal que pueda hacernos victima de maquinaciones ni dolor.

    <hay una sóla Mente y esa es perfecta y es nuestra mente porque al reflejarlo a Él manifestamos esa Mente.
    Muy buen comentario de #7 que si dudamos no estamos siendo agrdecidos y en muchos caso como le he dicho a alguna persona que me ha comentado que tenía temor de algo que podía suceder, sufrimos a cuenta de lo que puede suceder y perdemos de vista que nada puede suceder si estamos alineados con Dios y si algo sucede armas tenemos para defendernos.

    Muchas gracias Beth, thank you

  24. Apples! Horses!

    At a farm Halloween party, we had set up a traditional game “Bobbing for apples” (you try to pick up an apple floating in a small tank of water with no hands). … but we made a tank for the horses! Generally a horse cannot pick up an apple without pushing it against something for traction. Their mouth just isn’t big enough. As we led our buddies to the “test”, most just gave up after several tries. Of course, they got their apple and we moved to the next horse.

    In comes Music Man, a great character – honest, sweet, and clever. Bobbing, no apple. Pushing his whole face into the water, no apple. Without a second’s hesitation he shoves the tank onto its side. Now on the ground, the apples are easy to eat. Plenty of apples for him and his friends! Game over.

    Who needs support, the victim or the victimizer? The “game over” action is not to answer the question, but to turn it over, just as Beth showed us.

    John 9:2-3 “ And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind? Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.”

    I am dumping a few questions today. Thank you so much Beth. Sorry, gang if I am too chatty today. The apples made me do it!

  25. dear beth, your "lift" is so very timely. it speaks directly to international, national,(the congress here in the usa), and also to my little world of condo living. in this apartment building there "seem to be" victims and victimizers. thanks so much for this clear statement of Truth.

  26. Thank you Beth,- your timely Lift brings some comfort this morning!
    Through prayer man can go from feeling like a victim to feeling victory!
    Thank you also to Elena (#7) J.S (# 11) Beth (#12) and all the Lifters!
    Happy day!

  27. Wow! I really needed to be reminded of this as I sit here in front of the morning news. It seems as though before the day even begins, I'm picking apples. Now I feel I've put my loving armor on. Thank you!

  28. From "victim" to "victor"....Prayer and the power of God...applied to our lives...the true "Victory over Evil"...TY4 the reminder

  29. Thank you : )

  30. All your comments are upliftings and wonderful! what a way to start the day!

  31. Thank you Beth. This lift was just what I needed to hear. I've been praying for my small subdivision. We've been feeling like victims, since the developer has abandoned the subdivision and left us with many problems, so now I know to reverse that thought and acknowledge God's contol over the whole situation. Thanks to everyone with all their sharing thoughts and prayers.

  32. Thank you Beth, for this wonderful Lift. Before I had even listened to this and read the comments tonight, an innocent remark had ignited a huge reaction. I had to stay with Genesis I and to affirm that there is no Genesis II. There has never been more than All, and God is " . . . the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise. . .". Just absolutely staying right there, and refusing to have anything to do with Genesis II and turbulence and discord, has brought a wonderful sense of God being in charge every moment.

  33. Thank you for this important lift...reminding us of the importance of recognizing the unreality of a victim or a victimizer...no one is left out of the perfection of God's creation.

  34. Early this morning I read this citation: "Ignorance was the first condition of sin in the allegory of Adam in Eve in the garden of Eden" (Mis 109).

    Now, having listened to Beth's podcast, I can see how the serpent, symbolizing evil preying upon an ignorant view of men and women as fallen sinners, is determined to keep us unaware of the blessed truth of our spiritual identity and thus our immunity from victimization.

    I can well understand how you, dear commenter #2, find it hard to believe that Beth is helping her friends by refusing to accept anything but their spiritual status as unvictimizing and unvictimizable.

    I'm sure Beth's heart goes out to her friends, as yours and mine do. When she speaks with them, I'm sure it's with the kindness and compassion that you feel, #2.

    I can see, though, that if Beth were to pick an apple from the same tree -- the tree containing the fatal belief that evil is as powerful and real as good -- then she'd be dooming not only herself, but her ability to help her friends discard their tempting-but-rotten-to-the-core apples of ignorance, fear, malice, revenge, anger, despair, etc.

    So Beth is, in her thought, insisting that her friends, in their true selfhood, their right minds, have never picked the wrong apples. Feeling the beneficent influence of her love, a reflection of God's love, her friends will surely be able to see themselves, and one another, as "the apple of Love's eye."

    Ignorance and sin are always destroyed by Love.

  35. Dear Beth

    Profound. Simple...when humility and trusting God is at the helm. You have stated so lovingly and directly what should be at the heart of Christianly scientific prayer. This will uncover any lie, reveal what is truly true and bless all involved. Thank you so much for this much needed wake-up call. It took the kink out of my prayers and filled me with hope, joy, perseverence, and gratitude to our precious all good God. Loved the horse-apple story! The dear animal refused to be victimized and went straight to intelligent solution!

  36. Thank you for your message today. I certainly don't want to be on either side...only God's side!

  37. To #24 horse-lover Nancy: Music Man sure is a clever fellow! As far as I'm concerned, you're not too chatty: I could read stories about God's horses all day long.

    Nope, neither the apples nor the serpent made you do it. A sense of good (a.k.a. horse sense), given by divine Mind to you in as big a dose as to Music Man, was the "culprit"!

    Music Man wouldn't have listened to the serpent in the Garden of Eden. He would've dodged the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (he was too smart to swallow much less bite into its lies) and pranced right over to the tree of life, where the edible apples are infinite! :-)

  38. The horrendous victimization of children by men forcing them into
    prostition has always incensed me and I am still praying to know that
    God is of purer eyes than to see evil . I must keep my hands of "that apple"
    and stay away from that tree.

    I use that Explanatory Note every morning before reading and studying --
    that man is "undivorced from Truth, uncontaminated and unfettered by
    human hypotheses". . . .

    I had a little difficulty with the Australian accent. Sorry. SIt sounds so
    beautiful though.

  39. Thanks so much, Beth, for such clear and inspiring ideas with which to pray for all of the problems being depicted so violently on TV. And thanks also to: #7 Elena - I was given that same inspiration that "Fear is ingratitude in advance" by a fellow Christian Scientist who was working for me. It has been so helpful over the more than the 20 years since. I am not ungrateful therefore I cannot be fearful. #11 J.S. in Ky - What a beautiful idea to be "undivorced from truth, uncontaminated and unfettered by human hypotheses, and divinely authorized." I certainly felt very contaminated after a divorce leaving me as a single mother, shunned by many. #24 Nancy - You definitely were not "too chatty" I just loved the story of the horses. We certainly don't want to bob for bad apples or even give them a second thought. We can choose to pick only the tastey, sweet, ripe apples - the pure, good thoughts that come from God and dismiss all others.

  40. Dear Beth, My newest friend, thank you for your heartfelt podcast. I received a healing after reading the first sentence of your statement above. And God Bless you Dear Carol # for your Truth.

    Joan, Student of MBE' Christian Science Teaching..

  41. thanks for sharing this helpful insight

  42. Beth - just the ideas I need today to deal with a concern involving an acquaintance hospitalized with gunshot by someone he knew. It's certainly grabbing newspaper headlines, and emails from family members paint dramatic pictures of error. And as Carol Lee #2 points out, error is screaming to be recognized, analyzed, and given lots of attention. For me, balancing the need to respond with Love (especially with those who do not view error metaphysically) but also with Truth (that deep knowing that God is All, only, Good) is really what PRACTICING Christian Science is about - that blending of meeting the immediate human need for care and comfort with Mind inspired Love while treating our own thinking with Truth.

    Thank you Beth, Lift staff and family, and BOL.

  43. Someone in my life stole away a very large inheritance from me. It was like a scene out of the old testament. And I am in difficult straights financially. What to do? I declared myself not a victim and the other person not a victimizer. I continue on my path, developing a world project and joyfully praying each step of the way.

    If I gave into anger, self pity or any other vice, I would really be stuck. Now I am free to move forward, sometimes bearing a cross but always leaning on God good every step of the way. Slowly my life is coming together in new and interesting ways. By taking a spiritually-based path, new spiritual riches keep presenting themselves in the form of creative ideas, harmonious and creative relationships and unexpected supply.

    I view this whole experience as an opportunity rather than my being struck down by lightening, only to fall into the sinking sand of mortal thinking. Not the place to be. Better the sunlight of God's infinite love forever blessing and keeping all of us.

    Thank you Beth for the clear directive. Its a helpful tool when seeming chaos and corruption threaten to block off the air supply to what is really true.

  44. Oh, Thank You, Beth, for that delicious, crunchy Lift! And thanks, also, for your comment #17 of explanation to #2! Denial in CS can be tricky sometimes, unless we REALLY understand the absolute Truth or divine metaphysics behind the Denial. It's always the belief of Duality - the belief in good and evil, that Jesus came to destroy, that would tempt us to take a bite of that apple of false belief. The good ole human ego (edging God out!) always wants to jump in there and give it a go! It's knowing the Oneness and Allness of Good, God, that saves us every time from biting into something that in the end will taste bitter! Striving to be and see only "Good Apples" today!

  45. Very good. Thanks. I have found some very important healings came when I stood firmly on absolute Truth.

  46. Thank you, Beth. Your Lift reminds me of a time when I was serving as a domestic violence responder. Usually we helped the "victim", but this time it was the "victimizer (perpetrator)" who was asking for assistance. I went to see him at the jail and we had a most wonderful visit talking about God's love for him, his spiritual and loving nature as the child of God, and how he could move forward in seeing more good in himself and others. He was seeking help for perhaps the first time, and he was ready for healing.

  47. Thank you Beth!
    We are all one creation.
    When ending an abusive relationship many years ago, it became very apparent to me that the only way I would heal the feelings, effects, or label of having been a victim was by removing the label of victimizer from my ex-husband. When, through much prayer, I was able to relieve myself of seeing him as a victimizer, the healing naturally came of any effects that I, as a so-called victim, might have suffered.
    Thanks so much for this very uplifting lift!

  48. Thank You Beth! Your Lift and the comments reminded me of one of my favorites.
    No reaction
    No resentment
    No rehearsal of problems, situations and relationships which hinder our spiritual progress.
    With God all things are possible!!

  49. Thanks, Beth, and everyone. This is a marvelous topic for us to consider.

    Hagar and her son Ishmael were saved in the desert by divine Love's presence. Their eyes were opened to see water where there had seemingly been only the prospect of death.

    Today I'm praying to really see God's law of balance and justice and to rule out of my thought any sense of victims/victimizers.

    In thinking about the situation in Somalia and Kenya, I want to take this stand for my sisters and brothers and children there. People who have crossed the border are strong and self-reliant and deserving of the greatest respect (and, of course, food, clean water, and shelter).

    In the U.S., the Congress seems to be going around in circles of blame: Who caused the financial crisis, and who should pay? We;'re stumbling over the belief of a limited supply, meaning that if one group has wealth, the other group must suffer lack. I think the need is to spiritualize our sense of substance and safety. Life is not in matter, but is held safe in Spirit's infinitude and loving, indivisible Parenthood. "In Him we live and move and have our being."

    Not one idea of God can lack any needful thing, because She is constantly sending holy thoughts that save. Even in the desert.

  50. I just love your lifts and lectures Beth. Once again, you leave us with a true perspective and a simple pure idea, "Don't pick that apple!"

    Romans 12:21 "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good." Good is the only reality and evil is an illusion. When you turn to God, evil doesn't exist. Yet daily how often we are tempted to pick that apple. Such a wonderful reminder not to take sides in human conflicts or believe in the good vs. evil illusion. Just don't believe it. God is Love, goodness, and is All.

  51. Wonderful ... Wonderful! Thank you Beth.

  52. Thank you Beth! I love that analogy : )
    Throughout my day I will think about it.

    What a beautiful way to start my day with all of you on this website listening to the Daily Lift.. My thoughts and prayers are always lifted when I turned to Christians Science each morning to start my day.

    With all of us banding together think of how much we can accomplish with our love prayers and good thought reaching out to mankind.

    Thank you God for this lovely way to express Divine Love to each and every person I see through-out my day!

  53. Thx so much Beth,

    There are times when I drop away from good thinking and get into the victim thing. Bringing me awake often are Mrs. Eddy's companion thoughts such as her writing on S/H page 247, "It is Love which paints the petal with myriad hues", not winners and losers or victims, but yes and always, 'starry gems'. Our serving and deployed adult children do not see themselves as random potential victims, but as peace makers, and as protected by God, closing the mouth of any lion venturing into their Christ guided thoughts, their protected den. They stand girded by the armor of a loving God.

    Thx again to all the DL's and especially No. 3, spot on as always Courteney.

  54. Beth this is such a strong message.
    Thank you.
    It is a great temptation to believe in victims and victimizers,
    but that side-tracks me from God's reality and power...
    "For Thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory for ever."

  55. Quite some years ago,someone spoke to me so harshly and accused me totally undeservingly, I felt as if I had been scorched and was innocent." I'll pray".I thought,"and that will surely help this person straighten out and apologize."I turned to Matt5:44&45. "..Love your enemies,bless them that curse you,do good to them that hate you and despitefully use you,and persecute you:/That ye may be the children of your Father..." The word that stood out to me was YE.I need not look for the change in my "enemy" but know certainly that I remained a child of my Father.In a flash the whole incident disappeared from my consciousness,and to this day I do not recall the reason for the outburst.Healed!!
    Thank you to everyone!

  56. 2 -- Perhaps this Daily Lift seems uninspiring for you to send to your friend, but what has proved so successful to me over the years when "others" need help, was and is to put my own thinking on a firm foundation of spiritual reality, as Beth suggests. I hold to and "see" that reality is "spiritual, harmonious, immutable, immortal, divine, eternal." (Science and Health by M B Eddy) I know as the Bible instructs us, "So doth all men have the choice twixt the darkness and the light." My thinking, my perspective, my choices always shed light and uplift human situations as I keep my thought aligned with reality. With my consciousness so aligned and filled with all that is God, good, I naturally disbelieve or have no room for bowing down to, being impressed or accepting a "story" or "drama" of separation from God. Then from a deep sense of calmness and stillness, grace flows, and I witness divine Love right where the problem seemed to be and feel the blessings of God's presence. power and peace guiding and governing those who are in my thought with Christly light and harmony. I witness a shift to greater good and am always filled with love and gratitude for realizing once again, "What can God not do?"

  57. Thank you Beth ! This is a keeper! A powerful treatment that lifts our thought to the One Infinite God Good who only creates and knows Good !This will certainly help a dear friend of mine!

  58. Thank you, Beth, this was so helpful. And thanks to all the lifters; some really powerful truths in there.

  59. Thank you so much! It's so essential not to see ourselves as victims!

  60. This is a difficult problem, and I believe most people have to face at least one such challenge personally in their lives. (The challenge of being victimized or having a loved one victimized). Thank you Beth for facing this issue today so effectively in your two minute time slot. Thanks also to #2 for honestly admitting how difficult it can be, and Beth's reply #17. I loved Nancy's apples and horses in #24. They reminded me of the phrase "everything turned upside down" (see Science and Health pg. 301), which is a key to finding solutions and healing.
    Every good thought counts, thanks to all the lift team and responders.

  61. Thank you, Beth. Your comments are helpful to me in praying about world problems -- the terrorist attacks in Norway, dysfunctional government in the U.S., starvation in Somolia, political turmoil in the Middle East, natural disasters around the world. How helpful to bee reminded we don't have to take the apple of belief in more than one power. We can reject that lie completely. God IS good, and God IS one.

  62. 37 I love the fact that this group doesn't let too much slip by without offering a helping hand. Horses are not the only ones who appreciate a Little Child. Thank you!

    19 Nancy, what a clear summary of much good work! also, thanks.

  63. Thank you , Beth & lifters for a wide range of sharing that made me both deeply thoughtful and also made me chuckle (horseplay!) Dear, #2 Carol, it may not be appropriate to forward this Lift, but some idea sparked from your own inspiration will come after praying yourself with absolute ideas.Beth was answering a friend as to praying about the divorce situation, not necessarily what would be said directly to those experiencing the divorce.Your compassion and desire to be of help is obvious and God will provide an avenue of expression for you - He's busy 'moulding & exalting' that desire right now.(S&H 1:11) Love, Tracy

  64. Thank you Beth for a beautiful answer to praying for victim and victimizer. Whether it is a messy divorce, terrorism, debt crisis situation so prevalent in the news today, we must realize that it is healing and unifying to know that there is 'one creation that is wholly good.' Our prayers must be all-inclusive, or else we just might be picking that apple.

  65. I get so much from the comments and usually take notes. Today # 48 will be one to be with me everyday. I must not - react to world news and our so called government problems. Not to resent, the so called stalemate and the apple that is so temping, the rehersal on the news and in our conversation with neighbors and friends. The daily prayer is such a blessing and governs all of mankind. Thanks to all on the Lift

  66. Thank you Beth! Your thoughts are very timely indeed! Even before I saw your podcast title, I was already working with knowing that there are no victims nor victimizers. This can surely be applied to many issues today such as the budget talks here in North America, those affected by floods, storms, famine, etc. throughout the world!

  67. Beth,
    Thanks so much! I know of a situation where there is a lot of family conflict with a specific perpetrator. I love the idea you stated about vehemently declaring that "the Christ idea is never a victim".....or, I'm thinking, a victimizer. Your Lift applies so well.
    Many thanks to the Daily Lift team for each and every Lift.

  68. Thank you Beth for this lovely inspiring message. So many of the trials we encounter start with victim and victimiser - even the 'Why me' we often say.
    This message of love for all is so helpful to me at this time when each party in a messy real estate transaction feels themselves to be victims. I know that God's peace and harmony will prevail.
    Thanks to the BoL and all the responders. What a wonderful family of love we have.

  69. Thank you, Beth for the reminder of "not to pick that apple". My daughter was recently victimized by a young man and I have been praying to God about what to do to correct the situation with him. Should I speak with his family? Should I go to the police? I was going to retaliate based on the Adam creation of man as victim and victimizer. Instead, I am now going back to the basics of the One Creator God and His perfect creation. I am going to reject the belief that my daughter has been victimized or that the young man can have victimizer qualities. This is not denial thinking but this is God-inspired thinking and He will make all the necessary corrections as He sees fit. Again, thank you!

  70. There is one choice we all must make. Look at all the good in the world today. How about a gratitude list for the good going on in the world. For all the variety (not diversity) of backgrounds (not cultures) and I love the variety that is here; for all the rich variety there is more harmony going on than discord. I choose to look at the harmony and good going on. I choose to hear what God says. I choose to be loving and intelligent and not be pulled back to mortality's raggedy agenda with illusion. I choose Christ Truth.

  71. Thanks Beth!

  72. Thank you Beth! When I got divorced seven years ago now, I kept affirming that the highest good for all involved would manifest itself (make the harmonious Truth known to all). Sometimes I would repeat this as a kind of mantra, just saying it over and over, especially if I was feeling fearful. The man I'm now married to was also going through a divorce and as he and his wife were friends of mine, I also affirmed that the highest good would manifest for them too. Fast forward to the present, last Saturday, my ex-husband, my present husband's ex-wife and her new husband, my husband and myself all celebrated my step-son's 16th birthday harmoniously and joyfully!! This is a "higher good" than I ever could have imagined as God has revealed the Truth of our Oneness (divorce is separation hence false testimony as we are never separate!). When we let go and let God, She will reveal Heaven on earth through our reflection of Her Harmony. Thank God and thank you DL lecturers and commenters for your Love!!

  73. Thank you for your Lift today, Beth. It was very helpful to me in so many ways. I've been dealing with some "victim" suggestions over a business situation that has gone on for several years. The situation keeps coming back and doesn't get resolved.

    There are som many healing truths in the Lift and comments today. I have found them very helpful. We really have to get the right concept - on a spiritual basis- that God is ALL. If God is All then there can't be anything else going on. Only good is going on - everywhere. There has never been a time when God wasn't in control of His/Her creation. God's plan, direction, wisdom, ecomony, laws, etc. are all that we can possibly experience. The Adam dream is just that - a dream. It isn't true. It has no powers or laws. It has no author. It isn't even dust!
    We aren't in it! More importantly, we aren't in someone else's dream, either!

    This Lift has really gotten me thinking in another direction about my situation and I am so grateful! Thanks to all the commentors! Some really excellent points today.

  74. I've tuned in rather later in the day than usual, and am well down the list of gratitude-givers, nevertheless it has come to me at just the right time and I add my thanks, Beth. When I clicked on just now I was feeling very upset and badly-done-to after an altercation with a loved one - so your healing message was perfect and i've written "Don't pick that apple" on a post-it note and stuck it on the computer shelf in front of me so I won't forget.
    Bless you!

  75. Many thanks for the lift and a new phrase " I didn't want to pick
    T H A T apple.". A few years ago -- unfortunately, I picked T H A T apple.

    I saved up, bought a new engine for my work van then hired a professional mechanic to install it. He was well qualified to do an excellent job. About half way through, the van, minus the old engine, the new engine was on an engine stand, he simply disappeared. As the hours and days ticked by, I was out of work for almost a week. The only thing to do was to call a practitioner.

    Oh, boy, did I have the hammer drop on me. S T O P picking on this fine man, mentally, and more. I changed my thought, the mechanic changed the engine, and he did a beautiful job. We are still friends. He has, become a student of the Holy Bible. I talked with him yesterday.

    Thank You Father.

  76. Hi again, Wow, so much inspiration from your LIft, Beth. Thanks again. Thanks to Melanie from Carlsbad #73 when she reminds us that we are not in the Adam dream and also that we are not in anyone else's dream. In A Rule for Motives and Acts by Mary Baker Eddy, we are reminded not only that animosity should not govern us, but also that "mere personal attachment" should (not) impell the motives and acts of the members of The Mother CHurch." She goes on to say that 'in Science, divine Love alone governs man,..." So often the belief of a "mere personal attachment" will tempt us to interfere in the name of responsibility of kinship, parenthood, etc. I am learning to be more obedient to this powerful rule that only God is parent and truly governs all. I am learning to stay out of "others' dreams" and make my prayer more pure and thus truly a blessing. What a relief to be reminded to rejoice in the FACT that God good is governing all.

  77. Thank you very much , Beth,
    Yes, I am striving to not judge others - right, wrong, good, bad, etc. Just leave it all up to God. Let God's justice prevail.

  78. Thank you for this lovely lift and all the fine comments which enrich what is offered. I am humbled by higher thinking and must reach and stretch every day to see the higher ground. Thank you one and all. Donna

  79. Wow! Based on the responses, one can see what a powerful Lift this is. A blessing to all.
    Thank you for the responses. Thank you #2 for knowing this is a safe place to honestly express your initial thoughts. Thank you to #17 and others who have lovingly offered spiritual support.
    The suggestions of mortal mind, like the serpent offering the apple, can seem subtle and harmless, actually tempting to indulge in. Kind of a "will you believe me now" approach. Certainly, when the challenge involves dear friends and family who seem so hurt- a "take a bite" moment is being presented. We always know the suggestion is from mortal mind if it presents us with thoughts of victimization, separateness, sorrow, fear. Judging the situation from a mortal viewpoint always leaves us with a mortal view.
    How marvelous it is to know that Mind prevails-Love, not fear, guides.
    I love the mention here of the Next Friends Suit. Following Mrs. Eddy's example is a beacon for each of us.
    I have found it helpful to remember what our Master said "And I, if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me." So, if my thought is lifted above the human circumstance that seems "wrathful and afflictive", I can keep thought at an altitude of judging according to what God knows and sees in His own creation. Affirming what God knows of His own children has a harmonizing effect that is deep and long-lasting. All are included in this heavenly mandate.

  80. Beth,

    Your follow-on comment to Carol, "wrapped in the panoply of Love" is such a wonderful complementary thought to "wrapped in the arms of God's true Love." Of course, Truth and Love being inherently synonymous. Enveloping one's self in Love precludes anything that might be 'victimization', and simultaneously protects from being 'victimized'. The Truth is once again perfectly expressed, as always.

  81. Thanks Beth, and thank you to all of the people that commented today. There were SO MANY helpful thoughts shared!

  82. I deeply thank you.

  83. Thank you Beth...... Most inspiratioal...I'm certainly not alone in stating that the timing of the Daily Lifts can not be of some coincidence....Thank you to the entire group....

  84. Thank you for this inspiring lift and the comments of all the lifters.

  85. Well, this is pretty riviting to say the least. I am so on the same page as #2 Carol, but after reading all of these wonderful insightful stories I feel Divine Love leading me in a completely different direction.....because I DID pick the apple, but I just now threw it out the window.
    After having my identify stolen from me (which I now see is impossible) and being plunged into a five figure debt that is not mine .... it seems so clear that he (the so called victimizer) needs all of the love, care and guidance that is there for all of us, not just a select few! Now, on a new page I feel a very grateful release of resentment that can have no place or any hold on anything where God is!


  86. Once again the DL has taken us back to solid metaphysics for healing results---allness of God, good means nothingness of evil. We have to stand our ground. Thanks so much, Beth. It is wonderful to see how many ways this solid truth applies in daily life. No bad apples here!

  87. I am very grateful for all the Daily Lifts. I especially loved the one today. It has given me new inspiration to think about a painful situation involving children and their divorced parents. Thank you so much. Also, I loved your reply to #2.

  88. I am a little late listening to this wondeful lift today, but I wanted to read all 86 comments before I tuned into the actual lift. So many kind and helpful comments and so many willing to support each other. I support you Beth, and thank you for sharing these powerful ideas. I too have written down, "Don't pick that apple!" Many thanks.

  89. Strong (but helpful) words, Beth! Thank you.

  90. Many thanks Beth - this is so helpful in connection with a few Reading Room opportunities right now.

  91. Don't pick that apple, Rob! wow! I NEVER thought about the Adam dream of the apple as the wrongful thought! What an image. I think this daily lift has just changed my life. For Good. Thank you, Beth. And God's blessing to one and all, alway--
    Love, Rob of the Rockies

  92. Beth, certainly our Church is a healing Church. You have contributed so well to uplift our thinking over and above error. The Lord's Prayer spiritual interpretation by Mary Baker Eddy: “And Love is reflected in love;” (Science and Health p. 17) is present here for all involved, from # 2 Carol Lee, whom we love very much, to all the floods of love from all the comments. Thanks dear Beth for opening our eyes to accept Genesis 1, and deny the Adam and Eve dream.

    En español

    Beth, por cierto nuestra Iglesia es una Iglesia de curación. Tú has contribuido tan bien a elevar nuestro pensamiento más allá del error. La interpretación espiritual del Padre Nuestro por Mary Baker Eddy: “Y el Amor se refleja en amor;” (Ciencia y Salud p. 17) está presente aquí para todos los involucrados, desde # 2 Carol Lee, a quien queremos mucho, hasta todas las inundaciones de amor de todos los comentarios. Gracias querida Beth por abrir nuestros ojos para aceptar Génesis 1 y negar el sueño de Adán y Eva.

  93. Love the analogy with the apple! So important to watch the news with thought alert to this. Thanks, Beth!

  94. Thank you Beth for reminding me that I don't have to accept that which seems to be trying to impress on me - wrong thinking in the newspapers, T.V., etc.

  95. Carol Lee #2. I agree with you. This is one of the rare Lifts that I found incomplete, or it troubled me. Perhaps not enough could be said in 2 minutes.

    Beth grasps the way things are in the kingdom of heaven, and that is good. What is missing is how this connects to life on earth. Christ Jesus is the Infinite meeting our here-and-now, our human life, which God cares about and is involved in.

    When the Christ half of Jesus Christ is all that is honored, and the Jesus coming to earth is discarded, we just have denial, or escapism, not healing nor fulfilling.

    Christian Scientists can sometimes fail to recognize that Divine Love meets the human need if they deny the human need. Some of the audience seems to be comfortable with that. I was raised with it. It didn't work for me. I think MBE would affirm Carol Lee's views. I hope so. I'm certain Jesus would. Sometimes I feel that in my lifetime my religion has been inching farther and farther away from Jesus.

    It might be good for everyone to read the Gospel of Matthew through start- to-finish every once in a while, without interruptions nor selections. It's only about 20 pages.

  96. Enjoy reading the Daily Lifts, & giving thanks for the messages. Beth, this Lift was wonderful, but some of the responses today were unusual to me. Carol Lee #2 made a comment which I think is Right on Target. She received numbers of fake loving replies, and a couple of subtle put-downs, the CS way. DENIAL BY some CS comments. Carol Lee was not treated like a child of God.Carol Lee's comments below:

    2. Carol Lee wrote:

    "I was hoping that this would be a helpful tidbit to send to a friend going through a very difficult divorce. Although well-intentioned, it does not seem to reflect a first hand familiarity with the difficulties in relationships gone terribly wrong. It was neither supportive nor uplifting. It was just a denial that I cannot imagine being helpful to someone who is feeling victimized."
    Carol C. says: I was surprised how many commented & placated her, pacified her. Like they were Erasing Carol Lee's comments. I don't feel that MBE would have allowed this, meaning, what is happening in the world right now is real. Jesus proved that. Life can be tragic. Life is Material & Spiritual. Real leaders can't improve the world unless challenges are faced. God is All, God is One. But we need to support victims, not just pretend it isn't happening. From a school-yard bullies, to complicated divorces, floods, & worse .Perhaps Carol Lee is the new, Progressive CS, realistic, facing Life as Life presents itself.

  97. Carol Lee, Maybe your friend isn't quite ready to take this on board, but do it for her. Stick with the reality. It works! and it is the only thing that will.

  98. . With the margin heading "False claims annihilated"
    Mary Baker Eddy wrote:

    "Who, that has felt the perilous beliefs in life, substance, and intelligence separated from God, can say that there is no error of belief? Knowing the claim of animal magnetism, that all evil combines in the belief of life, substance, and intelligence in matter, electricity, animal nature, and organic life, who will deny that these are the errors which Truth must and will annihilate ? Christian Scientists must live under the constant pressure of the apostolic command to come out from the material world and be separate.They must renounce aggression, oppression and the pride of power "

    I interpret this to mean that we shouldn't indulge "aggression, oppression, and the pride of power" EITHER as victim or victimizer. I'm still "in progress" myself, so I'm not saying this is easy. I feel that it's right to take any practical steps (especially those creative, gentle ones that are revealed in prayer) toward freedom, safety, and honesty. Sometimes, there is a time of strengthening in place before the butterfly's wings are ready. But the warfare we're waging is not with persons but with states of thought, though the suggestion can appear to be very personal. The Christ can reach anyone with wise, sometimes surprising, thoughts of how to "emerge gently" into greater strength, honesty, and freedom.

  99. Wonderful reminder. Thank you.

  100. This was very interesting. I found it late in the day and had the opportunity to read all the comments which lead me to this thought.
    We are living our eternal life right now, in this experience, and all the harmony, hope and abundance of Spirit is working -- now.
    And, it is a very good daily lift because it really got us all to thinking!

  101. Thank you so much Beth for this interesting and thought provoking Lift. And thank you to all who have written in reply.When I first read it I thought YES! This is what I need to know. but how can this help other people? Then the thought came - what would Jesus have done? He told us quite clearly that we must forgive those who trespass against us whatever they had done. Now this in my experience is quite impossible to do in our own strength. It is only through the Christ and constantly loving and blessing the person that is causing us the problem that a healing can come, first to us and then to the other person. .Always to us first .As we seek to live Divine Love, refusing to see any power at work other than the Christ, healing will come, often in the most unexpected ways and sometimes without any physical intervention by us at all. Thank you so much Beth.

  102. Dear All
    Thank you for all the thought provoking comments.We must always think deeply about our practice of Christian Science & not just ignore evil in any form.This is a very practical religion,ie.it helps us heal the human problems that we are being faced with.But to hold those problems as real & powerful & then attempt to heal them will not bring that much needed healing.To me as the practitioner,it is essential that I don't fear,believe or give any reality or power to the problem,no matter how impressive or scary,because I will be of no use to my patient.Mary Baker Eddy says in Rudimental Divine Science,'If you have power in error,you forfeit the power that Truth bestows,and its salutary ínfluence on yourself and others.'(p10) But to show the dear one that divine Love has all power over hate,divine goodness over evil,harmony over discord,then fear & vicitimization is replaced with confidence & domininon because they know they are safe-the mesmerism is broken.I've seen horrendous cases of bullying completely & very quickly healed by knowing that they are alone with God,who knows them truly & loves them deeply & there is no evil.The Truth is there is one God,one power & that is Love & we are alone with that Love.This not unloving but the highest form of love,because it heals the situation,it's utterly compassionate,not humanly sypathetic.It guards, guides,heals & enfolds all in divine Love- victim & victimizer, & reveals God's kingdom on earth. Love to you all, Beth.

  103. Thank you so much Beth. I shared it with church membership last night as it is so important not to pick sides but to see the brotherhood of Love everywhere, in church, out of church, wherever we are.

  104. Thank you, Beth, for your #102 post!!!

  105. Hello, I wanted to let you know Beth. I came back to this lift because someone told me about it again. I listened to it 2 more times and it really applied to a situation that we are dealing. The part about "prayer does not take sides" really helped me clear up my thinking and process this situation in a better light. Thank you again!

    And to Joel comment #43 I am so impressed by your forgiveness and the way you handle that situation with your relative. I think that is a beautiful demonstration. God bless you!

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