8/31: No counterfeits

8/31: No counterfeits

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  1. To read the verses in the book of Genesis (King James Bible) that Christine mentions in today's Daily Lift, visit http://www.spirituality.com/dt/book_lookup.jhtml?reference=Gen%201&marks=false

  2. thank you for this thought. I remember when you came to lecture at Pasadena, CA and I was able to come to the lecture prep meeting. You're thoughtful, caring and right on point. Very inspiring to hear about the truth of our identity in this lift. This morning I woke up and the vision out of my right eye was blurry. I have 20x20 vision though sometimes it gets a little fuzzy and I just need it to get lubricated and adjusted. Well, right before I awoke I surrendered to an image of what the suggestion about lives around me look like and what the future will entail. I just resigned to stop fighting for them, to give up on them. When I woke up for work the eye was fuzzy. I focused on the idea that I can't have blurry vision cause my identity is spiritual and I didn't surrender to the idea that I'd have to go to a doctor to check it out. Focused on the truth, not a counterfeit. Well about ten to fifteen minutes later the eye cleared up and I was able to drive to work. Didn't quite understand how it healed and for awhile forgot about it till you reminded me with your awesome lift, that it's by focusing on the truth that you can see clearly. Thank you for that.

  3. Hi Christine ! Thanks for a wonderful Lift.I love the idea of getting to know
    the original rather than looking for the opposite to determine which is true. Mrs Eddy tells us in Science and Health p.523 "Although presenting the exact opposite of Truth, the lie claims to be truth". And it is good to know, that no matter how much the lie tries to claim it is true, it can never make it so. I am going to keep my eye on the original today !

  4. beautiful, christine. thank you! i'm going to share this with some friends.

  5. Hello Christine,

    I love this! To study the original in order to detect the counterfeit. "Putting the high thought always before us." Thank you so much.

  6. Clear, to the point, infinitely useful. Thank you I will use this thought right away!

  7. This is lovely and strong! What sticks with me especially is the encouragement to study the original. Thank you!

  8. Thank you Christine for this great Lift. It's always our own thought we have to align with the perfect creation, isn't it? We just need to spiritualize our own perception of ourself. It gets really serious when knowing I should vacuum and thinking "I'll do it tomorrow!" That's when I really have to sort the real thoughts from the illusive unreal. . .

  9. C.S. teacher Godfrey John recommended seeking the healing "counter-fact" where any "counterfeit" suggested acceptance.

    A counter-fact can be discerned by holding prayerfully to what God is doing (as Life, Truth, Love, Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit...), knowing what is true, in the absolute, by reflection, of God's idea, man, then applying this correctively to the "relative" human understanding of who or how we are. We can reverse error's counterfeit claims by studying the Original, as this Lift says.

    In an article entitled, “Before the world was” (German Herald:Jan.’83, p. 16), James K. Kayser opens out the idea of origin, beyond mortal birth into matter, to include "pre-existence" -- our spiritual heritage as God's image and likeness.

    Quoting Jesus (John 17:5, John 8:58), Ecclesiastes (3:14, 15), and David (Psalms 90:1), as well as Mary Baker Eddy (Sc&H 429, & Mis.182), he reviews man's true source, found in the Bible's sixth-day account of creation (Genesis 1:26-31& 2:1,2), where God’s male and female are “very good” and “finished”, along with all creation -- not the "fallen man" of a misty Adam and Eve account.

    Mrs. Eddy writes of this origin: (Sc&H 14:25) “Entirely separate from the belief and dream of material living is the Life divine, revealing spiritual understanding and the consciousness of man’s dominion over the whole earth.”

    "From sense to Soul my pathway lies before me, From mist and shadow into Truth's clear day;" Hymn 64 (Violet Hay)

    God's idea, now

  10. Thank you for this very strong and powerful msg.

  11. Thank you Christine. Spiritualising thought one thought at a time helps us understand the original concept 'Perfect God and perfect man', better.

    It was good to meet you, Nate and the rest of the TMC Youth members at the August Youth Summit held in lagos Nigeria.

  12. Christine, you are the real thing! This is just lovely, and I so enjoy the story of spotting the counterfeit by first knowing the real one thoroughly. Thanks.

  13. Thank you Christine for that inspiring lift against the counterfeit Yes. "We [only] study the original." "Perfection underlies reality. Without perfection, nothing is wholly real. All things will continue to disappear, until perfection appears and reality is reached. " (S&H 353:16)

  14. St!udy the original not the counterfeit, what a perfect way to start the day! Thank you for the reminder

  15. well put! to think of Good as truth and the original then i'm doing alright all the time! thankyou!

  16. Christine, thank you! I know I am the real thing, however hearing you say it with so much spiritual clarity and confidence,is an absolute "Lift"! From Nomvula in Cape Town South Africa.

  17. Thank You Christine for this wonderful lift to study the real Truth of man's true identity. It woke me up to let go of any other identity that might have crept in. Great wake up call Christine.

  18. Thanks for this, it is an idea I have used many times.
    There was an article in the Sentinel on Counterfeit
    about 15 years ago and your lift reminds me of it.
    Thanks again

  19. i agree that this simple analogy shows us how to look for truth in our experience...focus on the original of all of us, our creator! thank you christine

  20. What a simple and yet powerful way to understand the Truth that heals !
    Thank you.

  21. Hi Christine,

    Thank you for those beautiful elevating thoughts. I felt that as you spoke you were elevating our thought, as a bird targets the sky and moves upward in full demonstration of life.

    Looking at the real and knowing it, is it self very time consuming especially when we apply it to the beauty of Soul; having time for anything else is just not possible, and as you said, when we get to know the real, we automatically know the unreal.

    I found myself recently focusing on the real and rewarding while working on an endeavour. It pained me to keep looking at what seemed to have been the mortal view of the situation. As I progressed, I felt such peace and rewarding activity and as I listened to God, I felt Direction.

    Thank you for your healing words. There really is no time to focus on the counterfeit. I also was glad your topic denies the negative. Sometimes we feel we can only say the positive when working on an issue, but it helps to firmly deny unreality.

  22. I have been pondering this Daily Lift since early morning, when I first listened to it. Yes, if we reverse the false testimony, find the spiritual fact, keep focused on that fact, then the lie, the counterfeit will be clearly seen as having no value, without merit, untrue, and as our leader, Mary Baker Eddy has said, "unknelled, uncoffined and unknown". Original text is from Lord Byron. In S&H page 441:10

  23. "All error proceeds from the evidence before the material senses. If man is material and originates in an egg, who shall say that he is not primarily dust? May not Darwin be right in thinking that apehood preceded mortal manhood? Minerals and vegetables are found, according to divine Science, to be the creations of erroneous thought, not of matter. Did man, whom God created with a word, originate in an egg? When Spirit made all, did it leave aught for matter to create? Ideas of Truth alone are reflected in the myriad manifestations of Life, and thus it is seen that man springs solely from Mind. The belief that matter supports life would make Life, or God, mortal." (S&H 543:17)
    Darwin was correct in pointing out about the evolution of the species. There was an advanced Spirit far greater going on the background that he or no other man could really observe. Vegetables were created by their images and knowledge bases from God. All animals including man was created in the same way. Their mind was not vegetable, but something else and gradually evolved to what it is today. As MBE said "Spirit made all." It did leave biology and the physical sciences to create with the spiritual images and likenesses as well as the knowledge bases employed. The truth reflected in myriad manifestations of life are thus seen springing forth from Mind. Was this Mind all error? No, it wasn't or else we would all be error or counterfeits of God.

  24. I appreciate that thought of knowing the real better and don't be thinking about that counterfeit, for thinking about it is counterproductive. See the real man of God's creating in every individual!! Thank you so much for that great way to start our day!!

  25. This is so true, dear Christine, and so practical!

  26. Thank you so much Christine. Thanks for reminder us that the original, as the only Principle of being, is the reason of the harmony of our existence, as well of our spiritual unity as a reflex (*1) of this original. It's like the sunbeam that reflects all qualities of the Sun like: light, glare, heat, energy and color; because there is not any element of inseparability between the original and his reflex!

    (*1) Webster: "a way of thinking or behaving"


  27. Love the direction this lift leads us. Many thanks Christine.

    Spiritual origin
    In Science man is the offspring of Spirit. The beautiful , good, and pure constitute his ancestry. His origin is not, like that of mortals, in brute instinct, nor does he pass through material conditions prior to reaching intelligence. Spirit is his primitive and ultimate source of being; God is his Father, and Life is the law of his being. - S&H 63:4

  28. Wow point right on to focus on what is real and forget any thing that isnt like God good Thanks for the comments today

  29. Thank you so much for today's lift! Looking only to the original we do find ourselves free from all the "labels" error would impose upon us. Thank you for the reminder Christine.

  30. Life is in God, not a vegetable or physical reality. Therefore, the original is in God not man. Human's are just the next generation of counterfeits or forged beings from the original Spirit or God who they emulate. You cannot take a sphere of knowledge and understanding and place it into a square hole or cube nor can you place the whole knowledge base into the human skull. It comes from Spirit not physical phenomenon. The Spirit is the outward and actual and cannot be all compressed into the human mind. I therefore, recognize my master who is the prince of peace on Earth and good will toward man. By my humble mind I see who my originator is and both love and adore all his ideas on Earth and beyond. That is NO COUNTERFEIT.

  31. I am so grateful for these words of inspiration and insight! Thank you!!!!!

  32. Thank you for this reminder to look to the orginal. I have had to do a lot of work about my eyes and ears. Now I will look to the original and listen to what is good. Thank you all for your inspirational comments.

  33. Christine, thanks for this clear example, which keeps us focused on what is and off of what is not. This example shows that we need not look at our problems for answers (the counterfeit) which will not be helpful. We need to look to the original, perfect God and man where our freedom is waiting for us.

  34. Thanks Christine. It is so inspiring and reassuring that we need to study and understand the real man of God's creating and not the Counterfeit as presented by the human senses.

  35. Very grateful for the pure idea in which you expressed our real being as God made and maintains us. To know that the pure eyes of Love itself
    is always aware of our purity and we can also focus always on our orginal
    being by just letting go and letting God express His allness in us. Thank you so much for everyone that contributes to this Daily Lift, both behind
    and in front of the scene.

  36. Thank you, Christine!
    Always love that analogy ... so clear and practical.

  37. Just what I needed to hear, Christine. I will continue studying & praying for more understanding of the real beings that we are. Thank you!

  38. Wonderful message; akin to Paul's determination to "not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified."

  39. Wonderful. I love the message of not paying any attention whatsoever to what the material senses are trying to tell us, but to look deeper with our spiritual senses to see our real source...Thank you!

  40. This lovely space teeming with the true, originial ideas of God's Word.
    It may look blank but it's written in thought. No paper or writing needed for that! And that's the truth!

    I feel the power throughout your verbal message, and am gratefully receiving it, Christine.

  41. Thank you very much!:)

  42. It's really awesome to be reminded and know that we are all original and authentic ideas of God. Thank you:)

  43. Thank you, Christine, for the re-Minder! Back on track after a shaky start to my day.

  44. Integrity, balance, wisdom- thank you for the reminders of your excellent LIFT!

  45. Good one....thank you!

  46. Thank you for reminding us to see only the good in others (instead of dwelling on the negative) , as good is all that is real. Here is a quote from a Christian Science Sentinel article 7/2/07 "You Can't Get Outside of God," by Charles Ferris that I have been reading every day to help me see the truth about everyone:

    "You are never traveling outside your own consciousness of God's omnipresence. This consciousness is your awareness of God and His perfect ideas, and it includes the fruitfulness of every event, every condition every relationship.
    Wherever your life-journey takes you, you are always traveling in God and seeing the spiritual indestructible nature of His creation opening up before you. There's great healing comfort in knowing that we 'live, and move, and have our being' in God--never outside His presence and power!"

    When I can demonstrate this it is healing and helpful in every relationship.

  47. I'm so grateful to be reminded how important it is to intently focus on the REAL thing and then it will be much easier to detect the counterfeit. Thank you, Christine, for all you are doing to help others!

  48. Thank you for this daily lift confirming everyone's true god like qualities. Sage advice today and always!

  49. Great reminder to stay focussed on the real. Also, I want to thank everyone for all the warm, loving, joyful sharing yesterday. I look forward to reading the rest of today's comments latter tonight. Have a wonderful day everyone!

  50. Perfect Lift for today.....thanks to all who make these daily treats possible.

    At our Wednesday testimony meeting last week, two different people referred to the inspiration they received from the Daily Lift. Let's keep spreading the word!

    Is there anywhere or anyway these lifts can be found in written form and printed out?

    These fresh, conversational recordings are intended to share orally the inspiration of the moment and are only available in audio format. If you would like to write it out yourself, you are welcome to do so.

  51. Thank you Christine for such a clear and powerful lift. I love the idea of studying the original to see it's truth and then being able to recognize what is untrue when it presents itself to us. A joyous and effective focus for our day.

  52. Thanks...I appreciate this understanding. I find it of comfort to know that a counterfeit always is trying to imitate something that is real/true. So no matter the counterfeit, there is always the genuine/real in place as the true reality.
    Knowing what is really true, in line with God's creation, annihilates the unreal when seen as the counterfeit.....Thanks to all who make this refreshing and inspiring Daily Lift possible.

  53. This lift truly is inspiring, and will give me something solid and pure to ponder today. Thank you so much!

  54. Thanks so much for reminding me again. i don't need to be concerned with all the "static" repeating itself about man. Only the clear message from my Father/Mother, that is coming in every minute, is the real deal.
    A long time ago someone told me a story about two women who went to visit a hypnotist to see if there was any reality in it. When they got to his house he invited them into his garden. It was lovely. He said," Look here at this rose bush and I will grow you a rose blossom". They looked and to their amazement, a rose bud began to appear. It developed quickly, turning into a beautiful blossom. The hypnotist picked it and gave it to them. They left and with wonder took it home to show one woman's husband. He laughed when they told him the wonderful story of this man who could make a rose. He said," Silly, the rose was there all the time. He just told your consciousness that it wasn't!" I have loved this illustration of the need to ask God's mind what is the real picture.

  55. What a beautiful reminder, Christine, that we should look for the original and that we are perfect in every way.

  56. Dear Christine;
    Thank you for this gentle reminder to start with the original, not the fake! I remember praying about something troubling and sharing my thoughts with a friend. I began by talking about the counterfiet, not the truth, and she interupted me by exclaiming "Well, that's your problem! You don't start with the problem, but you start with the truth which cleanses your thinking from the problem!" I've never forgotton this, and I loved your gentle reminder of it again this moring, it surely gave my thoughts a lift! Much Love and gratitude to you today!

  57. Thanks..........!.......now I am looking for the ORIGINAL...MABEL

  58. Thank you, Christine. I love your example of the counterfeit bills. It seems ridiculous to think that one would have to study and learn to recognize every conceivable type of counterfeit bill so as to recognize the real ones. How much more practical to learn every feature and quality of the original - more accuracy, less effort. How comforting to know that I don't have to try to recognize and then disprove each false idea about myself and others that pops up - there seem to be so many! No, I just have to look to the real - the original - and see Truth.
    A comment made by Troy.from Barbados (#21) made me stop and think: "It pained me to keep looking at what seemed to have been the mortal view of the situation." I realized that a family situation, which seems to have been dragging on for a long time and causing deep pain to those I love, is painful to me because I am looking at the mortal view of that situation. I had been working hard to love one who seemed to be causing the problem, and mentally support all involved but I wasn't making much progress.
    Of course not! I was looking at couterfeits instead of the originals. It's always painful to look away from God, the only Truth, and believe the lie. There is only one Cause, and that is God, all good. There is only one man, God's idea reflected in countless ways, all good. As with the counterfeit bills, I will laugh at the idea of studying - and trying to love - a counterfeit cause or creation, and "only know the real." CS Hymnal, #5

  59. Great way to work through the tares and the wheat! What is real and what is not!
    Thank you for the new way to look at the counterfeits.

  60. (continued) I am so grateful for the Daily Lift, its producers, contributors, and commenters. I save each one to revisit later - sometimes days or even weeks later! - so as not to miss any of the comments. It is truly a healing ministry, fresh and uplifting every day from start to finish. And a warm welcome to the precious new "copyright" voice!

  61. As Mrs.Eddy wrote: "Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appeared to mortals. In this perfect man the Savior saw God's own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick." (S&H p.476:31-4) When we stick to the original that is all we ever really can or need to see.

  62. Thank you, Christine, for this simple, solid way to know our real selves. It made me realize there's a special reason we don't have to learn about counterfeits. God makes the original, real image and likeness of Himself, and there is no source that could duplicate His work, or come close. Although we should study to know all about ourselves in His image, because nothing could successfully counterfeit that, we don't have to be “experts” yet to distinguish the real from the presentation of a claim that would counterfeit the real. A few basics in Bible, along with Science & Health, would suffice to be able to discern the real man. More study & practicing what we learn would speed up and improve the process, of course. This would have to hold true, not only for man, but for all creation that He saw was very good. Earth, the waters, creatures of land and air, (the very air itself), our food, were all pronounced very good. There can't be dangerous counterfeit ANYTHING that threatens our very being. This fits with Jesus' saying, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect”. (Matt.5:48) We couldn't “be”, if we “couldn't” be! Jesus knew we could! Counterfeits have no real value, so there's no perfect counterfeit. You've set me busy to uncover and toss any counterfeits I've accepted blindly, ignorantly, or carelessly, which were passed to represent, me, others, our world, and our daily situations. I'll be tied up awhile on this.

  63. Thank you Christine,
    There is so much that would catch our eye or ear and usually with the intent to benefit the distracter. I try to keep reminding myself to keep attentive to what I know as true. So thanks for the message today.

  64. A friend of mine grew up in Arizona. Across the street from their home was a vacant lot. Every day a mirage of a lake would appear in that vacant lot. My friend wanted to see if this lake would appear in a picture. So she took of a picture of the mirage with her camera and, sure enough, this lake appeared in the photo. It was such a good reminder to us that even though error may look very real, it is still an illusion. Thank you for another wonderful "lift".

  65. What a simple but powerful reminder. And how it applies to everything in our experience. Thank you so very much

  66. What a wonderful thought - get to know the real thing so we won't be fooled by the wrong. Thank you.

  67. I love the ideas in this lift! thank you and I love the beautiful little child's voice at the end, this is so sweet and uplifting as well. Several of my neighbors are going through some difficult challenges and I have been praying this morning just listening to God. This lift made me realize I don't have to see diseased man or disfunctional families or grief as a part of man's experience, but rather look at the spiritual man of God's creating as in Genesis,God made man in his image and likeness. I feel I can pray to help uplift the neighborhood and love my neighbors more by seeing what is true about them. thanks

  68. Thank you Christine for this fundamental concept. You echo the words of Mary Baker Eddy: "To begin rightly is to end rightly. Every concept which seems to begin with the brain begins falsely. Divine Mind is the only cause or Principle of exisitence. Cause does not exist in in matter, in mortal mind, or in physical forms." (S&H p 262: 28-32) Your message to study the original is consistent with "begin rightly." To study the original is to establish in spiritual consciousness the absolute Truth known to God. This is the affirmation of man's real existence as the perfect child of God. This is the absoute Truth. This is the basis of the denial of the claim of the counterfeit - - it has no standing, no foundation, no reality, no existence. This can be demonstrated moment by moment in the relative by reflection of what God knows, of what is known by Life, Truth and Love.
    By holding to our spiritual consciousness we can be aware of God's omnipresence and God's omnipotence. From this platform of consciousness we can spot the counterfeit and deny its reality. Thus we experience the joy of never touched by the counterfeit and never tricked ilnto believing the counterfeit. Thank you, thank you,.

  69. That was so good. Study the source - God (Mind, Life, Truth, Love, Spirit, Principle, Soul) and we know what is real and what is a lie.

  70. I'm so grateful that Mrs. Eddy has given us the true definition of man to look at. Page 475 of Science and Health.

  71. An earlier email today contained this: "Do not ask the Lord to guide your footsteps, if you are not willing to move your feet." Sometimes CS writing makes the perfect man sound static, like a figure in a tableau. I try more and more to see the real man as active, perhaps to human sense evolving and developing, but always <b>doing</b>--even if the doing is quiet contemplation. I once shocked a rather timid CS friend by saying maybe I don't even want to be perfect, because perfect, with its original Latin meaning of "done through and through" could imply a static state in which no growth can take place. Such a state can be easily counterfeited, but moving activity can't so easily be. But paradoxically, in the absolute sense we have to take perfection as our basic premise at the same time we as human beings are expanding into self-completeness (S&amp;H 264:17). Yes, I think I'd move with ease and do six impossible things before breakfast if I needed no other consciousness than God, good.

  72. What a wonderful lift today, Christine. Thank you for its simplicity. No coincidence that I awoke today with "focus" in my thought. At the time, I didn't really get why that came to me. And now after listening to the lift and reading the inspired comments I see what I need to focus on - the original - not the counterfeits that so subtly present themselves constantly before our gaze. I liked Troy #21's comments: "there really is no time to focus on the counterfeit" and reminding us of the importance to "firmly deny unreality". And Ruth #9 thank you for sharing the "counter fact". I will seek the original today. Love to you all.

  73. Great truthful helpful lift. Thank you so much. I sharing this with non Christian Science friends, it is something that they can relate/understand without studying Science and Health (yet). You certainly put me back on track this afternoon.!

  74. Perfect timing. I've been working hard to stop condemning someone who has recently disappointed many close to me. This Lift describes the best place to begin and stay to reason through this. Thanks!

  75. Thanks Christine. What a simple, powerful concept - to know the original then you are never fooled by the counterfeit.

  76. What a happy and uplifting lift!!! Thank you so much, Christine!!!

  77. Excellent example for understanding the original from the counterfeit.Very, very helpful. many thanks for your insight.

  78. Thank you Christine. What a valuable reminder...study the original, not the counterfeit. We can't learn anything about our true identity except by study of the original. Wow...this spoke to my heart.

  79. What a great lesson. Thank you.

  80. Thank you Christine for that inspiration.

  81. "I also like Mary Baker Eddy's analogy of the sculptor on page 248:12-32 in Science and Health. She says we are all sculptors moulding and chiseling thought, and she asks, "what is the model before thought?" Is it imperfection or perfection. Our model is the Chirst. When we stay focused on the Christ understanding of perfect God, perfect man--forming perfect models in thought and looking at them continually, then we end up carving them out in grand and noble lives. She says that when we "let unselfishness, goodness, mercy, just, health, holiness, love--the kingdom of God-- reign within us, then sin, disease and death diminish until they disappear!"

  82. Thank you Christine. What a great Lift. This simplyfies our work. I have recently been focusing more and more on the allness of God. This lift is a great help.

    Thank you Maggie for the inspiring information regarding the Sentinel article. Also thanks for all the comments.

  83. Thanks 4 that keep up the good work!

  84. That struck home to me since I work right next to the Dept. of the Treasury!

  85. Thanks Christine! I'm from the Park Forest Illinois Christian Science church where you grew up and am so grateful for all the people there who helped me get started in Christian Science many years ago. I only met your Dad once in the Children's Room, for I had just had a 10 pound baby with a Christian Science Practitioner, and a Christian Science nurse and also a midwife and doctor for my home delivery. Two days after home delivery, (no not newspaper but a baby) I took my son into the Children's Room where your Daddy was the caretaker. I thought, "What a 'good' man and humble to care for children."

  86. Perfect and very clarifying lift!
    Thank you very much, Christine!

  87. Thank you ALL so much. The Lift and comments contain several ideas that are so helpful to me. I am grateful.

    Keep up the good work Nate and crew!

  88. MERCI BEAUCOUP I love it! The example that you gave is great! STUDY THE ORIGINAL helps removing the false so the lie.


  89. This thought is one I can turn to today for healing. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!

  90. Awesome! This is so true! Thank you!

  91. Some relevant profundities from my journal of favorites:

    "We don't have to stand transfixed before a mirage and try to wipe it up!
    We can see &amp; know what God knows about our perfection!"

    "If there are names and/or faces stamped on our notes of debit, we have more true forgiving to do!"

    "We mustn't concentrate on the cracks and fissures... rather go deeper to the core of truth &amp; reality!"

    Thanks to everyone!

  92. What an inspired thought, it has so many applications!

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