11/8: My friend Max

11/8: My friend Max

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  1. Most enjoyable lift Josh, thanks

  2. What a beautiful, simple, sweet lift! Thank you! Josh, I think you'll have to give Max a special petting this week from all his new fans worldwide. :)

  3. Thanks so much, Josh, a smile goes a long way. It plants a smile where deep grooves of worry or fear may have been. It's a little thing that means a lot to the lonely too. Lovely thought! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Great lift, great reminder! Thank you.

  5. What a sweet idea -- to direct this week's Daily Lifts to kids, in tandem with the November 8th issue of the Christian Science Sentinel for Kids.

    Thanks for your gift of love, Josh.

    Your happily told tale of Max's hop-into-your-car-and-onto-your-packages HELLO is bound to make children of every age group smile!

    I hope you hear from lots of youngsters eager to share stories of all the love God has given freely to them.

    Greetings to Max from all of us here who think of him as our new friend, too!

  6. Thank you, Josh - my life has also been so blessed by a series of "Maxes" whose expressions of love, loyalty, patience, forgiveness and enthisiastic joy, have served as an example encouraging me, as does your Lift, to share those God-qualities of Love, with all whom I meet, in my daily round!So, here's a big loving smile for you and the Daily Lift team, and your listeners! Duisend (1000) dankies (thank you's)!

  7. Love it!
    What a great start to the week.
    Thanks Josh - and Max!

  8. Thanks Josh,
    what a great way for me to start my day, as i'm reminded about sharing a lil love around.

  9. Josh, you put a smile on my face and you reminded me of my daughter's dog, Lucky. She used to lay right on anything we were doing. When the kids were playing she'll lay right on the toys, and the kids would always just laugh, never get upset about it, they loved her so much! I always thought that was her way to say, "I feel at home, I am loved, I am one of you, I want to share that love".
    You know, since I began following Jesus' teachings I have been so blessed with so much love, I too love to share that love with the whole world. I try to share it as often as I can and so making people feel at home with that LOVE!

    Josh, me has hecho sonreir y me recordáste a Lucky, la perrita de mi hija. Solía recostarse sobre cualquier cosa que estábamos haciendo. Cuando los niños estaban jugando ella se acostaba arriba mismo de los juguetes, y lo niños siempre se reían, nunca se enojaban, ¡la querían tanto! Siempre pensé que esa era su manera de decir, "me siento en casa, soy amada, soy una de ustedes, quiero compartir ese amor".
    Sabes, desde que comenzé a seguir las enseñanzas de Jesús he sido tan bendecida con tanto amor, que a mi también me encanta compartir ese amor con todo el mundo. Trato de compartirlo lo más a menudo que puedo y así hacer que la gente se sienta como en su casa con ese AMOR!

  10. NGIYA BONGA JOSH[IN MY ZULU LANGUAGE=THANK YOU JOSH] Thank you daily lift team, for these most inspired Lifts!

  11. Thank you Josh for that inspiring lift to give the healing gift of the love of Love. "That healing gift God {divine Love] gives to them/ Who use it in His name;..." (Christian Science Hymnal #96) So I share with you all the "high pitched" HI.

  12. beautiful lift Thank you Josh

  13. Thank you so much Josh. Columbine was my Max for 20 years. I really bought her for my daughter, but she had a divine mission to love me, and the rest of the family too, of course, but specifically me. She was my gift from God, and found great satisfaction in her work: helping with the garden, coming with me on my morning run - waiting patiently in the long grass until I returned. She protected me from marauding terrors and fierce whatever were lurking along the way. She kept me warm in winter. God has always ensured I had a furry companion to bring sweet solace to every day. My daughter supplies me with two Maxes now: Douglas and Albert, both Burmese and both love me. Douglas helped me to be healed of a so called allergy to cats.
    Nate, lovely to have the little side-kick back again!

  14. There are several "working" cats in our town. There is Mr. Eko at the local book store, who greets people and in our own warehouse, we have Abigail.

    If you get too wrapped up in your work or worried, Abigail will know and come sit down on your papers. She always reminds us that it is better to be loving..to talk to her, and smile rather than to worry. If you set her on the ground without talking with her, she will just come right back and sit on your papers again until you do!

    What a wonderful thing to have friends (with or without fur coats) that help us do the right thing. This could be one of God's way of helping us. What do you think?

    Thank you Josh for this kick off to kids week. What fun!

  15. Thanks a lot Josh! And welcome to new kid, a new generation voice on Daily Lift's Team…
    Have a blessed week!!!!

  16. Great lift Josh! And how important to remember we all are God's children so that simple message to kick off the week of Lift's for children reminds all of God's children, whatever age, to give the gift of Love! :)

  17. Our sheltie Hope is there each morning to share her gift. Sometimes she pushes us out of bed....it is an invitation to life. Life most sweet. Thanks Josh for your kind lift of this morning.

  18. Hi Josh,
    Thank you for reminding us of this important expression of love as a reflexion of Love, that we all are and can demonstrate. That expression can be done in infinite ways and beautify the world today and everyday.
    Just loved to know that you guys in Daily Lift are dedicating this week to kids!
    Much love from Brazil!

  19. Very powerful and so easy to remember in my day. Thank you. What a gift.

  20. Thank you Josh for such a good Lift, and thanks Nate and company, for your thoughtful inclusion of every one. Each Lift ministers directly to us all.

  21. Thank you so much for this lift. As I translate it
    into German for my little daughter, I can share
    it also with her and i think it's a great
    start for her and she can really understand
    Thank you!

  22. Thanks Josh for your cheerful and loving lift. Often my neighbor's yellow lab, Hoss, runs over as I walk down my porch steps. I can't help but smile as his tail wags and he jumps up trying to lick my face. "And love is reflected in love."

    <strong>Moderator's note:</strong>
    Mary Baker Eddy gives in <em>Science and Health</em> beginning on page 16, line 26, "what [she understood] to be the spiritual sense of the Lord's Prayer." This quote is one line of that Prayer found on page 17, line 7.

    "And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
    <strong>And Love is reflected in love</strong>;"

  23. Hi Josh, that was a great lift. I am going to go out and express love today.

  24. I love ,love , love it!!

  25. Thank you, Josh, for another precious lift. As I would walk along a busy sidewalk, I would look at everyone and smile and enjoy seeing so many turn from frown to smile. Then when I realized that one I smiled to started following me, at 1st, I thought, I better not smile anymore. Then I thought, "NO" God's loving smile cannot be interpreted adversely. Nothing can keep me from expressing God's love through me and it continues to bring great joy.

  26. "Every smile that lightens sadness,
    Thoughtful deed and loving prayer
    Is a pathway to that country;
    In a moment we are there."
    c1989 Erik Johansson

  27. I send an e-mail everday to my children., and my grndchildren I said in my e-mail to give of love today and be thankful for all the joy that you have. They also recieve the spiritually .com message with my thought. It hleps them and certainly helps me. Glad you have Max to remind us all to LOVE.

  28. Thank you Josh, what a beautiful message to start the day with.

  29. To Nancy #14....friends with fur coats...love it! :)

    I loved the simplicty of this message this morning. I just had a friend tell me she's having surgery tomorrow...not life threatening or serious but none the less surgery. I'm wondering what to offer as words of encouragement/sympathy in response ...something that won't sound tired and cliche ....but this lift this morning was a reminder to me that any amount of reaching out is perfect...anything I offer will be a healing activity from God.

    thank you!

  30. Hi Josh..wonderful lift. Good reminder to all of us who are young at heart..and we all are!! Great day to you all.

  31. Thanks for this Lift. I try to smile as my Mother always did, if she didn't have smile on her face my sister &amp; I thought some ihing was wrong and she would say "Do I always have to smile",
    I smile when I see people on the street or in the store and when I'm asked 'are you alright' I smile and say "I'm fine, I'm alright " even if things aren't going too well for me. Thanks again and let us smile, smile all day long.

  32. Sharing the love, what can be better than that! Thanks, Josh, for the lift!

  33. Such a precious story! Thanks for illustrating how easy it is for us to express God's love and how that love can bless others!

  34. It's so great to hear that cheery little voice at the end of your introduction. I had Pierre, a bichon frise, that always greeted me eagerly when I got up in the morning and returned home after being gone, lie on my lap when I watch television, and would snuggle next to me when I read the Bible lesson each morning. That unconditional love is so great - just like God's!

  35. Thanks Josh - Isn't it those gifted moments that occur in our day that bring a sense of unexpected joy and blessing to share with others! Thanks for sharing!

  36. I had just finished singing Hymn #318 about children so, Josh, your lift just carried me along............. Thanks.
    And thanks for the music. Love it, Nate.

  37. Thank you, Josh- love the little Max! Giving love and joy to others is the best part of the story! see ya! Rob of the rockies

  38. Kathryn and Acorn (the cat loved this) thanks for your joyous reminder of how simple it is to see Love all around!

  39. Good reminder of the simple but profound power of joy shared. Thanks!

  40. Loved your lift. Our neighbor's cat Missy James who is a boy comes over every day for breakfast and dinner. Often Missy comes over when we are working outside and demands to be loved. We all love to be loved.

  41. Thanks Josh and Max. It always seemed my cat came into my life just to show me unconditional love. I have learned a lot from her. For me, love is just always there in her purr.

  42. Thanks Josh! Yes, animals are wonderful reminders of God's playful loving nature.

  43. Gracias, Josh, and Max, for the friendly reminders. I am visiting family in Peru, a place I love and that is dear to my heart. A few days ago as I went along my way, I was enjoying seeing everything through God's eyes and as one might imagine, I got to wear my smile all day long. While in our car, a man, walking with his little daughter, caught my eye, and I smiled a BIG one. To me a smile is a blessing. He looked back at me in puzzled amazement. I just kept on smiling, and seeing their loveliness, goodness and perfection. God will make sure they get the message!
    ¡Carinos a todos! (Love to all!)

  44. Very simple and practical ways to share love with everybody you meet, thank you Josh!

    The Daily Lift is something I look forward to every morning so thank you for making it special.

  45. Thank you, Josh, for reminding me of loved and loving pets, but mostly for reminding me to smile at each and every one of God's children!

  46. great lift, so true

  47. This is the third message I've gotten today to "smile"! Guess I'd better pay attention! ;-)

  48. The pure innocence and love expressed by most animals needs to be automatically acknowledged in our daily contacts with everyone. Even if it isn't evidenced by the outward appearance and sometimes hatefully hidden, lets recognize that innate quality that all of us have as loved children of God. That will put a smile in our hearts.

  49. No-one expresses or teaches God's love, loyalty, forgiveness as well as our canine friends. My German shepherd dog, Sedona sends her licks and tail-wags to Max and the rest of you.

    I hope this is O.K. to send this along but there is a sweet little song with lyrics called "God and Dog" sung and written by a very spiritually minded lady named Wendy Francisco. You can find it at the website below. Just click on the play arrow and it's best if you enlarge your screen and not get distracted by the advertising around it, although it's gentle advertising. And please understand I'm not advertising or promoting her site.


  50. Spontaneous expressions of love and care are just so ... priceless!! They are truly universal, backed by our divine child-likeness, and we can find them everywhere :) Max is so FREE and unafraid and... so are we! Thank you for the fun, beautiful lift :)

  51. Sweet,sweet,sweet, love hearing the childs voice at the end
    I will tell my daughter to have her 6 yr old listen today

  52. We are all children of God. Your message is AGELESS! Thank you, Josh.

  53. While listening your lift for a second time, a pair of Trumpeter Swans flew by our window this morning and my husband and I watched their graceful flight across the lake reflecting freedom, harmony, unity. They circled back around and my husband said, they're like Max, greeting us all with a good morning on their flyby. Sweet lift that so many can relate to. Thanks!

  54. Josh, that was truly beautiful. Thank you for the precious message. I used to get into trouble with some friends of mine, who used to try to intimidate me because I always had a smile on my face. Being raised in Christian Science, it was normal - but they told me it looked stupid, because people just don't do that - but my response was, "Which would you rather see coming at you, a smile, or a scowl?" - so that put an end to that. Usually I was thinking about God, and that always brings a smile to anyone's face. A co-worker in the office said one day that her father used to wait for me to walk by, as he always enjoyed my smile, which brightened his day - so that confirmed for me, that a smile radiates love, as your Lift so aptly put it. Thank you again.

  55. Thanks for the lift! This just show all of us that God's creations are always expressing love everywhere! This lift just helps us all to express it more. Thank you!

  56. Wonderful to share with Sunday School students. So appreciate having these lifts and a great idea to have them themed for certain groups. The truths are universal so can be applied by all! Yes, our dear furry friends teach us much of love,patience, loyalty, enthusiasm, kindness, joy, and the nowness of goodness. I love the bumper sticker that say, "bark less, wag more". Good advice for all of us, have a sunny day even if its raining!

    On the discussion forum "Global Sunday School Exchange," found at https://community.christianscience.com/thread/2780?tstart=0 a discussion thread was started to provide a place to share ideas about using Your Daily Lift podcasts in Sunday School.

  57. Thank you Josh for telling us about Max! A smile or a miaw goes a long way to make people feel the love of God. Smiling back at ya! :)

  58. This MAX lift, and all the other cat stories -- just great this morning.
    Our animal friends are so uncomplicated -- expressing Love (God) and we can too. Thanks Josh for the Lift!

  59. Ho, ho, Josh, I'm going to watch for opportunities to welcome Max (or play Max) in relationships in the neighborhood. Thanks, and have a great day!

  60. Dear Josh,

    Thanks for the reminder of creatures who freely share love, courage, and companioning, and gain our love in turn. We have a Max (and a Lucy, and more) on our street too. One kitty we gave a home to, and named Angelo, returned our love with purring and a goodnight kiss each bedtime, after which he would curl up on the rug in the hall and watch through the night.

    As #22 Deanna points out, Mrs. Eddy's spiritual interpretation of the Lord's Prayer (p. 16-17 Sc&amp;H) includes "... and Love is reflected in love;" -- it also opens out Jesus'," Give us this day our daily bread", with: "Give us grace for to-day; feed the famished affections;"

    God, Love, speaks every tongue, and sends both people and animals grace and good, in forms they can understand and express.

    Thanks to those who bring understanding in other languages to the Daily Lift, to poet Erik #26 for his verse, and to Peggy #49 for the link to gentle Wendy's song. I know another artist who draws his dogs every day, and paints the many gestures of dog-park meetings.

    Sometimes when I go for a walk at night I pass homes whose windows show families gathered together, and wish I knew them. These Lifts are like being invited inside to sit by the fire, and today there is a cat friend there too! Many thanks to Daily Lifters for opening your hearts to the world.

    For #29 Patty, your keeping your thought of your friend sweet and fearless can help her remember she is God's loved child, now and always.

  61. Josh, That was nice that you could feel God's love from your cat.

    I was on a long bus trip. I said to the people around me that "animals can heal you"'. The lady behind me said "yes" with so much heart in her voice that I knew she had a story. I looked her in the eyes and listened.

    15 years earlier she discovered that she had cancer so late in it's advancement that the doctors could do nothing. They sent her home to die. Her sons were young adults who lived out of state. She didn't want to worry them.

    Several months later she had lost much of her body weight and could not function any longer. She was bound to her bed and could not even get up to eat. She was in her last days.

    All of a sudden it dawned on her that her pet cat had not been showing affection because the cat needed it, but because the cat was mothering her and trying to make her well like she would her own kitten. A blast of light and love filled her heart and she felt the love of God for her manifest in her pet cat. She knew she was well.

    She got up, walked weakly to the store to buy something to eat, started gaining weight back. The doctors said the cancer was completely gone. It was 15 years later that I met her and she was completely cancer free.

    If we don't hear the people or the animals, the trees will wave their branches and the rocks will cry out. Everything in creation was made with the light and life of Christ. We are surrounded by God's kingdom and His messengers.

  62. Your message made me more alert to the simple touches from God that mean we are loved. Thank you Josh.

  63. What a great reminder! Thanks Josh! Much love!

  64. Hey Devin from Miami: (#23)
    Thanks for tuning in this morning and have a great day at school! I know that expression of love is going to bless us all today :)

  65. Hi Isabella (#21),
    How great that you translated this DL for your daughter. That's really special, thanks for sharing.

  66. Thanks! The story reminds me of, my dog. She some times jumps in my mother's car, or mine.

  67. Thanks Dave from Lynnwood (#59) and Ruth from Alberta (#60) for the great thoughts. And thanks everyone for the stories, inspirations and insights, these are the gifts that keep giving.

  68. Josh, Thanks for this. Animals and children send us so many loving messages. It's so great this week is aimed at kids. I will be sharing your lift and the next ones this week with my Sunday School class.

  69. Josh, even though this lift is for kids ,it really speaks to all of us. and the emphasis to become like a little child in order to enter the kingdom of God is touched upon in this lift, thank you and won't it be fun to think of new ways today to love others. Kathy

  70. Some time ago I was sad and went to the local plant nursery to listen to God and renew my joy. I'd frequented this spot for years and seen a large Persian cat who never acknowledged me. This day, as I looked at the new perennials through tears, this cat crawled up to the 3rd tier of the plant rack, extended its climb up my sweatshirt and put its paws firmly around my neck. I cradled the cat with my other arm and it stayed hugging me as I walked around the nursery. Even thinking about it makes me misty-eyed, this time with joy. How much the little things, like smiles and hugs, can lift spirits. How many ways God shows his love for us!

  71. Forgot to say THANK YOU for this wonderful happy lift!

  72. That is interesting. There was a cat named Max who lived in our neighborhood. This cat for some reason was crazy about my wife. When we would take a walk, if he were outside, he would come running to see her.

    I used to kid and say it would be a mixed faith relationship as Max was from a Jewish family and my wife is a Christian. It shows that animals do not make those distinctions.

  73. As an ageless child of God, I LOVE having a whole week of Lifts directed towards "kids."

    This story of Max's insistent, persistent expressing of Love lifted me up and reminded me of how God has given me the same mission.

    Many wonderful comments have been shared so far--I'm especially grateful for # 49,56, and 61.

  74. Thanks, Josh. I have had many Maxes, both feline and canine, in my long life and have cherished each one. I am a volunteer in a home for Alzheimer's patients. many no longer remember their own name, but they respond with smiles and sometimes tears, just knowing that someone loves them and pats their hand or hugs them with a smile. Thanks, Erik, for your lovely poem, and thanks dear child for saying the name of our church correctly and with such a delightful voice.

  75. This story of Max's loving greetings reminds me of my own cat, Hunter. Until a few years ago, I operated a doll repair and teaching business in my home. Hunter loved the people, mostly women, who were coming and going, and, when the doorbell to my studio rang, he was always the first one there to greet them. I called him the "doll-mart greeter (just like Wall-mart). He would inspect their purses, rub their legs, and jump in their lap if they sat down, always saying "so happy to see you.". He was especially loving to the ones who thought they didn't like cats, or to those who might not have been having a good day. Some of them told me that it made them feel so good to come here. And I'm sure they all went home a little more happy and cheerful than when they came, thanks to Hunter, my own little expression of God's love. I'm retired now, but Hunter still spends most of the day in the studio, sleeping in the chair, waiting for someone to come to the door.

  76. Thank you for the sweet reminder! Love it!

  77. I've finally gotten around to reading the book "Dewey," about the library cat who touched so many people &amp; inspired them to love each other. God blesses us in SO many ways.

  78. A great Lift...for all...

    When greeting lovingly, or forgiving, or even blessing someone who has pulled out in front of you when his light was red....this is sharing a healing gift of Love from God...and guess what? The whole world will feel the healing results of this Love expressed! What a wonderful opportunity to heal and to bless!!

    "God and Dog"...what a dear song to teach my grands and great-grands! (smile--for me to sing too!!)

  79. Thanks, Josh, for your sharing about your encounter with "Max". Your suggestion of a "smile" that "goes a long way" is certainly true. I walk a nearby mall every day and find that I am able to send a "smile" to many of the workers that sometimes stand out in front of their individual stores checking out those passing by. It's a fun "daily" experience! A big hug for Max the next time you see him!

  80. Thank you! Cats are awesome expressions of God's qualities. Let them into your life, and they fill it will love and sweet adventure.

  81. Very cool Mr. Josh! I will be sure to pass this on.
    "and God saw everything that he had made and behold it was very good".

    <strong>Moderator's note:</strong>

    Quote is from the Bible, Genesis 1:31

  82. I loved the story of Max jumping into the car! Reminded me of when I was a student in Britain, visiting Cambridge ... a half grown cat couldn't stop jumping into my arms. Cured the loneliness I was starting to feel! Timeless love.

  83. Dear Patty #29 Have you heard the definition of a "minor" operation? It is one that happens to someone else! So any lift to your friend would be welcome I'm sure.
    Our cat, Nimrod, used to get right in to any open suitcase that we were trying to pack, which sent us a message


  84. Hey all, just wanted to say great comments and way to kick off a great kids week. Looking foreward to the rest of the DL's.

  85. Thanks Josh, Max, and Nate for this great send-off to Kids' Daily Lift Week--great idea--smiles all around--love it!!! Wonderful springboard for Sunday School discussions, too.

  86. So simple but so powerful. Love is not complicated. To paraphrase Mary Baker Eddy's wise insight... When the heart speaks it is always heard by those who have hearts.

    Thank You.

    <strong>Moderator's note:</strong>

    See <em>Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896 by Mary Baker Eddy</em> page 262, line 10:

    "When the heart speaks, however simple the words,
    its language is always acceptable to those who have

  87. Hey Josh thanks for getting back to me, I really liked that lift.

  88. Hi Josh,
    I want to meet Max! Thank you for a wonderful lesson that is so needed because there are lots of people who do not regularly and often get that Love relayed to them by others. We migfht never know who they are, so it is good to give God's Love out generously to all God's children, big and small! Loved it!

  89. Thanks, Josh. I look forward to sharing this with two very special grandaughters who adore animals. It always amazes me at how much" love is reflected in love", MBE and just mutilplies!" What the world need now" song, is already here, within each of us." God is Love". Holy Bible
    I am so grateful to be able to access past lifts, ThanksYou all!!

  90. Dear Max and Josh,
    Your love keeps on giving world wide. I have a new friend, Groundhog that has decided to live with me under my deck steps. Every morning both of us are out early, soaking up the sunshine and he eating acorns in the driveway. Twice I had to hand push him out of the driveway since he has no thought of danger. He lets me scoot him along into the yard where it is safe and your joy of sharing with all of us Max, is the same way my new friend shares with me. We both soak up the sunshine with love we share together, just like you and Josh have shared with all of us.!

  91. Thank you, that simple reminder put a smile on my face.

  92. Yes Lee, I had a smile the whole time on my face as well. Thanks Josh!

  93. Wonderful message, and the cherry on the top was the spunky cute little kido's voice at the end. Hey , thanks for kicking it up a notch. The lift is the best.

  94. I love this! Thank you so much for the visual and the reminder.

  95. Hey guess who came to visit today?? Yep, Max! I took a little video with my phone and thought I'd share it.



  96. wow!!
    that makes me smile and i will always remember that message!!
    i will keep on keeping on on what you said in your vidio.
    i love it!!!

  97. This is a beautiful lift! Thank you all "lifters," maxes, commentators, and producers of this podcast. :)

  98. DELIGHTFUL!!!! I absolutely loved this lift, the videos,and comments,and just finished reading all these wonderful comments today, on 11-21-10. We have a neighbor cat friend, too, named Dylan!

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