5/5: Monkey traps

5/5: Monkey traps

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  1. Great metaphor, Josh - and what a perfect idea to connect it with the Sermon on the Mount! I've found, too, that this wonderful summary of Jesus' teachings gives us all the wisdom and tools we need to follow divine good... and to avoid letting error make monkeys of us.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. It lifts my thought from feeling sorry for myself, and thinking that it is my own fault if I am caught in any monkey trap.
    The sermon on the mount tells me that the commandment "Thou shalt not kill;" begins with not being angry, or judging my brother. In this sermon, Jesus is telling me to avoid the monkey trap of anger. Thanks for that.

  3. Funny picture - but a great lesson! Thank you for this lift!

  4. "Blessed" means 'happy', happy are we who follow the Beatitudes and let go of the 'old' or habitual thinking. I like this a lot - thank you Josh I shall treasure these thoughts today.

  5. "Let go and let God"
    "Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you hate live rent-free in your head."
    "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need."
    "Have you ever struggled to find work or love, only to find them after you have given up. This is the paradox of letting go. Let go in order to achieve. Letting go is God's law."
    "Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell what thou hast and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven.."

  6. Thank you so much Josh, for this great directive. Monkey traps always promise something we think would benefit us, and then we discover we already were blessed with more than all we needed. I thought I needed to read and study all day to catch up, but I didn't. I simply needed to pray to God and ask to be shown what I needed to see about whatever it was that was claiming my attention. By just turning wholeheartedly to God I could see what I needed to be knowing. And it's just so simple and obvious when we do 'let go'. Just today I went to see a friend off at the airport, and went I came out I had to pay for my car park at one of those vending machines. My first, and monkey trap thought was "I'm no good at these things." (Being modern. No one to ask.) And then I stopped and said "Why don't You do this for me. please?" And it became easy to put the ticket where it said Ticket, and the money where the light was flashing, and catch the change where it said Change, and take the ticket from where the flashing arrow indicated. . .
    Thank you Josh. We haven't heard you for a while now. . .
    Thank you Nathan. If it wasn't for you I'd probably have had to ask someone to show me how to use the machine - Duh
    Thanks to the BoL and the lecturers of course.

  7. Thanks, Josh. Listening to you this morning is so uplifting for me and your lesson is very simple to apply. Thanks again so much for a powerful lecture, but easy to understand.

  8. A monkey trap, a hollow out coconut with a hole only large enough for the monkey to put his hand in but not large enough to take it out in a fist. This sounds to me like the world's financial situation this past few years.
    It looked so promising that we all fall in its trap. As we fell into the heavy spending we closed our fist and picked up fear, regret, popular opinion, even earthly treasures.
    When we feel trap, stack, unable to move forward because of those thoughts that trapped us, we forget that all we have to do is let go. MBE implied that the Beatitudes are the essence of CS. She said:
    " You must control evil thoughts in the first instance, or they will control you in the second" S&H 234:26
    ESPAÑOL: Una trampa de mono es un coco ahuecado con un agujero lo suficientemente grande para que el mono meta la mano pero no lo suficientemente grande para sacarla si hace un puño. Esto me suena a la situación financiera mundial estos últimos años.
    Parecía tan prometedora que todos caímos en su trampa. A medida que nos metíamos a gastar a lo grande cerramos nuestro puño y nos quedamos con el temor, el pesar, la opinión popular, y hasta tesoros terrenales.
    Cuando nos sentimos atrapados, atrofiados, incapaces de avanzar porque esos pensamientos nos atraparon, nos olvidamos de que todo lo que tenemos que hacer es largarlos. MBE da a entender que las bienaventuranzas son la esencia de la CS. Ella dijo:
    "Tenéis que dominar los pensamientos malos en la primera ocasión, o ellos os dominarán en la segunda" CyS 234:27

  9. Simply "let go." Don't hang on to the lie that we live and move and have our being in matter. We ARE spiritual and contain not an element of discord. Thank you, Father-Mother-God and to you, too, Josh, for reminding us of the need to "let go!" What a great lift for today. Love, Lorrie

  10. Thank you so much Josh, this is a great analogy and even simile. It makes the point very clear; throwing light on the illusions of error and of course the darkness of error disappears in this divine light. This is such a great lift.

    Elena Shideler, California (San Diego) in # 7 above has done a good job of writing out the words of Josh so we can read it easily and follow through. This is a great help for everyone especially for those that are not too familiar with the language or the accent.

    Have a lovely day everyone! Lots of love from Ada.

  11. Thank you Joah for that inspiring lift. Yes, lets keep our thoughts lifted, pure and Christlike. "We lift our thoughts in praise/ O God of Life, to Thee,/ And would reflect in all our ways/ Thy purity." (Christian Science Hymnal #371)

  12. Thank you, Josh, Your graphic picture of a tight fist reminded me of a beautiful illustration a wonderful Sunday School teacher gave our class: She showed us her open palms and then made two tight fists, saying, "See, if you have your thoughts always open, you can both give AND receive." I have never forgotten that simple idea. And consequently have received super abundantly good always, and have shared good all ways. And we all remember to let go and let God. That works, too. :)

  13. Wow, just what i needed this morning. Letting go of old thought patterns is a great way to start afresh. Thanks!

  14. Yes--old wine can't be served in new bottles, so to speak! I love this uplifting, renovating message. Thanks, Josh!

  15. Thanks Josh for reminding me of how powerful such a simple story and statement can be for us all.. Always appreciate the varying insights from the many listeners as well. Really liked #11's addition to.

  16. Thank you - that's just what I needed to hear this morning...

  17. Thank you for this reminder, its great.

  18. Great perspective Josh....thanks!

  19. Only God can OPEN our eyes (and fists) from the Adam dream of material pleasures.....so be listening and be free. aka Awake!

  20. Muy bueno el ejemplo del mono y el comentario de #7, lo que tenía que hacer el mono era abrir la mano y eso es exactamente tenemos que hacer nosotros abrir la mano en generosa dadiva dar no atesorar para nosotros bienes terrenales que para nada nos amparan ni protejen, alguien dijo: estornudan en Asia y se engripan en America y realmente es así es tan frágil la estructura material que se podría decir que está como la ropa en la cuerda sostenida con palillos cualquier viento la revuelca, y así es todo lo humano y material.

    "Pero un toque, un accidentela ley de Dios, puede en cualquier momento aniquilar mi paz, porque todos mis goces son imaginarios son funestos" MBE.

    Cuanta verdad encierran los dichos de la Sra. Eddy y cuan aplicables son en estos tiempos y en todos los tiempos.
    Abramos la mano generosamente para dar, los bienes imperecederos con los que Dios nos ha bendecido, encerrados en el lugar secreto del espíritu sin egoismos y sin temor y con seguridad será llenada, no con cosas que perecen, sino llena seguramente de bienes imperecederos celestiales, que no dependen del estado de las finanzas ni de situaciones adversas o favorables sino dependen del Amor divino que da con bondad, a todos sin distinción.
    Muchas gracias, Josh, y gracias

  21. Loved this idea of not being trapped. We have a choice to make - to hang on to something material or to let go - yield - to the spiritual. Not always easy, but certainly a step toward progress. Thank you for this wonderful example and clear explanation. Today I will try to let go and let God!

  22. Of course the monkey thinks he has a grasp on something he believes is really really good and will make him happy. It is in his hand! If it was rotten, perhaps even he would let go.

    The question to me became, What do I think brings happiness? Could I be holding onto something I think is good (good for food, pleasant to the eyes, a tree to be desired to make one wise)...only to find I have trapped myself incorrectly?

    Ya gotta love Paul's remark in Philippians 3:13 "Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,"

    Thanks Josh. I will watch where I stick my grasp today! Great Lift.

  23. Just let go of false ways of thinking that would trap us in mortality. What a wonderful healing insight! Thanks for sharing this uplifting message, Josh.

  24. Thank you so much for that helpful idea. I'm going to remember to do that all day long today. And then tomorrow and the next day and the next, etc.

  25. Thanks, Josh! I woke up this morning recognizing that I try and please people by saying and doing what I think THEY will like so they will accept me and thus sacrifice what I really feel and know I need and want. I come across two-faced when I do that because I say one thing (trying to be nice and pleasing) and yet inside that's not what I'm feeling at all. Then I get caught in my own Monkey Trap because I start to feel resentful towards that person, when it was me who wasn't being true to myself. What a Trap! No more! God, please help me be true to myself, knowing that being true to myself is one of the greatest gifts I can give to those around me! No more Monkey Business for me!!

  26. Thank you Josh this was great. I loved it. What a relief to let go of that monkey trap!!!

  27. Excellent analogy and point. Thank you very much.

  28. What a great illustration. So clear to see that in order to release ourselves from the mental "trap" of the belief in sin, disease, and death we have only to release our "grip" on the false beliefs, erroneous thinking, selfishness, what have you that seems to be keeping us there. I love it, thanks, Josh for this wonderful lift!

  29. Great Lift, Josh and I can identify with #25, and we can know that we are already out of those traps. The traps don't even exist.
    Thanks to God.

  30. Jules Cern CS of Scarsdale, NY, was a lecturer in the 60's and 70's and often told the story of "the monkey's and the rice." He said monkey's love whole grains of uncooked rice, which hunters would put inside the empty coconuts. He noted "the rice had no grip on the monkeys," adding that if we believe we're trapped by evil of any kind, "that's just mortal mind, making a monkey out of us." Everyone laughted, and got the message.

  31. So clear and helpful; just what I needed to hear today. Thank you!

  32. Thank you so much for this Lift. It really hit home.

  33. Thanks Josh. What a great analogy! It's such a good image that it will make the lesson it teaches hard to forget.

  34. Those aren't my thoughts anyway. So why should I hang on to them? How silly of me. Thanks for the great reminder, Josh!

  35. Thanks Josh, I love the metaphor of the monkey trap. It's a funny picture that will help me to remember to watch my thinking, and that freedom really is as simple as "letting go."

  36. Thank you for your delightful and insightful "Lift" this morning. It will be easy to remember!

  37. Monkey trap is not just things but also repeating the same activities even in church work even though there is little or no result. If I am not seeing newcomers in the church or Reading Room, I try to do something different, or maybe more of the same. try to reach thought, not things, (appearances) in church, as well as community. "Go into all the world, and preach" Christ Jesus said.

  38. Thank you so much, Josh. What a great lesson. I will watch what I reach for from now on so I won't get stuck in a trap!

    5 - thank you. Helpful quotes. One is going on Facebook as soon as I finish here...

    Thanks to the DL team once again.

  39. Thank you Josh ~ I'll carry these thoughts today ~ and let go of all fears.

  40. Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day!
    Thanks to all the good thoughts kicking it off!
    Thank you, Josh, Nathan, commenters, listeners, readers, and all who contribute to this website's availability to all blessed to find it.
    I am so blessed to be a part of this gathering today where we are all waking up to the idea of letting go of whatever belief threatens to trap us.
    Recognizing that in reality we are spiritual, not material, is our freedom... our open hand in the monkey trap story.
    I am here rejoicing, exceedingly glad to be hearing and sharing this good news!

  41. Thanks for a great image!

  42. I love it when a spiritual truth makes us smile!
    Even the words "monkey trap" :)

    30 Dave - added to this, with the grains of rice.

    The "treat" in the trap is not a power.
    It cannot hold onto us. So we need to let go of the bait, and not be caught
    or stay caught.
    But what a good warning. Thanks for coaching us Josh.

  43. I am greatful to have good people in my life to do the right things.
    I sure like reading the bible & the science & health book.

  44. Mary Baker Eddy wrote, "Cherish nothing that hinders your highest selfhood."

    I've used that very literally when deciding what to keep and what to pitch on sort-out days. But it also applies to activities, habits, and "lingering calls" (which she also wrote about), and of course, animal magnetism...whatever would claim that matter is real or has life in it.

    There's such freedom in following Truth's demands and opportunities, which tend to point forward, onward, outward, upward. They tend toward expansion, not entrapment.

    Thanks so much, Josh. Hopefully, I won't be that monkey today!

  45. Thanks Josh, I'm letting go

  46. Manifesting and dwelling on what is not healthy can be toxic. Very good point of interest in this lift.....awesome.

  47. Thanks, i needed that! It is so true that wrong thoughts can keep us bound up and God's good thoughts from the One Mind can free us up to see the answers to knotted up problems, too big to get through the hole and be unwound. There is always an answer to those suggested unsolveable situations that beliefs would urge on us. It is always God's love for us and His answers.They come quickly with the light of Mind's
    everpresent intelligence. Thank you, Josh and thanks to all the Daily Lift family. Love from SD

  48. Just what I needed to hear this morning! I woke up this morning feel isolated and cut off,fearing the future and a feeling of grief covered my heart. How wonderful to know that I can just let go of all of that...as Jan #34 said "They're not my thoughts anyway...how silly of me!" For sure today I'm getting my hand out of that silly trap and feel and know and be all the goodness that God is making me to be.

  49. Thank you fpr a happy start of the day - what a practical and visual approach this is. I resolve to let go of the educated beliefs associated with age (any age) that trap us into believing we live in a body subject to preconceived notions of limitation in matter,

  50. Thank you very much Josh.

  51. liked the explanation of #5 and the illustration of the second sentence:
    “Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you hate live rent-free in your head.” Thanks for this humorous part because without it life would be unbearable!

  52. Qué buen ejemplo!, si estiraramos la mano en vez de apretarla...!, si cuando un problema nos enfrenta nos diéramos cuenta que abandonarnos al Padre es mejor que "Luchar contra el aguijón" nos daríamos cuenta Lo que comprender a Dios nos beneficia, no nos daríamos la cabeza contra la pared.Gracias por el pensamiento diario que nos eleva.

  53. Great thoughts everyone! I'm always so grateful for the wealth of ideas that flow from the comments. Thanks for sharing with us all! #25 I like your simple pray..."God, please help me..." pretty powerful!

  54. Great stuff!!!!!! Reminds me of many times when fear of letting go might cause loss only to find out it was freedom. Trusting that God will never let us suffer loss enables us to cling only to him.

  55. Thank you Josh. That was a very clear picture of how to get free of what we may think we want. The Sermon on the Mount provides fresh ideas of what we really need. Thanks.

  56. Great Josh. Thanks

  57. Lorraine (#9) echoed my thoughts as I listened to your very helpful and enlightening message. Mary Baker Eddy points out over and over again that the most fundamental error (or trap) is believing that we have a separate existence from God, the source of all good. But how do we drop this false sense? ...
    through humility. In Miscellaneous Writings, 1883-1896, p. 1, Mary Baker Eddy writes, "Humility is the stepping-stone to a higher recognition of Deity. the mounting sense gathers fresh forms and strange fire from the ashes of dissolving self, and drops the world. Meekness heightens immortal attributes only by removing the dust that dims them." In "Humility--'lens and prism'", Corinne Jane Teeter, writes "Pray and yearn for humility. Doing so is a vigorous, practical, and courageous claiming of our oneness with God. Humility will save us from humiliation. We cannot fail to succeed when we practice it. I brings us into accord with Truth, which asserts itself and proves itself by its own dynamic power." This article is found on p. 15 of the pamphlet "To Be a Christian Science Practitioner" published by The Christian Science Publishing Society.

  58. Thanks Josh!

  59. With the title -- Monkey Trap, I knew it had to be a great Lift. And how simple a directive. Just let go of those false fears, human opinions and mortal thoughts and you'll fall right into the arms of Divine Love.

    30 what a great addition with the lecturer's analogy of the rice/the gotta have/I really need, so I won't let go . . . and there I am stuck in material thinking that I have a problem.

    Thank you, Josh et al.

  60. Good morning and thank you everyone including DL team and Josh of course and everyone up so early sending in their helpful responses.

    25, I love this line from a hymn, "O Lord, I cast my care on Thee, I triumph and adore..."AND an idea from another new hymn which was a poem by Peter Henniker Heaton, that we stand before the High Tribunal, acquitted by His word....#6 Thanks for this lovely and encouraging evidence of not being trapped by modern technology even at the airport parking ticket booth; I'm with you on that, and this includes the parking machines in our downtown which I will no longer describe as complicated....thanks.

  61. Although I've enjoyed this entire series of talks so far, this was, by far, my favorite one so far. I hope to hear more of Josh Niles here.

  62. Thank you, Josh for this fun image and freeing message. I am unable to read all the comments now, but have appreciated what I have read - especially enjoyed & understood #6. Margaret's experience in the parking lot, and the added ideas from #22 Nancy and #30. Dave.

  63. To let go and feel free is a great lift. Thank you Josh!

    I read that Mary Baker Eddy recommended to her household to read the Sermon on the Mount every day and... I started to do it this week.
    It takes only 20 minutes or so.
    Sitting at Jesus' feet and letting his teaching brighten my day is a wonderful complement to the Lesson.

  64. This is terrific and a great example of how humor can instantly break that mesmerism that seems so real. Let Go! Thanks, Josh and all those that contributed today.

  65. Love the message of the Lift today. Thank you, Josh. Thanks for all the helpful comments from everyone.

  66. Thanks Josh, the hardest part is always letting go of what we think is some treasure or cherished thought, and of course that is what traps us. Your imagery helps us see the whole picture and the wisdom of letting go in order to be free.

  67. THANK you--this lift gave me a big healing laugh!! There I sat, starting to listen to the message, coconut shells on BOTH my hands!!! You caught me! :)

    That healing laughter helped me open my hands quickly, and LET GO!! Ah, what freedom . . . I feel better now, from head to toe, and best of all, both my hands are now free, to give and receive, to hug and to hold!!

  68. I too have taken to reading "The Sermon on the Mount" every Sunday after church, per our Leaders insturction, "read and lived throughout the week.' The anology of the 'monkey trap' has really opened my eyes as to how to let go of evil, which is so much needed this past week as to fear and terrorism. And in this weeks lessonl, the story of Jonah, letting go of hatred and prejudices.
    So much good going on in our Daily Lifts, Sooooo very greatful for all of them.

  69. Thanks, Josh. Good to hear from you again. Also thanks to all, including Margaret #6, for more good ideas.

  70. Josh - what a striking analogy. And one to always remember. Thank you.

  71. I loved this lift! thanks Josh. Christ Jesus tells us to sell what thou hast and give to the poor and come and follow him. i have tried to weed out a lot of belongings and to keep a lot less things. also applies to our thought. Weeding out what shouldn't be there, like fear or worry. Good,example and I like the humor of the monkey traps. Humor is a good thing.

  72. What aa great way to undeerstand that the misconception, not much of a treat, is not part of us. So glad you shared this.

  73. How interesting that the 10 commandments (thou shalt not…) came from Moses who in (Genesis 2) makes man out of the dust. And so the enslavement of man begins. Darwin comes along and makes man out of a monkey while creationists would still make a monkey out of man.

    Error just sits back laughing at the whole thing. Anybody got a spare banana?

    Then came Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount with the beatitudes (blessed are they…) that provides a release from the belief of man as, or man’s life in, matter in the first place.

    When will we understand that we let go of “nothing” when we let go of matter and its attributes?

  74. Thank you, Josh. With guilt written all over my face on this one, I'm reminded of a birthday card a daughter sent to her brother, saying something like she planned to take him to the zoo for his special day, but figured if they wanted him, they'd come & get him. They must not want me, either. You've given an interesting, humorous, but Oh! So serious way to pay attention to what I've grasped & held too long, or watch out that I don't reach for something new that wouldn't be good to hold onto.
    Maybe not a trap, but a good lure, Christian Science made it into a crossword puzzle book this month. My daughter found “Mary Baker” in the clue and was excited to know it, and amazed & delighted to see it there. We wonder how many didn't know, but took the trouble to look up who she is, after they work it out from other answers. It's a nice way to introduce Christian Science, a nice treat, we thought. Instead of a trap, it could send some checking out more than just the name, but also what she represents. It's the May issue of Easy Crosswords Jumbo, Special Issue, published by Harle. (www.kappapuzzle.com) She said the book has some lesser known Bible topics to answer, too, & she wondered if a CS student worked for the magazine.
    Now back to prying my fingers from long held grips. Not fond of Coconut, I'd never reach into one, so beware, these traps come in any disguise! #22 Nancy, I like how you thought of the tree to make wise.

  75. Thanks so much for the WONDERFUL and very inspiring daily lift.

  76. I goofed. I typed a late comment on yesterday's lift below the one I worked on for today. Before posting, I read the posted comments, and wanted to say to # 5 Paul, & # 37 Mabel, how wise their remarks were!. Well, I scrolled to the bottom of what I was going to post and added them. Instead, that put them on the words I hastily did for the other Lift so they are there. Running out of time, I wasn't sure mine would get posted yet, and while reading the weekly questions on Church Alive, I checked back & realized my mistake. There were many more good remarks posted, Thanks to Josh, again, and to all connected to the Daily Lift, who not only bring us these daily inspirations, but have to put up with mistakes like mine (not my 1st error with these). Thank you, everyone who shares with us your thoughts and experiences. Thanks to all, who may not share in comments, but share with others they know, or put into practice what we learn in these Lifts. The Lifts are jewel mines that sparkle with beauty just passing, and if we dig deeper, we find many valuables! It's a mine filled with many different types and colors of jewels, each precious, each useful.

  77. Thanks Josh. One of the children's jokes about monkeys came to mind as I heard you (probably everybody knows it) . It goes like this:What did the banana said to the monkey?... Nothing! Bananas don't talk. How true it is, matter cannot talk. We don't have to fall into any trap when we rely on divine Love to guide our path.

    En español

    Gracias Josh. Uno de los chistes para niños acerca de los monos me vino al pensamiento cuando te estaba escuchando (probablemente todos lo conocen). Dice así ¿Qué le dijo la banana al mono?... ¡Nada! Las bananas no hablan. Cuán cierto es eso, la materia no puede hablar. No tenemos que caer en ninguna trampa cuando confiamos en el Amor divino para que nos guíe en nuestro camino.

  78. I have fallen into a little trap misspelling English:what did the banana said...(say)
    But it does not take away the purpose or the meaning of the message.

    En español
    He caído en una pequeña trampa deletreando mal el inglés: what did the banana said...(say)
    Pero no le quita el propósito ni el significado al mensaje.

  79. Thank you Josh! That was a great lift for the day!

  80. Love the visual! Brings home the message loud and clear; and so appreciate the connection with the Sermon on the Mount. Letting go of thoughts or things that trap us, encumber us, weigh us down like indecision or like strongly held opinions or "stuff". If I hold onto the thought that God - Love will always provide for me, my family, then I can let go of what I thought was a treat intended for me to wrangle and just open my hands in prayer and gratitude for what Love has already and always provided; Good thinking, unconditional and impartial love, and a home free of stuff that hinders me from being at my best.
    So very grateful for your lifting message.

  81. Thanks, Josh. It really is that simple! Like Margaret, (6) Faced with a technological process and not being able to "speak" to a real person on the 'phone I felt quite frustrated and like you, Margaret realised that nothing but thought was limiting me. I then followed the instructions on the internet and it all worked out fine. So now I am more aware of those "monkey traps"

    Thanks so much to the Daily Lift team and all the Lecturers.

  82. Thank you, Josh, for this great lift. And for all you Daily Lifters: you make me so grateful to be a student of Christian Science.
    Two ideas from previous 'lifters' are with me every day. Someone once made a correction that we are not 'in' God, but 'constituted' of God....made up of all that God is.
    Another comment that has helped enormously is thinking of the Kingdom of heaven as the Kingdom of heavenly thoughts. That makes the Kingdom of heaven not only a place to go to, but also a place in my heart to think out from in unselfishness, goodness, the 6th tenet etc.
    Your question #73Michael..."When will we understand that we let go of "nothing" when we let go of matter and it attributes?" is huge and a wonderful 'sharing'. Speaking of sharing, actually, Michael, I do have an extra banana on the kitchen counter downstairs!

  83. Oh Josh You this is great!
    What a wonderful example Of just letting go!
    And also to be alert and not be fooled
    (mortal mind will not make a monkey out of me)

    You made me think right away
    What error am I holding onto?
    As I made my mental list it came down to
    holding onto the wrong thought that I could somehow
    be separated from good, God

    With love we turn the other cheek..
    LET GO of hurt feelings and
    see we are naturally loving, kind, and forgiving
    Be-HOLD-ing the perfect man

    This week’s Bible lesson is such a correct treat!
    One that I will certainly hold onto.

    Science and Health 91:5
    Let us rid ourselves of the belief that man is separated
    from God, and obey only the divine Principle, Life and
    Love. Here is the great point of departure for all true
    spiritual growth.

    I LOVED all the wonderful comments
    They are always most helpful
    Thank you for sharing

    "Yes! We have no bananas, we have no bananas today!”

  84. Thanks, Josh, wonderful lift! And I did not know what a monkey trap was, so I learned something new, too!

  85. Thank you, Josh ... vivid image of how we all cling to what we do not need!

  86. Thank you Josh for that wonderful lift! It just goes to show us what we are really made of!

  87. Thank you Josh!

  88. Let's live the ideas that bless..... that will give me food for thought all day! I love how you bring out the idea that living the ideas that bless is really quite easy; just let go of the rest. Many thanks!

  89. What a wonderful comparison. It makes so clear how we hang on to things that we should simply release. It truly is that simple. This image will stick with me. Thank you!

  90. God DOES have a place prepared for me, and it is LOVELY, not barely suitable, or not enough storage but just perfect and joyful.
    Thank you God for the care, and Josh for reminding me to just let go of fear.

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