3/24: Magnify good

3/24: Magnify good

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  1. I will have a gratitude filllled, joy-filllled, Love-filllled day! You share this with such a wonderful sense of joy, gratitude and Love. TY TY TY This Lift puts the smile back in one's "step" the joy in one's heart.

  2. Gratitude is such a wonderful quality and expressing it makes us happy !
    Thank you !

  3. Thank you so much. What a beautiful way to begin the day by staying focussed on the good. I am going to think about all the good in my life, boy ,that should keep me busy for the whole day. Thank you for bringing joy to so many. We can all see good.

  4. I can see that I have less room for negative thoughts when I'm looking around at all the good things in my life. It's empowering too. Good ideas here!

  5. thanks for the simple thing

  6. Thank you so much Sarah! What a comforting and renewing lift!! It was a gentle yet powerful reminder for me to see only good in everything today and to let gratitude bring healing to every moment. God is so good!! Thank you!

  7. What a great Lift! I love the title, Magnify Good. This is a great reminder of holding to the good thoughts all day, every moment! I love it! Thank you!!

  8. Thank you, Sarah, great lift! MAGNIFY GOOD, GOD! Keeping focused only on the good we walk with God. "Are we really grateful for the good already received? Then we shall avail ourselves of the blessings we have, and thus be fitted to receive more. Gratitude is much more than a verbal expression of thanks. Action expresses more gratitude than speech. (S&H 3:22) Let us recognize that God IS THE ONLY POWER, is in our side and loves us. Everyone have a beautiful day!

    Gracias, Sarah, ¡qué gran elevación! ¡ENGRANDECE AL SEŇOR! Manteniéndonos enfocados solo en el bien caminamos con Dios. “¿Estamos realmente agradecidos por el bien ya recibido? Entonces aprovecharemos las bendiciones que tenemos, y eso nos capacitará para recibir más. La gratitud es mucho más que una mera expresión verbal de agradecimiento. Las acciones expresan más gratitud que las palabras.” (CyS 3:25) Reconozcamos que Dios ES EL ÚNICO PODER, está de nuestro lado y nos ama. ¡Tengan todos un hermoso día!

  9. Many thanks Sarah! Have a good day! "Action expresses more gratitude than speech." (S&H p3:26)

  10. This good is compassion jand gratitude and infinite love. It's the oil the widow poured out, and kept pouring out until every jar was full, and the oil stayed. Stayed abundant. Stayed compassionate. Stayed grateful. Stayed infinitely loving. Thank you Sarah, for reminding us that healing always starts with gratitude. Much love to all.

  11. Thank you very much Sarah

  12. Magnify good !
    How do we consider good when our desires are not agreed like we want or when we search answers to our questions?
    What are our thoughts about the good, in all situation?

    The powerful attitude is to magnify our Lord, in every moment, and He, also, shall magnify our experience.

    Thanks Sarah for your inspirationnal daily lift.

  13. This is just the focus we need! especially when the reverse would want to claim our attention! We can start at once to turn our day around through a conscious effort to be grateful for every evidence of God, good. Gratitude is a powerful healing activity. Thank you Sarah, so much for sharing this uplifting message.

  14. Elizabeth Bates once wrote: "Gratitude and joy pave the way for God's will to be done." You reminded me of this with your inspiring message today. Thank you, Sarah, for this timely reminder. I truly love these daily lifts!

  15. Thank you so much for reminding me to magnify good all day long! That's to fulfill the 1. commandment. I am so grateful for each daily lift and do not miss a single one! They give me the feeling of a great worldwide family. Thanks to everybody who is doing the work!

  16. Thank you for this everymorning gift round the world.The morning is timeless every hour on our planet. The words of today as all the others before are like angels song blessing mankind and gives a holy feeling of a great family we are part of. I hope, the lovely daily-lift-team will continue this wonderful idea of communication for a long time.

  17. Thanks Sarah for this. Its a good reminder to know it is our responsibility to actively look for the good in our lives at every opportunity. How else can we be really grateful to God for the good we already receive? Thanks for this "Goodness" Sarah. God Bless.

  18. Thank you Sarah. Sending good thoughts from Nigeria.
    God IS good. Have a good day, one and all.


  20. Gratitude. What a wonderful declaration of ever-present perfection, an acknowledgement that now we are the sons and daughters of God that He declared "very good". I can't think of a better way to to orientate our spiritual compass to the realisation that we are indeed new every morning and that more wonderful opportunities of joy-filled giving await.

  21. Is the glass half full? or half empty? Our choice?
    Gratitude communicates that what we understand now is appreciated, even as there is room for more! Well, maybe some of you have a cup that runneth over...or maybe you have given a cup of cold water away.... stop stop Nancy. I am just grateful for the daily lifts.

  22. Giving gratitude for the good that blesses us each day is important. Just acknowledging it is the first step and then we magnify it by our actions and thoughts! Thank you so much!

  23. Cherishing the good each day is a wonderful way to bless the day! Thank you Sarah!

  24. So much to be grateful for each and every day! Thank you for the reminder.

  25. Thank You Sarah for your Uplifting message today. Finding all the wonderful uplifting thoughts from around the world is indeed Good blessing us here in the Daily Lift. TY TY TY

  26. Thank you. What a wonderful way to start our day to see and be grateful for the good we have and to see only good when some thing tries to go wrong. Be grateful for all the good things.

  27. Thanks Sarah for this wonderful message! Have a grateful day!

  28. Sarah,
    Much thanks for the uplifting and grateful reminder that a heart filled with love for all meets every human need. Fear has no place in that grateful heart and trust comes with that knowing that the Almighty is ever-present.
    Love to you,

  29. Thank you, Sarah, for your love and Good Words for today. I so enjoy these hearing these wonderful Lifts, reading and loving the comments, and then going back and hearing the Lift again to reinforce of the good that I and everyone else has gotten for the day and every day. Gratitude is better than riches.

  30. God is good and so is this lift! Thank you Sarah for this easy to follow idea that opens our thought to what is good in our lives. In Science, we learn and can prove this power magnified cancels that which would seem to be evil. "A glorious day is dawning...." how wonderful to catch even a glimpse of that fact!

  31. Thank you so much.....I will have a GOOD day!!

  32. Thank you Sarah. How very practical. Walking in my tiny garden this morning
    I saw two beautiful delicate purple orchids amongst the white. I did not observed them yesterday. This morning there they were in all their glory. Now having heard your daily lift, I realise although I was happy to behold their beauty, I missed the message. I can now magnify the good, rejoice in a beautiful day, I got a clear sense of healing, although it may not be evident it is there, then "wow" we behold the perfection. For this I magnify and thank God for all the good that I see around me.


  33. Thanks so much, Sarah, for reminding us to magnify the good. I love what Mary Baker Eddy says in Science and Health, "Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts." (p. 261:4)
    I understand "steadfast" to be firm, not subject to change; "enduring" to be lasting; and "proportionably" as in a direct relation to. So, in proportion as we magnify the good and hold to it steadfastly throughout the day,that is what we will experience. What a tremendous blessing, not only for us but for those around us!

  34. Thank you for the lift, Sarah! A good, happy day to all!

  35. Thanks Sarah! I love the definition of magnify you gave - to grow, to make powerful. I am going to have a good day magnifying God, good, or I should say seeing God being magnified in me and in all I see. :)

  36. What a refreshing reminder for each of us--to wake up each day beginning by magnifying good, and continuing this activity throughout our day. Thanks Sarah!

  37. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful thoughts. Speaking of what we owe in thankfulness to our Father-Mother God, a friend and mentor of mine always said, "You can't overdo gratitude." I am certain that we have harmoniously found our way through challenging human situations on account of the fact that we have striven to be actively looking for the good things to say thank you to God for.

    I also enjoyed the span of just music after the words were finished. It allowed a little space for reflection on what one just listened to before moving on to the next information. Made me think of Mrs. Eddy's direction that the hearers of a Christian Science lecture be allowed to depart in quiet thought on what they'd heard.

    Infinite thanks, gratitudes, appreciations to all that put these inspiring goodies together!

  38. Thank you for this wonderful reminder!

  39. Thank you. And thank you, Father-Mother God, for already giving us all and only good today!

  40. Thank you Sarah for that inspiring message; to know that good is in our every-day experience because we reflect our infinite Father-Mother God, good. That was a terrific lift!! Have a GOOD day to all!!

  41. Thanks for this Sarah. I'll have to keep my "magnifying glass" handy all day, to look for, and see GOOD. (God in action!)

  42. Life is "good" . . . . thanks for the great lift!

  43. Thank you so much. I needed that reminder this morning. Lift is a good name for this event.

  44. I do this every morning before getting out of bed but you added the very important element of focused gratitude for specific good in our lives. I appreciate this morning lift so much. Thank you.

  45. Hi Sarah.
    What great Ideas; Magnify the Lord, Focus on the Good - Gratitude, Expectation all day long leaves less room for anything unlike good.

    So I took your suggestion literally, got out my magnifying glass, and made a fascinating discovery.

    Two things happened! Not only did the object I focused on become predominate in view, but everything else (the periphery vision) went out of focus. I moved the magnifying glass many times and found I could not focus on images inside and outside the magnifying glass at the same time.

    I guess that proves the idea that we don’t need to destroy error if we concentrate on God, Good.

    Nobody goes around declaring 2+2 is not 5, 2+2 is not 6, etc. We only need to focus (magnify) on the truth that 2+2 IS 4 and ALL the other errors about 2+2 are destroyed (left out of our perception / experience).

    Thanks for this elementary, but very “scientific” realization.

  46. Thank you for this lovely and profound reminder!! And I love what #37, Julia, said "you can't overdo gratitude." I shall keep this thought close to my heart today and everyday!!

  47. Thank you, Sarah! To live in the expectation of Good is to glory in the unfolding of God;s gace, and to express thankfulness for the good we see is to be in line with the prayers - the 'be-attitudes' of the Master, which seem to begin, always, with the phrase: 'I thank Thee, Father ...' Thank you for enabling this facet of Truth to be developed in thought! We will all have a Good Day!

  48. Thank you, Sarah,

    "Magnify the Lord." Thanks for bringing these three precious powerful words...to our thought this morning...a real uplift, and gift. :) Thank you for reminding us this morning that "good is our source." Our precious Mrs. E. states: "Good. God; Spirit; omnipotence; omniscience; omnipresence; omni-action." (S & H 587:19-20) Happy day to you and all who tune into the Daily Lift.. :)

  49. That's GOOD! And today is God's day already filled with His presence, His good ideas, awaiting grateful acceptance. Thank you!

  50. My list of relatives and friends is getting larger(ones I forward the LIFT to) and so much gratitude is expressed for it. A definition of magnifty is to greatly praise and I certainly agree. What an inspiring good thing, thank you Sarah and everyone..

  51. Well dear Sarah: One of today's blessing is hearing your wonderful message. Certainly God is good, and we see this goodness in expressions as you have shared today.

    Love, LaMeice

  52. Thank you so much, Sarah. As I studied the Christian Science Bible lesson this morning I found myself naturally focussing almost entirely on the aspect of God as good and as I did that I was getting for the first time an understanding of good, or goodness as the essential nature of our existence, or of existence, period. As I completed my studies, and found the lift for today I had to smile at the title "Magnify good" . It is also interesting that yesterday (I think inspired by yesterday's lift- with Lois Marquardt - ) I started faintly (not consciously) to follow a thought to look for the good in people and things- I found myself effortlessly and surprisingly correcting my thought in mid air even about indidivuals in commercials on tv, and everything else. So your wonderful and practical lift today has solidified my attitude and set me on course to more consciously pursue this approach.

  53. Thank you so much, Sarah.
    I have been struggling with a sense of "doom and gloom" for quite a while. I rose this morning with that familiar and dreadful feeling and walked into our den to look at my email. I saw and listened to your email and felt an immediate and tangible sense of relief and joy fill my thinking. I am sure it was the Christ entering my consciousness through your words of comfort and power. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I have an answer to the weight of materiality I have been carrying.

    I thank you so much for your inspiring words and the way that you expressed them. They were so obvously God directed that they became a healing message of truth for me and others who needed them so much.

  54. I am very grateful!

  55. Thank you Sarah and thank you, Michael #27 for the clear illustration. Focusing on the attitude of gratitude...leaning on the sustaining infinite has to be BIG with blessings!

  56. Hi Sarah, Thanks for your Spirit-inspired reminder. It immediately brought to mind Mary's response to the angel message that she would conceive, first in thought and then in body, the Christ child; she quoted the psalmist 'My soul doth magnify the Lord.' I've read that passage hundreds of times, but when seen through Christian Science it became, 'My soul magnifies Love!' I see that I am not a passive bucket just taking in the all of All, but have the capacity and responsibility to magnify, or grow, the Love poured in by Truth to pour it back out again, or demonstrate it, in loving thoughts, words, and deeds. Thanks again. Yours in Christ.

  57. Thanks to you all for adding to our magnifying the Lord today. The world feels the benefits of your selfless prayers.

  58. Thanks for this simple but profound truth for today and everyday...Looking for the good in everything and everyone.

  59. Oh, thank you so much! I will "walk with 'magnified good' along the way"! Love just being lovely!

  60. Thank you so much, Sarah, for this truly substantial message. I looked at your video on this prior to listening to the msg, and was alerted to the fact that you, and so many others, have had really stiff challenges in younger years, especially you. It makes me ponder how my wonderful parentage spared me so much bitterness, and makes one realize that we must be so tolerant of others who have had difficult times prior to discovering C.S.. Of course I and all of us have had challenges, but perhaps the greatest challenge now is to see others with God's eyes, and forgive what may be a residual expression of the past which in no way is part of God's man. This enables one to love unequivocally, and without reservation---to forgive and embrace the real man/woman.

  61. Thank you, for this Lift. I really needed ANY lift, and this one fit my needs perfectly. I'd just read disturbing news articles sent by email, and was mesmerized by negative thoughts filling me and couldn't shake them. If I work tightly with your message, it should help. I was trying to declare and fill up with good, but I hadn't remembered to magnify. You magnified the solution, the prayer needed, big enough so I could see both how to work on these news items, and also see there is a right answer that will bless, not take away good, and it isn't dependent on me knowing what the answer is, or how it will be manifested. Last week's lesson said God was the only lawmaker, and your lift helped me see He is the only decision maker, and his word doesn't become void, weakened, watered down, or useless. No one can reduce the blessings He's sending us. Our yesterdays, today, and our tomorrows have the ever same one dependable, all powerful, all governing Principle, Mind. Instead of magnifying the disturbing info, I can magnify the continuing unfoldment of Good, and know Good, God never folds up, gives in, or lets down. Again, thank you – so very much. Thanks, too, #45 Michael, for the points made.

  62. What a lovely Lift, and what a lovely, complementary stream of comments. MIchael (45) took the words right out of my mouth . . When Sarah first started talking about magnifying, I remembered when my kids were little and we'd wander around with our magnifying glasses. Just as Michael said, our attention became focused on what was being magnified, and NOT on what was "off to the sides." Another aspect that came to mind, was that the magnifying glass brought specific details to my awareness that were not obvious to the naked eye. But once seen, through the magnifying glass, never forgotten. My "view" of a flower, or bug, or whatever we were studying, then became much more--long after I'd put down the magnifying glass, and then "saw" that bird or flower or bug again, I remembered the "unseen" details that magnification had revealed. Does this make any sense?

    I'm finding that as I take time to focus thought on God and what God knows about something, spiritual details (that were always there, but unseen to mortal eye or thought), then pop out in grand specificity. My view of that thing/person/situation/etc. is then forever changed. I "see" more clearly what is true . .

    A line in a song says, "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord. . . ". That's my prayer--to see what is true, more clearly, so that God and His infinite goodness is truly magnified . .

    Oh, thank you, every one of you, for your participation today. And Barbara (53), I could just FEEL the weight rolling off your shoulders, just as you described it. I'm so glad for you!

  63. What a wonderful Daily Lift!
    Thank you.

  64. Dieu est bon et pleine de gratitude pour nous il n'etteind jamais ses dimensio,s et qualité du Pére parfait pour nous.

  65. Such wonderful and inspiring thoughts today about gratitude. I really started thinking about the "attitude of gratitude" and how one can't "overdo gatitude". The emphasis seems to remind us not to become "overDUE" with giving thanks each and every day for all that we have received, are about to receive, and hope to receive. Today is indeed rich with blessings!

  66. Thank You !

  67. Thank you, Sarah - this was just what I needed this morning! And Nancy (21) for sharing your "cup" of inspiration; Michael (45) for your clear "focus;" and Casse (56) for sharing bucketsful of Love. Like Barbara (53), I have struggled with a sense of doom and gloom for a long time, in fact for most of my life. There are no words to describe how much the Daily Lift means to me, or my gratitude for the contributions of the dear ones all around the world who share their comments. To quote the title of a popular Christian song, "You raise me up!" (Of course, God - Divine Love - is the one doing the raising, through all of you.) Many thanks to Nathan and Julie, for your cheerful announcements (I often think your signoff is like a graceful pas-de-deux) - to the wonderful musicians - and to all those who make the Daily Lift happen. Love to all.

  68. A wonderful thought: to not only look for but to magnify good! Thank you, too, Sarah for this reminder to 'expect' good as we give thanks for and treasure the good already in our lives! A wonderful lift indeed! And I am truly grateful for everyone's illuminating comments.

  69. Thank you! And, I loved what Micheal #45 had to say about NOT focussing on the untrue, but just keep focussing on understanding what is true!

  70. This Daily Lift offers a welcome respite from the world of cubicles that many of us occupy each work day. Many thanks for making it available to everyone who is seeking the truth about our world...and man in God's image and likeness

  71. Today's Lift is just wonderful! It is exactly what I needed to hear today. I appreciate these Daily Lifts so much. Thank you to everyone who is involved with getting them to us especially the lecturers.

  72. How comforting and powerful is this message!
    It did touch the very buttom of my heart!
    Thank you very much, Sarah!

  73. Dear Sarah, Thank you! What a wonderful thought and how much it has changed my perspective. I was away for a day, so just heard this daily lift, but it has magnified my view of God's glory & beauty that surrounds me and mine and all. It has prepared me to see His marvelous works as I take my charges to the Souteast Spiritual Activist Summit.

  74. Thank you for this gentle but strong statement "God is good". I should be more consistent in this admonition, or advice. Each day I declare that this is God,s day for the unfoldment of good; then I try to expand upon this thought and to include all within the radius of my thinking.

  75. Thank you. Sarah -- it's such a simple thing to do , magnifying good!

  76. Thank you, Sarah, for giving us this sparkling insight to the familiar Bible verse to truly magnify God, by enlarging our gratitude for good every moment.

    Thank you, Michael, #45. Several months ago I had the same angel telling me that there would be infinite supposed mistakes in considering any equation. For exaple, 2+2 isn't 4.l, or 4.2, or 4. 3l, etc. I saw how much time could be wasted by considering all the things 2+2 is not! Nothing virtuous in spending prayer time in that way. Certainly our focus should remain on what IS true. 2+2 IS 4. I enjoyed this angel finding its way to the comments.

    Someone on yesterday's comments spoke of being still and not telling God anything, but just listening to God and how effective it was in bringing peace and good answers. These two comments about focussing on the true without chatter and distraction and on magnifying good seem to fit together. Thank you so much, Sarah, and everyone

  77. thank you Sara, this is a lovely message

  78. Dear Sarah
    Well done! Your inspirational delivery touched me deeply.....I am a religious sister. What came up for me was Ignatius of Loyola's Awaremess Examine which makes us aware of God touching our lives at every minute of every day.....and another a woman called Roseanne who was incarcerated by a corrupt NSW Detective (Australia). She wrote a book and she survives ten years incarceration by doing what you are advocating. Her book 'Ten Years' by Roseanne Catt ...now she goes by the name of Roseanne Beckett. She has a website worth visiting ... www.justice4roseanne.com

    Thanks dear Sarah and have a happy Easter! Claudette (Sydney Australia)

  79. Thanks for the site, Claudette. It's wonderful to see the universality of these ideas!