12/9: Loved, not condemned

12/9: Loved, not condemned

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  1. Today there was a glitch with the English version of the Daily Lift. While we were fixing this glitch, lecturer Kari Mashos was kind enough to share a text summary of her remarks. This has generated a number of comments requesting that the text to the Daily Lifts be posted regularly.

    Thank you all for loving these Daily Lifts. We’ve just finished the fourth month of Daily Lifts, and the lecturers and you, our listeners, have contributed to a record number of visitors to christianscience.com and to a worldwide sharing of these healing messages. We are learning how to keep up with the demands of this exciting project and for now, we need to keep the focus on our copyrighted audio series. You’ll be the first to know when we are ready to go forward with another format.

  2. How fantastic to have these available in many languages! I only understand English, but love that you are doing this!

  3. "It's all Greek to me" this morning with the English translation :>).... but one can clearly hear the language of Love shining through your message. Thank you!
    Happy Day!

  4. How wonderfully refreshing to hear your comments in Greek this morning. I was just as inspired - realizing how universally our needs are being met. Thank you Kari. David in Texas

  5. I was so glad to hear the Daily Lift in Greek because my Greek son-in-law happens to be staying with us and so was able to understand fully. There's always a blessing in these wonderful Daily Lifts. Many thanks especially for this one!

  6. OOoops. I posted my above comment in Greek. sorry. Here goes then in English. How beautiful, dearest Kalliroi. What a lovely message. Balsam to my ears. And very timely. Thank you very very much.

  7. I feel the love in her beautiful voice. THAT I understand.

  8. How wonderful that those of us who do not speak Greek have the title LOVED, NOT CONDEMNED to work with today.. We are grateful that Greek speaking folks have their turn! - and for all that you do!

  9. yes, and for those you who do not speak Greek :) here is what I say in english:
    It might be easy to get caught up in today’s predictions of humanity’s doom, as if they are inevitable. But the destruction of humanity is not ordained by God. The Gospel of John states that, God sent not his Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. To me, that makes it quite clear that any doomsday scenario for us individually and for the world as a whole, is not the will of God. Think about it, God so loved the world that Jesus came to show us this universal power, Love, so that no matter where we are, how deep the hole we may be in, how dire the situation may be, that there is hope and help for us. Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science wrote of God that, “He helps us most when help is most needed, for He is the ever-present help.” The first step in our prayers is that God does not condemn us but requires us to be healed and saved by the truth that we are linked, through Christ, to the love and power of God. That’s the will of our Father-Mother God, that we are not doomed but loved.

  10. Actually, I'm glad you made the mistake. It was so interesting to hear it in Greek. Her voice inflection and energy explained the lesson quite well. :) Great job, Ms. Mashos!

  11. Hey! Good reminder that Truth's messages
    are not confined to the English Language!!

    God is all, everywhere, at all times, for all mankind.

    How wonderful!!


  12. How wonderful that the Daily Lifts are shared so broadly! Looking forward to the English but already feeling lifted.

  13. Despite the Greek - the soft, sure, confident voice transcended all barriers!! Thank you just the same! The Love came through!

  14. How wonderful to sit quietly and just feel loved by God for a few minutes, while listening to a melodic voice expressing gentleness, peace, calmness, support, love. Thank you!!!

  15. I am reminded of these words written by Mary Baker Eddy, Prose Works, Miscellaneous Writings:

    misc 240:9
    9 Predicting danger does not dignify life, whereas fore-
    casting liberty and joy does; for these are strong pro-
    moters of health and happiness.

  16. How gracious are the listener's of this site!

    Moderator's Note:

    <em>Oh, how gracious they are!</em>

    Nathan Frederick. Media Producer
    CS Board of Lectureship

  17. Thanks Kari! Loved hearing your sweet voice. Thanks for translating your message too. :)

  18. Thanks for writing it out for us at #9. It was fun to hear you speaking Greek!

  19. Thank you Kari for your soft sweet voice carrying the message of such a beautiful topic, "Love"....even though it was in Greek. Such a beautiful language! As I was scrolling down, I saw where you put those loving thoughts in English.... either way, it was a great help to me this morning to be reminded Love never condemns and always is there helping us when we need Him the most. There is no one excluded in this Love ... so we all can go out and express this Love every where to day ... and that makes Love ever present in deed!

  20. This message is just so inspirational, just what the world, including Elaine, needs today, written and spoken in Love, the universal language.

  21. It must be the day of the Pentecost because I heard her speak in my native language, English :-)

    Thank you for the good message especially since my family watched the movie 2012 last night.

  22. Thank you a lot for that. Sometimes mostly we condemn ourselves in concsiousness and then we will not allow anybody else to love us. I am learning it and finding it very helpful. Thanx again

  23. Thank you Kari! How well put! What a gentle explanation to set straight the doomsdaysayers.

  24. thanks everyone for the support of my Daily Lift in Greek! its now up in english too!

  25. Thank you for the very comforting words ... to the whole world!

  26. I just saw one of those doomsday warnings on TV the other night.
    It is refreshing to hear the very opposite ideas you have expressed so well, which we know are true. It's "not Greek to me." Thanks so much, Kari

  27. Thank-you so much Kari! Your voice and the message you posted #11 is a wonderful topic to ponder - LOVED not condemned. So Grateful for your sharing!!

  28. Wonderful and powerful message thank you Kari. We love you toooooooo

  29. Isn't it amazing that even though what appeared to be a "glich" in the language portion of the daily lift this morning, that those who heard it in Greek still felt the love!

  30. I think it is fascinating how Love works things out. The son-in-law of No. 5 needed to hear this wonderful "lift" in his own language and so it happened! God knew! We worship an awesome God. Thanks, too, for the English translation. So helpful. I am so grateful.

  31. Thanks to the mistake in greek version we were given the opportunity to see the explanation in writing and in the same day.
    Also a great thank you to all the lecturers to get through mankind via Internet. I am so greatful that we are all inter-linked.

  32. Thank you, so much! I think we all need reminders like this lift!

  33. Thank you Kari. You know I was thinking about God reaching out and comforting us all the time. And it is very consoling to know that He absolutely never condemns us. He wants me to embrace my perfection alright but He will never leave me because of error.

    Thank you and good tidings to all!!!

  34. I enjoyed following the #9 comment where Kari's message had been translated into English, while she was again repeating it in English. Both versions very beautiful and inspiring messages!

  35. Thank you Kari. This is such an important message for the world, "that we are not condemned, but loved." I am going to cherish this in thought this day and know that it will heal.

  36. Thanks for reminding us that it is God's requirement that we be healed--no choice there but a requirement. How important today to realize that we are never condemned no matter what!

  37. A beautiful message.....and a beautiful voice! Thank you!

  38. Listeners, if you haven't heard the English version of this, please go back and do so. It is powerful and on target. Thank you for sharing this strong message Kari.

  39. It was beautiful and wonderful hearing your voice in the Greek language...the love and comfort expressed through your message of being Loved, Not condemned did came through to me. Thank you, Kari!

    Especially in these times where the world and many religious denomination and organizations are preaching the end of the world by 2011 in radio, tv, print and film medias.

    Knowing the Truth that God's love for us is forever and unconditional, that we are not doomed, because there's hope and help for us through God's everpresent loving care and sustaining provision help to dispel the doomsday naysayers.

    BIG thanks to ALL!

  40. Thank you for the loving reminder of God's Love and "Good Will" for us all!

  41. Kari, I loved your "lift" today. I found it very inspiring. I also listened to the Greek and enjoyed it just as much!! You did an exceptional job! Wow!!Thanks so much for reaching out to the Greek field. It has a very special place in my heart!

  42. Thank you, Karil, here is the quote directly form the Psalms 96:10 King James Bible

    "Say among the heathen that the LORD reigneth: the world also shall be established that it shall not be moved: he shall judge the people righteously."

    Gracias Karil, acá va la citación de Salmos 96:10 de La Biblia de las Américas (©1997)
    "Decid entre las naciones: El SEÑOR reina; ciertamente el mundo está bien afirmado, será inconmovible; El juzgará a los pueblos con equidad."

  43. Thank you Kari. What is the "will of God", has been asked and answered at least a thousand different times in the hearts of those who are reaching out to God. But "to love" and to "be loved", both unconditionally, and universally, is most likely the best answer you will ever find, because God is LOVE.

  44. Thanks for this timely message. Especially because in Copenhagen 2009, the talks of nations about CO2 level controls is in the global agenda, we can pray and work with this powerful idea of infinite care of Love to man and nature. The theme of Bible Lesson, for this week is special also: "GOD THE PRESERVER OF MAN." This Love is present to guide and reveal unity of action for the betterment of health of our planet!
    See the Bible Lesson in the url: http://www.mybiblelesson.com/mybiblelesson/pdfs/weekly-sample.pdf?cdstoid=pdf

  45. How wonderful to be remined that God does love each and every one through out the world and healing does come.

  46. thank you, thank you for this very important and everlasting reminder. I'm going to cut and paste this scripture text as a visual reminder to myself... Sincerely,

  47. Thank you for this wonderful thought that the world needs so much!

  48. Thank you, Kari - How blessed we are to know that God has only good in store for all of us, and that these predictions of doomsday have no reality. How grateful I am to MBE for giving Christian Science to the world so that each individual may truly know that their true identity is in the Christ!

  49. Great message! Thank you Kari.

    "The Lord revealed Himself to me of old. Eternal love I conceived for you then; Therefore I continue My grace to you."

    From the Hebrew Scriptures NE VI' iM (Jeremiah 31:3)

  50. This leaves no room for depression, or doom. Thanks for putting on your Greek or English boots this morning.

  51. I also left a message on the Greek link board for Kari Mashos and I'll repeat it here, thanks so much for posting this daily lift in Greek, I look forward to more in the future.

  52. How wonderful to have this message that confidently annihilates the doubt and fear that I so often hear around me - the thought that God's will could be destruction, illness, anguish or death. This message uplift's and assures me that God's purpose for me includes only good. It is so very comforting to recognize and feel this love that God has given to all His children - in all parts of the world. Thank you, Kari.

  53. Thanks Kari, Once again I wished I had learned to speak Greek, its usually because I believe I could understand the Scriptures better. I loved your lift and all the lifts that followed. Love has no language barriers.

  54. Healing has no barriers, and love cannot be separated from loving...thank you for the loving and healing message this morning...it was certainly felt and would have been in any language!!!

  55. Thank you, Kari, for this message of Love, reminding us all that "Love is the liberator." :-) Love just beams through your voice!

  56. Kari - Thanks so much! Your thoughts are all so helpful. And thanks for the text in English; it's easier to share that way.
    These Daily Lifts are great! Such a good way to lift each day.

  57. Thanks for the timely offering of the truth of God's love that is ever present.

  58. The healing power and promise in this "Lift" is sooooo welcome!!

    universal power, Love, so great, so all-in-all, that no matter where we are, who we are, how dark the seeming night, how deep the hole we may be in, how dire the situation may be, that there is hope and help for us. and,

    His promises ARE fullfilled.

  59. Yes, the listeners certainly express grace. Thank you for the good thoughts counteracting the false belief of doom. God is Love and He is all and He loves us (all).

  60. Thanks so much, Kari!

    It was beautiful to hear your Daily Lift in Greek, and definitely worth the wait to understand it through the English version!

  61. Delivered lovingly... thanks....

  62. Thank you .

  63. I have been praying to be free of concern for a loved one's relationship with someone who may have a drinking problem. I have longed to know whether I should say something. Today's Daily Lift assures me that God, Love speaks to all of us. I feel so grateful to not be tricked into condemnation.

    Isa. 65:24 "...before they call, I will answer..."

    Yesterday I happened on a quote from Wofgang von Goethe - "Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of being." Another reminder to follow the Christ and to pray "to behold in Science the perfect man..."
    Thank you Kari and The Mother Church for listening and loving.

  64. This message of Love is so precious to me. (and all). It needs frequent repeating for some of us. It overcomes the condemnation of earlier time, and sweetly delivered in love, it frees and strengthens us.
    Bless you.

  65. Thank you so much for these daily lifts - always like a gift!

  66. Great reminder and incentive!

  67. I loved listening to it in Greek - what a beautiful language - but enjoyed understanding it English! (The text version is a great idea.) Thanks to whomever came up with the idea for the Daily Lift. I am grateful that it is bringing new listeners to the website.

  68. Thanks, Kari, for the loving confirmation of that precious message! Love simply loving! Much gratitude for these Daily Lifts.

  69. Wonderful that these are going out in other languages ...surely the Christ speaks through many venues. Thanks for the thoughts even in Greek.

  70. Thank you,Kari for that much needed and much appreciated message. I am so grateful for Christian Science. With love..

  71. Thank you, Kari, for an awsome message! The idea of not condemning, but loving from our highest sense of divine Love, has such redeeming power. It is so relevant to our daily activities, to the economy, to the environment. A message for the whole world to hear. Loved hearing it in Greek, too.

  72. Thanks a lot for uplifting our thoughtsthat the destruction of humanity is not ordained by God. God so loved the world and his help is available to us when we need it most.Once again i thank you for this.

  73. Just got back to this after the glitch this morning. What a great thought to end the day on . . . . and reading all the comments is a lift in of itself! Thanks for being out there!

  74. Listening to your message was a treatment. God bless and thanks

  75. WOW! you banged the problem on the head

  76. I feel renewed, encouraged, well, inspired in a way that helps us know more about who we are. And why we are here. I am most gratful for the thoughts behind the message.

  77. Not condemned, but loved... and what a wonderful example for all of us to follow when thinking about and interacting with others.

  78. Oops, forgot to say thanks... thanks!

  79. At the end of 1999, there was a prediction that every thing would fall apart since all computers were fixed with 1900's. The year 2000 came around and the answer avoiding that catastrophe was solved. Another prediction of the end of the world came again, I believe it was around 2006, and that didn't come. Why is men of learning predicting such untrues when the bible does not? God is eternal Mind which has created the world and the whole universe to express himself forever.

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