6/6: Love your neighbor

6/6: Love your neighbor

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  1. Wunderbar, Frank!! This was spot-on and very special. Thank you!

  2. Hi.Frank. Good to hear from you again and these neighbourly thoughts are so relevent today for all we meet are our neighbours. I will keep the triangle in mind as explained by you in your Lecture last Thursday. Enjoyed being with you. With affection. Paul .

  3. Thank you so much Frank for expanding on the second great commandment. You have showed us to really do this, no-one is left out!

  4. Aren’t you amazed of how much insult we can take from siblings and still be there when they really need us? We believe blood ties are strong, and often take in consideration the love our parents have for both no matter what. Are we going to justify our deeds like the lawyer who asked Jesus, “Who is my neighbor?” http://bible.cc/luke/10-29.htm
    We may choose to ignore it but we already know our neighbor is anyone who needs our help. “Have we not all one father? Hath not one God created us?” http://bible.cc/malachi/2-10.htm
    The second Commandment orders us to love our neighbor as ourselves, this means seeing through the deficiency of others, even to refuse to believe others have faults. After all, wouldn’t we want them to see us that way too? http://bible.cc/mark/12-31.htm
    ESPAÑOL: ¿No te sorprende la cantidad de insultos que podemos aguantar de nuestros hermanos y todavía estar allí cuando realmente nos necesitan? Creemos que los lazos de la sangre son fuertes, y muchas veces tomamos en consideración el amor que nuestros padres nos tienen a ambos sin importar qué. ¿Justificaremos nuestros actos, como el abogado que le preguntó a Jesús: "¿Quién es mi prójimo?" http://bibliaparalela.com/luke/10-29.htm
    Es posible que optemos por ignorarlo, pero todos ya sabemos que nuestro prójimo es cualquiera que necesite nuestra ayuda. "¿No tenemos todos un mismo padre? ¿No nos ha creado el mismo Dios? http://nblh.bibliaparalela.com/malachi/2.htm
    El segundo mandamiento nos ordena amar a nuestro prójimo como a nosotros mismos, esto significa ver a través de la deficiencia de los demás, incluso a negarse a creer que otros tienen defectos. Después de todo, quisiéramos que nos vean a nosotros de la misma manera, verdad? http://rv.bibliaparalela.com/mark/12.htm .

  5. loving one's neighbour ? I expect most of us know that this is not always easy, and it won't be as long as we see a mere mortal through our own limited mortal vison. This is where Christian Science comes into its own and by the grace of GOD we have learnt a better way of seeing others as we should be seeing ourselves, i.e. through the eyes of GOD. It takes work but must be better than holding on to mortal mind's wretched fearful thoughts.Even on the cross Jesus could say "Father forgive them they know not what they do". And Mrs Eddy says "Look away from the body into Truth and Love. much love to all and thank you Frank for reminding us of our spiritual duty!

  6. Yes!!! Love our neighbor even our enemies as Jesus taught with the love our divine Parent, divine Love, love us for this will impart the spiritual sense (the substance of Spirit become palpable as the fruit of the Spirit - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility and self-control), "contradicting the material senses" (Science & Health pg 298: 13). Thus the spirit of God working inwardly that is eternal that is that which endures, that abides, which will overcome outwardly that is temporal.

  7. Thanks you have given me a great idea for some readings at our next Members' meeting

  8. That's wonderful concept! As we are the images and likenesses of our Lord, Love, so we are perfect children of our Father!
    There is no any neighbors, but brothers and sisters!

  9. thanks

  10. But Jesus didn't define "your neighbors" as anyone in need..
    Just before he tells his disciples to "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead...",
    He limits it to an in-group:

    "These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into [any] city of the Samaritans enter ye not: But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." (Matt 10:5-6)

    Seems rather xenophobic of him, doesn't it??

  11. Thanks Frank, I am so grateful for the 'Daily Lift'! At times I used to think that my neighbor was the lady next door or the man across the road. Of course they both are, but what Jesus meant was far more reaching than that. He was referring to everyone in need, even to all mankind when he said that we should love God wholeheartedly and love our neighbor as ourselves (see Matt. 22:36–40). I am learning day by day to apply the lessons in all my doings. There are always opportunities to do what Mary Baker Eddy says in S & H : p.518: “The rich in spirit help the poor in one grand brotherhood, all having the same Principle, or Father; and blessed is that man who seeth his brother’s need and supplieth it, seeking his own in another’s good.”

    en español

    Gracias Frank. ¡Estoy tan agradecido por el Daily Lift! A veces solía pensar que mi prójimo era la señora de al lado o el hombre de enfrente. Por supuesto que ambos lo son, pero lo que Jesús quería decir tenía mayor alcance que eso. Él se refería a todos los necesitados, incluso a toda la humanidad cuando dijo que debieramos amar a Dios de todo corazón y amar a nuestro prójimo como a nosotros mismos (ver Mateo 22: 36-40). Estoy aprendiendo día a día a aplicar las lecciones a todo lo que hago. Siempre hay oportunidades de hacer lo que Mary Baker Eddy dice en C y S p.518: "Los ricos en espíritu ayudan a los pobres en una gran hermandad, teniendo todos el mismo Principio o Padre; y bendito es ese hombre que ve la necesidad de su hermano y la satisface, procurando su propio bien beneficiando a otro.”

  12. Thanks so much, Frank - it is very good to be reminded of this vital commandment, it's all too easy to be critical or just indifferent. Active love is so needed in the world!

  13. This is a really great Lift to start Annual Meeting, Frank. I just have this mental picture of everyone suddenly turning on their iPhones to share your Lift. At one time someone had been told an adverse report about me, and then I was given an adverse report about her. But when we met we got on very happily and still do! Sometimes we really do have to pray consistently to turn the barbs into blessings, but it always has a wonderful outcome for everyone.
    Thank you Frank, and hello to everyone at Annual Meeting, have a wonderful weekend and week of activities.
    Thank you Nathan. I guess everyone will want to have their photo taken with you! And thank you to the BoL, and the lecturers. No doubt you will come up with more great ideas.

  14. Thanks Frank,
    funny, just yesterday I has a real bad interaction with my neighbor in the house.
    Now, I listen to this, even those how have.... perfectly right and this thought come just in time.
    Great, love bettina

  15. Thank you Frank, for a lovely and timely reminder to love everyone - to see them as God does - His beloved, innocent perfect children.

  16. Thank you Frank!
    it is easy to love our neighbour is we have the presence of Love in our heart

  17. What a great foundation for unity on this Annual Meeting day!
    Danke, Frank

  18. Many thanks Frank for your inspiring lift on loving our neighbor. Yes, "If we see every person as created by God [divine Love] , who would be left to be our enemy? "God is my strong salvation;/ What foe have I to fear?" (Christian Science Hymnal #77)

  19. Good Morning ! Frank, thank you for these wonderful thoughts this morning! At 5:30 am, I woke up thinking of Hymn # 5- "A glorious day is dawning. And o're the waking earth.. The heralds of the morning are springing into birth. In dark and hidden places there shines the blessed light"..and that light is Love...and if we abide in Love (if we live, move and have our being in love) nothing can divide us !
    Looking forward to meeting some of the Lifters at Annual Meeting today!
    Love, Annie H.

  20. Thank you for this message about God's assurance of harmony! It is so comforting to be reminded that we are all loved by the creator and thus can understand His love as a way to live!

  21. Vielen Dank! A great way to start this beautiful day.

  22. Thank you for your daily lift today.

  23. Thank you, Frank. What a wonderful reminder, to see each other just the way God sees us ... as Her perfect expression! So easy to love.

  24. Thank you so much, a wonderful thing just happened, I see my neighbors as God's children and I love them.

  25. Thanks for the lift Frank. God loves us so as his/her reflection it is natural for us to love all our neighbors.

  26. Thank you, yes loving our neighbor as God's child is the best thing we can do, and I do have a very good neighbor who has helped me with things I could not do or had a problem with. Thank you again.

  27. This is Christianity in a nutshell. Love God: Love your neighbor. God has made us all of one blood.

  28. We are God's children and all of my neighbors in my apartment building
    are of different races and I love all of them and always give them
    cookies or cake and they give back to me in other ways.
    To always be kind is a wonderful thing. Thank you Christian Science.

  29. Gooden Morgin! I think that your daily lift reflects the core of our existance.

    We are all connected like an invisible net one to the other..... some feel it and some do not..... those who take action and excercise this increase our
    living the word possible.

  30. A perfect message for today as we here in Boston, and others around the world, are celebrating and participating in Annual Meeting. I have had several experiences on the plaza in the past few days, as we attended the Summit, to speak with visitors, travelers, inquirers, to share what this celebration is all about. People are naturally drawn to love and light expressed. We have so much to share with everyone!

  31. A good reminder. Thank you.

  32. When we are with people who like us and appreciate us, we feel pretty good, don't we? But ...when we are with people who understand us as spiritually perfect right now, we receive something else. This impersonal atmosphere is actually Christ understanding reflected, dissolving any sense of separateness from good. We don't just feel good - WE ARE GOOD. This is the more permanent "elevating the race", which Mrs. Eddy includes in her definition of Church.

    While we evaluate the "liveliness" of our Church today with the annual meeting, your subject, Herr Prinz-Wondollek, is a perfect topic for the Lift today.

    Bicknell Young remarked about Edward Kimball (an early Christian Science worker) "He felt that all men have a right to know God aright and it was his greatest joy to help them to gain that knowledge so unmistakably that they could prove its practical value in every day life."

    Have fun you guys in Boston!

  33. Danke schön, Frank !
    For reminding me that everybody is God´s child, therefore perfect and good.
    Many times I caught myself involved in the riddles of mortal mind, but this lift set me free !
    It came as the answer for an issue I was pondering over the last few days.

  34. Thanks so much, Frank, for the inspiration on loving our neighbor. How I wish I could be attending the Annual Meeting in Boston today and meet some of my Daily Lift neighbors! The last one I attended was in 1962 just before I moved from New York to California. Have a great day everyone!

  35. This Daily Lift is the answer to my prayers. Over the weekend, the barking of our neigbours' dogs disturbed my sleep at midnight. During the day yesterday the dogs were barking incessantly, as is very common for them. This has gone on for a very long time. I was full of anger, which I don't like to feel! We went to speak with them yesterday and they denied that the dogs were outside that night, and said that the barking doesn't bother them. In other words, it is our problem. I left their home feeling very frustrated, and thinking that I need to take another approach to the situation.... in Christian Science. And I hoped for a Daily Lift on the topic soon!
    Frank, this concept- that our neighbour is anyone that needs our help- is going to be a great challenge for me. How do these neighbours, whom I see as very insensitive towards their neighbours- need my help? Well, I'll start with seeing them as my brothers and sisters, and loving them. Seeing them as perfect as God made them. Thank you for this!

  36. And aren't we our nearest neighbor? Are we loving and seeing our selves as God sees us?

  37. I like your question, "If we see every person as created by God, who is left to be our enemy?" Thank you for presenting this thought.

  38. Thank you for this lift about loving ones neighbor as oneself, it's keeping us on the right path! If our love is not accepted, understood or appreciated by certain people or in some areas, we can still be at peace by not yeilding to fault finding. The way will open up for us to fulfill this law of divine Love and there are those ready to receive our help in some measure, our purpose is to please God. Thanks again!

  39. Thank you Frank for your very complete thought on loving our neighbor.

  40. Thanks, Frank! And thanks Nate and DL team for that Lively and Upbeat music - perfect for Church Alive and Annual Meeting today! I think one of the keys to loving All with a spiritual Love is to remember (about myself, too!) that the "personality" is not the Real Man! We have all taken on the belief of a human personality in this dream of material life here on earth. Sometimes it is fun, sometimes it is a nightmare! Through Christian Science we are asked to "emerge gently" from this belief of life in matter, to awaken to our true spiritual individuality, created by Divine Mind, God, Spirit. God has created us to express His/Her nature - for His/Her great Joy and Pleasure. We have just fallen asleep and forgotten - thinking we are separate little mortal personalities who can do and think just what we want! Love is our source and the fabric of our very being......so we can let go and Let It Flow! God, Love, is the love by which we can love our neighbors!

  41. Thank you, Herr Prinz-Wondollek for your wonderful comforting narration. Indeed if we regard all as our loving brothers and sisters, created by our one and only God, there is noone left to be our enemy. What a great truth. Still, good, believing people, in their quest to satisfy their own self destructing ego do nasty things to others; so we must forever remember who we truly are, live accordingly and remain blessed in supplying our brothers' needs. It was a pleasure to have met you at Church Alive in Victoria, BC, your down to earth presentation having been one of the many highlights. Blessings to you and yours always.

  42. And include the dogs in your prayers too, #35 Susan of Canada. The dogs are perfect spiritual ideas, in addition to the owners. God leaves no one out. All are welcome in His loving embrace. Let peace and harmony reign supreme!

  43. Thank you! I can never hear enough of this, Frank.

  44. Thank you Frank for sharing that all of us need to Love, love, love. A couple of weeks ago we had some neighbors over for supper. We had forgotten, they didn't like our in-between us neighbor's dog because he barked a lot. But when we hear him everyday all day, I speak Love to him. I know he is greeting me and I am loving him too.

    Well, at dinner, they started to discuss the dog and the fence and all their issues about how mean these neighbors are to keep the dog out side all day. They were shocked that we didn't let it bother us, and that we loved all our neighbors and the dog. That is Christian Science - seeing the joy. I said, "I think the dog is telling me how happy he is in dog talk."

    It certainly is cost effective, as they shared that they installed a system by their fence that if the dog barks he is "zapped". They were happy as they don't hear him any more as he has learned not to come over their side and bark. And now they are moving. I am thankful, the doggie knows he can come over to our side of the fence and bark and bark. That we love his noise. We know the Bible says in Ps 100....Make a Joyful noise unto the Lord....and he does.

    It shows that Christian Science is a blessing as we only hear joyful noise not barking dogs. Thank you #35 for sharing the joy! You are rising, and shining and giving God your glory, glory". That is what it is all about. Seeing the Joy and spending it freely...we sang that hymn in church yesterday.

  45. Who doesn’t want to experience peace or to improve their own being? I agree it starts with how we see others and ourselves. I loved your idea that “to experience complete peace we need to see everyone as our neighbor...” Not the differences, but the likeness, the “Image and Likeness” which includes ourselves.

    See them as God sees us. Know them as God knows us. This is to experience the Golden Rule in action.


  46. Thank you, dear Frank, your thoughts are so true and an reminder that we all are neighbors. We should love each one in an uncoditionally way - I'm a world traveler and experienced this godly love many times from so called strangers - I'm very greatfull and wish that humanity one day will wake up to realize that we are one huge family as the children from father /mother God.
    Peace and Love for all creation.
    Dankeschoen, lieber Herr Frank.

  47. ¿Quién es mi vecino, Quién es mi hermano? Podríamos preguntarnos,
    de hecho nos hacemos esa pregunta y Cristo Jesús respondió: "Aquel que hace la voluntad de mi Padre que está en los cielos".
    Estanos haciendo la voluntad de muestro Padre, estamos amando a nuestro, vecino o sea a la humanidad entera, sin acepción de personas?.
    La respuesta está en el mensaje de hoy, el Amor divino en toda su manifestación, simplemente amando.

    "La Verdad eterna está cambiando el universo.
    A medida que los mortales se despojan de sus pañales mentales,
    el pensamiento se despliega en expresión. "Sea la luz"
    Es el mandato perpetuo de la Verdad y el Amor, que convierte el caos en orden y la discordancia en la música de las esferas" MBE

    Gocemos de la Asamblea Anual de la forma que podamos los que están allí, allí y el resto a traves de Internet, todos desde su lugar donde sea, pero todos con mucho, mucho Amor.
    Muchas gracias Frank por el mensaje de hoy y por el amor que él trasmite.

  48. Thank you for sharing your joy and freedom when giving a Lecture. This is what healing through Christian Science does - it brings such freedom and one cannot help but wanting to share this freedom with everyone out there! Our Leader says in Science and Health "Happiness is spiritual, born of Truth and Love. It is unselfish; therefore it cannot exist alone, but requires all mankind to share it." Love continues to inspire us each step of the way!

  49. When you asked if have I ever thought about this concept of loving my neighbor, it reminds me of the man across the street from me. For almost three years now, every time I go out my front door, I see this man directly across the street outside, smoking.
    He does not smoke indoors, but it seemed to me that he was always outside, no matter how cold or hot the weather might be, smoking his cigarettes.
    I said to myself, why would I ever want to talk to someone puffing at me?
    So recently, this Spring I have tried to always declare this man's heritage as the child of God, like me. A couple of weeks ago, I was going out my door, as I must do, and there was this neighbor. But this time, he dropped his smoke, and came quickly across the street without smoke in an obvious attempt to see me. So I stopped, and he excitedly told me about his landscaping, and how he had asked his landscapers to do something for me at his expense. I thanked him, and this was my reward for seeing him as God's child. Thank you for this forum and thank you for one, two, three four, also. Good work.

  50. Thank you very much Frank.
    Like Heidi #41 I appreciate your talk given in Victoria, BC, Canada.
    With so much love for God as #1 priority, we can't help letting that spill over into loving, caring, thinking right about our neighbours. Sometimes those "neighbours" are in one's own family relations --
    and that could sometimes seem like a bigger challenge than
    the barking dogs next door. More opportunity and more need to just love the child of God who God has created.
    Today it is Annual Meeting of our worldwide family of Christian Science.
    This love for God, and mankind, and Christ is so needed in the world
    and it will be truly felt. Every heart.

  51. Ottawa (Canada), 6 June 2011 10h10

    Vielen Dank! Sometimes it seems that Jesus' command to love our neighbour (especially those who hold views opposed to our own) is difficult to follow. But your talk today reminded me of a Christian Science practitioner once telling me we need to see our neighbour so clearly (spiritually) that we can see them seeing us clearly. That message was of immense help to me at the time, and has remained with me. The need to love our neighbour, which you so beautifully expressed today, is very much needed in a world that appears to be infested by personal, political and interethnic conflict. Once again, many thanks! Und herzlichen Grüßen aus Kanada!

  52. Frank,Thank you. The commandment "Love thy neighhour as thyself" is everr close to y heart. Many years ago I had resigned from my career in medical field to pursue the study of Christian Science,having been introduced to it by a patient in the hospital(there were no Christian Science Nursing Facilities)for those needing care.I was offered a well paid job but because of Apartheid[racial segregation,in Afrikaans Apart,-Hood]in the country of South Africa at the time, I was excluded from my colleagues. My Work was much appreciated,but that was it.No sharing of facilities either than work related issues,I felt ostracized and miserable.Going to work in the mornings I'd find myself in tears with the feeling of "not being loved". You see at that time I did not understand the All-ness of Love,the Kingdom of Love within,I thought it was all out there for others to give or take away. Well in my distress I called a Christian Science Practitioner for Prayerful support. The first thing she asked me was to work with Science and Health 138:27Our Master said to every follower................Love thy neighbour as thyself!,after much resistance on my part, I learned to love[acknowledge]the kingdom of God,Love, within me,and not wait for it from others out there.Well the whole experience resolved,and by time I left this company,I was accepted and loved and respected by all my co-workers,who referred to me as one of the "family" .

  53. Dear M. Frank
    Thank you so much. It is a bénédiction for me in my life.

  54. Love is the universal solvant. Can you hate someone who is loving you? Once it becomes obvious that someone truly loves you, you can not help but feel kindness, peace and calm. Do you know of anyone who is peacefully calm and feeling kindness that is able or capable of being angry and hateful?
    Love is God. And, when you are expressing God, you are "clad in the panoply of Love" and "human hatred cannot reach you".
    Let us all put on the armor of LOVE.

  55. Thank you for the wonderful "Lift." Such a simple concept. But I struggle with it when I criticize the way someone drives, or an opinion expressed at a church meeting, etc. I needed your wonderful reminder. Bless you and thank you for your good work

  56. Thank you. Always a great reminder!

  57. Thank you, Frank, for the beautiful, healing message today! So timely; and your Lift has inspired so many good responses! thank you, all!

  58. Thank you, #51, John Woodsworth! Very Helpful!! I had a dear C.S. friend who often said to me that besides OUR loving our neighbor, we have to KNOW that THEY love us! We can claim our Love for others AND their Love for us!!!

  59. Thank you for the loving and wonderful thoughts for today and everyday.

  60. And how different loving our neighbor (as ourselves--as fellow ideas of divine Love, Mind, Soul) is from merely tolerating them. So much is said about tolerance, and certainly that bespeaks the baby steps involving patience and openness, but the spiritual activity of rising to the heights and seeing how God sees his ideas and individualities--well, that is the magnificent, joyous, healing activity! Thank you for that inspiration!

  61. Yes! As our own individual consciousnesses are lifted by the light of love for others, we are shielded from hatred, and any attempts by mortal mind to harm us. Others may, or may not be changed (at present) by this love, but that is for them to work out in their own lives. The important thing is that our love for others lifts all mankind a notch higher than before, and this effects needed change throughout the world.

  62. Thank you for this msg. It has come at the right time - doing prayerful work for my country - "Love your neighbours" also includes your prime-minister etc. Like you said .."in reality we are all perfect as God's expression"....

  63. Thank you, Frank, for going deeper into “neighbor”. This is going to take more work from me, and I will work on it, for I do believe you are telling us what is essential. It's only a few that block my clear thinking, but those are the important few to require me to master living and thinking as a neighbor.

    10, Tara, Jesus sent disciples to establish his work, I presume, where it would be received, to begin the foundation of his greater mission, but he did not stop with that, for he told later, Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mark 16:15). When asked in Luke 10:29, who was “neighbour” he specifically told a parable using a Samaritan, whom would have been excluded in the verse you quote. We must take the whole of his mission and words, not limit to his first steps to establish it. I could use the illustration of hiring someone to build my house. I might ask them not to employ children, for the work would be difficult and require expertise, but soon, I'd have a room set specially for children, and invite them to come and enjoy my beautiful grounds. The first would not imply I didn't value children, but that I had work that would proceed better, faster using adults. I think there is similarity in this and the verse you gave.

    Thanks for sharing, #49 Robert.

  64. Thank you #58, I needed to hear that. I am hoping that someday I can go to an Annual meeting, but having the C. S. Journal and my computer, I will enjoy it. Much love to all on the Lift

  65. Hello Frank, I too enjoyed hearing your lecture and meeting you in Victoria. I lreally appreciate being reminded to just love, and greatly appreciated the importance that was placed on this spiritual loving through out the Annual Meeting today. I was struggling with not feeling very loving toward someone recently, and your lift, in addition to some of the helpful and thoughtful comments, particularly those of #58 really helped me get a better perspective on this challenge. Thanks to all

  66. I have seen something anew today - instead of seeing the differences in our neighbours we should see their likeness to God because they are made in God's image.Thank you to you all, and to Frank for this lift and the good thoughts to ponder after our lecture time last week.
    With love, Liz, Cumbria.

  67. I am hearing impaired so unable to hear the lecture..but the comments from others enabled me to have a healing by reading them about the lecture by Frank Prinz-Wondollek
    Please keep the comments coming.........they mean so very very much !!!

    love to all

  68. Thanks for inspiration ,good ideas. I enjoy it for love my neighbors.

  69. Oh, such true advice, Frank! Thank you.

  70. Thank you very much, Frank for the very helpful message.

  71. Hello again.. what I took away from the wonderful Annual Meeting in Boston today,..was the great sense of love reflected by the outgoing President of The Mother Church, as well as by the new President , and all of the Board of Directors..! The simple, honest ,conversational format of the meeting was filled with love for one another ! Their examples inspire us to go out and do likewise..just sincerely love one and all, with Christlike, unconditional "agape" love !
    I enjoyed all the Lifters today, especially # 44 who mentioned that the dog's barking could be thought of as the dog just "making a joyful noise unto God!" and also found #40's reminder that human personality in not the real man'' also # 51-John Woodsworth's comment that we need to "see our neighbors so clearly (spiritually) that we see them seeing us clearly!" Thanks again to everyone !

  72. Love your neighbor as yourself brings healing as I can testify. Many years ago when I was unjustly persecuted over a long period of time by two people, after much prayer and study I learned two important lessons. 1. That I am always completely loved by God, and that is not dependent on any person. 2. That based on the love that is mine from God, I can love anyone unconditionally no matter what behavior is making them appear to me as less than perfect. Even though their actions may appear so real, I can see it as a mask trying to hide the reality of their spiritual being from my perception. I can go right to the heart of the matter by seeing their unadulterated childlike purity - their true Christliness as spiritual children of God. Finally I was able to not be impressed by what the senses were presenting to me as continuing unjust actions. I realized that in the greater scheme of things it was actually insignificant, and I was no longer impressed by it. It no longer had a hold on my thinking. Feeling God's all powerful love, I was able to love them unconditionally. This brought healing of a long standing condition of the aggravated symptoms of cancer (the tumor and lumps being medically diagnosed). I was completely free of pain and had no more symptoms (this was about 17 years ago). Love - divine Love - when realized even to a small degree - does heal!

  73. Very loving and not a bit phony!

  74. Tara #10: In ancient times the house of Israel was composed of 12 tribes. Samaria was the authoritative capital. They all were conquered and taken prisoner by the Babylonian state and used as slaves and scattered throughout the empire. So then the Israelis had no access to their temples or friends. Individually they kept their religion and church alive in very small groups. Nehemiah of the Tribe of Judah convinced a Babylonian emperor to let him go and rebuild his tribal city of Jerusalem. Only the tribe of Judah was rebuilt when Jesus came along, and it was known as Judea. By the time Jesus was on the scene, centuries had passed and what few Israelis remained of the 12 tribes were still scattered throughout the then Roman Empire. Jesus was of the Tribe of Judah. The new Samaritans had taken on many beliefs of their conquerors--the Babylonians and Romans--who based their religions on fear of idols and mythical gods. Jesus was not 'xenophobic' -- afraid of foreigners or strangers. His work was best forwarded by finding those who remembered their foundation teachings of one God as lived by Abraham and taught by Mosaic law in the House of Judah. They became the core of Christianity. They were the 'lost sheep' of whom Jesus spoke.

  75. In loving my neighbor, in being kind to others, I think of
    “Speak gently it is better far to rule by love” Hymn#316

    I often think of that line as….It is better to “be ruled” by Love
    than to "be ruled" by fear or doubt..(the fear/doubt thought being..I don't know how to handle this situation or this person)
    Helps me humbly take that “cup of cold water” without fear or trepidation.
    Ruled (guided) by Love ..letting go of illusive ideals, how I imagine it
    (a person, a business, a marriage or relationship, a country, a president
    a pet, a home, the body ect) should be...my job is to behold the perfect man...and in that I am loving God...my purpose, to trust

    In this weeks lesson
    S&H pg579 ....the purpose of Love….to create trust in good…
    Boy I just LOVE that!

    And my favorite from Miscellaneous writings
    9:9 “Love thine enemies” is identical with “Thou hast no enemies”

    And one last hymn#269 Love divine Forever waits to bless

    Thank you Frank What a helpful lift for me
    Seeing we are all perfect with one Father.. We are ALL family
    Love God! and Love your neighbor!...
    ” Love God and Man this great command” Hymn 331

    God, Love is always leading us to love more, including our neighbors
    (next door, near and far away)…it what Love does ..so healing :)
    Thank you for that Frank
    and for the Daily Lift Family next door near and far away
    great comments....from all
    Love 44 and 49 Robert ..great examples of turning to God in prayer
    Thank you for sharing.

  76. Thank you

  77. Thank you, but I wish you would remind people that it's love your neighbor as yourself. My challenge was to love myself'

  78. To #77 Fawn, I've been there, and during those times, however lengthy they may be, it helps to reverse the thoughts, still keeping with the Christian goal, by working to love our neighbors of all kinds of descriptions, and using that, to wiggle our thought of our own self in with the concept. If only able to love barely beyond those easy to love, work from that point and expand. Knowing and working with why we can, why we should, we get to where we can and do love as the loved of our Father. Without Love, divine Love, no one would be lovable, nor would it be possible to love since love would not exist. Because Love is, however, then we can work within that holy framework and like a garden starting with tilling the soil, even with just a fork to use if its the only tool we have, we can sow “love thought seeds”, and watch sprouting and growth, and someday soon, there is fruition. In gardens, if we only have mastered tomatoes, we can add more veggies & flowers as we get better, and so it is with loving our neighbor and loving ourself, we are growing in God's garden of Love, and we have divine help.

  79. Simply put; simply understoond, and simply must be put into practice at all times and under all circumstances! Thank you for the healing reminder!

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