10/12: Love is before thee

10/12: Love is before thee

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  1. Thank you. Wherever I go, I can only meet with Love today. Uplifting and joy producing. So good to hear from you.

  2. Soooo timely this evening! I'm very grateful...Love is right here.

  3. What a tender lesson is awaiting us in any situation! Thank you for the practical illustration of valuing and acknowledging the omnipresence of Love and the law of Love governing all in harmony. Its so much easier to go forward when we know Love is before us--our very source and aim.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful truth. It's just what I needed to know right now.

  5. Thanks for the reminder, Frank. That gives me a basis for no-matter-what cheerfulness.

  6. That chaotic Congo traffic proves how unreliable the limited material senses are, doesn't it? With Love at the helm, governing and going before us, things that appear totally topsy turvy turn out right. Amazing. What cannot our divine Principle do! This is a good reminder to throw all our human assumptions and speculations out the window, huh? Thanks, Frank.

  7. So good to hear of this wonderful example where respect for our fellow men and a corresponding sense of responsiblity - lead, protect and govern. Thereby allowing every one a greater sense of freedom and safety.

  8. Thank you for this wonderfully uplifting Truth! On a day like this, fillwed with hope and seeing the glory of a bright, autumn day all around, our hearts leap with joy to see Love all around, and going before us! Thank you, Frank, for bringing this fruit of the Kingdom of Heaven to thought, today!

  9. Thank you for the connection of God's everpresent loving control with traffic. With the recent study showing the correlation of driver inattention with accidents this is a wonderful way to view our roads and traffic wherever we live. Your observation that drivers in Kinshasa are more aware of their neighbors is a telling clue, too. A lesson for us all. Good.

  10. Many thanks for this uplift Frank, it was just what I needed to hear. Work is very challenging at the moment, and to know Love is already there waiting for me to arrive this morning is just so inspiring. Love makes it's presence known, and each one of us can feel its all-encompassing and protective power, and those around us will feel it's healing presence. "divine Love alone governs man", and we "reflect the sweet amentities of Love" (Man 40). Nothing erroneous can influence or touch us, because Love is already there, lighting the path.

    Blessed day to our world-wide family. Jo

  11. Thanks so much! Its so up-lifting to know that wherever we are, Love is right there with us. Thanks so much for reminding us.

  12. Thank you, Frank, this is just what I needed to know today!

  13. Thank you Frank. These daily lifts are so wonderful. I look forward to them every morning and ponder them throughout the day. I enjoy reading all the comments too. Love is really meeting our needs all the time wherever we are around the world.

  14. thank you Frank. This is what i needed tonight after a stressful day at work..Very inspiring.I should always keep in mind that Love is before me what ever my situation is . again thank you.

  15. Thanks very much Frank...how helpful to be reminded about the over-riding and caring influence of divine Principle!

  16. Thank you for reminding us that Love is alway before and with us.

  17. Thank you. It made me think that there has never been a time when we were out of God's loving care or out of Love's kingdom of divine law.

  18. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of Mrs. Eddy's words. For me, Love is the most important name for God. I have experienced many healings simply by burrowing deeper into God's love for me and loving my neighbor as God loves them. Thank you for spreading the Word and have a great day!

  19. I enjoyed your uplift today. It reminded me of our experience of traffic in Cairo, Egypt where the same seemingly chaotic hordes of traffic jostle day by day and yet we witnessed no accident. There has to be a higher law in operation there as I am sure there is on every highway human or divine. So good to be reminded.Thank you.

  20. I experienced a flood of heart felt gratitude for your message this morning. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  21. Thank you for the humbling thought of God's omnipresence on this our Thanksgiving Day. Much love.

  22. I'm going through a divorce..... thank you.

  23. Frank! I've had exactly the same experience in Bangalore, India. Families of five would travel together on a fast moped with no helmets. I knew immediately that it was their faith in God that allowed them to do this and divine Mind that kept everything in order. There could be no other explanation. Danke, dass Sie Ihre Geschichte mitgeteilt haben.

  24. Your experience of feeling the immediate presence of God amidst what looked like utter chaos is indeed illustrative of His nearness no matter what the circumstances may appear to be. It's a powerful reminder that we can never be outside His allness!

  25. Thank you. What a great reminder!

  26. Our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy says "love, love, love." I'm grateful for the Love which surrounds each and every one of us and leads us through our day.....and what a joy to know that Love is already and waiting for us!

  27. Thank you. Now let us spread this divine Love in our daily experience, healing the brokenhearted, the sick, the homeless, the wartorn, the bereft, the lonely, the disabled, those who have experienced injury, loss of any kind - physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, or whatever. These mortal beliefs made manifest in the human experience are crying out for healing. I am looking for ways to open my heart to spread this wonderful truth that we share here on this page and in our churches and societies and in Christian Science as we practice it daily. And let us rejoice that we have this opportunity!

  28. Dear Frank, I got at least three wonderful messages from your uplift. 1. that in every situation, even where it seems extreme and all bad, divine Love, God, is there commanding the situation, even before we are aware of it; 2. that when we respect the higher law of God's goodness and love, we naturally, and effortlessly obey the 2nd commandment to love one another 3. that whatever the cirucumstance Love, God, is what creates and governs (not our human laws, or efforts), and that this is done harmoniously such that everything unravels with perfection, and to the benefit of all.

  29. even without stop signs and traffic signals if we ,behind the wheel, listen tel, Love guides us safely and we do not get distracted by the activities of others.

  30. Thanks so much! When Love is the motivator and motivation it makes the way, doesn't it? We can be so grateful for Christian Science and its all-encompassing Divine Principle, Life, Truth, and Love, and our spiritual ability to understand and follow its lead. The higher the climb, the greater the view!! Love to all.....

  31. Thank you for that thought. My daughter was just in icy road condtions feeling somewhat fearful. Without knowing this situation I had been praying that there is no situation where God is not! Of course, all is well.

  32. Thank you for the wonderful promise of God's ever-presence, and the reminder to love.

  33. Much gratitude to you for "lifting" my thought to the reassurance from
    Mary Baker Eddy that divine Love is not only there before our need,
    but is waiting for our receptive thought to save, guide, and heal! Thank
    you for your effective example in living Christian Science.

  34. Thank you Frank. It is so comforting to be reminded of this statement by Mrs. Eddy. Love is always with us. Your experience in traffic attests to the truth of the statement in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures that "Mind is the source of all movement, and there is no inertia to retard or check its perpetual and harmonious action."

  35. Thank you.for your message. We are surprised to be loved in advance and know that Love is the universal language. With Love we are always save here and there. "He stood me up on a wide open field. I stood there saved-Surprised to be loved." Ps. 18:19


  36. Vielen Dank. Thanks. I love this thought.

  37. I will take this thought out into the school today with the children.Thank you so much for this comfort and reminder that God goes before. Merrilyn

  38. Many thanks for this, Frank. Wintry weather conditions and massive traffic jams cannot keep us from the omnipresent protection of God who is with us wherever we go in life, every single day and night.

  39. Loved the Congo visual and that comforting Love is always there first. Thank you!!

  40. I thought about an idea I love to keep in thought when I enter a busy freeway. I am going in to do the freeway dance. We have lovely long hills here to see traffic ahead and when you think of it all in harmony with God's laws, the cars that enter and exit are like dancers coming on and off the stage. There is a definite movement of a curve in their actions and it never interferes with another car. This to me is Love's law in action. Beautiful! never harmful!
    I thank Mary Baker Eddy for sending Christian Science to Germany all those years ago so that you, Frank and so many others can join in our universe of good.

  41. Frank, you have reminded me of my husband who experienced the same situation and he said exactly the same thing that this cannot work in western world. But there again as you said there are not much accident..This is a proof that God does not allow bad happenings but only created love and joy, perfect being. Only in the mortal thinking that needs to be switch off, so that we can see and feel the Love God, being there all the time. before everything every where. Because love is before us. I tell you, my husband enjoys his driving in my country, he dance with them. Thank you Frank, for this inspiration.

  42. Thank you Frank. Just what I needed today, indeed a Daily Lift!

  43. Simply Comforting. Thanks!

  44. Your voice is so filled with love! What a good message for me to cherish during the week and this weekend when I'm going to be in the Nike SFO Marathon (my first) with 20,000 other people!!! I think #28 sums it up perfectly for the race scene.
    With joy and gratitude to all!

  45. Thank you very much Frank. Psalms 18:32, with paraphrase, puts it thusly: "It is God (Love) that ..... maketh my (mental high-) way perfect." Mary Baker Eddy says, "The right way wins the right of way, even the way of Truth and Love....." (Miscellany p. 232).

  46. What a wonderful way to start the week; to know that God, good, goes before us. We don't have to be tempted to accept anything but harmony....no matter what scene is presented to us!
    Thanks, I needed that!

  47. Thank you, Frank - I love how you brought the thought of traffic into this wonderful sense of Love, and God's unerring direction. I also loved #40 - Sally's thoughts on entering a freeway - the "freeway dance" - that is such an uplifting thought - and one that I will now use every time I enter the freeway! The idea that Love is always there before us is so reassuring!

  48. From the Lesson Sermon today, I've chosen to concentrate on "turning from sin to loose sight of mortal selfhood and recognize the divine sonship". What a tall order! Then your Daily Lift opened my heart to realize that the Lord is ever before me showing how to accomplish my goal today: "turn, loose, and recognize". Blessings for this beautiful enlightenment.

  49. What a great thought. I was recently in India where I experienced something very similar. God and Love are in control even when the situation does not seem to be.

  50. The traffic on my island is very slow. I often get exasperated ,but after reading all the wonderful thoughts that have been shared I will work on changing my thought. I can slow down and be grateful for the magnificent colors and feel Love's creation all around me . I'll work more on gratitude!

  51. What came to thought immediately after listening to your healing message was Hymn #53..."Ever lasting arms of Love, are beneath, around, above." No matter where we are, Love is infinitely available for all. What a perfect way to start the day!! Have a blessed day!!.

  52. Vielen Dank! I love the idea of Love already being where I need to go and having prepared a harmonious experience. Viele Gruesse an mein geliebtes Hamburg!

  53. Thank you Frank, I'm struggling with something and it is good to be reminded that Love is always there before us.

  54. I couldn't agree with you more about the traffic. We have experienced the same situation in parts of Africa and China. You said it so exactly. We too, saw the harmony, protection, and order and attributed to God's allness and operating presence. Thank you for remind me ot this.

  55. Thank you for sharing how God's love leads the way and ensures harmony for all humanity.

    I love the idea that before I pick up and move somewhere, God is already there guarding and guiding the way. Thank you Frank!!!

  56. Thank you, Frank, for sharing this assurance with such humor and tenderness. Exactly what I needed to hear as I struggle with some health and work challenges -- knowing that God, Love has a perfect plan, and is touchingly near.

    Thanks again, my friend.

  57. Hey friends,

    thank you for all your wonderful comments and great ideas!!!
    Good to know you all out there in God´s Love and in one mind.

    Thank´s again !! from Hamburg

  58. Hey Frank I hope you read this. You remind me of how I like to look at traffic. As a Dancer. I look to see it all under the ONE Choreographer. A beautiful flow of movement. I experienced, driving home with a car filled with passengers and we were going down a fairly steep road toward a traffic-lights, of a big intersection. It was raining hard and I was driving too fast, to come to a stop, safely. I knew intinctively that GOD was here, and had complete control and I was only expecting good. As we skidded to a halt just in time and very close to another car. My only reation was as if I had done some circus trick and said "Tada !"
    P.S. I was coming from my association meeting with two Journal Practitioners on board. A joyous drive home, safely. Thank-You for your reminding me of this.

  59. Danke fuer die Story! Ich fand die alltaegliche Perspektive hilfreich da sie mich dazu anregt, anscheinende Normalitaeten geistig frisch zu bewerten. Toller Anstoss.

  60. Before leaving to start my day with my son, your message alerted me for what God had in store. Each worker I encountered, each business I entered, each moment I was about my day, Love was showing me how much those surrounding me loved their job, loved each other, and was caring for each need beautifully. One new business opening today for the first time had 5, 6, 7, or 8 people to greet me as I entered to place a small order, and to sample their new menu. I marveled at how each of them, speaking two different languages, was in training to demonstrate how much they loved their job, their first day of working at this new business. I love witnessing Love in action.

  61. Thanks for a loving thought today!

  62. Hi Friends - such a fine Daily Lift...and it reminds me of something about driving in big cities that I read in a recent CSJ, something I shared with a biologist named Dan in an email...first is his reply, second is the quote from the Journal - my apologies for it being lengthy!

    Re: Final call for Peru banding trip Sep 26-Oct 8?
    From: Daniel R Froehlich
    Sent: Tue 7/21/09 12:26 PM
    To: Tina Wynecoop

    What a neat story and how it ties to our experiences together! Thanks for sharing that--I'd forgotten that incident. It's funny, having grown up in the NYC area, I find Seattle drivers at times so carefulthat I think of their generosity to pedestrians dangerous at times.All you have to do is look at the road and drivers screech to a halt,threatening a pileup from behind! Dan

    [Below is my posting to the biologist about our birdbanding trip to Peru when the traffic caught me off guard and sharp intakes of breath on my part (I was sure we were going to be killed ) were not appreciated much by him:]

    When our team rode in a van from the bed and breakfast in Lima to the airport, I irritated you, and myself, by gasping at the driver's daring maneuvers. Recently I found this couple of paragraphs in a journal whcih I subscribe to, and as a form of apology to you, and for me, enlightenment, I share them:
    "The [CS]Board took a four hour drive to my hometown of Pune, India, a city known for its colleges and industrial suburbs. Buses, trucks, and cars of various sizes have their side-view mirrors folded in so as to weave in and out of tight spaces. At a typical red light, one can literally reach just a few inches outside the car windows to touch the neighboring vehicle. Two-wheelers carry mom, dad, and two kids sandwiched in between. Rickshaws, cycles, hand-pulled carts, and occasionally bullock carts, herds of watger buffalo, and goats make up the traffic. Nate Talbot commented: "I was amazed in some 20 hours of very heavy traffic in major cities not to have seen a single mishap. Only a couple of sirens. That kind of traffic might haved produced dramatically different results in Boston! Does our mentality about traffic perhaps make the difference?"
    From The Christian Science Journal, 07.2009, p.13. So, Dan, I appreciate your "mentality" about traffic - and I want to learn from this traffic experience in a bustling city...as I learned so much from the entire adventure in Peru. How about that - metaphysics in a van! Thanks,
    Tina Wynecoop

  63. Thank you Frank for reminding me of this beautiful and comforting truth of God's ever present Love.

  64. Danke Frank. An inspiring thought to take with us as we head overseas today. God is everywhere and governing all.
    When I have prayed in threatening traffic, I have experienced a sense of each car being pulled along as though by a string, everyone under the same governing Principle. It IS as though choreographed, as others have said. I remember what traffic looks like from a plane - so serene and harmonious - and know that this can be my experience from the ground.

  65. Thank you! Someone picked the perfect music to express harmony. Good to hear your message and the parallel music after being falsely accused ( tho a VERY little issue!).

  66. This is such a comforting and pure thought! How wonderful to be reminded that God's love is with us everywhere we go. His Love is with us and is before us as we approach every event in our lives. Thank you!

  67. Thank You !

  68. Thank you Frank -
    This was a timely and comforting idea as my husband just left for a business trip!

  69. Thanks, Frank. Just what I needed!

  70. DearFrank Thankyou for your wonderful daily lift " love is before you ". Mrs Eddy's words you quoted " you cant be brought into any condition be it ev er so severe where love has not been before thee". brought to my thought a wonderful demonstration of Gods love from my childhood.
    Frank allow me to share this demonstration of Love overcoming hate and casting out fear. This happened not long after the end of the second world war when my family were living on the island of Penang, now part of Malayasia. As a teenager I had a sailing dingy which was moored at a rather remote Malay fishing village and I used to ride my bike down there to do a bit of sailing with friends.
    At the time there was religious unrest, riots and street demonstrations sparked by the forced removal of an European infant who was given by the parents to an maid to care for in the face of the advancing Japanese army in what is now Indonesia. Seven years later the parents returned and forceably recovered the little girl from the Muslin foster mother and put her in a Catholic Convent. Rather badly handled by the authorites
    You guessed it Ernie rode straight into a rather heated demonstration on the beach of the normally peaceful village. I was forceably removed from my bike and tied to a post in my boat shed.
    Heated deliberation went on as to what to do with me. At first I was just angery at the way they were treating me, this soon gave way to fear and terror of what could happen .Though I had never been to sunday school or Church , my mother was a Christian Scientist and I had been brought up with the Sermon on the Mount and Mrs Eddys Mothers Evening Prayer and turning to God in times of trouble. Turn to God I did, imediately the words of the hymn, "Oh gentle presence, peace and joy and power" just seemed to drift into my thinking. Then the most amazing sense of Love enveloped me and the scene in front of me was enveloped in light, as if seeing the world through rose tinted glasses. The whole mood of the gathering had changed, then a friend from school spoke up for me and the Muslim Cleric just walked up and cut me free.
    When I got home some members of the family wanted to get the police and army in to punish the villages for what they had done to me. Mother said no, definitely NO ,indicating that Love had been demomstrated and we needed to forgive and move on. How gratefull I am for that decision, I was imediately able to go back into that village and was welcomed with open arms. It tourned out that the school friend that spoke up for me was the Cleric's son. I got to love that man and learned many things about the Mary's in the Bible, only in recent times have I come to realize that he was a follower of the Sufi Prophetess Rabia. Like Mrs Eddy and Christanity, the leader of the metaphysical element of Islam. I have experienced that wonderful sense of Love many times since and had lovely healings, Like Jacob at Peniel just wanted to cling onto it and not let it go.

  71. Thank you - very timely. A practitioner and I were just speaking today about how love is the only economic transaction going on between me and prospective employers so all I need to do is love each one of them and your reminder of Eddy's line that Love has gone before fits right in - Love is with the employers before they even see me and my expression of Love, so as I love myself and them, there can only be a good Christly conversation between us.

  72. Vielen Dank =)
    Ich hatte einen schönen Tag mit dem Wissen, dass Gott überall ist guten Gedanken...thx!
    -From Hannover (Germany)

  73. What a wonderful message to keep in mind while driving. It promotes a sense of community and brotherly love. I have a new goal--to keep this spiritual point of view in thought while I am on the road. Driving in California can be challenging. I know staying within this atmosphere if thought will make a huge difference!

  74. What a wonderful reminder!! Here in Southern California it sometimes seems that one is taking their life in their hands to get on any freeway. Your message reminded me that Divine Love has been before, beside and after all of us on these freeways, and to be very truthful, I have never seen an accident happen, so it has to be true!!!

  75. (1ra Iglesia Científico y Miscelánea 149:35)
    “Re cuer da, no pue des ser llevado a ninguna circunstancia, por más grave que sea, en la que el Amor no haya es ta do an tes que tú y en la que su tier na lección no te es té es pe rando”. Con esto constantemente en nuestro pensamiento estamos preparados para cualquier cosa que el día pone en nuestro camino.

    (MY 149) Mrs. Eddy gives us a tall order, ” Remember, thou canst be brought into no condition be it ever so severe, where Love has not been before thee and were its tender lesson is not awaiting thee.” With this constantly in our thoughts we are prepared for anything the day throws our way.

  76. I was sitting at my computer reading my mails when I overheard a conversation that made me feel sad. Going through my mail I realized I had not read this message.

    It was so appropriate, it was as if God was speaking directly to me about the situation. I will certainly hold to this message.


  77. Nice to see past the visual to see the order of Mind. Thanks for sharing this.

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