10/11: It never happened!

10/11: It never happened!

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  1. Thank you, Christine! An early healing for me was that of nightmares. I was glad to be reminded that we need not remove any elephants!

  2. So healed! So free! So, thank you, God.

  3. Thank you, Christine. True, nothing happened, " Every day makes its demands upon us for higher proofs rather than professions of Christian power. These proofs consist solely in the destruction of sin, sickness, and death by the power of Spirit, as Jesus destroyed them. This is an element of progress, and progress is the law of God, whose law demands of us only what we can certainly fulfil." (S7H 233:1) All these wonderful tiny bits of wisdom all you lecturers bring to us, that keep us alert to what it really matters, are just so valuable!
    History should serve to teach us the lessons needed to advance, they are the necessary steps for progress. Nothing should scar us but need only be a lesson for progress.

    Gracias, Cristina. Es verdad, nada sucedió, "Cada día nos exige pruebas más convincentes y no meras profesiones de poder cristiano. Esas pruebas consisten únicamente en la destrucción del pecado, la enfermedad y la muerte por el poder del Espíritu, como Jesús los destruía. Ése es un elemento de progreso, y el progreso es la ley de Dios, cuya ley nos exige sólo lo que podemos cumplir con seguridad.“ (CyS 233:1)
    ¡Estos maravillosos pedacitos de sabiduría que ustedes los conferenciantes nos traen, que nos mantienen atentos a lo que realmente importa, son tan valiosos!
    La historia debe servir para enseñarnos las lecciones necesarias para avanzar, son los pasos necesarios para el progreso. Nada debe dejar cicatrices sino ser una lección para el progreso.

  4. Wow! Just what I needed to hear -- right now. Thank you Christine.

  5. Oh, you have no idea how much I needed to hear this right now - thank you!

  6. This lift inspires great peace within. Love it.Thank You!

  7. It was all just a bad dream, It never happened! Thanks for the uplift.

  8. Thank you, for those timely thoughts that a dream is not our reality, rather, the omnipresence of God is our sure safe keeping from illusive terrorizing fears.

  9. What wonderful thoughts Thank you

  10. As Mary Baker Eddy writes in our Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, "Mortal existence is a dream..."Is there any more reality in the waking dream of mortal existence than in the sleeping dream? There cannot be, since whatever appears to be a mortal man is a mortal dream. Take away the mortal mind, and matter has no more sense as a man than it has as a tree. But the spiritual, real man is immortal." (S&H 250:6 (to ;),22 Is)

  11. Thank you, Christine. I was just telling my daughter today, while driving her back to Converse, that the last time I did this research, there were seven Christian Science periodical articles with this title.

    Driving at 70-75 miles an hour between Austin and Converse, Texas yesterday, suddenly my daughter reached over to warn me that I was traveling too close to the car ahead at that speed. Actually, I was about to move into the fast lane to pass that car, but she had broken my concentration, and I braked to lessen my speed and turned the wheel to get into the left lane. To my surprise, the car moved strangely, swerving to the lane on my left, then to the other lane to the right! I held tightly to the steering wheel and got the car to settle down. I was so grateful there were no cars in the lanes on both sides of the lane we were in! There was a huge trailer on my right, but behind me, and lots of other vehicles travelling at the same speed.

    On the way to Converse yesterday to pick up my daughter, I had been praying about safety (and including everyone). Also, I was joyously working on a song about merci and gracias, mercy and grace, and gratitude to God. Now I had a significant experience to feel all of it.

    We certainly had our proof that God is in control, and the idea that it never
    happened is so important to completely dispel that Adamic dream. So thank you, again.

  12. I just sent in my comment, but I may have forgotten to include my name.
    Anyway, thank you, Christine. We just demonstrated the truth that God is in control, and it never happened completely dispels that Adamic dream.

  13. thanks. is there any difference between a good dream and a bad one?

  14. Thanks Cristine for the good thoughts.

  15. Thank you Christine, it's a profound idea in our daily work to know, what is real or only an imagination. This delivers from burdens and makes us free. Again my thanks to the Lift-team giving us this 'daily bread'.

  16. I went to bed last night praying to see through the dream of a very disappointing experience, so I am doubly grateful for the message of this Lift. God's 'harmonious control' and 'intelligent government' have always been the reality.
    Dear Christine, thank you.

  17. Thanks, this was just what I needed today. Have been going over and over some things that are just getting in the way of my life. Needed to know they never were a problem to put them back in their place of nothingness. How freeing this is and how blessed I am to have CS in my life to show me this.

  18. Thanks - we all need to wake up to our present perfection!

  19. Thanks for the reminder that where ever I go, I am under Gods care. Error has no control, no reality, no place, in His world, and as His reflection, error can not touch me. All erronious contact... "it never happened!"

  20. Wonderful ! Powerful ! What an awesome wake-up call for the first morning of the new week. Indeed " This is the day the Lord hast made.
    Be glad give thanks ,Rejoice.........."
    Thank you Christine .You are so consistent in providing the right lift at the needed time.

  21. Thanks Christine, isn't it wonderful to know that we all are God's children, created in His/Her image and likeness; perfect, whole, upright and free. We always have been and always will be, and any other testimony is a lie or dream, that has absolutely no real power. We have only to look at the true model, Christ, to see, know, and feel what truly is the truth about ourselves, everyone, and everything at each and every moment. As Christ Jesus said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." This is a divine law, which dispells every lie or dream.
    Truth and Love to all!

  22. christine, thank you so much. Your daily lift came to the right time for me.
    Last nights terrible dreams woke me up and I was struggling since, full of fear. You helped me so much.

  23. Thank you, Christine. This idea give us freedom and peace; to feel the divine Love from God - directly, just in this moment!

  24. Thank you, Christine, for this great Lift. How wonderful to realize God is always Love, and Mind. The atmosphere and environment can only be the reflection of Love, and Mind is the truth for every idea of God regardless of the mortal sense testimony, . I downloaded the eThanksgiving Lesson today and it's a great one! It certainly keeps us aware of all that is really going on. Thanks again, Christine.

  25. Thank you Christine for that inspiring lift on security. Yes, " We are "always under God's [divine Love's] harmonious control'. "Let me rest secure on Thee,\ Safe above life's raging sea." (Christian Science Hymnal #293)

  26. This includes the belief of accidents as well, which I have been handling. I am grateful to hear this Lift. Thank you Christine for your insight, and thank you Mrs. Eddy for bringing Christian Science to the world.

  27. Thank you Christine and all the contributors, including the Daily Lift Team.
    Yesterday afternoon, my husband seemed to experience a sharp pain in his head. He is not a student of Christian Science, but attends Church services with me as he loves hearing the Truth. When he said he felt that, he immediately said, "it was nothing". But since he spoke of the experience, fear at different times, seemed constant. However, after listening to your message, I've felt God's Love, and will review this during the day instilling calm and comfort. "There is NO fear in Love, but perfect Love casteth out fear". And I remember the many uses for F E A R that, like the so-called "elephant" is a dream. NOTHING. Thank you one and all.

  28. Thank you very much for the great uplift as well as for the lovely tune.

  29. Thank you Christine, these lifts and comments are helping me so much in my daily life thank you all

  30. Thank you. That was a nice lift! :)

  31. "Spot on" Christine. As you said, in dealing with a so-called problem. there are no regrets because "it didn't happen." God, infinite Mind, is All-in-all. All man can experience is the unfoldment of that Mind through the Christ. We must rise to absolute. Thanks again.

  32. Thank you, Christine!...and also the comments following are helpful, too...It ALL helps...

  33. Thank you for the great lift. So all we have is the perfection of now.

  34. Thank you for that wonderful reminder that "it never happened" all error is a dream and never happened because it does not come from God. Thank you.

  35. What a wonderful way to be reminded that God is always taking care of us. Thank you A great way to start my day...
    I love making Elephants go away...

  36. Thanks Christine for such uplifting thoughts. This is what i have to be reminding myself about all the time when am dealing with a challenge rather than ruminating over it as if it ever really happened or has power.
    I was just woken up from one of those dreams after listening to your great lift.

  37. In reference to comment #15, perhaps this quotation from Science & Health, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 460, will shed more light.

    "Sickness is neither imaginary nor unreal, — that is, to the frightened, false sense of the patient. Sickness is more than fancy; it is solid conviction. It is therefore to be dealt with through right apprehension of the truth of being."

  38. What a wonderful thought to start my day and to hold from now on.

  39. Lovely, and goes to the root of every error we would "entertain." Yes, longstanding claims on our mental energy and space do seem so real. But the spiritual logic is irrefutable -- if God is not the cause, "it" never happened. Thanks much for the encouragement to think only from the spiritual base of God's allness.

  40. Thank you so very much Christine, a true and firm uplift.

  41. Thank you, Christine, for this uplifting reminder. This idea has come to me many times, but today, hearing it in this pod cast, was the alarm bell I needed. Now I can wake up and be free.

  42. My friend told me of her childhood, how she longed for love and was never once praised. I said" It was but a dream, forgive them for their dream" We had a big laugh as we rested in our Mother's arms and our Father's palm, with one family, all awake full of faith in our Master and Leader. Thank you Christian and all contributors.

  43. Thank you Christine for the uplift..it has given me an idea to work with. TY..

  44. What delightful music accompanied this lift - thanks! And this was a much needed lift as I have had trouble replaying past painful experiences - especially when hearing or reading testimonies of others whose experiences under the same conditions were so good. The "why me" lie can be very powerful - but a bad dream, whatever it may be, is still just a dream and as you say "nothing happened." Thanks so much!

  45. Thanks for the wonderful reminder Christine. Only God, good, guards, guides, and governs no matter how much mortal mind tries to tell us differently either when asleep or awake.

  46. Gracias Cristina y aunque me guio sólo por los comentarios puedo ver que nos dices que no debemos vivir de recuerdos sino mirar hacia adelante ya que nuestra real vida es espiritual y no está sujetas a leyes materiales ni a sueños engañosos que nos alejan de lo real y eterno, el Amor divino, tampoco somos deudores de errores pasado ya que somos imagen de Dios, pero sí tenemos un camino a recorrer, el que nos señaló el cristo.
    Espero haber entendido bien, gracias y espero que la traducción esté correcta.

    Thanks Cristina and although I am guided only by the comments I can see that we say that we should not live on memories, but look forward as our spiritual life is real and is not subject to material laws or deceptive dreams that keep us from the real and eternal, divine Love, we are not indebted to past mistakes because we are God's image, but do have a way to go, which we noted the Christ.

  47. What a powerful basis for our daily, hourly, minute-to-minute, and second-to-second prayer! Thank you!

  48. Christine, thank you for your precious nugget. The Truth in one little, awesome message. I know that I will put it to good use.

  49. Thank you so much, Christine, for the so important reminder that everything discordant never had a beginning and so never is. Knowing this, prayer - understanding what is real and what is unreal - can heal even things which seem to have happened in the past! - Uplifting, indeed!

  50. I have a question for Christine and any of the C.S. listeners and commenters out there: How does Christian Science deal with the fact that people do dishonest, abusive acts? Does C.S. just say, "Oh, it never happened"? Does C.S. say you don't have to acknowledge that you did something wrong and then atone or make amends for it? Does C.S. just let people "off the hook" with "it never happened"? I really don't think this is what the Bible says. As humans we are flawed and make mistakes, but if we are really willing to admit that we were wrong and are willing to take it to God with a deeply repentant heart and with a desire to make amends and to right the wrong, we will experience freedom from the hurt and guilt and will be cleansed and made ready to go forward again.

    Would love to hear comments on this!

  51. Christine..
    thank you so much
    I join the many who say "this is just the right idea that is needed for this day!" The error Never happened! This is just the healing message that covers the whole ground...
    of error / fears that can seem so real...but is just the dream we know
    to deny and awake from, and be free.

  52. I love the idea that F E A R stands for "false evidence appearing real".
    This has helped me calm my thought and listen for ideas from God/good that supply my need at that moment. I am no longer "falsely brave" which can lead to reckless actions that can endanger others. Instead I feel more calm and uplifted to be of service to others.
    Thank you for your lovely daily lift.

  53. Thank you for the reminder to stay awake and spiritually alert...watch, watch, watch...then we are living in the reality and not dreaming the mortal nightmare.

  54. Thank you Christine

  55. This is a great reminder that what seems to be wrong, can't be. It's only a dream. Thank you very much!

  56. Absolutely the best thing to hear on this very day! I have been struggling with negative thoughts about my "second" career, one which I am re-starting after years doing something else. All the "bad news" about jobs and the economy does not help, except in reminding me that I am not part of that as God is in control, not the media. Nightmares are so easy to wake up from because they just AREN'T!
    Thank you!

  57. Christine thank you!

  58. Thank you so much Christine for these powerful and spiritual ideas for today! We are praying together to the harmonious rescue of the miners of the Chile. The technology's aid was important, but the presence of divine Love with all miners and their familiars was the most relevant and omnipresent force to overcoming all dificulties and support all unfolding and effort to human salvation. Also the presence of the light of Christ was what inspired all actions and solutions and it provides the ever present divine Consolation for all, and divine light in the darkness of that remote underground place. Thanks God for be the only Life! Thanks to Christian Science that teaches us openly the power of divine law always in action here and every where!

    [See Psalm 23 in Science and Health on p. 578]

  59. In Spanish:

    Christine muchas gracias por estas ideas de gran alcance y espiritual de hoy! Estamos orando juntos por el rescate armonioso de los mineros de Chile. La ayuda de la tecnología es importante, pero la presencia del Amor divino a todos los mineros y sus familias fue la fuerza más importante y omnipresente para superar todas las dificultades y el apoyo de todos los progresos y los esfuerzos para la salvación humana. También la presencia de la luz de Cristo fue lo que inspiró a todas las acciones y soluciones, y ofrece los consuelos de Dios, siempre presente para todos, y la luz divina en la oscuridad de ese lugar remoto de profundidad en la tierra. Gracias a Dios por ser la única Vida! Gracias a la Ciencia Cristiana nos enseña abiertamente que el poder de la ley divina en acción aquí siempre y en todas partes!

    [Véase el Salmo 23 de la Ciencia y la Salud en la página 578]

  60. When I open my email message there's a button that says "quick look"...this has to do with any attachments that accompany the message. When I click on "quick look" the attachment quickly opens and I can read it in short order.

    When one of these "never happened dreams" seems to be assertive and persistent I turn to my "quick look" for the day. It can be as simple as one word like trust, complete, perfect, satisfied...or a short statement of truth like God rules this day or progress is active right now as the LAW of my being. As I apply and hold to the "quick look" the "never happened dream" vanishes...why? because "it never happened."

    The activity of the Christ comes to the forefront of my thought and I am at peace. I now see the light on my path and I am able to follow with JOY and GRATITUDE.

    Thank you so much Christine for this inspiring "lift"...and to each and every person responsible for producing these healing messages, God bless you.

  61. Thank you, thank you, thank you. That was a beautiful daily lift!

  62. Yes, Bev (#50), our mistakes do need to be redeemed. But we are often our own worst enemy. So even if we have been the one to do wrong, or made a mistake, we can learn from that mistake. But we can also be healed of the guilt and grief by recognizing ourselves and everyone involved as the perfect man, made in God's image and likeness. And that not only frees us, but also anyone who might have been hurt in the process. Hope this helps.

    And I also would like to add my thanks to Christine, for today's very helpful and healing Lift.

  63. First a big thank-you to Christine. Just what I need today (and every day).
    Re Bev's post (#50), I would answer that absolutely speaking dishonesty or any other sin never happened because it isn't of God nor can exist in God's allness. But humanly it is essential to recognize what in one's thoughts is not like the divine and cast it out. Mary Baker Eddy doesn't mince words on this. She speaks of the mission of Christian Science not just in terms of physical or mental healing, but destroying sin. So just trying to sweep sin away by saying "it never happened" without the conscious understanding of God's Allness and man's unity with God, will not bring the regeneration needed to rise higher. Just as MBE writes in both absolute and relative terms, so Christine's message is a statement of absolute truth.

  64. Thank you Christine, for this funny illustration using elephants invading our home and trampling our furniture to describe how dreams fade the minute we find ourselves awake to reality. This is a great Lift describing the gentle transforming power of Christ with us, tenderly voicing the true idea that we are never outside of divine Love's sweet control.

  65. Awesome! This is perfect for me to hear today! Thank you for this powerful thought!

  66. Thank you so much for these comments. They come at just the right time for me, since there seemed to be a confrontation between the front of my car and a deer on Saturday, just the title "It never happened" helps tremendously. I have been working with this for two days and have had progress with the realization of Life that IS and ever will be and accidents that are NOT, and never were.
    Again thank you, this was exactly what I had to hear today!
    Much love from GA.

  67. To NO. 50: Mary Baker Eddy writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures on page 253: 18: } Ifyou believe in and practice wrong knowingly, you can at once change your course and do right." Mrs. Eddy often speaks of "right thinking." To my sense of the "it never happened," tends to be a physical thing. I fell--it never happened. I tripped--it never happened. I burned myself--it never happened, that sort of thing. This morning I touched something very hot--it never happened and therefore there is no effect of that mistaken incident. As for dreams, in Science and Health, p. 249:21, "God never slumbers, and His likenes never dreams." So there you have it.

  68. Thank- you Christine! Your lift brings great peace to me.

  69. Thank you, Jan #62 and Joan #63! Very helpful in separating the Absolute thought from the Relative. Problem is in my C.S. family growing up and (I've noticed with quite a few other C.S.ers) - there is this strange thing with C.S.ers about not wanting to admit that they made a mistake, committed a sin, hurt someone badly, etc. and then (because it isn't "real" or "never happened") they don't know how to apologize deeply from the Heart, to make Amends and thus heal themselves and the other person. Instead a lot of stuff gets "shoved under the rug" and nothing really gets healed or handled. Instead we all go on and have superficial relationships, talk about it to others behind their backs, but never really deal with the reality of what happened and how to make Amends and move on.

    Any more comments out there?

  70. Yep. Eddy got it right: "There never was a moment when evil was real."
    But we do need reminders! Such a good one, Christine. Many thanks.

  71. To dear # 66
    Once when I told God that I did not like thinking of the dove as breakfast for the hawk, (viewing the feather evidence), the answer was: "That's not how the dove sees it." Oh, good, of course not. The dove went right on flying!

  72. I LOVE this daily lift. It is so important to remember this! It reminds me of where Mrs. Eddy wrote, "Starting from a higher standpoint, one rises spontaneously, even as light emits light without effort; for "where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Science and Health page 262. This lift is so reassuring and so comforting. Thanks!

  73. Thank you so much for that beautiful message, Christine. I am infinitely grateful for these daily lifts. Sometimes I share them with none Christian Science friends because I know that no matter what religion we are, the Truth is connected with each and everyone of us, and they too can be blessed. I am humbly grateful that we have our Father-Mother God for our "wake-up" call; to know that we are in His constant care and in perfect harmony; pure, perfect, whole, complete and eternal!!! Have a blessed day!!!

  74. Oh, also to number 50, all throughout Science and Health Mrs. Eddy talks about the importance of uncovering sin in order that it may be destroyed. So if I ask myself "Did this horrible thing happen in the Kingdom of Heaven" my answer is, No! Because no evil enters into the Kingdom. So then where does the bad thing happen? It happens only in human consciousness. Why does it happen? Because human thought sometimes accepts the lie of evil as part of reality. But "It never happened" is the absolute truth in spiritual reality, and when we understand that better, we can apply that truth to whatever situation for the very purpose of lessening and destroying evil, disease, and mortality, until finally, "When the last trumpet sounds" we have overcome the lie in all its forms. But there is no glib sense of "it never happened". It is a deep spiritual seeing beyond the evidence of the senses that enables us to change the evidence before us, and that results in healing. So it isn't pretending that bad things are not happening in human thought. It is knowing that they are not going on in the divine Mind, and that we can have this mind and destroy evil, by knowing that it never happened in spiritual reality, the Kingdom of Heaven, where we all in reality dwell, right now. You can't get out of the infinite scope of God's ever presence. I see this lift as so powerful in the context of applying a wonderful spiritual fact to any given problem! This is how loving God is! "It Never Happened".

  75. P.S. I know that as a little girl and later as a mature woman, Mrs. Eddy talked to God about her mistakes (sins) and acknowledged them and asked for His forgiveness. Why don't we talk about THIS more in Christian Science?

    Perhaps this Silence and Refusal to acknowledge what's really going on is one of the causes of the decline of the Religion and Church Attendance????

    Would love to hear comments on this!

  76. The very essence of Christian Science--that we sometimes overlook when we try to get too analytical. thanks.

  77. For #50: Having had good experience in correction of mistakes, let me share what has been most effective. It's always to begin with the beginning, that is what God knows about me as a beloved child. I get pretty specific about the mistake. That is, if it has involved selfish behaviour, I've prayed to know that my nature is to reflect Love rather than to be self-absorbed. As I continue to consider my nature in this light, I've found a road to repentance and most thankfully, more enlightened behaviour, and the result, more settled happiness. The truth about any error acts as a cleansing agent (Mrs. Eddy uses the term "alterative" I believe). What solidifies the healing, however, is to realize that my true Godlike nature is the eternal truth about me. This is true about everyone. Gaining surer footing in this spiritual fact tends to harmonize relationships as nothing else can.

  78. Just a dream. God has never lost control of us. Excellent thought!

  79. Thanks Christine!

  80. A fantastic lift- exactly when I most needed it!

  81. Thanks so much, /Tina. My "elephant" has been the dream of a supposed
    stroke in April of 2009. So appreciated your "lift" today to know that
    elephant neer happened. Mr. Eiley wold ot e surprised, but he would be mighty proud of you and all you have accomplished. The Board of
    Lectureship has blessed so many people around the world with the
    Daily Lifts. You an tell by the ocmments from everywhere how much of
    an impact they have been to the folks receiving this daily gift!! Love to you
    and all your famikly members I remember fondly from the Kansas Cy days!!!

  82. Thank you Christine. "It never happened" coincides with our waking up to the reality of Spirit, and to our real spiritual identity. We have only one identity.
    A mortal selfhood is not that identity, and declaring "It never happened" doesn't make any sense while we cling to a false material sense.
    I used this metaphysical process to prevent any ill effects a few months ago when "I" fell and hit my head hard against a metal pipe while working in a basement. I continued working, but continued to "stay awake", and I never had to do anything to my head, buy new furniture or get rid of any elephants.
    To Bev #50, You are on to something - and here is another quotation from Science and Health, pg. 97 "...those who discern Christian Science will hold crime in check." Yes I agree we have work to do, more waking up.
    Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Thanks to everyone here for starting up my thanksgiving day this way.

  83. Nothing happened. How wonderful and refreshing to wakeup to Truth.
    I will not carry the nightmare of yesterday with me, I don't have to, I am awake.
    Thank you Christine

  84. Thank you Bev (#50) for pointing out the need to first uncover sin and destroy it in our own thinking, or else the dream seems to continue on.

    Since divine Love is the God/power of the universe, anytime we do anything that harms another or disobeys God's law of love, it seems to bring suffering because it is like living in a dream world where sin, disease and death govern. In this dream, sin brings suffering. But the Christ love wakes us up from this dream and shows us that obedience to God's laws bring freedom, joy, peace, and wholeness.

    We all make mistakes, usually many of them, and these mistakes can become a burden we carry with us making it very hard to break free of sinful thinking. But if we realize that God made us to be pure, honest, good, and unselfish (Gen. 1), then it enables us to wake up from that dream.

    Mary Baker Eddy explains the logical conclusion of Genesis 1: "The real man cannot depart from holiness, nor can God, by whom man is evolved, engender the capacity or freedom to sin. A mortal sinner is not
    God's man." (S&H 475:28).

    The Bible promises, "If iniquity be in thine hand, put it far away, and let not wickedness dwell in thy tabernacles. For then shalt thou lift up thy face without spot . . . thou shalt forget thy misery, and remember it as waters that pass away.” Job 11:14-16

  85. This lift was answer to a prayer that I didn't even make. I have had such a sense of despair this morning. I know better than to let my thoughts spiral downwards, but it seemed to be happening this morning anyway. I'm so grateful that I decided to check the Daily Lift much earlier today than I usual do, because it will lift me up both physically and mentally today. Thank you to all who make these lifts possible. They are wonderful!

  86. Hi RG Brunswick (#13),

    You ask if there is a difference between a good dream and a bad dream. Goodness is never a dream; it is the reality of existence. Dreams, whether when asleep or awake, are simply the belief in a power apart from God, good; the belief that we are material and subject to sin, disease and death. These are all illusions or dreams because God never created evil in any form and God is the only creator.

    Since God is the only Mind and everpresent, then we are always conscious of infinite goodness as the reality of our being. Affirming that truth in our prayers enables us to be awake and conscious of good even when we appear to be asleep. God is always conscious and conscious only of good; so we, as God's reflection or manifestation, are always conscious of good alone. The more we affirm and recognize that, the more we are able to be conscious of good every moment. It is not a "good dream" we are having, but rather a recognition of our natural state as God's harmonious creation.

  87. Thank you Christine. "It never happened." Such a healing thought.

  88. Mrs. Eddy's illustration of the little girl who had badly hurt her finger and was healed instantly by declaring it had never happened serves as a wake-up call to us adults who pay too much attention to the negative aspects of experience. We can reach that level of knowing "it never happened" as we cultivate childlikeness. We are God's children!

  89. Thanks so much for this very clear daily lift you shared, Christine!

    It reminded me of something I recently read about two students of Mrs. Eddy.

    When they were having difficulty healing a man injured in the Civil War, Mrs. Eddy said to them, "Oh, you must know that there was never a war."

    Thank you!

  90. Thank you for your positive thought and thank you also for the inspiring lecture preparation meeting you gave us yesterday.

  91. A short but oh, so powerful message!!!

  92. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of God's forgiveness--it is like it never happened when God's truth and love wipes out the evidence. to No 50, Bev--I think your Biblical assessment is the same for Christian Scientists. This is how Mary Baker Eddy put it in the the third tenet of Christian Science: "We acknowledge God's forgiveness of sin in the destruction of sin and the spiritual understanding that casts out evil as unreal. But the belief in sin is punished so long as the belief lasts."

    And in another place in her book, Science and Health she tells us how to distinguish when to acknowledge our sin:" If you believe that you are sick, should you say, "I am sick"? No, but you should tell your belief sometimes, if this be requisite to protect others. If you commit a crime, should you acknowledge to yourself that you are a criminal? Yes. Your responses should differ because of the different effects they produce. Usually to admit that you are sick, renders your case less curable, while to recognize your sin, aids in destroying it. Both sin and sickness are error, and Truth is their remedy. The truth regarding error is, that error is not true, hence it is unreal. To prove scientifically the error or unreality of sin, you must first see the claim of sin, and then destroy it. Whereas, to prove scientifically the error or unreality of disease, you must mentally unsee the disease; then you will not feel it, and it is destroyed." Pg 461

  93. To No. 50. Before healing any situation, we begin by seeing ourselves and everyone as made in God's image and likeness, spiritual not mortal. (Gen. 1: 27,31) As such, we are incapable of doing anything that is harmful to another. "Only those, who repent of sin and forsake the unreal, can fully understand the unreality of evil". *(S&H 339:17) In order to see this though, means we need to see things from a spiritual standpoint and NOT from mortal, human thought. It is impossible to understand God from a limited mortal standpoint. "If God, or good, is real, then evil, the unlikeness of God, is unreal. And evil can only seem to be real by giving reality to the unreal. The children of God have but one Mind" *(S&H 470:13-16). If something appears to us not to be good, it is thought that needs to change to see that perfection of God right there where the change needs to take place. "The wrong done another reacts most heavily against one's self. Right adjusts the balance sooner or later." *(S&H 449:7-8) It is not within God to create anything other than what He Himself is, perfect, good. See Psalm 37:37. As we grasp that concept and wipe out or change the picture of mortal thought, we can see that child of God everywhere. Hope this helps. Keep asking, God has all your answers.! A dream is a dream is a dream whether waking or sleeping Thanks Christine for a wonderful Daily Lift!! hugs to all
    *Science and Health with Key to The Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.

  94. Reminds me of yesterday morning when I awoke with such a terrible dread that I had done something wrong and one of my family members would never forgive me,..only to find it was just a dream,..what a relief to find it wasn't real, "it never happened", and so it is in the waking dream, as Mrs Eddy says, in our textbook, Science and Health p.188. " In both the waking and the sleeping dream, the dreamer thinks that his body is material and the suffering is in that body."
    What a joy to be able to use this truth as I go about my day, and apply it to any false reactions that may tempt me to become impressed with their so-called reality. Thank you.

  95. Thanks so much for this glorious reminder that we are never separated from the all good God and never have been.

  96. Last night I was confronted (once again) with a so-called character flaw that has lingered far too long in my life and carries the usual baggage of guilt when it flares up. So, Christine, you can imagine what a relief it was to open this email just now and listen to your Lift, with your example of the furniture-busting elephant as proof that inharmomy, a dream of life in matter and evil in life, cannot possibly exist in God's all-good, all-spiritual and all-harmonious kingdom, which is ALL there is.

    I appreciate the question raised by Bev #50 and the responses to same. A little angel message came to me just now to lift the gloom: If God has given me the meekness wherewith to admit my faults, which He has, then He has also given me the dominion with which to defeat and destroy them. May they scurry into oblivion, right behind that elephant's tail/tale. :-)

  97. To Bev, # 50, Christian Scientists do acknowledge sin and demand "go and sin no more" as our Master and Savior commanded. Until this happens, the word "Hypocrite" harshly spoken can be heard from the altar until the desire to make amends and to right the wrong occurs by taking it to God, humbly, as you suggest. I know this is true.
    The cleansing can happen in an instant (for me it took a day of tears) and the freedom from hurt and guilt lasting to "every new day." I remember a true story about a German CS who forgave his neighbor for turning him in to Nazis, causing him to suffer months in prison, explaining to his son that he did not condone the actions of the Nazis, he wanted reparation to those hurt, but in his heart he could forgive this man or he himself would never be free. When his son finally faced his anger of prison guards who beat him savagely for speaking out of turn in a Nazi work camp, he forgave and the deep scars on his back for twenty years disappeared, as if they had never happened! Christian Science is Christianity at it's very best. I am not a CS, though I study and am grateful for all the adherence to TRUTH that I am learning in CS. CS has changed my life by activating the Christ within me. God bless you for seeking the truth. Now you have it. Be blessed and know that Christian Scientists are, too.

  98. What a wonderful lift ! I can listen to that again and again. thank you.

  99. Thank you, Christine. Elephants and furniture, what a great example. When we can laugh at error as totally ridiculous, it destroys it's seeming reality.

  100. Dear #71, Thank you for the beautiful allusion to the hawk and the dove. We have all been mourning recently the passing of a dear church friend, saying that "she was so good " and "she was so young" etc, with much weeping. Now I can see her flying steadily on and progressing toward the Kingdom of Heaven, and I have dried my tears. And thank you, Christine, for your so-helpful explanations this morning. Treatments in themselves.

  101. Thank you Christine, for this most basic and simple treatment reminder. When I found Christian Science for my family, I realized how close I'd been before when I'd wonder”what if” the situations going on had never happened. Now it could be thought of as a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Aid Kit. For 1st aid, quickly apply “contents” of “It never happened!” In case of neglect to apply 1st aid, 2nd aid is denying the developing symptoms or indications “it” did happen., and by dousing with great drops of “It never happened!”. If all else fails from less than firm acceptance of the 1st & 2nd aid, treat after-effects, or attempts of problem to recur “again” with 3rd aid, apply strong “dose” once more, and review why this is true medicine. There is no expiration date on this medicine. No matter how long after something wrong has claimed to happen, this lift will be effectively useful. Like the oil in the Bible cruse (1st Kings 17) that didn't deplete, this kit can be shared often with many, and will not fail. I love the use of the word s “not fail” used in those verses. That says the oil will be there as needed, and will be effective, as used. So, too, this Lift. It's better to apply quickly at first sound or sight of elephant, before a whole herd comes tromping through, but this Lift can handle even that.

  102. To # 50, #69, #75, Bev, -- # 92 Deen and others before gave what I was going to share with you. Mrs. Eddy made it clear. Your repeated questions push the limits we can use for comments on the Daily Lift. Please ask these on the discussion forum, where more space is available to answer (and ask). Go to top of page and click “discussions”. Click on left side: Q & A on Christian Science. On the page that brings up, near the top left, is “new topic” click that to start a new thread on this topic. You be welcomed and loved there and may generate a lively and hopefully useful for all discussion. Hope to “meet” you there.

  103. To Bev #69 & 75. I am sorry to say that those in your family and others that behave the way you discribed need better understanding. To fancy oneself forgiven or refusing to ask forgiveness because "it never happened" is ignorance. The way is to acknowledge our sin (act), apologize, seek forgiveness and then "go and sin no more". The healing fact that it never happened is for the "victim" first to be able to understand God's perfect creation and get peace and healing and then for the perpetrator to feel forgivness by understanding that it was the moral lie about oneself and not their true likeness that is guilty. The understanding of the unrealty of sin, sickness, accident etc. is what brings healing....it is not an excuse to ignor what one does or to sweep it under the carpet. And the reason that church attendance is down here in the U.S. (because it is increasing in several other countries), is because less healings are being recognised due to lack of understanding and correct application of the rules and principles of Christian Science. There are many you fancy themselves Christian Scientist but in fact are far from it. More study and not just reading it required. We need to live it and practice it.

  104. Today I am enjoying Thanksgiving day in Canada. The Daily Lift is one thing I am so thankful for every day.
    This Lift by Christine so very helpful -- to know what is real is from God. What is not good (and there seems to be lots of it out there) is not real. It is like a bad dream, and dreams never really happened. This is a good wake-up for clearing out the anxiousness, and know that the "elephant" or any big threat -- did not happen in God or His/Her kingdom.
    Thanks to #97 Innocence Restored. I appreciate your sharing again that story of the healing of those scars which were there since the prison beating. I heard it on the Sentinel Radio program and good to hear of it again.
    Happy Thanksgiving day everyone!

  105. Thank you Christine for this wonderful lift - and for all those lovely responses to you. I have had a problem with guilt for many years. My motive was ok but results went askew and another suffered from my choice. This lift has helped me to see that everything must be viewed from the spiritual and not the mortal, human viewpoint if we are to live in the harmony of good, God, and accept that others live there too.

  106. Thank you, Christine, and all Commenters (both Christian Scientists and Non-Christian Scientists)! So grateful that so many felt inclined to engage in this thought-provoking subject. I learned a lot!

    I still think, tho', that it would take a very highly evolved person to be able to see beyond their own mistakes and faults and be able to say, in the Absolute Sense, "It never happened." Most people just aren't that evolved and seem to be susceptible to using "Denial" as a convenient way to never have to face themselves and their faults and sins. That's sad, because then, they never have the opportunity to experience healing and forgiveness from God!

  107. You hit the proverbial nail on the head! Thank you. Lifted me right on up!

  108. Ah, #50 - you have fueled us with things to discuss.
    I own a small business. A few years ago a trusted employee could not resist a flaw in our bookkeeping program and began a routine of relieving us of money. When the issue came to light, I was strongly urged by lawyers to prosecute, etc. This is a fairly long story involving fraud accountant work, etc. But the thing that really matters is that, as a Christian Scientist, I was never in doubt that this exercise was ALL about unfolding good, even where others saw all the wrong. This individual was exposing their nightmare. The family was rocked and concerns of suicide were being voiced. Was this offender going to be let "off the hook"? Yes! but not in the way you might expect.

    Never, ever, can we consider wrong behavior or actions as anyone's real identity. My daily work as a Christian Scientist included honesty, trust, law, and much more. My other employees were urged to separate the wrong actions from the individual and they could see that I did this immediately. There was no place for "justifiable" anger, etc. Our company "grew up".

    I was led to create an agreement that protected the individuals family from public prosecution and exposure, which would bring harm to their 3 children in the community and which also provided some restitution to the company. The individual found the support they needed.

    Divine Love and provision so overshadowed the events, that the troublesome part lost it's attempt to be "reality".

  109. Thank you Christine for the wonderful reminder that it never happened. We feel so free with it. Mary Baker Eddy said in her autobiography that mortal history is only a record of dreams. we can always wake up and enjoy harmony and happiness today.
    Thanks again for the inspiring thought.

    Poonam Likhi,

  110. To clarify a former comment, the article mentioned is "Justification" by Ira W. Packard in Anthology of Classics p. 60-61 regarding Mrs. Eddy's comment when a Christian Science practitioner "had as a patient a Civil War veteran, who was suffering from a wound received in the war. The case not yielding to treatment, Mrs. Eddy was asked what she thought the error could be that prevented the healing; she replied in effect, that the practitioner as well as the patient believed there had once been a war, and regarded it as a link in the man's history. How many of us have freed our thought entirely from the belief that error, evil, has had a history? We are told that Christ came to destroy the works of the devil, and in order to demonstrate the truth for ourselves and others, it is absolutely necessary that thought be relieved from this incubus, this belief in a material past, for so long as it remains, we are yeilding assent to error's claim that we possess a life separate from God." (p. 60)

  111. Hi Bev (#105),

    Thank you again for raising this very important topic of our need to put our love for God and man into action by uncovering sin in our own thoughts, asking for forgiveness, and correcting thoughts, words and actions which do not conform to divine Love's essential nature.

    However, if we believe that there are people in God's creation who do not have the ability to express their God-given purity, unselfishness, goodness, patience, etc. or incapable of correcting sin in their own thoughts, then we believe there is a creation apart from God's creation or a mind apart from God--and that itself is a sin.

    I find I have to repeatedly come back to Mrs. Eddy's statement at the bottom of 476 (S&H), "Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man, the Savior saw God's own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick."

    There is a Chinese proverb: “He who forgets a blow, suffers nothing. He who remembers it, strikes himself many times.”

    Jesus said we must be willing to forgive those who wrong us 70 x 7--in other words, every time! If we hold on to the picture of being wronged by others, the dream seems to continue and we keep finding ourselves facing the same elephants night after night, waiting for the elephants to stop breaking into our house. But when we see only one creator & one creation--perfect God, perfect man--then we find the elephants vanishing from consciousness!

  112. I look forward to sweet dreams tonight and always Christine, Thank you.
    Dennis of Beautiful San Diego, California

  113. Had this been posted on

    Thanks Christine.
    I don't feel that Eddy ever intended her message to be "It didn't happen." This attitude of non-human qualities, and the church not willing to discuss what is in front of us all, has decreased membership drastically, and left CS almost useless to the average person. It is almost like you have to be Perfect to be a CS these days. Learning and growing from our mistakes, situations and lessons in life is a process. MBE would have never denied her mistakes or fears. Perhaps healing is a spiritual task, but man is material and spiritual. Even if one feels life is only spiritual, our material sense is a vehicle for the reflection of Good, God. Eddy would not approve of an unrealistic view of:
    "It Really Didn't Happen." It's not only a turn-off for mainstream society, but an unrealistic view of Eddy's teachings.

  114. Thanks Christine for the reminder that years ago I was healed of guilt and remorse right away when the CS practitioner made a closing comment to our discussion--"it never happened." Such comfort and freedom!

  115. Thank you Christine. I needed that today.

  116. wow! this is a teriffic lift. the responses have been awesome. much to think about. thank you everyone.what a family.

  117. Thank you, Christine for your offering, and to all who expounded on things. This was very enlightening and thought-provoking. I appreciate the explanations by the listeners.

    Thanks to the musicians also - How Delightful to have the guitar and flute offerings! It sounds like nature springing to life in my backyard.

  118. Merci beaucoup Christine pour ce partage.

  119. Dear Anne (#113),

    There are many statements in Mrs. Eddy's writings that are absolute when she is talking about our true nature. She also has many statements which are very human, telling us of the need in the human experience to uncover and overcome sin in our own thinking if we want to wake up to our real being. The statement, "It never happened" is an absolute statement about our perfect being. In the human experience, we wake to that understanding "in proportion as" we overcome sin.

    However Mrs. Eddy does make clear that sin, disease and death never happened in reality because God's creation never included them and God, Spirit, alone is real. For example: "When we wake to the truth of being, all disease, pain, weakness, weariness, sorrow, sin, death, will be unknown, and the mortal dream will forever cease." (S&H 218:32). "In the illusion of death, mortals wake to knowledge ….that they are not dead." (S&H 251:8). She has over 200 references to dream and awaken to explain the illusory nature of suffering and sin, and how to overcome it.

    In my healing practice and in my lecture travels around the world, I am finding that the number of people turning to Christian Science has begun growing rapidly in recent years, and people are finding this approach to be very effective in overcoming sin and suffering (as in the examples of healing shared above).

    If God, Spirit, is All-in-all, and creates only good, then evil never happened!

  120. Dear Christine

    Naturally I have heard this many times in Christian Science but I never understood it as well as today. This is probably the most essential element in healing. On the Sentinel Radio show this week there was a healing of a woman who served as a civilian in Irag and felt she was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. The symptoms all disappeared when she realized she had never been out of God's Kingdom.
    It is worth listening to at 714-442-4102 or if busy 512-703-8010.

  121. Dear Christine, from Anne #113
    Thanks for your response and references.
    I am happy to hear that the number of people turning to CS has begun growing rapidly in recent years.
    The first paragraph in your response to me was especially helpful:
    "She, (Mrs. Eddy), also has many statements which are very human, telling us of the need in the human experience to uncover and overcome sin in our own thinking if we want to wake up to our real being."
    I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend Sunday School, and be close to family and friends who express Life, Truth and God's Love.
    PS-Meant to write "It never happened" in response to your Lift, not the words "really" or "didn't."

  122. Wonderful example of the kind of healings that result from this understanding, Elaine (#120). Thank you for giving us the phone numbers to call as well!

  123. Thanks Christine/Anne. Wholesome thinking. Same team, different positions.

    Does anyone else think that technology has come to its day for our movement? I remember my teacher (PSS) saying (with a twinkle), that because of the phone, clients can reach you anywhere...expanding the practice.

    Today, Truth's message can reach us anywhere. I have never met either of you at church and I know that there are two friends right here.

    We must know that what is "garbage" on the net about CS and what is true can be made clear.

  124. A couple of days has passed on since this lift was posted here. But since I´m in transit, out of home, I´m hearing it just now and I couldn´t let to rejoice and thank you, Christine for this wonderful thought!
    Right now I´m doing exactly this kind of work: uncovering the error in my thought to realize the wonderful reality of God´s kingdom. My family and I are experiencing a bad dream of an incurable disease of a beloved one. As we learn in Christian Science that "it never happened!" I´m sure I´ll be able to handle this sad situation and more, to help my family, who aren´t Christian Scientists as well.
    Thank you Christine, for your timely, helpful and inspiring lift!

  125. I had the same experience as Bev #69.
    My CS family was dysfunctional from all the denial.


    I fell of a cliff once and broke my legs in many places. God healed it instantly and completely after 10 minutes of prayer.

    I did fall off the cliff. I did break my leg. It did happen. Jesus says that these things happen so that the glory of God may be fulfilled. I treasure that experience because I got to discover that God sees me as whole and God manifest that for me.

    Many things happen so that we may grow from them. We are growing and realizing the dominion of Spirit. It is good to be human. Jesus was.

    Only limitations need to be denounced, not the experiences of our lives, nor God's glorious physical creation. Jesus came to bring the reign from heaven to earth, not to make creation disappear into invisible bliss.

    This discussion has caused quite a stir among my friends. I guess it defines who can accept CS and who cannot. To say "It never happened" crosses the line from Christianity into hyper-ethereal Gnosticism. I cannot cross that line.

    The "Test of the Spirits" is that Jesus comes to the flesh. He comes to embrace the human experience and fulfill it, not to denounce it. The letters of John explain that any theology that "runs too far ahead" is the antichrist.

  126. Dear Dave,

    Christian Science definitely teaches that the Christ came to the flesh, as Jesus said, to heal sin, disease and death. But he never said that death, accidents, disease or suffering happen in order to glorify God. But rather that by healing sickness and overcoming death, God, Spirit, is glorified as the only power and the only Life. John 11:4.

    In Mark 5 and Luke 8, everyone told Jesus that Jairus’ daughter was already dead and he was too late. But he told them she was not dead (death had not happened as the material senses seemed to suggest) but that she was simply sleeping. They all laughed him to scorn, the Bible says. So he put them all out, took her by the hand and commanded her to get up and she got up. He did not say that she had died but that he would bring her back to life.

    I think the confusion comes with the word “human”. There is no question that in the “human” experience, accidents, sickness, disease and death seem very real, but they are simply states of belief manifested in body. Mrs. Eddy says “Mortal mind sees what it believes as certainly as it believes what it sees. It feels, hears, and sees its own thoughts.” (S&H 86:29:31).

  127. The human condition is simply a manifestation of thought: when thought is focused on the real — perfect God, perfect man — then our inherent wholeness becomes more evident. When thought is focused on the illusion that there is life in matter instead of in Spirit, or that there is a power apart from God, then suffering, accidents, death seem real. There are many medical studies that show that pain, suffering, injury, death are mental states reflecting a person’s belief. When the belief changes, the condition changes. See for example, “The Irreducible Mind” by Kelly, Kelly and Crabtree.

    Christian Science heals by awakening consciousness to the understanding that God never made disease and God is the only creator, so disease is simply belief manifested in body. Since God always controls his creation in complete harmony, there can never be accidents. It is why Christian Science is not only therapeutic (curing what appear to be physical conditions) but also preventative. The more we understand the allness of God, good, the less we have problems to pray about in our own experience and the freer we are to pray for others.

  128. Wow! What a "Lift" this has been. I have been coming back to this lift every few days to find more comments and discussion going on. I think it's great! Thank you Christine for continuing to reply and back up your statements and sticking to the absolute truth.

  129. “Thank you Nancy #108 for showing us how to think and act when someone has wronged us. I have read your testimony several times and it is the answer when we think we have been wronged. What a creative solution that helped all involved! There was justice but with a sense of love and compassion for other innocent people affected. The response of Christ Jesus always included these qualities and He is our example. I look forward to seeing the “unfolding of good” instead of just the wrong when these situations arise. You proved what Mrs. Eddy writes on page 346:13-15 “…we are harmonious only as we cease to manifest evil or the belief that we suffer from the sins of others.” You proved that instead of being a victim we can have dominion and see only good in the face of evil. Also the following two statements have been helpful to me:
    We have no enemies. Whatever envy, hatred, revenge—the most remorseless motives that govern mortal mind—whatever these try to do, shall ‘work together for good to them that love God.’” Misc. Writings page 9:4 by Mary Baker Eddy “If one lives rightly, every effort to hurt one will only help that one; for God will give the ability to overcome whatever tends to impede progress.” Science and Health p.115:25 by Mrs. Eddy.

  130. Thanks! As a child, whenever I came to my mother, in tears with a scrape or bruise, etc. she always took me into her lap and said, "It never happened". And then she sang me hymns until I bounced up and went back to my activities. Thanks for reminding me of a lovely memory!

  131. Dear Bev (#106), You raise a couple of important questions. First, the person who sins cannot hide behind "It never happened". Mrs. Eddy said error must be uncovered, exposed, denounced, and repented of, before the sinner can be free of the effects of sin. But we free ourselves and others from sin by realizing there is only one creation and one creator--God, Spirit. The Bible says God's work is perfect--no room for error.

    Second, the suggestion that most people are not ready to let go of sin or let go of the idea that they are a victim, comes out of Genesis 2 & 3--the story of Adam and Eve. But that is an allegory about the false sense of creation--a material creation capable of breaking away from God and sinning; a creation in which evil is also a power--suggesting that God, Spirit is not supreme and the only creator. We do not redeem the "Adam" man. It is a false concept of our true nature.

    We can and must be affirming daily that every person in this universe was made in the divine image and likeness and given dominion (the ability to prove God's power) over sin. And there is no other creation. Mrs. Eddy says, "Know then that you possess sovereign power to think and act rightly and that nothing can dispossess you of this power and trespass on Love. If you maintain this position, who or what can cause you to sin or suffer?" Pul 3:7-11, see also 11-25.

  132. There is no question we can prove that "it never happened," since God, Spirit, infinite good, is All-in-all and the only reality. I had an awe-inspiring and instantaneous healing by realizing that fact. Actually, the condition had continued for a number of weeks continually worsening and incapacitating me. But the moment I realized, understood, what it meant that "it never happened", the healing was instantaneous.

    I felt I had been cruelly "victimized" by someone and I was very resentful. One day something dislocated in my back and I fell to the floor unable to move and in excruciating pain. It was very frightening. Although a call to a practitioner brought immediate relief, the problem soon returned and deteriorated rapidly, leaving me an invalid.

    I realized I first needed to correct the belief that my freedom and success could be undermined by a person and that my ability to move freely could be controlled by a back bone. All good comes from God and can never be lost or taken away. Then I needed to realize that if other people are capable of sinning, that would condemn all of God's creation including me. My prayers needed to embrace this individual as God's precious creation, governed by the one Mind, divine Love. Finally, I needed to see that it never happened--God never loses control of us. The moment I saw that clearly, the pain vanished and I was able to move with freedom. And the healing was permanent. I still do laid-out back flips off the diving board!

  133. When we watch the news on television and it's bad news, do we get upset or do we instead know that in God's kingdom, IT NEVER HAPPENED. In doing this we are not closing our eyes and pretending it never happened but helping others to understand that if accidents, or wars, or personnel conflicts seem to happen, it really didn't since we are all reflecting God's perfect control of harmonious action. This kind of thinking protects us and lessens those above errors from getting control.

  134. Just what I needed to affirm....as S & H says referring to accidents, so it is with sickness ....it never happened. Very helpful to me to affirm again the thought - actually the very one I've been working with on a current claim of disfunctioning.. If in Spirit we live move and have our being, and never in a physical body, then, nothing has happened that we have to recover from!

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