12/13: Is it real?

12/13: Is it real?

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  1. Thanks, Josh. I wrote the questions down, and will quiz myself on them throughout the day. Changing thought - changing lives - living life today!

  2. Thanks so much, Josh - your words are so very helpful and uplifting!

  3. Cool lift! Thank you, Josh, for the three simple questions you're suggesting as reality check. I'll apply them right now to a few issues I am faced with.

  4. Great advice!

  5. This is a great Lift, Josh, and you've given us a few good Lifts to make us think more deeply this year. These questions remind me of Mrs Eddy's Rectifications in Unity of Good, page 20. At this stage quite a few slip ups of the past seem to come to mind, for "reversal or revison", and how wonderful to know we don't have to carry around the load of guilt and sometimes shame, too, for ever. How good it is to really turn to face the enemy - the memory - and remove it with love.
    The chorus sounds great too, and must surely be part of a larger Lift.
    Many thanks to all the lecturers who have inspired us this year, and all those who comment and give strength and support to the rest of us.

  6. Mrs Eddy teaches that the "evidence of the physical senses often reverses the real Science of being and so creates a reign of discord - -". Your three tests - is it good? Is it eternal? Will this belief help me follow Christ? - helps in discerning the spiritual reality in all situations. Thanks Josh for giving me something to work during the week, God bless you.

  7. I doubt if any listener of this Lift won't find themselves answering, or trying to answer, these discering, incisive, healing questions. Thank you Josh for encouraging us to take a deeper, closer look at reality.
    The music is different, and sounds great. Thanks Nathan.

  8. Questioning the reality of our belief and asking ourselves these three question, – is it good? Is it eternal? Will this belief help me follow Christ?, reminds me of the big demand of the ’80s: Question authority, investigate it.
    Back then I thought, Wow, americans are really daring! But when it comes to our own views of reality, it pays to listen to Jesus, he saw everything spiritually. He asked, “Having eyes, see ye not?“ Mark 8:18. When I express a negative thought my mom usually asks, Who told you? Did it come from God? When the answer is, NO! the problem clears away leaving me feeling real good.

    Cuestionarnos la realidad de nuestra creencia y hacernos estas tres preguntas, - es buena? ¿Es eterna? ¿Esta creencia me ayuda a seguir a Cristo? me recuerda a la gran demanda de los años 80: Cuestionen la autoridad, investígenla.
    En ese entonces yo pensaba: Guau, los americanos son muy audaces! Pero cuando se trata de nuestros propios puntos de vista de la realidad, vale la pena escuchar a Jesús, que lo veía todo espiritualmente. Él hizo la pregunta: "Teniendo ojos no veís?" Marcos 08:18. Cuando yo expreso un pensamiento negativo mi mamá suele preguntar, ¿Quién te lo dijo? ¿Vino de Dios? Cuando la respuesta es ¡NO! el problema desaparece y me deja sintiéndome muy bien.

  9. Thank you Josh for your "three question" lift. And for myself this whole question of "Reality" is answered by the "scientific statement of being ", found on page 468 of Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy , which begins: "There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter."

  10. Thanks for so clearly nailing the imposition, not the person: "no real part of who they really are." They or us. Ever. That view heals as Jesus proved.

  11. Thank you Josh for your excellent podcast this morning. What a gift you have given your listeners. The three questions we can all take away and apply them. The operative question for all of us is "what is real?" It isn't evil or matter! Thank you also for your comments on the Radio Sentinel program this week. Very inspiring!

  12. "If it's not from God, it's not for me." You said it! Amen!

  13. A cool little rule Josh. Thanks for this. God bless.

  14. Thank you,because is very clear how to get our reality with your Daily lift of today................very, very thanks!

  15. Like your rule. I needed this understanding today and all days.

  16. Having made some very definite decisions just recently, I am happy to review whyI made them and if they were the right ones by applying the three questions you suggest. I am striving to live in the reality created by God. I am thinkful for all the daily lifts.

  17. Thank you, great Lift! And thank you Nate, great music!

  18. Thank you, I shall apply those questions through out the day.

  19. Thanks! I'm applying these good test questions right now :-)

  20. Josh, thanks for the great lift.

  21. -This "homework", Josh, is a wonderful gift., thank you very much. My loving thoughts to all , wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

  22. Muchas veces me he preguntado como conocemos los pensamientos que vienen de Dios y no siempre los he conocido a veces me he confundido.
    Muchas gracias por los mensajes siempre son inspirativos y nos hacen pensar despertando nuestro agradecimiento y pienso, es una puerta abierta a conocer cuando los pensamientos vienen de Dios y a los que son ajenos a nuestra real identidad.

  23. Thanks for the great uplift Josh! Good questions to keep in thought throughout the day as we look for what is truly real.

  24. Thank you Josh for your “three question” lift. I love the idea that these "lifts"
    are active...we don't have to wait, they give us something to do now!

    And #5 Margaret Sunshine Coast “reversal or revison”..."How good it is to really turn to face the enemy – the memory – and remove it with love." Thank you for your insight.

    I'm so grateful for each and every "lift"...what a variety of spiritual wealth and enrichment is set before us each day, no one will ever go away hungry, thank you all.

  25. And as we know God and man better, anything unlike God, Love, will not even have a chance, not a moment of thought. The 'secret place of the Most High' is our 'refuge and fortress.' [91st Psalm KJV]

  26. KISS...Keep it simple Scientist. Thank you Josh your excellant yet simple LIFT is another reminder of the simplicity of the CHRIST/TRUTH.

  27. Josh, love your remark "If it is not from God, it is not for me!" Sort of made me laugh and think along these lines..

    "The Postal Service operates a mail recovery center in Atlanta, GA, that is responsible for handling undeliverable-as-addressed and non-returnable First-Class Mail and packages. In FY 2009, the center processed more than 19 million pounds of mail — approximately 6.3 million parcels and 75.1 million letters."

    The post office says "Delivery was attempted but could not be made;" which leads us back to your remark. "If it is not from God, it is not for me!" We shouldn't accept mail not meant for us!

    Mrs Eddy suggests a more international/universal mail system, and specifies what we should accept..."Citizens of the world, accept the "glorious liberty of the children of God," and be free! This is your divine right." S&H 227:23

  28. Josh,
    Being faced with what I believe to be some seriously impossible situations to overcome , I'm grateful for you sharing a simple rule to discerning what is "real" spiritually. I will practice this now and days to come. Thank you for this Lift of hope.

  29. thanks for the good ideas, josh! i can't wait to apply to questions to my thought throughout the day...

  30. What a clear and helpful uplift. So many thanks!

  31. Thank you for a fabulous, wonderful daily lift !

  32. Thanks Josh!

  33. Thank you, Josh, for the questions and the Lift!

  34. Thank you so much, just what I needed today.

  35. What a great practice for every child of God to embrace, not just the 3 questions, but knowing what to do after you answer them. Some people think that suffering is from God. I love that this Lift reminds us that God has and wants only God for us! If it isn't good, eternal and helpful to living the Christ in my life, it isn't for me!

  36. From CS hymn #9: He knows the angels that you need, and sends them to your side, to comfort, guard and guide.

    That perfectly describes today's Lift. I'd wakened this morning with awareness of a physical problem that had been nagging for several weeks. I made a decision to make my prayers about it more focused, and to ask for help from a Christian Science practitioner if needed. Then I listened to today's LIft and heard an angel whisper: here you are, dear one . . .think on this. And I shall. Many thanks.

    Nate, I loved the harmonious swell of voices in the before and after--made me think of how so many LIft-listeners join their voices in the comments.

  37. Very good thoughts Josh, and three great questions! Great to hear you on the radio yesterday, too!

  38. Thanks Josh! I listened again and wrote down those three questions. I'll be thinking about them as I go about my day.

  39. This is fantastic, thank you so much!

  40. Some really wonderful ideas coming to the surface in these comments.
    and SWANN #27, When I was in Baghdad I faced a situation that seemed impossible too...but having a sense of hope and expectation in God's presence and protection completely shifted it around. God's love, protection and care is always big enough to shift what appears to us as maybe impossible circumstances. I'm cherishing a sense of hope and expectation with you today.

  41. great questions - and the very best, GOD loves to talk to me and to answer my questions!


  43. Josh, love the way you cut right through to the essence of everything with those 3 simple questions. Simple yet profound." If it's not from God, it's not for me!"Great for Sunday School students to learn as well. You are restating the First Commandment with your questions. LOVE this, and thank you so much. #27 and the undeliverable mail is priceless! Thank you all, Josh, Daily LIft team, musicians, and bloggers! What a way to start the day!

  44. Josh... good discipline of thought.. sifting the wheat from the chaff. does this thought "further my growth as a spiritual healer?"

  45. With the christmas season fast approaching I have been thinking about Angels. Mrs. Eddy gives this definition of Angels. " Angels. Gods thoughts passing to man; spiritual intuitions, pure and perfect; the inspiration of goodness, purity, and immortality, counteracting all evil, sensuality, and mortality." page 581:4-7 in the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. So these three questions could be, are these angel messages or not? If they are angel messages we listen with our whole heart, if they are not angel messages why would we want to entertain them? There are two good friends , also neighbors that are having challenges and have talked to me about them, they both believe that God sends these challenges to teach them lessons, I was able to share that God is Love and that He helps us overcome challenges but never sends anything bad to His children. I am so grateful that christian Science teaches that God is pure Love, So this fact helps lift this false theology and helps heal. If the idea isn't good, it is not from God. If the idea is good it is an angel thought. thank Josh for this beautiful reminder.

  46. The one thing we don't have to question is God's always present, ever-active love for us. Thanks for reminding me of God's goodness.

  47. Wonderful, simple, and clear message today. Thank you, Josh. This Lift cuts through the noise, suggestions, repeititons of error, and ends it all - so simply. Thank you!

  48. Wow! Those three questions are very helpful Josh. Thank you for a great Lift!! For some reason I didn't get my Lift last Friday, and I have to admit I was a little worried. It was such a relief to see it on my email page this morning. The Daily Lift is such a great way to start the day!! I so appreciate all who make it happen and am so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful community of people who tune in everyday and use the Lift to lift their thoughts to where they are in Reality, being consistently reminded of what is True and what is not.

  49. Thanks for these three questions. Very insightful, and helpful!

  50. Thanks Josh and the Lift team for yet another inspiring DL. When I saw the title, I knew this would be so helpful. I like the thought of keeping our thoughts uncomplicated. If it's not good, it's nothing! I think this is why Mrs. Eddy said that the world needs us as children. It needs the childlike thought to cut through the seemingly denseness of error.

  51. Thanks Josh, your clear questions have the substance of angels coming to my thoughts. On page 581 of Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy says: "Angels. God's thoughts passing to man; spiritual intuitions, pure and perfect; the inspiration of goodness, purity and immortality, counteracting all evil, sensuality, and mortality." I don't need to accept concepts of distress, lack, sickness, etc.as they don't come from God. What a beautiful day!

  52. Thank you Mr. Niles,
    I employed these questions for the purpose of being thoroughly pursuaded in my own mind concerning the truth that I think or speak today.

  53. That's a high standard for the beliefs that we hold onto, and I don't want to settle for anything less. Thank you for that!

  54. Thanks, Josh. Your questions are good. I've learned to also question if a solution blesses everyone involved (S&H 206:16). Once we were 1st to get electric extended up a mountain hollow. Wires led to a pole no longer used in the middle of a nearby field. A pole was put at our drive, and another two up the hill to our mobile home. A few yrs. later a family with children moved way up the road past us. The electric company said they'd have to connect to our roadside pole. Three guy-wires would be put into our only level garden space. We knew the Golden Rule and that they needed electric. We didn't want wires interfering with our garden. We prayed. A solution from God should bless us, too. I finally felt strongly this was not right. I got angel messages to say, “No”. I knew our new neighbors would get electric, though the utility company told them this was the only way. I tried to let the neighbor's wife know prayer led me to know, really know that she would get electric. She left angry and crying. Next day, the electric co. decided on a different solution and set poles through several uninhabited small fields on up the hollow. My neighbor got electric, and soon the owners of those pieces moved in with wires closer to where they needed them, ready for less expensive connection. Other reasons later proved this was the best way, and the woman, became a good friend. She came to see it was through prayer that it worked out to bless everyone.

  55. Translation to: 22. Nelly, Uruguay says:

    I have often wondered how we know the thoughts that come from God, I have not always realized where they came from and at times they confused me.
    Thank you very much for the messages, always inspiring, they made us think, awakening our gratitude. I think is an open door to know when they come from God as well as those so alien to our identity (as children of God.)

  56. Good challenge to the challenges!

  57. 16, Claire, dear, you described best what is true for most all of us! The Daily Lifts are so inspiring and promote our spiritual growth, that they make us all thinkful! You can tell by the comments that everyone's thinking deeply about them. Thank you for that delightful way of expressing it.

  58. Wow! This is so helpful... I'm writing these 3 questions down! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  59. It's the simplicity of the Truth that is so appealing and you have presented this simplicity very clearly.

    Love the "Daily Lifts" and post them to my Facebook page 'automatically'!

  60. Great questions to focus on today. Looking forward to see where this day will lead me to. Thanks so much!!

  61. One day late again. Wonderful lift. thank you very m,uch

  62. I love these ideas. Questioning the source of a thought. On what side will be be a witness; for God-Good - Love itself, or mortal limited material sense of life and being?
    Jesus relates in 12th chapter of Luke "Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."
    Is it Good?
    Is it eternal?
    Will this help me follow Christ? To be Christ-like. To put on the wedding garment?
    Our innate spiritual sense knows how to answer these and to cast off as invalid anything that doesn't pass the test.

  63. Thanks, Josh--a day late. This is right along the lines of something a practitioner and I are working on. The three questions you offer are a big help in the right direction.

  64. Dear Josh - I listened to your lift the other day and like all the other wonderful lifts it is openign up a new way of thinking, praying and living for me and I am happy and grateful for this. But I keep coming back to the problem of what to do when I have decided that something is not real. It may be something that is giving great distress such as serious, terminal illness, great pain or mental anguish in someone. My question is - how can I practically help those afflicted. I can't just tell them that it is not real and to forget it can I? That would not be helpful would it. How does one put compassion into practical action if the problem is considered to be unreal? Can you or anyone else help me with this please. I am obviously missing something. Unfortunaltely I do not live anywhere near reading room or Church of Christian Science and would not know if there are CS members in my community. With love and thanks for all the insights I have had so far from MBE's Science and \healht and the Daily lifts and comments. Joy.

  65. Oh Joy (#64), I'm so glad you asked this question. It really is a good one. I'm right with you, I wouldn't tell someone that was struggling with a challenge that it wasn't real either, I just don't think that would be the most loving or helpful. We can however keep a clear sense of what is real in our thought, which could certainly include our friend.
    I think when we are recognizing that something is not real, in this case, we are saying it isn't coming from God, which I think of as an all powerful force or law of good, and if it hasn't come from God then it has no real power or law to back it or support it. For these ideas to be practical we have to put them into practice, so I think you are right we can't just say..."this problem isn't real" and leave it at that.
    Helping someone better recognize their natural connection to God, (to good) by sharing ideas and examples from your own life that have helped you see this can be a really nice and practical way of comforting someone.

  66. I have just received yet another forwarding from a friend with those amazing pavement art pictures which really defy ones perception and really illustrates your great point, Josh.
    Who else has viewed these 3D illusion pictures? They make Mrs Eddy's references to the illusions of the senses so clear.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  67. Thank you Josh, for your reply. It is going to be helpful as I try to work this out. There was a lift last week( from Beth I believe) saying that we can step back from the responsibility and burden of healings and suffering (not Beth's actual words) because it is God's part to do this and of course I recognise that it is so but are we not instuments of his healing by our prayer and acts of practical support? Your reply has sort of answered that for me as well. I hope you don't mind all these questions; really appreciate your reply and this site has opened up a new path for me. May God, Spirit and Light be with us all today.

  68. Hi Joy, these are good questions for us all to be praying about and sorting out...listening and letting God lead us in the best direction for each case. One thing that has been helpful for me when I've been praying with someone is to think of myself as a witness. I'm being a witness to what God has already created (which is good and eternal), being a witness to what is real. I've found that being willing to listen and trust God's direction leads to the most practical and effective ways to support a situation.

  69. Thanks again Josh - I'll keep trying!

  70. WOW............Thank you , Josh, That was the best suggestion yet. so helpful for me at this time.
    I will write those steps down and post them where I can remember. I am a bit "elderly" and live in a retirement home and there is a challange daily where I can knock suggestive thought down with those three questions. so useful.

  71. dear Josh thank you for this lift, unable to settle and sleep, i am up replaying iit and making notes, what a treatment,it has stuck in my mind because it is simple to follow.

  72. Sher San Diego,CA - 4/1/2013

    Last night I prayed, asking Father God about my focus and paticipation in compassionately supporting another Child of God's healing . . and BAHDABOOM !!! comes your pure, clear, loving gift of discerning the REAL.
    Thank you so much Josh

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