4/1:  Irreversible good

4/1: Irreversible good

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  1. Thank you, Kari, a perfect lift, we have a God that doesn’t change, His Love doesn’t wane, never changes. “For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.” (Mal. 3:6) Our God is firm in His throne, “ Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.” (Ps 46:10,11)

    Gracias, Kari, una elevación perfecta, tenemos un Dios que no se va apagando, nunca cambia. “Porque yo Jehová, no me mudo; y así vosotros, hijos de Jacob, no habéis sido consumidos.” (Malaquías 3:6) Nuestro Dios está firme en Su trono, “ Estad quietos, y conoced que yo soy Dios: Ensalzado he de ser entre las gentes, ensalzado seré en la tierra. Jehová de los ejércitos es con nosotros; Nuestro refugio es el Dios de Jacob.” (Salmo 46:10,11))

  2. A great thought to ponder and prove. Σας ευχαριστούμε!

  3. Many thanks Kari. That 'God is Good', is the most basic of all definitions, and stems from the irreversible Christly fact that LOVE is a synonym for God.

  4. Thank you for today. How wonderful and simple and powerful to know that God is real and error unreal, that good is permanent, fact, ever-present. No matter what!

  5. Thanks for that clear thought concerning irreversibility of the one good / God and the structural connectivity of the divine law and its logical effects.

    Webster dictionary 1913:
    Incapable of being reversed, recalled, repealed, or annulled; as, an irreversible sentence or decree.

  6. Thank you for the wonderful daily lift Kari!


  8. Great uplift to keep focused on the irreversible power of God. Very much needed today. Thank You

  9. Thank you Kari. This Truth really cleans up any false thinking or actions. Another step upwards toward a better understanding of God and His infinite Love for all. Much appreciated this morning!!!

  10. I love the thought that if God is ever-present then good is ever-present for God is good. Thanks for bringing out the fact that this truth is irreversible. So much to be grateful for. Thank you, Kari, for this uplifting thought.

  11. Many thanks, Kari...........

  12. Perfect thought!
    I rejoice before this wonderful perspective - "Irreversible Good"!
    Yes, "nothing can reverse the power of God in my life!"
    Thanks a lot, Kari!

    Nate, I like the new young voice at the end of the lift! It means a new God´s idea shedding a newer and brighter light into His communication!
    Thank you very much for finding new ways to lovely touch the hearts of everyone who hears the "daily lift"!

  13. Thank you dear Kari for the great undersanding of the irreversible good, I shall rejoyce with song today,

  14. Yeahh!! God is good, all is good and good cannot be reversed -momentum is always on the side of good. Thanks Kari :)

  15. The great understanding.. that is

  16. Thank you.

  17. Beautiful way to begin the day with this wonderful reminder of God as Good!

  18. Thank you Kari!

  19. Thank you Kari, for this wonderfully warm and reassuring Lift as the crowds are moving here for the Easter weekend and school holidays. I'll just stay with that comforting truth that God has made all good and good is irreversible. Each visitor is first of all loved and shielded by good from temptation by God.
    Easter blessings to all the Daily Lift team, and those whose comments reach out to the remotest corners of the globe.

  20. Thank you so much! How wonderful to know, that no matter how many changes we may see in our lives, the good can never leave us. As you say, it is irreversible!

  21. Thank you. This thought is so helpful this morning. So grateful to be reminded that good is irreversible.

  22. A really lovely lift, thank you Kari.

  23. Thanks Kari. May someone see God's irreversible good in my actions today.

  24. True momentum! What a wonderful thought to hold to when the activities of the day can feel like they are spinning out of control. I love that it is a fact that God, good is the only power. Not just the best power, but the only power. It is very correcting to me to hold to the idea that the reverse of the chaos or friction that I see around me is actually true. That order and the activity of God, good is all that is in action in my day and in the world"s day.
    Thank you for this message. It is just what I needed today!

  25. Regardless of the consensus of human opinion, we will
    continue to pray on the basis of the facts, that God is
    the only power... very helpful Kari. Thank you

  26. Thank you Kari, for this excellent daily-lift on irreversible good! I was grateful to hear where you said God's will for us is good! This will help me be more firm, clear in my understanding of whatever I may need to learn in our new church/RR location! You came across so clear to me about God's good for us is always here, whether it is health, jobs, peace in our world or with-in our self God good will see us through in each situation! With love, and gratitude, Carol

  27. I love it, what a powerful thought. Thank you!

  28. The momentum of good: thank you for that reminder, Kari. Whether something seems stalled or bogged down, or rushing headlong "out of control" or discordantly, this idea you've shared brings me back to the complete, harmonious, perfect control of God, as divine Mind, in all of our affairs, tasks, and movement. No weariness, no over- or under-action, just the everpresent operation of Principle, Love! "Good to go" every day--as the Christ, Truth, unfolds and empowers our lives, uninterrupted!

  29. Fact: God is good. God has all of the power. God's presence and power is expressed as goodness. Goodness is the manifestation of Love. Because God cannot be reversed, neither can goodness be reversed. Goodness, as a prime quality of God, is manifested by all of God's ideas. God's goodness can be seen everywhere. One of the most beautiful expressions of goodness is seen in the face of a child - - purity, innocence, joy, happiness, activity, love. These are all reflected qualities directly related to God's goodness. Thank you, Keri. It follows from your "Lift" that these qualities are expressed by all of God's children - - regardless of age or where they are located on this spinning globe. God's goodness must be manifested, and it is, and it cannot be reversed. Look for it and see it everywere. Be a "reflector."

  30. What a blessed message to hear a few days before Easter. The misguided thought that tried to rid the world of Christ Jesus did not succeed. Mary Baker Eddy had countless challenges during her lifetime, but she NEVER gave up. Her gifts to mankind...Science and Health, and all her other writings, and the establishment of The Mother Church, and the Manual of The Mother Church...all comprise the Comforter that Jesus promised would "come and teach us all things." Christian Science brings to our world the truth about God and man...that God, good is all,that we are all God's precious perfect healthy, and whole children right now, and no other power in whatever guise can harm us because the good that comes to each one of us from God is irreversible! Thanks, Kari for this inspiring Daily Uplift. :)

  31. I am so grateful for that excellent message, Kari, to work with throughtout the day and perhaps everyday. I love these daily reminders because they truly jumpstart our daily activity in the way of serving our Father-Mother, God....that God is the only power, so the momentum of good of everything we are, is always on the side of good and remains constant. Thanks Kari.

  32. Thank you, God is with us every step of the way there for good has to be with us at all times.

  33. Thank you, Kari! How beautiful! I had looked up passages on "Good" in Science and Health by MBE this morning; then, I heard your lift. Sooooo.....GOOD! "Momentum is always on the side of Good" - great message! With warm appreciation, mj

  34. Thank you, Kari, and thank you also to #31, with the thought that the works of Christ Jesus and of Mary Baker Eddy were irreversible! What opposition and obstables they faced! But, their good never could be reversed, because God, Good, is irreversible. THank you. for this wonderful lift.

  35. Thank you Kari and all commenters. Yesterday I was off track, but your Lift and the posted comments brought me right back to recognizing God's good is always and all ways available in our thoughts irreversibly as we are 'hard wired' to God consistently. Heartfelt gratitude for these Daily Lessons and testimonies. This Daily "Church Service" so generously provided by TMC is another' proof of 'its utility in rousing the dormant understanding' (S&H: 583:16. Happy Day and be joyous, too. Love to all.

  36. Made my day!

  37. What a blessed truth!! Thank you.

  38. Thank you, Kari, for a truly inspiring and motivating Christ-message and powerful acknowledgment of Truth and Love! Such eloquent prayer based on divine Science -- the irreversible law of All-good in full operation -- is truly an infinite blessing with which we can safely build on the foundation of Spirit. Thank you for providing us all with such a nourishing "morning meal." Like the Christ-man, this good cannot be buried in materiality or materialism -- spiritual reality cannot be reversed and put anyone or anything into the "belief and dream of material living." It continually rises embracing one and all in the divine realization of good. So thanks for reminding us of this practical wisdom that has God's power to keep us in the kingdom of heaven, partaking of divine Love's great and precious promises of irreversible good. Your daily lift beautifully sings and makes our hearts sing with you in harmony. Much love and gratitude each abiding day.

  39. Thank you, Kari. His message was very inspirational, it conveys the notion that the open well is spiritual and unchangeable and freely available to all mankind!

  40. For some reason I didn't get my daily lift in my email today....had to borrow from a friend! Nice lift!

  41. Lisa,

    You can always find Your Daily Lift at http://christianscience.com/lectures/daily-lift/. The most recent podcast is at the top!

  42. Thank you. What a healing truth .... short, sweet, and powerful.

  43. What a joy. Thank you , thank you. These Daily Lifts are a great gift to us, great inspiration.

  44. Thank you Kari, while the theme isn't new, it's a much needed reminder, and has the effect of newness in our approach for days to come. This presented sparkling new thoughts, fresh insights that expand, glow, and lift. Each following comment echos with that newness, too, like we know a certain rose bush , but each bloom has individual special beauty. This brought me new ways to cherish this truth. I realized, after looking up “reverse” in the dictionary, that the descriptions would be, for God, a house divided against itself. You gave me new thoughts to solidify my relationship with God. Your lift is one of today's perfect gifts from God, as in James 1:17, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” The lift underlines the “no variableness, neither shadow of turning”! I can never be reminded too many times of this important Principle. It remains ever new. It refreshes my gratitude that Mrs. Eddy found a science in this so that we can KNOW that Good is irreversible. I especially liked your reminder that we MUST pray to correct news reports of problems around the world. This may be our most important daily duty and privilege in CS. It fulfills Jesus' command, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15) Today modern technology connects us to the world, and , like the absent healing work Jesus did to heal the nobleman's son (John 4:46-53), we can go deeper and heal far away needs by perceiving how citizens would be affected by such news reports.

  45. This Daily Lift today (and every day, actually) was indeed the thought that was needed. So much of God's goodness has been evidenced to me these last few months. When a false picture related to body has tried to present itself, like it did this a.m., I was totally roused and reminded of this fact that nothing can reverse good. That loving thought lifted the cloud of discouragement and fear, and propelled me forward with joy. Thank you Kari and the Daily Lift team for their love, the Love that heals.

  46. Thanks to Kari for the lovely lift.Also thanks to the lift team and all the lecturers for the tremendous amount of work to put this together every day.Your love and dedication is very much appreciated

  47. Thank you so so much for this. It has made my day. Thank you.

  48. Good is omniactive,omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent-- today!

    Thank you

  49. What a marvelous way to end the day as well as begin one. It is an audible prayer to include each day with my own. Thanks Kari.

  50. Yes, thank you! So good to be reminded that, no matter how things appear, good is all that is every really going on.

  51. Dear Kari,

    I so agree with #46 as this is a great gift to the world. It is all good and that is no foolin' ;).

  52. Thank you Kari, You are on target, clear and powerful!

  53. Hello there! I loved your “Daily Lift” on “Irreversible Good.” We can pray for the Cyprus situation to know that nothing can stop the peace process there. Nothing has power to stop or reverse God’s ongoing good. God is the only power on that island, and God is indivisible, irreversible, indestructible. The momentum of the peace process there is unstoppable, irreversible, and it is always on the side of God, the only side there is. God, good, is irreversible, and that’s the law!

  54. Thank you - so very true!

  55. This is such a beautiful and powerful thought! Very helpful and timely. Thank you so much!

  56. Thank you so much.

  57. Such a good suggestion especially with regard to our government leaders, We do need to support them in this way.
    Thanks, Kari!

  58. Thanks, Kari!

  59. Thanks Kari, wonderful message, this helps so many people to lift up there thinking.

  60. Your message just hit the spot - right where I was feeling hard done by. Thank you so much for lifting me up.

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